October 6, 2023

Brunching in Paris: Best Brunch Spots in the City of Lights

Discover Paris's top brunch venues! Indulge in delicious eggs benedict, buttery croissants, and frothy cappuccinos. Your taste buds will thank you!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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 Brunching in Paris: Best Brunch Spots in the City of Lights
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Welcome to the heart of Paris, the city often referred to as a "gastronomic paradise". As dazzling as the Eiffel Tower at night, or a scenic walk along the Seine River, so too are our handpicked collection of brunch spots. Prepare to surrender your senses as we guide you towards Paris's top brunch destinations, filled with mouthwatering croissants, delectably tangy crepes, and steaming café au lait.

Le Ju'

16 Rue des Archives, Paris

01 42 78 11 47

Reviewed by:

Idalie Ham

I had a wonderful experience at Le Ju' in Paris. Not only do they offer a fantastic brunch menu complete with both burger sliders and croissants, but they also have a diverse range of food for lunch and dinner. I appreciated the presence of several vegetarian options, which were all delightful. Despite its popularity, my party and I were seated immediately upon arrival and I was pleasantly surprised by the good prices and convenient location. The ambiance was quintessentially French, complete with a charming outdoor terrace. The food was satisfactory but I must admit I had slightly higher expectations for the brunch based on reviews. I also found the homemade tea with fruits to be quite watery and lacking in flavor. Service was prompt although I did feel slightly rushed towards the end of our visit. Despite the slight crowding and haste, I commend Le Ju' for its efficiency and lack of waiting queues. Their "le maxi breakfast" for just 14 Euros offered excellent value for money, boasting a mouth-watering spread of croissant, coffee, fresh juice, scrambled eggs with bacon, and salad. The staff was friendly and service was fast. I highly recommend the Pesto Burrata Beef burger suggested to me by a waitress. It was absolutely exceptional, the best I've ever had. Despite my minor concerns, I will definitely be returning to Le Ju'. Its perfect blend of affordability, quality, and efficient service makes it a standout choice for brunch in Paris.

Wonderland brunchy

4 Quai d'Orléans, Paris

07 66 82 21 27

Reviewed by:

Robert Ramirez

I had an exceptional brunch at Wonderland Brunchy/Restaurant Brunch in Paris. The quality and variety of the dishes were simply superb. My friends and I enjoyed exploring the sweet and savory offerings, accompanied by delicious drinks. The venue may be small, but don't let that deter you, as the overall experience was absolutely delightful. The Chamonix French toast was the standout, truly a must-try. The only downside was that due to its size and popularity, we did feel the need to vacate our table quickly after finishing our meal. However, this minor inconvenience was easily outweighed by the high-quality brunch that exceeded all my expectations. It's worth noting that despite some people finding the food not to their liking, I found everything delicious. My plate was clean, quite unlike instances when I've found myself struggling with sauces that were just not right or coffee that was not brewed correctly. In terms of pricing, I felt that it was justified by the quality of the food and the overall experience. The location, decor, and staff all added to the pleasant experience. My only suggestion would be to allow customers to order desserts after their main plates. All in all, I highly recommend the Wonderland Brunchy/Restaurant Brunch for a memorable culinary experience in Paris.


22 Rue des Saints-Pères, Paris

01 83 62 71 73

Reviewed by:

सखा Lindsey

My brunch experience at Apégo was fantastic. The quality of the food and the atmosphere was unbeatable. This spot is perfect when you're feeling particularly hungry, thanks to their all-you-can-eat offer. It's a feast of fresh and organic ingredients cooked into some of the tastiest dishes I've had. Nathalie, the restaurateur, ensures everyone leaves with a full belly. The only area for improvement for me was the coffee. Although they use good beans, the technique could be better for the matcha, latte, and foam. But let me tell you about the health benefits. What a relief to know I was eating food free of pesticides. It's this and the wonderful staff that make the ambiance what it is. When it comes to the food, the vegetables salad was okay but could do with a bit more olive oil, lemon, and some spices. However, the drinks more than made up for this. The hot chocolate was a dream, filled with high-quality chocolate that was absolutely delicious. The restaurant itself is lovely with tasteful decor, located in a beautiful district of Paris. It provides an all-you-can-eat brunch, featuring a range of homemade recipes with mostly organic high-quality ingredients. The price of €38 for an adult feels fair given what you get in return. And the staff? Always warm and smiling. I can't recommend Apégo enough! As for me, I'm definitely coming back for the sweets and drinks.

Kozy Bosquet

79 Av. Bosquet, Paris

Reviewed by:

Emily Jones

I popped into Kozy Bosquet for a spot of brunch during my visit to the Eiffel Tower, and despite having to endure a 35-minute wait, I would definitely recommend it. The place was busy, with both indoor and outdoor seating filled, which is always a good sign. The staff kept everything running smoothly, making us feel welcome without any sense of rushing. The food was delightful. Although the bread base was not to my taste, the pulled beef was exceptionally delicious. The granola and flatwhite coffee were also spot on, which was a pleasant surprise. Other standouts were the sexy benny and the pistachios French toasts, which I wish had more of the pistachio cream. As a North American coffee lover, I appreciated the big cup latte, both hot and cold. Despite the chilly morning, dining outdoors was an enjoyable experience. The menu is also reasonably priced for the quality and quantity of food. With a bill of only $37.50, I felt it was good value for money. The only minor hiccup was the limited space, which made it a bit tricky with my backpack. Nonetheless, overall I had an amazing brunch experience at Kozy Bosquet. The dishes and beverages were delectable, the services was fast, and the prices were reasonable. A definite must-visit.


5 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris

01 82 28 00 80

Reviewed by:

Kabokie Chin

Holybelly is an absolute gem for breakfast or brunch in Paris. The atmosphere is cozy, perfect for a casual meal with friends. The staff are helpful and incredibly friendly, a sure sign of great service. The place is also spotlessly clean, even the bathrooms. I'll be sure to return if I ever find myself back in Paris. We visited just in time, before the breakfast rush took over and a lengthy line started to form outside. The menu offered numerous tasty options, and we settled for 2 servings of eggs Benedict, chia pudding and of course, coffee. The food was delectable, and the service was top-notch - warm, attentive, and engaging. The plain stack with added scrambled eggs, bacon, and a sausage patty deserves a special mention. The sausage patty was indeed the star of the dish, with a delightful hint of fennel. The pancake was perfectly smooth and fluffy. The staff were not only friendly but also quite knowledgeable, fluently speaking English which was a great help. Despite the growing queue, my solo diner status spared me a long wait - I was seated within 20 minutes. I would definitely visit again if I'm back in Paris. The elderflower and lemon soda was the cherry on top, immensely refreshing. The prices were also quite reasonable. As a vegetarian, I found plenty of options to choose from, although the pancake was a bit too eggy for my liking. But aside from that, everything else was excellent. All in all, I would highly recommend Holybelly - the granola and hash browns were some of the best I've ever had. They were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, truly a delight to savor.

46 & 3RD

46 R. de Turbigo, Paris

07 71 35 28 77

Reviewed by:

Montez Boley

I've been to 46 & 3RD multiple times and each visit never fails to bring me joy. The staff here are always so friendly and welcoming, showing warm smiles that just contribute to the overall chilled, relaxed atmosphere of the place. My absolute favorite is their breakfast, it's simply wonderful. I've tried their American pancakes with maple syrup, and it's just mouthwateringly good. I also had their avocado toast, which was mistaken to have eggs in it, but it doesn't. Yet, it was still very delicious and very filling. One thing that never fails to amaze me is their presentation of their food. It's like looking at a culinary work of art - a sight for sore eyes indeed. Definitely, a feast for both the stomach and the eyes. Oh, and did I mention that their coffee is the best I've had in Paris? It's so good, it could earn them a 5-star rating on its own. I also love their brunch spot, with every dish looking absolutely scrumptious. My favorites are the avocado toast and bacon, as well as mushroom and eggs on toast. I'm giving them a perfect score of 10/10 for these dishes, they're just too good. This place is a busy and trendy brunch hotspot. It may look understated from the outside but the food is immaculately presented and tastes just as delicious. In terms of service, you'll have to scan your menu via your phone and order your drinks first as food orders go through a separate part of the café. But the waiters are humble, always smiling, and quick to assist and check our orders. I highly recommend this place. It's a great spot for brunch or lunch in Paris if you want that chill vibe, good food, and great music.

Immersion République

8 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris

Reviewed by:

Pam Burchfield

I had an excellent brunch experience at Immersion République - Brunch & Coffeeshop in Paris. The food was not only delicious but also beautifully arranged. Their waffles, breads, and toasts were absolutely wonderful. The decor added an extra charm with its chic look and feel. The staff were friendly and made sure to provide great service including serving tasty cappuccinos and ensuring water refills were timely. However, owing to its popularity, the place does get busy during weekend brunch hours. The dishes were full of flavor and the portion sizes were just right. I enjoyed the 'smiling croissant' and the 'sides of love', both were utterly delightful. The coffee was also well brewed. Although the cafe is relatively small, it has a charming, attractive atmosphere. They also offer tempting sweets, but I was too full to try them this time. The only downside was the waiting time, but that's understandable given the popularity of this brunch spot. My decision to try this place was quick, based on its positive reviews on Google maps and attractive posts on Instagram. The food, ambiance, and service definitely lived up to my expectations. Overall, I was very pleased with my brunch experience at Immersion République - Brunch & Coffeeshop.


11 Rue Bernard Palissy, Paris

01 45 44 02 52

Reviewed by:

Arthur Paeng

I recently had an incredible brunch experience at Egg & Co in Paris, and it's definitely one that deserves a glowing review. As an egg enthusiast, I've tasted my fair share of egg dishes in the city, but none can quite compare to those served at Egg & Co, each one is simply heavenly. The service here just adds to the pleasant experience - the owner and staff greet every guest with a friendly smile and warm welcome. The location is just perfect - nestled in a peaceful street, offering a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. There are options for both indoor and outdoor seating, catering to everyone's preferences. Egg & Co ticks all the boxes - fantastic brunch, excellent coffee, a wonderful ambiance, and a team of courteous staff. This is not a place that I regularly do, but I feel compelled to highlight Egg & Co's excellence. I would absolutely recommend this place for those planning a brunch date - you will not be disappointed! I stumbled upon this spot a few days ago, and it has exceeded all of my expectations. It's a bit snug when you first walk in, but there's plenty of seating upstairs. The service might be a tad slow, but it's worth the wait. The food, though it might be more Instagram-worthy than tasty, is decent. I had a bit of a hiccup with my omelette, but the staff was kind enough to replace it, although it was a bit bland. I must admit, my kids weren't particularly fond of their pancakes and eggs, but I guess you can't win them all! Despite these minor issues, I'd definitely visit again and share my experience with others. I cannot stress this enough - this place is amazing! My husband and I adored everything from the eggs Benny and goat cheese omelette to the delightful travel tales shared with fellow tourists. My final endorsement of Egg & Co comes from a recent visit when in search of a satisfying egg breakfast. It's easily accessible by train, charmingly small, and the staff couldn't be more helpful in explaining our options (a lifesaver since the menu is entirely in French!). The omelette, stuffed with veggies and coriander and accompanied by boiled potatoes and salad, was superb. Egg & Co - highly recommended!

Bel Ami Café

7 Rue Saint-Benoît, Paris

01 42 61 53 53

Reviewed by:

Geoffrey Dea

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing brunch at Bel Ami Café in Paris. It is an excellent place to hold meetings and seminars, though I would recommend pre-booking to secure a spot. The brunch was truly a delight! The service was top-tier, ensuring we had a wonderful time. The staff were attentive and the quality of the products served was high. The brunch was nothing short of magnificent with a great variety of dishes to choose from. The welcome was genuinely warm, making us feel at ease immediately. The service throughout our visit was superb, leaving nothing to be desired. The team at Bel Ami Café are truly committed to their craft, providing an unmatched dining experience. A huge thank you to everyone at the café for such an enjoyable brunch!

Topknot Café

6 Rue Melingue, Paris

09 67 60 11 90

Reviewed by:

Valentina Lores

I had an extraordinary experience at the Topknot Café / Restaurant in Paris. The owner, Jennifer, went above and beyond in her hospitality, making me feel as if I was a guest in her own home. The homemade juice was refreshing and delightful, but the real star was the pastries, which are based on her mother's recipes. Delicious doesn't even begin to cover it! The café itself had a very relaxed, chilled out ambiance. Its aesthetic was appealing and soothing, a perfect setting for a leisurely brunch. Jennifer was particularly helpful in explaining the menu to us as it was entirely in French, promptly serving us and checking in to ensure we were satisfied with our meal. I can't wait to return and experience this warmth and care again. The food was simply mouthwatering, and the service was impeccable. Our waitress was not just professional but also genuinely warm and friendly. She made it a point to engage in conversation with us and continuously checked if we needed anything. Such a welcoming and warm atmosphere really enhanced our dining experience. The café also had a great work-friendly environment with dependable Wi-Fi. It's an ideal place for anyone looking to catch up on some work or studies over a cup of their delicious coffee. The barista's prompt service, especially in providing water right away, was much appreciated. In short, the efficient and friendly service at the Topknot Café made it a memorable experience. Based on this delightful visit, I am definitely planning on returning whenever I am back in Paris. This is a must-visit spot for any brunch lovers out there!

Brunch Paris

40 Bd Beaumarchais, Paris

Reviewed by:

Olga Cantantedelgado

Having brunch in Paris is definitely a must-do for brunch enthusiasts like myself. The limitless selection of exquisite dishes made from high-quality ingredients is awe-inspiring. Every address I tried offered something unique and mouth-watering. With such variety, there is certainly something to satisfy each palate! This is an experience every food lover should try when in the city. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Nuance café

16 Rue Linné, Paris

01 71 50 06 19

Reviewed by:

Danielle Velasquez

I had an amazing brunch experience at Nuance Cafe in Paris. Upon recommendation from our hotel, we decided to give it a try and we were not disappointed. The cafe is charmingly small and cozy, with a brief 12-minute walk from our location. The menu had a variety of breakfast and brunch options. We couldn't resist trying the avocado toast, one with salmon, the other with bacon. Both were a delight, with the creamy avocado pairing well with both the fish and the meat. The sweet and salty pancake, a combination of a pancake with 2 eggs and bacon, was a pleasant surprise. The balance of flavors was spot-on, making it a filling and satisfying dish. We also tried the sweet pancake, a fresh fruit-topped pancake that was a great finish to our meal. Equally impressive were the hot beverages we ordered. The rich, creamy lattes, both regular and matcha, were smooth and comforting. The cappuccino provided a much-needed caffeine kick, while the chai latte was well-spiced and soothing. In terms of service, it was prompt for the most part. The staff was able to accommodate our requests, proving to be friendly and attentive. The cafe itself had an old-world charm about it, and while not everyone may appreciate this, it added to the experience for us. The cafe offers great value for money, given the quality and quantity of food. While we found it to be reasonably priced, it does seem to be a point of contention for some, as with any establishment. That said, our experience was overall a positive one, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Looking for a satisfying brunch spot in Paris? Give Nuance Cafe a try - you won't be disappointed. The avocado toast comes especially recommended - it's the best I've ever had.

Breakfast in America - Marais

4 Rue Malher, Paris

01 42 72 40 21

Reviewed by:

Reggie Gjerovski

I had an excellent time at Breakfast in America - Marais for brunch. The CC's big mess with pancakes was a treat, the best part was the syrup, absolutely delightful! I also tried the egg burrito and it was delicious. To top it all, our server Ivanna was fantastic. She was friendly, efficient, and truly made our visit a pleasurable one. The eatery has an authentic American diner vibe, making the experience feel genuine. As for the food, I had a fantastic omelette filled with peppers, onion, and ham alongside potatoes and toast. The side of blueberry pancake was also a nice touch. In terms of pricing, you'll find it quite reasonable for the quality and portion sizes. The fresh orange juice was a refreshing addition and they also provide unlimited American coffee. Though the coffee could use some improvement, the overall selection and service were excellent. Though not every dish was unforgettable, they stayed true to the notion of American-style breakfast. I particularly enjoyed the Barack Obama shake. The pancakes were a standout, especially when paired with chocolate chips. It can get quite busy at times, but it's worth the wait. The pancakes alone are worth a visit. Overall, Breakfast in America - Marais is a strong recommendation for anyone craving American breakfast fare in Paris.

Breakfast in America - Latin Quarter

17 Rue des Écoles, Paris

01 43 54 50 28

Reviewed by:

Latisha Devries

My visit to Breakfast in America - Latin Quarter this morning proved to be a delightful experience. The restaurant was clean, bright and maintained a calm atmosphere with charming 1950s diner decor that was indeed appealing. My husband and I opted for the triple play and a stack of pancakes with a side of eggs. The service was exceptional, with our food arriving promptly. The presentation was pleasing, and the taste was above and beyond just satisfying. The pancakes were fluffy and perfectly golden brown, my eggs were expertly cooked to my preference and they served this sumptuous maple butter that was absolutely divine. The staff deserves genuine appreciation for their hospitality and for catering to my cravings for a taste of home while in Paris! The restaurant's ambiance was comfortable with a unique decoration style that set it apart. The bilingual staff who speak both English and French added to the overall pleasant dining experience. Although the super sunny burger and bacon cheese burger we ordered were slightly dry, the fries were a delightful treat. It's worth mentioning how satisfying my cravings for a good stack of pancakes were met here in Paris. The pancakes were the best I've had in quite a while, absolutely fluffy, delicious and served with a rather tasty, buttery syrup. The 2x2x2 was a hearty serving of 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and a choice of bacon or sausage. The cozy, small spot had amazingly quick service. Doesn't matter if you're in Paris and fancy a good American breakfast, this is one place you must definitely drop by. In terms of American brunch in Paris, this is the best I've experienced so far. Although there's no reservation system and one may have to wait a bit on weekends, there is no compromise in service. The staff is predominantly American and significantly friendly. I would highly recommend the lumberjack platter that comes with eggs, ham, bacon, toasts, potatoes, sausage, tomatoes and their outstanding maple syrup. Their maple syrup was truly exceptional!

Season Marais

1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, Paris

01 42 71 52 97

Reviewed by:

Stephen Josey

Hands down the best brunch I've experienced in Paris. The Benedict eggs were unparalleled, the iced latte was spot on and the irresistible caramel pancakes had us reaching out for more, even with full stomachs. Our early Sunday visit to Season was definitely a memorable one. The Pancakes d’Oliver stood out with its perfect balance of bacon, maple syrup, orange blossom mascarpone and pecan nuts, making for a hearty breakfast. I also appreciated the calm ambiance and stunning street view, thanks to our early arrival. The pancake d'Oliver wasn't too sweet or savoury and the addition of mascarpone added a light touch to the dish - just a heads up, the pancakes are huge! The dishes are not only delicious, they're aesthetically pleasing as well. I would recommend the adventurous to try their Charcoal hot drink. While every dish we tasted was splendid, having a lighter pancake option with fruits and maple syrup on the menu would be a nice addition. Despite being a little heavy, the options available were delectable. If you're in Paris, a visit to Season is certainly a must!

Twinkie Breakfast & Lunch

167 Rue Saint-Denis, Paris

01 42 36 92 58

Reviewed by:

Ijeoma Zuchowski

I had an absolutely fantastic time dining at Twinkie Breakfast & Lunch in Paris. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the service was top-notch. Though I would have appreciated the ability to customize my order more, the food was nevertheless incredible. The price point is a bit high, but you definitely get plenty for your money - my brunch was a feast of coffee, fresh juices, eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, and an amazing homemade pancake served with Nutella and two types of jam. I was so full, I didn't need to eat anything else until dinner! If you're in Paris and looking for a solid breakfast spot, especially one that serves eggs and bacon, this is the place to go. The portions are generous, the coffee mugs big, and they offer a variety of breads with spreads like Nutella and jam. The host was incredibly friendly and welcoming, and even spoke English. Trust me, you'll want to come with an appetite, but it's worth every bite. I would undoubtedly recommend Twinkie Breakfast & Lunch for a hearty, satisfying brunch in Paris.

Aux Deux Ecus

1 Pl. des 2 Écus, Paris

01 42 36 37 83

Reviewed by:

Monica Lane

Stumbling upon Aux Deux Ecus was a happy chance. The atmosphere was truly inviting, with a diverse menu offering a variety of food and drinks. The complimentary water and chips were a nice added touch. What was particularly impressive was the staff; they were exceptionally friendly and served up the best burger I've had in Paris. This place absolutely gets my recommendation. It's a charming corner café nestled in a small square near the Louvre, with an open terrace that's perfect for those beautiful summer afternoons in Paris. I tried their creme brûlée, while the sugar on top was cold instead of warm and crunchy, the creaminess still made it enjoyable. The café served their coffee just how I like it - nice, strong, and hot. I had a delightful dinner here. The food and wine were top-notch and the service had a pleasant, casual vibe. I took my two young kids with me, and they enjoyed it as well. I would certainly recommend this place.

Cabana Beach

12 Bd de Sébastopol, Paris

07 56 81 33 00

Reviewed by:

Pejman Ochoa

I recently had the pleasure of going to brunch at Cabana Beach in Paris, and despite it being a bit crowded and slightly pricey at 39€ per person, it was an experience worth repeating. The venue has a wonderfully warm atmosphere with the staff going out of their way to be nice and kind, even when they were clearly busy. The brunch buffet was a delight with a variety of dishes on offer that catered to everyone's tastes. I visited Cabana Beach with my children and my sister, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The service was commendable, particularly with the added bonus of having a TV for sports events. Although there was a slight mix-up with one of our drinks, overall the experience was positive. I appreciate the friendly and efficient service provided by the staff, making Cabana Beach even more welcoming. I would definitely recommend Cabana Beach for brunch and I'm looking forward to going back. Merci à l'équipe pour son accueil!

Le Génie Sous Les Etoiles

15 R. Bréguet, Paris

01 49 29 20 80

Reviewed by:

Christian Plew

Recently, I had an outstanding brunch at Le Génie Sous Les Etoiles in Paris. The place is not only modern and stylish, but it also has an incredibly friendly and helpful staff. The food was absolutely superb and reasonably priced. It's always a delight to find delicious food that doesn't break the bank. Unfortunately, we experienced a few hiccups during our visit due to my wife’s severe allergies. Despite this place being a hotel restaurant, the menu was only in French. When we asked for assistance, it seemed as if the staff was reluctant to help. This left us feeling unwelcome and we ended up having to dine elsewhere to avoid risking my wife's health. However, we did try to order some classic cocktails, but we were told they weren't available even though we noticed others enjoying them. Despite this somewhat negative experience, I can't oversell how delicious the food was at this restaurant. We were able to enjoy a perfectly cooked pumpkin soup that was simply delightful. The service was commendable and the decor added a wonderful touch to the overall ambiance. The best part? The great quality of their food comes at an affordable price. The breakfast option, however, was slightly disappointing as they ran out of croissants and took a while to restock. There were also issues with the coffee machine and availability of juice. The selection of spreads for pancakes was limited, and it seemed other guests had difficulties getting the food they desired. Despite these minor issues, Le Génie Sous Les Etoiles is definitely a restaurant I would recommend to anyone visiting Paris. Even though we had some troubles, the food and the overall experience was quite impressive. Just a slight improvement in managing food supply during peak hours would make this place perfect.

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