February 27, 2024

Top 10 Brunch Spots in Palmdale

Get ready to up your brunch game in Palmdale! From mouthwatering pancakes to the crispiest bacon in town, our guide has you covered.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 10  Brunch Spots in Palmdale
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Welcome to Palmdale, where the sun kisses the horizon and the palm trees sway as if to welcome you into their leafy embrace. But beyond the picturesque views, Palmdale boasts a brunch scene that could easily turn morning skeptics into devout believers.

Scramblez Cafe Palmdale

835 E Ave Q-9, Palmdale

(661) 538-2233

Reviewed by:

Alphonso Wallace

Brunch at Scramblez Cafe in Palmdale was an experience I won't quickly forget. It's not just the food that left a lasting impression; it was the heartwarming service, especially from our waiter, Jim, who was incredibly kind and helpful, really making my day. The cafe itself brings a nostalgic vibe with its 50’s retro theme decorated in red, white, and black, nestled right in what appears to be the downtown area. Sitting inside, I could gaze out at the peaceful park across the street, adding a serene backdrop to our meal. Everything we ordered was very fresh and tasty. Despite it being busy in the morning, the coffee was exceptional, and there were plenty of breakfast options to choose from. The convenience of tons of parking nearby was a big plus, and the location right across from the park made the area all the more lovely. To beat the heat, I indulged in a milkshake—just one highlight from their decent selection of breakfast skillets. My husband and I were just passing through Palmdale and needed a place to stop for breakfast. Stumbling upon Scramblez was a delightful surprise. The gentleman greeting guests at the front was incredibly nice, and the food was delicious. I opted for a chorizo n egg burrito, and it turned out to be the best I’ve ever had, not greasy at all and packed with flavor. It’s definitely worth the stop, and should we find ourselves passing through Palmdale again, Scramblez Cafe will be our go-to spot without a second thought.

Boulevard Cafe

2211 E Palmdale Blvd Suite A, Palmdale

(661) 266-7709

Reviewed by:

Jeff Zubieta

I love neighborhood restaurants and Boulevard Cafe truly stands out as a fantastic spot for brunch in Palmdale. From the moment I walked in, the staff greeted me with such friendliness, making me feel right at home. The cafe itself was impressively clean, creating a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy a meal. The menu offered a nice variety of dishes, catering to different tastes and preferences, which I appreciated. What truly set the Boulevard Cafe apart for me was the delicious food. Every bite was a delight, clearly showcasing the care and quality put into their dishes. It was so good that I'm already planning my next visit. During a visit with a friend for breakfast, even though it was already noon, we both opted for a basic breakfast. To my pleasant surprise, the food was cooked to perfection, and the service we received was impeccable, making the entire dining experience memorable. My fiancé and I have been on the lookout for a good, local breakfast spot for some time now, and I'm thrilled to say we've found it in Boulevard Cafe. Among the many places we've tried in the AV, this cafe is, without a doubt, the best. The food was outstanding, the server was wonderful, and the overall atmosphere was calm and relaxing. It's rare that we finish our meals completely, but at Boulevard Cafe, we didn't leave a single bite. Next time, I'll be sure to snap some pictures to share. All in all, Boulevard Cafe has quickly become my favorite breakfast place. I haven't had food this good in a long while, and I'm eagerly looking forward to my next visit.

The Original Karen's Kitchen

39438 Trade Center Dr, Palmdale

(661) 522-0002

Reviewed by:

Sil Guzman

Brunch at The Original Karen's Kitchen in Palmdale is an experience I can't recommend enough! The fried chicken is out of this world, deserving every bit of a 5-star rating. While the waffles were just okay and the prompt arrival of the check alongside the food was a bit surprising, especially after a 20+ minute wait, the overall experience was definitely worth it. The food here is the epitome of delicious home cooking, with great service that makes you feel like family. Everything is always fresh and served in big portions, so come hungry! My husband, his sister, and I stopped by for breakfast today and we were delighted by the variety - from hash browns and bacon to grits and toast. It's a great spot for breakfast and lunch, and maybe even dinner. Anyone in the AV area in search of quality food should make their way to The Original Karen's Kitchen. On my second visit, the ample parking, friendly staff, and the beautiful presentation of the food just as impressed me as the first time. The food is truly delicious here. And the coffee? Absolutely smooth. Found myself enjoying 4 cups of coffee because it was just that good. So, if you're looking for a place with great food, great service, and a welcoming atmosphere, this is the spot.

Lemon Leaf Cafe

39800 Country Club Dr, Palmdale

(661) 942-6500

Reviewed by:

Harold Hebert

My first time trying out Lemon Leaf Cafe since its move to the Country Club was a mix of old memories and new experiences. It's clear that some of the unique aspects that made Lemon Leaf a go-to spot in Lancaster have shifted. The menu, though trimmed down, still delivered on taste - definitely don't skip the tots. The view of the golf course provided a nice backdrop to our meal, even if the service was slower than expected, likely due to the dual focus on club events and the dining area layout. The new location does seem to attract a different clientele, which might change the cafe's vibe for some regulars. Despite this, the quality of the food remains undeniable. Their clam chowder, a Friday special, is a testament to the kitchen's commitment to freshness and flavor. And let's not forget about the desserts, which are simply out of this world. My visit coincided with a trip to the Country Club, where I was impressed by the attractive bar and pool area, though it was disappointing to find the cafe closed on Labor Day. This type of service hiccup can be off-putting, but it's not enough to deter a dedicated foodie. The cafe now operates with a format where you order at the counter, and your food is brought to your table. This arrangement is convenient, especially for separate payments. Though my choice of the day's soup didn't leave a lasting impression, it's this kind of setup that encourages me to give Lemon Leaf Cafe another chance, despite its shortcomings. The surrounding Lancaster Blvd offers a quaint, albeit basic, charm that adds to the overall appeal of revisiting. While it may not compete with more bustling areas, it holds its own as a local spot worth checking out for those in the Antelope Valley looking for a decent meal in a pleasant setting.

Yard House

1247 Rancho Vista Blvd Suite 1230, Palmdale

(661) 274-9271

Reviewed by:

Joe Francisco

Had an absolutely wonderful experience at Yard House for brunch in Palmdale. They managed to accommodate our massive impromptu company dinner from Hyundai on a bustling Friday night, and it was impressive. Despite the restaurant being packed, the service was top-notch. Our two waitresses ensured our glasses were never empty and were very attentive throughout the evening. The food here, oh, it's worth talking about. Starting with the appetizers, Miguel’s Queso dip is a must-try, and don't even get me started on the Korean Ribeye and Shrimp alongside Korean fries – simply delicious. They've got an extensive beer selection with over 40 beers on tap, plus a solid cocktail menu. Though there was a slight disappointment with the “Smoked Pink Dragon” cocktail not living up to its smoky promise, everything else was spot-on. The chicken avocado sandwich and cheesesteak sandwich were both hits at our table, and the tuna was perfectly prepared. It's nice to see such consistency in the quality of food. Speaking of service, it couldn't have been better. From the moment the hostess seated us, to the attentive waitstaff and even the team members bringing out the food, everyone showcased professionalism and warmth. The ambiance here is just right for any occasion. With comfortable seating, music at a pleasant volume, and an overall clean environment, it's a great spot to relax. The fish tacos were tasty, though a bit more sauce wouldn't hurt, and while the fries were a bit on the salty side, the iced tea was surprisingly refreshing – a rarity indeed. On the downside, discovering a 3% service fee tacked onto the bill was a bit of a letdown. It would be more straightforward to adjust menu prices than to add unexpected charges at the end. But overall, Yard House excels at offering a great dining experience. With a variety of beers to cater to any enthusiast and a food menu diverse enough to satisfy different tastes, it’s a go-to spot. The cocktail options are modern and appealing, prices are reasonable, and it's a fantastic place to catch a sports game with the array of TVs around. Definitely, a spot worth visiting for a casual hangout or to enjoy some good food and drinks.

Chelly's Cafe

40008 10th St W, Palmdale

(661) 267-1700

Reviewed by:

Robert Garner

So delicious! Having been to Chelly's Cafe for brunch in Palmdale twice now, I've been very impressed each time. Everything comes across as super fresh and homemade, which is a delight. On one visit, my husband opted for the French toast combo and thoroughly enjoyed it. For myself, the California eggs Benedict caught my eye, especially with the grilled tomatoes adding a delightful touch. The potatoes here are also noteworthy for their quality. On another occasion, choosing their fresh fruit cup as a side proved to be a delightful substitute. The staff at Chelly's Cafe is really sweet and provides great service all around. It’s worth noting that if one orders an omelet, it’s possible to get a homemade muffin instead of the usual toast - a thoughtful touch. The food here consistently hits the mark, with the Mexican Scramble being another personal favorite. Service is attentive and friendly, enhancing the dining experience. It’s important to mention that seating can be a bit cramped, as there was a time we had to share a table with another party. However, it was a non-issue for both parties involved, which speaks volumes about the cafe's cozy atmosphere. Although we had a slight hiccup with an order, specifically with a pastrami sandwich that wasn’t quite as expected, the overall experience at Chelly's Cafe has been positive. The chicken fried steak stands out as by far the best I’ve had in the area, complemented by fresh squeezed OJ and made in-house muffins that are simply on point. Despite its smaller size, the cafe is clean, has a welcoming vibe, and continues to be a favorite for brunch in Palmdale.

Irene's Burger Cafe

2067 E Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale

(661) 267-2577

Reviewed by:

Heather Walker

First off, the place has an A rating, which immediately caught my eye. Then, upon walking in, the server greeted us with such warmth, setting the tone for a wonderful dining experience. The vibe of the cafe is exactly what you'd hope for in a diner - it's cozy, welcoming, and just has that homey feel to it. Despite its location in a plaza, it stands out as a spot that would thrive even more in its own dedicated space. I'm already planning to return next month during my next visit to the area. The cleanliness of the bathroom was noteworthy as well. As for the food, the breakfast menu did not disappoint. The super burger with egg was phenomenal, and the prices? So affordable. It felt like discovering a hidden gem nestled within a strip mall. We went there for breakfast and were amazed by the generous portion sizes, especially given the low prices. My partner had the meat lovers burrito, stuffed with an ample serving of ham, sausage, and bacon, and a choice between home potatoes or hash browns. I opted for the Denver omelette with home potatoes and a pancake on the side. Plus, all the beverages were reasonably priced, with options for refills, and they even had a nice selection of coffee creamers. What's more, they have a whiteboard featuring daily breakfast specials, offering complete meals at an even more affordable price. It's clear they don't compromise quality for quantity here; everything we ordered was fresh, made to order, and absolutely delicious. They also cater to families with high chairs available for the little ones. The food was genuinely good. It's evident the staff aim to create a welcoming atmosphere. The hamburgers were another highlight, thick and juicy - reminiscent of homemade burgers. This family-friendly restaurant boasts a warm and friendly atmosphere, matched by excellent food and staff. As someone who appreciates strong, hot coffee and generous portions, this place ticked all the boxes. Definitely a must-visit for anyone who loves breakfast or simply enjoys a hearty meal without the hefty price tag.


1257 Rancho Vista Blvd, Palmdale

(661) 274-7682

Reviewed by:

Leonidas Mathew

Had an absolutely delightful brunch at Denny's in Palmdale for Thanksgiving. The mood was uplifting, with everyone from the staff to the diners seeming to enjoy the holiday spirit. It was impressive to see the chefs skillfully managing both pickup and dine-in orders, showcasing their dedication. The management and waiters, especially our waiter Juan, were on their game, providing extraordinary customer service which really stood out during the holiday. While the pricing took me by surprise—$52 for two, with the costs broken down into an omelet at $15.99 plus extra for avocado and toppings, and coffee at $3.69—it didn’t dampen the experience. Though I had a moment of sticker shock, witnessing the bustling yet efficient service and enjoying the quality time with my mom made it worthwhile. It’s clear that Denny’s is our go-to spot for breakfast, not just because of the food, which is always a hit no matter what you order, but also because of the fantastic service. We always look forward to being served by Robert, who never fails to make our experience even more enjoyable. His friendly and attentive service is a big reason we try to get his table whenever possible. Given the nature of Denny’s, both the food and the atmosphere are exactly what you’d expect from such an establishment—comforting and reliable. It's evident why this place is always a hit, regardless of when you decide to pop in. The delicious food and consistently great service are commendable. It’s easy to recommend Denny’s for brunch, especially for special occasions or simply when you’re in the mood for a satisfying meal. Will definitely be coming back and encourage others to visit for any meal that calls for good food and a welcoming atmosphere.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

1325 Rancho Vista Blvd, Palmdale

(661) 538-9040

Reviewed by:

Jayriel Tomas

My visit to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse for brunch in Palmdale was a delightful experience from start to finish. Upon arrival, the greeting was mostly warm despite one staff member seeming a bit off, but that didn't dampen the overall welcoming atmosphere. We chose to sit in the bar area, which was easily accessible and comfortable. Our waitress, Ashley, was the epitome of professionalism and helpfulness, ensuring our experience was smooth and enjoyable. The food arrived quickly and was served hot, tasting absolutely delicious. It was so good that it's already on my list for future date nights. Speaking of which, during a dinner visit, we were served by Susie, who was just fantastic. She was friendly, attentive, and went out of her way to accommodate a special drink order for us. The snowmen drinks she recommended were the perfect sweet end to our meal. Despite the typical weekend rush, with about a 10-minute wait at 6:40 PM, the service once we were seated did not disappoint. Our server was understandably busy but managed to be attentive and efficient once he was able to attend to our table. The food, once again, did not fail to impress, with everything tasting wonderful. On a special note, our New Year’s Eve lunch experience was particularly memorable. It was busy, yet we were seated almost immediately, which was a pleasant surprise. The drinks were strong and flavorful, and the food was served hot, meeting all our expectations. Our waiter, Ezequiel, was incredibly kind and attentive throughout our meal, making us feel well taken care of. Given the consistent quality of food, fantastic service, and the warm atmosphere, this place has solidified its spot on my list of favorite brunch spots in Palmdale. The rising prices are noticeable, as they are everywhere, but the quality and service make it worth it. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back soon!

Medrano's Mexican Restaurant

1173 W Rancho Vista Blvd, Palmdale

(661) 224-1145

Reviewed by:

Armando Collins

Bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp-- need I say more? After leaving an hour-plus long wait at another restaurant, called Medrano's on a whim and was told there would be immediate seating--and there was! The interior was festive and ready for Christmas, giving the whole place a cozy and inviting vibe. The food arrived quickly and was nothing short of fantastic. Throughout the visit, interacted with at least 5 different staff members, each one friendly, accommodating, and genuinely interested in ensuring a great dining experience. The carne asada plate stood out, but really, all the food was top-notch. In need of a good meal without the wait, this place was a jackpot thanks to its stellar reviews. The service matched the food in quality—excellent through and through. The ambiance felt like a sports bar, with TVs everywhere broadcasting the Dodgers game, adding to the relaxed, fun atmosphere. The kids were given crayons and coloring pages, which, along with the giant TVs, kept them more than entertained. The chips arrived hot, the salsa was probably among the best ever tasted, and the steak tacos did not disappoint. Their mixed drinks were a hit too. Noticed how clean the restaurant was, and how every staff member encountered was exceptionally friendly. For anyone looking for a fantastic dining experience, this place is a must-try. Definitely planning a return visit!

Mama’s Kitchen

957 E Palmdale Blvd Suite 3, Palmdale

(661) 273-0601

Reviewed by:

Brad Harber

My husband and I decided to try Momma's Kitchen in Palmdale for brunch, and it turned out to be a delightful experience. The food was impressively flavored, a testament to the kitchen's attention to detail and commitment to quality. We noticed immediately upon entering how clean the establishment was, which set a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere right from the start. The staff at Momma's Kitchen were all very kind and friendly, making us feel right at home. We opted for the birria taco plate, and our waitress took the time to thoroughly explain the dish to us, which we appreciated. The dining area, with its corrugated metal counter, had a unique charm, and the aroma wafting through the air was inviting. This was my first experience with birria, and I must say, it was more tender than my grandmother’s famous pot roast, packed with flavor. It's clear that good food is a priority here. We also tried the Pupusa combo for lunch, which included three pupusas, a drink, mama fries, and two churros. Although there was a bit of a wait for our order, it was evident that the kitchen puts a lot of care into their cooking. The corrugated metal counter added a rustic feel to the place, and despite only having five tables for dine-in customers, the space felt cozy rather than cramped. The whole establishment had a clean, well-maintained look that spoke volumes of the pride taken in both its appearance and service. In conclusion, our brunch at Momma's Kitchen was a memorable one. The delicious, well-prepared food, combined with the genuinely friendly staff and the clean, pleasant ambiance, made it a place we'll surely visit again. It's heartwarming to find such a gem that puts so much effort into ensuring a great dining experience for its patrons.


37050 47th St E, Palmdale

(661) 285-3884

Reviewed by:

Mario Chiki

Had brunch at this well-run Denny's in Palmdale again, contrasting sharply with the one in Lancaster, which is a story for another day. Upon arrival, the hostess with the split dyed hair was a delight, swiftly getting us seated amidst the weekend breakfast rush within 15 minutes. Even with the place being packed, the food arrived quickly, fresh, and precisely as requested, a testament to their kitchen's efficiency. Our waitress, seemingly new given it was her first day, handled our table with a competence that belied her experience, adding to the morning's pleasantness. Admittedly, the bustling atmosphere lent a tad bit of chaos, but nothing too distracting. The only dampener was the cashier's attitude; a bit too blunt for my liking, but that was a minor blip in an otherwise great experience. The true highlight, however, was our server Armando during a recent visit. His service was exemplary; he was attentive, suggesting delightful additions to our meal that we hadn't considered, all with a warmth that could be felt despite his mask. His infectious positivity and excellent service deserve recognition; he made our brunch extra special. The food, as always, did not disappoint. The Eggs Hollandaise were a hit, and coming back after some time away, the Super Slam remained as satisfying as ever, delivering excellent value. The chicken bacon ranch sandwich was another winner, so delicious that it nearly escaped a photo op. Special shoutouts to Destiny and Daisy for their outstanding service, rounding off the experience to a solid five stars. This Denny's in Palmdale has not only redeemed itself from past visits but has also set a high bar for brunch spots in the area. Cheers to the team here for consistently delivering a great dining experience.

Panera Bread

39403 10th St W, Palmdale

(661) 274-8500

Reviewed by:

Vin Anderson

Worked remotely from Panera Bread in Palmdale for most of the week and honestly, it felt like a refreshing change of pace. The customer service was decent, the wifi reliable, and the place was kept clean—a huge plus in my book. Just a heads up, there are only about four outlets throughout the dining area, so if you're planning to work on your laptop, you might want to get there early to snag a good spot. The food? Absolutely delicious. Coming from the Midwest, the prices seemed a tad higher than I'm used to, but every dish I tried was worth it. And let me tell you about their baguette – served warm, which was a delightful surprise! Having visited over 40 cafes in my travels, this was a first for me and a detail I greatly appreciated. Despite not eating here every time, the calming and soothing atmosphere always made it a pleasant place to be. The staff was friendly and personable, contributing to the overall positive vibe. The menu is impressive, and I must mention, their tomato soup is a must-try! However, it's worth noting the physical state of the place could use a bit of attention. While the food and service are great, the tables, carpet, and walls show signs of wear and tear. A little TLC could really elevate the entire experience. Despite this, the quality of the food and the friendliness of the staff would bring me back if I was ever in the area again. It's a cozy spot for anyone looking for a good meal in a welcoming environment.

Black Bear Diner

40026 10th St W, Palmdale

(661) 224-2062

Reviewed by:

Sky Buscemi

After my third attempt, I finally snagged a table at the Black Bear Diner in Palmdale for brunch and, let me tell you, it was worth the wait. The staff were welcoming and efficient, a positive start to the experience. However, I would suggest giving the meatloaf a miss - it really didn't hit the mark for me in terms of texture or flavor. That said, the restaurant's pride in their gravy caught my attention, even though it too left something to be desired. Despite those couple of hiccups, my overall experience has left me eager to return. I've been hearing about Black Bear Diner for a while and decided it was finally time to try it out for breakfast. And I have to ask myself, why did I wait so long? The food was simply awesome, and the service matched up perfectly. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid brunch spot. What stands out about this diner is its cozy, homey vibe, the incredibly friendly and attentive staff, and the unique touch of a gift shop right at the front, stocked with bear-themed merchandise, pastries, lotions, and toys for kids. The menu, styled like a newspaper that you can take home, adds another layer of charm. The food itself is fantastic. The pancakes and bacon are an absolute must-try, served with a generous amount of maple syrup. For those who love their drinks, there’s a soda fountain and a selection of iced or hot tea. And even though the diner shares a parking lot, there's more than enough space for everyone. The service was friendly, and the food was good. However, there was a small hiccup when the waitress forgot I wanted garlic toast with my meal, remembering only as I was nearly done. Given that the restaurant wasn't busy and she hadn’t written our order down, it was a minor oversight in an otherwise great experience. Would I go back? Absolutely. Between the quality of the food, the wonderful service, and the inviting atmosphere, Black Bear Diner in Palmdale is a brunch spot I'm looking forward to visiting again.

Claim Jumper Steakhouse & Bar

1247 W Avenue P, Palmdale

(661) 274-0900

Reviewed by:

Lloyd Harris

Upon entering Claim Jumper Steakhouse & Bar in Palmdale, CA, for brunch, my family and I were immediately greeted and seated. Our server, Amanda, was incredibly friendly and attentive throughout our visit, making the experience that much more enjoyable. The atmosphere of the restaurant was inviting, and the level of service we received was top-notch. The food was simply delicious. From the steaks to the appetizers, everything was cooked to perfection. Amanda recommended the virgin strawberry pina colada, which was a hit, especially with my daughter. To top it off, the cake provided for my baby was phenomenal, truly the cherry on top of a wonderful dining experience. However, it wasn't without its hiccups. The wait time before being seated was longer than expected, and the service time for our dishes was also delayed. Despite the restaurant not being at full capacity, we encountered significant wait times which did dampen the mood somewhat. That being said, the staff, including Amanda and another gentleman, were very apologetic about the delays and even offered us discounts and complimentary dishes as a gesture of goodwill. While the delays in service were a downside, the quality of the food and the efforts of the staff to make amends did leave a positive impression on me. The gesture of discounting our bill and the apologies received did help in mitigating the frustration from the wait times. In summary, while there were aspects of the visit that were less than ideal, the delicious food, fantastic service, and the staff's efforts to address the delays made my visit to Claim Jumper Steakhouse & Bar a positive one. Would I return? Despite the hiccups, yes, for the food and service definitely warrant a second visit.

El Torito

1161 W Avenue P, Palmdale

(661) 274-4502

Reviewed by:

Timothy Taylor

Had the chance to enjoy El Torito's all-you-can-eat brunch in Palmdale on a special Sunday, and it was a fantastic experience. The staff were incredibly sweet and attentive, making sure the buffet area remained clean and well-stocked throughout our visit. What stood out was the freshness of the food. Watching tortillas being made right in front of us added a delightful touch. The omelet station offered a variety of choices, and the assortment of fresh breads and good coffee provided so many options. It was a hit with my kids too. Taking my parents there on Christmas Eve, we all were thrilled with the wide selection available. The brunch boasted a taco station with handmade tortillas, a tempting omelet station, a seafood section, and even a pan dulce section among other delicious options. The addition of Aguas frescas like horchata, Jamaica, and pineapple was refreshing. Not to mention, the bottomless mimosas, alongside soft drinks, coffee, and juices, all for $36.00 per person, offered huge value. Our waitress was exceptionally courteous, surprising us with a plate of pancake churros topped with berries and whipped honey butter that we all adored. I even splurged on a mangoneada for $11.00, a decision I didn't regret as it was large and incredibly tasty. My personal favorites from the buffet were the sweet corn cake, birria, al pastor tacos, and the flan. Each dish was memorable and left a lasting impression. Additionally, visiting for a breakfast/lunch on a Saturday proved just as enjoyable. We ordered fried rolled tacos, sour cream chicken enchiladas, and roasted breakfast potatoes, which were all delightful. The rolled tacos could have been a touch crispier, but the flight of margaritas more than made up for it. The service throughout was excellent, contributing to a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It was not just a meal but a wonderful experience, making it a perfect choice for any occasion, from casual breakfasts/lunches to special family gatherings. El Torito in Palmdale has definitely earned a spot on my list of favorite dining destinations.


39176 10th St W, Palmdale

(661) 273-7777

Reviewed by:

Anna Herrera

Visited IHOP in Palmdale for brunch and I must say, it was a delightful experience. The place is large and accommodates plenty of seating for everyone, which is always a plus. I decided to try the new bacon egg and cheese biscuit while my mom went for the Belgium waffle. Both were absolutely delicious! Our server, Jake, was fantastic, ensuring everything was to our liking. The food quality was definitely on point. However, if I had to point out a downside, it would be the seating arrangement. It felt a bit too cramped, with barely an inch of space between myself and the neighboring diner. That was a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this minor inconvenience didn't overshadow the excellent service and delectable food we enjoyed. Based on this experience, I'd say the restaurant shines when it comes to serving up tasty meals with great customer service. While I might consider takeout next time to avoid the close seating, I'm definitely looking forward to my next meal from here.

Waffle Kitchen

4611 E Avenue S, Palmdale

(661) 533-8005

Reviewed by:

Arielle Mcclendon

Decided to come here to watch Monday night football, and it turned out to be a fantastic choice. With lots of TVs and a spacious bar area, it was the perfect spot. Even though the restaurant wasn't too crowded, giving plenty of seating options, the hostess/waitress/bartender was incredible at managing the small yet noticeable bar crowd, which consisted of about 4 or 5 groups. She did an outstanding job all by herself for most of the time. The food was delicious and arrived in a timely manner. Hence, I would definitely recommend this place for a delightful family meal or a great time watching the game. On my latest visit, Johana was our server, and she was one of the best. Her friendliness, courteousness, and attentiveness were unmatched. Her warm personality made our experience even more enjoyable—so grateful for her excellent service! The waffles were particularly amazing. The customer service was top-notch, with attentive and nice staff. Our order was correct and just as we wanted, leaving us with nothing to complain about. Having been a patron for almost 4 years, the experience has been consistently great. Despite my great experiences, it's fair to mention that there have been a couple of visits where the service wasn't up to par. On one occasion, we had to wait a long time for our waters, and the restaurant was nearly empty. Another time, the service was slow, and we had some issues with how our bill was handled. Despite these hiccups, my overall impression remains positive, thanks to the fantastic service and delicious food on most of my visits.

Sam's Club Cafe

39940 10th St W, Palmdale

(661) 575-9200

Reviewed by:

Susie Rosales

Sam's Club Cafe in Palmdale has been my go-to spot for brunch for a while now, and I must say, it's a delightful experience every time. The atmosphere is always bustling with energy, which just adds to the overall lively experience. Even when they're busy, and yes, they often are, it feels like a testament to how great the food and service actually are. The menu, though modest, hits all the right notes for brunch. There's something about their pizza and hot dogs that just hits differently. Maybe it's the way they're prepared or just the ambiance of enjoying them in a place that feels like the heart of Palmdale's community. Despite the simplicity of the menu, everything is delicious, and it's clear that quality isn't compromised. Customer service here is noteworthy too. In any place as busy as this, you'd expect some level of chaos, but the staff manages it with a grace that's commendable. They are quick, efficient, and always serve with a smile, making you feel genuinely welcomed. It's refreshing to see a team that handles high pressure so well, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied. Of course, no place is without its minor hiccups, especially when dealing with high traffic. But what stands out is how the team at Sam's Club Cafe in Palmdale is always striving to improve and make each customer's experience better than the last. It's this commitment to excellence that keeps me coming back. In conclusion, brunch at Sam's Club Cafe is an experience I always look forward to. From the delicious food to the warm service, it's a place that consistently checks all the right boxes. It's the perfect spot to unwind, enjoy some good food, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Palmdale during the weekend. They've truly mastered the art of serving great food with great service, making it a local favorite for many, myself included.

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