January 28, 2024

McKinney's Must-Visit Brunch Places

Ready for the ultimate McKinney brunch battle? We’ve scoured the town for the top spots that will kick your late-morning cravings to the curb.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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McKinney's Must-Visit Brunch Places
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Follow the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mixed with the subtle hint of sizzling bacon, and you'll find yourself at the doorstep of the best brunch places in McKinney.

Harvest at the Masonic

215 N Kentucky St, McKinney

(214) 726-0251

Reviewed by:

Lee Blood

After visiting Harvest at the Masonic for brunch in McKinney, it's safe to say the experience was fantastically fabulous. Described as rustic-chic with sustainable American fare and drinks, I wholeheartedly agree with that description. Celebrating our Company Christmas Party there was a delightful experience. Arriving early, the hostess kindly offered a tour of the restaurant, revealing three floors each with a unique vibe. Admittedly, I got a bit too comfortable and tried on one of the hats hanging on the wall, which are actually the owner's personal hats – a bit of advice, admire, but don't wear them. From the service to the food, everything was top-notch. The smoky drink I ordered was a showstopper in both presentation and taste. Choosing the Duroc pork chop as my main course turned out to be an excellent decision; it was absolutely delicious. This incredible place didn't require a reservation for the 2nd and 3rd floors, which offer open seating. Both the food and service were prompt and satisfying. The appetizers, particularly the deviled eggs and fried shrimp, stood out, and the drinks were impeccable. In my visits over the last two weeks, once for dinner with my family and the other for drinks, each experience has been memorable. My salad and the Bruja drink were standout choices. Although my husband felt his filet was just okay, it's worth noting he's rather particular about his steak. Our server Tyler, on a Thursday evening, was remarkable; his attentiveness, knowledge, and friendliness truly enhanced our dining experience. The new decor and live music contribute to a great atmosphere, making the 3rd floor a potential new local favorite for drinks and music. While the menu presented unique options with seasonal ingredients, and it was clear the food was locally sourced, the execution didn't always hit the mark. My fish dish felt a bit unbalanced, lacking in the zucchini and squash promised in the description. My husband's steak was average, and considering the high price point, the overall dining experience was good but not spectacular. However, the atmosphere was exceptionally pleasing, with decor and style perfectly aligning with the vibe of the place. Each seating area was designed with comfort and privacy in mind, complemented by good lighting and music. The staff was attentive without being intrusive. Overall, despite some culinary misses, the experience was positive, offering a great atmosphere and setting for a date night.

Eggsquisite Cafe

2058 W University Dr STE 800, McKinney

(469) 796-5007

Reviewed by:

Alan Ringgold

Came here on a Saturday, having made a reservation for two on Google. We were seated shortly after arrival and check-in at the front. Opted for a steak and eggs with potato o'Brien and hash brown, a Chorizo Benedict with hash brown, an Avocado toast, and fresh squeezed OJ. The food didn't disappoint. The Avocado toast boasted a generous helping of avocado, and the fruit accompanying it was indeed fresh. The steak, requested medium, was cooked perfectly and tasted fantastic, especially when paired with the hot sauce. Our server, Ana, was incredibly nice and helpful. We were checked on multiple times throughout the meal, which was a sign of the good service here. This place has a lot of positive reviews for a reason. The food was superb - gluten-free pancakes that tasted like the real deal, a cheeseburger that was both incredible and juicy, and my breakfast bowl was just perfect. But what stood out equally was the service. It's refreshing to see servers who seem to genuinely enjoy their work and make you feel welcomed. Our server, Ms. Champagne, was both nice and efficient. Having flown in from Colorado and taking my mom out, it was important to pick the right place for breakfast, and I'm glad this was the choice. It started to get packed the moment we sat down, which speaks volumes about its popularity, so it's clear it gets busy and doesn’t have many tables. My advice? Get there early if you're in the mood for a cozy, homemade, and delicious breakfast experience. I'll definitely be back.

Santa's Workshop

214 E Louisiana St, McKinney

(469) 625-1793

Reviewed by:

David Gidrapon

We were in McKinney for the holiday festival, and stopping by the Popup Christmas Bar & Restaurant for brunch was a delightful choice. The atmosphere immediately drew us in, radiating a cozy, rustic charm reminiscent of a classic 90s-2000s Hallmark holiday movie. Each area of the bar brought its own unique theme to life, including a whimsical Grinch-themed section that caught our eye. The simplicity and creativity behind the drink options were a refreshing find, offering both visual and taste appeal without overcomplication.Walking in without a reservation felt easy and casual, perfectly fitting the holiday season's spirit of spontaneity and cheer. We placed our order up front and chose a table, appreciating the no-fuss process. Though the menu was succinct, it hit all the right notes for a satisfying brunch experience. The cheese curds and chicken tenders were notably delicious, providing the ideal comfort food to snack on. It was also great to see kid-friendly options available, making it an inclusive spot for families.The decision to host the pop-up in the former space of The Pantry was inspired. The decorations and photo backdrops were thoughtfully placed, enhancing the festive ambiance. The care taken in choosing the drinkware added to the charm, steering clear of the disposable options one might expect at a temporary setup. Each drink, from the pomegranate margarita to the bourbon hot chocolate, was not only visually appealing but also exceptionally crafted and served in adorable cups and glasses.Service here was genuinely a highlight, with the staff going above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience. Their attentiveness and willingness to offer off-menu items on a slower night added a personal touch that made our visit even more special.For anyone out shopping in McKinney or in search of a festive evening destination, Santa’s Workshop is a must-visit. The holiday atmosphere is immersive and delightful, perfect for enjoying small bites and creative drinks with friends or family. The chicken tenders, cheese curds, and every drink on the menu are worth trying. We're already planning our return visit before the pop-up ends, eager to experience the unmatched service and holiday cheer once more. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind holiday spot in McKinney—it's genuinely a fantastic experience.

B&B Cafe

1411 N Custer Rd Ste 100, McKinney

(214) 842-8337

Reviewed by:

Moises Cook

My first visit to B&B Cafe for brunch in McKinney was an experience worth sharing. The moment I stepped in, the atmosphere and the staff made it clear that this place values its customers, many of whom seemed to be returning ones, which is always a good sign. Even though the meals didn't quite hit the mark for me, there were notable positives to mention. The initial cups of coffee I received were lukewarm, which was a bit of a letdown. Although the coffee's temperature improved with the next servings, it never quite reached the hotness I was hoping for. When the skillet breakfast entrees arrived, they looked absolutely inviting. However, the hash browns seemed overcooked and were not served hot, which detracted from the overall enjoyment of the meal. Despite these missteps, the flavors in the entrees were commendable. It's clear to me that with freshly made and hot servings, my experience could have been outstanding. I learned that B&B Cafe is a family-owned business, which I'm always keen to support. Today's visit might not have lived up to my expectations, but the exceptional service provided by our waitress and the hostess made a positive impression. It's evident that finding good staff can be a challenge, and while the pricing sets a certain expectation, I know the importance of supporting local businesses. Regarding the food, aside from the issues with temperature and freshness, the taste was quite good. It's a bit disappointing to have to highlight these shortcomings, as everything from the ambiance to the service suggested a much more satisfying experience. However, given the quality of customer service and the potential in what I tasted, I'm open to giving B&B Cafe another try in the future. The establishment shows promise, and with adjustments to ensure food is served hot and fresh, I believe it could truly live up to its potential.

The Yard

107 S Church St, McKinney

(469) 631-0035

Reviewed by:

Emily Weber

Loved the atmosphere at The Yard in McKinney, TX for brunch! The place boasts a canopy of trees, different levels of seating, and best of all, it's dog friendly. My favorite spot to sit is at the top level - it's perfect for eating, drinking, and people watching on a beautiful day. Despite being in the middle of Historic Downtown McKinney, surrounded by buildings, it feels like a secluded retreat. The food here never disappoints, and I've always enjoyed their drinks too. The service is consistently great, which adds to the overall positive experience. I would highly recommend a visit. Once, visiting on a Saturday at 4pm, we had about a 10-minute wait for an outside table, and as the evening progressed, it became busier. The staff is super friendly and accommodating, even when we accidentally came in through the back door and had to be redirected to the hostess station. Whether you choose to sit inside, outside, or at the bar area, the atmosphere, decor, and ambiance are incredibly fun. And for those who love to dine with their furry friends, the outdoor seating allows dogs, which means you can enjoy watching both people and pets. During my visit, we tried the catfish and shrimp platter and the backyard burrito bowl, both of which were delicious. The catfish was lightly breaded and flaky, while the brisket in the burrito bowl was well seasoned. The chips and queso were flavorful as well. Our first table became available inside, which was cozy, complementing the lovely outdoor space. The backyard punch was a hit! My salad was great, though I noted there wasn't much goat cheese. My daughter's Mac and cheese was satisfactory, and the waffle fries were a bit too crunchy for our taste. My husband wasn't thrilled with his burger, feeling it was overpriced for the size and quality, particularly noting the overcooked fries. He even remarked that Whataburger might offer a better burger, which was surprising for us. Despite these criticisms, it's clear The Yard has a lot of potentials, especially in its ambience and service. It might have been an off day for the kitchen, but I believe sharing this feedback can lead to improvements.

Hydeout Cafe

1751 Eldorado Pkwy #300, McKinney

(214) 842-8888

Reviewed by:

Teresa الاصبحي

Having been a regular at Hydeout Cafe for brunch in McKinney for nearly three years, my experiences here have consistently been fantastic. The staff is always friendly and hardworking, making everyone feel welcomed and well-cared for. They're the kind of team that ensures your coffee cup is never empty and that you leave feeling full and satisfied. The food at this cafe is always fresh, hot, and prepared to perfection. I am particularly fond of their skillets – they're delicious! On top of that, the prices are very reasonable, and the portion sizes ensure you get great value for your money. During my last visit, I opted for the Eggs Benedict, which are usually a favorite of mine. There was a small mix-up with my order initially, but it was quickly noticed and corrected by the server before I even had a chance to bring it up. Although my taste buds were a bit off that day and I didn't enjoy my meal as much as I usually do, it was still good, and my son absolutely loved his eggs and biscuits with gravy. I have to say, despite some minor misses in the past – like the occasional underseasoned dish or undercooked hash browns – the overall experience has always been positive. It's worth noting that even when the kitchen slips up, the front of the house staff, like our server Elida, who was exceptionally attentive, make up for it with their politeness and efficiency. The cafe itself has a great atmosphere and fast service, providing a wide array of menu options to choose from. It's clear why this place is a must-try for locals and visitors alike. Despite any hiccups, the positives far outweigh the negatives, making Hydeout Cafe a top spot for brunch in McKinney.

Urban Grill and Wine Bar

218 E Louisiana St STE 300, McKinney

(214) 548-4075

Reviewed by:

Benyam Ramirez

Upon entering Urban Grill and Wine Bar in the heart of downtown McKinney, it was evident that this place was a hidden gem. Celebrating an anniversary here was made even more special with a complimentary dessert, a sweet touch that was truly appreciated. The variety on the menu was impressive, especially the seafood options which everyone should try. From the moment of arrival, the service was exceptional. The staff was both nice and attentive, creating a welcoming atmosphere that was hard to fault. During the visit, the choice fell on the fish and fries. Even though it was nicely prepared and enjoyable, the desire to explore other items on the menu remained, driven by the vast selection and the promise of discovering something even more tantalizing. Despite a singular dish not making a significant impact, the overall dining experience was memorable. The ambiance and the service stood out, making the decision to return an easy one. The place had a cozy vibe, making it a perfect setting for a date night. The lamb chops were particularly good, and the drinks were nothing short of amazing. While the food was decent, and the meatloaf didn't exactly hit the mark, the quality of the overall experience warranted a visit. A minor hiccup occurred at the beginning with the reception, but once past that, the visit was smooth sailing. The quality of the food, especially the creativity of the menu and the abundance of seafood options, left a lasting impression. In essence, the Urban Grill and Wine Bar in McKinney provided a delightful brunch experience. The minor issues encountered did little to overshadow the positives – excellent service, a great location, and high-quality food. It's a place worth revisiting, eager to delve into the menu further and experience more of what they have to offer.

Starwood Cafe

470 Adriatic Pkwy #1101, McKinney

(214) 973-5663

Reviewed by:

Lorena All

Starwood Cafe in McKinney, Texas, truly stands out for its picturesque views and delectable food, making it a favorite among locals. The service is commendably swift, and the atmosphere is pleasantly welcoming. While the Signature Blueberry Pancakes didn't quite hit the spot for me, given my preference for waffles, that's just a matter of personal taste. The crepes, especially, are the best I've enjoyed in the DFW area, and the berry waffle did not disappoint either. Quick service, hot food, and the unique setting of Adriatica Village all contribute to the charm of this spot. As someone who frequents this cafe, I appreciate its cozy vibe, friendly staff, and the unique blend of offerings. Although not every dish meets my expectations — the multigrain pancakes were unexpectedly tough — the delicious coffee, ample vegetarian options, and specialties like the Banana Nutella Crepes keep me coming back. The ambiance is particularly appealing, bustling yet inviting, especially on weekends. Despite the inability to call ahead on weekends, it's well worth the visit for a fantastic brunch experience. The wait staff's warmth, the excellence of the cuisine, and the reasonable prices for the generous portion sizes make every visit memorable. It's always a delight to enjoy a great brunch at this spot.

Spoons Cafe

100 E Louisiana St, McKinney

(972) 548-6900

Reviewed by:

Zarin Rani

First time at Spoons Cafe and it definitely won't be the last! This place is absolutely charming and the service was fantastic. The menu offers a wide variety of options and their pie is a must-try. Ended up ordering the Reuben, and my friend tried the McKinney - both dishes were delightful, made from scratch and left us wanting more. The cafe is situated in a gorgeous historic area, adding to the overall experience. Had the chance to enjoy a meal with my mom here, and it turned our day into something special. We both loved our choices - the Reuben for her and the meatloaf sandwich for me. However, it was the spicy vegetable soup that stole the show for us; it was simply scrumptious. The staff was very accommodating of the wheelchair, making the atmosphere even more welcoming. It’s heartwarming to find places that go the extra mile to make sure everyone’s comfortable and happy. Decided to bring my family for brunch on another day, and despite it being quite busy with a 35-minute wait for indoor seating, the process was seamless. They took my number, allowing us to explore the surrounding square while waiting for our table. Once we were seated, the service remained friendly and swift. I indulged in the Migas, my son enjoyed his Frito pie, and my cousin had the waffles - everyone was thoroughly pleased with their meals. Must say, the Chicken fried chicken is exceptional here, and the mashed potatoes are just as impressive. Tried the Chicken salad sandwich as well, which was a bit on the sweeter side for my taste, but still good. The service here is always top-notch, making it a great spot to dine in. Overall, Spoons Cafe offers a fantastic brunch experience with its welcoming atmosphere, diverse menu, and excellent service. It’s definitely a place worth returning to, not just for the food, but for the lovely memories you’re bound to create here. Highly recommended for anyone looking to enjoy a hearty meal in a cozy setting.

Starwood Cafe

2821 Craig Dr STE 101, McKinney

(214) 491-6965

Reviewed by:

Elena Bryant

Came to this place for a weekend brunch and it was absolutely delightful. The food here is consistently good, and the service is impressively fast. During my visit, I had the chance to try an array of dishes including their Huevos Rancheros, Veg Skillet, Chicken Panini, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and Iron Man Omelette. Most of the items were incredibly tasty and satisfying. The standout for me were the pancakes - airy, light, and seemed really fresh. I also gave the baked potato a try; it was okay, not my favorite, and the coffee was a bit too mild for my preference. However, these minor points aside, the overall experience keeps bringing me back. This has become our go-to place for brunch. The staff is always friendly, welcoming, and respectful, making every visit memorable. Our family adores this spot not just for the food that always hits the spot, but for the exceptional service. Being treated and served so well makes a big difference, and it's heartwarming to see our regular server always greeting us with a smile. The manager even remembers our conversations from previous visits, showing genuine interest and care. Moreover, the cleanliness of the facility is noteworthy. It's clear there’s a high standard for both the food and the service. This place has truly become a family favorite for a reason. Even when it's busy, which is often the case on weekend mornings, it's absolutely worth the wait. The food is exceptional, particularly the corn beef hash and, of course, those fluffy, soft pancakes. I definitely recommend this spot to anyone looking for delicious breakfast food accompanied by top-notch service.

First Watch

3009 S Custer Rd Ste 600, McKinney

(214) 271-5101

Reviewed by:

Demetrius Lee

Moving to McKinney and discovering this First Watch for brunch was like finding a hidden gem in our new town. Walking in for the first time, the warmth and friendliness of the staff immediately made us feel at home, far exceeding any expectations we had. Everyone, from the manager to our waitress, greeted us with genuine smiles and exceptional service. Speaking of which, our waitress, Ten, was so delightful that we've already decided to ask for her by name on our next visit. The food was nothing short of amazing - every bite was a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor. But what made this visit extra special was celebrating my birthday breakfast here; the team went above and beyond to make it memorable, for which I'm incredibly grateful. Additionally, it's not just the fantastic food and service that have made this place my new favorite brunch spot. The attention to detail and the cleanliness of the place contributed to a wonderful atmosphere. An employee named Max particularly stood out, not because he was our waiter, but because he stepped in to help when our waiter was busy. His knowledge of the menu, proactive service, and constant smile were remarkable. Watching him work, it was clear he takes great pride in maintaining the restaurant's standards, something you don't see very often. The manager, Karen Watson, also deserves a mention for her kindness and efforts to check in on us, making our visit even more pleasant. Our server, Wendy, was incredibly sweet and made sure we were well taken care of throughout our meal. This experience has solidified First Watch as my go-to spot for a healthy and hearty brunch. The combination of delicious food, impeccable service, and a welcoming atmosphere is unmatched. Thank you to the whole team for such a fantastic experience - you've truly set the bar high!


111 E Virginia St, McKinney

(972) 542-6317

Reviewed by:

Tatiana Saúl

Layered truly made my brunch experience in McKinney a memorable one. From the moment I made a reservation through Google Maps, the seamless experience began. I was immediately seated upon arrival, setting a positive tone for the meal that awaited. The menu selection at Layered was impressive, offering a fine balance between hearty full plates and lighter, smaller dishes, which catered to all appetites. The Chicken and Waffles caught my eye and did not disappoint - the chicken was perfectly crispy, striking a delightful contrast with the soft waffles. My companion opted for the shakshuka skillet with sausage, upon our server Rob's recommendation. It was a hit, offering a spicy kick that was bold yet not overwhelming. To complement our meal, I chose a Nutella latte, which was the ideal choice for the rainy weather, wrapping us in a cocoon of comfort. What made our brunch stand out was not just the food, but the exceptional service. Our server was incredibly attentive, and the option for $1 mimosa refills was a pleasant surprise that added a fun twist to our brunch. Moreover, the ambiance of Layered, modern and eclectic, added to the overall enjoyment of our visit. Despite its smaller size, which did rush us a bit after our meal due to the high demand for seating, the vibe was inviting and made us want to linger. The location of Layered, right in the heart of Downtown McKinney, was ideal for a post-brunch stroll, allowing us to explore the area with ease. Although parking might be challenging due to its prime location, the availability of free street parking for up to three hours was a relief. In summary, my brunch at Layered was an enjoyable experience characterized by delectable food, superb service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Despite a minor hiccup with feeling rushed post-meal, I look forward to returning, possibly to explore their drink offerings in a future visit. Layered is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a top-notch brunch experience in McKinney.

Benny's Café

5261 McKinney Ranch Pkwy STE 100, McKinney

(972) 369-7873

Reviewed by:

El Smith

Walking into Benny's Café for brunch was like stepping into a warm, welcoming hug. The staff greeted me with such warmth and friendliness, instantly making me feel at home. The menu was a treasure trove of mouthwatering options, each dish more enticing than the last. From the very first sip of coffee to the final bite of dessert, every moment was a delightful culinary journey. This restaurant is truly a gem, where exceptional service and incredible food meld together for an unforgettable dining experience. My dine-in experience was especially memorable thanks to a fantastic waitress with green hair; she was simply amazing. Though I also tried their takeout, and while usually, one might say dining in trumps takeout, I found the takeout experience thoroughly enjoyable as well. The cream cheese stuffed French Toast and the Ham Breakfast Sandwich were my picks, and they did not disappoint. Both dishes were incredibly tasty, and I particularly enjoyed the side of hash browns. They struck the perfect balance between a crispy exterior and a fluffy, flavorful interior. This restaurant is definitely a recommendable spot for anyone looking for a great breakfast place. The food is awesome, and the service staff is kind and helpful. A visit here promises to be a great start to any day!

E.J. Wills Gastropub

1910 N Stonebridge Dr Suite 100, McKinney

(214) 592-0145

Reviewed by:

nan Patel

We loved our experience at E.J. Wills Gastropub for brunch in McKinney. They offer fantastic gluten-free options including mozzarella sticks, which is a rare find. The portions served here are generously sized, ensuring you get great value for your meal. Our server was incredibly sweet, contributing to the excellent service we received. The spiced old fashioned caught our eye for its unique twist, making it the perfect choice for a fall cocktail. During our visit for brunch, we were quite impressed by the portion sizes. The signature salad from EJ’s could possibly be the largest salad I've ever had in a restaurant! The avocado toast was simple yet perfectly made, with bread that was light and fluffy. Opting for the salmon add-on for just $8 felt like a steal given the size of the portion. It's a place I'd highly recommend for a casual brunch and we're looking forward to returning to try some of their many daily specials. We also had a chance to visit during a Friday happy hour. The ambiance of the place was very inviting, and our experience with the staff was outstanding. We got to enjoy some appetizers and a couple of drinks. Although there wasn’t a wide variety of IPAs on tap, the drinks we chose were quite good. This visit marked our third time at E.J. Wills Gastropub. It's a cute establishment with good food. The appetizers, in particular, are pretty amazing. I’ve enjoyed their soup and a sandwich previously, which were delightful. This time around, we ordered hamburgers. It was evident that the meat was fresh, however, we were a bit disappointed that the burgers weren’t cooked to our requested doneness of medium rare, turning out well done instead. Despite this, it wouldn’t deter us from returning as we appreciate the option to specify our cooking preference and the overall quality of the food. Adding a few rotating beer options would be a welcome improvement, as I’ve tried all the current options available. Although none stood out as a favorite, hinting at a selection like Blood and Honey could make future visits even more enjoyable. Nonetheless, the venue boasts a nice little patio, it’s both cute and clean, and the service is always fast and pleasant. We’re certainly planning to go back.

First Watch

3530 W University Dr STE 100, McKinney

(469) 281-0999

Reviewed by:

Javonta Adu

I don't usually spend this much for lunch, but my experience at First Watch for brunch in McKinney was absolutely worth it. Their half & half combo of a Turkey club sandwich and a salad, which included glazed pecans, was fantastic. The flavors were just right, and the portion sizes were satisfying. Additionally, I decided to try the Morning Meditation with an immunity boost, along with a ham & Gruyère sandwich paired with Italian wedding soup. Both choices were delicious and left me feeling content. For a sweet touch, I couldn't resist the Floridian French toast, adorned with fruit and drizzled with hot syrup—it was amazing! While I did face a small hiccup when I ordered the blackberry French toast and received regular French toast with a side of blackberries and blueberry sauce, it was still tasty, just not quite what I was expecting from the menu description. However, the pumpkin pancake stole the show, especially paired with the pumpkin-flavored creamer for my coffee, which was a delightful treat. Overall, the food was good, and the service was great, making any minor issues seem insignificant. Definitely a wonderful lunch experience that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a quality meal in McKinney.

Waffle House

1432 N Central Expy, McKinney

(972) 542-2674

Reviewed by:

Kelsey Bea

Visiting this Waffle House in McKinney on Christmas morning has become our family tradition. It's something we look forward to every year, and we're always grateful for the staff who work on a holiday to make our breakfast special. We make it a point to spread a little love to each and every employee as a thank you for their service. This tradition of ours brings so much joy, and we're already looking forward to our next Christmas breakfast here. Admittedly, there have been a few hiccups with online orders in the past, like receiving burnt bacon on occasions. It's a bit disappointing, especially since the rest of the breakfast experience has always been enjoyable. It's a gentle reminder that attention to detail matters, especially in ensuring quality service for everyone, whether dining in or ordering out. On a brighter note, the bustling Sundays here paint a different picture. Despite it being probably the busiest time, the experience is always pleasant. The manager greets everyone with a cheerful disposition, and we're seated much quicker than expected. The chefs here are truly top-notch, bringing to life the essence of a "greasy spoon" diner that so many of us love. The speed and quality of the food preparation are commendable, with meals coming out in just minutes, tasting amazing every single time. The friendly staff and the warm, welcoming atmosphere truly make this Waffle House stand out. It's a testament to a well-run operation where everyone feels valued, from the employees to the customers. It's places like this that I hope never change, retaining their charm and quality that brings people back time and time again.

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen

216 W Virginia St #101, McKinney

(469) 631-0075

Reviewed by:

Luigi Cacerez

Finding a restaurant that can comfortably accommodate a large group and still deliver a high-quality dining experience isn't always easy, but Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen in McKinney was the perfect spot. Our group of 12 was seated in a back section that was not only spacious but also quiet enough to allow everyone to engage in conversation without struggling to hear each other across the table. The food was a highlight, with our table opting for bacon in two different styles, fried green tomatoes, and gulf oysters as our appetizers - each dish impressively delicious. The fact that oysters were only $1 on Thursdays felt like an absolute steal. For my main course, the herb-roasted chicken was a standout. It was so tender and flavorful, effortlessly falling off the bone, and the cauliflower and shaved brussels sprouts served alongside it were the perfect complement. Although we were too full for dessert, the options looked tempting, signaling a future visit might be in order to explore the sweet treats. Brunch here also did not disappoint, offering a range of delectable options that catered to various tastes and preferences. A memorable part of the meal was opting for a Bacon Flight during a date night, an experience I'd highly recommend for those looking to sample a variety of flavors. The herb chicken salad was another dish that left a lasting impression due to its freshness and the quality of ingredients used. The service throughout our visit was pleasant and unobtrusive, enhancing the overall dining experience. While not every dish met expectations - a disappointment with the signature Short Ribs due to its preparation - the positive aspects of dining at Sugarbacon, like the atmosphere, the majority of the menu, and the drink selection, far outweighed this singular setback. Given the rave reviews from the rest of my party about their meals, I'm eager to return and try something new, confident that the next visit will be as enjoyable as the last. The nightly happy hour specials are an added bonus, ensuring that Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen will see us again soon.


1960 N Central Expy N, McKinney

(972) 562-1855

Reviewed by:

Jennie Downey Gabele

I've visited this IHOP location several times, and my latest brunch experience there was pretty noteworthy. The service has always been reliable, with food arriving in a timely manner, but the real surprises this time were the food quality and the festive atmosphere. On arrival, I noticed some dried syrup on our table, which wasn't ideal. However, the server swiftly addressed it, leaving us to enjoy our meal in a clean setting. The food itself was absolutely on point during this visit, leaving no room for my usual concerns. It being close to Christmas, the vibe was especially cheerful. Our server, Diana, truly embodied the holiday spirit. She was not only dressed in festive attire but also exuded warmth and attentiveness, ensuring we had everything we needed for a delightful meal. It's these small touches that make a dining experience memorable. The highlight of the brunch had to be the eggs Benedict – they were simply amazing. We also tried the lemon ricotta crepe and egg Benedict with bacon and red potatoes, which were equally delightful. Starting the day with such fresh and delicious food, especially after wrapping up some errands at the nearby DMV office, felt like a treat. The cleanliness of the store and the exceptional customer service further elevated the experience. The staff was polite and attentive, ensuring our breakfast was not just a meal but a pleasant start to our day. So, here's to a wonderful brunch experience at IHOP – a place that managed to impress with both its food and its festive spirit. Cheers!

Fork and Fire

7540 State Hwy 121 Suite 150, McKinney

(214) 530-9400

Reviewed by:

Cheri Morton

Went for a weekday solo lunch to Fork and Fire McKinney and had a wonderful experience. The brisket tacos were fabulous, really showcasing the quality of the food on offer. The server was great, adding to the overall friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the place. The ambiance was just right, striking a perfect balance between casual and sophisticated, making it a cozy spot for any meal. There was a slight hiccup with the QR code for payment since I missed the WiFi password on the menu, which could have been made more obvious. Despite this minor issue, it doesn't take away from the fact that I'm already planning my next visit. On another note, the visit turned out to be an absolute delight, from the elevated casual vibe to the friendly service, and not to forget the great selection of food and drinks. It was our first time there, and everything we ordered was spot on. Although I didn’t capture the nosh board we got as an appetizer, I can vouch for the tasty hummus it came with. The drinks menu didn’t disappoint either. While there was a momentary lapse in attention from the hostess, more interested in their phones than guests, and the food could use a bit more seasoning, our server's exceptional service more than made up for these small glitches. The dinner experience was just as memorable. Surrounded by a classy yet relaxed atmosphere, we were spoilt for choice with the menu options. The Spinach and Lump Crab dip was a standout, and the variety from tacos to the seared ahi tuna burger, and a delightful flatbread, left us thoroughly satisfied. All in all, Fork and Fire McKinney is a gem of a spot for anyone looking for quality food, great service, and a pleasant ambiance. Despite the few areas for improvement, it's a place I'd recommend and definitely visit again for its overall excellence and the promise of a good meal in a lovely setting. Here's to hoping the next visit includes trying out their brunch!


1615 N Central Expy, McKinney

(972) 542-2636

Reviewed by:

Isai Brabham

After a long search for the perfect blueberry pancakes, I was pleasantly surprised by the banana strawberry blueberry pancakes at Denny's. They were absolutely delicious. There was a minor hiccup with my order as my request for soft scrambled eggs wasn't fulfilled, but overall, the atmosphere was great, the waitress was nice, and the establishment was clean. The food and service were excellent. It was a bit pricey, considering it was a Sunday morning, but it was worth it. Despite a few issues like a leaking roof and some ceiling tiles that looked like they could fall, the overall experience was outstanding. There was also a dead grasshopper near our table, which seemed to go unnoticed by the staff, but these were minor concerns in the grand scheme of things. The service at Denny's really stood out. The warm welcome and attentiveness from the staff made the visit memorable. They were genuinely interested in providing a great dining experience, which was much appreciated. The menu was extensive, and everything sounded tempting. The quality and presentation of the food were top-notch, especially the Grand Slam breakfast which was thoroughly enjoyable. The ambiance at Denny's added to the dining experience. The restaurant had a cozy feel to it, making it the ideal spot for a relaxed meal. The background music was just right, enhancing the atmosphere without being distracting. When it comes to value for money, Denny's hit the mark. Considering the quality and portions of the food, the prices were reasonable. It's nice to see a restaurant provide such a great experience without it costing a fortune. The commitment to customer satisfaction at Denny's was clear. It felt like they genuinely cared about ensuring everyone had a positive experience. This focus on customer happiness is commendable and a testament to the quality of the establishment. Overall, Denny's proved to be a fantastic choice for a meal. With its exceptional service, delicious food, and welcoming ambiance, it's an experience I'd highly recommend to anyone. It's the kind of place that leaves a lasting impression and has you planning your next visit. Sure, there's room for improvement, like speeding up the payment process and addressing minor maintenance issues, but these are just small blips in an otherwise excellent dining experience. For what it is, it was great, served with a smile and all. Now, if only they could sort out that bill payment delay – but then again, it adds to the charm of the whole experience.

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