February 12, 2024

Brunch Bliss in Ontario CA: Top Spots to Satisfy Your Morning Cravings!

Craving brunch in Ontario? We've scoured the province for the crème de la crème of pancakes, bacon, and mimosas.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunch Bliss in Ontario CA: Top Spots to Satisfy Your Morning Cravings!
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Let's dive straight into our handpicked brunch places in Ontario, California:

Hamburger Mary's

3550 Porsche Way, Ontario

(909) 944-9400

Reviewed by:

Kenneth Mcnaughten

Brunch has taken on a whole new meaning after experiencing the Saturday Champagne Brunch at Hamburger Mary's in Ontario. A lover of both good brunches and vibes, I found this spot to be a perfect blend of both. From the Denver omelette with perfectly seasoned potatoes to the delightful funnel cake, the food was impressive. Not to mention, the two Cadillac margaritas I treated myself to were just the cherry on top. The entertainment was nothing short of spectacular. We were treated to performances by four fabulous entertainers, each bringing their unique energy and talent to the stage. The amazing servers, coupled with the fantastic food and drinks, made for an unforgettable experience. Even though there was a bit of a wait for both the food and drinks, the overall atmosphere and the quality of the service more than made up for it. Our evening continued with the 8 p.m. show, and we stayed on for the 10:30 session, enjoying every moment. The drag show was a blast, filled with humor and thrilling performances. However, it's fair to acknowledge that the food, while satisfying, falls into the category of typical fast diner fare, and the drinks are what you'd expect at a club. The $10 cover fee per person upon entry did feel a bit steep, especially considering the overall spend on food, drinks, and tips for the performers. A slight hiccup in the experience was the unfortunate placement of pillars in the room, which obstructed the view of the show for some guests. A more central arrangement of the stage could potentially alleviate this issue. Additionally, the inside was quite hot and humid, indicating a need for better air conditioning. While the show and atmosphere were top-notch, the limited brunch menu was a bit disappointing, particularly because Hamburger Mary's is known for its exceptional burgers, which were not available. Offering the full menu might enhance the experience, despite the wait time for food. Despite these minor drawbacks, the day was incredibly enjoyable, creating a fantastic outing for family and friends. The energy of the performers and the overall ambiance made for an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and unique brunch experience in Ontario.

Joanne's Cafe

1141 N Mountain Ave, Ontario

(909) 467-1416

Reviewed by:

Nevaeh Sapphires

My first time at Joanne's Cafe for brunch was nothing short of delightful. It felt like stepping into a warm, nostalgic memory from my childhood. The moment we walked in, the staff welcomed us with open arms, especially our server Bobbie, who went above and beyond to ensure our experience was exceptional. It was clear that the entire team was working together seamlessly, which made our visit even more enjoyable. The highlight, of course, was the food, which was absolutely scrumptious. It's been a while since I've had a breakfast that hit all the right notes. I opted for the jumbo breakfast, a generous platter featuring 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 pancakes, and hash browns. Each element was cooked to perfection, leaving me completely satisfied. Although I don't find myself in the area often, I'm already planning to stop by Joanne's Cafe whenever I'm passing through Ontario in the future. The service and food here are top-notch, embodying what a classic American diner experience should be. It's clearly a favorite among locals and regulars, and it's not hard to see why. The owner, one of the most hardworking individuals I've come across, is usually there daily, adding a personal touch to the diner's charm. Joanne's Cafe has quickly become my go-to spot for a hearty meal when I'm in Ontario. The warm and attentive atmosphere makes it an excellent choice for family gatherings. In summary, Joanne's Cafe has earned its spot as a must-visit for anyone looking for great food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Take Ur Seat Too

4275 Concours St Suite 130, Ontario

(909) 481-7083

Reviewed by:

Jean Carlos Diaz

Take Ur Seat Too was an absolutely delightful experience for brunch in Ontario. The visit was filled with an array of delicious food options, making it a memorable outing. The pancakes and eggs I tried were incredibly fluffy; a perfect start to the meal. The French toast did not disappoint either, especially with its creamy topping that was simply divine. What particularly stood out was the creme Brule French toast - a unique twist that had me savoring every bite. Opting for the big five breakfast, I had the pleasure of trying longanisa sausage for the first time. It was a revelation! For anyone who appreciates a good sausage, longanisa is a must-try. While the service had room for improvement, it was by no means a deal-breaker and did not detract from the overall experience. Having previously visited the Chino Hills location, the decision to explore this spot was based on curiosity and a desire for a new experience. It didn't disappoint. The visit was even more special as I brought along my mom and wife, both of whom were thoroughly impressed by the food. My mom, in particular, found the offerings to be a delightful change from her usual preferences and thoroughly enjoyed her meal. The ambiance of Take Ur Seat Too added an extra layer of enjoyment to our visit. Upon entering, the clean and fancy decor with its Spanish influences provided a cozy and warm atmosphere that felt like a mini getaway. From the intricate tile patterns to the soft lighting and comfortable seating, every detail contributed to a welcoming environment. But it was the coffee that truly stole the show. As someone who appreciates a good cup, the Spanish coffee here was a standout. Rich, robust, and crafted with care by skilled baristas, it was among the best I've had. Alongside the coffee, I indulged in some pastries and desserts that were the perfect accompaniment, showcasing the variety and quality of their offerings. Cleanliness and attention to detail were evident throughout Take Ur Seat Too, making it an ideal spot for both quick visits and leisurely brunches. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just in search of a charming place to enjoy a meal, this spot, with its unique Spanish-inspired ambiance and exceptional coffee, is worth checking out. The visit concluded with sharing the maple bacon cloud pancake and the rendang curry bowl - both of which were delightful and perfectly portioned for sharing. The coffee menu, featuring classics and fun flavored lattes, further enhanced our meal, and knowing the beans were locally sourced was a plus. In summary, Take Ur Seat Too offered an enjoyable and diverse brunch experience that catered to different tastes and preferences, making it a spot I definitely plan to revisit soon.

Zeke's Eatin' Place

1855 E 4th St, Ontario

(909) 984-2900

Reviewed by:

Charlena Akambi

Had the pleasure of dining at Zeke's Eatin' Place for brunch, and it certainly lived up to its reputation. Walking in, the cozy atmosphere and warm greeting from the staff made me feel instantly welcomed. The menu is impressive, offering everything from traditional breakfast favorites to inventive dishes that are sure to please any diner. The Eggs Benedict with a side of fried bologna was a standout dish for me. It was a unique pairing that combined the creamy richness of the eggs with the crunchy, savory flavor of the bologna, resulting in an unforgettable flavor profile. The mushroom and Swiss omelet was another hit, perfectly cooked and packed with a delicious blend of ingredients that highlighted the kitchen's knack for creativity. What made the experience even more remarkable was the level of service. The staff was attentive, accommodating, and genuinely seemed to care about making our meal enjoyable. Zeke's is a must-visit for anyone, whether you're a local or just passing through. From the comforting, innovative cuisine to the top-notch service, it's a place that offers more than just a meal - it's an experience. The portions are generous, ensuring you won't leave hungry, and the ambiance, decorated with nods to iconic figures and memorabilia, adds to the charm. Having dined here before, I can attest to the consistent quality of both food and service. The huge ham steak and the spinach and cheese omelet were as delicious and sizable as I remembered, proving Zeke's commitment to serving hearty meals without compromise, even in challenging times. For those looking for a memorable brunch experience, Zeke's should be at the top of your list. The unique decor, including a rare southwestern jackalope, adds an extra layer of interest to the visit. It's heartening to see a place maintain its high standards, offering great value and a welcoming atmosphere. Definitely looking forward to my next visit to Zeke's!

Heroes Restaurant and Brewhouse

950 Ontario Mills Dr, Ontario

(909) 500-4270

Reviewed by:

Mollie Acclise

My first visit here and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Right from the moment I walked in, the welcoming smiles from the employees set a positive tone. Seating was immediate, which was a pleasant surprise, though I noticed it got busier as we were leaving. The ambiance struck a perfect balance of warmth and lively energy, making it an ideal spot for catching up with friends. The food we ordered didn't disappoint at all. The portions were generous, and the drinks, well, they were impressively large. It seemed like a well-oiled machine where everyone was ready to help, no matter whose table it was. And the prices felt just right for the value received. Sitting at the bar added to the overall great atmosphere, surrounded by American food classics in a family-owned setting that spans 5 locations across Southern California. The Martini chicken sandwich was my choice and it was a hit for me. My partner went for the Santa Fe chicken, served nicely with corn and mashed potatoes, and it was another winner in terms of taste and portion size. Truly satisfied with our meal choices! And let's talk about the food and drinks for a moment – absolutely phenomenal. The atmosphere just elevates the entire dining experience. Although you might find yourself spending around $22.00 per meal, it's an investment that pays off in terms of quality and satisfaction. On this visit, I indulged in the Caesar Salad topped with Blackened Salmon. It was a decision I'd happily make again. But the menu item that really took me by surprise was the sticky ribs appetizer. Not only was it mouthwateringly delicious, but it was also so filling that it could easily rival any main dish, outshining even the well-known St. Louis spare ribs in my book. Accompanied by such attentive service, this establishment has secured a spot on my go-to list for future dining. Needless to say, my anticipation for my next visit is already building up; I'm eager to explore more of what they have to offer.

Iron Skillet Restaurant

805 N Euclid Ave, Ontario

(909) 984-4600

Reviewed by:

Alfredo Anderson

An absolute pleasure to find some of the best home town delicious food at Iron Skillet Restaurant. My son, visiting from NY, insisted his first stop be at one of his favorite pastime places, Iron Skillet, and I can see why. The vibe is just right. My husband and I decided to dine here after a long day on the road, and both the food and service did not disappoint. The omelette and gravy biscuit I had were very good, and oh, the pancakes deserve a special mention - 5/5 for sure. God bless. On my first visit, invited by my daughter, I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was welcoming, and the staff was exceptionally friendly. Ashley helped me with a fresh cup of coffee and gave good suggestions on what to get. The menu had so many options, but I wish I had more time, as they close at 3 p.m. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back to try their lunch menu. Overall, my first experience was a home run - very impressed. The prices for breakfast foods are reasonable, and the waitresses were nice and quick. The ambiance is generally more geared towards an older crowd during the weekdays, but on the weekend, it's bustling with happy families. An odd observation, the strong scent of old spice from the customers seated behind me was overwhelming, but that's a minor hiccup in what was otherwise a great experience. The eggs Benedict, although not explicitly on the menu, was a delightful spin on eggs Florentine, and despite feeling like something might have been missing from the plate, it was a satisfying meal. Left full and happy, I’m eager to return and explore more of what Iron Skillet has to offer.

Spires Restaurant

104 N Vineyard Ave, Ontario

(909) 937-1248

Reviewed by:

Hannah Anagam

We decided to grab breakfast at Spires before heading to the Ontario airport. Opting for something hearty, we both went for the Supreme Omelette - a delightful mix of bacon, sausage, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. It came with a choice of hash browns or homestyle potatoes and toast, making for a complete meal. The service here stood out. We were attended to by several staff members, ensuring our coffee cups remained full and our needs were met. Their attentiveness added a pleasant touch to our dining experience. Though the hash browns had a peculiar taste, which seemed a bit off to me, it didn't take away from the overall meal. The omelette was cooked to perfection, and paired with their excellent coffee, it made for a satisfying breakfast. This place carries a nostalgic charm, echoing the reasons why it was a favorite of my grandmother’s. One must not leave without trying their pies - they’re simply unmatched. Whether it's for breakfast, which they serve all day, or any other meal, the food here is delicious. Coupled with the friendly wait staff, Spires has quickly become a top dining spot for me, especially given its convenient location next to my hotel. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.


715 N Milliken Ave, Ontario

(909) 941-9421

Reviewed by:

Daria Ortiz

Stopped by this Denny's in Ontario for brunch, conveniently located right off the 10 freeway on Milliken Ave, and there was plenty of parking available. Despite it being a busy Saturday, seating was immediate. The service was fast, friendly, and efficient, with a special shout out to our server Larisha who was incredibly attentive and helpful, especially with menu suggestions. She kept everything organized and ensured we were well taken care of throughout our visit. We decided to order the 'Bourbon Sirloin Dinner' and 'Chicken Fried Chicken'. Both meals were delicious, capturing that authentic Denny's flavor and cooked to perfection. Noticed the restaurant, including the restrooms, was clean which is always a plus. On this visit, it was also my first time checking out their new menu and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of choices now available. For dessert, we went with our waitress's recommendation, the new ice cream caramel apple crisp. It came out warm, delicious, and was the perfect end to our meal – definitely a must-try and enough for two! My partner praised his burger, marking it as really good. Though there was a slight hiccup with my Holiday turkey meal initially due to burnt stuffing and dried turkey, the staff were quick to replace it, turning the situation around positively. Overall, the service was commendable. Visiting again for lunch on a Sunday morning, the wait time to be seated was minimal. Staff members were super friendly and accommodating, adding to the pleasant experience. The food served was fresh, well-made, and tasty. Will definitely be coming back for the amazing service, cleanliness, and great taste of food.

Farmer Boys

1190 E Francis St, Ontario

(909) 923-6885

Reviewed by:

Kellylynn Haber Fishkind

We had a wonderful breakfast at Farmer Boys in Ontario after church today. It was such a delightful experience. Jennifer, our server, was incredibly nice and friendly, making our visit even more pleasant. The service was quick, which we appreciated. There was a small hiccup with our fries not being hot enough, but Jennifer quickly resolved the issue by bringing us a new, piping hot batch. It's refreshing to see that the employees here seem to be of a higher caliber compared to other fast-food establishments. Honestly, we've never had a bad meal at this place. The variety of food they serve, from hamburgers to burritos, is impressive. My personal favorite is the fish and chips. The portion sizes are so generous that I usually can only finish half and end up taking the rest home. What stands out most, though, is the friendliness of the staff. Everyone serves with a smile, adding to the overall positive atmosphere. It’s places like this that remind you how a simple meal can be transformed into a memorable experience when the service and food are both top-notch.

Gloria's Cocina Mexicana

401 N Euclid Ave, Ontario

(909) 458-1022

Reviewed by:

صہرخہة Marquez

Finding Gloria's Cocina Mexicana was a delightful surprise. We stumbled upon it while exploring a holiday street fair, seeking something savory to enjoy. From the outside, the restaurant looked inviting, and stepping inside revealed an even more charming atmosphere. It struck a perfect balance with its traditional Mexican motif, creating a welcoming space without feeling overdone. The service we received was both friendly and efficient. It was a pleasure to learn that they make their own tortillas in-house, a testament to the authenticity and quality of their food. Everything we ordered was delicious, marked by the freshness of each ingredient. Although the prices weren't cheap, they felt justified by the quality and portion sizes. Notably, the daily happy hour from 2-7pm, featuring both food specials and drinks, is something I look forward to enjoying again. I was particularly impressed during our staff Christmas party held here. The chips and salsa, especially the flavorful green salsa, were a hit among us. I personally enjoyed the chorinachos—absolutely a 10/10. The spicy wings and the mango chamoy margarita were other favorites, the latter being a great choice for those who aren't typically fans of tequila. The ambiance was elevated by live music and dancing, making for a lively evening. While the energy was infectious, a slight reduction in the music volume during non-live music periods would enhance the dining experience by making conversation easier. Nonetheless, the waitstaff's friendliness and attentiveness added to the overall positive experience. On a subsequent visit, the molcajete caught my attention, an excellent choice that was more than sufficient for two. The meats were exceptionally flavorful, and the red sauce added a delightful kick. Though the service experienced a minor slowdown, necessitating a bit of effort to get a waiter's attention at times, it wasn't enough to overshadow the overall experience. Gloria's Cocina Mexicana, with its cool vibe, adorned with captivating artwork and murals, and accompanied by mariachi performances, truly stands out as a gem in Ontario. The combination of great food, atmosphere, and cultural immersion makes it a place worth returning to. Despite a small hiccup with the service speed, the experience remains a memorable one, and I eagerly anticipate my next visit. For those seeking a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine in a vibrant setting, this restaurant is definitely worth checking out.

Brandon's Diner

2407 S Vineyard Ave ste a, Ontario

(909) 947-3494

Reviewed by:

Jesus S Ortega

Was lucky enough to have breakfast at Brandon's Diner twice and it was a delightful experience each time. The menu has that classic diner feel but throws in some authentic options that really stand out. What makes this place even more special is the staff. They're incredible and make you feel like you're part of the family, which isn't something you find everywhere. And, let's talk about the portion sizes – they're huge! The diner itself is laid out nicely and it's clear they take good care of the space. It's always clean and inviting, which makes the dining experience that much better. As for the value, you really can't beat it. Great food without having to spend a lot is always a win in my book. The service is spot on too. However, it's worth noting that it can get busy, and during peak hours, the wait can be a bit long, especially if you're not seated at the bar counter. Most of the bartenders are efficient, but they do seem to be spread thin. While most of the servers are fantastic and very courteous, I've noticed that the service can be a bit uneven at times, particularly with some of the younger staff. But, that doesn't take away from the overall positive experience. When it comes to food, I couldn't have been happier. From the pink lemonade to the jalapeño hamburger, everything was delicious. We also tried a side of fruit and a junior pizza, both of which were hits. With such great customer service, it's a place I'll definitely be returning to. It's a solid choice for anyone looking for good food at a reasonable price, and despite some minor issues during busy times, it's highly recommended.

Mar Y Tierra

826 W Mission Blvd, Ontario

(909) 460-0956

Reviewed by:

Nat Rodriguez

Had a chance to stop by Mar Y Tierra for brunch, and I've got to say, it's definitely worth a visit. Sure, the parking can be a bit of a challenge, so do yourself a favor and get there early. My co-worker had recommended the place, and it didn't disappoint. I decided to give the Menudo Red No Pata a try. While it was a bit on the bland side for my taste, the rest of the meal more than made up for it. Though the chips were a bit stale, it's not enough to deter me. I'm already planning to come back and try the Chilaquiles next time - the drinks looked pretty tempting too! The outside seating was rather pleasant, with an open and airy feel to it, despite the need for a fly swatter due to the wrought iron setup. The highlight, though, had to be the ostiones preparados – a first for me and absolutely delicious. We also dug into the Tostada Reina loaded with seafood, a coctel de camaron, and a quesadilla de camaron which, despite being a tad cold and small, was still tasty. Admittedly, the place has had its ups and downs. On one visit, the food was quite underwhelming with a distinct lack of flavor, and the service left much to be desired. Waiting over 15 minutes just to get the check was almost enough to have me walking out without paying. But, despite the mixed experiences, there's something about Mar Y Tierra that keeps calling me back. The Blanco version of the menudo was a game-changer, thoroughly amazing and a dish I'd recommend to everyone. It's evidently a popular choice, selling out quickly, so heed the advice and get there early to secure a taste. Overall, while there's room for improvement, especially in terms of service, the highs outweigh the lows. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to try more of what Mar Y Tierra has to offer.


2285 S Archibald Ave, Ontario

(909) 930-6760

Reviewed by:

Muly Ramirez

Had an exceptional brunch experience at IHOP in Ontario, all thanks to the incredible service from Camilla. Due to an unforeseen emergency, my pickup was significantly delayed, arriving hours later than planned. Camilla’s professionalism and understanding were extraordinary. She ensured my order was freshly prepared again, showing a dedication to customer satisfaction that was truly impressive. While there were some hiccups with the beverage quality and a previous experience with slow service, Camilla's efforts made a lasting positive impression, highlighting the staff's commitment to accommodating customers' needs under challenging circumstances.


1409 E 4th St, Ontario

(909) 983-2533

Reviewed by:

Shelby Gonzalez

Usually, my visits to Denny's for brunch are pretty great, and this time was no exception when it came to the food and overall experience. Despite a negative encounter with an employee who was less than friendly – to put it mildly – the meal and service overall were surprisingly amazing. The food was plentiful and had that authentic taste that makes you want to come back for more. The place was bustling, yet the staff managed to keep up with the demand, constantly moving but always attentive. After arriving from a flight and meeting up with family, we decided to head to this Denny's, which felt somewhat local to us, even though we're not from the area. We ended up spending a good four hours there, catching up on each other's adventures and sharing photos. Despite how long we stayed, not once did we feel unwelcome or pressured to leave. In fact, the staff made sure we had everything we needed the entire time, which really added to the quality of our get-together. The restaurant itself may not win any awards for modernity or location, being somewhat small and tucked away next to a freeway barrier, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for with fast service, friendly staff, and great food. It's a reminder not to judge a book by its cover because you might just find a hidden gem like this Denny's. Despite a hiccup with service from one particular staff member, the rest of the team went above and beyond to ensure our experience was memorable for the right reasons. For anyone looking for a place to enjoy a good meal and catch up with loved ones, this Denny's comes highly recommended by me. The amazing food and the great team there really made the rest of our trip special.

B's Chicken and Waffles

1520 N Mountain Ave A101, Ontario

(909) 984-2300

Reviewed by:

Nick Dios Es Bueno

This was the first visit for my husband and I to B's Chicken and Waffles for brunch, and it was an experience we’ll treasure. We decided to order our meal to go, and even though there was a wait of about 20-30 minutes, it was well worth it. Right from the start, the service was welcoming and courteous, making us feel right at home. Our order included chicken wings, greens, cornbread muffins, and smothered chicken with rice. The greens, cooked with smoked turkey, were bursting with flavor. The cornbread muffins stood out for being exceptionally moist and buttery. The wings were seasoned perfectly and cooked to just the right texture, not too hard, just how we like them. As for the smothered chicken, it was tender, juicy, and paired wonderfully with well-cooked rice. The overall dining experience was exceptional, prompting us to already plan our next visit. The best chicken & waffles place we've had in a very long time, indeed. The staff was super friendly, and the food was nothing short of amazing. We’re definitely coming back if we find ourselves in the area again. Ms. B’s Maple House had such a warm, welcoming vibe it felt like walking into a family member's house, ready to enjoy a lovely meal and spend time with loved ones. We can't wait for our next visit. The food was absolutely fantastic. Finding this gem took us by surprise. My husband had called ahead for pickup, and we arrived slightly early, but that brief wait assured us our food would be fresh. The customer service was exceptional - everyone was friendly and polite, making the atmosphere inside and even the option to sit outside very welcoming for family and friends. We chose to enjoy chicken, red beans and rice, mac & cheese, waffles, and more, and each dish was flavorful and satisfying. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a place with great food and a wonderful atmosphere.


502 N Vineyard Ave, Ontario

(909) 937-1720

Reviewed by:

Jessica Харитонов

Had an absolutely pleasant time at Denny's for brunch in Ontario, which interestingly includes a full sports bar. This feature adds a unique vibe as it's nicely separated yet conveniently accessible from the main restaurant area. It's become a bit of a tradition to stop by whenever there's a need to pick someone up from the airport, finding ourselves spending time in the sports bar area. The food, consistently delicious, always arrives quickly and just the way it's ordered - hot and appetizing. On this visit, a waitress named Norma stood out significantly for her professionalism and incredibly friendly demeanor. She made sure to check up on us frequently, ensuring we had everything we needed. Additionally, her interaction with my son was heartwarming; she had a wonderful way of making him laugh, which is something truly appreciated - the ability to treat children with kindness and respect. Despite a slight hiccup at the beginning with a bit of a wait and a minor oversight from another waiter, the overall experience remained untarnished, especially due to Norma's exemplary service and approach. It's delightful to see such commitment to customer satisfaction. Moreover, discovering that Denny's has added a bar to its setup is exciting news. It's an addition I look forward to experiencing more of in future visits. Even when stopping for takeout, the quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff, including during interactions over the phone, stand out as aspects that make Denny's a reliable choice for any meal. Especially touching was the moment of picking up a Grand Slam for my son who was in the hospital - the food was good, and the service was met with a smile. This spot confirms why it's a favorite, rain or shine. Looking forward to many more visits to this amazing restaurant.


4422 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario

(909) 980-8650

Reviewed by:

Jose Frias

Had a chance to drop by IHOP for brunch here in Ontario, and I must say, my overall impression was certainly more positive than I expected. Given that it was my first visit, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Although it was around 9ish on a weekday morning, they managed to seat me immediately upon arrival, which was a great start to the experience. One of the highlights of my visit was the hot chocolate. It’s not every day you find a place that offers refillable hot chocolate, and this minor detail made a significant difference in my dining experience. It kept me cozy and satisfied throughout my meal. Admittedly, there were a few hiccups along the way. The wait to get someone to take my order was a bit longer than I would have liked, around 15 minutes, despite the presence of staff in the area. However, the manager stepped in to take my order, which I appreciated, though the service could have been more attentive from that point on. When it came to the food, the Salisbury steak I ordered for breakfast was exceptional – truly the bomb. It was a pleasant surprise and definitely a highlight of my brunch. However, not everything was perfect. The sunny side up eggs and toast that accompanied my steak left a bit to be desired as they were on the colder side, which was a bit of a letdown. And it seemed the place was understaffed, with only one person working and another cleaning, which likely contributed to the service issues and the wait when first arriving. Despite these service and food temperature issues, the quality of the main dish and the refillable hot chocolate did make up for the downsides. It's clear there's room for improvement, especially in terms of staff attentiveness and ensuring all food is served warm. However, the delicious main dish and warm beverage really stood out to me, making my visit to IHOP for brunch more pleasant than not. This experience has shown me that while it may not be perfect, there's good to be found in the warmth of a hot chocolate and a well-cooked steak first thing in the morning.

Popping Yolk Cafe

3420 Ontario Ranch Rd Suite 1, Ontario

(909) 218-7120

Reviewed by:

Matt Franca

Went for brunch at Popping Yolk Cafe in Ontario and the experience was genuinely satisfying. The food stands out with its unique flavors, which is a notch above the usual. Had the banana French toast and though it was delicious, felt they could have been a bit more generous with the bananas given the price. The seating arrangement was a bit of a puzzle. The process is to order first and then find a seat, which seemed to cause some confusion among patrons, including myself. Witnessed a bit of a scramble for tables, and the staff seemed to be in a tricky spot when trying to manage the seating. I think a more organized system would benefit everyone, ensuring a smoother experience. However, despite the initial hiccup with seating, the wait wasn't long, and before I knew it, food was served. The standout for me was the ube French toast—it was delightfully crispy on the outside with the right punch of ube. Also tried the Nashville hot chicken Benedict and it was flavorful, though next time I'll opt for more spice. Even the simple delight of fries made a hit with my son, disappearing in minutes. Tried the Moscow mule too, and it didn't disappoint. So, despite the minor issues, I'm definitely planning a return visit. The cafe's interior adds to the vibrant brunch experience, with every plate arriving looking as good as it tastes. Dived into the eggs Benedict, a personal brunch favorite, and was pleasantly surprised by the balanced sweetness of the ube French toast. It’s a high-end brunch spot that rivals the likes of The State, offering a wide variety of choices. After a morning workout, arriving hungry meant leaving with leftovers, which is always a sign of a meal well served. The smoked salmon omelette, popping yolk burger, and classic Benedict were not only a feast for the eyes but also filled me up nicely. The crisp potatoes and well-prepped salad were the perfect sides. Impressed by the diverse menu, I’m already looking forward to my next visit to explore more of what Popping Yolk Cafe has to offer. It’s a luxurious brunch experience that truly satisfies.

Country Pride

4265 E Guasti Rd, Ontario

(909) 390-2525

Reviewed by:

Jose سلامة

We've stopped by Country Pride for brunch in Ontario multiple times, given our line of work as truck drivers, and it's always been a pleasure. Each visit, we've been lucky enough to be served by the same waitress - an older lady whose name escapes me but whose hospitality and people skills truly stand out. She shared a bit of her backstory with us, mentioning her initial doubts about waitressing and her previous experience working the cash register and running a fudge stand. In my view, she has found her calling in this line of work. It's rare these days to find someone who doesn't rush you through your meal and possesses the kind of customer service skills that seem to be fading away in many places. She definitely made the effort to write this review worthwhile. The food here is consistently good too. I have a go-to order I get at places like this, and Country Pride serves up one of the better versions I've tasted. During our last visit, we were served by Emily for breakfast - a genuinely kind and attentive girl. We also took advantage of the surprisingly ample laundry facilities, featuring 10 washers and 10 dryers, and couldn’t help but notice the ladies' room was exceptionally clean compared to our last visit. It's these details that show the effort put into maintaining the place. Our waitress was phenomenal, making it a point to know the names of all the regulars but still giving us, who aren't regulars, her full attention. As truck drivers, we found the food portions just right for a smaller-sized dinner, hitting the spot perfectly. The price of about $16.50 each felt justified for the quality and service received. However, it's worth mentioning that while breakfast and brunch here are hits, lunch or dinner might not always hit the mark. The only freshly made item during one visit was the salmon; other dishes seemed reheated and didn't justify the cost, which was a bit disappointing. Despite this, the breakfast items like eggs and fruit were fresh and enjoyable. It's the kind of place that's excellent for a morning meal. The combination of good food, excellent service, and clean facilities keeps us coming back. Keep up the great work.

NORMS Restaurant

4551 Mills Cir, Ontario

(909) 935-1880

Reviewed by:

Bookie Leilisamwaar

Last week, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened NORMS Restaurant located by Ontario Mills for brunch. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a bustling yet welcoming diner atmosphere that instantly made us feel right at home. Despite being our first visit, the ambiance suggested that this could quickly become a go-to spot for us. We were seated immediately, a testament to the efficiency of the staff given that it wasn't crowded at the time. It was evident that the service team was perhaps still finding their groove, as our encounter wasn't without its hiccups. There was a mix-up with our order and a delay in the arrival of our food, which seemed to have spent a bit too long waiting to be served. However, the warmth and friendliness of our server somewhat cushioned the letdown of the service glitches. It's clear that the team has potential; they just need a bit more time to iron out the new-opening creases. The culinary experience was a mixed bag. The quality of the food was decent but fell short of being notably fresh. Despite this, there were highlights within the meal that hinted at the kitchen's capabilities, leaving us curious to explore more of what they have to offer. Fast forward to a more recent visit, and unfortunately, the service hadn't seen the improvement we hoped for. Mistakes were repeated, and the overall execution of the meal left much to be desired. The food's presentation and taste did not meet our expectations, and the interaction with the staff was awkward at times. Despite these experiences, there's a part of us that remains hopeful. Every restaurant has its teething problems, and NORMS Restaurant by Ontario Mills has the makings of a great diner. The ambiance and potential for good, hearty meals are there. It might not be the top choice for those in a hurry or looking for a flawless dining experience quite yet, but with some adjustments and time, it could very well become a beloved brunch spot. Therefore, while our visits had their ups and downs, I believe in giving places the chance to grow and improve. The foundation for a wonderful diner experience is present at NORMS in Ontario; it just needs a bit more time and effort to truly shine.

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