February 27, 2024

Oceanside's Top 20 Brunch Spots You Can't Miss

Discover Oceanside's ultimate brunch spots where the vibes are chill and the pancakes are fluffy.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Oceanside's Top 20  Brunch Spots You Can't Miss
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As the morning sun kisses the Oceanside shores, a different hunger beckons—the kind that only the best brunch spots in this coastal haven can satisfy.

Beach Break Cafe

1802 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 439-6355

Reviewed by:

Miguel Pottschmidt

My wife and I, originally from NJ, have been searching for an experience reminiscent of a Northeast diner since moving to Cali, and Beach Break Cafe has been the closest, most satisfying find yet. Every visit, we're promptly seated, and the option of a nicely heated outdoor patio is perfect for times we prefer a more open setting with our son. The corn beef hash breakfast has quickly become a favorite of mine, having chosen it multiple times already—I'm officially hooked! The service here is notably fast, ensuring that meals are prepared well and we're enjoying our dish within a short span of time, usually 30-45 minutes. It's always a pleasure leaving this place, consistently happy with our experience. This very popular spot never fails to deliver exceptional food. On one occasion, I opted for their seafood omelette, expecting a mix of crab, shrimp, and scallops, combined with bacon and avocado. Although it slightly missed the mark for me personally, the ample amount of avocado was appreciated, even if it lacked the variety of seafood I was hoping for. However, what stands out is the remarkable service. Molly, our waitress on one visit, was outstanding, making us feel exceptionally welcome and cared for. The ambiance here is another plus, with a cool, surf vibe and a backdrop of Steely Dan on the stereo, enhancing the dining experience further. On another visit with relatives, we were seated immediately despite the cafe not accepting reservations. The variety on the menu catered to everyone's taste, from the delectable coffee cake that I can never resist, to a range of hearty options like the country fried steak and a customizable burger that intrigued everyone at the table. The bustling cafe atmosphere, coupled with the attentive service, rounded off each visit perfectly. Each trip to Beach Break Cafe has been memorable, not just for the food but for the warm, welcoming atmosphere and the quick, friendly service that makes you feel right at home. It's a place I'm eager to return to, time and time again.

Don's Country Kitchen

1938 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 722-7337

Reviewed by:

Christina Almodovar

Met some out-of-town friends for a delicious breakfast at Don's Country Kitchen in Oceanside and it certainly did not disappoint. The service was outstanding from the get-go, a special shoutout to Barbara who went above and beyond to make sure our experience was nothing short of fantastic. The menu had us spoiled for choice, but the standout had to be those stuffed hash browns - absolutely a dish to return for. The cinnamon roll was the epitome of perfection, and the biscuits and gravy were just delectable. Opting for Don’s stuffed hashbrowns was a decision well made, and it's definitely a recommendation for anyone visiting. It's clear why this spot holds the #12 ranking on Yelp for the best brunch spot in the nation; the quality of food and service speaks volumes. Our server was exemplary, providing great advice and ensuring we wanted for nothing - the house-made salsa was a top tip. The stuffed hash browns are a must-try, truly next level. The biscuits managed to be both dense and fluffy, making them an irresistible choice, especially when paired with gravy. For those looking for something a bit different, the breakfast burritos with Ranchero sauce were a hit. Even with a bit of a wait due to its popularity, it was absolutely worth it. Fast, friendly service and good food greeted us once seated, with generous portions that are sure to satisfy. There's even a lighter, healthier option that doesn't compromise on taste. This neighborhood restaurant is a gem, very popular and for good reason. It’s a must-visit for anyone in town looking for a hearty breakfast or brunch option. Can’t wait to make this a regular stop every time in Oceanside.

Start Fresh Cafe

1034 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 439-7940

Reviewed by:

Will Kinzebach Tonka

As someone who thoroughly enjoys exploring breakfast spots in Oceanside, I must say that Start Fresh Cafe stands out for its delightful brunch offerings. On a bustling Saturday morning, my family of seven was on the hunt for a good breakfast spot. We didn't just find a good spot; we stumbled upon a great one. Despite its popularity, we were seated outdoors within five minutes of our arrival and served our scrumptious meals within 15 minutes. From the farmers' scrambled to the exceptionally fluffy and tasty biscuits and gravy, every dish was a hit. The cafe's approach to classic breakfast dishes is noteworthy, especially the French toast and kielbasa, both of which were marvelous. Not to mention the juicy eggs and fresh vegetables that made it clear this was no ordinary meal; the food art and flavors were unexpected and beyond anything I've experienced at breakfast joints before. My third visit led me to try the Denver omelette accompanied by a homemade biscuit. It confirmed my belief that it's difficult to find fault with their offerings. Even when the place was bustling, our waitress excelled in service, keeping our coffee cups filled and efficiently attending to our requests. Among the many breakfast options in Oceanside, Start Fresh Cafe has become my go-to spot primarily due to the reasonable wait times, decent selection, and the portions you get at good prices. The staff's friendliness and the diverse menu make every visit enjoyable. On this occasion, finishing off with a fresh cut coconut crème pie was the cherry on top of a delightful dining experience. For anyone cruising down Coast Highway in Oceanside, looking for a spot to grab breakfast or lunch, this cafe is a must-try. Its inviting atmosphere, coupled with the quality and portion sizes of the food at reasonable prices, guarantees a fulfilling meal. It's certainly a place I'll keep going back to, eager to try different items on the menu and enjoy more of their delicious offerings.

Stratford at the Harbor

280 Harbor Dr, Oceanside

(760) 453-2073

Reviewed by:

Jacqueline Ho

Finding a spot that really hits the mark with breakfast or brunch isn't always easy, especially when the expectation isn't just about the food but the overall experience. At Stratford at the Harbor, the picturesque Oceanside location certainly set the stage for a promising visit. The view did not disappoint, offering a serene backdrop that elevated the dining experience from the get-go. While the ambiance was pleasing and the location spot on, the real surprise came from the menu and the quality of the food. Going in, there was a bit of skepticism on my part, half-expecting it to cater more to the aesthetics and less to the culinary aspect, considering its prime tourist-centric spot. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The menu had a good variety, catering to different tastes and preferences. As someone who has a deep love for fish and chips, and also coming from a British background, I have high standards for this dish. The version served here was good, with perfectly nice fries, though I believe it could reach new heights with a few adjustments. A larger piece of fish and a lighter batter could really make it stand out. That said, it's still the best version I've found in the area so far, which says a lot. Service was another high point of the visit. It was quick and friendly, making the meal even more enjoyable. A small misstep was the lack of communication regarding the self-serve coffee, but it was a minor hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience. The breakfast options shone particularly brightly. The hash browns were exceptionally crispy, the French toast had the perfect crunch, and the pancakes were served with a generous amount of butter. While the perfect breakfast sandwich felt more suited for a lunch menu to me, the breakfast croissant was a delightful alternative. What truly took me by surprise was the quality of the food. Expecting the usual tourist destination fare, I was impressed by dishes like the Chilaquiles, which my companion described as "one of the best brunch plates" she had ever had. The fact that it's a walk-up window with open seating adds to the charm, and the quick turnaround time for food delivery was impressive. In summary, my experience at Stratford at the Harbor was notably positive. The setting, the service, and most importantly, the food, all combined to create a memorable dining experience. With a few tweaks, particularly to the fish and chips, I believe this place could easily become a go-to spot not just for tourists, but for locals seeking quality brunch options in Oceanside. Big kudos to the Stratford staff for exceeding expectations and keeping everything quick and delicious.

Buccaneer Cafe

1508 S Pacific St, Oceanside

Reviewed by:

Emily Herman

Stepping into Buccaneer Cafe for brunch was an absolute delight. Nestled just across from the ocean, this spot offers limited patio seating but boasts incredible beach views that can easily rival any dining experience in Oceanside. The stand-out dish for me was the breakfast burrito with bacon - it was loaded and perfectly crunchy, a must-try for anyone visiting. Although the honey latte I ordered was good, a little more honey would have made it perfect. Despite this minor detail, the breakfast offerings here are top-notch. The cafe itself tends to draw a line, signaling just how popular their food is. The seating area might be small, but the quality of the meal and the beauty of the surroundings make it easy to find a peaceful spot to enjoy your food, maybe even at the park located behind the café. For brunch, my boyfriend opted for a carne asada taco, which was generously sized and incredibly flavorful thanks to the well-seasoned meat. He paired it with fries, while my burrito came with fries tucked inside, which was a pleasant surprise. I also decided to try their Mexican coffee, and though it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, the matcha smoothie I ordered made up for it. Despite my boyfriend not being a fan of the matcha, his açaí smoothie was a hit. Keep in mind, the cafe only offers outdoor seating. So, if you're dressed for summer on a breezy, 60-degree day, it might dampen the enjoyment just a tad. But overall, my experience was nothing short of great. Buccaneer Cafe is a place that comes highly recommended by locals for a reason. The service is fantastic with workers who make every interaction feel genuine and welcoming. The food is always fresh and flavorsome, so it's worth getting there early to beat the line. On a gloomy day, the honey and oat milk latte, recommended by one of the friendly staff, was the perfect pick-me-up. Buccaneer Cafe has solidified itself as a staple for brunch in Oceanside.

Mary's Family Restaurant

307 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 722-3052

Reviewed by:

Fidelito Tsanava

Your classic All-American diner, good food, great service, and happy vibes. Enjoyed a basic sausage patties, eggs, and hashbrowns breakfast. No complaints 👌. I have a soft spot for Mary's Family Restaurant, as we stop and eat there every vacation. Built and managed as a quick and friendly eat-and-run for area military personnel on their lunch hour, Mary's offers vast pancakes and generous portions of every menu item. Wait staff circle back and check on you often, with boxes ready if you can't finish the meal in one sitting. There's no leaving the place hungry. As a bonus, and because my mother's name is Mary, we routinely also pick up a Mary's Family Restaurant tee in her size; by now, she's collected all the shirt colors!. Parking is on a busy street. Lots of seating available. The waitresses were super friendly, and the food was great. Their home-fried potatoes with onions and green peppers were outstanding. We bought a humongous cinnamon roll that took two of us several days to finish. For many years, I’d pass by Mary’s and keep walking by just because it reminded me of 1970s Hill Street. After seeing eager patrons waiting to get a table time after time, I needed to check this place out myself. Took my friend early on a Friday morning. Sure enough, the place had that 70s feel to it. Glad I came for my first visit. It beats the franchise restaurant chains any day. The service came with a friendly smile and endless refills of coffee. The food was excellent, in my opinion. My country-fried chicken steak was plump and served just right with gravy, a generous portion of hash browns, and 3 eggs over easy. Looking forward to trying the fried chicken and fries next time.

Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

509 Mission Ave, Oceanside

(760) 453-2940

Reviewed by:

Brigida Rajeev

One of my top picks for bars and restaurants in Downtown Oceanside has to be Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen. The staff here is incredibly consistent and always welcoming, enhancing the dining experience right from the get-go. The place boasts not just outdoor seating but plenty of indoor options too, including the addition of the East Wing, which is a great touch. My visit during happy hour left me thoroughly impressed – the prices on both food and drinks were fantastic. Opting for some wine, fried pickles, and the fried chicken sandwich, each item hit the spot, proving their quality and taste. It's clear that this spot is a favorite among locals, evident from how packed it got on a Friday early evening. The interior decor is charmingly rustic, complemented by fun little pig decorations scattered about, adding to the overall vibe of the place. This has quickly become one of my favorite spots for happy hour. On another occasion, the decision to try their brunch offerings was spontaneous but completely worth it. The outdoor patio provided a beautiful setting, lending itself to a wonderful dining atmosphere. The garlic and goat cheese appetizer was a standout, possibly the best cheese dish I've ever had. The shrimp sandwich offered a unique take that was both refreshing and delicious, a sentiment echoed by my boyfriend who found himself quite taken with their pork sandwich. Every dish was a hit, and the service couldn’t have been better – the servers were incredibly attentive and kind, making the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Even on a date night, this place didn't disappoint. The bustling inside led us to opt for outside seating, which turned out to be perfect. The waiter provided exceptional service, elevating our dining experience with their attentiveness. The food was bursting with flavor, impressing us both with its quality and presentation. The variety in their menu catered to both our tastes perfectly – while I generally prefer simpler dishes, I found everything delicious. My husband, on the other hand, was all praises for the unique flavors and high-quality dishes. We appreciated how the chef made it a point to bring out each plate fresh, ensuring we enjoyed our meal at its best. Plus, the thoughtful touch of allowing us to taste the alcohol before deciding on a full serving was much appreciated. Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen truly stands out with its high-quality food, diverse flavors, and exceptional service. Whether it’s for happy hour or a casual brunch, this place is a must-visit. Their approach to service, coupled with the inviting ambiance, makes every visit memorable. Absolutely recommending this gem in Oceanside – it’s a decision you won’t regret.

Swami's Cafe Oceanside

202 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 966-1203

Reviewed by:

Rachel Vizoso

My visit to Swami's Cafe Oceanside for brunch was a great experience, leaving a lasting impression on me. From the moment we arrived, just as the restaurant opened, enjoying the peace of being the only visitors was a delightful bonus. The spacious interior made for a very comfortable dining environment. The service throughout our stay was excellent; the waitstaff were friendly and attentive, making us feel welcomed and taken care of. The food we ordered wasn't just delicious - it was also presented in a way that made it even more appealing. What really took me by surprise was the extensive selection of coffee options available, a pleasant surprise that added to the overall experience. This wasn't my first visit; in fact, it was my second time dining here in as many days, compelled to return by the memorable experience from my first visit. Despite a slight hiccup with the service from one of the staff members, who seemed a bit impatient and spoke very quickly even when asked to repeat, which detracted from the customer experience, the quality of the breakfast kept its high standard. The bathrooms could have been a bit cleaner, but comparing it to my experiences elsewhere, it was still top-notch. The wait time for food and drinks was impressively brief, always coming in under 10 minutes which is a big plus for anyone with a tight schedule. And then, there were the mimosas and pineapple upside down pancakes - absolutely the best food of my trip, hands down. The mimosas had a unique flare to them, making them not just a drink but an experience. As for the pancakes, they were my favorite, perfectly capturing the essence of a delicious breakfast. In summary, despite a minor service hiccup, my experience at Swami's Cafe Oceanside for brunch was overwhelmingly positive. The ambiance, the service for the most part, and especially the food, all contributed to a dining experience I'd recommend to anyone looking for a satisfying meal. It's become my go-to breakfast spot, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit. #mangomimosa! Off to the beach now!

101 Cafe

631 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 722-5220

Reviewed by:

Gail Mankollari

We absolutely loved our brunch experience at 101 Cafe! The menu caught our attention right away with its variety, offering the perfect balance between sweet and savory options. Whether you're in the mood for something light or a hearty meal, they've got you covered. The staff struck the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism, making us feel welcome without being overbearing. One of the highlights was the outdoor seating area. It's such a thoughtful addition for those of us with lively kids or pets. The ambiance is simple yet so inviting, making it a rare gem in Oceanside. And oh, the poached eggs are a must-try! They nailed it on the first attempt – simple, flavorful, and just like something you'd enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The food doesn’t rely on unnecessary additives or food coloring, which is a big plus. The portions are generous, and every dish feels like it's made with care. The staff is wonderful, always on their toes to ensure the best experience for their guests. Sitting outside, you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze, adding to the overall charm of the place. Even though this cozy little diner corner was bustling with people, we didn't have to wait long. The service was incredibly prompt and efficient, a testament to the staff's organization and attentiveness. The quality of the food was simply outstanding. From piping hot fries without any excess grease to perfectly cooked eggs and bacon, everything was top-notch. It truly deserves a five-star rating. We couldn't resist sharing the blueberry short snack, which has become a favorite. The service is consistently friendly and quick, making every visit enjoyable. Overall, this place is a classic choice for a diner breakfast with a twist of quality and care in every aspect. Highly recommended, and without a doubt, we'll be returning for more.

The Switchboard

131 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(442) 266-2781

Reviewed by:

Maria Dork

Had the chance to enjoy brunch at The Switchboard while staying Oceanside, and despite a few hiccups, it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Initially, I was a bit taken aback to realize it was a hotel restaurant/bar - something I hadn't caught on to before visiting. Upon arriving, we found that many items on the menu were either out or discontinued, which was a slight disappointment as my first choice wasn't available. However, this turned out to be a minor bump in our dining adventure. Opting for the "What Happened" cocktail and the Beef Bulgogi Hawaiian plate, I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty both the drink and meal were. The combination of flavors in the Hawaiian plate, particularly the fried rice, was simply mouthwatering. My companion chose the chicken and waffles, which were equally delightful, marking a great start to our brunch experience. While the service leaned towards the slower side, it wasn't much of an issue for my group as we weren't in any particular rush. However, we did find ourselves waiting around a bit more than expected. Despite this, the overall service was fantastic, especially due to the chef's flexibility in offering alternative options that accommodated my dietary restrictions. This kind of adaptability and care for guests was truly appreciated. One area for improvement would perhaps be the establishment's visibility, as a more obvious entrance would have been helpful. Additionally, slightly larger portion sizes would have been the cherry on top of an already satisfying meal. Looking forward to my next visit, I have to express my gratitude towards Matt, who went above and beyond by crafting delightful mocktails that weren't even listed on the menu. He also showed incredible thoughtfulness by customizing our breakfast to fit our dietary needs perfectly. And then there was Steven, whose skill behind the bar left a lasting impression. His ability to mix up the best drinks made our experience even more memorable. Honestly, the thought of returning just to enjoy his creations again is quite tempting. All things considered, my brunch at The Switchboard was a lovely experience that I eagerly anticipate repeating. The food, the service, and the overall ambiance combined to make it a place worth coming back to.

Grandma's Restaurant

3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd Suite108, Oceanside

(760) 757-8777

Reviewed by:

Julio Stewart

If you're ever in the Oceanside area SD, make sure you check out Grandma's Restaurant for brunch. It's a fantastic local spot that I stumbled upon when visiting Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside. Trust me, the food here is so delicious that I completely forgot to take pictures of my meal before diving in - I went straight for their chorizo, eggs, rice, and beans platter with fresh tortillas, and it was absolutely amazing. But it wasn't just the food that caught my attention; the place is adorned with some really cool art, which I did manage to snap pictures of. This place really makes you feel at home, not just through the comforting food but also the very friendly service. I wholeheartedly recommend Grandma's Restaurant to anyone in the area. My family and I enjoyed their breakfast offerings, and everything was served hot and tasty. It's clear that this place prides itself on serving great home-style food, and they certainly didn't disappoint. Five stars and a huge thumbs up for making our food souls happy. Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. God bless!

Broken Yolk Cafe

2434 Vista Way, Oceanside

(760) 967-9655

Reviewed by:

Elizabeth Lavens

Visiting Broken Yolk Cafe for brunch in Oceanside turned out to be a delightful experience. Despite the little wait time to be seated and for the food to arrive, it was well worth it. The establishment clearly specializes in American breakfast and lunch options, and from my experience, they do it right, albeit with some room for improvement. My meal, unfortunately, did not hit all the high notes. The food arrived lukewarm, and the taste was underwhelming. The hollandaise sauce seemed powdered, and the fruit bowl was disappointing in effort and freshness. However, a highlight of the visit was the service received. Craig, my server, was exceptional. His attentiveness and professionalism elevated the dining experience, making it memorable for the right reasons. On another note, seating was promptly handled upon arrival on a busy Saturday morning, which was impressive. The hosting staff was welcoming, and our waiter, Nayo, was incredibly pleasant, further adding to the positive aspects of the visit. While some dishes like the Nutella crepes and the ranchero skillet fell short of expectations, it's important to acknowledge the hits of the meal. The Santa Fe skillet was a standout, bursting with flavors that were perfectly balanced and not too spicy. The pancakes were delicious, the omelets executed well, and the children's choices like chicken strips with sweet potato fries, along with biscuits and gravy, were thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones. The fruit served to the kids was fresh, a nice touch to round off their meal. In summary, Broken Yolk Cafe offers a mixed bag of experiences. The service is exceptional, with staff members like Craig and Nayo making a significant positive impact. While some dishes could use improvement, others are delightful and showcase the cafe's potential. It's a place worth visiting, especially if in search of a hearty and flavorful brunch option in Oceanside.

The Breakfast Mug

1401 S El Camino Real Suite 1108, Oceanside

(760) 231-1010

Reviewed by:

Camellia Lizards

My wife and I took a brief escape to Oceanside and, being food lovers, we always hunt for new spots to try. That's how we stumbled upon The Breakfast Mug, a quaint gem tucked away from the bustling streets and crowds. It was a delightful surprise. The place wasn't overcrowded which we appreciated, and the food, delicious beyond measure. We indulged in a Caprese Omelet paired with toast, pancake, and coffee – each bite better than the last. The server shared that they've been operating for four years, with plans to expand to Carlsbad soon. Heartiest congratulations to them, and we'll surely be visiting again. Coming from Idaho and Utah, we’ve had our fair share of breakfast spots this week, but The Breakfast Mug topped them all. Unable to settle on a single choice, we opted for the "Let's Mug it Up" plate, a generous offering that was both fulfilling and a delightful way to sample their variety. The visit left us full, happy, and impressed with the pricing. For anyone in Oceanside, this place is a must-visit; it’s absolutely worth it. The atmosphere was congenial, offering a nice spot for breakfast with prompt service to boot. I enjoyed a simple yet satisfying meal of scrambled eggs and sausage. There was a small inconvenience with the doors being left open, which allowed flies to enter, somewhat disturbing our meal. I hope this issue is addressed soon, as it was the only damper on an otherwise fantastic visit. The service was commendable, adding to the positive experience. Although the Mexican hot chocolate didn't quite hit the mark for me, the chicken and waffles more than made up for it. The waffles were exceptionally light and fluffy, making every bite a joy. It truly was a meal worth every penny.

Pit Stop Diner

3825 Mission Ave D1, Oceanside

(760) 901-4299

Reviewed by:

Sylvia Milford

First time going here, and it was true what people have told me, the food is great. They have a big menu with lots of different foods and combos. The guy who took our order was very nice and was very outgoing. Looking from the outside, one wouldn’t know that the place is huge inside and really nostalgic. 100’s of License plates from all over the country line the walls along with a 1962 car inside and also the old fashioned drive-in movie speakers. It’s also the most affordable place that I’ve found in a long time, and it’s great food. If you ever need the feel for a good burger, look no further if ever in the area. Good prices, good food, and great service. Love the vibe of the layout. You know a diner is good when there are license plates for decorations, lol. The Wreck Breakfast burrito is really good. Huge portion, very filling. I love the variety of breakfast items. Had the American Classic Burger and onion rings. Both were good but so much food I couldn't eat it all, and a tad bit pricey but that's everywhere now. Can't get a good burger and side for less than $24. Lots of really good menu options to try; definitely going back to try something else.

Harbor House Cafe

714 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 722-2254

Reviewed by:

Rachel Bonilla

Stopped by Harbor House Cafe in Oceanside for brunch and it was nothing short of amazing. The location can't be beaten, right in the heart of Oceanside, complemented by the kind of service that makes you feel at home from the moment you enter. The food was exceptional, with plenty of options to choose from, and all at moderate prices. Not only was the place clean and welcoming, but there's also a charming Catholic gift shop on the premises that caught my eye. It's filled with lovely Jesus items and other trinkets that are beautiful to browse through. The lady running the shop was attentive and really helpful, making the shopping experience a delight, although it's worth noting that some items come at a higher price point. What stands out about this cafe is the atmosphere. It's fantastic, creating a perfect backdrop for a leisurely brunch. The service deserves a special mention – the waitstaff ensured my cup was never empty or cold, setting a high standard for customer service. The food, especially the eggs benedict on gluten-free bread, was absolutely delicious and left me full of good vibes. It's clear this family-owned cafe takes pride in their offerings and their portion sizes offer great value for the money. Paula, in particular, was very welcoming, making me eager to plan my next visit. The entire staff was amazing, kind, and ready to answer any questions, contributing to the overall excellent experience. For anyone in Oceanside or passing through, this cafe is definitely a must-visit spot for a yummy breakfast or brunch. The combination of excellent food, service, and atmosphere makes it a standout.

Masters Kitchen and Cocktail

208 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

(760) 231-6278

Reviewed by:

Vivian Thomas Schramm

The brunch at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail in Oceanside was a delightful experience! Traveling from Arizona, my party of six was looking for a spot with a good atmosphere and delicious food, and we certainly hit the jackpot. Despite our large group, we were seated quickly, and every dish that graced our table was impeccable. Masters truly stands out as a prime spot for dining and enjoying top-notch cocktails. Visiting on a Friday afternoon presented a more relaxed environment, contrasting with the vibrant and bustling scene you'd find on weekend evenings. It's clear that this place is a hive of activity when the sun sets, filled with people enjoying the laid-back yet lively ambiance. The cocktails deserve a special mention for their remarkable quality. It's evident that this establishment caters more to an adult crowd, making it an ideal location for singles or groups of friends looking to unwind rather than families or date nights. The menu, while on the pricier side, offers dishes rich in flavor, ranging from burgers and fries to more unique options like black bean and shrimp tacos. However, it's worth noting that not every dish hits the mark. The poki, for example, was a bit of a letdown in terms of fish quality and overall taste, which was unexpected. But the friendly staff, combined with the intriguing setting of a renovated machine/auto shop adorned with plants and skylights amidst the industrial decor, more than made up for any culinary missteps. The vibe here is definitely cool and unique, with a few house-special drinks that are must-tries. Parking can be a bit of a challenge, but it's a small price to pay for the overall experience. It's also lovely to see how welcoming and warm the owners are, adding to the charm of this great local spot. All in all, Masters Kitchen and Cocktail is a gem in Oceanside for anyone looking to enjoy quality food and drinks in a cool, adult-friendly environment. It's a place I'll certainly be returning to!

Toasted Gastrobrunch

339 N Cleveland St, Oceanside

(760) 836-0500

Reviewed by:

Joana Dulce

Came here for a brunch double date and we all left with smiles. We had to join the waitlist given it was a bustling Saturday for brunch, but our table was ready right on time, which was a pleasant surprise. The interior offered a cozy atmosphere and everything from the decor to the dishes served was aesthetically pleasing. Starting off with a coffee latte, customized with nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup, it was a delightful beginning. The beverage was smooth, creamy, and just perfect in every sip. My husband and we decided to split the veggie hash and the lobster toast between us. The Veggie Hash, complemented with egg whites, was a sizable serving filled with a rich mix of veggies, goat cheese, and Chipotle pesto, creating a memorable harmony of flavors. The Lobster Toast didn't fall short either, featuring a commendable layering of rosemary sourdough, avocado, lobster, and bacon, finished off with corn for an additional texture. Requesting some crushed chili flakes on the side gave it the slight kick it needed, elevating the dish wonderfully. Our friends opted for the Brisket Hash and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, both of which received thumbs up. The brisket hash came with a side of rosemary bread that was a hit for its plain yet delicious taste. Beverage-wise, an IPA beer and an espresso martini were ordered based on our server's recommendation. Though they were looking forward to these, the drinks were just okay and didn't wow as expected. It seemed they were short-staffed that day, but our waitress went above and beyond to make our experience as enjoyable as possible despite the slight hiccups. Despite a minor inconvenience with our coffee arriving cold and the Cali Benny not being as warm as hoped, the overall dining experience was fulfilling. The extensive menu means there are plenty more dishes to explore on future visits. It's also worth noting the commitment to sourcing local bread and crafting thoughtful menu items. Plus, it's ideally located in downtown Oceanside, making it a great spot to fuel up before a beach day. Though the open-air setting invited some flies and bees, it's a small trade-off for the vibrant ambiance it created. All things considered, Toasted Gastrobrunch nailed the heavy-duty brunch experience we were craving after a rigorous workout. Can't wait for our next visit to dig deeper into their extensive and intriguing menu options.


1806 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside

(760) 721-6282

Reviewed by:

Rhonda Rodriguez

Took a ride to Oceanside on Christmas Day and decided to try out IHOP for brunch. We were excited to try the Willy Wonka themed items, but unfortunately, they didn't quite live up to the visuals. Both the sandwich and pancakes were on the dry side, which was a bit of a letdown. Initially, our waitress seemed to be in a bit of a rush when taking our order, which didn't start things off on the best note. However, as our meal progressed, the service did improve, with the waitress taking more time to ensure we were comfortable, even though there was a delay in taking our payment at the end. It must be said that the kitchen seemed to be off its game that day - our order took about 30 minutes to arrive during a not-so-busy period, and when it did, the quality was disappointing. The eggs over medium were too runny, the waffle and pancakes were cold, failing to melt the butter or warm up the syrup, the hash browns were undercooked, and the bacon and sausage were not at the right temperature. Despite these mishaps, one aspect of our visit stood out positively. The service, particularly from one server who was juggling multiple roles - seating guests, taking orders, managing DoorDash orders, processing payments, and more, all by himself. Despite the restaurant becoming busier, he maintained a professional and friendly demeanor throughout, a commendable feat considering the circumstances. It was clear the place was understaffed, and it was disappointing not to see management step in to assist. The highlight of the meal was indeed the Wonka pancake and pink hot cocoa, which were well prepared and delightful to look at, living up to their promotional photos. A word of advice to future patrons - the Wonka pancake is quite sweet and heavy, more suited as a dessert than a breakfast item. Overall, while the food quality and some aspects of the service could certainly use improvement, the effort of the staff, particularly our overextended server, did not go unnoticed. It's clear the restaurant is facing staffing challenges, and hopefully, these can be addressed to improve the overall dining experience for future customers.


487 Harbor Dr, Oceanside

(760) 722-6705

Reviewed by:

Monica Peña

Today marked my fourth consecutive visit to Denny's for brunch in Oceanside, and it just keeps getting better! Gabriella, our server, was an absolute delight. Her attentive manner and pleasant attitude made our dining experience exceptional. The highlight of the meal had to be the strawberry puppies; they were a cut above, reminiscent of munchkins but significantly tastier. Gabriella remembered my preference for cream cheese icing on the side without me even mentioning it this time, and she generously offered more. The talent and people skills of the staff here are impressive. Honestly, if I could, I'd bring them all back with me to New Jersey for continued top-notch service! The lunch options we chose were delicious and priced reasonably. The service was genuinely friendly throughout our stay, making the entire experience enjoyable. The only slight inconvenience was the noise level, as our seating was near the till area. But that was a minor issue in an otherwise wonderful visit. The customer service here has always been a highlight for my husband, his friends, and me. You're always greeted with a smile, the food is consistently good, and the coffee is amazing. Plus, the partitions between booths are a thoughtful touch for privacy and safety, aligning well with ongoing COVID-19 protocols. Looking forward to our next visit!


201 N Myers St, Oceanside

(760) 512-3329

Reviewed by:

Beatriz Pfender

We were out walking our dog one morning, feeling quite hungry, and decided to stop at High/Low for brunch. Right away, we were taken aback by the stunning view. It's in a prime location, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. For our meal, we opted for the BLT, stuffed waffles, a mimosa, and a Mexican coke. I must say, every item was delicious. Though the prices are on the higher side, it felt somewhat justified given the scenic views you get to enjoy. Our waitress made our experience even better; she was incredibly friendly and attentive, always checking in to make sure we had everything we needed. A big plus for us was being able to bring our dog along – he seemed to enjoy the outing just as much as we did. The patio area was perfect for the lovely day we had chosen to visit, offering good food and decent options. I found the pancakes a bit pricey at $14 without any sides, but given its location in a hotel, it wasn't completely unexpected. The staff across the board were welcoming. Having been here around 4-5 times, the atmosphere has consistently impressed us with its cleanliness, good music, and the helpfulness of the staff. The coffee is noteworthy too. We once attended a brunch/trivia event and experienced a longer wait than anticipated, but the service remained commendable. We've tried various dishes like the garlic fries, the vegan quesadilla, and while I was slightly disappointed with the Red Tiger “Salad” being more of summer rolls than a salad, it didn't detract from the overall quality of the food and drinks. The venue boasts one of the best views of the water and pier in downtown Oceanside, enriching the dining experience. While there are other dining options nearby that might offer more value or different food choices, High/Low holds its charm with its location and atmosphere. However, one of the visits left me less impressed with the drinks and an entree, but this didn't overshadow the pleasant experiences I've had overall. It's a great spot for enjoying a meal by the ocean, even though there might be other places with better value steps away.

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