September 12, 2023

Top 20 Brunch Spots in Newark: A Delicious Tour of the City

Discover the top brunch spots in Newark! Whether you're craving fluffy pancakes, gourmet omelettes, or exotic mimosas, our guide features the best places to enjoy a leisurely brunch in the city. Visit today for a delightful culinary experience.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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New Jersey
Top 20 Brunch Spots in Newark: A Delicious Tour of the City
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Uncover the vibrant culinary scene of Newark by indulging in its best brunch places. A perfect combination of diverse cultures, Newark offers a wide array of mouthwatering brunch options that will satisfy all your cravings. From classic American breakfasts to international dishes, and from cozy coffee shops to upscale restaurants, the city has everything you need for a perfect mid-morning meal. So whether you're a local or a tourist, exploring Newark's best brunch spots is a delicious adventure you should not miss.

Sihana Cafe

71 Ferry St, Newark

(973) 944-2196

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Sihana Cafe in Newark is a delightful place to have brunch. It has a calm and pleasing atmosphere and offers a pleasant dining experience. Their pancakes are fluffy and delicious, the portions are generous and their matcha latte is exceptional. Though the side serving of eggs was a bit small, it was reasonable considering the price. They also offer a seamless process where you can order and pay at the same time by scanning a barcode. The staff is incredibly kind and accommodating, even providing options for vegan customers. I had a delectable bagel sandwich with hummus and avocado, paired with an oat milk chai latte. The cafe has a comfortable retro vibe and supports local artists. I highly recommend it for a relaxing brunch with friends or a significant other.

Tops Diner

500 Passaic Ave, East Newark

(973) 481-0490

Reviewed by:

Tops Diner in Newark provided an excellent brunch experience, despite the initial wait due to the restaurant being fully booked. The atmosphere was lively, filled with families celebrating graduation, and the large, modern space offered a stylish setting for our meal. The staff were efficient and friendly, offering timely service and ensuring all our orders were correct. The food itself was highly satisfying, with flavors perfectly balanced and portion sizes generous enough for leftovers. Highlights included the wings and the standout shrimp bistro pasta, both deliciously cooked and seasoned. The establishment also offers a small discount for cash payments. Despite visiting on a busy day, the overall experience at Tops Diner was memorable and enjoyable, with mouth-watering food, great music and excellent service. It's a place I would highly recommend and look forward to visiting again.

Blueprint Cafe

369 Raymond Blvd, Newark

(973) 732-0421

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Blueprint Cafe in Newark, Jersey is a charming eatery offering delicious vegetarian cuisine in a welcoming ambiance. The service is warm and attentive, and the menu caters to diverse tastes and dietary needs. The star dish - a flavorful and satisfying veggie burger - is a must-try! Reasonably priced, it's an exceptional value for the quality and portion size. Overall, it's a fantastic dining experience, making Blueprint Cafe one of my favorite spots in town.

Sagittariu's Café & Restaurant

4 Avenue B, Newark

Reviewed by:

I'm thrilled to share my delightful brunch experience at Sagittariu's Café & Restaurant in Newark. As a fan of Ecuadorian cuisine, this place surpassed my expectations in so many ways. The food was out-of-this-world good. Admittedly, there was a slightly extra dash of salt in some dishes, but this minor issue didn't detract from their overall flavor. It somehow enhanced the taste, giving a unique savory edge to their scrumptious meals. Their lunch offerings were nothing short of excellent. The authenticity and the perfectly combined ingredients managed to teleport my taste buds straight to the heart of Ecuador. It was a gastronomic voyage I highly recommend. What sets Sagittariu's apart from other brunch spots is not only their food but their warm, homely atmosphere. The staff made me feel so welcome, like I was dining in a friend's home rather than a restaurant. However, I must admit, there was a slight room for improvement in their ordering system, which wasn't as streamlined as it could be. But, despite this, the quality of their food and the overall dining experience are unquestionably top-notch. To sum up, Sagittariu's Café & Restaurant offers a remarkable brunch experience. Their delicious Ecuadorian dishes, coupled with their inviting ambience, make it a must-visit spot in Newark. Whether you're a brunch regular or new to the scene, this place satisfies both the stomach and the soul.

TeaRx Cafe-Newark

186 W Market St, Newark

(862) 241-1665

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TeaRx Cafe, Newark is a gem in the heart of Newark and one of my top spots for brunch. Their selection of fresh-pressed green juices, wheat grass, and immune-boosting shots are an absolute delight for health enthusiasts like myself. The pricing is reasonable and the staff are professional, friendly, and genuinely care for the customers and the community. They maintain the shop very well and ensure the food is prepared and served promptly. Our experience with their catering during our Annual Career Fair at Central High School was simply amazing and I highly recommend them. One area they could improve on is their telephone service; they seemingly prioritize in-store customers over those calling in. Despite this, TeaRx Cafe remains a fantastic place for a delightful and healthy brunch experience in Newark.

The Yard

55 Park Pl, Newark

(973) 273-0033

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The Yard in Newark is an exceptional place for brunch with lovely staff, outstanding food, and a wonderful atmosphere. The chefs take great care in preparing each dish to perfection, ensuring a satisfying dining experience. The restaurant is run by the attentive owner Kia, who is meticulous about the quality of food served. The oxtail burger is a must-try, as are the sweet potato tots and strawberry grilled pound cake. Besides its excellent food, The Yard is also a great spot to visit before a show at NJPAC. Despite being busy, the service remains top-notch. There are tasty options for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. I highly recommend The Yard and can confidently say that I will be back.

Mr. Burgundy Breakfast Luncheonette

244 S Orange Ave, Newark

(973) 382-3004

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If you're ever in Newark and in need of a hearty, flavorsome breakfast experience, make it a point to hit Mr. Burgundy's Breakfast Luncheonette. This venue may be slightly off the beaten path, but it’s the perfect hole-in-the-wall with a rustic charm and friendly staff. The beef bacon sandwich with eggs and cheese on a Kaiser roll is highly recommended, and is worth every penny of its $6 price tag. An unfortunate discrepancy regarding pricing on one occasion was a blemish, but the quality of the food and friendly service more than make up for it. Even for folks residing in places like South Jersey, the drive up to Mr. Burgundy's for a scrumptious breakfast is absolutely worth it. This place has won my heart and stomach over, and I can't wait to revisit!

Deluxe Diner

561 Broad St, Newark

(973) 624-1532

Reviewed by:

Deluxe Diner in Newark, indeed, lives up to its name, offering a truly deluxe brunch experience. As a regular diner and brunch enthusiast, I was absolutely thrilled with the variety and quality of dishes available. The ambiance that Deluxe Diner offers reminds me of the classic diners from the 60s, but with a modern twist, making it a lovely and nostalgic brunch destination. The menu is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. They have a wide range of options, catering to various dietary preferences, and ensuring there's something for everyone. As a fan of savoury dishes, I was delighted by the corned beef hash – the flavors were spot on, and the meat was tender and perfectly cooked. My sweet tooth was more than satisfied with the French toast that was beautifully presented, fluffy, and complemented with syrup and fresh fruits. What sets Deluxe Diner apart is its commitment to quality ingredients and meticulous preparation. You can really taste the freshness in every bite, and it's clear that the chef is dedicated to crafting dishes that are not just comforting but also flavorful and innovative. Service at Deluxe Diner was also commendable. The staff were friendly, attentive without being intrusive, and genuinely invested in ensuring everyone had a wonderful time. One more highlight that can't be missed is their coffee—it's strong, smooth, and an absolute delight to brunch lovers. Whether you're a local or a visitor to Newark, Deluxe Diner is definitely a must-visit. Their brunch has set a high bar, and it's safe to say it's one of the best the city has to offer. So gather your friends and family for a memorable brunch at Deluxe Diner—you won't be disappointed!

Souzafit Restaurant - Newark

70 Adams St store 7, Newark

(973) 732-7976

Reviewed by:

Souzafit Restaurant in Newark is an exceptional place for brunch, especially for those looking for healthy options. Their menu is well-designed, detailing the nutrient content of each dish. They serve freshly made orange juice which tastes excellent. The customer service, particularly from the two girls serving, was impressive. The meal delivery was also prompt. Their turkey burger was delicious, not too salty, but soft and tasty. The light portion of sweet potato fries was appreciated. I can confidently say this is a great place for health-conscious individuals. My sister ordered the monster wrap and grilled steak which she hasn't tried yet, but I am certain she will enjoy it. The meal preparation is healthy and delicious, making it a friendly place for health-focused customers. I can't thank them enough for their service and food. I highly recommend Souzafit for a healthy and delicious brunch.

D & J Country Cooking

363 Madison Ave, Newark

(862) 234-2882

Reviewed by:

D & J Country Cooking in Newark is a hidden gem for soul food lovers. Despite its unassuming exterior, the food served here is of exceptional quality and flavor. Notably, their Lima beans, oxtails, turkey wings, mac and cheese, and fried chicken are highly recommended. Their portions are generous and the staff is courteous. Do not be swayed by the lack of online presence or the location, this no-frills spot serves some of the best soul food in Newark. Just a heads-up - they tend to sell out early so plan accordingly. Their clean restroom also merits a mention. This is a place you would want to revisit to try their other offerings as well as their breakfast.


915 Broad St, Newark

(973) 732-2530

Reviewed by:

In my recent visit to IHOP for brunch in Newark, I had some mixed experiences. The seating and service left a lot to be desired. It took quite long for the waitress to attend to us, and the service was overall not up to the mark. The order had some issues and the orange juice tasted watered down. I also found the restroom conditions unsatisfactory. The most disappointing part was regarding the steak order, which was not prepared as per my expectations. The chef's and manager's responses were rather unprofessional, adding to the unpleasant experience. The pancake, a signature dish of IHOP, didn't impress me either. On a brighter note, the food didn't take long to arrive and was prepared well. The service from our individual waiter was commendable - he was patient and polite despite the other issues. However, the overall atmosphere and food quality did not meet my expectations. Regrettably, I won't be returning to this IHOP branch in Newark.

Pages Restaurant On the Mall

150 Halsey St, Newark

(973) 623-6284

Reviewed by:

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Pages Restaurant On the Mall in downtown Newark. This tried-and-true establishment is a gem in the city with a fantastic selection of hot and cold buffet items that you can self-serve by the pound, or you have the option to order from their impressive diner-style menu at the counter. I appreciated the cleanliness and spaciousness of the dining area, along with the friendly and efficient service. The prices are economical, given the delectable quality and substantial quantity of the food. They offer both the option to dine in or take away, which adds to the convenience. The restaurant has a handicap-accessible entrance and offers both metered street and paid lot parking options for your convenience. It seems to be a well-loved spot by locals which truly speaks volumes about the quality of their service, the pleasant ambiance, and most importantly, their flavorful food. Despite having undergone several changeovers in ownership over the years, Pages still maintains its standard of quality, constantly pulling in a steady stream of old and new customers. This has become one of my preferred spots for a satisfying brunch - a definite must-try in Newark!

The Comedy Diner Formerly Annabella's Kitchen

144 Washington St, Newark

(862) 237-9700

Reviewed by:

The Comedy Diner, formerly Annabella's Kitchen, is an excellent spot for brunch offering incredible diner-style food and impeccable service in a lively atmosphere. Despite the misleading score of 4.2 on Google, my personal experience exceeded expectations and I highly anticipate my next visit. Since their recent revamp under new ownership and a complete transformation into a comedy club cum dining room, the improvements are remarkable. From the renovation of the interior to the overhaul of the menu, every change is a testament to the owner's dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience. The egg/bacon/cheese breakfast sandwich was thick and delicious and exemplifies the great value they offer, such as the satisfying chicken cutlet sub. The place is not just clean and comfortable, but also has a friendly, efficient service team. With their timely adaptation to the University City resurgence in Newark, they are a must-visit, and I highly recommend it!

Central Restaurant

30 Central Ave #4, Newark

(973) 623-8137

Reviewed by:

My experience at Central Restaurant in Newark was exceptional. It embodies everything a classic dinner café embodies: straight-forward, no-frills, scrumptious food at a fair price. The few negative reviews are outshadows by the many raving ones. If you're in search for a decadent smoked salmon with foie gras foam, this may not be your place. But if you’re craving a delightful, traditional American brunch like pancakes, bacon, eggs, grits, and, of course, coffee, this is your spot. Central Restaurant has quickly become my favorite place in Newark. Its menu, which also includes burgers, fries, milkshakes, and ice cream, is enough to keep me coming back regularly. The ambiance is clean and the staff is beyond polite, which greatly enhances the dining experience. Not only did I enjoy my meal, but even my teen, who is usually hard to please, savored every bite. The portions are quite generous, giving you excellent value for your money. In spite of its few shortcomings (the bathrooms could use some attention), I highly recommend Central Restaurant. The unpretentious, hearty, and downright tasty food will have you returning for more. If you're in Newark, it's a must-visit. Long live Central Restaurant!

Vonda's Kitchen

183 W Kinney St, Newark

(973) 732-4532

Reviewed by:

Vonda's Kitchen in Newark is a treasure! The consistency of their quality meals is impressive and they offer a fantastic range of dishes, with the blackened catfish and grits and shrimp and grits being my personal favorites. Their soul food is authentic and satisfying, even if some dishes might not be as outstanding as before. Vonda herself is a devoted business owner who values customer satisfaction. The friendly staff and exceptional hospitality make you feel right at home. Each meal is a delight, right down to the condiments, and even something as simple as toast tastes heavenly. If you're in Newark, don't miss the chance to visit this amazing establishment. And while you’re at it, urge them to open a branch in Atlanta too! For more food reviews, follow me on Instagram @eatblackatlanta.

No Pão at Café Caffé- Chestnut Street

274 Chestnut St, Newark

(973) 466-1106

Reviewed by:

No Pão at Café Caffé on Chestnut Street in Newark is an absolute haven for any brunch lover. Its welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff make every visit a joy, and the exceptional food is the icing on the cake. Though they do have a corking fee due to not having a liquor license, the other amenities more than make up for it. A great parking lot makes finding a spot easy, ensuring that your experience is smooth from start to finish. The charm of this bakery/café runs deep; I have happy childhood memories of dining here regularly. The food is consistently delicious, with their Portuguese pastries standing out as particularly wonderful. The pasteis de nata (egg custard tart) is a must-try. Their range of sandwiches, salads, and coffee options is also commendable. Additional perks include free wifi - perfect for those who need to work or want to relax with their laptop - and plenty of parking in the adjoining lot. This spot is great whether you're dining alone, as a couple, or with your family. For your entertainment, they provide several wall-mounted flat-screen televisions. The restrooms are spotlessly clean, keeping the overall dining experience comfortable. This is a go-to spot for brunch in Newark; I wholeheartedly recommend No Pão at Café Caffé on Chestnut Street. This café holds a special place in my heart and continues to deliver a phenomenal brunch experience with each visit. It's a solid 10/10 for me!

Hot Spot Diner

17 Avenue A, Newark

(973) 242-3004

Reviewed by:

Hot Spot Diner in Newark is, in my experience, an excellent spot for brunch. It offers some of the best food and drinks, including a fantastic sangria, in the area and at very affordable prices. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring a great dining experience. The scenery both inside and around the diner is unique and charming, with vintage vehicles in the parking lot and an indoor football pitch. The diverse menu caught my attention, and I was drawn to the Octopus dish. It was served with golden potatoes, sauteed onions and peppers - all cooked to perfection. The octopus was especially tender and flavorful. The overall atmosphere at Hot Spot Diner was welcoming with a sweet vibe from both patrons and employees. I am looking forward to returning and indulging in more delicious food at this wonderful gem in the heart of Newark. Love and peace - Steve.


109 Bergen St, Newark

(973) 802-1555

Reviewed by:

Brunch at IHOP in Newark was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Though it seemed that the restaurant was short-staffed during my visit and there were some issues with the food, I appreciated the prompt and sincere service from our waitress. She apologized each time we encountered a problem and did her best to make things right. There were a few issues that could be improved upon like the cleanliness of their coffee pot, the practice of food handling, and the state of the bathroom. However, the ambiance of the restaurant was very welcoming, with a love and soul that is uniquely IHOP. The place was clean and the staff was friendly and courteous. The breakfast was top-notch and they served the best sweet tea I've ever tasted. Despite the kitchen issues, it was still a nice place to enjoy a family breakfast. While my visit had some drawbacks, the great service and overall vibe of the place made it a memorable experience. Yet, some improvements in certain areas are necessary for a perfect brunch experience.

Andros Restaurant

6 Wilson Ave, Newark

(973) 344-2626

Reviewed by:

My recent visit to Andros Restaurant in Newark turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Not only was the food memorable, but the generous servings ensured that no one left hungry. My family and I were there for two consecutive days, and the attentive staff added a charming touch to our dining experience. While it seemed quiet and modest at first, the place livened up with excellent service and tasty dishes. Although there were minor hiccups with our order, the server was adamant that it was what we asked for. From some reviews, these mishaps seem to pop up now and again. Yet, don't let this deter you from visiting. The experience was still enjoyable, and you get a decent amount of food for what you pay. One thing that caught me off guard was an additional charge for ordering desserts after a certain hour. Apparently it was an 'after-hour' charge, which wasn't mentioned when we ordered. Be wary of the time you choose to indulge your sweet tooth. Despite this setback and a questionable strawberry in one dessert, the meal was satisfying overall. What sets Andros Restaurant apart is its 24-hour service. For travelers like me, finding a decent place to eat late at night is a blessing. Despite the food being ordinary at 1am, it quenched my hunger just when I needed it. The staff maintained their friendliness and efficiency even at this late hour. In summary, Andros Restaurant deserves a visit when in Newark. It might not be the best in town, but the plentiful portions, 24-hour service, and welcoming staff make it worth your time. Given its ups and downs, I'd return if I found myself hungry after midnight. Trust me, it's worth a try at least once.

Doc's Waffle House & Soul Food

506 S Orange Ave, Newark

(862) 234-2696

Reviewed by:

I had the pleasure of visiting Doc's Waffle House & Soul Food for brunch on a recent jaunt to Newark last weekend. Despite initial doubts due to the lack of patrons, I decided to dine there and I was definitely glad I did! The food was exceptional, and meeting the owner, Dr. Rev. Durr, undoubtedly made my day. His engaging demeanor added a unique touch to the soulful dining experience - you could say we got a Sermon with our Soul food. I'm really looking forward to my next visit, which I am already planning. The enticing aroma that greeted us upon our entrance was simply irresistible. Cheers to Doc's Waffle House & Soul Food, a hidden gem that brought a unique and delightful brunch experience to life. Highly recommended!

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