February 14, 2024

Top 10 Brunch Spots in Lancaster, CA!

Dig into Lancaster's best brunch spots where the waffles are fluffy, the eggs are runny, and the coffee never stops flowing.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 10 Brunch Spots in Lancaster, CA!
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Buckle up, brunch enthusiasts. You're about to embark on a delightful culinary journey through the heart of Lancaster, California, where every bite feels like a celebration of the day ahead.

The Modern Tea Room

705 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster

(661) 941-4616

Reviewed by:

Maggie Watkins

My first visit to The Modern Tea Room for brunch in Lancaster was an absolute delight and definitely won't be my last. The tug toward trying this place came from my daughter's eagerness to explore their vegan offerings, and it didn't disappoint. The breakfast tacos were a tasty choice, though next time curiosity will lead me to another dish. For someone who's cut back on sugar, the teas were on the sweeter side for my liking, but still enjoyable. What stood out immensely was the quality of vegan food, not being a strictly vegan restaurant. The jackfruit burrito took me by surprise with its flavor and texture, and the vegan Philly Cheese Steak was noteworthy, despite the jackfruit being a tad salty. The bustling atmosphere was energized by music which, although a bit loud for my taste, did foster a lively environment. Though cozy, the limited seating might mean a wait during peak times, but it's worth it. A defining moment that will surely bring me back was the kindness of the employees. Not only was their service attentive and pleasant amidst the business, but their genuine act of kindness in returning a forgotten hat left a lasting impression. Following that first visit, a return trip confirmed the consistency in both the excellent quality of food and the warm, welcoming nature of the staff. It's rare to find a place that hits the mark on every visit, making it a regular spot for brunch that feels like a true find in Lancaster. The wide variety of tea on offer is a must-try, with helpful recommendations from the staff leading to delightful discoveries. For those seeking vegan options, this place is a gem, providing delicious and healthy alternatives to the traditional American breakfast fare. From the perfectly cooked eggs to the fresh and abundant spinach, every ingredient speaks to quality. In summary, The Modern Tea Room has become a cherished spot for its delightful food, welcoming atmosphere, and the genuine kindness of its staff. It's a place that not only serves up delicious meals but creates memorable experiences, making every visit something to look forward to.

Katz-N Jammers

44801 Beech Ave, Lancaster

(661) 945-6646

Reviewed by:

Michael Daugherty

My last visit here definitely flipped the script from a previous experience. Despite a minor hiccup in the past, I decided to give Katz-N Jammers another shot for brunch, and I'm glad I did. Walking in, the 50's diner vibe immediately set a nostalgic and enjoyable tone, perfectly complementing the meal that was about to come. We opted for sandwiches, which, while they didn't blow us away, were undoubtedly good and hit the spot. What really made me keen to return, though, was seeing the breakfast options on other tables. They looked absolutely scrumptious, and it was clear I was missing out. Plus, the selection of shakes and ice cream floats caught my eye; it's not every day you find a place that can whip up such enticing treats. The service here deserves a special mention. Our server was not just friendly but genuinely kind, making our meal all the more pleasant. And there's something about enjoying a hearty breakfast with oldies music playing in the background that just feels right. Based on this visit, it’s clear Katz-N Jammers is more than just a diner; it's a place where good food, great service, and a wonderful atmosphere come together to create a memorable dining experience. Be it for the nostalgia, the tasty offerings, or the inviting ambiance, this is a spot worth coming back to. And that’s exactly what I plan to do.

The Morning Griddle Cafe

43943 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster

(661) 729-4133

Reviewed by:

Sue Albareda

After a lovely service at church, a group of us, five in total, decided to head over to The Morning Griddle Cafe for some brunch. They managed to accommodate us immediately, setting up a table with no fuss at all. It's this quaint little cafe that really gives off cozy vibes, making it quite a delightful spot for a meal. The menu prices were reasonable, and the service? Absolutely top-notch. The owner himself took the time to suggest a dish that came highly recommended, and let me just say, it did not disappoint. Every bite was a taste of heaven. The coffee never saw the bottom of the cup thanks to their attentive refills, and they made sure to check in on us now and then, just the right amount of attention. I was honestly surprised to find such a cozy diner so close to home, especially since I had never heard of it before. A quick search on Google and a peek at Yelp reviews led us here, and I'm so glad it did. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll be coming back. Next time, I'm planning to bring my parents along; I'm sure they'll love it as much as we did. Their willingness to go above and beyond was clear when I ordered the French dip, even though it was still breakfast hours. The chef was more than willing to accommodate my request, which I greatly appreciated. My son went for the crepes, and his joy was palpable with each bite he took. Everything about The Morning Griddle Cafe, from the welcoming atmosphere to the delicious food, made us feel right at home. Without a doubt, we'll be returning. This place has quickly become a favorite, and I can't wait to come back for more delightful experiences.

Phebies Cafe

235 W Ave K, Lancaster

(661) 942-3220

Reviewed by:

Dakota López Rios

My visit to Phebies Cafe for brunch was truly delightful. The cafe boasts an old-school American diner vibe, complete with homemade food that exudes freshness and quality. The decor is charming and understated, creating a cozy atmosphere without being too much. The cleanliness and swift service were immediately noticeable, adding to the overall excellent dining experience. The hash browns stood out with their perfect balance of crispy exteriors and soft interiors, a stark contrast to the often overly greasy versions served elsewhere. The menu's inclusion of a fruit option was a hit with my child, while my husband thoroughly enjoyed his meal, not leaving a single crumb behind, which even caught the waitress's attention. Despite it being a busy time, our order was taken promptly, and our food arrived much quicker than anticipated. The menu, featuring classics like pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns, was reasonably priced, with most dishes falling between $10-20 per person, accompanied by generous portions. The diner also offers a decent selection of vegetarian choices, including breakfast dishes and a garden burger, which was a pleasant surprise. The eggs Florentine, in particular, were prepared to perfection, highlighting the kitchen's ability to execute both simple and complex dishes with skill. Our first visit to this gem in the high desert left us thoroughly impressed, not only with the delicious meals, such as the eggs Florentine and the Hungry Traveller but also with the exceptional wait staff. Speaking of the Hungry Traveller, it's worth noting that it serves enough to satisfy 2-3 people easily. What sets Phebies Cafe apart is not only the quality of the food but also its cleanliness, which surpasses many other breakfast spots in the area. This first visit certainly won't be the last, as the desire to explore more of their menu is irresistible. The warm welcome and superb meal have ensured a return visit is in the near future.

Crazy Otto's Diner

43528 20th St W, Lancaster

(661) 948-6502

Reviewed by:

Joshua Henry

Walking into Crazy Otto's Diner for brunch in Lancaster brought back a flood of memories. It had been over 30 years since the last visit, and while the location had shifted a bit, the essence of the diner remained wonderfully unchanged. The large, welcoming atmosphere set the stage for an exceptional dining experience. The menu at Crazy Otto's is nothing short of impressive, with portions so generous they border on the unbelievable. The French toast and hash browns were a hit, delighting with their flavors and perfect preparation. Even though there were parts of the meal that didn't quite hit the mark, the overwhelming satisfaction with most of the dishes made those moments easy to overlook. What truly stood out was the sense of pride evident in the staff's service. It's clear they're not just working; they're part of something bigger, contributing to a business that actively supports local causes. Their dedication adds an extra layer of warmth to the dining experience, making it feel like you're part of a community rather than just a customer. Crazy Otto's has rightfully earned its accolades over the years. The diner doesn't just serve food; they serve dishes that remind you of what home-cooked meals are supposed to taste like, but with portions that are anything but home-sized. The omelets, for example, don't come on a plate; they need a platter for their grand presentation. All considered, this place deserves all the praise it gets and more. The combination of incredible food, generous portions, and a staff that truly cares about their work and the community makes Crazy Otto's Diner a must-visit spot. Especially for those passing through Lancaster, missing out on a meal here would be a missed opportunity. Here's to hoping it won't take another 30 years before visiting again. This diner is a firm favorite for breakfast, earning an enthusiastic 5 stars for both food and experience.

A M Cafe

44205 10th St W, Lancaster

(661) 942-9400

Reviewed by:

Drew Whitner

Mornings at A M Cafe in Lancaster are something I always look forward to, especially when it comes to celebrating special occasions like Father's Day, Mother's Day, and numerous birthday brunches. There's something about starting the day here that sets a positive tone for the rest of it. One of my absolute favorites has to be the cinnamon roll pancakes. They're such a dream and honestly, I could have them all the time. There's hardly anything on the menu that disappoints, although I'm a bit on the fence about the chili. But other than that, this place gets a solid 10/10 from me. Admittedly, there was a time when the breakfast didn't quite hit the mark. The strawberries used in the strawberry banana crepes tasted like they were from concentrate rather than fresh, which was a letdown. And the eggs benedict didn't live up to expectations either, being the least enjoyable I've had. Despite that, the service has always been on point - friendly, fast, and attentive. It's not just about the food but also how you're treated, and A M Cafe excels in this. For instance, the bacon avocado cheddar omelette never fails to impress with its taste. It's places like this that claim the title of the best breakfast in Lancaster. Everyone here is incredibly friendly, and the quality of the food is consistently fantastic. The portions are generous too. Just take a look at the picture I snapped during my last visit - that was all for just one person! It's experiences like these that keep me coming back to A M Cafe for brunch.

The Village Grille

44303 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster

(661) 942-7760

Reviewed by:

Pelon Gauthier

Cool little diner I stumbled upon, The Village Grille in Lancaster really hit the spot for brunch. Decided to go with the Country Omelette, and my wife opted for the Hot Sausage Skillet – both were pretty good stuff. What really stood out was the fairness in price. For anyone looking to grab a quick bite, this place is a solid choice. Decent portions, quick service, and a good selection of food options, it’s all here. There's a slight catch with the location, but honestly, that's beyond the restaurant's control. Every other aspect more than makes up for it. It's become a bit of a tradition for me and my mom to visit almost every Saturday or Sunday. The food is top-notch, and the staff always greet you with a smile. After a brief hiatus, returning here reminded us immediately of what drew us in initially. The value you get for your meal is impressive, especially given the current dining scene – managed to get 3 meals, and each was about $12 including tip. The service is consistently great, and the quality of the food never disappoints. Don't judge the book by its cover; the exterior might not be much to look at, but the interior holds its own charm – it's old-fashioned, yet clean. All in all, The Village Grille for brunch is a winner in my book. Definitely a place to return to, not just for the food and prices, but for the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Jackies Cafe

830 W Ave L #101, Lancaster

(661) 951-7995

Reviewed by:

Holly Sarles

During a leisurely weekend morning, I decided to venture out for brunch and stumbled upon Jackie's Cafe in Lancaster. The cafe itself presents a quiet, low-key ambiance that immediately puts you at ease. The interior may come across as plain to some, but I found it to be quite cozy and comfortable, setting the perfect stage for a relaxing meal. The service here is deserving of high praise. Carolina, who attended to my order, was not only polite and expedient but incredibly accommodating. This level of service extended throughout my stay, as all the servers were attentive and genuinely kind, making the entire dining experience even more delightful. As for the menu, it's wonderfully diverse, offering a little bit of something for every taste. I was particularly impressed with the portion sizes, which are generous, and even more so with the pricing, which falls on the budget-friendly end of the spectrum. This combination of value and variety is a rarity, and Jackie's Cafe nails it perfectly. The cafe's location, just across the street from Costco, ensures that parking is ample and hassle-free, a small but significant detail that enhances the overall experience. Additionally, the space inside is more than adequate to accommodate large parties, making it an ideal spot for family gatherings or brunch with friends. However, it's worth noting that while the food was delicious, the coffee left something to be desired. It bore an unfortunate resemblance to the kind of coffee one might find in a motel, made with tap water, which was quite a letdown amidst an otherwise stellar experience. Despite the coffee mishap, my visit was enjoyable. Between the friendly service, delicious food, and the welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere, Jackie's Cafe certainly stands out as a must-visit for a weekend brunch in Lancaster. Whether you're stopping by for a quick bite or lingering over a leisurely meal, this cafe promises a pleasant experience.


Albertson's Shopping Center, 2062 W Ave K, Lancaster

(661) 726-4678

Reviewed by:

Martha Anderson

I've always found this Starbucks in Lancaster to be the perfect spot for brunch. It boasts a convenient location with both indoor and outdoor seating, plus a drive-thru for those on the go. The service here is top-notch, and the place is always nice and clean, which is a big plus in my book. What I appreciate the most is how quickly they prepare breakfast items. They're simple, yet satisfying, making my morning starts much easier. The drinks? They're always thirst-quenching and delicious, a testament to Starbucks' consistent quality. At times, the atmosphere can get crowded, but that only goes to show how popular and cherished this place is for people at any time of the day, not just the morning. Walking into this Starbucks always uplifts my spirits; the wonderful aroma of their coffee is heavenly, greeting me the moment I step through the door. The baristas are friendly and attentive, although there might be a short wait before someone comes to the register. It's a minor inconvenience, though, and doesn't detract from the overall experience. While the cups might not be the most exciting and prices lean on the higher side, it's a small price to pay for the quality and service provided. This Starbucks is a staple for my brunch needs, and I always look forward to my visits.

Scramblez Grill & Bar

2715 W Ave L, Lancaster

(661) 722-9096

Reviewed by:

Andria Carnes

I finally got the chance to visit Scramblez Grill and Bar for brunch, and the experience was fantastic. Despite visiting on a busy day like the first day of the New Year, the staff was attentive, and the service didn't falter. I decided to try the chicken fried steak and was pleasantly surprised to find it was handmade – a genuinely impressive touch. The Bloody Marys here are a must-try, easily some of the best I've enjoyed in a long time. And the pancakes? They were just as delightful, especially with those perfectly crunchy edges that make your mouth water. So far, the pancake breakfast has been my go-to choice, with pancakes that are exactly how they should be – fluffy and satisfying. My sister is a big fan of their breakfast burrito, which speaks volumes about their variety. Finding the place was a bit of a hunt since all I had to go on were billboards and a quick Google search, but it's located in the old Blockbusters shopping area, so there's plenty of parking. Plus, it's right by Stater Bros, which makes it convenient to pair breakfast with a grocery run. Jasmine, our server, was outstanding, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The food not only tasted great but was served in nice portions, striking the perfect balance. This spot has quickly become my favorite for breakfast, especially for the steak and eggs which I find myself coming back for. Looking forward to my next visit – see you soon.

Greenhouse Cafe

1169 Commerce Center Dr, Lancaster

(661) 723-3522

Reviewed by:

Juan Carlitos Cisneros

This cozy restaurant opened early enough to accommodate an early bird like me. The service was outstanding from the get-go. I was recommended a vegetarian sandwich that completely took me by surprise. Packed with avocado, sprouts, leaf lettuce, and more on rye, it was so delicious I entirely forgot to snap a picture. Also, the butternut squash soup is a must-try; it was simply fantastic! A special thank you to Crystal for her kind and warm hospitality – truly a gem. I am definitely planning a return visit. The Greenhouse Cafe came as a recommendation while my car was getting serviced. Despite having passed by this location multiple times, I had never really noticed the Cafe. Stopping by turned out to be a delightful surprise! They boast a large menu but the Pastrami Sliders caught my eye immediately. The order process was smooth and quick. I opted for the Sliders, two cookies, and a Diet Pepsi, all for just over $12, which felt like a steal. Tables were cleared promptly making it easy to find a seat, and my order arrived in no time - three hot sliders paired with a generous serving of crinkle potato chips. It was incredibly satisfying. This place has quickly become my go-to spot in Lancaster! With a huge menu and over 20 years in the business, it's clear they know what they're doing. Though prices are a bit on the higher side, the portions are generous enough to justify the cost, and many meals could easily be shared. Admittedly, the efficiency and knowledge of the staff at the front counter could see some improvement. During my last visit, there was a mix-up with an order, but it didn't deter my overall positive experience. It's worth noting that this place might have seen its prime days in the past, with certain dishes not living up to expectations and the decor feeling a bit dated. However, the atmosphere appears to resonate well with a loyal crowd. Despite minor setbacks, my time at Greenhouse Cafe was genuinely enjoyable, solidifying its spot on my list of preferred dining locations in Lancaster.

Foxy's Landing & Restaurant

4725 William J Barnes Ave, Lancaster

(661) 949-2284

Reviewed by:

Nathan Tubergan

My experience at Foxy's Landing & Restaurant for brunch in Lancaster was a delightful one, highlighted by the stunning views and warm ambiance. The service was friendly and welcoming, adding to the overall pleasant atmosphere of the place. Though I found the Crispy California Salad a bit pricey at $13 for its size, its freshness and taste did not disappoint. The Million Dollar Burger was impressively large, though the use of premade patties was a bit of a letdown. On the other hand, Foxy's Burger was flavorful, though I felt it could have been enhanced with some cheese. The fries were a highlight - perfectly cooked to crispy perfection. The setting of the restaurant, with its close proximity to a beautiful lake and park, just a minute away, makes it an ideal spot for a family outing. The interior, adorned with aero-themed decorations, offered an interesting backdrop, especially with the view of the runway, adding a unique touch to our meal. Our group met for lunch, and the experience was fabulous, partly thanks to our server, Brandy, whose efficiency and patience were remarkable, especially when dealing with an unexpected coffee spill. She handled the situation with grace, helping us move to another table swiftly. Despite these positive aspects, there were a few downsides. The breakfast menu ending at noon on weekends was disappointing, as was the mediocre food and the mishandling of a simple order. The additional charges for avocado, dressing, and the use of a credit card were unexpected and added to the overall cost unnecessarily. In spite of these drawbacks, the positives outweighed the negatives, making my visit to Foxy's Landing & Restaurant a memorable one. The combination of delicious food, great views, and excellent service has left a lasting impression, and I am already looking forward to coming back to try more of what they have to offer.

The Original Karen's Kitchen

42123 50th St W, Lancaster

(661) 943-9117

Reviewed by:

Oscar Rousso

There aren't enough stars to rate The Original Karen's Kitchen in Lancaster, honestly. Since our first visit, it has quickly become our go-to spot for brunch after church. The staff there is absolutely wonderful - attentive, kind, and personable. They really make the place shine, and it's clear they aren't resting on their laurels. Normally, we've never had a problem, but there was a slight hiccup with my daughter's order recently, where the eggs in her three cheese omelette appeared a bit off. However, the server was quick to address the issue, showcasing their excellent customer service, even though my daughter chose not to have it remade. My vegetarian omelette, on the other hand, was delicious and perfectly made. It's reassuring when a place shows they can handle the little bumps with grace. Despite this small issue, the quality and portions at Karen's never fail to impress. Case in point, their chicken and waffles - an absolute game-changer. The chicken is juicy, flavorful, and perfectly crispy, while the waffles are massive, thick, and oh so satisfying. The portion sizes are generous to say the least, offering great value for money, especially when compared to similar meals elsewhere. The atmosphere at Karen's is another big draw. It's clean, open, and welcoming, creating the perfect setting for families and friends to gather and enjoy a meal together. Laughter and good vibes fill the air, making each visit a delightful experience. All in all, despite the odd hiccup, this place continues to be a favorite. The food is good, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere can't be beaten. It's a reminder of the good things in life, sharing a meal with loved ones in a place that feels like home.

Crazy Otto's Diner

1228 W Ave I, Lancaster

(661) 940-9177

Reviewed by:

Mackey Basilio

Walking into Crazy Otto's Diner for brunch in Lancaster feels like stepping back in time -- classic, cozy, and overflowing with hearty American dishes. The portions are unbelievably generous. On more than one occasion, found myself taking a third of my meal home because the servings were just that big. The hash browns? Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, exactly how they should be. And the ham steak is something to write home about. Not to mention, their coffee is the kind of good that makes you want to sit and linger longer than you planned. The food was plentiful and delicious, though could have used a touch more seasoning. That said, it's a minor note in an overall fantastic experience. The Machaca, in particular, was prepared exactly to my liking, which speaks volumes about their willingness to accommodate personal preferences. But it's not just the food that draws me back to Crazy Otto's time and time again. It's their community spirit. The diner proudly supports our troops and veterans, something that's close to my heart. Seeing signs like "Support Our Troops" and "Coffee For Vets" not only brings a smile to my face but also emphasizes the establishment's commitment to giving back. Upon entering, you're greeted with warmth, surrounded by memorabilia that tells the story of their community involvement and the gratitude of those they've touched. It’s a testament to the positive impact Crazy Otto's has beyond serving meals. Their dedication to American comfort classics is their strength. Choosing a seat in the classic fifties-style car booth offers an amazing view and a unique dining experience. On my last visit, the small prime rib dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, started off with chicken noodle soup, was a highlight. The prime rib was tender, flavorful, and so large I took another meal's worth home. Appreciating not just my meal but everything Crazy Otto's Diner does for others, I felt compelled to leave a small token of appreciation for their contributions – an American flag, a card, a yellow ribbon, and a patriotic pin. In a time when showing support and gratitude is more important than ever, participating in gifting American flags throughout the city is a way to honor those values and the diner's efforts. It's an honor to recommend this gem of a diner. Whether you're a local or just passing through Lancaster, don't miss out on the chance to experience the warmth, generosity, and community spirit that is Crazy Otto's Diner.

Sun Flower Cafe

1973 W Ave L, Lancaster

(661) 726-1379

Reviewed by:

William Rankin

During my visit to Lancaster, I stumbled upon Sun Flower Cafe, conveniently located near an urgent care which is a boon for those without medical insurance. The café itself boasts a cozy ambiance and offers both indoor and outdoor seating, which is perfect no matter the weather. There's ample parking space too, thanks to the vacant grocery store next door. My dining experience at Sun Flower Cafe was nothing short of delightful. Having tried their chilaquiles on a previous visit, which were very good, I opted for the coconut french toast this time around. Accompanied by eggs and bacon, it was a perfect dish - the french toast was incredibly fluffy and crispy, while the eggs and bacon were cooked to perfection. It's rare to find a place where the quality of every component on the plate is top-notch, and Sun Flower Cafe certainly delivered. Not only was the food exceptional, but the staff also added to the positive experience with their friendliness and attentive service. It's refreshing to visit a café where the staff genuinely seems to care about your dining experience. Moreover, the café's location is wonderfully convenient with its ample parking and the option for both indoor and outdoor dining. The aesthetics of the place were inviting too, making it an easy choice for breakfast or brunch. In conclusion, the Sun Flower Cafe is a gem in Lancaster for anyone looking for delicious brunch options. My partner and I were thoroughly impressed with both the quality of the food and the level of service. It's certainly secured its place as one of my favorite local breakfast spots. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some great food in a friendly and welcoming setting.

The Elm Cuisine Café

44844 Elm Ave, Lancaster

(661) 941-4069

Reviewed by:

Nathaniel Moon

This café is a hidden gem right off of Lancaster boulevard, and it's definitely worth a visit. On a bustling day here for brunch, we were greeted by Nicole, our waitress. She was just wonderful – attentive, informative, and had a great sense of humor. She made sure we knew that this place prides itself on being a scratch kitchen, with everything cooked to order. And you can taste the difference. The food was exceptional; from the fresh fried chicken to the creamy macaroni and cheese, and even the collard greens had the perfect balance of flavors without being too salty. The place is also equipped with plenty of TVs, making it a great spot to catch a sports game, and they've got a well-stocked bar to boot. It's definitely a spot I'm planning to return to, maybe next time to watch a football game. The meal was one of the best I've ever had, the food delicious and cooked perfectly. Although breakfast isn't served anymore, it didn't dampen the experience at all. The birria quesadilla was to die for. Taking my grandma here for lunch was a decision well made. We both opted for the fried chicken, and I added coleslaw, mac and cheese, and cornbread to my order. The chicken was crispy to perfection, and the seasoning on the batter was outstanding. The cornbread, warm and fresh, and the mac and cheese, creamy as can be, complemented the meal perfectly. The staff were all friendly and made sure we were well taken care of throughout our meal. Though you do need to order and pay at the counter, this didn't detract from our experience in the least. A return visit is definitely in the cards. On a last note, we decided to try some desserts. The young lady at the counter was extremely kind. However, the cheesecake bite and the cobblers left a bit to be desired. The cobblers felt a bit doughy and the cheesecake had a somewhat artificial, pudding-like taste. Despite that, my husband enjoyed both desserts. So, it might just be a matter of personal taste. All in all, this café is a place you'll want to check out.


2005 W Ave K, Lancaster

(661) 951-1898

Reviewed by:

Jan Herenadez

One word to describe my brunch experience at Denny's in Lancaster? Phenomenal. After attending church on Christmas Day with new friends, we decided to drop by this Denny's, which, as expected, was bustling. Despite the crowd, the visit turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we had a fantastic time dining together. The food, service, and pricing were all top-notch, not to mention the added bonus of using an AARP discount for some savings. The food quality was impressive; it was both delicious and nicely presented, creating a comforting and familiar dining experience. The atmosphere in the restaurant was both cozy and well-maintained, and the cleanliness was notable, especially considering how busy they were. Our service experience was the cherry on top, largely thanks to Luz, our server. Her vibrant personality, excellent sense of humor, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction made our visit even more memorable. It's not often you come across someone so dedicated and capable. This Denny's location is indeed a beautiful spot in Lancaster, offering good food and a unique dining experience that meshes old charm with modern touches. The staff were friendly and efficient, ensuring our meals were served quickly and exactly to our liking. However, it wasn't without a minor flaw. The restaurant had a faint, stale smell, reminiscent of overly used mop water, and the high-up rafters could benefit from a good dusting. But considering the overall experience, these were minor issues that didn't detract significantly from the enjoyment of our visit. For anyone looking for a satisfying meal that feels both comforting and affordable, this Denny's in Lancaster is a spot worth visiting. Just maybe give them a heads-up about the smell and the dust – it's the only thing standing between them and perfection.

Karens Kitchen 3

4081 W Ave L, Lancaster

(661) 471-9137

Reviewed by:

Dan Bart

Today, I decided to try brunch at Karen's Kitchen 3 in Lancaster, and I must say, the experience was delightful. The atmosphere was welcoming and cozy, just what you'd hope for a leisurely brunch spot. The staff was incredibly kind and attentive, making the visit even more enjoyable. I had preordered my food through DoorDash for pickup, and it was ready right on time when I arrived. However, there was a bit of a mix-up as they didn't allow us to dine in, despite there being a few empty tables. This was a minor hiccup, and we were provided with utensils for our meal, although we had to get creative about where to enjoy our brunch. This led us to Tom's no.25, where we finally sat down to eat. This unexpected adventure introduced me to another place where they serve steak and eggs, which was a nice discovery. Reflecting on my meal, I remember my previous visit to this spot. The food had left a good impression, which was why I returned. Although the service wasn't as warm as before, with the waiter being somewhat indifferent, he efficiently did his job. My order included coffee, three eggs, hash browns, sausage, and muffins. While the eggs were slightly overdone to my taste, they were acceptable. However, the sausage was noticeably undercooked, which I promptly sent back for further cooking. Unfortunately, even after that, it still wasn't cooked properly, which was disappointing. Another letdown was the lack of follow-up on coffee refills. Despite these issues, it's important to highlight the positives. The overall food quality and customer service were good, with clean plates and silverware. Although I'd probably skip the corned beef hash next time, it's still a decent option for those who enjoy it. Based on my experiences, while there were some downsides, the positives of Karen's Kitchen 3, like the great atmosphere and general food quality, make it a place worth recommending for brunch in Lancaster.


1028 W Ave I, Lancaster

(661) 948-9630

Reviewed by:

Thomas Volpato

This Denny's in Lancaster really impressed my family and me. The customer service and atmosphere highlight the importance of not only good food but also how you're treated in a restaurant. It's one of the best experiences we've had in California, and a big thank you goes to Stephanie for making it a wonderful time. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, setting the stage for a fantastic dining experience. The staff truly went above and beyond. Our server was friendly and attentive, always ensuring our coffee cups were full and our orders were exactly as we wanted. This exceptional level of customer service made us feel like valued guests. The food was amazing. Classic dishes like pancakes and omelets were cooked to perfection, and the flavors were spot on. The Grand Slam breakfast, a personal favorite, was hearty and satisfying. The ingredients tasted fresh, and the presentation was appetizing. What stood out the most was the consistency in quality and service. It's clear that Denny's values its customers and strives to deliver a top-notch dining experience. The affordability of the menu items is an added bonus, making Denny's an excellent choice for family meals or casual dining. I wholeheartedly recommend Denny's to anyone looking for a pleasant and delicious meal. Their commitment to quality food and outstanding service truly makes them stand out. The classic breakfast, especially the potato hash brown cooked to a crispy perfection, was good, and the service matched the food quality. There wasn't a long wait, and the server was attentive without being intrusive. The only note is that the place could use a remodel as it looks a bit dated, like from the 80s maybe. Nonetheless, the experience was memorable for all the right reasons. Can't wait to come again!


1650 W Ave K, Lancaster

(661) 723-2206

Reviewed by:

Jessica Graci

Had a lovely brunch experience at IHOP in Lancaster. Rosie, our waitress, was absolutely wonderful. The pancakes were just great, and the plant-based sausage was a delightful surprise. It was a great outing with my family. Fast forward a bit, and I celebrated my birthday there. Sandra, the waitress this time, made me feel truly special. They even gave me coins for free pancakes, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The impossible breakfast was incredibly good. A friend had mentioned that they offer special prices from $6-$14, everyday from 3-9pm, and that coffee is only $1.50. So, we decided to give it another shot tonight. True enough, we had a splendid time. The service was commendable, and it's a place I definitely recommend! The pancakes, as always, were delicious. It was my first time trying the steak omelet, and I must say, it was very good with a pretty generous serving size. The salsa they serve here is just perfect. However, it's important to note that while the food consistently impresses, the service can sometimes lack. There was an instance where the service didn't live up to expectations. The waitress only came to our table three times, missing the usual check-ins to see if everything was okay or if we needed anything. We ended up using straws as stirrers for our coffee. Unfortunately, we had to flag down another waitress for our bill and to-go bag. It felt as though we were invisible, to the point where leaving without paying seemed almost possible. When I voiced my concerns to the manager, the response was less than satisfactory, lacking even a simple apology. Despite the food being great, that particular experience has made me hesitant to return to that specific IHOP location.

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