September 12, 2023

Long Beach Brunch Bites: The Top Spots for Morning Indulgence

Discover the best brunch spots in Long Beach, CA. Experience a delightful mix of traditional and innovative brunch offerings, all served with a unique Long Beach flair. From classic American breakfasts to global fusion dishes, this guide has got you covered.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Long Beach Brunch Bites: The Top Spots for Morning Indulgence
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Long Beach, California, is a food lover's paradise, offering a vibrant mix of international cuisines and local favorites that reflect the city's rich cultural diversity. When it comes to brunch, this coastal city is particularly compelling, serving up everything from classic American breakfasts to global fusion dishes, all with a distinctive Long Beach twist. Join us as we explore the top brunch spots in Long Beach, each place offering a unique ambiance, innovative menus, and delightful culinary experiences. Whether you're a local or a visitor, you'll discover that weekend brunch in Long Beach is more than a meal; it's a deliciously relaxing ritual, a celebration of food, flavor, and community.

The Local Spot

6200 E Pacific Coast Hwy B, Long Beach

(562) 498-0400

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The Local Spot in Long Beach is a great spot for brunch with a delicious comfort food menu and a friendly and helpful staff. While there may be a short wait, the food is worth it and the location is ideal. The outdoor seating and lovely surroundings add to the charm of this cute spot. Overall, it's a real ten!

Let’s Yolk About It

4722 2nd St, Long Beach

(562) 342-4241

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Let's Yolk About It is a great spot for brunch in Long Beach. The outdoor seating is a plus, especially if you have a furry friend. The breakfast burrito with sausage and homemade salsa is a must-try. The service is top-notch, and the gender-neutral bathrooms are always clean. The avocado toast is tasty, and the nachos are filling. The chilaquiles and chicken fried steak plate were not standouts, but there are plenty of other menu items to choose from. The croque Madame and vegetarian gravy received high praises from the group. The mango mimosa is not on the menu but worth asking for. Overall, Let's Yolk About It is definitely a spot to check out for brunch in Belmont Shore.

Waffle Love - Long Beach

3768 Long Beach Blvd #105, Long Beach

(562) 336-1215

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Waffle Love - Long Beach is a must-visit spot for brunch in Long Beach. The Grilled cheese & bisque and coffee love waffle are exceptionally delicious with lots of flavor. The Red Wonder is a standout waffle that shouldn't be missed. The staff is courteous and helpful. The churro waffle, Nutella with strawberries, and biscoff waffles are all delicious with perfectly fried chicken and not too heavy or overwhelming. It's no wonder the reviewer is in love with Waffle Love 😍. However, the chicken and waffles were bland and lacking seasonings. To sit in comfort, it's best to get there before noon as it gets busy fast.


4276 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach

(562) 426-2626

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MeeMa's is a fantastic place for brunch in Long Beach. The menu options are all delicious, and the service is friendly and quick. The atmosphere is reminiscent of breakfast at your grandma's house, with vintage props and light fixtures. The Brisket and Gravy dish is a must-try, and the fresh squeezed orange juice is amazing. The staff, including server Joe, is attentive and kind. Overall, MeeMa's is a wonderful spot for breakfast and highly recommended for anyone visiting Long Beach.

Claire's At the Museum

2300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach

(562) 439-2119

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Claire's At the Museum offers a lovely atmosphere for brunch with a great view and excellent service. Although prices are a bit high, the quality of the food justifies the cost. The menu is small but offers a good variety of breakfast and lunch items. The parking can be limited and wait times can be long, so it's best to arrive early. The restaurant is an ideal location for a beachside brunch and comes highly recommended.

Saint & Second

4828 2nd St, Long Beach

(562) 433-4828

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Saint & Second is a must-visit for anyone looking for a great brunch spot in Long Beach. The service is exceptional and the atmosphere is amazing. The menu offers unique dishes that are full of flavor and pairings. The cocktails are all great as well. The restaurant is perfect for group reservations and the private room is very nice. The bone marrow and salmon plate is a must-try, as is the skirt steak. Although the service can be hit or miss at times, the drinks and food always make up for it. Overall, Saint & Second is one of the best restaurants on Second Street.

The Crooked Duck

5096 CA-1, Long Beach

(562) 494-5118

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The Crooked Duck in Long Beach offers a great brunch experience with friendly staff and delicious food. The menu has a variety of options to choose from and the drinks are amazing. The restaurant specializes in breakfast and lunch and is known for their bloody Mary's and champagne. The owner is attentive and the atmosphere is cute. While some dishes may be slightly different than expected, customers are still drawn back to this spot for their great service and overall enjoyable experience.

The Breakfast Bar

70 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach

(562) 726-1700

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The Breakfast Bar in Long Beach is a must-visit spot for brunch! From the food to the service, everything was top-notch. The waffles, eggs, and pancakes were all delicious and not too filling. The Mimosas were perfect for starting the day right. The staff was super friendly and accommodating, making the experience even better. The atmosphere was fun and the music was great. While the turkey sausage wasn't the best, the shrimp and grits were a solid choice. Overall, The Breakfast Bar gets a 4.5/5 for their homey food, great service, and fun atmosphere.

The Breakfast Bar

3404 E 4th St, Long Beach

(562) 395-3400

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The Breakfast Bar in Long Beach is a must-visit spot for brunch. The atmosphere is beautiful, with a cozy bar area, chandeliers, and comfortable seating. The staff is friendly and professional, and the food is delicious. The menu offers unique options beyond traditional breakfast fare. The French toast combo is a standout favorite. The only downside may be the prices for some items, but the overall experience is worth it. During their grand opening event, the service was exceptional, and the restaurant is sure to only get better with time.

The Attic

3441 E Broadway, Long Beach

(562) 433-0153

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The Attic for brunch in Long Beach is a popular spot known for its amazing food and tasty drinks. While some dishes like the Mac and Cheese, ribs, and lobster roll could use some improvement, the main course and desserts are excellent. The servers are friendly, but the prices are high. The Chicken and Waffles and 12 layer chocolate devils cake are great options. The wait time can be up to 40 minutes, but it's worth it. Overall, it's a great place for brunch and highly recommended.

Schooner Or Later

241 N Marina Dr, Long Beach

(562) 430-3495

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Schooner Or Later in Long Beach is a highly recommended brunch spot with friendly staff and prompt service. The food is delicious and plentiful, with options for all tastes. The view of the marina is a plus, and the atmosphere inside is cozy while outside is more hip. The wait time can be long, but the food comes out fast once you order. They also have great specials for holidays like St. Patrick's Day. Overall, a great place to enjoy breakfast or brunch with family or friends.

Omelette Inn

318 Pine Ave, Long Beach

(562) 437-5625

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Omelette Inn in Long Beach is a fantastic breakfast spot with friendly staff and affordable prices. They offer vegan options and gluten-free omelets, though customers may need to bring their own gluten-free bread. Overall, customers rave about the delicious food and excellent service. However, one customer did have a negative experience with the breakfast sandwich, feeling it was too expensive for the small amount of sausage given. Despite this, most customers highly recommend Omelette Inn and would return for the tasty coffee and incredible omelets.

Country Kitchen

2041 E Spring St, Long Beach

(562) 426-3636

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Country Kitchen in Long Beach is a great place for brunch with attentive and friendly staff. The food is fresh, tasty, and offered at a good price. Although there aren't many health-conscious options, the portions are generous and leave customers with full tummies. The restaurant has a clean and pleasant ambiance, making it perfect for a casual meal with family or friends. Overall, the ingredients used by this mom-and-pop diner are of great quality, making it a must-try spot for anyone in the area.

Beach Garden Social House

1923 E Broadway, Long Beach

(562) 432-1098

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Beach Garden Social House offers excellent service and delicious food and drinks for brunch. The open-air space is dog-friendly and LGBTQ+ positive with many events to choose from. The staff is helpful with vegan options and accommodating for large parties. Although there was an unexpected charge for a drink, overall the experience was enjoyable and the reviewer plans to return for future celebrations.

The Social List

2105 E 4th St, Long Beach

(562) 433-5478

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The Social List in Long Beach offers tasty food and an excellent selection of beverages. While the service during Sunday brunch can be slow, the delicious food and friendly staff make it worth the wait. Highly recommended dishes include the wings, Brussels sprouts, potatas brava, and artichoke hearts. The portions are not huge, but the flavor is top-notch. Customers can make reservations or walk-in without issue. Overall, a great spot for brunch or a night out.


1900 E Ocean Blvd Second Floor, Long Beach

(562) 373-7164

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Plunge for brunch in Long Beach is an awesome place with high-end decor and beautiful ocean views. Despite being busy, the staff are friendly and seated customers quickly. The food is fresh and affordable, with good portion sizes. The view is incredible, making it a great spot for brunch or drinks. Though parking can be tricky, this is a must-visit spot in Long Beach.

The Potholder Cafe Downtown

301 W Broadway, Long Beach

(562) 432-6824

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The Potholder Cafe Downtown in Long Beach is a hidden gem with an excellent ambiance, delicious food, and superb service. The California beach-themed dining room is lovely, and the menu offers plenty of options. The owner is a genuinely nice person who adds to the perfect experience. The thick fries with a side of ranch and eggs Benny are sinfully yummy. The jumbo mimosas are refreshing with fresh juice. The decor is cute, and the location is safe and walkable. The customer service is excellent, and the staff goes out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. The prices are reasonable, and there is a short wait time, even on busy days. The patio is pet-friendly, and the recommendation goes to the stuffed French toast. Overall, a great place to visit again in the future.

Creme De La Crepe Long Beach

400 E 1st St, Long Beach

(562) 437-2222

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Creme De La Crepe Long Beach is a must-visit place as it offers amazing dishes and a chill vibe. The staff is friendly, and the decor is fabulous with nice touches. The Buckwheat breakfast crepe and French toast are must-try items. The place is crowded but clean and welcoming. The Fit crepe with veggies and pesto was a bit salty and soggy, but the omelette was fluffy and large and liked by the husband. The salads were fresh, and the chai tea and espresso were good. Although the crepes could have been served hot, they tasted good, and there was a good variety of crepes. Overall, a great experience, and highly recommended.

The Pan

3550 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach

(562) 490-0700

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The Pan for brunch in Long Beach is a must-visit spot for foodies looking for a unique and delicious menu selection. Their creative breakfast and lunch choices are sure to please everyone's taste buds. The specialty pancakes are a must-try, with the cinnamon roll pancake being a standout. The breakfast pastrami sandwich is also highly recommended. While the wait for food can be a little longer than expected, the quality of the food more than makes up for it. The service is excellent, although it may get a bit hectic during peak hours. While some menu items may not be for everyone, there are plenty of other options to choose from. All in all, The Pan is a great spot for brunch lovers looking for an enjoyable dining experience in Long Beach.

Loaded Cafe - Long Beach

1101 CA-1, Long Beach

(562) 512-9891

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Loaded Cafe in Long Beach is an excellent breakfast and brunch place with a variety of options to choose from. Their buttermilk pancakes are a special highlight and highly recommended. The staff is nice, although they can be hard to find for refills. The food is not bad and the portion size is on the smaller side, but still filling. The service is excellent and the Nopales with eggs is particularly delicious. Overall, this is a great spot for breakfast in Long Beach and worth the wait for weekend customers.

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