February 12, 2024

Uncovering Mobile's Must-Visit Brunch Spots!

Discover brunch spots in Mobile where pancakes flip convention and eggs benedict rules.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Uncovering Mobile's Must-Visit Brunch Spots!
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Whether you're craving fluffy pancakes that seemingly float off your plate, or a savory benedict that moves you to silence as you savor every bite, Mobile's brunch spots are where culinary creativity meets Southern charm, with a side of laid-back vibes.

The Noble South

203 Dauphin St, Mobile

(251) 690-6824

Reviewed by:

Angela Hernandez

My experience at The Noble South for brunch was absolutely delightful. This visit was my first time, and it did not disappoint! The recommendations from my friends mentioning it as one of the best places in Mobile were spot on. From the Deviled eggs to the pan-fried corn and meatloaf, every dish was a testament to the freshness of the ingredients and the culinary expertise of the kitchen. The corn bread was the only item that didn't quite meet my expectations, but it wasn't enough to deter my overall satisfaction. The atmosphere of The Noble South is charming, and the staff are friendly and accommodating, contributing to a wonderful dining ambiance. Despite experiencing a slight hiccup with my reservation—being seated at the bar instead of a table—the manager, Elizabeth, was extremely apologetic and made sure my experience remained positive. The menu featured a wonderful variety of dishes. The small plates and appetizers truly stood out with their phenomenal flavors. The deviled eggs and pickled shrimp were delicious, and the hot honey fried game bird was exceptional. Although I found some dishes, like the shrimp and grits and the swordfish schnitzel, to be a bit bland, these were minor blips in an otherwise fantastic meal. The apple cobbler and the scallops with a hint of curry sauce were highlights, showcasing the restaurant's ability to blend flavors beautifully. Even when a dish didn't hit the mark completely, the presentation and the effort put into each plate was evident. The drinks menu was also notable, offering creative and modern selections that complemented the meal perfectly. Pricing-wise, I found it to be very reasonable considering the quality of the food and the overall dining experience. Despite the minor issues with seating and a couple of dishes not being as flavorful as expected, The Noble South offers an adorable atmosphere and culinary craftsmanship that is hard to find elsewhere. It's definitely a place I plan on returning to, eager to explore more of their seasonal menu and enjoy the welcoming ambiance. The Noble South, with its delightful staff and expertly prepared dishes, has certainly earned its reputation as a must-visit spot in Mobile.

Ruby Slipper Cafe

100 N Royal St, Mobile

(251) 620-5700

Reviewed by:

Pj Rudolph

Visited Ruby Slipper Cafe for brunch while in Mobile for a wedding, and it absolutely lived up to the hype. The place caught my attention after searching for homemade biscuits online, and it did not disappoint. The food was outstanding, with a wide variety to choose from. The highlights for me were the mimosa flight, cinnamon roll pancakes, and, of course, those biscuits that drew me in. The cafe itself has a very inviting decor and a great vibe that made the dining experience even more enjoyable. The service was top-notch - shoutout to our server Linda, who was incredible. She made sure our experience was smooth and enjoyable. Even though the cafe doesn't accept reservations, they have a virtual waitlist which is very convenient. The menu also had plenty of options for vegetarians, which is always a plus. Among everything, the Spanish omelette and the creamy grits were standout dishes for me. It's clear they put a lot of thought and care into their food. Overall, the visit to Ruby Slipper Cafe was a fantastic experience. It's a solid 5 out of 5 for me. This place is a must-try, and it's clear why they're such a praised franchise across various cities. The delicious food, attentive service, and the overall atmosphere make it a spot I'll always seek out when I'm in the area.

Bob's Downtown Restaurant

263 St Francis St, Mobile

(251) 405-1497

Reviewed by:

Zach Engram

Stepped into Bob's Downtown Restaurant for brunch and honestly, it's not cheap, but the quality of food you get is absolutely worth it. If you're lucky with the weather, grabbing a seat outside makes the experience even better! The staff there is super friendly, adding to the cozy vibe of the place, and when it comes to options, you're spoiled for choice. Had myself a hearty breakfast that left me more than satisfied - think chicken fried steak, biscuit and sausage gravy, crispy bacon, buttery grits, and perfectly fried eggs. It's a breakfast that powers you through the day. Plus, their lunch special is something to look forward to as well. The vibe is very much diner-style, with a quaint but limited indoor seating option. What caught my eye though, were the affordable deals they offer - several dishes at just $7.50, including the juicy chicken tenders I went for. They also offer a daily special, and for those who prefer the outdoors, they've got you covered with outdoor seating too. This spot used to be a personal favorite, but upon my latest visit, I was a bit let down. The coffee still hits the spot, but the food didn't quite meet my expectations this time, feeling a bit too greasy and not quite as flavorful. Despite the bustling scene, there were a couple of mix-ups with my order as well. Given this experience, it might take a bit before I decide to return.

Royal Knight Restaurant

3004 Government Blvd, Mobile

(251) 287-1220

Reviewed by:

Cassie Mendez

I've always noticed Royal Knight Restaurant during my drives but never thought to stop by until a friend suggested we have brunch there. Deciding to finally try it out, I realized I had been missing out on a gem in Mobile. Opting for the hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, turnips, white Lima beans, and cornbread, I was pleasantly surprised by how well-seasoned and delicious everything was, easily giving it an 8/10. My friend chose the wings, which were an incredible deal at 50 cents each and tasted just as good. We were greeted by the manager/owner, Ginger, whose welcoming demeanor made the dining experience even more enjoyable. This spot has quickly turned into a must-visit for me, especially since I am a big fan of breakfast. Their offering feels like hearty, old-school, home-cooked meals, exactly what you'd want for the first meal of the day. The ambiance during breakfast was cozy, with sports shows and local news providing a nice backdrop to the early hours. The home fries and over-easy eggs were cooked to perfection, the bacon was crispy, and the coffee was notably better than many places I've tried. The staff's friendly and attentive service added to the positive experience, showing genuine appreciation for our patronage. Among my favorite dishes were the fried crab claws, which were fried just right, allowing for the meat to easily slide off the fin. My husband was particularly fond of the Patty Melt and the steak sandwich. We also indulged in some homemade desserts, which were absolutely delicious. Royal Knight offers a small-town feel that's becoming hard to find, with excellent food that's generously portioned and worth every penny. If you’re looking for wonderful food and a place that truly values its guests, I couldn’t recommend Royal Knight enough. It's become a go-to spot for me, and I'll definitely be back whenever I’m in the area for that fantastic, everyday, home-cooking food that's really hard to beat!

Mother Mary's Family Restaurant

850 Blackburn Dr, Mobile

(251) 633-2373

Reviewed by:

Vassal Griffin

Visited Mother Mary's Family Restaurant for brunch and must say, it was a truly satisfactory experience. Being a local place that dishes out excellent food, I secretly wish it remains a hidden gem, but fairness compels me to give it the 5 stars it deserves. If you're in search of an exceptional breakfast, look no further. The hash browns hit that perfect balance of crispy yet not underdone, the pancakes avoid falling into the trap of being overcooked or too pale, and the eggs are just right. On a different note, discovering this spot was a bit of a serendipity. My wife and I were exploring various yard and estate sales, and hunger struck. A quick online search led us to Mother Mary’s. It's important to note, if you're someone who prioritizes a high-end ambiance, this place might not be your cup of tea. But, that's the beauty of it - a simple, unassuming spot that focuses on what matters: the food. We seated ourselves and were quickly attended to. Started off with a cup of gumbo which, frankly, might just be the best I've ever tasted. For the main course, I indulged in a bacon ranch cheeseburger accompanied by fries, while my wife opted for the club sandwich with onion rings. The burger boasted a hand-pattied beef with fresh toppings - utterly delightful. My wife's enjoyment of her sandwich and the crispy onion rings only added to the positive experience. All in all, Mother Mary’s offered a fantastic dining experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in the area. It's a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most unpretentious places serve up the most memorable meals.

Big Bad Breakfast

1812 Old Shell Rd Suite D, Mobile

(251) 318-1411

Reviewed by:

Mike Garcia

This is such a wonderful gem! For anyone visiting for the first time, be aware that parking is a bit tricky with spots reserved for residents in front and designated spots for the restaurant located at the back. Once inside, however, any minor inconveniences are quickly forgotten. The food here truly stands out. On a long drive from Georgia to Texas, finding a good breakfast spot was essential, and this place hit the mark. It left me wondering why it only had a 4.3-star rating because everything from the low country skillet to the vegetarian sausage was absolutely delicious and worth every penny. The menu could benefit from a few more sweet options, but that's a minor quibble in an otherwise fantastic dining experience. The staff here are friendly and courteous, making it the best breakfast spot in Mobile without a doubt. It's apparent that this place is in high demand, as I noticed customers leaving due to the long wait times and packed seating. It's definitely advisable to arrive early to snag a spot. During our visit, we enjoyed a variety of dishes including french toast with vegetarian sausage, a breakfast bowl, and mimosas, all of which were delightful. The only letdowns were the rather small burrito for $14.00 and a tiny glass of orange juice for $5.50, which felt disproportionate to their cost. However, a chicken sandwich with a pancake from the previous day's visit was a hit, offering great value for the price. Our server, who we had the pleasure of having on both visits, was fantastic, adding to the overall positive experience. Despite the minor hiccups with a couple of items, everything else was so good that it easily compensated. This place is definitely worth recommending for anyone looking for a top-notch breakfast in Mobile.

Trellis Room

26 N Royal St UNIT 1, Mobile

(251) 338-2000

Reviewed by:

Isabel Alexis

One of the best restaurant experiences encountered in Mobile was at the Trellis Room, perfectly situated inside the battle house, offering some of the best food and drinks along the gulf coast. Opting for a Thursday visit, which coincidentally turned out to be date night, the service encountered was nothing short of amazing, with food being served promptly. Whether visiting or residing locally, this is a must-visit spot that comes highly recommended. The waitress, Rachel, was particularly outstanding, embodying both friendliness and professionalism. The quality of food served was exceptional. A personal recommendation would be the short ribs with polenta, a dish that epitomizes the restaurant's high culinary standards. Patience is advised as this isn't your typical fast-food venue; it's a luxurious dining experience where meals are cooked to order, ensuring worthiness of the wait. It's the perfect setting to engage in good conversation and enjoy a glass of wine amidst attractive decor, all while awaiting a meal prepared by true professionals. The dining experience was made even more memorable by the company of my husband, who opted for the ricotta lasagna, while a seafood pasta was the choice for myself. Both dishes were absolutely delicious! The addition of complimentary valet parking was just the cherry on top, further enhancing the overall appeal of this establishment. Venturing here for breakfast also proved to be a great decision, greeted by exceptional customer service, delectable food, and the beautiful ambiance of the place. The pancakes, in particular, are worth noting as a favorite, affirming the intent to return.

Maple Street Biscuit Company

5054 Old Shell Rd, Mobile

(251) 525-9095

Reviewed by:

Ian Bonilla

Discovering the Maple Street Biscuit Company for brunch was a fantastic experience. This unique spot, once an auto shop turned restaurant, encompasses a wonderful combination of history and modern flair. The venue itself is beautiful, admittedly a bit on the pricey side, but it's well worth it for the quality and ambiance you get. Their coffee bar stood out as a personal highlight, offering excellent selections for coffee enthusiasts. And let's talk about their fried-green tomatoes - an absolute must-try. They were delicious and a perfect starter to the meal. Our party chose to sit outside to soak up a beautiful fall day, but the interior was equally inviting with its cozy spaces and abundant sunshine. It's such a quaint spot for breakfast or brunch, though it's worth noting they close at 2 p.m., so planning an early visit is key. The fun vibe of this place is unmistakable, stemming from its past life as a gas station before being transformed into this trendy restaurant. The focus on biscuits in most of their dishes adds a charming and delicious twist to the menu. The staff impressed with their cleanliness, quick service, and friendly demeanor, contributing to the restaurant's popularity. Although it's one of my regular spots, I feel there's room for improvement in consistency, particularly with some dishes like The Farmer sandwich where the balance between breading and meat was off in my case. Nevertheless, it's a neat place to eat in Mobile, boasting a modern, clean aesthetic with comfy seating and an interesting vibe, from the decor to the service. The menu is creative, and while the food was good - not outstanding - I'm glad to have given it a try. The neighborhood adds to its charm, making it a worthwhile visit for anyone looking for a new brunch spot.

Waffle House

5011 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile

(251) 661-3547

Reviewed by:

Katyy Stephens

Brunch at Waffle House in Mobile was a delightful experience that genuinely brightened my day. Due to the restaurant being fully packed, we opted to sit at the bar instead of waiting for a table. Despite the bustling atmosphere, the staff promptly acknowledged us, ensuring we felt welcomed from the moment we walked in. It's worth noting that the regular customers seemed to receive a bit more attention, which is understandable given their frequent visits, but as a first-time visitor, I still felt valued and well cared for. Our server was incredibly friendly, adding a warm touch to the morning. The manager made rounds, checking in on diners to ensure everyone's meal was up to par, which I found to be a thoughtful gesture. The food was fantastic, living up to the reputation Waffle House has for serving up consistently delicious meals. It was the perfect start to a day, especially with plans to take the kids to the pet store afterward; the location couldn't have been more convenient. I also appreciated the cleanliness of the restaurant, including the restrooms, which is always a good sign of a well-maintained establishment. Service was swift, a testament to the efficiency and hard work of the staff, and the food quality has remained top-notch, something I've heard from others and was pleased to witness firsthand. A small tip for future visitors - Waffle House tends to keep the temperature on the cooler side, likely a nod to combating the outside humidity and heat, so consider bringing a jacket if you're someone who gets cold easily. All in all, despite the bustling environment and the noted preference for regulars, my brunch experience at this Waffle House location was positive. The great food, friendly service, and clean environment made it a place I'd recommend and visit again. It's a fantastic spot for anyone in Mobile looking for a hearty, satisfying breakfast or brunch in a welcoming setting.

Bistro St. Emanuel

200 St Emanuel St, Mobile

(251) 405-5040

Reviewed by:

Devaz Zion

Visited Bistro St. Emanuel for brunch and was absolutely charmed by the wonderful atmosphere and the variety of brunch options available. The location itself is great, making it a completely enchanting experience. For anyone considering where to have a delightful brunch, this spot comes highly recommended. On this particular visit, choosing the Steak and Eggs turned out to be an excellent decision. The quality of the steak was remarkable, especially considering the great price. This wasn't my first visit, and each time the experience just gets better. Previously, on a New Year's Eve dinner outing with family, including three kids, the staff went above and beyond to accommodate us. Our server, Andrew, communicated with the chef to prepare delicious cheeseburgers for the kids, which they loved. Every dish we ordered was outstanding, reflecting the quality of food they serve here. Stumbling upon Bistro St. Emanuel through Open Table turned out to be a stroke of luck, and it’s definitely somewhere I plan to return to. Andrew’s service was exceptional, particularly in how he treated the kids, making our experience that much more memorable. A solid 10/10 recommendation from this side – the place is fantastic. On another occasion, a colleague and I chose this bistro for a client dinner, and everything from the service to the food was superb. The staff was friendly and offered knowledgeable recommendations on both food and drinks, enhancing our dining experience. The quaint vibe of the restaurant made my first visit memorable, and it certainly won't be the last. The server was excellent, offering great food suggestions and ensuring our table was always attended to, complete with beautiful glass water bottles adding to the charm. The mimosas are worth mentioning too – absolutely great. I opted for the Alabama omelet filled with crab meat, accompanied by oven potatoes and fruit cups, along with apple juice. The combination was delightful, adding to why I love this place so much and look forward to future visits.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

845-A Schillinger Rd S, Mobile

(251) 633-8200

Reviewed by:

Angela Mathis

Brunch at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Mobile was a delightful experience! The consistency of their good food never fails to impress. Opting for the Old Timers breakfast, the meal included perfectly cooked eggs, crispy bacon, grits, and those irresistible hot biscuits that always hit the spot. During the visit, there was an opportunity to browse the country store, which was stocked with an array of summer clothes for ladies, infants, and children. It's worth noting how Cracker Barrel has diversified its menu to include more mainstream dishes such as loaded steak fries, various cocktails and beers, and even hamburgers, catering to a wider array of tastes. The service was quick, though a minor hiccup occurred when a refill for the tea wasn't offered, and the check was presented prematurely, leading to missing out on dessert. However, the quality and price of the food more than made up for this small oversight. The family thoroughly enjoyed their meals, and the kids always get a kick out of exploring the store. It's particularly nostalgic to find those old candies from decades past - Razzles and candy sticks that remind one of childhood were in abundance. However, it's disheartening to share that the experience at this location has seen a decline over recent months. During a previous visit, the service was lacking in attentiveness and efficiency, with a significant wait time and a degree of rudeness from the staff. Such experiences suggest there might be underlying issues with management or operational coordination in this establishment. Despite the memorable brunch moments, these recent experiences have cast a shadow over the overall impression of Cracker Barrel in Mobile, leading to reconsideration of future visits.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

43 E Interstate 65 Service Rd S, Mobile

(251) 473-6761

Reviewed by:

Jay Butler

I've been a regular at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for years and it's always been a delightful experience. On my latest visit for brunch, I decided to try something different and went for the chicken and french toast combo, which did not disappoint. Even when the place is packed, which it often is, the bustling atmosphere doesn't bother me one bit. Their buttermilk pancakes are a personal favorite of mine. On request, they made them thin and crispy just the way I like, and they were absolutely delicious. Our server, Madison, epitomized true Southern hospitality, making us feel welcome and taken care of. Jason, who brought out our food, was equally hospitable, adding to the overall pleasant dining experience. I opted for a new dish on the menu, the biscuit Bengy, and let me tell you, the hashbrown casserole that accompanied it is something you simply must try. My sister chose the fried chicken, which she found to be quite satisfactory, and the mac and cheese? Five stars, without a doubt. After our meal, we browsed the gift shop, which is always a treat. The prices are very reasonable, striking a good balance between quality and affordability. And the aroma that greets you upon entering? It's utterly enticing – a testament to the delightful meals they whip up. My first visit here made quite the impression. The staff made me feel like I was returning to a family home after a long absence. It was a warm, welcoming atmosphere from start to finish. However, it's important to note that not every visit can be perfect. There was one occasion where the experience didn't live up to the usual high standards. The plates were hotter than the food itself, leading to a somewhat disappointing meal where the mashed potatoes were cold, the okra was soggy, and the hamburger steak was dry and unappealing. Despite this, the consistent quality and exceptional service over the years have solidified my fondness for Cracker Barrel. It's a place I'd happily visit again and again.

Waffle House

2423 Schillinger Rd S, Mobile

(251) 634-4943

Reviewed by:

Lynette Galindo

Always a good choice at 1 am when the hunger pangs strike and it seems like the rest of the world is asleep. There's something special about transforming a regular cheese steak bowl into a Texas cheese steak bowl with the addition of onions and bacon. On my latest visit, our waitress Bobbie stood out with her friendliness and kindness, making us feel exceptionally welcome. It's rare to find such attentive service, especially at a Waffle House, but Bobbie managed to make sure we had everything we needed despite how busy it was. Our orders were served perfectly, making this location my top pick. Waffle House, while a chain, shines particularly bright at this local spot. The waffles are simply wonderful, offering that perfect mix of crispy outside and fluffy inside. The eggs and hash browns don't disappoint either, providing a solid start to any day. The staff here are commendable, delivering meals promptly and with a smile, contributing to the clean and safe atmosphere that allows customers to relax and enjoy their meals. The waitress was incredibly nice, and the food was spot on, leaving no room for complaints. This Waffle House comes highly recommended for anyone in need of a satisfying meal.

Waffle House

3651 Airport Blvd, Mobile

(251) 342-8701

Reviewed by:

Pamela nan

I've always been drawn to the concept of Waffle House. The service is top-notch, especially at the location near our hotel in Mobile. Everyone working there was so accommodating and kind, making the whole experience truly enjoyable. The place was clean and felt welcoming from the moment we stepped in. Although I must admit, Waffle House food has never been my favorite, this visit was no exception. However, for those who love their menu, it's consistently good, and you know exactly what to expect. It wasn't my choice to dine there, but I did, and the atmosphere alone made it a pleasant meal. I find myself looking for the nearest Waffle House when traveling for breakfast. There's something about the friendly vibe across all locations that really appeals to me. My food is always served hot and just the way I like it, which is a testament to the great job they're doing. On this particular visit, a small mishap with over-salted gravy could have ruined breakfast, but a quick fix by sharing some with my wife's hash browns saved the day. This location stands out as perhaps my favorite Waffle House so far. The staff, including Jessie and Susan, were not only efficient but genuinely friendly. Susan whipped up the best hash brown bowl I've ever had at a Waffle House, which is saying something. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the excellent service, makes it a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable brunch spot in Mobile.

Waffle House

5610 Old Shell Rd, Mobile

(251) 344-9495

Reviewed by:

Audrey Mccarthy

Walking into Waffle House for brunch was exactly stepping into the no-frills, hearty breakfast experience I craved. Yes, the premises could have done with a swift wiping down before we settled at our table, and the air crackled with more colorful language than I'd prefer over my morning coffee. Yet, amidst the chaos, there was a charm, an authenticity you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The menu wasn't trying to be something it's not. It promised simple, hearty fare and delivered just that. Despite the busy backdrop, with staff occasionally caught up in their squabbles, the service was surprisingly warm. There's a genuine sense of camaraderie among the team that, in an odd way, adds to the place's character. Our breakfast was unpretentious yet satisfying. Yes, it leaned on the greasier side, but isn't that part of the Waffle House allure? My husband's meal was notably better executed, striking that fine balance between hearty and wholesome. Amidst it all stood our waitress, Madisyn, a beacon of efficiency and warmth. Despite handling both the kitchen and the floor solo, she ensured our orders were not just taken but cooked with care. Her service was prompt, attentive, and carried out with a smile that made us feel truly taken care of. That level of personal touch transformed our visit into a delightful experience. However, it's hard to overlook the overly chilly interior. The biting cold made it less comfortable than desired, distracting from the overall warmth of the service and food. Such a detail might seem minor but can significantly impact the dining ambiance. In sum, our brunch at Waffle House was a testament to finding joy in simplicity. It's a place of contrast, where the warmth of service and heartiness of the meal shine against the backdrop of its rough-around-the-edges charm. A reminder that sometimes, the best experiences are those that embrace their imperfections.


4375 Rangeline Rd, Mobile

(251) 217-7313

Reviewed by:

Rachel Garrido

Having brunch at IHOP was genuinely a delightful experience. The food and the service have significantly improved since my last visit about 8 months ago, and I hope this trend continues. Our server, Logan, played a huge part in making our visit enjoyable. He was constantly checking on us, ensuring our cups were never empty, and provided excellent recommendations on what to order. Opting for the BLT with onion rings turned out to be a great decision. The onion rings were particularly impressive - so large that I couldn’t finish them and ended up taking some home. It’s not just about the quantity; the quality of the food was good as well. Logan proved to be an exceptional server, attentive to our needs and making sure our experience was top-notch. I'm already looking forward to my next visit and would highly recommend it to others. Our visit was even more special as we were assisting a missionary family with some transportation needs and decided to have lunch here. Despite being a large group of about 10, including children, the staff accommodated us remarkably well. We were given a spacious area, which was great for the kids to move around a bit without causing any disturbance. Our server was very meticulous in taking our drink orders and ensuring everyone got exactly what they wanted. It was impressive that the children's meals were the perfect size, and our orders were served within a reasonable time frame. The attention to detail in refilling our drinks and clearing the plates without having to be asked was the cherry on top. The food served felt like good, home-cooked comfort food, making our time together even more enjoyable. This visit has definitely made me a fan, and I'm excited to return. The attentive service, good food, and a welcoming atmosphere for both small and large groups make it a place worth recommending.


3912 Airport Blvd, Mobile

(251) 342-7501

Reviewed by:

Armando Nguyen

Me and my family had a wonderful dining experience at IHOP for brunch. As soon as we walked in, we were promptly seated which was a warm welcome. The waitress that served us was fantastic, clearly taking pride in her work. Although there was a bit of a wait for our food, everything turned out great when it arrived. One unusual aspect was having to walk through what seemed like an open kitchen area to get to our seats, which was a bit unexpected, and my pancakes could have been warmer, but these were minor issues in the grand scheme of things. Despite initially facing a small hiccup with my order where the food was burnt, the situation was swiftly addressed after a call to the restaurant. The interaction over the phone was less professional than expected, but the focus here is on how they resolved the issue to ensure satisfaction, which is what truly matters. Our brunch at IHOP was especially memorable because it was my daughter's first visit. She absolutely enjoyed her meal, making our experience even more special. From the hot coffee to the well-prepared food that met all our requests, everything was spot on. We are definitely looking forward to our next visit and highly recommend IHOP for a family brunch. The overall atmosphere and quality of service and food make it a place worth coming back to. Thank you, IHOP, for a delightful breakfast experience!

Waffle House

3262 Dauphin St, Mobile

(251) 473-8427

Reviewed by:

Kenneth Morgan

Brunch at Waffle House is an experience that never disappoints. On my latest visit, the decision between a sausage grits and cheese bowl and a sausage waffle and egg was tough. Both are favorites, but this time, the grits and cheese bowl was irresistible, a testament to the consistent, comforting fare that Waffle House serves up. The food arrived hot, a simple pleasure that's always appreciated, especially when you're hungry and eager to dig in. The service at Waffle House is exactly what you'd expect: warm and efficient, making you feel right at home. It's these small touches, along with the tasty, hearty food, that make brunch here such a reliable choice. Despite any outside hustle and bustle, inside those doors, it’s all about good food and good vibes. It's why a visit to Waffle House remains a must for anyone looking for a fulfilling brunch experience. Every time I walk out, I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Brick & Spoon

7765 Airport Blvd #120, Mobile

(251) 287-6749

Reviewed by:

Doug Brockman

This place has quickly become one of my top spots for eating out, and it's easy to see why. Their chicken Florentine is out of this world and easily my favorite dish on the menu. What stands out every visit is the consistent, top-notch service, no matter when you drop by. It's refreshing to see a business that lives by the motto of being consistently great. I find myself recommending it to people all the time! They offer a wide variety of foods, perfectly catering to breakfast, brunch, and lunch crowds with their diverse menu. The spacious interior and the option for outside seating add to its charm, making it feel welcoming and comfortable. Even though the parking lot is shared with other businesses, it’s never been a hassle. The staff deserves a special shout-out for their friendliness and professionalism. My meals have always been prepared to perfection, highlighting why it's the best brunch spot in Mobile, AL. During a visit, my daughter and I had a fantastic brunch experience with a beautifully made omelet and French toast that left us smiling. Our server, Gaynell, was a delight, adding a special touch to our visit with her lively spirit. On my first visit here, which certainly won't be my last, I was blown away by the quality of the food. From the creole omelette with hefty pieces of shrimp to the perfectly cooked veggie medley and the tasty fried green tomatoes, every dish was a hit. Their grits were a revelation – perfectly seasoned and delicious without needing any extras. My friend's shrimp and grits were equally impressive, and the pancake we ordered was both huge and delicious. If you're in Mobile and looking for a truly amazing brunch experience, don't miss out on this hidden gem. The food is incredible, the service is excellent, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Waffle House

1851 Government St, Mobile

(251) 479-0079

Reviewed by:

Wagner Meyer

Walking into Waffle House for brunch was an experience that immediately set the tone for a wonderful family outing. Despite a less than warm welcome at a different location, we found ourselves at this Waffle House, and it felt like we struck gold. The contrast was stark and pleasantly surprising. The moment we walked in, it was clear that this place was different. Even though they were recovering from a bustling New Year's Eve, the restaurant was in great shape. The quick service did not compromise the quality of our food - everything was fresh, hot, and perfectly prepared. Not to mention, the presentation was neat, which is always a plus. What made our experience truly memorable was the staff. They were not just friendly; they went above and beyond to make us feel at home. Their hard work and dedication to providing excellent service did not go unnoticed, especially considering the timing of our visit. One cashier, in particular, stood out for her exceptional customer service. Visiting a little after 5am might have seemed daunting, but she made sure our experience was nothing short of fantastic. Her welcoming nature and efficiency were commendable, proving that great service plays a significant role in a dining experience. Waffle House has a reputation for consistency, and this visit was a testament to that. Living in Texas, I don't get to visit Mobile often, but this Waffle House has become a must-stop location whenever I'm in town. The cleanliness, friendliness, and quality of the food were all top-notch. It's places like this that remind you how a simple meal can turn into a cherished memory. Would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for a hearty, enjoyable brunch.

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