January 8, 2024

Top 20 Best Brunch Spots in Modesto!

Get the scoop on Modesto's top-notch eggs, killer pancakes, and mimosas that'll make your weekend epic.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 20 Best Brunch Spots in Modesto!
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Modesto is a place where the vibe is as humble as the name suggests, but our flavors dare to brag. In this modest city gem, you'll find the best brunch spots that combine heartwarming plates with down-to-earth charm.

Delicioso Bistro

1410 H St, Modesto

(209) 918-3857

Reviewed by:

Karenandde Nance

Had the chance to enjoy brunch at Delicioso Bistro here in Modesto and let me just say, it was quite the delightful experience. Opting for the crepes with mushrooms and hot links, the flavors really impressed me, and the presentation and atmosphere only enhanced the whole experience. Curiosity got the best of me when I learned they also offered dinner, so a return trip was in order. And am I glad we made that decision! The cherry and beet salad was a refreshing surprise, especially with the warm, pretzel-like breadstick it came with. And let me not forget to mention the calamari with the wild ranch sauce – absolutely delicious! This place has quickly climbed to the top of my list of favorite restaurants, and I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon it. Despite its smaller size, the bistro has a cozy vibe that makes you feel right at home. And while the service might have been slow due to the servers running behind schedule, it didn't detract too much from the overall positive dining experience. One must-try dish is the Chicken & Waffles – it was unbelievably tasty. The service was welcoming, with all the staff being fantastic throughout our visit. My friends and I indulged in quite a bit of their menu offerings, each dish as pleasing as the last. I definitely plan on coming back – there's so much more to taste and share about this place. It's worth noting that while the food consistently hits the mark, the service during breakfast could be more attentive. Getting a refill can feel like a bit of a challenge. The outdoor seating is a plus, though there have been times I've felt overlooked by the servers. A more attentive service would make the dining experience here absolutely perfect. Nonetheless, I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Delicioso Bistro.

Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch

2213 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto

(209) 527-0872

Reviewed by:

Erik Berst

As someone who thoroughly enjoys a good brunch, stepping into Huckleberry's Breakfast & Lunch in Modesto was a delightful experience. The place truly captures the essence of a family-friendly atmosphere combined with a Californian twist on New Orleans-inspired cuisine. I was impressed by the variety on the menu – it made me eager to plan future visits to try out every item with my nephews. On my visit, I went for the New Orleans Skillet which came with Andouille Sausage and Louisiana Shrimp, both of which packed a flavorful punch. The Creole Sauce was a tad light on the spices for my taste, but still delicious. Choosing a biscuit for my bread, I hoped for a burst of that Southern charm; it was a bit too plain for my liking, but my quest for the perfect restaurant biscuit outside of the Deep South continues. The sweet tea I ordered hit the spot, just as I had requested. For take-out, I opted for the Fried Green Tomatoes and Fried Okra. Although they had steamed a bit by the time I got home, altering the texture, the taste was still satisfactory. However, the tomatoes were a bit chewy and scarce in the box for the price, while the okra was on the mushy side. The spicy ranch that came along could have used a bit more kick. Despite these nitpicks, the overall quality of the food was solid, and the presentation, service, and atmosphere added to the positive experience. The country fried steak and Mimosas were standout items, and the chicken and waffle combination was enjoyable. The service, especially from my waitress Marty, was notably pleasant and helpful, making the first-time visit all the more memorable. In closing, Huckleberry's proved to be a great spot for brunch, and it's a place I'd recommend to others without hesitation. The enjoyable experience has certainly earned it a spot on my list of go-to brunch venues.

Redwood Café

4342 Dale Rd, Modesto

(209) 545-9248

Reviewed by:

Chery Colon

Let me tell you about my experience at Redwood Café for brunch in Modesto. Everything was delicious, and it had been quite some time since my last visit. The manager was kind enough to give us a personal tour, which really added to the experience. It's no secret that Modesto isn't overflowing with beautiful venues, so I’m genuinely glad Redwood Café is here. This place offered the best dinner experience I've had in years. The service was amazing—staff were attentive and prompt, ensuring a seamless dining experience. The food itself was exceptional; each dish seemed to be crafted with care and high-quality ingredients. I still dream about the Halibut dish—it was bursting with flavor and cooked to absolute perfection. I also have to rave about the coconut shrimp. I highly recommend giving it a try; you won't be disappointed. Our waiter was wonderful and played a big part in making our brunch memorable. We really appreciated the variety of seating options, including the cozy indoor and the more expansive outdoor atmosphere. However, it wasn't all perfect. There were a couple of misses such as the rib eye not being cooked right despite a couple of attempts, and the meatballs were a bit lacking in flavor without the sauce. Also, if you're planning to drive, keep in mind that the parking lot can fill up quickly, and you might end up parking in the dirt. Despite these minor setbacks, Redwood Café has always left me feeling happy, full, and content after each visit. I can't wait to go back and indulge in the luxurious taste and superb service once again.

My Garden Cafe

3507 Tully Rd #40, Modesto

(209) 523-0184

Reviewed by:

Awudu Jackson

Walking into My Garden Cafe for brunch was quite the experience – positively speaking, of course! The service was impressively quick; I wasn't waiting long at all before my Jack's Special with Biscuits and gravy was in front of me, ready to be devoured in less than five minutes. And while the food didn't blow my mind, it was still a decent meal. The waffle, in particular, was a good size, though it didn't particularly stand out in flavor. But where My Garden Cafe really shines is in their service. The staff was nothing short of incredible – attentive, friendly, and quick to ensure that my dining experience was comfortable. They get full marks in that department. It's definitely a pleasant place to be, with a vibe that's welcoming. Another highlight was the pancakes, which lived up to their delicious reputation. They were perfectly accompanied by butter and maple syrup. Also, the country fried steak & gravy I tried, along with the scrambled eggs and country potatoes, was very satisfying. The gravy, in particular, hit all the right notes. Let's talk beverages for a moment – the Apple juice and black coffee were on-point. The employees' friendliness and responsiveness added to the overall positive atmosphere. Moving onto the less stellar aspects, it seems that attention to detail may occasionally slip. I asked for dry toast and got it butter-laden, and there was a little mishap with a spillover of hot chocolate. My husband's experience with well-done pancakes was less than ideal, having to wait a bit after finishing his breakfast. Despite these few hiccups, the heartier meals like the chicken skillet shone through as both healthy and not overly greasy – a commendable trait compared to other diners. The generous portion sizes are also worth a mention, as it was quite a challenge to finish everything on my plate. The COVID-19 precautions with shower curtain dividers were a bit odd, but it's understandable in these times, and safety is paramount. Overall, it's a good spot for breakfast with more highs than lows. The food may not be groundbreaking, but it's solid, and the exceptional service makes up for any food faults. I'll definitely be considering another visit to try more on the menu.

Harvest Moon

1213 I St, Modesto

(209) 523-9723

Reviewed by:

Andy Johnston

I've been on quite the culinary adventure this year and Harvest Moon has thoroughly impressed me with every visit! The combination of the friendly service and the vast array of mouthwatering options always leaves me looking forward to my next meal here. It's not every day that you find a spot that nails brunch like Harvest Moon does. The "Outback" breakfast captivated my taste buds with its savory flavors - the biscuit with gravy and fried potatoes were simply outstanding. Even the simplest of dishes, like the Mamas Biscuits and gravy, come with a generous helping of eggs and a choice of bacon or sausage, making it a hearty start to any day. Their sandwiches are a force to be reckoned with. From the delicious crab sandwich and crispy fries to the indulgent Gorilla Cheese, every bite is a delight. My wife's mushroom sandwich was packed with flavor and my grilled cheese Bryan Bloody was to die for. And let's not forget the club sandwich with garlic fries - the portions are so generous, it's almost impossible to finish alone! I've even dived into their burgers - the bacon and egg burger was the best I've ever had, and the Dinah Burger was bursting with juicy flavors. The Argentinian Burger and the Tri-Tip Sandwich are two other must-tries that have left me utterly satisfied. Even their beverages deserve a shout out. Whether it's a Cali Squeeze Beer with its unique blood orange flavor or a simple, refreshing orange juice, the drink selections complement their meals perfectly. Each visit has been enhanced by the warm and accommodating staff. Autumn was particularly attentive, ensuring that my drinks were always full and adding to the already welcoming atmosphere. My most recent experience was a testament to their consistency. The Moon Chicken Sandwich was bursting with flavors that are simply out of this world. Sure, a little hiccup with a pricing issue on a to-go salad order left a bit of a sour note - the online menu didn't match the charged price and the phone service could have been better when trying to resolve it. But that won't deter me from returning, because when a place serves up food this good with a smile, it's hard to stay away. Harvest Moon, you've earned a special place in my list of favorites, and I can't wait to see what other tasty surprises you have in store!


1022 11th St, Modesto

(209) 248-7451

Reviewed by:

Sean Jafari

Let me tell you about my experience at Commonwealth for brunch in Modesto – it was fantastic! Hands down, they serve some of the best fries I've ever tasted, with the perfect level of crispiness. Alongside the fries, the burgers were a hit – juicy and cooked just right. What made the meal even more enjoyable was the variety of beer and cider options available to wash down the food. It wasn't just any ordinary brunch; it was a date night for us, but I could easily see coming back here with a larger group of friends or family. The highlight of the menu for me was the chance to savor 5 different kinds of tacos, each with homemade tortillas that truly elevated the experience. The flavors of the tikka and bahn mi tacos were particularly memorable. Thirst-quenching doesn't even begin to describe the jalapeno mango beer and the Una, which was the refreshing palate cleanser I didn't know I needed. The chicken bites, tender and packed with taste, were only made better with the choice of two delicious sauces. I was thoroughly impressed with the staff as well; their prompt and friendly service really stood out. This place has become a regular spot for us, especially since they introduced a kids menu – our visits have become even more frequent. For anyone who's a fan of great food paired with an impeccable beer lineup that's constantly rotating, this is the spot to be. Every beer I've tried here has been a winner. On a day when I was dealing with some less-than-fun business downtown, stumbling into Commonwealth completely turned my day around. The ambiance was instantly uplifting, and the Winter Solstice amber beer I tried hit the spot with its rich flavor. We also enjoyed a plate of nachos made from real potatoes, a novel and tasty twist that was more than enough for two. Located right next to the new children's museum downtown, it's a gem worth checking out. Trust me, it's a decision you won't regret! This place simply rocks.

Velvet Grill & Creamery

2204 McHenry Ave, Modesto

(209) 544-9029

Reviewed by:

Mary Charite

We had such a lovely brunch at Velvet Grill & Creamery in Modesto. The strawberry waffle was unforgettable, and my corn beef hash was genuinely delicious and definitely not from a can. My husband was so impressed that he went back later in the week and indulged in an exquisite steak sandwich paired with top-tier onion rings. He also raved about the French toast, which he devoured in moments. We're already planning our next visit to dive into their desserts; I'm eyeing the ice cream, and he's set on a strawberry shake. This place is the go-to for a milkshake in town, especially since you get that generous extra tin on the side. It's great how the menu offers so much variety, allowing us to mix breakfast and lunch items. The eggs were flawless, every dish tasted fresh, and it was clear everything was made to order. Hats off to the servers too, who were friendly and attentive even when the place was packed. The food arrived quite promptly, which was impressive. The one hiccup was the parking situation; a parking lot remodel wouldn't hurt as it was challenging to find a spot. But that won't deter us from coming back for more; the service and food are too good to pass up. Everything I've tried here has been fantastic – from the French toast and the mimosas to the hearty burgers. And if you're a coffee lover, you'll appreciate their diligence in keeping your cup warm and filled. The energy here is vibrant, with servers constantly on the move to ensure water glasses and coffee cups never hit empty. While the atmosphere is simple and straightforward, maybe reminiscent of a cafeteria, it's the food and service that truly stand out. Prices might be a notch above average, but for the quality and portion sizes, it's completely justified. Even on a busy Sunday morning, we didn't wait long for our food, which was a pleasant surprise. I tried the club sandwich, which was very tasty, though next time I might switch out the wheat bread. Also, the French Dip was another winner on the table. In short, Velvet Grill & Creamery has quickly cemented itself as a firm favorite for whenever we're in Modesto and craving that perfect blend of breakfast and lunch, or when that milkshake craving hits!

Waffle Shop Country Cooking

2400 Coffee Rd #A, Modesto

(209) 571-8188

Reviewed by:

Michelle Garcia Girones

On my latest visit to Waffle Shop Country Cooking for brunch, I had a really satisfying experience. I opted for the Country Omelette accompanied by country potatoes and a biscuit drenched in gravy. Washing it down with cranberry juice and coffee, my brunch was both refreshing and hearty. Straight off the bat, the Country Omelette was scrumptious, with every bite more inviting than the last. Although country potatoes aren’t usually my go-to, they were decent enough. However, the biscuit with gravy truly stole the show for me—rich in flavor and absolutely met my brunch expectations. The service, I must admit, was prompt and the staff were genuinely friendly. Upon arriving, my beverages were quickly served, setting a positive tone for the meal. There was a slight hiccup with the follow-up service, as no one checked in after delivering my meal, which was a bit disappointing. However, on paying at the register, the server did inquire if I needed anything else, which was appreciated, albeit a tad late. Despite the oversight, the food quality keeps me coming back. The Denver Omelette from a previous visit, along with the Apple Waffles, always hit the spot. Speaking of the waffles, they are an absolute must-try. Bursting with flavor, they easily outshine any other waffles in town. It's worth noting the restaurant has a very longstanding presence, which does show in the interior. A revamp could infuse a little more warmth and brightness into the ambiance. Yet, the charm of the place still resonates. On the whole, the food quality—particularly the chicken fried steak, which in my opinion, surpasses that of Black Bear with its robust flavors—compensates for any shortfalls. Although the prices may be a bit on the higher side, the generous portions justify the cost. This place has captured my taste buds, and despite the mixed experiences, I see myself continuing to return for the delightful dishes that I've come to enjoy.

Old Mill Cafe

600 9th St, Modesto

(209) 524-0451

Reviewed by:

Blanca Ddfg

The Old Mill Cafe in Modesto is a delightful spot for brunch. The staff here is exceptional – they truly know how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. During my visit, the food truly impressed me. I indulged in the chicken fried steak and eggs complemented by biscuits and gravy, and the flavors were spot-on. Not to mention, the country potatoes were a perfect side. My wife enjoyed her BLT and the clam chowder was a hit as well. We're no strangers to Old Mill Cafe; we dine here often and it's always a pleasure, never a disappointment. It has even become a place of celebration, as we gathered here for a Father's Day meal, remembering my late husband. On this particular visit, I decided to try something new – the French toast, as it came highly recommended by our waitress. It turned out to be an unforgettable choice; quite possibly the best French toast experience to date. As a family, we shared several dishes including an omelet, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and of course, those country potatoes. While everything was enjoyable, the French toast remained the standout for me. As travelers from Germany on our way to Yosemite National Park, the cafe provided us with a quintessential American dining experience, reminiscent of something one might see in the movies. The exceptional food and service at Old Mill Cafe are definitely reasons for us to return.

Squeeze In

3020 Floyd Ave #101, Modesto

(209) 846-0719

Reviewed by:

Venita Jackson

I absolutely love Squeeze In for brunch in Modesto. No matter what I choose from the menu, it's always a hit. The staff are quick and cheerful, making the whole dining experience that much better. The prices are reasonable, which definitely adds to the appeal of coming here more often. On my last visit, I went for the Jack Johnson banana pancakes and they were out of this world. I'd done my homework before deciding to eat here, checking out reviews and menu recommendations, and I'm so glad I did. Even though it's not a large place, the food and service never disappoint. This spot has become a regular breakfast destination for us. We've never had anything less than a stellar meal. Today's brunch was particularly great. We arrived, checked in, and requested to sit outside, avoiding one specific table we don't favor. Despite being called for that very table, the accommodating staff set up a brand new table for us without any fuss. My husband enjoyed a pastrami sandwich which he found lean and flavorful, suggesting a little mustard and perhaps pickles to enhance it further. I opted for a hamburger loaded with bacon bits – absolutely delicious. I can't recommend Squeeze In enough for their top-notch service and high-quality food. It's definitely a five-star experience.

Modesto Cafe

3121 Yosemite Blvd c4, Modesto

(209) 530-0658

Reviewed by:

Allison Carefoot

Walking into Modesto Cafe for brunch was a delightful surprise. Sometimes you just stumble upon a spot that immediately feels right, and this was one of them. The ambiance is welcoming and unpretentious, and you can tell it's a place where the focus is squarely on good food and warm hospitality. I decided to go with The Supreme Omelette, a hearty choice, though I admit I might not have paid enough attention to the description -- it came with Spanish Sauce, which wasn't exactly my cup of tea. But ketchup preferences aside, the omelette itself was quite satisfying. Alongside it, I tried the biscuit with gravy and a couple of fluffy pancakes, which were decent, though I'd love a bit more punch in the gravy next time. The country potatoes that I had as a side were a solid choice, adding a nice texture to the meal. Service really does make a difference, and it was friendly here, contributing to an overall pleasant experience. A heads-up about the Spanish Sauce would have been appreciated, but it's a small oversight in an otherwise enjoyable visit. My morning was rounded off with a large cranberry juice and black coffee, both refreshing and a perfect accompaniment to the meal. What left a lasting impression was the value – generous portions at a great price are always a win in my book. And despite the minor hiccups with some of the food, the service was spot on, especially the attentive lady who took care of us. Her excellent customer service deserves a shout-out. Overall, Modesto Cafe is a gem that's worth coming back to. Next time, I'm eager to explore more of their menu, knowing that I'll be greeted with speedy service and a plate full of something comforting and tasty. It's a small place, sure, but its charm and the promise of a satisfying meal will likely see it full of happy diners, myself included.


431 12th St, Modesto

(209) 550-5555

Reviewed by:

Shelly Sanchez

I discovered a wonderful spot for brunch right near the heart of downtown Modesto called SURLA's. This place is a real find with its perfect food, charming atmosphere, and exceptional service. I was particularly impressed by the shaded front patio and the inviting bar area. The prices are quite reasonable, which is always a pleasant surprise. My recent visit won't be my last – I'm already planning to come back to explore more of the menu since I've become a repeat customer. A shout-out to Drea, our server, who made our experience especially enjoyable. We had such a good time that we stayed longer than we planned, all thanks to the cheerful and attentive service. On top of that, I made it in time for Happy Hour, which runs from Tuesday to Friday between 5 and 7 pm. The deals were fantastic – half off on appetizers, pizzas, beers, and well drinks. We indulged in a variety of dishes including pizzas, pork appetizers, lettuce cups, and the fried fritto misto. The pizzas hit the mark, the pork ribs were satisfying, and the lettuce cups were a treat. The only hiccup was the service pace, which was on the slower side, but it didn't detract much from the overall experience. It's not just a great place for adults, as I found out when I brought my daughters along for dinner. The food delighted us all, and the service was quite good, set amidst a very pleasant atmosphere. Based on my experiences, it's clear that SURLA's is definitely on my list of must-visit places in Modesto.

The Secret Garden

2401 E Orangeburg Ave, Modesto

(209) 846-9559

Reviewed by:

Esther Del Cid

Came in for brunch on Sunday and was seated without a wait, which was a pleasant start to the experience. The vibe was just right—energetic without being overwhelming. The server made sure we were well taken care of, delivering our orders quickly. The crab cakes Benedict came with a hearty helping of hollandaise sauce, which added a rich flavor to the dish. The standout, though, was the bananas Foster's French toast—simply delicious with a sauce so good there was no need for extra syrup. On a spontaneous Friday breakfast outing after searching Yelp, I found this gem of a place. Arriving before the crowd picked up, I discovered that they had an impressive menu selection. As a French Toast enthusiast, I was immediately drawn to it and was not disappointed; even the fresh fruit on top, which I usually pass on, seemed like the perfect addition. The option to add Eggs and Bacon to make it a complete meal was a nice touch that other establishments could take note of. My wife's Chilaquiles were also a hit with her. The place itself gave off a refreshing vibe, clearly an upgrade from the former establishment, Ridgeways. Although the menu changes meant some old favorites were gone, it introduced some promising new dishes. The food overall was quite satisfying, with particular highlights being the flavorful gravy and my custom-prepared hash browns. While the omelette was a tad on the dry side and portions slightly smaller than before, it's still a place worth trying if you're in the area. Bringing my mom here for breakfast, I was struck by the cleanliness and spaciousness of the restaurant. The floral decorations and large dining and bar areas gave the place a welcoming feel. Our waitress was attentive and efficient, enhancing the dining experience. My Diablos chorizo skillet was brimming with a tasty combination of ingredients, though my mom's initial breakfast burrito had a minor issue with a hair, which was promptly and apologetically resolved by the staff. Considering the reasonable prices, especially when many breakfast spots have hiked theirs up, the value here is clear. The overall atmosphere and service added to the positive experience, making The Secret Garden a spot worth recommending for a great brunch outing.

Black Bear Diner

2200 Plaza Pkwy, Modesto

(209) 529-1440

Reviewed by:

Yaya Meeks

Stepping into Black Bear Diner for brunch in Modesto was a delightful experience, and the food definitely exceeded my expectations. The standout dish for me was the chicken fried steak with gravy—it was incredibly delicious! I also tried the fish and chips, which were super tasty. Unfortunately, I was too engrossed in the flavors to remember to snap a photo of those or the juicy bacon cheeseburger I savored. The service matched the quality of the food, being both quick and attentive. The staff were polite and made sure I felt welcome. I also enjoyed their unique strawberry lemonade which was the perfect complement to my meal. For my main course, I indulged in steak, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and cheese and bacon grits. The portion was generous and every bite was enjoyable, although my chicken fried steak was a touch too done for my taste. The pancakes, on the other hand, were perfect. While I was a bit disappointed that they were out of cinnamon roll waffles, the excellent service and overall great experience made up for it. The wait time for a party of more than two could get a bit lengthy during the weekend rush, but that’s to be expected. The meal portions they serve here are quite large, so come hungry! I found the menus particularly charming, styled like newspapers, adding a fun twist to the dining experience. Though there were minor hiccups, overall, the experience was quite positive. The food was satisfying and I felt the service was commendable even with a busy dining room. And I must say, I'm definitely tempted to return just for a slice of their pie. It's worth visiting Black Bear Diner when you're in the mood for hearty breakfast or diner fare; the quality and portion sizes make for a satisfying meal. I'm looking forward to coming back.

Mimi's Cafe

3401 Dale Rd, Modesto

(209) 567-0930

Reviewed by:

Brenda Bayo

I ventured out for brunch at Mimi's Cafe in Modesto and was delighted by the experience. The food portions definitely offered bang for the buck – quite generous without skimping on flavor. We went for the 3-course menu which was a steal at $25 a person. This place exudes a warm, family vibe that makes you feel right at home the moment you step inside. It boasts a comfortable bar area alongside spacious dining sections, catering to the morning crowd just as well as those coming in for an evening meal. Breakfast at Mimi's is a highlight for sure. The fresh Moffitt included in the breakfast menu is a must-try, and it's so good you'll want to grab some extra to take home. Even when the place is bustling with activity, especially on Sunday mornings, the service never skips a beat – always fast and efficient. For lunch, I chose a seasonal special – the rosemary steak sandwich – which ended up being a bit of a letdown as it was tough to bite into. That said, the French onion soup was a palate pleaser, and those homemade muffins? Simply irresistible, perfect to either savor on the spot or enjoy later. While it's true that some might find the food menu a hit or miss lately, with prices that might not always seem justifiable based on quality, the pastries still reign supreme. If anything, stopping by just for those delightful baked goods is worth the trip. The first visit here, and the service alone made a lasting impression. The waiter was nothing short of excellent, showing immense patience as I juggled between the meal and phone calls. The food impressed as much as the hospitality, and the drinks served were the cherry on top of a very satisfying brunch. Definitely a place I'd recommend checking out.

My Mimosas breakfast and nightclub

917 J St, Modesto

(209) 248-7464

Reviewed by:

John Zeffa

Stopped by My Mimosas for breakfast and drinks while in Modesto for a wedding and it did not disappoint. The prickly pear mimosa and fried chicken benedict were out of this world, and the staff was super friendly with fast service, making it a really fun breakfast spot. They have a huge variety of cocktails that are both fun and tasty. Even though it was a busy Sunday brunch, we were seated immediately, and the vibe was great despite the line that formed when we were leaving. The service was quick to take our order, but as expected, the food took a little time to arrive, and the waiter couldn't check on us as frequently. We ordered skillets and a hamburger, all of which came in good portions and tasted great. The mimosas definitely hit the spot too. The atmosphere felt more like a nightclub than a brunch place due to the dark wall colors, which wasn't exactly to my taste for a breakfast setting, but it wouldn't stop me from coming back. On a separate visit on Monday, there were no issues with the service, and although the poached eggs were a bit overdone for my liking, the extra hollandaise made up for it. Brunch with my mom and sister was a total blast — great music, awesome waiter, and the food and drinks were spot on. It's a bit pricey, but since my sister picked up the tab, it wasn't a problem for me. Overall, if you're looking for a great spot to enjoy brunch with friends in Modesto, My Mimosas is definitely worth the visit.


2052 W Orangeburg Ave, Modesto

(209) 529-4049

Reviewed by:

Evelson Ramirez

After organizing a brunch for a sizable group of 18 at the Modesto Denny's, I was genuinely impressed by their ability to accommodate us on a Thursday night. Despite having just one cook and one server on duty, they greeted us with smiles and promptly arranged all the tables we needed. The service was exceptional; they truly went above and beyond. Our orders came out surprisingly fast and were cooked to perfection. Everyone in the party was able to dive into their meals and enjoy the lively ambiance filled with laughter and good conversation. It was a delightful surprise to see such a high standard of service from a nationwide chain, and it serves as a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. During my visit, I ordered two 'Moons Over My Hammy' sandwiches. While they could have used a bit more ham and eggs to justify the $30 spent, the flavor was spot on, and the bread was wonderfully crispy and buttery. I'm looking forward to returning for the sandwich, although next time I might request some extra filling. The staff deserves a shout-out for their outstanding professionalism and kindness, particularly towards my granddaughter, who adores the friendly atmosphere. She has already made a friend there and is eager for our next visit. Besides the enjoyable aspects, I did notice that the fryer oil could use a change, as the taste of burnt remnants was noticeable and detracted from the experience. Additionally, finding a piece of plastic in my coffee was disappointing. Despite these issues, the overall experience was positive, and I appreciate the effort the team at Denny's put into serving our large group.


2098 W Orangeburg Ave, Modesto

(209) 342-9065

Reviewed by:

Veronica Machado

Driving through Modesto, I decided to stop at IHOP for brunch, and I've got to give a massive shout out to my waitress, Shenlya. Her customer service was impeccable, and she really made the experience stand out. The food was just as impressive. My BLT with fries and the pancakes were divine, perfectly cooked – a big thumbs up to the talented cooks! My wife and I used to be regulars at this IHOP, it's conveniently on our route for Saturday grocery runs, and always bustling with life. We had a special connection with our usual waitress, Lissa, who knew our order by heart – those personal touches made the place feel like a second home. However, changes in management led to a complete staff turnover, and it just hasn't been the same since. The recent service hasn't matched up – having to repeat orders and a sense of not being heard has marred the experience. It's those little things that make a restaurant special, and sadly, they seem to be missing now. We're considering finding a new brunch spot. But let me tell you about my visit today – it was outstanding! My breakfast was served piping hot and exactly to my liking. The service was top-notch, and the cleanliness of the restaurant didn't go unnoticed. A big thanks to all the staff for their incredible service today. The exceptional care they provided assures me that I'll be back. Despite the great meal today, I've had a few disappointing visits. Just recently, we were ignored by several employees upon entering and were not seated promptly, while another couple who arrived after us was attended to immediately. That experience left a sour taste, and we chose to leave. It seems I'll be taking my business elsewhere from now on, where customer acknowledgment is a priority.


1525 McHenry Ave, Modesto

(800) 990-5682

Reviewed by:

Barbara Gomez

During my visit to Denny's for brunch in Modesto, my experience was quite pleasant. The Denver omelet I shared was light and fluffy, and though pre-packed onions and bell peppers were used, the overall taste was still enjoyable. I do wish these ingredients were fresh for an even better flavor profile. The side of pancakes was just right, embodying the classic taste and texture you'd expect from a well-prepared breakfast, and they were served with the perfect touch of whipped butter. The biscuits and gravy were a highlight, reminiscent of homemade recipes with a good balance of sausage. Although they could have been warmer, they were still satisfying. The hash browns, meanwhile, were ideal with their crispy exterior and soft center. Our server, Kelsie, was remarkable, demonstrating professionalism and attentiveness despite it being 2 a.m., a time when fewer customers are around and service can be lax. Her proactive approach ensured our coffee cups were always full, and she communicated effectively, even informing us about her break schedule. Her level of service was a testament to the quality Denny's should aim for in all its employees. While the atmosphere was tranquil with minimal patronage, and despite a brief disturbance from a neighboring table, the interior was tidy and welcoming. Aside from an issue with a funky aftertaste from the eggs, which I suggest addressing, and the presence of a homeless person by the register, everything else was quite pleasant. In summary, the cook delivered a fast and satisfying meal, the food was well-prepared and enjoyable, and the service was exceptional. This Denny's location in Modesto stands out for its commendable service and quality offerings. It's clear that a visit during a quieter time can yield particularly swift service and an overall great dining experience.


110 McHenry Ave, Modesto

(209) 529-5594

Reviewed by:

Yvonne Huereca

Brunch at this particular Denny's in Modesto was a delightful experience, marking a pleasurable return to a place I visited as a child. It's been quite some time since I last stepped in, and the nostalgia mixed with the updated atmosphere was a lovely combination. The moment I tasted the food, I knew this wasn't just any ordinary Denny's. The quality was outstanding, with generous portions that were both satisfying and flavorful. The hash browns, in particular, were cooked to perfection. It's rare to find them done just right, but these were. Not only was the classic fare like burgers and fries fresh and tasty, the appetizers also seemed to be made to order, which added to the overall quality of the meal. It's always a nice touch when you can tell care has been taken in preparing your food. The staff at this restaurant deserve a mention too. The lady who provided service was both pleasant and helpful, making sure to pack my takeout with plenty of napkins and utensils - a detail that can often be overlooked but is much appreciated. As for the ambiance, it was a comfortable setting overall, although there was a strange, recurring whistle sound every few minutes that was a tad annoying, but that didn't detract too much from the experience. The server, while friendly, could have been a bit more attentive, but everyone has off days. Returning for brunch here was a trip down memory lane that didn't disappoint. The hot skillet meals were particularly enjoyable. Despite some minor hiccups, I'd recommend this Denny's in Modesto for a solid brunch spot that serves up reliably good food.

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