September 12, 2023

Memphis Brunch Magic: Best Brunch Places in 2023

Discover the top brunch spots in Memphis, offering mouthwatering Southern classics and innovative culinary delights that are perfect for weekend mornings in the birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Memphis Brunch Magic: Best Brunch Places in 2023
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Whether you're craving Southern comfort food or innovative culinary creations, these Memphis brunch hotspots have something for everyone. So, gather your friends and family and get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll.

Brother Juniper's

3519 Walker Ave, Memphis

(901) 324-0144

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Brother Juniper's is a great place for brunch in Memphis. The portions are huge and the cheese grits are incredibly cheesy. The prices are reasonable and the service is friendly. While some may not enjoy the egg beaters, the bacon and pancakes are a hit with children. Parking can be difficult, but the wait is shorter than expected. Although it may have lost some of its rustic appeal, Brother Juniper's still offers a charming atmosphere and delicious omelets that can't be beat.

Wally Hatchets

6439 Summer Ave, Memphis

(901) 590-3814

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Wally Hatchets in Memphis is a must-visit for comfort food lovers. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. The menu offers a wide range of options, including biscuits and gravy and fried dishes for those who want to indulge. However, there are also healthier options available. The Motel California dish was dry and tasteless, but this could be due to the rush hour. It is worth giving this place another chance because the food, staff, and customer service are amazing. Overall, Wally Hatchets is highly recommended for a pleasant dining experience.

Edge Alley

600 Monroe Ave, Memphis

(901) 425-2605

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Edge Alley is a must-visit in Memphis for brunch, offering excellent and speedy service, fresh and delicious food, and pet-friendly patio seating. The restaurant's creative and unique spin on dishes, from French toast waffles to warm olives and toast, will leave a lasting impression. The industrial chic decor is a nice touch, although some stools may be uncomfortable. The restaurant also offers fantastic cocktails and is popular for brunch, so reservations are recommended. Overall, Edge Alley is a unique spot in Memphis and worth checking out.

Sunrise Memphis (Downtown)

670 Jefferson Ave, Memphis

(901) 552-3168

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Sunrise Memphis (Downtown) is an excellent choice for brunch in Memphis. The colorful and lively ambience, friendly staff, and delicious food make it a new favorite for visitors to the area. The breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, and self-serve drinks are all highlights of the menu. The restaurant style is order then sit down, with indoor and outdoor seating available. Parking is also easy to find. While some dishes like the grits were not great, the overall experience was wonderful, with fast service and decent prices. The king biscuit was a standout dish and definitely the best breakfast ever. Highly recommended!

Magnolia & May

718 Mt Moriah Rd, Memphis

(901) 676-8100

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Magnolia & May is a wonderful place to enjoy brunch or dinner. The atmosphere is lovely, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. The food is delicious, and the cocktails are top-notch. The buffalo broccoli and double cheeseburger are particular favorites, but there's something for everyone on the menu. The staff is spread thin at times, but they are always attentive and helpful. Kathleen is a standout server who knows the menu inside and out. The fruit cups are a delightful surprise, with a variety of seasonal fruits. The patio is a lovely spot to sit and enjoy a meal. All in all, Magnolia & May is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great meal in a welcoming atmosphere.

Barksdale Restaurant

237 Cooper St, Memphis

(901) 722-2193

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Barksdale Restaurant in Memphis is a 10 out of 10 for brunch, consistently delivering fresh food and exceptional service for over eight years. The atmosphere is wholesome and relaxed, with a great vibe regardless of the time of day. The staff goes above and beyond, even for indecisive customers. The veggie omelet is excellent, and the hash browns are good too. Despite being a local diner, the food quality and service are comparable to upscale restaurants. Even travelers to Memphis will enjoy their meal here. Overall, Barksdale Restaurant is an excellent place to stop for a satisfying brunch.

Café Eclectic

603 N McLean Blvd, Memphis

(901) 725-1718

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Café Eclectic is a must-visit brunch place in Memphis, offering a wide range of delicious food options at reasonable prices. The waffles are soft and fluffy, and the bacon and eggs with American cheese are a standout dish. The service is top-notch, and the staff is always helpful and kind. The patio seating is a great option, although the sidewalk could use some work. The coffee is good, and the Mayan coffee has a unique chili pepper flavor. The burger and red velvet cake are must-tries, while the pancakes are pretty basic. The owner has a passion for serving great food, and the atmosphere of the café is beautiful. Despite some minor drawbacks, Café Eclectic is definitely worth a visit, and customers would love to return for more of their delicious fare.

Sage Restaurant

94 S Main St, Memphis

(901) 672-7902

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Sage Restaurant in Memphis is an excellent choice for brunch. The food is delicious, with standout dishes like the Soul Waffle and shrimp and grits. The atmosphere is also great, with a beautiful mural and a DJ. The service is top-notch, with friendly and helpful servers. While there may be a wait, it is well worth it for the amazing food and experience. Overall, a must-try spot in Memphis.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

6063 Park Ave, Memphis

(901) 729-7020

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Another Broken Egg Cafe is the ultimate spot for brunch in Memphis, offering a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with excellent service. Customers can choose to sit inside or outside, both options being intimate and comfortable. The food is delicious, with the city grits and the lobster tail being particularly noteworthy. They have an excellent team atmosphere, providing top-notch service that makes customers feel like royalty. Parking is also abundant. While there might be some minor issues with the coffee cups, the overall quality of service and food are impressive. The shrimp and grits with potatoes are a must-try, and the mimosas are heavenly. Another Broken Egg Cafe truly lives up to its name, as everything on the menu is delicious!

Owen Brennan's

6150 Poplar Ave #150, Memphis

(901) 761-0990

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Owen Brennan's in Memphis offers an outstanding Sunday brunch buffet that includes a wide variety of dishes from oysters and salads to fried chicken and desserts. The service is exceptional, and the food is seasoned to perfection. Although prices may be a bit high, the experience is well worth it. The restaurant brings the taste of New Orleans to Memphis, with delicious and beautiful dishes. The ambiance is perfect for family gatherings and conversations about heritage and lineage. The live jazz music adds to the overall experience, making it a memorable visit.

Paulette's Restaurant

50 Harbor Town Square, Memphis

(901) 260-3300

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Paulette's Restaurant in Memphis offers a different selection of meals and drinks for brunch. The staff is super friendly, and the ambiance is calm and quiet. Despite the slightly higher prices, the quality of the food served makes it worth it. Located near the river with indoor and outdoor dining, the restaurant offers an elegant dining experience with delicious quality meals and great service. The beef tenderloin burger and redfish with crab are phenomenal, and the complementary French buns are tender and buttery. The smoked deviled eggs with Roe, Redfish with Crab, and Low country crab cakes are all delicious and plated nicely. The only downside is the dessert, where the flavors were a bit weak. The restaurant is clean and polished, down to the salt/pepper shakers, and the little bar and hotel lobby are adorable to walk through. Paulette's Restaurant is a great place for special occasions, and the perfect anniversary dinner spot.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

65 S Highland St, Memphis

(901) 623-7122

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Another Broken Egg Cafe is a great spot for brunch in Memphis. The restaurant is clean, and the staff is friendly and attentive. The food comes out fast and is delicious. The beignets with honey sauce and lemon blueberry drink are must-tries. The Mardi Gras omelette and breakfast potatoes are stellar, and the bourbon street pancake is very tasty. While the shrimp and grits were just okay, the rest of the meal was huge, filling, and worth the visit. The restaurant can get busy but is definitely worth a trip.

The Pancake Shop

4838 Summer Ave, Memphis

(901) 767-0206

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The Pancake Shop in Memphis is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious breakfast. The quality food, great coffee, and friendly staff make it a favorite among locals and visitors. While it can get crowded, the speed and efficiency of the service are impressive. The prices are affordable, and the Everyday Special is highly recommended. Just remember to bring cash as they do not accept credit or debit cards. Overall, The Pancake Shop is highly recommended for anyone looking for a fantastic breakfast experience.

The Arcade Restaurant

540 S Main St, Memphis

(901) 526-5757

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The Arcade Restaurant in Memphis is a must-visit for anyone looking for a diner-style meal in a historic setting. The location is great, right near the Civil Rights Museum. The menu has plenty of vegetarian options, and the make-your-own omelette is a fun experience. The drink menu is solid, and the spiked mimosas are a hit. The Elvis booth is available to sit in for a cool experience. The staff is friendly and the ambiance is great. The food is delicious, with standout dishes like the eggs redneck and the French toast. The restaurant has a rich history, with Elvis being a regular customer and scenes from famous movies being filmed there. Overall, a five-star experience that shouldn't be missed.

Big Bad Breakfast - East Memphis

6450 Poplar Ave Suite 119, Memphis

(901) 881-3346

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Big Bad Breakfast - East Memphis is a great brunch spot with exceptional service and delicious food. While there may be a wait, the friendly staff makes the experience worthwhile. The Breakfast Skillet and shrimp and grits are highly recommended, and the pancakes and chicken and waffles are also delicious. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is inviting. It's best to go early on weekends as the restaurant fills up quickly.

Staks! East Memphis

4615 Poplar Ave #102, Memphis

(901) 509-2367

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Staks! East Memphis is a must-visit brunch spot in Memphis. The menu offers a variety of delicious options such as burritos, fruit, Gouda grits, and lemon ricotta pancakes. The staff is friendly and efficient, making the experience enjoyable from start to finish. The chicken biscuit and strawberry shortcake pancakes are highly recommended. While there was a bit of a wait, the overall experience was worth it. However, some reviewers had a less than stellar experience with food that was not hot or up to their expectations. Despite this, Staks! East Memphis stands out as a top brunch destination in Memphis.

Automatic Slim's

83 S 2nd St, Memphis

(901) 525-7948

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Automatic Slim's is a fantastic brunch spot in Memphis with delicious food and a fun atmosphere. Their $3 mimosas and bloody Mary's are a great deal and the 3 pig omelet and salmon Benedict are a must-try. The service is outstanding and attentive, making for an enjoyable experience. However, there were some concerns with the cleanliness of the restrooms, but with a little attention to detail, Automatic Slim's can easily jump back up to 5 stars. Overall, a 5 out of 5 recommended spot for brunch in Memphis.

Local On The Square

2126 Madison Ave, Memphis

(901) 725-1845

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Local On The Square in Memphis is a great spot for brunch. The chargrilled oysters and wings were delicious, and the duck confit hash was generous and flavorful. The service can be hit or miss, but the hostess is very welcoming and helpful. The Bloody Marys are amazing and the Blue Point raw oysters are plump and mouthwatering. The Creole Carbonara and sea salt and pepper fries were highlights on the menu. Parking can be difficult, so come prepared to circle around. Overall, it's a great spot for brunch, but one unfortunate experience with a rude manager and poor customer service should be noted.

Mahogany Memphis

3092 Poplar Ave Suite 11, Memphis

(901) 623-7977

Reviewed by:

Mahogany Memphis is a great restaurant for brunch in Memphis. The fish, cornbread, and greens were exceptional and the mac and cheese was rich in flavor. The service was fast and friendly, and the atmosphere was enjoyable with live music. The lemonade was heavenly and the chicken tenders were good. Although the Mahogany breakfast was decent, the sides were more enjoyable than the chicken. While the mimosas were a bit underwhelming for the price, the overall experience was great and the bartender kept the guests entertained. The restaurant is definitely worth visiting again.

Sugar Grits

150 Peabody Pl Suite 111, Memphis

(901) 249-5206

Reviewed by:

Sugar Grits offers delicious food, with everything from the yogurt to the steak being top-notch. While there were some issues with the service, including a lack of attention from the server and the need to search for silverware, the experience was overall positive. The biscuit board was a standout, with great biscuits, jelly, and preserves, and the sausage and bacon were both tasty. While one reviewer had a negative experience with slow service and cold food, others praised the food and friendly staff. Overall, Sugar Grits is a great choice for brunch in Memphis.

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