January 27, 2024

The Ultimate Brunch Spots in Norfolk

Embark on a brunch adventure in Norfolk where the mimosas flow freely and the eggs Benedict always lands sunny-side up.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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The Ultimate Brunch Spots in Norfolk
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This is Norfolk, the place where every forkful is a revelation. Let's discover the ultimate brunch destinations that make every weekend worth waiting for.

Mea Culpa Cafe

2410 Colonial Ave, Norfolk

(757) 637-6450

Reviewed by:

Venancio Jamal

Visited Mea Culpa Cafe for brunch and had a truly wonderful experience. The coffee, tea, and waffle-based foods are excellent. Particularly enjoyed a unique waffle adorned with goat cheese, herbs, pistachios, and honey - absolutely delicious. The cafe's atmosphere is its most charming feature, located in an old house, it boasts a quaint used bookstore in an old staircase and a community refrigerator out front offering food for those in need, a gesture well worth supporting. The place is cozy and cute. Tried the iced pineapple latte, which was good, though the pineapple settling at the bottom made it a bit challenging to drink. The lemon curd waffle was fantastic, simple yet indulgent. A friend had a waffle sandwich with grilled zucchini and eggs; it was delightful, though its name escapes me. The menu might be a bit limited, but the visit was entirely worth it. The cafe conjures a slow, small-town atmosphere, allowing you to relax deeply on the porch, enjoying the surrounding greenery. The cleanliness of both the outdoor and indoor spaces is impeccable, with the interior being bright, fresh, and tastefully decorated. The tile wall particularly stands out. Be prepared for a bit of a wait for food since it's made to order, but the wait is undeniably worth it. The coffee is excellent to enjoy in the meantime. The waffles, whether goat cheese or lemon curd, left no crumbs behind among my guests. Also tried the kale and chickpea salad, with its fresh kale and hearty mix of ingredients, it's a must-try. The return visit is already planned. The lime and pepitas latte was the best had, striking the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor depth. The patio and courtyard offer a lovely setting for conversation, though it can be a bit louder inside. A friend described the savory oatmeal as the best she's ever had, leaving us all impressed. Though food and drinks may take a while to arrive, the wait is definitively worth it. This cafe is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique brunch experience with a warm, inviting vibe.

Handsome Biscuit

2511 Colonial Ave, Norfolk

Reviewed by:

Misael Reynoso

My visit to Handsome Biscuit for brunch was a delightful experience that made my weekend in Norfolk truly special. The food here is simply out of this world, marking it as a must-visit gem in the city. From the biscuits that hit just the right notes of savory goodness to the fantastic chicken classic, everything I tried was top-notch. The standout, though, had to be the Dolly Madison. The generous dollop of cream cheese frosting and the mixed berry jam was the perfect cure for my sweet tooth. Although the prices might seem a bit steep at first glance, with classics going for more than $9, I found the quality and taste of the food to justify every penny. I had the chance to compare both the sweet potato and regular biscuits, and while both were scrumptious, the regular biscuit edged out as my favorite. The setup at Handsome Biscuit is quite unique with no indoor seating, so it's probably best to check the weather before planning a visit unless you're going for takeout. I appreciated the self-checkout register which streamlined the ordering process, though it's worth noting they only accept cards. Despite being quite crowded, the service was fast and friendly, showcasing efficiency in how they run things. It gave the place a cozy, albeit slightly cramped, vibe which didn't detract from the overall experience. My initial impression was a bit mixed, primarily due to the outdoor seating arrangement and a slightly longer wait time. Additionally, I was looking forward to trying the tots, which they had run out of. And while the actual flavor of my order didn't live up to the visual promise, the biscuits alone were enough to leave a lasting impression. The option to customize your biscuit with a "twist" even midday is a fun touch that keeps the menu exciting. Despite some minor drawbacks, the love for Handsome Biscuit is evident among its patrons, and I find myself eager to give it another shot. The charm of the place, combined with the exceptional biscuits, makes it worth revisiting. It's not the best I've had, but it's far from the worst. Here's to round two, because when it comes to good food, everyone deserves a second chance.

Karla's Beach House

3248 E Ocean View Ave, Norfolk

(757) 937-3844

Reviewed by:

Fabio Bolano

Oh wow, this place just hits the spot. The French toast was absolutely to die for – perfectly made with just the right amount of cinnamon on top. It was delightful without being too heavy, so finishing the entire plate was a joy. My husband went for the gluten-free pancake combo and was equally impressed. Despite being gluten-free, the pancakes were fluffy and full of flavor. Finding parking was a bit tricky, but we lucked out and snagged a spot right away. The prices were very reasonable, making us eager to plan our next visit. A friend and I decided to give this place a try on her sister's recommendation, and we were not disappointed. The Beach Benedict I chose was phenomenal, and my friend couldn't get enough of the waffles, eggs, bacon, and sausage links. Pairing our meals with their mimosas was the cherry on top, even though the limited parking situation was a slight drawback. However, it's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. We usually hang out at Jessy’s at Ocean View and happened to pass by Karla’s quite often since it’s just a short walk away. With Jessy’s being remodeled, we ended up at Karla’s, and now I'm left wondering why it took us so long to try it. The cozy coastal decor, outstanding service, and fantastic menu left us more than satisfied. Despite a smaller menu due to their early closing times, everything we tried was exceptional. The chicken and waffles were a perfect blend of simplicity and taste – fresh, crispy chicken paired with a fluffy waffle and eggs. The Philly breakfast bowl was a creative and delicious take on a classic, and the Monte Cristo sandwich was a delightful mix of sweet and savory, reminding me why I love this old world sandwich so much. Living in Norfolk, especially near the beaches, has its perks, and finding gems like Karla’s Beach House is definitely one of them. Since moving to this neighborhood from VA Beach, finding local spots like this has been a highlight. The Philly Bowl quickly became my favorite, combining steak, peppers, onions, eggs, home potatoes, and mozzarella cheese to perfection. Their own Norfolk Coffee & Tea was the perfect complement to a fantastic meal. For anyone looking for a great breakfast or lunch spot, this place is a must-try. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Little Dog Diner

1917 Colley Ave, Norfolk

(757) 333-4137

Reviewed by:

Britt Jones

Visited Little Dog Diner for brunch in Norfolk and it didn’t disappoint! The vibe of this diner is just what you need for a relaxed morning or afternoon meal – it’s cute, comfortable, and truly gives off that classic diner feel. The staff here really sets this place apart; it’s not every day you encounter such friendly and passionate people in the food industry. From the servers to the kitchen team, everyone wears a smile and genuinely seems to enjoy their work, which in turn makes the dining experience so much more enjoyable. During my visits (yes, I've been here twice in a single week because it’s that good), I had the pleasure of trying a variety of their menu items. The Ireland’s favorite Benedict, with its in-house made corned beef hash, was a standout. It’s not your typical Benedict – the hash elevates it to a whole new level. Another must-try is the crunch granola encrusted French toast; it’s simply divine and unlike any French toast I’ve had before. I’ve been a fan of their breakfast options for years, especially the mimosas on Sunday mornings – they're amazing. This time around, I decided to venture into their lunch menu and was equally impressed. The fried green tomato BLT captured my attention (though the actual menu name escapes me), and it was exceptional. The tomatoes were fried to perfection without being greasy, paired with thick tasty bacon and served on perfectly toasted Texas toast. The side of hand-battered onion rings and topped tots rounded off the meal beautifully, although I wish the portion size of the tots was a bit larger for sharing. Eating on the porch adds to the experience, though a little cleanup of the plastic sheeting over the screened windows wouldn’t go amiss. Despite this minor detail, every visit here has been remarkable and I can’t recommend Little Dog Diner enough. The food is delicious, the service is impeccable, and the atmosphere is just right. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast or lunch, don’t miss out on this gem in Norfolk. And if you're feeling adventurous, give the Spam a try; you might be pleasantly surprised! Lastly, the redneck express is my go-to dish, though a little extra cheese would make it even better. Looking forward to my next visit!

Sandfiddler Cafe

9561 Shore Dr, Norfolk

(757) 227-3484

Reviewed by:

Miriam Rodriguez Taty

Let me start by sharing that both the service and food at Sandfiddler Cafe were commendable. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted, promptly asked about my party size, and chose to sit at the bar/counter. A menu was immediately provided for me to peruse as I seated myself. The drink order was taken quickly, and as I glanced through their extensive menu, which boasted a variety of breakfast favorites including omelets, Benedicts, waffles, pancakes, salads, and sandwiches, I was impressed by the options available for brunch. My choice was the Irish Benedict, featuring two poached eggs on corned beef hash with biscuits and gravy, accompanied by a side of fresh fruits. The meal was served in about 10 minutes, a testament to their efficient service. While the Benedict was enjoyable, the English muffin could have been toasted for a crisp texture, and the corned beef hash seemed like it could have used a bit more preparation. An aspect that caught my attention was the designated person checking the food before it was served. However, the practice of touching the food and then handling other items without cleaning hands in between was concerning from a health perspective. Despite this, my overall experience was positive, especially given the excellent service we received on two consecutive days. The variety in their menu meant there was something for everyone. The first day, the Greek omelet was satisfactory, though it appeared the eggs might not have been freshly cracked. The second day's fisherman's breakfast was largely enjoyable, with particularly fluffy pancakes and crispy hash browns, though the eggs and sausage left a bit to be desired. The atmosphere of the cafe added to the pleasant experience, providing a comfortable setting that wasn't too crowded even when full. The staff was notably friendly and accommodating, making our first visit here memorable for the right reasons. The food, on the whole, was amazing and provided great value. It's a fantastic spot for starting your day on a positive note with a hearty meal.


2406 Colonial Ave, Norfolk

(757) 226-9655

Reviewed by:

Antonio Barrow

My visit to Toast for brunch in Norfolk was an absolute delight, largely thanks to their mastery of the three crucial elements that guarantee a memorable experience: food, service, and atmosphere. The chefs here clearly pour their heart into every dish, evident from the incredible plating and presentation. The staff was not just pleasant but also personable and efficient, making the dining experience all the more enjoyable. The food exceeded all my expectations, prompting me to pen this review. And the drinks, oh, they were in a league of their own. When it comes to the setting, Toast offered a quaint and cozy atmosphere that was the perfect size – small enough to feel intimate but lively enough to promise an exciting dining experience. Kait deserves a special shoutout for making our visit extra special. It's places like this, with good food and good people, that make dining out a joy. The menu was well-rounded, offering plenty of options to choose from including drinks. My wife and I especially loved dropping by for brunch; the place is super cute, with some truly amazing food and drinks. We tried the vegan chili and a drink named “Only God Forgives” - both were fantastic. The bartenders impressed us with their professionalism and knowledge. Toast has earned itself a spot on my list of must-visit places whenever I find myself back in Virginia.

The Stockpot Norfolk

215 E Plume St #100, Norfolk

(757) 227-3337

Reviewed by:

Abdiel Cheer

From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere at The Stockpot Norfolk was warm and inviting, kicked off by our server's infectious smile and spot-on recommendations. The brunch did not disappoint, starting with a Bloody Mary that was impeccably crafted - a must-try! The Peace French toast was a highlight, striking the perfect balance of flavor without being overly sweet. Then there was the fried rice. On a whim, I swapped the standard meat for beef tips, and let me tell you, it was a decision well made. The beef tips elevated the dish to new levels of deliciousness. Definitely a choice I'll be making again. What intrigued me about The Stockpot Norfolk was its origin story. Originally starting as a pop-up soup station at local farmers markets, it’s impressive to see its evolution into a bustling full-service restaurant. This growth is a testament to the quality and love put into their food and service. Even a simple stop for a cup of coffee turned into a delightful experience, thanks to their in-house made syrups and smooth Tidewater Roasters coffee. It was the perfect pairing. And the pumpkin tortilla soup with added shredded chicken I had on one windy day? Heavenly. The hint of curry gave it a nice kick without being overpowering, though I did find myself wishing the side biscuit was a bit larger. Wednesday’s Ramen Day was another memorable visit. Opting for the vegetarian ramen with a substitution to avoid the standard mushroom broth for something a bit meatier in flavor was a great choice. It was rich and hearty, though next time, I might venture into the non-vegetarian offerings. Despite the tofu being just okay, the broth was so flavorful, it more than made up for it. Do note, it took about 20 minutes for the ramen to arrive, so you might want to plan a little extra time into your visit. All in all, The Stockpot Norfolk has secured its spot on my list of must-visit brunch spots in Norfolk. From the crafted coffees to the wonderfully executed brunch dishes, it’s certainly a place I'll be returning to.

Granby Waffle Shop at Slover

235 E Plume St, Norfolk

(757) 904-1645

Reviewed by:

Jerryortiz Kelsey

Came here last year with a group of friends for brunch at Granby Waffle Shop at Slover in Norfolk, and it was a wonderful experience. The Brunch waffle I ordered was absolutely delightful. My recent visit, however, had a bit of a wait – about 25+ minutes for the Grandma Waffle, but it gave me ample time to catch up on some reading and even apply for a credit card. When the Grandma Waffle finally arrived, it was visually appealing and smelled heavenly. The waffle itself was light and fluffy, just as I remembered. However, the toppings – chicken, eggs, and blueberries – were somewhat lacking in flavor, which was a bit disappointing given the price point. The staff here, though, were as friendly and polite as ever, making the dining experience pleasant. They were helpful at the register, explaining the customizable ordering options and ensuring the food was brought directly to the table, which I really appreciated. Despite the minor setback, I'm open to giving this place another chance and trying something different from their menu. There's a certain charm about Granby Waffle Shop that keeps me coming back. The server I had was incredibly friendly, and the aroma of freshly made waffles is always enticing. It's great that you can personalize your waffles and drinks, offering a unique dining experience. Interestingly, I tried the buffalo chicken waffle on one visit, and despite my reservations about such a combination, it was surprisingly good. Next time, I might lean towards something more traditional for breakfast, considering the savory option was a bit heavy for an early meal. Having visited twice in one week, I can confidently say this place is amazing. The spacious setting coupled with the amazing staff greatly enhances the dining experience. The variety of waffles, ranging from sweet to savory, and the option to create your own is something I look forward to exploring more. Plus, their selection of drinks, including mimosas, adds a nice touch to the brunch experience. This spot is definitely a must-visit in the 757 area for anyone looking for a delightful brunch experience with a wide variety of options to suit all tastes.


759 Granby St, Norfolk

(757) 962-2992

Reviewed by:

David Hernández

Stepping into Commune for brunch was a delightful experience from the get-go. The venue boasts ample seating arrangements, including a charming lounge area, a semi-private long table tucked behind an open wall, and, to my pleasure, a kids' play kitchen which kept the little ones entertained while relaxing on the comfortable leather tufted couch. The service was prompt, and my request for extra lavender in my lavender burnt honey drink was accommodated perfectly, making it an exceptional beverage. Although the initial serving of potatoes arrived burnt, they were swiftly remade, crispy and delicious. The collard greens needed a slight touch of in-house hot sauce and a pinch of salt, but overall, were enjoyable. Located in the vibrant Neon District, this was my first visit to the Commune, and the menu offerings immediately caught my eye. I opted for the chicken and dumpling soup alongside the big Backyard salad. The salad was generously portioned, more than I could finish, and brilliantly fresh and well-seasoned. The chicken and dumpling soup was comforting, only needing a dash of pepper and a few more dumplings to achieve perfection. The industrial chic of the restaurant added to the charm of our dining experience. My partner and I found ourselves returning for another meal during our stay in Norfolk. We indulged in homemade mint lemonade, golden milk latte, cappuccino, crab cake Benedict, a fried rice bowl, a breakfast sandwich, and a chicken biscuit sandwich. Each dish was a hit, bursting with flavor, though the biscuit was slightly on the dry side. The service was genuinely kind and welcoming, enhancing our dining experience. Moreover, the restaurant proved to be an excellent choice for my baby sprinkle, hosted by my sister. The event space was the perfect blend of private and lively, opening up to the rest of the restaurant. The food and beverages served were meticulously chosen and delicious, contributing to the perfection of the occasion. Not only is Commune a great local restaurant with a pleasing ambiance and convenient parking, but its proximity to the attractions of the Neon District makes it a must-visit for both quick lunches and special events. Their attention to quick, friendly service, coupled with a menu that impresses, ensures that Commune remains a standout choice for anyone looking to enjoy a great meal in Norfolk.

D'Egg West

1170 Lexan Ave, Norfolk

(757) 423-3447

Reviewed by:

وهب Farmer

After my dentist appointment, I decided to stop by D'Egg West for brunch, and let me say, it did not disappoint. Opting for a BLT and a Chicken Cobb salad, my choices were spot on. The BLT was outstanding, and surprisingly, the salad remained fresh and even more flavorful on the second day. The quality of the food here really impressed me. Moreover, the staff was superb, adding to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the place—it might be small, but it's definitely comfortable. I'm already excited to plan my next visit to try their pancakes; catching a glimpse of the French toast someone ordered, that's also on my list. This place is a gem, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a great meal. The Cinnamon Roll pancakes I had on my subsequent visit were among the best pancakes I've ever tasted, presenting a truly unique flavor that left me wanting more. Coupled with the sweet and friendly service from our waitress and reasonable prices, my experience was nothing short of delightful. Having been to D'Egg West twice now, it stands out as a top-notch breakfast spot, far surpassing any typical breakfast place with its great food and excellent service. While the interior might be on the smaller side and the decor simple, it's really about the quality of the meal and the service here - both of which are outstanding. My husband and I are always on the hunt for a great breakfast spot, and we've found it in D'Egg West. The fantastic food and wonderful atmosphere have made it a favorite for us. It's a solid 10/10 from me, and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation!

Starving Artist Cafe

4408 Colley Ave, Norfolk

(757) 305-9290

Reviewed by:

Juan Selzer

Loved this place. The food was excellent. We were visiting the area, college shopping, and found The Starving Artist online. Reading through the reviews, it seemed like a cute, local cafe for breakfast with strong recommendations. The experience exceeded expectations with outstanding food and service. The food quality was top-notch. Our party of five was thoroughly impressed with every dish ordered. Opting for the Starving Artist platter, it proved to be both delicious and satisfying. The coffee was surprisingly good, and the orange juice, freshly squeezed without additives, tasted exceptionally clean and fresh. Enjoying our visit, we returned the following day for breakfast. Our waitress, impressively managing our orders without jotting anything down, was spot on each time. Despite the cafe being busy, seating was immediate. The place also served as a fantastic spot for breakfast drinks, with the screwdriver being a standout choice thanks to the use of freshly squeezed oranges. The customizable food options are amazing. Additionally, the cafe doubles as a vibrant art space with rotating art pieces for sale. It provided a perfect backdrop for an interview with a "Starving Artist," adding a unique flavor to the blog post. Long conversations with the owners post-closing hours revealed the fascinating story behind the Starving Artist Café, making the visit all the more memorable. Would highly recommend visiting and trying the owner's special coffee if the opportunity arises. The friendly staff and the orange juicer add to the charm of this delightful spot.

Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen

330 W 21st St, Norfolk

(757) 625-3600

Reviewed by:

Sonido Amigo Mcpherson

I've been a patron of Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen for brunch in Norfolk for over twenty years. It's been a journey seeing how this place has evolved. Our recent visit was a mix of hits and misses, but overall, it still holds a special place in my heart. The avocado on toast was a standout dish for me; truly deserving of a five-star rating. It was prepared just right, hitting all the right notes of freshness and flavor. On the other hand, the salad we ordered could have used more care. It felt like it was hastily put together, lacking the attention to detail I've come to expect from Baker's Crust. We also tried the Mediterranean omelet, which was a bit underwhelming. It seemed to lack seasoning, making it somewhat bland. For the price, I was expecting a bit more flair or at least a more memorable taste. However, the gluten-free options were impressive. The staff was knowledgeable, and the separate menus for gluten-free dishes made it easy for us to navigate our options without worry. The dishes were distinct, ensuring no mix-ups, which I appreciated greatly. Our meal also included some highlights like the pizza, the chicken grinder sandwich, and the chocolate lava cake, all of which were fantastic. The service was friendly and efficient, adding to the overall positive experience. On this visit, our server, Elijah, was particularly amazing. His recommendation to add BBQ sauce to the bacon double stack burger I ordered was spot on, enhancing the flavors beautifully. The Tavern Chips appetizer and the skillet cookie we had for dessert were both delicious, rounding off the meal nicely. Despite a few hiccups with some of the dishes, the polite servers, family-friendly and uplifting atmosphere, and the good-tasting food keep me coming back. The updated furnishings also add to the comfortable and welcoming vibe of the place. Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen remains a recommendation of mine for anyone looking for a pleasant brunch experience in Norfolk.

Eggs Up Grill

738 W 22nd St, Norfolk

(757) 296-0600

Reviewed by:

Najim Patterson

We were told this was a favorite spot by a local for breakfast and it absolutely lived up to the hype! The Farmer's Hash and eggs were a delight. Service was impressively fast, and the food came out piping hot. It came tantalizingly close to being the perfect breakfast spot, so it's definitely worth a visit. It's a popular choice in Ghent, especially for breakfast and brunch. Even when it was packed around noon on a Sunday, the friendly hostesses welcomed us warmly and we were seated immediately. The server was upbeat and courteous, and the vast selection of breakfast and brunch options was impressive. We chose the Founder's Hash Benedict and Chicken & Waffles. Both dishes were seasoned to perfection and the portions were generous. While it might not have been the best breakfast ever, everything was enjoyable, and the experience was satisfactory. On another note, today felt like finding a hidden treasure. The ambiance was bright and welcoming, the staff was incredibly polite, and the food was out of this world. The kids couldn't get enough of their pancakes and eagerly asked for seconds. It's definitely a place I'd recommend. Lastly, on the lookout for a breakfast brunch spot in Norfolk, this place exceeded expectations in every category. The option of outdoor seating was a lovely touch. Our waitress, Holly, was outstanding, knowledgeable about the menu, and offered great recommendations. When the Chicken & Gravy Platter, Waffle Sandwich, and grits arrived, it was clear how delicious everything was. This place is a must-try; it didn't disappoint in the slightest.

The Pancake House & Grill

7633 Granby St, Norfolk

(757) 489-1060

Reviewed by:

Maria Isabel Gonzalez

After attending church, my family and I decided to try brunch at The Pancake House & Grill, and despite the crowd, our wait was only about 10 minutes before we were seated. The welcoming atmosphere was immediately noticeable as Nick, the owner, greeted us warmly and found us a comfortable booth. Our server, Deb, was equally delightful, ensuring our drinks were promptly served and our order was taken accurately. The food service was impressively quick; within 20 minutes, we were indulging in our hot and beautifully presented brunch. The Rise and Shine option was a hit, with fluffy scrambled eggs and perfectly cooked chicken fried steak. The blueberry French toast was another favorite, paired wonderfully with delicious syrup. Additionally, the bbq burger, though I didn't capture a photo of it, was exceptionally presented and tasted just as great, especially the bbq sauce. What added to our lovely brunch experience was the inviting atmosphere of the place. The cleanliness extended to the bathrooms, which were warm and well-maintained, contributing to the comfortable and welcoming environment. Our experience was truly wonderful, and it’s a testament to the quality service and delectable food offered at The Pancake House & Grill. This establishment has certainly mastered the art of creating a memorable dining experience, from the attentive service to the delightful dishes. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at The Pancake House & Grill for making our lunch so special. It's a gem in Norfolk for brunch, and I can’t wait to return and try more from their menu.

Hair of the Dog Eatery

250 Granby St, Norfolk

(757) 500-7435

Reviewed by:

Dominic Mogal

Hair of the Dog Eatery in Downtown Norfolk has quickly become one of my favorite brunch spots. The staff there always manages to bring a smile to my face and make me feel right at home, from the moment I step in until the time I leave. The food is absolutely amazing. I've had the pleasure of enjoying their mimosas flight, the carnivore omelette, and a burger on different occasions, and they've all been fantastic. It's places like this that confirm my belief that it's one of the best places for breakfast around. On a whim, I decided to order the veggie omelette combo with sausage via DoorDash, and it was scrumptious! The portion was generous, the packaging showed care, and the seasoning was spot-on. It's definitely something I plan on ordering again. The atmosphere in the eatery is great, too – there's something about the vibe that just feels right. The coffee drinks deserve a special mention as well; they come prepared in such an adorable way with toasted marshmallows and all. And let's not forget about the fries – crispy and oh so delicious. The prices are pretty reasonable considering the quality of the food and the overall experience. For anyone looking for recommendations, this place gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s a cute little spot with lots of charm. The Buffalo chicken sandwich I tried was mouthwateringly delicious. I also had the chance to try the s’mores coffee without alcohol. It was presented in a super cute manner, though the flavor was a bit average for my tastes. Nonetheless, this doesn't detract from the fact that Hair of the Dog Eatery is a fantastic spot for anyone looking for a great meal in Downtown Norfolk.

D'egg Diner

204 E Main St, Norfolk

(757) 626-3447

Reviewed by:

Markela Hernandez

I had the opportunity to brunch at D'egg Diner in Norfolk, and my experience was quite positive. The diner presents your typical fare with a decent menu and friendly service. My initial impression was that the food was somewhat tasty, though my sausage seemed like it might have been frozen and reheated upon ordering. Despite that, D'egg has clearly earned its place in the local dining scene, having been around for 20 years. The diner was comfortably busy when we arrived, yet we were seated without any significant wait. Our food arrived hot, though I felt it could have benefited from a bit more seasoning. What truly stood out was the service; our server was exceptional, constantly checking in and ensuring our needs were met. One area for improvement would be the cleanliness between customers, as this aspect slightly detracted from the overall dining experience. My visit to D'egg was memorable, largely because of the excellent service provided by Rashida, whose cheerful demeanor was incredibly welcoming. The breakfast surpassed my expectations, ranking as perhaps the best diner breakfast I've enjoyed. The homemade gravy on the biscuits was particularly noteworthy. While I'm not from around here and uncertain when I'll return, D'egg Diner would certainly be on my list for a revisit. In summation, D'egg Diner in Norfolk provides a reliable and enjoyable breakfast experience. I've visited a few of their locations and have consistently left satisfied. The combination of good coffee, mimosas, and flavorful food makes it a worthy stop. Despite a couple of minor critiques, the diner certainly deserves its reputation as a cherished spot in the area.

Waffle House

5751 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk

(757) 455-0970

Reviewed by:

Natalie Patzer Radunz

First off, let me say how shocked I was. I've heard nothing but less than great things about Waffle House, but the food was great, and our waitress Ace was amazing! Fast and so sweet. We had gone to Applebee's across the street and, after waiting 30 minutes, we left due to staff that was less than welcoming. Walking into Waffle House, we immediately got a table and were greeted by much friendlier staff! We will definitely be going back. By around approximately 7:07pm this evening, my husband and I mutually agreed to try some food from this Waffle House location in the military highway area of Norfolk, Virginia. My husband selected the Texas Patty Melt with a coke (and sausage and gravy on his hashbrowns) and he enjoyed his food. I chose the All-Star Waffle House Special with a pecan and blueberry nougat waffle, 2 over medium eggs, grits with cheese, some sausage toast with a root beer, and I too found my food tasty. The waitress handling our order had a pleasant personality and we received our food in a fair timeframe. With a sense of gratitude, I was able to easily pay for our meals, appreciating the service provided. Usually, when coming here, the servers are extremely attentive and kind. This morning was definitely different. One staff member with glasses noticed me waiting to be helped but didn’t take my order. A young lady, who was on her break and sitting down eating, had to get up and assist me. Overall, the welcome wasn't what I'm used to here. I understand it is Christmas Eve, but if you’re open, I believe there should be a commitment to provide great service. Despite the mix, this visit proved that Waffle House can truly be a delightful spot for brunch, especially in Norfolk. The difference made by the staff's friendliness and the quality of the food really sets the tone for an enjoyable dining experience. It’s clear that when things run smoothly, this place shines and it's a reminder of why it's worth giving it a try despite any prior hesitations. It's safe to say, this experience has turned me into a future repeat customer.

Waffle House

1535 Ingleside Rd, Norfolk

(757) 672-4798

Reviewed by:

Helena Herrera

Happy to have a Waffle House here on the east coast! The food and service are always top-notch. Visiting for brunch today, I was deeply impressed by how well the team worked together, especially when some were taking breaks. A special shout-out to the chef – my meal was absolutely perfect! The staff was so friendly and really made the experience memorable. Unfortunately, my experience outside of peak breakfast hours was not as pleasant. The professionalism seemed to take a dive, with staff members being quite rude and lacking manners. It was disappointing to witness a lack of decorum that one wouldn't expect in such a setting. Additionally, my order wasn't prepared correctly on a couple of occasions, which was frustrating. An unexpected jalapeño in my hash browns and burnt bacon didn't help the situation. Despite these issues, I want to emphasize the stellar experience during brunch hours. Those visits truly showcase the potential of this location, making it a place I'd happily return to for that specific time of day. Here's hoping for more consistency across all hours, as Waffle House has proven it can deliver an enjoyable dining experience.

The Bistro

520 E Plume St, Norfolk

Reviewed by:

Holly Martinez

Brunch at The Bistro in Norfolk was an unforgettable experience, but not in the way you'd hope for a leisurely weekend outing. The selection was notably limited, and it quickly became apparent that the establishment relies heavily on prepackaged food, merely warmed up in a microwave before being served. Despite the high expectations set by the ambiance, the food was disappointingly served cold, and the staff seemed distant and uninterested in providing a welcoming dining experience.While the venue itself appeared promising, the reality was a stark contrast. Not only was the menu selection minimal, but the quality of the food was underwhelming, especially given the price point. This was a letdown, considering the premium one expects to pay for what was anticipated to be a high-caliber dining experience.The most disheartening part of the meal was witnessing the preparation of our dishes. Both a chicken pot pie and a burger, ordered by the diner ahead of me, were simply microwaved - a method that might be forgiven in a different context but felt out of place here, particularly given the cost. The pot pie, priced at $12, was not only microwaved but also amounted to little more than a snack in terms of size.Additionally, the service left much to be desired. Basic accompaniments like butter for toast were omitted, and the expectation to use inappropriate utensils for spreading jam added a layer of unnecessary inconvenience to the meal.In summary, this brunch experience was disappointing across the board, from the limited and microwaved selections to the inattentive service and the high cost for what was ultimately delivered. It was a reminder that not all dining experiences live up to their potential, and in this case, the value simply did not match the price.


114 E 21st St, Norfolk

(757) 937-2122

Reviewed by:

Tom Nelson

Had an amazing breakfast at IHOP for brunch here in Norfolk. Opted for the big steak omelet and it totally lived up to expectations - delicious to the last bite. Right from the moment I stepped in, the service was on point. I was greeted by Chris, our waiter, who really stood out. He was constantly on the move, ensuring our meals were exactly as we wanted. Always checking in, he made sure we had everything we needed, elevating the entire dining experience. Despite some of the food items not hitting the mark, like the pancakes which were a bit cold and not as fluffy as hoped, and the bacon being somewhat overdone for my taste, the positives far outweighed these minor setbacks. It's worth mentioning that cleanliness could be improved upon, and the choice of rap music in the morning set a rather unexpected tone. However, the service really made up for these shortcomings. Another noteworthy mention is April, the waitress, whose service was nothing short of superb. Her attentiveness, especially towards my family and accommodating my son’s needs, who is on the autism spectrum and often indecisive, was truly heartwarming. She showed great patience and kindness, making it easier for him to choose his meal, which indeed arrived correctly and hot. The emphasis on ensuring top-notch service was evident and truly appreciated. The warm and patient service from staff like April is what I'd always look forward to when dining out. It's these moments of genuine care and attention to customer service that can turn an ordinary meal into a remarkable dining experience.

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