November 19, 2023

Brunch in the Bluegrass: Lexington's Best Brunch Places

Explore the best brunch spots in Lexington, KY. From decadent pancakes and farm-fresh breakfast dishes to innovative brunch cocktails, discover the top-rated eateries for your next mid-morning culinary adventure.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunch in the Bluegrass: Lexington's Best Brunch Places
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Dive into the heart of the Bluegrass State and uncover a culinary treasure trove at Lexington, Kentucky! From the quaint little coffee shops dishing out delightful pastries to innovative eateries serving delectable dishes that transform traditional brunch, Lexington's brunch scene is nothing short of impressive. This guide to the best brunch places in Lexington will lead you to the most delicious pancakes, the freshest farm-to-table ingredients, and the most exquisite Bloody Marys you've ever encountered. Join us on this gastronomic adventure and discover why Lexington's brunch culture is the talk of the town!

Crossroads Café Hilton

369 W Vine St, Lexington

(859) 231-9000

Reviewed by:

Elizabeth Jones

I had an amazing brunch experience at Crossroads Café Hilton. The service was truly top-notch. Staff were attentive and efficient, providing an environment that was both welcoming and comfortable. The food was impressive as well, especially the muffins. They were delectable, fresh, and just great for the price, only $3. I usually prefer when hotel breakfast is complimentary, but this place was definitely worth it. Overall, a pretty good dining option when in Lexington.

DV8 Kitchen - Broadway

867 S Broadway UNIT 140, Lexington

(859) 955-0388

Reviewed by:

Sohrab Mendez

I had a wonderful time visiting DV8 Kitchen for brunch. The atmosphere is alive and the graffiti design throughout the establishment adds a unique charm. Even though there was a line, I was surprised to see how quickly it moved. Although the register was down during our visit, the staff managed the situation efficiently, manually taking our orders, and we were still able to pay with a card by the end of our meal. The food was hit or miss - the Breakfast Rubén was a unique and enjoyable dish, filling to say the least. The chocolate roll was slightly dry but the chocolate sauce provided a quick fix. The staff was friendly and the service decent. The French Toast sticks were a standout, however, the Southern Eggs Benedict left some room for improvement. The biscuits weren't house-made and the hollandaise was bland. They also missed the mark with the poached eggs, but the ham was delicious. The cold brew was just okay. Despite its tiny drawbacks, DV8 Kitchen has a cute concept and offers a vast selection of meals. The fresh salad and croissant were delicious and reasonably priced, with quick service to boot. Although their patio was beset with yellow jackets, we enjoyed the indoor seating and the cool mural. I would certainly remember to visit again when I'm in town. The food was sumptuous and was served promptly. The staff was extremely welcoming and I regret not trying the delectable-looking baked goods.

Josie's Restaurant

821 Chevy Chase Pl, Lexington

(859) 523-8328

Reviewed by:

Kevin Fan

Josie's Restaurant is a gem tucked away in Lexington, offering an outstanding brunch experience. The place has an interesting and cool decor, although it can get a bit noisy due to the crowded tables. But that's just a testament to its popularity! My friends and I discovered this spot while in town for a pickleball tournament, and it quickly became our go-to breakfast joint. The food is truly fantastic. Initially, I was hesitant about the sausage links, but they turned out to be quite good. And let me tell you about their gravy - it's packed with sausage and absolutely divine. In fact, everything we tried was so good that we returned the next day for more. I even dared to switch things up with some bacon on my second visit, and was not disappointed. Not just breakfast, the lunch served here is also remarkable. We had a minimal wait time even during a busy Friday lunch hour, and were served quickly with piping hot food. The Reuben sandwich, complete with its unique touch of chow chow, was a big hit. I personally enjoyed the grilled pimento cheese and tomato sandwich with tomato soup - just scrumptious! The local, organic berry pancakes are a must-try, with fresh cream that surpasses the usual offerings at other places. Special shoutout to our server, Meredith, who was absolutely amazing. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere inviting. I can't wait to be back at Josie's, and would highly recommend it to anyone in Lexington looking for a memorable meal.

First Watch

2251 War Admiral Way #130, Lexington

(859) 263-4737

Reviewed by:

Amber Mercado

I recently visited First Watch in Lexington for brunch and had a great experience overall. Despite it being incredibly packed on a Sunday morning, my husband and I were seated promptly. Our breakfast was served within 15 minutes and I was delighted to find gluten free toast as an option with my Traditional Breakfast. The food was of high quality and our server was fantastic. One small issue, however, was the proximity of the tables. They were so close together it made moving around difficult and at times, uncomfortable. However, this won't deter me from trying out other First Watch locations in the future. As for the menu, the club sandwich could use some improvements and while the biscuits and gravy were good, the flavor was a little different due to the use of Turkey gravy. Nonetheless, the service was commendable and the cluttered table issue was only a minor inconvenience. We were met with exceptional service right from the door being opened for us, to efficient seating and friendly waiting staff. The food was top-notch and worth its price, and the coffee and juices were equally exceptional. Although it doesn't quite match up to my all-time favorite breakfast spot, First Watch offers good food and service. I would recommend others to give it a try, even if it just might require a trip back to Lexington from Wisconsin for me.

First Watch

2894 Richmond Rd, Lexington

(859) 899-3447

Reviewed by:

Kwaku Thomas

I had an absolute delight eating brunch at First Watch in Lexington. I happened upon this place during a casual search for a good breakfast spot and I must say, I struck gold. The number of servers was impressive, ensuring I was always attended to in a timely fashion. My eggs Benedict was an absolute joy to devour, as were the perfectly seasoned potatoes. I also had the stone milled oats with fruit, and that too was a delicious choice. My amazement didn't end with the food. The service I received was nothing short of phenomenal. My server, Faith, was attentive, and uniquely exceptional. She remembered every detail and anticipated our needs in a way I haven't experienced in years. It was truly refreshing to be served by someone who was genuinely attentive and professional. The gingerbread spice donuts were the cherry on top. They were so delicious that I can still taste them. I revisited with a friend for lunch and the experience only got better. However, I want to mention that during a recent delivery order, I found a piece of plastic in my butternut soup. I am hopeful that this issue will be promptly looked into because it wasn't a pleasant experience. Despite the minor hiccup, I am already looking forward to my next visit to First Watch in Lexington. The food is consistently satisfying and the service is top-notch. I also hope to have Faith as my server again. I want to express my appreciation to Faith and First Watch for a truly memorable dining experience. I'll surely be back for more.


167 W Main St, Lexington

(859) 899-6860

Reviewed by:

Ann Patel

I recently dined at Lockbox in Lexington for brunch and I must say, the food was delightful. The cocktail menu was impressively diverse, making it hard to choose just one drink. I highly recommend sharing dishes amongst your table to get a taste of all the exquisite food on offer. The atmosphere was relaxed and perfect for a slow-paced dinner. I particularly enjoyed the art adorning the walls, adding to the overall ambiance. During our meal we experienced a minor hiccup when an order didn't reach the kitchen, but the management swiftly rectified the situation, expressing their apologies and kindly removing the cost from our bill. While the Mushrooms and Grits dish had an unexpected sweetness, my husband's Biscuits & Gravy were tasty, accompanied by delightfully crunchy and well-seasoned fried potatoes. The Sunday brunch was a highlight. The soothing music created a relaxed atmosphere, and our waiter Nick was attentive and friendly. Our food was exceptional, particularly the Eggs Benedict. The coffee was superb, and the gluten-free banana bread was remarkable. There was a slight delay in receiving service when we initially arrived, but the scrumptious shakshuka and eggs Benedict more than made up for this. All in all, Lockbox is a hidden gem, offering delightful food at reasonable prices. I highly recommend a visit and will definitely be returning myself.

First Watch

1080 S Broadway #301, Lexington

(859) 252-2226

Reviewed by:

Morgan Rios_

I really enjoyed my brunch at First Watch in Lexington. The food was well-prepared and very tasty - the honey caramel crunch iced coffee was a particular delight, creamy and sweet. The Chile chorizo omelet was fantastic and I appreciated the flexibility to swap out potatoes for fresh greens. The servings were generous which made for a satisfying meal. The staff were friendly and hospitable, with excellent service from start to finish making for a great overall atmosphere. It was a little pricier than expected, but the quality of the food made it worthwhile. The waffles were decent, but the French toast was a hit with my daughter. Even with a bit of a wait, the food was worth it. The chickichanga and million dollar bacon really stood out. It was also great to see healthy options on the menu - a much-needed change after some regrettable food choices the night before. The freshness of everything we ordered was notable. My wife had the crab and avocado toast with basted eggs, which were delicious, and my egg white omelette came with a surprising pickled element that worked well. The toast is worth mentioning too - I wish I could take home a loaf. A unique find on the menu was the multigrain pancake, another first for me. I also enjoyed a fancy juice concoction, which I regret not capturing in a photo. In summary, I find First Watch a great spot for a hearty brunch and would recommend it to anyone looking for a satisfying meal in Lexington.

doodles breakfast and lunch

262 N Limestone, Lexington

(859) 317-8507

Reviewed by:

Parambir Littleton

I make it a point to stop by Doodles Breakfast and Lunch whenever I'm in Lexington. It's a charming little brunch spot with a friendly and organized staff. The menu offers a great variety of breakfast and lunch items. This time around, I opted for the shrimp and grits, which were incredibly flavorful. The rest of my party seemed to enjoy their egg dishes as well. The indoor seating was a bit chilly due to the AC, so we decided to sit on their lovely outdoor patio. We happened to visit on a Saturday for brunch and tried the B.E.L.T. and the daily special, which was a blueberry lemon French toast stack with a side. Both dishes were delightful, although the side of potatoes was just average. But their $5 mimosas were definitely a steal! It's important to note that Doodles has a unique system where you order at the counter, find your own seat, and then the staff brings your food to you. It's a bit unconventional, but the quick service more than makes up for it. We had to wait for about 20 minutes to order, but our food arrived in just 5 minutes after that. The only downside was the lack of an easily visible bathroom and the fact that the food was not as seasoned as I would have liked. However, I was willing to overlook these minor shortcomings because of their quality biscuits, gravy, and beignets. Doodles may not be as flashy as chain restaurants, but it has a cool vibe and a friendly staff. It's definitely worth a visit when you're in town.

Wild Eggs

1925 Justice Dr, Lexington

(859) 543-0532

Reviewed by:

Jennifer Tubergen

I absolutely loved my brunch experience at Wild Eggs in Lexington. The pancakes were incredibly thick and fluffy, soaking up syrup perfectly. They could even rival Kim K in thickness! The mimosas were well-balanced and worth every penny, and the biscuits and gravy might just be my new favorite dish. They were perfectly seasoned with a great ratio of biscuit to gravy. The bacon was beautifully cooked, although a tad salty for my liking. The overall value for money was impressive. If you're looking for a place where you can fill up without emptying your wallet, this is it. Breakfast at Wild Eggs is simple yet sophisticated, whether you're in the mood for a classic dish like steak and eggs or something a bit different from their seasonal menu. The service was top-notch, with our server, Will, being particularly attentive. Every dish was prepared and presented perfectly, just as we'd ordered. I've tried this restaurant chain in another location years ago and wasn't disappointed when I stopped by this Lexington location. Our server, Sydney H, was truly outstanding, and I highly recommend this spot whether you're a local or just passing through. The food quality is exceptional. Despite some negative reviews critiquing the authenticity of certain dishes, I get it - they're doing their own unique thing here, and if you approach it with that mindset, you won't be disappointed. I'll definitely be returning. I had the Farmers Market Skillet with a side of fresh fruit and coffee, and was pleasantly surprised by the delicious blueberry muffin. It was a truly wonderful way to end my morning after a hike at Raven Run. Overall, Wild Eggs offers a superb dining experience.

Wild Eggs

3735 Palomar Centre Dr, Lexington

(859) 277-0402

Reviewed by:

Julia Pickett

I recently had an awesome brunch experience at Wild Eggs in Lexington. The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive, which significantly contributed to the overall great experience. Despite the place being quite busy, our food was served quickly. To begin with, the coffee of the day, peanut butter-flavored, was unexpectedly tasty. The other standout was the Bandolera burger - a Kentucky Proud beef patty topped with avocado slices, deep fried hash brown casserole, a fried egg, chipotle mayo, and queso. It was truly excellent and one of the best burgers I've had recently. In addition to the burger, I also ordered the California Girl Omelette with a side of grits and some French toast. Everything was delicious, fresh, and well-prepared. The overall atmosphere was welcoming, and we even had the chance to comfortably enjoy our meal outdoors. One of my favorite things about this place is that, although it's a small chain, their food doesn't taste like typical chain food. The prices are reasonable, and the food is served quickly, even on a busy Sunday morning. Making reservations online made our experience even better as we didn't have to wait for a table. Lastly, as a huge coffee lover, I appreciated that they left the carafe on the table. I would happily return to Wild Eggs next time I'm in Lexington. The quality of the food, excellent service, and amicable atmosphere make it a great brunch spot.


159 N Limestone, Lexington

(859) 523-1236

Reviewed by:

Serjio Mandwee

I was pleasantly surprised by this hidden gem just around the corner from my hotel. Right from the start, the warm and enthusiastic reception from the hostess made me feel welcome. I decided to indulge my craving for tacos and I wasn't disappointed. They were unique, full of flavor and even included an unexpected twist - blueberry compote. It was a surprising but delightful addition that enhanced the overall taste and texture of the tacos. The deep fried shell was lightly done, so I could still easily fold and eat it with my hands, and a light dusting of large grain sea salt added a nice touch. The bartender was swift, friendly and attentive. The overall vibe was local and creative, with a live feed of a Fish concert playing instead of the usual sports on the TV. The staff genuinely seemed happy to be there, testifying to great management. The ambience was low noise, perfect for those with hearing impairments. Beyond the tacos, the chicken wings were finger-licking good and I could've easily polished off an entire plate on my own. My son thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast, not leaving a single crumb. The steak salad looked amazing and came highly recommended. The drinks, from imaginative cocktails to refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, were exceptional. They even prepared a small side salad exclusively for me. Each dish was well thought out and the quality was undeniably high from my tacos to the wings and the brussel sprout salad with chicken. The overall experience at Minglewood was truly remarkable, leaving me wondering how this place isn't packed to the rafters with customers. The menu may not be extensive, but the dishes they do have are truly top-notch. My family and I were simply blown away. I can't wait to return to Minglewood, an amazing spot for brunch in Lexington.

Biscuit Belly - East Main

652 E Main St, Lexington

(859) 350-6900

Reviewed by:

Wendell Cruz

I visited Biscuit Belly - East Main craving a real biscuit breakfast, and boy, was I impressed! The special, including two choice sandwiches was a hit. The simplicity of the basic biscuit sandwich was absolutely delicious, and the boozy bird sandwich, with its fried chicken on a biscuit, was also a hit! The Bonuts were delightful and the sauces were all tasty, especially the bourbon cream cheese. The breakfast potatoes were just okay, but the unique tap sodas and sweet tea were a great addition. The service was wonderful, the place was clean and the quality of food was excellent. The shareable biscuits and unique tractor brand soda were a delightful discovery. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh turkey omelet, vastly different from the typical lunch meat style. The indoor and outdoor seating options catered to everyone's preferences, the menu was extensive and the hot coffee was top-notch. In addition to the wonderful food and service, the vibe at Biscuit Belly was extremely friendly and welcoming. The unique Southern breakfast options and the quality of the dishes totally blew me away. I am definitely planning on revisiting this gem during my future visits to Lexington. An absolutely unforgettable experience. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a quality Southern breakfast!

Waffle House

1912 Plaudit Pl, Lexington

(859) 543-1966

Reviewed by:

Dionne Reinhardt Valladares

As a Canadian visiting Lexington, I had the opportunity to experience Waffle House for the first time. I must express my admiration for the exceptional staff at this location! They were friendly, energetic and incredibly quick service-wise. The cost for two adult meals and a child's meal totaled to about $37 CAD, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're a fan of their menu, this spot will surely be delightful for you. My first dining experience here was rather unique and delightful. I had to admit I wasn't initially a fan of the food, but the brilliant "Rock Star" grill master at Plaudit Place turned it all around for me. I highly recommend sitting at the bar when Lexi is working the grill. Not only did we enjoy great food, but Lexi added a fantastic atmosphere with her vibrant energy. This place shines brightly in stark contrast to many where customer service is markedly substandard. The Waffle House team here, especially Latoya and Juice, did an admirable job of making us feel welcome and at home. As a special mention, the cheese grits were surprisingly good - this coming from an Alabamian speaks volumes about the quality! In conclusion, our brunch at the Waffle House in Lexington was a memorable experience. It stood out due to its staff and atmosphere, convincing me to definitely return. So, if you're in the area and longing for some good food and great service, give this Waffle House a try!

Waffle House

2203 N Broadway, Lexington

(859) 293-2990

Reviewed by:

Diana Castillo

I recently had an amazing brunch experience at the Lexington Waffle House. After an unfortunate incident at a different location, this visit was a breath of fresh air. Our orders were taken promptly and accurately. To our delight, the food was not only prepared correctly, but also quickly, and tasted absolutely delicious. What really stood out were the exceptional staff. I've worked in a Waffle House in Florida before and I've got to say, the staff at this Lexington location is far more courteous and respectful. This was a refreshing change from my previous encounters where customer service often left much to be desired. I have to give special credit to cleanliness and hygiene of this place. It was evident that the staff took their roles seriously. This was a stark contrast from some of my past experiences where the lack of cleanliness was off-putting. Unfortunately, I’ve had bad experiences in the past with inappropriate language use on the floor and issues with my remuneration. Having said that, this Lexington Waffle House experience has definitely changed my perception. I’d gladly return to this establishment. All things considered, if you’re in Lexington and craving a good brunch, I highly recommend stopping by the Waffle House. Their excellent service, delicious food and high standards of cleanliness is sure to leave you satisfied.

Waffle House

859 S Broadway, Lexington

(859) 225-8795

Reviewed by:

Steven Floors

Waffle House may not be the poshest place around, but it sure delivers when it comes to greasy, satisfying food. My friends, husband and I stopped here for a brunch before our flight back to Newark and we were not disappointed at all. We were lucky enough to grab the last table and enjoyed a hearty meal of hash browns with cheese, scrambled eggs, and sausage. Angel, our server was exceptional, even stepping in to cook our order when the cooks took a break. It's consistent, with good food, friendly staff, and a familiar decor that makes you feel right at home. I discovered their pecan waffles this time and they've quickly become a favorite, especially served with their surprisingly delicious sugar-free syrup. Every trip to Waffle House is a guarantee of great service and tasty food - I highly recommend it!

Waffle House

2740 Richmond Rd, Lexington

(859) 266-4919

Reviewed by:

Jon Lopez

I recently had a fantastic brunch at Waffle House in Lexington. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted warmly by my server, Angela. She took my order quickly and ensured everything was to my liking. The cook, Elijah, did a superb job with my food - everything was served promptly and tasted amazing. One thing that particularly stood out was the sheer amount of hash browns - plenty to satisfy even the most voracious appetite! The eatery was clean, well-lit even at 5 am, and the staff was extremely friendly and efficient. Great service, timely delivery of orders and a welcoming atmosphere are the reasons why I love this joint. The culinary offerings didn't disappoint either. I've been here late at night and early in the morning, and they always deliver - whether it's a late-night munch or a hearty breakfast; everything is delicious. My child adores their waffles, and my personal favorites are the pork chops and bacon. The bacon, egg, and cheese dish is something we relish as a family. The staff always ensures we feel welcome, which adds to the overall positive dining experience. So, if you're looking for a place that serves tasty food, provides excellent service, and maintains a cozy ambiance, the Waffle House in Lexington should definitely be on your list!

The Triangle Grille

369 W Vine St, Lexington

(859) 231-3773

Reviewed by:

Michael Olienick

I had a great experience having brunch at The Triangle Grille in Lexington. I've had breakfast here twice, once as room service and once dining in the restaurant. The dining area has a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere with live flowers on each table providing a nice touch. The service here is commendable, with attentive and friendly waitstaff. They offer a great variety in their breakfast menu, and the cleanliness of the tables and overall restaurant is impressive. I appreciated their attention to service and the quality of the food. I thoroughly enjoyed their fluffy biscuits with just the right amount of butter. I also tried the meat lovers omelette, which was super tasty. However, there were a few hiccups during my visit. I found a hair on my eggs and the pepper container had no lid, which caused half of its contents to spill onto my omelette. Additionally, there were renovations happening in the dining room which was a bit distracting. Despite that, our server was excellent and handled everything wonderfully. I attribute this one star to her exceptional service. Despite the minor issues, I would still recommend The Triangle Grille for brunch in Lexington.


2380 Norman Ln, Lexington

(859) 277-7029

Reviewed by:

Pedrine Yommes

My brunch experience at IHOP in Lexington was delightful. The restaurant was lively and bustling, creating a vibrant ambiance. The staff, in particular Javier, were incredibly friendly and helpful. He went the extra mile to explain the menu options to us and served us with a radiant smile. This has been one of my best dining experiences at IHOP to date. I visited with my girlfriend and we decided to give IHOP a try. We ordered some food to enjoy at the restaurant and some to go. My breakfast bowl of hash brown might have needed a bit more seasoning but it was good nonetheless. The breakfast burgers we took home could also have used a bit more flavor, but overall, the experience was satisfying. When the restaurant was less crowded, I could hear the cook instructing the server from the kitchen. It seemed as though the server was somewhat uncomfortable, which made me feel a bit uneasy. I've worked in food service for most of my life and I believe in the importance of maintaining a calm and cooperative atmosphere in the kitchen. One minor issue I had was with the server who promised to bring my change back promptly but didn't. In my opinion, honesty and consistency are key to earning repeat customers and tips. On the whole, would I recommend IHOP in Lexington for brunch? Absolutely. But I also believe there's room for improvement when it comes to staff training and ensuring that all necessary condiments are readily available on the table. This would greatly enhance the dining experience. Despite these minor issues, I look forward to visiting IHOP again and I'm confident that it will be even better next time. 5/5 stars for the food and the friendly service!


606 S Broadway, Lexington

(859) 253-2007

Reviewed by:

Shameack Bhagwat

Tolly-Ho is an incredible 24-hour diner in Lexington. The food is consistently good, no matter what time you visit. Their breakfast dishes are outstanding, featuring generous portions at affordable prices. This is my personal favorite every time I'm in Lexington. It's not just a restaurant; it's a treasure of Lexington that has withstood the test of time since the 70s. The relevance and existence of the diner to this day is something I'm grateful for, thanks to those who have kept it running. Trust me, it's a place you must experience! The vibe at Tolly-Ho is genuinely unique. You'll find great greasy food combined with a fantastic atmosphere. They’ve kept an old-school appeal with pinball machines, video games, and the 'Ho Store' selling everything from tobacco to novelty items. Every visit ends up being a fun-filled experience. You'll sure leave the place filled to the brim, with a mix of satisfaction and guilt! This place is undoubtedly one of the coolest I've been to. The Ho Burger is incredibly tasty, and the chicken is equally delectable. While it's a bit of a drive for me, the Ho sauce makes it all worthwhile. And let's not forget the shakes – simply fantastic! Despite a busy rush, the diner maintains its cleanliness, and the service is excellent. Yes, there might be a bit of a wait when it's crowded, but trust me, the food and experience make it all worthwhile.


2306 Palumbo Dr, Lexington

(859) 269-0844

Reviewed by:

Sumit Wooten

I recently visited the IHOP branch in Georgetown, Lexington with my family of 5. It was our first-time visit and we didn't know what to expect besides their famous pancakes. The restaurant was not crowded which gave me a positive impression to start with. However, the waiting time was a bit of a downer. We waited for around 20 minutes to be seated despite there being only 2 families ahead of us. This extended waiting period nearly made us change our minds about dining there. However, we decided to stick it out and were eventually seated. The area was comparatively clean, but the booth seats had some sort of residue which seemed like salt. It was not a major issue and we cleaned it off before ordering our drinks. We received our drinks promptly and in about 15 minutes, we were ready to place our food order. Our food arrived in about 50 minutes to an hour which was quite a long wait. But, when the food came, it was worth the wait. Our order was served exactly as we had requested, it was hot, and everyone in my family enjoyed their meal greatly. Our waitress was kind and attentive, ensuring we were comfortable all the while. However, my major qualms were the waiting time and the prices. The cost for a meal at IHOP felt a little bit on the higher side. Just for pancakes with butter and our drinks, we ended up spending over $70, which I felt was a bit much. Despite the setbacks, I might reconsider visiting IHOP again given how much my family enjoyed the food. It was a decent experience but improvements can be made in terms of staffing and pricing. On a side note, the strawberry French toast and root beer were delightful, adding to the positives of our visit. However, from a cost perspective, I hope IHOP can make some adjustments moving forward.

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