January 27, 2024

Laredo's Best Brunch Spots: The Ultimate Guide

Feast your eyes (then your stomach) on Laredo's top brunch spots! From savory tacos to fluffy pancakes, we've got the lowdown on where to kickstart your weekend right.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Laredo's Best Brunch Spots: The Ultimate Guide
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In Laredo, where the mornings are as bright as the city's spirit, finding the perfect brunch spot is like discovering a treasure chest in your own backyard. So, whether you’re craving the heartiness of huevos rancheros or the delicate charm of French toast, follow us on a brunch journey through Laredo, a place where every meal is Ready to Amaze.

BAE Brunch Club

1219 Matamoros St, Laredo

Reviewed by:

Mark González

This hidden gem in downtown Laredo is a delightful find! Nestled inside the Rialto Hotel and sharing space with a quaint pharmacy, it houses the charming “The Little Squash” cafe. From the moment you step in, the friendly staff welcome you, setting the stage for a fantastic dining experience. The food here is something else; it’s evident that they use fresh ingredients, which really makes the dishes stand out. Spending nearly three hours here, catching up with a dear friend, felt like no time at all, thanks to the cozy and inviting atmosphere. The Eggs Benedict, complete with savory potatoes and mushrooms, alongside toast and biscuits, were simply scrumptious. Let's not forget the coffee, which they kindly offer with almond, oat, or regular milk – a thoughtful touch. The pancakes, oh the pancakes! They were fluffy and undeniably the best in the area. Following the delectable brunch, the location makes it super convenient to embark on a little shopping adventure. Despite a bit of a wait, which is understandable given the quality and appeal, the experience was entirely worth it. The Rialto Benny and the full breakfast were my personal favorites, with the complimentary mimosas adding a special touch to the meal. The ambiance is cozy, service swift, and the prices reasonable for the quality offered. Drinks like the black coffee and mimosa were perfect accompaniments to the meal. The Chicken and Waffle stood out with its unique flavor, especially the corn and jalapeño pepper waffle, which was a delightful surprise. The Chilaquiles, customized with extra chicken and over-easy eggs, along with a side of refried beans, were a hit as well. Overall, this spot is a must-visit for anyone looking for an exceptional brunch experience in Laredo. It’s not just the food that makes it special, but the overall welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere that makes you want to return. Definitely a place the entire family loved and would recommend to anyone looking for quality food and a great time.

Savora Café Brunch

9802 McPherson Rd, Laredo

(737) 610-0372

Reviewed by:

Ida Mae Zarceno

My bf and I truly had a delightful brunch experience at Savora Café. We indulged in a variety of dishes including the Dalgona Cafe, Chilaquiles Savora, migas, and the highly recommended chocolate protein pancakes. Each dish was a burst of flavor, distinctly memorable for their taste. 😋 Our server added to the positivity of our experience with their attentive and friendly service, enhancing our overall enjoyment significantly. It's a rare find to come across such exceptional service that it deserves a perfect score from us! This visit undeniably tops my list of brunch experiences in Laredo. The highlight for me was definitely the Chilaquiles Savora paired with an exquisite coffee drink, whose name escapes me, but not its delightful taste. The dish was a perfect blend of flavors, making it stand out. My bf's choice of biscuits and gravy did not disappoint either, he was thoroughly impressed. A friend of ours opted for avocado toasts, which were not only a feast for the eyes but equally tantalizing to the taste buds. The café's ambiance was another aspect that contributed to our pleasant experience. Unlike other brunch spots where one might feel overcrowded, Savora Café offers a spacious, light, and airy environment that makes you feel instantly welcome and relaxed. Although there was a bit of a wait for our food and the noise level was somewhat high, it didn't detract from the overall quality and enjoyment of our visit. Having explored various brunch options around town, I can confidently say that Savora Café stands out not just for its diverse menu and reasonable prices, but more importantly, for the superior dining experience it offers. It’s a place I'm eager to return to and would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best brunch in Laredo.

El Quinto Sol

2330 Jacaman Rd #6201, Laredo

(956) 795-1452

Reviewed by:

Elena Agarwal

My brunch experience at El Quinto Sol in Laredo was a delightful one. The atmosphere is quiet, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed meal. Service was noticeably fast, and the portions served are generously sized, ensuring you leave satisfied. The menu items I tried, including the pozole and the cauliflower boneless, were both tasty and felt like a healthier take on traditional flavors. The mozzarella mushroom tacos also caught my fancy – they were very good. However, there was a small hiccup with my beverage; the diet coke I ordered was expired. I pointed this out to the establishment, but unfortunately, it seemed the issue persisted a few days later. It's a reminder to check the expiration dates on beverages. Putting that aside, the offerings for vegetarians and vegans are commendable. The menu is primarily vegetarian, with a few dishes that are vegan or can be modified to be vegan. The Tacos al Pastor, for example, normally contain cheese but can be adapted for a vegan diet by simply omitting it. The Guisado plate is another excellent choice, especially with seitan carnitas. Accompanied by sides like nopales and chile ancho with brown rice, it's a hearty and flavorsome option. For those who enjoy a vegetarian breakfast, the fifth sun plate is a substantial meal that includes eggs, vegan bacon and sausages, and some delectable pancakes. And for a refreshing start or finish to your meal, the Licuado Vegetal is packed with vitamins and fiber, making it not only tasty but beneficial too. The Licuado Fuerte is equally recommendable for a strong, flavorful punch. Overall, despite the minor issue with the beverage, the visit was a positive one. The service was excellent, and the prices are reasonable, particularly for the high-protein dishes. It's a great spot for anyone looking to enjoy delicious, health-conscious meals, whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or simply in search of a tasty brunch option in Laredo.

La Casa De Frida

1010 Hillside Rd, Laredo

(956) 337-4971

Reviewed by:

Sana Ramirez

10/10 would come again! The atmosphere at La Casa De Frida - House of Breakfast is wonderful, and the service is great. Although it might be a bit challenging for English speakers only due to some language barriers, the staff are patient and kind, making the effort to communicate effectively. Plus, the menu provides great options and even includes English descriptions, which is a helpful touch. For my meal, I chose the torta de Chilaquiles with verde sauce, and it was incredibly tasty. The food didn't take long to arrive, and the service was swift from a very welcoming host and server. It's a fantastic spot for families to enjoy breakfast together in a pleasant setting with food that scores a perfect 10/10. If you're in the mood for some authentic Menudo, this place nails it. Alongside our meals, we tried the Cafe de Olla, which was delightful and even came with a refill - a rare find! We also ordered Diablo chilaquiles and a Barbacoa plate. The chilaquiles' sauce seemed a bit diluted, but after adding some lime and salsa, they were enjoyable. The Barbacoa was good but required a little extra seasoning to enhance its flavors. However, the Menudo stood out as the star dish for me, absolutely delicious. For dessert, we opted for a Concha Rellena filled with Nutella, strawberries, and banana. While the bread wasn't the freshest, the filling combination was a hit. Overall, our dining experience was very positive. It's a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy a hearty breakfast or brunch with family or friends.

La Finca Bruncheria & Cafe

1713 E Del Mar Blvd Ste. 6C, Laredo

(956) 568-0162

Reviewed by:

Evelyn Reeves

After waking up on a cold, rainy Sunday morning, feeling the afterglow of a great gig we played the night before, my band and I were on the hunt for a fantastic place to eat before hitting the road. Choosing La Finca Bruncheria & Cafe turned out to be an incredible decision! From the moment we stepped in, the warmth of the hostess’s greeting and the quick seating set a positive tone for our experience. The service was speedy, which was perfect because we were somewhat in a hurry, but that didn't take away from the deliciousness of the food and the overall great vibe of the place. The prices felt very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food we received. What made the visit even more special was when someone who attended our performance the previous night recognized us and asked for a photo. The hostess was kind enough to take the photo, adding a lovely personal touch to our experience. The lively atmosphere of the cafe was just right for a brunch date with friends, not too quiet but still allowing for conversation. We dived into a variety of dishes, including the French Toast Flight, which was a hit! It's a huge serving that allows you to taste all their flavors. The toast itself was a delightful combination of a crispy exterior and soft, moist interior. While the Biscuit was tasty, a few more spread options would have been appreciated. The Tacos de Asada were great, albeit a tad overpriced for what was offered. The New York strip in the tacos was good but didn't stand out as exceptional to justify the price, in my opinion. Admittedly, there were a couple of minor hiccups. Some of the dishes, like the "Divorciados Huevos," could have been more visually appealing. Also, being unaware of certain upcharges led to a bit of sticker shock when the bill arrived. Nevertheless, the quality of the food, from the fresh orange juice to the delightful lemonade and the overall dining experience, overshadowed these small issues. The ambiance isn't ideal for those seeking intimate conversations due to the bustling nature of the place, but it's precisely this lively atmosphere that makes it a perfect spot for groups wanting to enjoy a good meal and good company. In summary, despite a few areas for improvement, the experience was overwhelmingly positive. This place definitely deserves a rating slightly higher than its current average, reflecting the fantastic service and scrumptious food. It's a spot I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others, as it's evident that La Finca Bruncheria & Cafe does a lot right to create a memorable brunch experience.

Lolitas Bistro

6950 McPherson Rd STE C, Laredo

(956) 568-5334

Reviewed by:

Cip Dairy

Visited Lolitas Bistro for brunch and was immediately taken by the cozy, clean setting with very cute decor. The pictures on the wall caught my eye and the music set a relaxing tone. The ambience is just lovely, although adding some mirrors and dimming the lights as the sun sets could enhance it even more. The service was impressive. The waiter was attentive and knowledgeable, recommending dishes that did not disappoint. Food arrived in a timely manner, which is always a plus. The menu boasted a wide variety of options. Opted for the beet salad which was a generous portion, tasted fresh, and had a nice zesty balance. The roasted beef brisket was another choice and it was divine—tender, savoury, and perfectly accompanied by asparagus, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. A touch of color, perhaps with the addition of carrots, would make it visually striking as well. Desserts were a treat. The chocolate cake had a soft texture, well-balanced icing that wasn’t too sweet, and the latte was creamy and nicely presented. All in all, the food was fantastic, though the burger was just average. Everyone from the staff was welcoming, from the friendly reception to the manager, Mauricio, who introduced the restaurant's concept since it was my first visit. Decided to start with the Veracruzana Style Fresh Sea Bass Ceviche and the Baja Style Lobster Taco, both of which were delightful and generous in portion. The craftsman bartender, Miguel, prepared an exquisite Smokey Guava cocktail with fresh ingredients. My main course was the Homemade Mole Poblano with almond rice, and it was the best mole I've had since a visit to Mexico decades ago. It's been hard to find one that matches up until now. The casual yet fine dining atmosphere is refreshing, offering a welcome change. The service and food were perfect, prices reasonable, and portions large with vegetarian options available. It was a delightful experience, and I’m eager to return. Highly recommended for its great service, atmosphere, and a menu that impresses with diversity and quality.

Magnolia Cafe & Grill

2101 Shiloh Dr, Laredo

(956) 568-1169

Reviewed by:

Gabrielle Rzone

I had an amazing experience at Magnolia Bar and Grill! The management here truly goes above and beyond to ensure you have a fantastic time. From the moment I walked in, I could feel their dedication to creating memorable dining experiences. As a content creator and digital journalist based in South Texas, I find such places perfect for networking and enjoying good food. Magnolia Bar and Grill stands out as a gem in the region for food and hospitality enthusiasts like me. This week, work brought me to Laredo, TX with the Eagle Pass HS Boys Soccer Team, and the coaches chose Magnolia Grill for dinner. We ordered the Steak & Shrimp, and the food was outstanding. Our server, Genesis, was not only beautiful but also managed our group of 30 flawlessly. I will definitely recommend this restaurant—5 STARS across the board. I’m even considering coming back just to see our wonderful server again. The food here is excellent, not just for Laredo, but on any scale. The service is top-notch, and the place is spotless. Though there can be a wait time due to its popularity, it's worth it. The French toast, horchata, and lattes are all delightful. I highly recommend coming here, getting your name on the list, and enjoying the best breakfast Laredo has to offer. The attentive service was impressive, and the food delicious. My kids adored the hot cocoa and their waffles/pancakes. This place definitely deserves another visit.

Taco Palenque San Bernardo

4515 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

(956) 725-9898

Reviewed by:

Cheri Rock

During my brunch visit to Taco Palenque San Bernardo in Laredo, the experience was nothing short of stellar. The customer service was top-notch. When ordering combo meals for my daughters from the kids' menu, the kindness of receiving complimentary refried bean tacos was a lovely surprise. It's clear to see why this original location maintains its renowned status; they've consistently kept their quality and charm through the years. Everything from the food's speed of service to its affordability impressed me greatly. The salsa bar and the unlimited self-serve chips were fantastic additions to our meal, enhancing the overall dining experience. I found the fajitas and bean and cheese tacos to be excellent choices, though I'd recommend passing on the pastor. For those times when I'm in a bit of a hurry, the drive-through is a lifesaver, ensuring that convenience doesn't sacrifice the quality of the food, which is always fresh. Additionally, the coffee was a pleasant surprise, perfectly rounding out the meal. The quick service and courteous staff made the experience even more enjoyable, highlighting their commitment to customer satisfaction. Living in Houston and having this gem to look forward to when visiting family here is truly a treat. The freshness of the food paired with consistently superb service makes every visit memorable.

Scratch Sandwich Company

1713 E Del Mar Blvd #6534, Laredo

(956) 568-4893

Reviewed by:

Diane Solomon

Today, I had the pleasure of enjoying brunch at Scratch Sandwich Company in Laredo, and I must say, it was an experience worth writing about. The only minor gripe I could possibly mention was the slight delay in the arrival of our food. Given that everything is meticulously prepared from scratch, a bit of a wait is understandable, and in the end, it was entirely worth it. Every visit to this establishment leaves me more impressed, and today was no exception. The food is simply delicious. My palate has been a regular fan for over a year now. Despite a past hiccup with service, the quality of the meals always had me coming back for more. However, it's unfortunate when customer service doesn't match the high standards set by the kitchen. An issue arose today when my meal was served significantly earlier than my wife’s, creating an awkward situation. It's essential for dining experiences to be synchronized, as it's common courtesy to ensure all guests at a table receive their food at the same time. When I addressed the issue, the response was less than satisfactory. I believe there's always room for improvement, especially in terms of staff training and kitchen coordination. That said, the offerings at Scratch Sandwich Company are too good to overlook. The La Costa Nostra sandwich, with an upgrade to Crazy Fries, was mouthwatering. Additionally, the Chicken Buffalo Dip is a standout, perfectly balanced in flavor and spice, highlighting the quality ingredients used. The portion sizes are generous, leaving you satisfied without the stuffed discomfort. The ambiance, especially during brunch, is inviting, complemented by a well-trained and generally attentive staff. From the moment you walk in, the welcoming environment and the promise of a freshly prepared meal set the stage for a great dining experience. The brunch menu is diverse, catering to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences, all with a gourmet twist that Scratch Sandwich Company is known for. Overall, despite the service hiccup today, this place remains a top recommendation for anyone looking for a high-quality brunch spot in Laredo. The fresh ingredients, the care in preparation, and the innovative dishes make Scratch Sandwich Company a must-visit. With hopes for improved service consistency, I look forward to many more enjoyable meals here.

Bolillos Cafe North

6950 McPherson Rd, Laredo

(956) 568-1532

Reviewed by:

Jaime Zeguiba

My brunch experience at Bolillos Cafe North in Laredo was definitely one for the books. From the moment we walked in, the vibe was welcoming, with a staff that greeted us with warmth and enthusiasm. They were quick to seat us and had our server attend to us without delay. He was very helpful in answering all our questions, making our decision process a lot simpler. The café itself was a pleasant environment to be in - clean, well-lit, and just the right kind of ambiance for a laid-back brunch. Our orders were taken swiftly, and to our delight, the food arrived promptly. We never found ourselves looking around for a refill, as our coffee cups were attended to with diligence. We decided to dive into a variety of dishes - the Avocado Toast, Chilaquile Tacos, and the Barbacoa Plate. Despite it being a busy day, our wait time was minimal, merely about 3 minutes, and even a minor mix-up with the plates was corrected almost instantly. The food was delightful; it wasn't heavy or greasy, and the portions were generous considering the price. The Barbacoa had a well-rounded serving, and though it was a tad bland for my taste, it seemed intentional, allowing for personal seasoning. The highlight, however, was probably the Chilaquile Tacos and the loaded Avocado Toast, both bursting with flavors that had us savoring every bite. On the pricing front, it was quite reasonable – we walked out paying just under $40 before tip, which felt like solid value for the quality and quantity of food we enjoyed. That said, not everything was perfect. The music was louder than preferable, making conversation a bit of a challenge at times. Additionally, the condition of the toilet facilities didn't quite match up to the overall standard of the café. There was also a moment of disappointment with a bakery item, a pumpkin empanada, which was rather mediocre in taste. Despite these few setbacks, the overall experience was positive. The great service, delightful food, and inviting atmosphere made it a brunch spot worth visiting. It's not often you find a place that manages to balance quality food, prompt service, and a welcoming ambiance so well, especially during a bustling lunch rush. Bolillos Cafe North certainly left a good impression, and I look forward to returning, maybe even exploring more of what their bakery has to offer, hoping for a bit more consistency in that department.

Bolillos Cafe Central

620 E Saunders St, Laredo

(956) 568-0650

Reviewed by:

Viral Reyes

We're in from out of town and a friend recommended this place, promising an experience we wouldn't forget. They weren't wrong. The moment we walked into Bolillos Cafe Central, we were greeted with a vibe that made us feel right at home. The staff welcomed us with smiles that felt genuine, setting a positive tone for our brunch. Let's talk about the food - the corn tortillas are something else; I'd even say life-changing. They paired perfectly with my enchiladas, which were nothing short of perfection. But the stand-out for me was the Enchiladas Callejeras - easily the best I’ve ever had. Each dish not only looked great but tasted divine, showcasing the skill and passion behind the kitchen doors. The restaurant's cleanliness and service didn't go unnoticed. Everything from the tables to the floors shone, and our needs were attended to with efficiency and warmth. The cherry on top was their selection of pan dulce and cakes. We decided to try the pink strawberry cake on a whim, and it surprised us with its smooth, sweet flavor — a perfect end to our meal. We couldn't leave without trying their fideo soup and albóndiga/meatball soup, each spoonful rich in flavor and comfort. It’s clear that whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or something sweet, Bolillos Cafe Central has it covered. The atmosphere and decor of the place really made our experience memorable. The setting was inviting, making our dining experience even more enjoyable. And yes, we did check out the desserts to take home - how could we not? Overall, our visit to Bolillos Cafe Central was spectacular. Great food, a lovely atmosphere, and impeccable service. For anyone looking for a place to enjoy delicious meals or just to grab some sweet treats, this cafe is definitely worth the visit.

Yoly's Cafe

604 Market St, Laredo

(956) 727-5288

Reviewed by:

Danar Ycivdbicfh

I ate at Yoly's Cafe for brunch in Laredo and had a pretty good experience. The menu caught my eye, especially the breakfast tacos, so I went for three different kinds - the machacado and egg, the egg and chorizo, and the guisado. Both the machacado and egg and the egg and chorizo were awesome, really flavorful and satisfying. The guisado was okay, not exactly what I was expecting, but I understand that every restaurant has its unique way of preparing dishes. Initially, I got a bit impatient waiting for my food. But then I found out that the reason for the wait was that everything is made fresh. And I mean really fresh, as in nothing is pre-prepared or frozen. Knowing that, I completely understood the wait and appreciated the quality of the food even more. I would definitely recommend this place for a family breakfast. They have great food and great service. It's a local family business that I've grown to love visiting. The atmosphere is relaxing, which is a big plus for me. However, there are a few areas for improvement. For instance, I think the breakfast plate could use a little more variety beyond just beans. And while the effort to maintain a fresh approach in their cooking is commendable, I did find some of the food to be a bit on the bland side for the price. Also, it would be great if they could address the minor issue of ants on the tables. Despite these few downsides, I find the freshness and quality of the food compelling enough to keep coming back. It's a nice spot in Laredo for brunch, and I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Danny's Restaurant

2406 Jacaman Rd, Laredo

(956) 717-6447

Reviewed by:

Thomas Brown

So, it's been a while since I've ventured to Nuevo Laredo, and wow, how things have changed. Deciding to grab brunch on a friend's emphatic recommendation, we ended up at Danny's. Let me just dive right in—this place did not disappoint. From the moment we parked, the cleanliness of the venue was evident, setting a positive vibe right from the start. We dove into an array of dishes, including cheese enchiladas and a savory plate of enchiladas paired with mollejas. I've got to highlight the mollejas here—they were spot on, perfectly cooked, and just delightful. My partner was equally taken with his enchiladas, and we both couldn't get enough of the chips and salsa. I mean, who doesn't love a free refill on those? Our server deserves a shout out too—attentive, friendly, and just made our experience that much better. It's not just the service or the spotless dining area that won me over, though. The food across our visits has consistently hit the mark. I've found myself particularly hooked on the rice and grilled chicken fajita, not to mention the chicken milanesa. Both the rice and charro beans have been standout sides for me, bringing me back time and again. And if you're stopping by, do yourself a favor and try the tea and lemonade mix. It's the perfect refreshing drink to pair with your meal. For those eyeing a quick lunch or a leisurely brunch, the enchilada plates are not only fantastic but also on special, making Danny's a must-visit for anyone in the area. All in all, it's a solid A+++ from me for both the exceptional food and overall experience.

Danny's Restaurant

4320 McPherson Rd, Laredo

(956) 724-2003

Reviewed by:

Amber Harris

Had a wonderful brunch experience at Danny's Restaurant here in Laredo. Great food paired with awesome service really set the tone. I opted for the enchilada plate, which was perfectly portioned. Unlike other places, they didn’t drown the dish in cheese. Plus, the enchiladas were packed with chicken and just the right amount of sauce. There was a bit of confusion with the signage inside, leading to a mix-up at the register over meal pricing. Despite this hiccup, the overall experience was positive. The restaurant came highly recommended by locals, and it didn’t disappoint. The staff was friendly and the food delicious. After being impressed by breakfast, we couldn’t resist returning for an early dinner. For breakfast lovers, this spot is a gem. The pancakes and red chilaquiles (a bit on the spicy side but manageable) are must-tries. If you’re not into spicy food, the green chilaquiles are a great alternative. They also offer healthier options like the mushroom omelette, which I’ve enjoyed in the past. Their coffee is good too, with free refills. Although I haven’t tried the Menudo available on weekends, it looks tempting. The service is efficient, and the meals are served quickly. With accessible prices, Danny's Restaurant is a fantastic choice for a delightful breakfast or any meal, really.


6501 Arena Blvd Ste. 101, Laredo

(956) 712-9000

Reviewed by:

Mike Serlin

Rocha's was an amazing spot to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary! The owners provided incredible service, easily the best we've experienced in all of Laredo. The food was absolutely delicious, and the drinks were crafted to perfection. The bartenders were so accommodating, helping us choose a celebratory drink on the house because of our wedding anniversary. This place truly stands out in Laredo. We initially came for dinner but are already planning to return for brunch. The atmosphere and music were fantastic, creating the perfect backdrop for our celebration. Plus, it offered some great photo opportunities. The vibe of Rocha's is unique, blending a night-club feel with a cozy intimacy that's hard to find. The quality of the food was impressive, matched by very reasonable drink prices. I tried the Tex-Mex platter, whose name escapes me, along with two house margaritas. The drinks were excellent, and the puffy taco was a highlight. Every aspect of the service was top-notch. It was also a pleasant surprise to find out they serve breakfast, which was just as delightful as our dinner experience. The prices were fair, the service attentive, and the seating incredibly comfortable. Given the elegant setting, I was expecting a higher bill, which made the experience even better. Rocha's not only met but exceeded my expectations. Its combination of beautiful atmosphere, quality Tex-Mex cuisine that reminded me of New Mexico, and excellent customer service has made it a must-visit in Laredo. It's definitely a place I'll return to, especially if I find myself in the area again.


3600 Santa Ursula Ave, Laredo

(956) 722-8311

Reviewed by:

Monroe Gill

This morning, my experience at Denny's for brunch in Laredo was, on the whole, a pleasant one. The most significant hiccup I encountered was the parking situation. The lot was nearly full, dominated by several oversized trucks that made finding a spot quite a hassle. Once inside, however, things took a turn for the better. Even though we were a reasonably large group of six, the wait to be seated was surprisingly brief. Our server was particularly commendable; not only was he polite, but he also made sure our drinks were constantly refilled, a small but appreciated touch that enhanced our dining experience. The food was served quickly, a relief given our hunger. It lived up to the high-quality standard I've come to expect from Denny's, making the meal enjoyable for all of us. The staff was incredibly welcoming, contributing to a pleasant atmosphere where we felt right at home. That said, I've noted in past visits during lunch or dinner times that the service can slow down a bit, and the food presentation occasionally seems as though it's just been reheated, lacking in freshness. The taste is generally okay, but for what you pay, sometimes it feels like there could be better options out there. On one occasion, I remember ordering a T-bone dinner, and when it arrived, the portions seemed a bit off, with an abundance of corn but hardly any mashed potatoes. Pointing this out, the waiter’s response was somewhat dismissive, which was disappointing. Despite these inconsistencies, the overall experience this morning was positive. It’s clear there are areas for improvement, but the quick service, friendly staff, and generally high-quality food mean I'll likely return. However, solving the parking dilemma and ensuring the food quality remains consistently high across all meals of the day would elevate the experience significantly.


7503 San Dario Ave, Laredo

(956) 753-9555

Reviewed by:

Nico Blaydes

Had an absolutely delightful brunch at IHOP in Laredo! Despite it being a bustling Saturday afternoon, the atmosphere was electric with the aroma of breakfast favorites in the air. Sure, there was a bit of a mix-up with our order – a quirky incident where our expected biscuits turned into an English muffin duo of sorts, one apparently having "aged" more gracefully than the other on the counter. It was more amusing than inconvenient, and honestly, it added a unique twist to our meal that we couldn't help but laugh about. The management seemed to have their hands full, but it's understandable given how packed the place was. Their dedication to keeping the wheels turning didn't go unnoticed, even if they seemed a bit on edge. However, what truly made our visit memorable was the incredible staff, particularly the person who cleared our table. In the midst of the chaos, their kindness and efficiency shone like a beacon of hospitality, making us feel genuinely welcome. Despite the minor hiccups, the food was satisfying as always. IHOP never disappoints when it comes to delivering a hearty, delicious brunch, and their ability to maintain high service standards, even on their busiest days, is commendable. It's the warm customer service and the consistently good food that keeps me coming back. They might always be full on weekends, but they ensure everyone is served with care and attention to detail. Definitely looking forward to my next visit!


1011 Beltway Pkwy, Laredo

(956) 795-8640

Reviewed by:

Eximene Aycock

Tonight was truly remarkable at Denny's in Laredo. Witnessing an extraordinary employee in action, Cindy Rodriguez, was the highlight of my visit. She managed to serve about 10 tables all by herself with such efficiency that I was left in awe. Throughout the evening, there were no complaints or mistakes on her part, highlighting her exceptional skills and dedication. My experience at this Denny's location was nothing short of great. Right from the beginning, I was greeted with a warm smile, making me feel welcome. The order process was seamless, and I didn't have to wait long to receive my food, which arrived hot and fresh right out of the kitchen. The service provided by my server was pleasant and very attentive, adding to the overall positive dining experience. For anyone considering where to dine, I definitely recommend this Denny's location. The American food served here is good, and while prices have gone up like most places, the quality and service you receive are well worth it. During this visit, I opted for a cheeseburger with fries and a Minute Maid lemonade, and it was delicious. It was a satisfying meal that hit the spot perfectly. Though there was a small mix-up in one of my previous visits, where I received a chicken fried chicken instead of the chicken fried steak I was craving, the overall service remained quick and friendly. On another occasion, I ordered a medium-rare steak and an omelette. While everything was cooked fine, I found the seasoning to be a little bland for my taste. Thankfully, having salt and pepper on the table fixed that easily. In summary, my experiences at this Denny's location in Laredo have been largely positive, showcasing the commendable efforts of its staff, especially Cindy Rodriguez, and the satisfying meals. It's a place I'd happily recommend to anyone looking for good American food and exceptional service.

Kettle Pancake House

5503 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

(956) 722-8965

Reviewed by:

Masresha Jeter

Absolutely not coming back here, food really has no taste and I ordered regular waffles and they brought me pancakes waffles. When clearly I said no pancakes waffles. Not once did they even offer me a refill on my coffee even though they clearly saw I was out of coffee. Our waitress only came by when we ordered and when the food was here after that no more. Never again. Our first visit. Excellent all round. Great food and service in a friendly atmosphere. Easily better than IHOP. Would recommend to anyone. Love it very good food. Place was dirty. Windows dirty you couldn't even look outside. Hash brown hard as rocks. Utensils very dirty. Not the place I used to know. Very expensive too, for the service provided.

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