November 6, 2023

Best Drag Brunch Spots in NYC : Serving Up Lipstick and Pancakes

Spice up your brunch game at the top-notch drag brunch spots in NYC. Expect fabulous performances, sparkling mimosas, and the sassiest, most unforgettable eggs benedict you'll ever taste!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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New York
Best Drag Brunch Spots in NYC : Serving Up Lipstick and Pancakes
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Welcome to the glamorous world of bottomless mimosas and decadent eggs benedict, where feathers fly higher than skyscrapers Where international tastes blend with local charm, and Big Apple flair meets high heels.

Illusions The Drag Queen Show

237 W 47th St, New York

(833) 783-3648

Reviewed by:

Pedro Abujaber

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Illusions Drag Queen Show for drag brunch in NYC, and what an experience it was! Our original plans had fallen through and we were a bit disheartened when we learned that the kitchen wasn't operating that day. However, our disappointment quickly faded as we were swept up in the incredible performances by the talented queens. We spent the entire show cheering, laughing, and appreciating the sheer entertainment, to the point where we left with our voices nearly gone! I was particularly impressed by the celebrity impersonations, they were simply spot on. The queens were amazing in their roles and truly gave performances worthy of their celebrity counterparts. This was my first drag show, and it has set a high bar for any future shows. The level of energy, fun, and sheer talent was unlike anything I've seen before. I went with my wife and we both agreed this was our favorite drag show ever, and we've seen a fair few across the country. It was such a memorable experience, and I can't thank the team at Illusions enough for the brilliant show they put on. If you're looking for a fun night out, I can't recommend Illusions enough. It's definitely worth your time, and I promise you won't be disappointed. I look forward to attending more drag shows in the future, all thanks to the amazing experience I had at Illusions!

Lips Drag Queen Show

227 E 56th St, New York

(212) 675-7710

Reviewed by:

Sassoue Dotson

My bestie and I took a trip to New York and landed in Lips Drag Queen Show Palace for our first ever drag show. I have to commend Lips and their incredible team for making it an unforgettable experience. The performers were not only skilled, but also exuded warmth, acceptance, and a welcoming spirit. When our initial reservations elsewhere fell through, Lips accommodated us last minute and treated us like special guests throughout our entire visit, even surprising me with a birthday card and a printed photo with the performers. The service was efficient, and the bottomless mimosas and bloody Marys truly lived up to their name. We'll certainly come back the next time we're in town. The food was tasty, the welcome fabulous, and our seating front and center. Make sure to bring singles to tip your fabulous queens; they work hard for their money! Sending much love from Portland Oregon and promising to visit again! Lips' manager deserves a special shoutout for going the extra mile to make our visit special. Shoutout to Shiny Penny as well for keeping the energy high and the crowd entertained. Definitely the spot to be for a great Sunday drag brunch with endless mimosas/cocktails.

La Pulpería

623 9th Ave, New York

(646) 669-8984

Reviewed by:

Grace Sowinski

During my visit to La Pulpería 44th HK, I was instantly struck by the lively, rustic ambiance of the place. The food was delicious and well-portioned, and the menu had a wide array of options to choose from. We sampled the plantains, sea bass, octopus, guacamole, mini tacos, salads, and coconut rice, each dish leaving a mark with its unique, filling flavor. The drinks too were absolutely delightful with a strong kick to them. For me, the absolute highlight of the visit was celebrating my best friend's birthday here during their Drag Queen Brunch. The brunch was scrumptious (their pork tostadas and Loca cocktail are must-tries!) and the drag show was a riot of laughter, complete with a vogue competition and a post-show party. It was such a stress-busting, fun experience, made even more enjoyable by the entertaining performances. Just remember to carry lots of singles to tip the performers! The food was not just delicious, but the presentation was also eye-catching, especially the tacos served on a cute little tray and packed with delectable fillings. In particular, I couldn't get enough of their seafood-packed, fresh paella. This place is a gem for a romantic date night, thanks to its cozy ambiance and hospitable staff. We chance upon this place after seeing their happy oyster hour sign outside, and the experience was worth it. The elegant atmosphere, delicious oysters, and the courteous yet non-intrusive staff truly defined the dining experience. If you're looking for a place that offers incredible flavors mixed with a fun and vibrant setting, La Pulpería 44th HK is an absolute must-visit.

Diva Royale Drag Queen Show

621 W 46th St, New York

(917) 633-4943

Reviewed by:

Enrique Mann

I must say, the Diva Royale Drag Queen Show is absolutely fantastic! I was lucky enough to grab tickets just 10 minutes before the show started, having heard good things about it. It certainly did not disappoint. The show was engaging and hilarious, with a variety of acts that ranged from serious to the playful parodying of celebrities. I've celebrated two birthdays here, each time proving to be a remarkable experience. The talent on display was remarkable, from the performers to the delightful dancers. I must note some organizational shortcomings though - a last-minute venue change and no three-course meal as promised despite having VIP tickets, which led to some unfortunate health complications for me as a diabetic. I ended up having to pay $11 for a bottle of water and felt somewhat pestered for additional money during the show, which was quite off-putting. Also, having only three queens perform throughout was a bit of a letdown. Despite the logistical issues, the talent and entertainment value of Diva Royale still shined through and is worth checking out.

Lucky Cheng's Drag Queen Show Place

707 8th Ave, New York

(646) 525-0715

Reviewed by:

Paul Kaneko

I had an absolute blast at Lucky Cheng's Drag Queen Show Place for a family birthday brunch. Despite being seated in the back, we didn't miss a thing. The fantastic queens made their way to every table, and the mimosas truly were bottomless. Our server, Gretchen, was a standout with a terrific act. Both Lola and Aria were charming hosts and excellent performers. The food was decent, with large portions. The appetizers, especially the pu pu platter and spring rolls, were noticeably better than the main dishes, but the food wasn't our primary focus anyway. The show itself was a riot, especially a number featuring Barbie dolls performed by one of the queens. We went to Lucky Cheng's for a birthday celebration and it was seriously great fun. The atmosphere was bubbling with light, happy energy, making it a bright spot in New York's entertainment scene. The performers were professional and unique, with creative and well-thought-out acts. The venue did an outstanding job organizing a memorable private event for us that included the amazing Yuhua Hamasaki. The food, especially the pork belly sliders, was delicious. I can't wait to return for their weekend drag brunch!

Diva Royale Drag Queen Show

268 W 47th St, New York

(917) 633-4943

Reviewed by:

Krystal Zelaya

I had an exceptional experience at the Diva Royale Drag Queen Show! We purchased our tickets at the last minute and couldn't have been happier with the experience. The show was a laugh riot, brilliantly balancing serious acts with hilarious impersonations of celebrities. It was clear just how talented the performers were, with their perfectly timed dance moves and spot-on impersonations, the Britney Spears act was a standout. The show was tailored to audience preferences, with attendees getting to choose the singers they'd want to see perform. This level of interaction made the evening so much more engaging and enjoyable. The drinks served were top-notch and added to the fun-filled evening. The hostess’s costumes were out-of-this-world-fabulous and the singers were absolutely spot-on in their appearance and performances, making this show a must-see. The quality offered in this show is unmatched, with million-dollar costumes and performances that leave you in pure awe. After the show, we had the opportunity to take free photos with the performers - a memorable ending to a fantastic night. And the best part was, there was no hard sell for souvenirs, which was a refreshing change. I've visited Diva Royale six times and each visit is as thrilling as the last. There's always something new and exciting to enjoy. The energy and heart that the performers put into their acts is truly impressive. It's no wonder I always bring my tourist friends here; it's a guaranteed night of entertainment, laughter, and amazement. I can't recommend this show enough!

The Spot

599 10th Ave, New York

(917) 675-7403

Reviewed by:

Jonas Ángel

I recently visited The Spot for a friend's birthday and had an incredible time. The chicken and waffles were delicious, and the happy hour deal was one of the best in the city. The bartender was attentive and informative, helping us choose what we would like. I also had a great experience at their happy hour, with exceptional service from a staff member named Michael. Despite the busy atmosphere, he managed to cater to every customer's needs with efficiency and friendliness. My sister and I also attended two events during our visit. We enjoyed the Rupaul's Drag Race viewing party and the food was surprisingly good for a bar kitchen. The Saturday drag brunch was an absolute blast with great food, unlimited mimosas, and a fantastic show. My only criticism is the lack of non-alcoholic options included in the set menu price. The Spot is a fantastic place with a cool staff and an entertaining atmosphere. The service is top-notch and the drag shows are incredibly fun and hilarious. I would highly recommend this place and look forward to returning soon.

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