January 23, 2024

Brunching in Manchester: The Ultimate Guide to Munch-chester!

Experience the tastiest brunch spots in Manchester, NH! Delight in fluffy omelettes, warm French toast, and freshly brewed coffee. Indulge your palate at the break of dawn!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
Reviewed from:
New Hampshire
Brunching in Manchester: The Ultimate Guide to Munch-chester!
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Welcome to brunch in Manchester, NH, where mid-morning magic happens every day. Brace your appetite for Manchester's breakfast-meets-lunch lineup; each spot offers an orchestra of flavors that play the symphony of a perfect brunch. Manchester, NH – the "Munch-chester" of New England, is ready for you!

Diz's Cafe

860 Elm St, Manchester

(603) 606-2532

Reviewed by:

Abraham Sankoh

I had a spectacular experience at Diz's Cafe in Manchester. It's remarkable how their home-cooked food, especially the mac & cheese and chicken, can compete with actually famous southern-inspired restaurants, not only in terms of taste but also quality and value. We were in town for a wedding and this place was a great stop. The food was packed with comfort and flavor, the ambiance was welcoming, and the staff was friendly. I was thrilled with the variety on the menu. I particularly appreciated their healthy alternatives, like the stir fry served over cauliflower rice. It was my first visit but definitely not my last. My husband savored the mac and cheese with fried chicken and claimed it was the best he's ever had. I settled for the ginger stir fry with shrimp - an outstanding dish. The servings were generous enough to serve us another meal. Despite how busy it was that night, the service was swift. If you haven't been to Diz's Cafe yet, I highly recommend you try it. I am positive you won't feel let down. The staff were exceptional and remarkably warm. The portions were enormous and the drinks were enjoyable, all at a reasonable price. It's an amazing place with plenty of good things happening.

The Birch on Elm

968 Elm St, Manchester

(603) 782-5365

Reviewed by:

Daniel Jones

I had an outstanding brunch experience at The Birch on Elm in Manchester. Every visit offers a personalized approach and an exquisite selection of creative flavor combinations. It's evident that the staff are not only knowledgeable but also deeply passionate about their craft. Mike and Jeremiah, the bartenders, created a welcoming atmosphere. I ordered a drink called Parm Wrestle which was nothing short of exceptional. Even if the food wasn't excellent (which it certainly is), I would revisit just for this drink. Each dish we ordered was presented wonderfully and tasted divine, completely justifying the price. The overall dining experience was exceptional and I can assure that we'll become regular customers. I requested an alcohol-free drink and was elated with the refreshing and flavorsome creation by the bartender. The pleasant hint of hibiscus was a delightful twist to my evening. I loved the tapas style dining, with food served as soon as it was ready, enabling us to try a range of dishes without overeating. I highly recommend the octopus and bahn mi. The food was adventurous and interesting, making the experience enjoyable. I will surely be returning. It was indeed a great experience, though a tad bit pricey. The service was good, I particularly enjoyed the pork belly and octopus. The pasta, however, was a bit disappointing and lacked flavor. Although the meal was decent, I have had better meals at this price point.

The Breakfast Club

342 Cypress St, Manchester

(603) 232-3311

Reviewed by:

Natasha Helm

I stumbled upon The Breakfast Club during a visit to Manchester and was incredibly pleased with my experience. This wonderful brunch spot is tucked away from the busy shopping centers, nestled next to an impressive old mill. The staff were warm and welcoming, serving our coffee and drinks just minutes after we were seated. My daughter had a sublime Nutella and banana crepe from their array of specialty crepe options, my wife savored the hot honey fried chicken Benedict, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sausage Benedict. The service was swift, with our delectable meals served up quickly, but we never felt rushed. The ambiance of The Breakfast Club is wonderfully relaxed. This place truly stands out amongst all other brunch spots I've visited. While the food was outstanding, particularly their Banana Nutella crepe and Tuscan omelet, I was mostly impressed by the laid-back and comfortable atmosphere which allowed me to work on my own projects after eating. The service was top-notch, punctual and polite. The only minor issue was a lack of clarity about the $2 fee for real syrup, but it was a minor hiccup. Overall, The Breakfast Club is a brilliant spot for breakfast and I'll be recommending it to all my friends and co-workers. A proper 5-star find.

B&B Cafe And Grill

25 Stark St, Manchester

(603) 623-2328

Reviewed by:

Alex Spina

I've just had my first meal at B&B Cafe And Grill and let me tell you, it was fantastic! I indulged in some steak tips with rice that came loaded with onion peppers, mushrooms, carrots, and black beans - it was absolutely a culinary delight. The salad that accompanied the meal was fresh, massive, equivalent to the size of a dinner plate and it came with a Pita. The service was commendable as well, with welcoming smiles all around. The ambiance of this quaint little cafe further enhanced my dining experience. The food was exceptional, making me glad of my previous visits and ensuring future ones. However, I was a bit taken aback by an unadvertised secondary up charge, which when questioned, resulted in a rather unpleasant experience with the staff. While the owner was also a bit dismissive due to being busy, the overall experience was soured by their rudeness. Despite this, the delectable meal I enjoyed here makes it worth visiting at least once. It's a lovely place to brunch in Manchester. I would rate it 5 stars for the food and decor, but unfortunately, the customer service was less than satisfactory.

Margie's Dream Diner

172 Hayward St, Manchester

(603) 627-7777

Reviewed by:

Tyrone Nicole

I have to say, Margie's Dream Diner is an adorable spot, boasting a cozy, diner-like atmosphere. The size of the place is quite small, which only adds to the snug ambiance. Service is up to par, and the coffee is as fresh as it gets. The temperatures inside can get quite warm, so dress accordingly. When it came to the food, we ordered the Dream breakfast and the Big breakfast. The scrambled eggs and griddled English muffins were cooked to perfection, and the beans were surprisingly flavorful. The corned beef hash, on the other hand, had room for improvement - it was slightly overdone. The breakfast sausage links here are a must-try, but note that the Big breakfast comes with a sausage patty. Pancakes here are made from a mix (real maple syrup comes at an extra cost) and while they weren't my cup of tea, my son found them to be decent. To be honest, I wouldn't go out of my way to visit again, but if I was in the neighborhood, I'd definitely give it another shot. I first heard about this place through an online magazine called "Only In New Hampshire". Their menu offers standard breakfast and lunch options. I ordered the Basic breakfast and was impressed with the scrambled eggs, potato pancakes, and sourdough toast. On top of that, the service was genuinely warm and welcoming. This little diner gets busy around 9AM on Sundays, so plan accordingly. Their portions are generous and the prices are quite reasonable. Despite a brief wait during a breakfast rush, the freshly prepared food and strong coffee made it worthwhile. I had a lovely chat with the server and came out appreciating small businesses that go the extra mile to serve good food. Overall, Margie's Dream Diner is a worthwhile spot for brunch—just make sure you bring your patience and your appreciation for good, homestyle cooking.

Restoration Cafe

235 Hanover St, Manchester

(603) 518-7260

Reviewed by:

Erica Singh

I had a lovely brunch at Restoration Cafe in Manchester. Despite the gloomy weather, the atmosphere inside was warm and inviting. My husband and I were spoilt for choice with their bowl options but finally decided on the Mexican corn bowl. My choice with tofu and my husband's with a quinoa patty were deliciously fresh and ready surprisingly fast. Their hot coffee and tea were also spot-on. The service was both friendly and welcoming. This wasn't my first visit and the staff have consistently been great with their service. If you're in the mood for a healthy meal, this is a good spot. They have an extensive nonalcoholic drink list and plenty of vegetarian options. What's more, the cafe also offers vegan options, which is a rarity. However, they don't serve decaf coffee, which was disappointing. The portion sizes were a bit on the smaller side, making us order extra to feel satisfied. Nonetheless, the food was good. We decided to sit outside, and it was pleasant. The noise from the road wasn't bothersome as the cafe is set back a little. Plus, they allow dogs, which is a bonus for pet lovers like me. A small note – you need to fetch your own water. And while the server was pleasant, they weren't always readily available. All in all, Restoration Cafe is a great place for brunch and I'll be certainly visiting again.

The Bridge Cafe on Elm

1117 Elm St, Manchester

(603) 647-9991

Reviewed by:

Aneesh Kitts Rojas

I had a delightful brunch at The Bridge Cafe on Elm, a charming spot tucked away in downtown Manchester. Despite the busyness of the place, our breakfast order arrived within a mere 10 minutes. My dining companion and I enjoyed a Meat Lovers Omelet, complemented by pan fries and an English Muffin, and a flavorful BLT paired with a fresh fruit salad. The generously portioned menu was indeed expansive, offering countless choices for future visits. The sandwich I had was literally bursting with bacon and the fresh fruit salad was an absolute treat. I noticed they also have a smoothie bar, which I'm eager to try the next time I drop by. Each meal I've had here has been nothing short of excellent - the sandwiches are always undeniably fresh and there's a myriad of options to choose from. You even have the option to substitute chips with pasta salad or fruit salad, both of which are just as fresh and tasty. The cafe itself is always spotless and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. One Sunday, I had a brunch date with friends where we ordered omelets, fries, and hot chocolate. Unfortunately, our orders weren't served hot and the fries were a bit cold and chewy. I'd recommend opting for the fruit salad instead. Despite this minor hiccup, the cafe's clean and comfortable seating area made up for it. Their operating hours are also a huge plus - they're even open on New Year's Day! Their menu is quite versatile, offering everything from breakfast and lunch to a range of coffees, espressos, smoothies, sandwiches, and salads. On one of my visits, I settled for a simple coffee and an almond muffin, which a kind staff member offered to grill for me. It was served at my table and was absolutely delicious. On Mother's Day in 2023, despite it being busy, we managed to find a seat. We both ordered the Hungry Man's Breakfast with French Toast, which was a plentiful serving. The only downside was the coffee, which was a bit lackluster. However, the abundance of seating, window views, and available wifi made up for it. I wholeheartedly recommend paying this cafe a visit for a wonderful brunch experience.

Red Arrow Diner

61 Lowell St, Manchester

(603) 626-1118

Reviewed by:

Ixmigallo Miller

Red Arrow Diner is an exceptional American diner with a vibrant atmosphere and fantastic staff. Open 24 hours, it's always ready to cater to your cravings. Our waitress was fantastic, even posing for a photo with us. The food was absolutely top-notch. The Mug of Bacon, thick-cut pieces of scrumptious bacon, was a highlight. The Iced Coffee was really refreshing. We also ordered a Farmers Omelette, 2+2+2, and 2 Eggs Bacon Hash Browns with Toast, all of which were extraordinary in taste. The service was brilliant, making the whole team at Red Arrow Diner stand out as professionals. Google suggested this diner and our visit, in between the lunch rush, was highly rewarding. The fame of the place didn't disappoint us at all. Although the seating is limited, the authenticity of the diner experience makes it all worthwhile. There's a thrill in the air knowing that famous patrons might just be enjoying their meals next to you. The Turkey Club I had was particularly enjoyable, with the choice between dark and white meat. They use their own pulled turkey, not the packaged stuff, which really shows in the taste. There's also the possibility of bumping into a celebrity! Our first visit saw us trying out the Trump Tower Burger and the patty melt. Both were excellent. We even took home some banana cream pie, Dinah fingers, and a gigantic eclair, much to our teenager's delight. All in all, I can't recommend Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH enough. The atmosphere, the food, and the service - everything was a solid five stars. The authenticity of the experience is just the cherry on top. I'm definitely going back and will suggest it to everyone I know.

The Crown Tavern

99 Hanover St, Manchester

(603) 218-3132

Reviewed by:

Camilo Moore

The Crown Tavern in Manchester is truly a gem! Their Nashville hot chicken is incredibly tasty, and their bourbon selection is fantastic. The service is exceptional, particularly Katrina, a lovely lady from Florida who's taken to New Hampshire perfectly. This was my first visit, but I can assure you it won't be my last. The environment is welcoming and the staff are knowledgeable and happy to make suggestions. Our waitress, Primrose, was one of the best I've ever encountered. Their menu may seem small, but it's filled with nothing but delicious options and doesn't feel overwhelming at all. You must check out the Crown Tavern - it's rich with friendly staff, innovative dishes, and a fresh take on standard fare. Don't forget to ask Brian about their stash of Oozlefinch, trust me, you won't regret it. I took my boyfriend here for his birthday dinner, and we were both thrilled by the quality of our meals. I opted for a fried chicken Caesar salad, and it was the best I've ever had. Homemade Caesar dressing and perfectly cooked chicken - divine! My boyfriend chose the salmon salad, which he declared delicious. Sitting at the bar and enjoying Tyler's amazing cocktail crafting skills was the cherry on top of a wonderful evening. If you're in Manchester, don't miss this place!

Firefly American Bistro & Bar

22 Concord St, Manchester

(603) 935-9740

Reviewed by:

John Head

I had an amazing dining experience at Firefly American Bistro & Bar in Manchester. From the starters to the main courses, everything was executed to perfection. The shrimp and grits appetizer was even better than what I've had in the Low Country, while the Bourbon Street Fettuccine was a match for any New Orleans specialty. The drinks were just right and the service was quick and efficient, despite the restaurant being busy. I was particularly impressed by our waitress, Dominique, who was friendly and professional all through. The calamari we ordered as an appetizer was cooked to perfection and the chef was considerate enough to leave out the cream in my sauce due to my dairy allergy. Not only that, they paid attention to little details like removing the crunchy tails from the shrimp. Speaking of details, I noted that they even have a great mocktail menu. The steak frites and grilled chicken farfelle we ordered for dinner were fantastic, as were the blueberry lavender and ginger-mint lemonades. I can't wait to return to this place and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a stellar dining experience. The perfect balance between the food, atmosphere, and service makes Firefly an unforgettably delightful place to dine.

The Foundry

50 Commercial St, Manchester

(603) 836-1925

Reviewed by:

Aaron Pandya

I recently dined at The Foundry in Manchester and had an excellent experience. The restaurant is upscale with a farm-to-table concept, serving fresh and seasonal dishes. Although it's a bit on the pricey side, the quality and freshness of the food justifies the price tag. The cheeseboard was a delight with a variety of cheeses including Bell & Goose Camembert, Smoked Gouda, and Alehouse Cheddar cheese paired with Hot sorpressata and Salami meat. The Rockefeller oysters were small but tasty. As a dessert lover, I couldn't leave without trying the Cremè Brûlée which was simply delicious! The atmosphere at The Foundry is relaxed and comfortable with live music, creating an enjoyable dining ambiance. The staff were courteous and helpful, enhancing my dining experience. The surprise of the evening was a table with a view of the river. The decor is pleasing to the eyes with Edison bulb lighting and well-worn leather furniture. One minor gripe was the high-top tables which were a bit cramped for space. Overall, my experience at The Foundry was wonderful, despite a few minor hiccups. The food could have been seasoned a bit better and the wait staff could have checked in on us more frequently. But, the atmosphere, the quality of the food and the general experience outweigh these minor issues. The Foundry certainly left a positive impression on me. The hip vibe paired with delicious food and excellent service makes it a must-visit when you're in Manchester. Despite the slightly higher price tag, it is worth every penny. The Foundry has certainly earned its place as one of my favorite restaurants.

Chez Vachon

136 Kelley St, Manchester

(603) 625-9660

Reviewed by:

Mina Valencia-Quiroz

My recent visit to Chez Vachon in Manchester was an experience worth sharing. Though the parking was full and there was a wait, it didn't dampen my spirits, as it just signaled a bustling place. The staff was friendly and efficient, ensuring our wait time was minimal. The cleanliness of the place was notable, with spotless dishes, a refreshing sight in any eatery. The food is absolutely fabulous at Chez Vachon, consistently good and reasonably priced. The service is quick and courteous, making the dining experience truly enjoyable. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking sumptuous meals in a welcoming environment. My personal favorite is the 2 crepe combo, consisting of 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, and a crepe which I gladly fill with spinach and pepper jack cheese. While the crepes are generously sized, they present a fun opportunity to get creative with the fillings. When it comes to breakfast, the eggs Benedict with spinach and a potato pancake is top-notch. It's easily one of the best breakfasts I've ever enjoyed. On a recent visit, we decided to try the poutine breakfast with 2 eggs, 3 crepes, and a meat omelet. While the crepes and poutine were satisfactory, the omelet was a bit dry. The food did take longer than expected to arrive, a bit odd considering the place was not as crowded as it usually is. Overall, despite a few hiccups, our experience at Chez Vachon was generally positive. The rise in prices was noticeable, but expected. The charm of this place remains intact. It's a hidden gem in Manchester that is definitely worth revisiting.

Belmont Hall & Restaurant

718 Grove St, Manchester

(603) 625-8540

Reviewed by:

Raquel Zepeda

I recently visited Belmont Hall & Restaurant for brunch and was quite impressed. The wait time was short and the atmosphere was really cozy. It felt like many of the customers were regulars. There were a variety of seating options - booths, tables, a bar, and even a function room. I was pleased to see that the silverware and cups were clean. For my meal, I chose the eggs Benedict. It was nicely prepared and I loved that the English muffin was crispy yet easy to cut. I added saratcha to my home fries and they were absolutely delicious. The service was top-notch as well, our waitress was friendly and attentive. The staff was kind and helpful, and the portions were very generous. This was my first time at Belmont Hall. I was taken aback by the quality of the food, everything tasted homemade. The gravy was some of the best I've ever had. My husband had the fish chowder and he could tell it was homemade because of how tasty it was. The place is also wheelchair accessible and the prices are fair. On a different occasion, we availed their catering services for a college graduation party. Steve, Alex, and their team did a fantastic job. The food, especially the steak tips and chicken tenders, were a big hit. The desserts were homemade perfection. The setup, cooking, and serving were all executed efficiently. Many guests complimented the food and we will definitely be using Belmont Hall's services again. In conclusion, Belmont Hall & Restaurant was a great find and I look forward to my next visit. I sincerely appreciate the hard work and effort that went into making our graduation celebration a memorable one. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for delicious food and great service.

Airport Diner

2280 Brown Ave, Manchester

(603) 623-5040

Reviewed by:

Somia Brown

I can't believe I forgot about Airport Diner! I've been visiting weekly for the past month, and I've always left satisfied. The cool atmosphere and great service are matched by delicious diner food at fair prices. The Mushroom Swiss Burger I had was juicy and perfectly grilled, and the fries didn't disappoint either. The service is also worth mentioning - our server, Jill, was pleasant and attentive. The prices are reasonable as well. I highly recommend Airport Diner for a good solid meal. Also, they make a pretty good cup of Joe! We usually visit the area annually and keep looking for new places to try; Airport Diner was a fabulous find. The food is delightful and the staff makes you feel right at home. On a recent visit after a trip to Florida, we stopped by for lunch. Despite it being busy, we were seated right away. Our orders were taken promptly and we were given time to decide on our choices. We had the Patty-Melt with Onion Rings and the Turkey Pot Pie - both arrived hot and within 10 minutes. The meals were excellent, especially the lightly battered, crunchy onion rings. We ate at several high-end places in Florida but the food at Airport Diner easily matched, if not exceeded, those experiences. You will not be disappointed with this place.

Unity Cafe

3 Sundial Ave, Manchester

(603) 782-7325

Reviewed by:

Rachel Thiti

If I had the option, I'd definitely rate this place much higher. The only thing I regret is not having enough room in my belly to enjoy more of their scrumptious food! Every dish is cooked to sheer perfection and the staff are extremely kind and accommodating. Their quick and cheerful cooks add to the overall experience. The ambiance is very peaceful and relaxed which makes it even more appealing. I particularly enjoy sitting by their waterfall wall. The smoothies and corn beef hash here are a must-try. I paid a visit for breakfast one day and noticed it wasn't too crowded. The restaurant is nestled in the heart of the Sundial Center and is incredibly cozy. What took me by surprise was how affordable the food is, especially considering the current prices in the area. Not just that, but the taste is also exceptional! Their lunch specials are equally amazing. The person at the counter was overly courteous and the food was served pretty quickly. As someone who lives next door to this place, I see myself coming back quite often. The uniqueness of their lattes and the quality of their food are noteworthy. I absolutely love their house-made chips - they're super tasty. The staff is always friendly and their prices are reasonable. The place is also quite spacious, making it a great spot for dining in or takeout. Among all the Tidewater conglomerate, Unity Cafe is my favorite. The food is delightful, they're generous with their portions, and the staff is friendly. Bayona used to be my top choice until I stumbled upon Unity. Overall, I can't recommend this place enough!

Moe Joe Country Diner

649 E Industrial Park Dr, Manchester

(603) 641-2993

Reviewed by:

Vanita Gallemore-Jones

I recently had brunch at the Moe Joe Country Diner and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. On this, my first visit, I decided to try the Irish eggs Benedict with fresh spinach, along with baked beans. The portion sizes were large and the food itself was delicious. What stood out for me, though, was the homemade Languisce hash which wasn't from a can and tasted delightfully crispy. My eggs were done just perfect which made the dish even better. The extra dollar I had to shell out for homemade rye bread was definitely worth it. The staff was friendly and my food came out in a timely manner which added to the overall positive experience. The waitress serving me was particularly delightful, being attentive and ensuring my dining experience was smooth. The sausage gravy and biscuits proved to be quite filling but I personally felt that the flavor could've been a bit better if it tasted more like sausage and less like onions and gravy with ground meat. But this minor detail did not change my overall opinion of the diner. The prices were very reasonable which was a big plus. Honestly, I'd be just as happy to eat here again as I would be to eat elsewhere but given the overall good experience and reasonable prices, I look forward to returning and recommending it to my friends and family. So, if you're in Manchester and looking for a place to enjoy a hearty brunch, do give the Moe Joe Country Diner a try.

The Derryfield Restaurant

625 Mammoth Rd, Manchester

(603) 623-2880

Reviewed by:

Tab Johnson

The Derryfield Restaurant was a great experience overall. I appreciated the flexibility of seating options, both inside and out. The outdoor covered seating is a definite win, complete with its own bar. The views of the golf course made for a pleasant atmosphere. As for the food, it was pretty good, with a notable selection of salads, sandwiches, and classic American entrees. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a kid-friendly spot though. However, if you do bring kids, inside seating would be my suggestion. I have to admit, our recent lunch experience wasn't quite up to par. The saving grace of my salad was the chicken, which I added. Unfortunately, the steak & cheese sub didn't quite hit the mark but the fries were on point. The outdoor patio was a definite plus and the female bartender was nothing short of excellent. Her customer service was top-notch. I had a double hamburger with ham and fries, which was pretty satisfying. The hand-formed burger patties were appreciated and the ham was excellent. Adding to the ambiance was a 90's cover band playing out on the deck, adding a lively atmosphere to the place. I have to mention the value as well - definitely worth the money. Not only was it a beautiful place to enjoy food and drinks, but it also made for a perfect venue for a baby shower we held there recently. Everything went off without a hitch. All in all, I would definitely recommend The Derryfield Restaurant as a spot to check out in Manchester.

Waterworks Cafe

250 Commercial St Suite 1004, Manchester

(603) 782-5088

Reviewed by:

Michael Woodroffe

I recently visited Waterworks Cafe for brunch and had an excellent experience. I tried the French Dip with chips, which was hands down one of the best I've ever had. The gravy was perfectly thick and it seemed like the chips were made in-house. There's a good variety of sides available for breakfast, and the service was efficient and pleasant. The prices were reasonable and there was ample seating available during my visit. My order was also well-packaged, which is a plus if you're taking food to go. Now I can't wait to try their breakfast menu, which I'm thoroughly excited about. They keep it simple with their desserts offering cookies, PB pie, and Danish. It's a bit of a downer that breakfast ends at 11, but on the whole, the atmosphere of the place really makes up for it. The food was served hot and was genuinely tasty. The cafe was also kept clean, including the restrooms, which are easily accessible. There were a few let-downs though. Over the past few weeks, there seems to have been a drop in their food quality. The fries, in particular, which seem like they're from McDonald's now, used to be fresh and well-seasoned. The produce quality has also taken a hit, with my club sandwich's avocado being brown - something that I brought to their attention via email but unfortunately received no response. Also, if you're a Monte Cristo lover, I'd advise you to give this place a miss. I tried the Monte breakfast sandwich in hopes of a pleasant change, but I was disappointed. It was pre-made French toast with a cheap-tasting ham and an over-fried egg. The supposed raspberry compote was just JAM. It was a letdown, especially considering the $18 I spent. The morning fries and coffee were the only saving graces of that meal. Unfortunately, the service was not up to par, as the staff spent more time talking to each other than attending to their customers. But overall, I enjoyed my time at the Waterworks Cafe and plan to return to try out other items on their menu. While there are areas that need improvement, the cafe still has a lot to offer, and I would recommend it to others.

Moe Joe's Family Restaurant

2175 Candia Rd, Manchester

(603) 668-0131

Reviewed by:

Richard Guinn

My time at Moe Joe's Family Restaurant in Manchester was overall quite enjoyable. I had initially gone for their Reuben sandwich, which appeared on my Google search for local places serving the dish. I was not disappointed in the slightest. The sandwich was absolutely delicious, definitely satisfying my craving. The restaurant also serves substantial breakfast food. I had their veggie omelette which was packed with a variety of vegetables and came with a side of baked beans with sausage slices and sourdough toast, all excellently prepared. A few companions of mine shared a Big Breakfast order and found it incredibly satisfying, given its generous size. I also had a chance to celebrate my wife’s birthday at Moe Joe's. We opted for their triple seafood bake and were not left disappointed. The Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms were delightful, and the Moscow Mules hit just the right spot. My wife's hamburger was described as very good, notable for its size. We recently returned for our car club meeting and found the daily specials - a lobster roll and haddock tacos - to be delicious, with portions that were more than satisfactory given their price. The service was generally good, with our waitress being very pleasant. There was a bit of a wait for the food due to the busy period and the complexity of our order, but it was worth it. There was also an instance of an order mix-up where we did not receive our onion rings. Still, as a place to watch sports and enjoy a meal, Moe Joe's is a great spot. It's worth noting that this isn't a gourmet destination. The fish and chips we ordered were okay, but not exceptional. But if what you're looking for is a good, hearty meal in a comfortable setting, Moe Joe's does that very well. I highly recommend their Reuben and their breakfast offerings. And if you're a seafood lover, then the triple seafood bake is not to be missed.

Murphy's Diner

516 Elm St, Manchester

(603) 792-4004

Reviewed by:

Dan Hernandez

I recently tried Murphy's Diner for brunch and I had a delightful experience! The pancakes were absolutely fantastic, and while the side of potatoes was just okay, the overall meal sizes were more than generous. I found the service to be top-notch. Although parking was a bit of a challenge, I managed to find a spot nearby. Upon entering the eatery, we received a warm welcome and were quickly seated. The staff was attentive, and while a forgotten item was a minor hiccup, it was understandable considering current staffing issues everywhere. Our order was taken swiftly but there was quite a wait for our food, which left us a bit puzzled as the restaurant wasn’t particularly busy. Regardless, the pancakes were worth the wait. They were unlike your typical fluffy pancakes; they were thin and had a unique texture, which I quite enjoyed. I heard other diners voicing complaints but personally, I found the toast to be really tasty as well. There were some factors that could be improved - the bacon was fattier than I would've liked, the home fries could've used more seasoning, and the hash was a tad overcooked. My omelet was a mixed bag with parts of the bacon burned and other parts undercooked, not to mention the burned onions and tomatoes. And while the pancakes were on the drier side, to me, it added to their uniqueness. I did notice the staff seemed busier than usual, which possibly resulted in the long wait times for both our food and the milkshakes. But the milkshakes, when they did arrive, were very tasty! It was our first-ever visit to Murphy's Diner and besides a few hiccups, the welcoming ambiance and remarkable food made a lasting impression. This place has definitely secured a spot on my list of favorite restaurants.

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