January 29, 2024

A Grand Brunch Tour of Overland Park

Our guide brings you the top spots in Overland Park where eggs meet their destiny & pancakes get serious.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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A Grand Brunch Tour of Overland Park
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Overland Park is a destination where every brunch spot promises a picturesque feast for the senses and satisfaction for your most diverse cravings. So, buckle up and let's embark on a flavorful expedition across Overland Park's best brunch places!

Urban Egg a daytime eatery

4921 W 119th St, Overland Park

(913) 586-7500

Reviewed by:

Monse Castillo

After doing some research for breakfast places, I came across Urban Egg, a daytime eatery in Overland Park. Though it appeared to be quite new, my curiosity won over, and I decided to give it a try with my husband, especially since we were going out the Saturday after Christmas. Anticipating a crowded venue and potentially mediocre service due to the holiday rush, I was pleasantly surprised by our experience. We made use of Yelp to join the waiting list before our arrival, and the process was smooth and efficient, likely because we got there at 9:15 am, just before it got really busy. We were greeted and seated immediately by a cheerful hostess, who kindly recommended some items off the menu. Although our server seemed to be juggling a few tables and was a bit busy, the service didn't suffer. For starters, we tried the bourbon bacon, which was nice but could have been a tad crispier for my taste. My husband decided to kickstart his morning with a cocktail, finding it a bit strong for the early hours, but that's down to personal preference. The highlight for me was definitely the chicken and waffles. It was possibly one of the best I've had with the waffles featuring delightful sugar crystals, and the eggs Benedict beautifully complemented by a drizzle of yolk and hollandaise sauce that brought the dish together. However, not everything hit the mark. The biscuits and gravy didn't stand out to us, coming across as somewhat mediocre compared to the rest of our meal. When considering the price point, it felt a bit on the higher side, though the quality and ambiance made it feel worthy, drawing some parallels yet distinctions to other breakfast places like First Watch in terms of value. The eatery itself boasted a fun and unique atmosphere, adorned with colorful art and decor, which made for a welcoming environment. The staff were attentive, friendly, and even inquired about any allergies, which is always a thoughtful touch. Despite the slight letdown with the biscuits and gravy, the overall experience at Urban Egg left a positive impression, thanks to the delicious main dishes, inviting ambiance, and attentive service. It's a place I'd be happy to revisit and recommend to others looking for a good breakfast or brunch spot in Overland Park.

Shack Breakfast & Lunch

7218 College Blvd, Overland Park

(913) 766-8335

Reviewed by:

David Holmes

Visiting Shack Breakfast & Lunch for brunch in Overland Park was a delight. My dish, waffles & chicken with eggs, hit the spot perfectly. It was fantastic. My husband opted for a skillet, but found it a tad too salty and greasy for his taste. However, the coffee was good, and the service was spot-on. The atmosphere was nice, though it got a bit loud at times. Overall, the experience was positive. The restaurant has a fun and delicious vibe, making it a great spot to dine. Reading all the messages on the walls added an enjoyable twist to our visit. It’s a very casual place, but don't let that fool you; they offer some upscale food options. The big Bacon sign out front is a clear winner. Any restaurant that celebrates bacon with such enthusiasm is definitely a place for me. Loved every bit of it! The food was great, and the prices were reasonable for the quality and portions served. One thing to note for those who prefer their meal components separate or have a specific palate—my eggs and bacon were served in-between my French toast. So, if you're not a fan of mixing sweet and savory, it might be a good idea to mention your preference beforehand. We also tried the "❤️❤️❤️ you now hate me later" burrito, and it was easily one of the best breakfast burritos I've ever had. Despite its size, I couldn’t finish it all because it was so packed and delicious. The atmosphere here is quite unique, making the dining experience memorable. For anyone who hasn't been, I highly recommend checking it out. The total cost for two adults came to around $35, which felt very reasonable for the amount and quality of food we received. Definitely looking forward to our next visit.

First Watch

12040 Blue Valley Pkwy, Overland Park

(913) 696-1119

Reviewed by:

Prince Jackson

I had brunch at First Watch in Overland Park and it was a delightful experience, easily the best breakfast I've had in a while. Even though I don't quite remember the name of the omelette I ordered, it was really tasty, despite the avocado being a bit off. The grits could have used a bit of salt, but that was a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. My eggs were cooked to perfection, and the biscuits and gravy were amazing, truly standing out. Our server, Ms. Molly, was incredibly sweet and added to the positive experience. However, there was a bit of a wait for the French toast, around 4-5 minutes, but when it arrived, it was worth the wait. There was a small hiccup when we weren't checked on after our meal arrived, and when it came time to pay, my feedback about the wait times and lack of check-ins was met with just an "okay" and no apology, which was disappointing. Despite these minor issues, I have a lot of love for First Watch. It's my go-to spot for breakfast. The AM superfood bowl is my favorite dish there - a delightful mix of chia seed pudding, fresh fruit, and peanut butter toast. It's perfection on a plate. Overall, my experience was positive, and I would recommend First Watch to anyone looking for a quality breakfast or brunch in Overland Park.

First Watch

7301 West 151st Street, Metcalf Ave, Overland Park

(913) 681-3447

Reviewed by:

Hunberto Mansky

Absolutely love First Watch for brunch! Having been a fan of this chain back when I lived in Florida, I was excited to try it out in Overland Park. While I personally had some issues with my meal, my partner thoroughly enjoyed theirs, which speaks to the quality and variety available at First Watch. We decided to go during a particularly busy time, and even though the service was a bit slow, our server was incredibly nice and apologetic about the wait, which really wasn't all that long – about 15 or 20 minutes. Unfortunately, my food and drink didn't quite hit the mark for me this time. I opted for the salmon Eggs Benedict with dressed greens and a mint chocolate iced coffee. The greens were lacking in dressing, and while the eggs on my Benedict were cooked to perfection, the overall dish was a bit cold for my liking. As for the mint chocolate coffee, it was more cream than coffee, and the mint flavor was barely noticeable. However, my partner had the steak breakfast burrito and found it to be delicious, which honestly does salvage the food rating for me. Despite my personal meal not meeting my expectations, the fact that my partner was happy with theirs shows that First Watch still has great dishes to offer. On a previous visit, I had a much better experience when I customized my eggs Benedict order, which they accommodated without any issue. Both my friend and I were impressed with our meals then, enjoying the broad selection of comforting favorites and unique takes on traditional dishes. The appealing menu certainly makes me open to giving First Watch another try, especially knowing how much I've enjoyed it in the past. Overall, I really do love this place for breakfast. The food is generally delicious, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy. While not every dish may be to my personal taste, the positive experiences far outweigh the negatives. Whether you're a fan of traditional breakfast items or looking for something a little different, First Watch in Overland Park has something to satisfy. Would definitely recommend giving it a try, and I'm looking forward to my next visit!

First Watch

9102 Metcalf Ave suite a, Overland Park

(913) 871-5900

Reviewed by:

Carlos Burris

On my first trip to Kansas City, finding a brunch spot was high on my agenda, and First Watch in Overland Park did not disappoint. Upon arrival, the hostess welcomed my party with a warm smile and promptly seated us. The waitress who took our order was both friendly and knowledgeable, recommending the pear punch from their limited-time offerings. Taking her advice, the punch was absolutely refreshing and set a positive tone for the meal. For my meal, I opted for the Elevated Egg Sandwich, a delightful combination of over-medium egg, avocado, cheese, bacon, among other ingredients that rounded it off perfectly. The seasoned home fries that accompanied the sandwich were the cherry on top – utterly delicious. My wife chose the smoked salmon and vegetable frittata, served with a side of cheesy grits, and it was phenomenal. After letting me try a bite, I could see why she was so impressed; the flavors were incredible. Our experience was so enjoyable that we found ourselves returning the next day to another First Watch location, only to be greeted with the same level of culinary excellence. The restaurant, though slightly smaller than others, offered a cozy atmosphere with a charming, shaded patio that added to the brunch experience. Exploring the menu further, we discovered they served breakfast cocktails and decided to try the berry sangria. Although a tad sweet for our taste, it was still a pleasant addition. I ventured to try the traditional breakfast, selecting the turkey sausage and gluten-free bread. Despite the turkey sausage being slightly dry and the bread a bit too crumbly, the overall meal was savory, with the eggs and potatoes being particularly noteworthy. One standout dish was the salmon Benedict – light, fresh, and packed with flavor without leaving you feeling overly full. Additionally, the attention and service provided by the staff were excellent. From accommodating us at this location despite a mix-up to the friendly banter and compliments, every interaction contributed to a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. The restaurant's approach to service, leaving drink bottles at the table for easy refills, was also appreciated, especially for someone who drinks a lot of water like myself. With a vast menu brimming with fresh and delicious options, it's hard not to recommend First Watch. The steak and bacon breakfast bowl from their specials menu was a highlight, paired perfectly with their fresh, tasty potatoes. It's clear why First Watch comes highly recommended for anyone looking for an outstanding brunch experience in Overland Park.

McLain's Market Overland Park

10695 Roe Ave, Overland Park

(913) 242-8222

Reviewed by:

Douglas Godbee

My table of 4 loved everything we ordered and promised to come back again soon! Having tried their sandwiches through the drivethru and their cakes at weddings, stepping inside for the first time was an experience in itself. The sight of multiple cases filled with cookies, pastries, and cakes was overwhelmingly delightful, making our selections a bit challenging because we wanted to try everything. We ended up ordering more than we could eat, but it was worth it for the quality and variety. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, making our visit even more pleasant. It's a great spot to grab coffee and pastries, though they offer a full menu, we stuck to coffee and light bites this time. The upkeep of the place is commendable. On a personal note, the service deserves all the praise. During a visit on my day off, I ordered a cup cookie, and it was given to me on the house. Upon mentioning it was my birthday, the staff went above and beyond by giving me four, a small gesture that left a big impact. The food and coffee are consistently delicious, with the Pepper Jack Burrito being a standout must-try. In a city where traditional fast food is the norm, McLain's Market is a refreshing change, offering healthy, wholesome, and delicious options. Definitely a place worth visiting in KC.

The Wooden Spoon

11823 College Blvd, Overland Park

(913) 345-9849

Reviewed by:

Antonio Hernandez

Craving some comfort food with a side of charm? Look no further than The Wooden Spoon in Overland Park. From the moment we walked in, the feeling of warmth and welcome was undeniable, thanks to the owner, Tina, who seems to treat everyone like family. And let's talk about the food - it's like a hug on a plate. We decided to go for brunch and, despite it being a cozy spot, the wait was surprisingly short, just about 10 minutes. The menu had so many tantalizing options, making it hard to choose. Eventually, we settled on a variety, wanting to sample a bit of everything. The angry Irishman caught my eye, while my wife was drawn to the croissant breakfast sandwich. Our son couldn't resist the sound of apple cider pancakes, and we both were curious about the lemon ricotta pancakes, which we decided to share. Every single dish was a hit. The flavors were bold and fresh, clearly highlighting the quality and care put into each recipe. Yes, it's a tad pricier than some other places, but it's evident you're paying for top-notch ingredients and dishes prepared from scratch. It was worth every penny for that quality of meal. On another visit with my sister for a late breakfast, the place was quiet and offered enough privacy to enjoy our meal without feeling crowded. Except for the hashbrowns being slightly overdone, everything else was delightful. There was a slight disappointment when I noticed the breakfast menu was heavy on pork and brisket, as I was craving a breakfast burrito. However, substituting brisket in the burrito was a decent workaround, and the pancakes and hash browns were more than enough to leave us satisfied. Despite the minor hiccup, I'm already looking forward to my next visit. Maybe I'll try the Philly next time. The Wooden Spoon has firmly established itself as a go-to spot for brunch, offering a blend of delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere that's hard to beat.

The Big Biscuit

11148 Antioch Rd, Overland Park

(913) 258-5797

Reviewed by:

Dean Taplar

If you're a fan of biscuits and gravy like me, The Big Biscuit in Overland Park is a must-visit. Wrapping up a weekend trip to KC, a stop here came highly recommended by friends, and it lived up to the hype. The service was welcoming and quick. Opting for counter seats, we were greeted and served in no time. The quest for the perfect biscuits and gravy is something of a hobby, and I have to say, I've found a top contender here! The biscuits are made in-house and are absolutely delightful when covered with their sausage gravy. A little more gravy would have been ideal for me, but that's hardly a complaint. The side of cheesy, crispy hash browns was the perfect complement to the meal. Despite a busy atmosphere and a minor disturbance from another customer, my experience was overwhelmingly positive. I was so pleased with my visit that I even left with some merchandise – something I rarely do. The outdoor seating could use a bit of an upgrade, and while the food arrived swiftly, there were items like the cinnamon roll pancake that could have packed more flavor. The hash browns were tasty but a tad greasy for my preference. A suggestion for turkey or chicken sausage was noted, as it wasn't available, but that didn't detract from the overall experience. For anyone visiting Kansas, stopping by The Big Biscuit is a given. The service and food quality are standout, making it an excellent choice for visitors and locals alike. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous – I was full after just a few bites! My top recommendation has to go to the biscuits and gravy; they were simply phenomenal. Whether you're passing through or a resident, The Big Biscuit offers a satisfying brunch experience that shouldn't be missed.

First Watch

8180 W 135th St, Overland Park

(913) 814-7444

Reviewed by:

Nihar Montero

So so good! We loved it! The escalated egg sandwich and potatoes were amazing! Absolutely loved the Morning Meditation, a perfect mixture! The kids couldn’t get enough of the huge cinnamon chip pancake. Can't wait to go back to try more. Also got to try their new Barbacoa Chilaquiles Bowl which was pretty tasty. They cook the tortilla chips in the sauce, and it's surprisingly not soggy! The mango passion Palmer was nice, just needed a little more ginger for my taste, but that might just be me. The Chickichanga was just okay for me, but my date absolutely loved it. It was a good meal with a great server. Overall, the experience was pretty good. The pumpkin pancake breakfast was beyond amazing. The service was just okay, though. Not sure if it was because my brother and I are younger and there might have been assumptions about tipping, but beyond that, everything was good. The food is definitely worth mentioning again because it was fantastic! Ended up eating there twice while in town and thoroughly enjoyed it both times.

Shack Breakfast & Lunch

7940 W 135th St, Overland Park

(913) 897-2755

Reviewed by:

Linda Hadzialijagic

The food at Shack Breakfast & Lunch was truly enjoyable! The hash browns and fries were crisped exactly to our liking and everything was seasoned perfectly. The fries disappeared so quickly, I didn't even get a chance to snap a picture - they were that delicious. While the service received a solid four stars from us, mainly because we weren't informed that drink refills weren't complimentary and there was a bit of a wait despite the place not being crowded, everything else made up for it. The menu was unique, filled with amusingly named and appetizing choices. It was a pleasant surprise to find a gluten-free menu, catering to different dietary needs. The food overall was spectacular, and the atmosphere was lively and enjoyable, complete with a TV at the bar for catching games and a wonderful drink selection. I'm definitely planning a return visit! Although the service was great, the experience at Saturday brunch was just "pretty OK". The wait for a table was a little over half an hour, which seemed reasonable given the circumstances. It seemed our arrival coincided with a sudden rush. The service was friendly, albeit not the quickest. The food had its ups and downs. My biscuit seemed overly dry, making it a challenge to enjoy, and my skillet had potential with its flavors, but unfortunately, both the pork and turkey were too dry for my liking. A mix-up with my egg preference didn't help matters. However, the coffee was good, and the decor added a pleasant touch to the dining experience, featuring a fun, farmhouse vibe and an "everything covered in signatures" motif that I found particularly enjoyable. Given the mixed experiences, I'm eager to give Shack Breakfast & Lunch another try during a less busy time. The place has a lot of potential with its inviting menu. It stands as a decent brunch spot in the area, though there's room for improvement in execution to truly outshine other local options.

Santa Fe Cafe

9946 W 87th St, Overland Park

(913) 648-5402

Reviewed by:

Javed Swanson

Wanted to find a new spot for breakfast and decided to give Santa Fe Cafe a shot. The parking was spacious, easily found a spot which was a great start. Once inside, the sizable seating area allowed us to get a table without any wait. The menu was quite extensive, leading us to order a variety of items to fully experience what they had to offer. The service really stood out; it was amazing how swiftly the food arrived at our table. There wasn't a single dish that disappointed. The French toast quickly became a favorite, although the pancakes were a close second. For anyone in search of a local restaurant that serves up a solid breakfast, this place should definitely be on your list. Everything from the flavorful biscuits and gravy to the efficient and friendly service made the experience memorable. It's rare to come across a place where you're guaranteed a good meal, whether you're in the mood for a basic breakfast, something with a Mexican twist, or even heartier options like pancakes filled with cranberries or nuts. The decor added a festive touch to the atmosphere, enhancing the overall dining experience. One of the things that really stood out was the staff's attention to ensuring all guests, including those with disabilities, could navigate the space comfortably. It's clear they prioritize customer care. Even had a special moment where the waiter took a photo for us, showcasing their attentiveness and care. A visit here turned into a birthday celebration, complete with Flan and a birthday song, all thanks to the owner Gale and the incredibly kind staff. The warmth and friendliness of everyone there made the day even more special. The breakfast was fantastic - from the turkey sausage and eggs to the chocolate chip pancakes that were a hit with my daughter. Without a doubt, planning a return visit. The hospitality, combined with delicious food, makes Santa Fe Cafe a true gem in Overland Park for either breakfast or lunch.

Kolache Factory

7112 W 135th St, Overland Park

(913) 851-2253

Reviewed by:

Carlos Reddin

When it comes to finding a spot for brunch in Overland Park, Kolache Factory has become my go-to place. It's like eating a seasoned pillow – and I mean that in the best way. Not only are the kolaches good, but they're also decently priced. Honestly, you could fill them with the least appealing ingredients, and I'd probably still enjoy them. There's no doubt in my mind that I'll be back for more. The staff, especially Mia, are incredibly nice and always ready to offer suggestions when I'm indecisive about what to pick. My personal favorites are the ranchero and Philly, but when I'm in the mood for something lighter, the spinach hits just the right spot. It's the perfect place for anyone who's looking for soft, stuffed rolls that come in a variety of flavors. Whether it's the chicken enchiladas my friends can't get enough of, or my preferences like egg and cheese, cream cheese, egg potato and cheese, and spinach, there's something for everyone. Plus, there's enough space to dine in as well as the convenience of quick takeaway. Now, while I have to say that online ordering can be a bit hit or miss – often showing as not available – it's a minor inconvenience for the quality and taste you get. The fruit kolaches might be just average for me, but that could simply be because sweets aren't really my thing. Kolache Factory truly shines as a place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, thanks to their amazing stuffed rolls. Though it might be a bit overwhelming at first with all the options available, I highly recommend trying the Philly Steak, Italian Chicken, and Texas Hot if you're new. With such a wide variety, it's a place you can return to without getting bored. And here's hoping they make the cream cheese and fruit with chocolate drizzle a permanent offering rather than just a monthly special.

The Wooden Spoon

4671 Indian Creek Pkwy, Overland Park

(913) 544-1125

Reviewed by:

Tatiana Branscum

Wow! The Wooden Spoon is truly a hidden gem we're so thrilled to have discovered! The food was absolute perfection, and the service was exceptional. A special shoutout to Miguel for being super engaging without being intrusive. The quaint, lovely cafe style of the place was a delight and truly amazed us with the outstanding quality of the food. It was the perfect ending to our girls' weekend, and we will definitely be returning! This super cozy spot made it easy to share all our food preferences, and everything was extremely customizable. The staff were all incredibly friendly. I've already recommended this place to friends and family as the go-to spot for a solid breakfast or brunch that will fuel you for the day. The atmosphere is welcoming, with local art displayed on the walls that adds a nice touch. Despite a mishap with service on one occasion where the service wasn't up to par, the majority of experiences here have been nothing short of wonderful. The Eggs Florentine and hash browns with gravy we had were truly delicious, and the service was quick and friendly. A definite must-visit spot in Overland Park!

Another Broken Egg Cafe

13386 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park

(913) 214-0145

Reviewed by:

Scott Fitzgerald Gordley

I know, I know, I’ve posted before but bear with me because when a place nails it on food, service, and atmosphere, it deserves every bit of praise. This time around, I brought my girlfriend who was visiting from California to my go-to brunch spot, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Chef Maria really outdid herself - those Bourbon Street pancakes were simply divine. And the lemon blueberry mimosa? Absolutely the bomb. My girlfriend's Debbie’s shrimp and grits were fiery in the best way possible, and our friend Mary couldn't stop dancing about her biscuit and gravy. The service matched the excellence of the food, with Charles bringing a whole lot of fun to our dining experience. He, along with his co-worker Ray, were both so friendly and well-versed with the menu – it made our day. On our way out, we had the pleasure of meeting Barb, the manager, and it wasn’t hard to see why this team was so impeccable. Hats off to everyone there. This visit reinforced my belief that this is one of the finest breakfast/brunch places around. Our server, D'Markus, was incredibly friendly and efficient, making sure everything we ordered was swiftly brought to our table in perfect condition. Compared to other brunch spots, this one has more generous portions and better prices, hands down. The atmosphere was welcoming and vibrant, making our family breakfast this morning a memorable one. Our waitress Faith was exceptionally helpful, kind, and professional. She guided us through the menu, and her recommendations were spot-on. The complimentary beignets for first-timers were a delicious touch. But the standout for me was the cucumber lime mint mojito - a solid 10/10. Checking out this place was a decision driven by the fantastic food pictures we saw online. While Cory, our server, was great, there was a hit and miss with the food. The eggs had an odd floral taste, and the sausage patties were overly herbal for my liking, but the Belgian waffle and syrup were a win. My daughter enjoyed her Strawberry Lemonade mocktail, and my husband had good things to say about the coffee. Overall, the experience was largely positive, making it clear why I keep coming back. The combination of scrumptious food, exquisite drinks, and heartwarming service is what makes brunch here an experience to cherish. Definitely looking forward to our next visit.

AR’S Breakfast & Brunch

8021 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park

(913) 258-5703

Reviewed by:

Audrey Ajaz

This new-ish spot had caught my eye during my daily commutes, and on a whim, decided to give it a shot for a late breakfast with a friend. The decision turned out to be a delightful surprise with the incredible flavors and eye-catching presentations of their dishes. Despite a consistent short wait throughout our visit, the extra wait time was a small price to pay for such an exquisite dining experience. I indulged in the chicken fajita omelet, while my friend opted for the veggie bowl. A standout recommendation would be to try the salsa verde on the side; its warm, citrusy, and tomatillo-infused flavor was an absolute delight. The sign outside promising "Breakfast, Lunch" drew us in, setting the stage for a fantastic meal that could be enjoyed at any time of the day. The atmosphere was lively and inviting, with a unique and scrumptious food offering that left us thoroughly impressed. The service was top-notch, adding to the overall excellent dining experience. Although the place is compact and often busy – with a slight waiting time for seating – the enjoyable ambiance and the largest mimosa ever spotted made everything worth it. The food portions were generous, and with an extensive menu to choose from, there was something for everyone. Despite the busy vibe and longer wait times, particularly noted during our visit on Labor Day, the overall experience was nothing short of spectacular. The ease of access to the location and the exceptional service further cemented this spot as a must-visit for an outstanding brunch in Overland Park.

OP1906 Bar & Grill

6100 College Blvd, Overland Park

(913) 253-1906

Reviewed by:

Hamilton Bello

Visited OP1906 Bar & Grill for brunch while staying at the Sheraton hotel, and it was a delightful experience overall. The highlight of my meal had to be the cup of gumbo; it was bursting with flavor, reminiscent of New Orleans. Next time, I’m definitely going for a bigger portion. The chicken tenders and fries didn't disappoint either, with the fries having a crispy and lightly salted breading. I indulged in two drinks, a Moscow mule and a mango martini, both of which were excellent. The atmosphere of the bar was pleasant with lovely decor, and the prices seemed fair for the area. While the food and drink menu might not be extensive, there was a decent variety of liquor and beer to choose from. The ambiance was nice, creating a proper hotel bar experience. The service, for the most part, was excellent. Taryn at the bar was particularly great, offering to heat up my Leo's Pie pizza when I mentioned the center was cold. Though the pizza's crust was perfectly crispy, the center of the toppings started off cold, which was a bit of a letdown. However, watching other dishes like steaks and fish being served around me, they all looked quite tasty. There was a hiccup with the service on one occasion due to a staff member, Kathy, who was noticeably rude and less than accommodating. This contrasted starkly with another experience with the bar manager, Celia, who was incredibly sweet and rectified a service issue with professionalism and kindness. In addition to the gumbo, the chicken quesadilla appetizer was a great late-night snack choice, loaded with cheese and accompanied by red sauce and sour cream - a perfect treat. Overall, my time at OP1906 Bar & Grill was positive, marked by great food, a nice selection of drinks, and mostly excellent service. It's a place I'd recommend for a casual brunch or late-night snack, with a nice atmosphere and fair prices.

The Big Biscuit

8520 W 135th St, Overland Park

(913) 544-1707

Reviewed by:

Barbara Looper

My friend and I decided to dine at The Big Biscuit in Overland Park on September 30th just out of curiosity, and let me tell you, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made! The food was absolutely delicious, the service was top-notch, and the entire experience felt so welcoming. This place easily earns 5 stars across the board from me! The food was so incredible that we ended up going back the very next day with a group of friends. If you ever find yourself in this area, you definitely need to stop by The Big Biscuit. And make sure to tell them Jeremy sent you! The value for your dollar here is unparalleled, especially with their huge country breakfast options, and they also offer great healthy items. I've loved everything I've tried so far. A personal favorite of mine is the bonut with strawberries and cream, and their cinnamon pancakes are to die for. They serve these buttery biscuits and gravy that are so good, it's no surprise they named the place after them! As for the service, it's fantastic. There was a bit of a wait at our table, almost 45 minutes before anyone served us, which did affect the overall experience a bit. However, once we were attended to, the waiters were very quick and helpful, making up for the initial delay. The food is very filling and incredibly tasty. They offer a wide variety on their menu, from eggs to pancakes, they've got it all figured out. I was particularly impressed by their potatoes and, of course, the sweet and tasty bonut. Considering everything, I'd rate this place a 10/10. I'd definitely revisit!

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

7012 W 135th St, Overland Park

(913) 349-3010

Reviewed by:

Chancy Kooly

My brunch experiences at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Overland Park, have been a rollercoaster, but it's clear that this place still holds a special spot in my heart. Reflecting on my last couple of visits, there's been a mix of underwhelming moments and delightful surprises. The first visit didn't hit the mark for me. Opting to dine outside post-race, the atmosphere initially seemed promising. However, the service was lackluster, and my choice from the healthy menu, a sweet potato dish, left much to be desired due to its mushy texture and lack of flavor. The dish, unfortunately, arrived cold, further diminishing the experience. The highlight, surprisingly, was enjoying the toast and jelly from my fiancé’s plate. Determined not to give up on a once-favorite brunch spot, a return visit ensued about a week later. This time, opting for a seat at the bar, the experience noticeably improved. Even though the bartender was swamped and interaction was minimal, the avocado benny and a caramel latte I ordered didn't disappoint and arrived promptly. It was a redemption from my previous disappointments. Group dining added to the mixed bag of experiences. An early Saturday gathering with a party of 10 enjoyed satisfactory service and delicious offerings like the pineapple upside-down pancake, amidst a relaxed atmosphere that accommodated both adults and kids well. However, not all group experiences echoed this sentiment. A special occasion visit was marred by seating issues, with the only options offered being less than ideal, leading to a feeling of unwelcomeness. This, coupled with the inability to fully enjoy the ambiance due to policy on seating arrangements, led us to seek breakfast delights elsewhere. Most recently, a Sunday visit, driven by the allure of good things heard, faced challenges from the outset with excessively loud music and a chilly dining environment at the bar. Service from our waiter, Nick, started strong with prompt drink orders but unfortunately didn't maintain this level of attentiveness. The food, although tasty, was served lukewarm, leaving room for improvement. In reflection, Snooze still teeters on being a brunch favorite, albeit tempered by recent experiences. The hope remains that future visits will consistently capture the enchantment that initially drew me to this eatery, allowing it to reclaim its 5-star potential fully.

Trofi Restaurant

10100 College Blvd, Overland Park

(913) 323-1978

Reviewed by:

Von Alejandro

Everything was amazing from the service to each course. It just kept getting better and better, so much so that we decided to make a return visit the next day for lunch. The cleanliness and beauty of the restaurant matched the excellence of every staff member on the team. The food was simply out of this world, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit. It's a quiet spot perfect for a tasty breakfast, and despite the early hour, the staff were incredibly friendly. The food was great, leading me to return a few times for breakfast. Even getting tea to go made my day that much better. While the decor and atmosphere could see some improvement, it's not something to be put off by. The staff's friendliness and the excellence of the food made it our favorite place during the restaurant week. The portions are generous, giving great value for the price. Something that stood out to me was one of the waiters knowing sign language, making communication with my uncle effortless, a rarity when dining out. This alone deserves praise, but coupled with the great food, drinks, and atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this place deserves a five-star review. Thank you for such a memorable experience.


10480 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park

(913) 341-7005

Reviewed by:

Jen Sadasivam

Came in for the free veterans day breakfast on 11/10/23 and was greeted and seated immediately. The waitress was very friendly and inviting. The restaurant is very clean, well lit, and has a nice ambiance. The free breakfast was their "Original Grand Slam" and it was excellent. Eggs were as ordered (over hard), the bacon and sausage were tasty, but the pancakes were the highlight of the meal. These are some of the best I've ever had. Thick, light, fluffy, and delicious. It's definitely a great place to get the morning off to a great start. Came in at 11:30 looking for a pleasant atmosphere and good food and got both of those, and at a great price. Thank you to Kathy for the wonderful service! The American Dream is alive at this Denny’s. Had not been here in over 6 yrs, the service last time was not great. However, this visit was a complete turnaround with great service. Vanessa was a great waitress, very friendly and attentive. Great customer service also made my dad and me feel welcome. Thanks to everyone there assisting and providing my meal. Will return before heading back home. Love the Lumber Jack Slammer.

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