March 13, 2024

Paterson's Brunch Plate Parade: Top 10 Spots

Feast your eyes (and stomachs) on Paterson's brunch scene! From stacks of fluffy pancakes to perfectly poached eggs, explore the town's best spots for a mid-morning feast.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
Reviewed from:
New Jersey
Paterson's Brunch Plate Parade: Top 10 Spots
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In Paterson, where the streets hum with history and the echo of the Great Falls, a different kind of current pulls locals and visitors alike: the quest for the perfect brunch.

Lezzet Restaurant

925 Main St, Paterson

(973) 922-0808

Reviewed by:

Patrick Arku

Visited Lezzet Restaurant in Paterson for brunch and was met with excellent food served home style. It's a practice here to ask for the daily specials, and that day, the offerings of soup, anchovies, and a kabab platter did not disappoint. This place comes highly recommended from my end. The family-owned vibe and truly home-cooked food speak volumes of its reputation. The owner, a lovely lady who has taken over the cooking reins from her late husband, keeps the operation small and focused on homemade Turkish dishes. It's evident they aim to please their loyal customers with a traditional focus on Turkish comfort foods made right at home. Everything is made to order, except for the desserts, which are freshly made daily. Since there's no menu, dishes are displayed on a TV monitor, making each visit a unique culinary adventure. The dishes served were exemplary. The grilled meats were succulent, moist, and grilled to perfection. The beef and potato stew melted in my mouth, and the seasoning was spot-on. The chicken and noodle soup was just what was needed on a snowy day, hearty and warming. Desserts like the Baklava with pistachios and ice cream were a delightful end to the meal, being flaky, drenched in light honey yet not overly sweet. This restaurant is truly a gem in Paterson, NJ. For anyone in search of authentic, delicious Turkish home cooking, Lezzet is the place to be. The Adana Kebab, Kofte, Ezogelin soup, and more are the best I've tasted so far. It's a must-visit spot whenever you're in the New York area for the best homemade meals and the most delightful Adana kebab in the US. Highly recommend!

Bendita Arepa

789 - 791 Main St, Paterson

(973) 341-4613

Reviewed by:

Andrew Lee

I had the pleasure of brunching at Bendita Arepa in Paterson and must say it was a delightful experience. Although there was a slight hiccup with a purchase of pastries, the overall service was commendable. From the moment I stepped in, the staff treated me like family, which truly left a lasting impression. The cleanliness of the place was noticeable, adding to the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The food here is nothing short of delicious and fresh, deserving a solid 10/10 rating from me. It's evident that they put in great effort to maintain high standards, and it definitely pays off. This was my second time getting food from here, and I can confidently say the food is amazing. It's authentic Colombian cuisine, distinguishing itself from the Americanized versions I've encountered elsewhere. The limonada de coco and ceviche de chicharrón were my personal favorites, but the bandeja paisa also stood out, especially the beans, which were extremely flavorful. Ending the meal with an oblea was the highlight for me. It was so authentic that it instantly transported me back to Colombia with just one bite, something I haven’t experienced elsewhere in the US. I'm truly glad to have discovered this gem and will definitely be making frequent returns. The dedication to crafting quality dishes is evident, and the owner’s passion for their work makes the experience even more special. For anyone looking for an authentic Colombian dining experience in Paterson, Bendita Arepa is the place to go. The food is exceptional, and the service is fast and friendly. It's a must-visit spot, so much so that I'd suggest hurrying over now to enjoy what they have to offer.

Almazaq Restaurant & Bakery

46 E Railway Ave, Paterson

(862) 239-9444

Reviewed by:

Katie Hernandez Sanchez

During my visit to Almazaq Restaurant & Bakery for brunch in Paterson, I had the pleasure of experiencing some of the most delicious Iraqi cuisine. Taking out Iraqi Kabab with bread and Lentil soup turned out to be an excellent decision. The kababs were incredibly juicy, soft, and bursting with flavor - honestly, one of the best meals I've had in a long time. The lentil soup, while simple, was very tasty, complementing the soft and fresh bread perfectly. The meal also came with some pickled vegetables that were absolutely delightful. Stumbling upon this place was a happy accident, and I'm already eager to return and explore more of their menu. The traditional Iraqi dishes, like the kebabs and eggplant salad, truly offer a taste of authenticity and leave you craving for more. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and welcoming, enhancing the dining experience significantly. It's not often that both my husband and I agree on a favorite restaurant so quickly, but the delicious, fresh food here won us over immediately. Even the simpler dishes, like stewed tomatoes and eggplant salad, were prepared in a way that elevated them beyond expectations. Although there were a couple of disappointments, such as the Dawali and hummus, which didn't live up to the rest of the menu, the overall dining experience was outstanding. The service was friendly and the bread, in particular, was noteworthy. Regardless of these minor setbacks, I'm confident in the quality of their other offerings and look forward to my next visit.


301 Main St, Paterson

(973) 668-4447

Reviewed by:

German Winkler

While exploring the area, I stumbled upon this charming new cafe named DOWNTOWN GRILL and decided to give it a try. Opting for their classic cheeseburger, I was delighted to see it being cooked fresh right in front of me. The portion was generous, especially considering the price, clearly showing the effort they put into keeping their customers satisfied. On another visit, I ordered a well-done burger with fries and was once again happy with my meal. The fries, made from sweet potato, were well seasoned and tasted incredibly fresh. The burger itself was nothing short of delicious. I can confidently say I'll be returning soon for more of their mouthwatering food. The staff at DOWNTOWN GRILL also deserve a mention for their friendly and welcoming attitude, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. On a different note, their veggie burger was a hit with me, and it's hard to imagine finding a better cheeseburger anywhere else. Even their French fries have earned a top spot on my list of favorites. To top it all off, the owner and their team are terrific. They've created a wonderful atmosphere that complements their awesome food perfectly. It's safe to say that DOWNTOWN GRILL has quickly become a favorite spot of mine for brunch in Paterson.

Carretica Restaurant

662 River St, Paterson

(973) 782-5575

Reviewed by:

William Helman

Discovering Carretica Restaurant felt like finding a slice of Costa Rica right here in Paterson. The moment I stepped inside, I was greeted with an ambiance that felt warmly familiar, echoing the cozy comfort of a home kitchen in Costa Rica. The menu, brimming with authentic flavors, instantly caught my attention. The Gallo Pinto, Mondongo soup, and Arroz con Leche certainly did not disappoint, each dish clearly crafted by a chef well-versed in traditional Costa Rican culinary techniques. It's a refreshing reminder that not all Latin food is created equal, and Carretica proudly showcases the distinct tastes of Costa Rican cuisine. The place itself is quaint and inviting, making you feel right at home. During my visit, the service was exceptional; our server was not only sweet but also attentive to our needs, enhancing the overall dining experience. The food was a delightful journey for the taste buds, each dish striking the perfect balance between fresh, flavorful, but not overly seasoned. As someone who has a particular fondness for soups, their Mondongo soup easily secured its place among my top favorites. My partner was equally impressed with his meal, and we both couldn't stop raving about the rice pudding dessert - a simple yet satisfying end to our meal. Although there were a couple of dishes that didn't hit the mark for me personally, such as the garlic shrimp which was a bit overwhelmed by its cornstarch sauce, the meal was overwhelmingly positive. The standout had to be the perfectly cooked tostones, proving sometimes the simplest touches leave the most lasting impressions. Despite the minor hiccups, the cleanliness of the restaurant and the kindness of the staff added to the reasons why I'd recommend Carretica Restaurant. Driving all the way from Brooklyn was a testament to how much I was looking forward to this meal, and I wasn't disappointed. For anyone in search of authentic Costa Rican cuisine or simply a delicious brunch option, Carretica Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.


471 21st Ave, Paterson

(973) 977-8028

Reviewed by:

Ilka Cruzzyo

Stepping into El PAISA for brunch was a delightful experience that I'm eager to repeat. The most delicious Colombian breakfast awaited, where every dish served was a testament to the quality service and commitment to cleanliness this place upholds. Going there, the Huevos Rancheros con arepa caught my eye, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The flavors were authentic, rich, and perfectly balanced, complemented by their coffee, which was nothing short of perfection. This establishment shines bright in the area, offering a very good dining experience. While the food is tasty and the atmosphere decent, it's worth noting that there's no bathroom available for customers. However, this minor inconvenience doesn't overshadow the delicious food and the excellent service provided by the staff. The establishment itself is nice and clean, creating a welcoming ambiance for everyone who walks through their doors. And when it comes to value for money, El PAISA doesn't disappoint. The prices are reasonable, ensuring that delicious Colombian cuisine is accessible without breaking the bank. All things considered, my brunch experience at El PAISA left me thoroughly satisfied and eager to return. It's a place that I'd happily recommend to anyone looking to enjoy great food in a pleasant setting.

Correita El Paisa

356 21st Ave, Paterson

(862) 239-9391

Reviewed by:

Angel Ben

I must say, my brunch experience at Correita El Paisa in Paterson was memorable for all the right reasons. The moment I stepped in, I was greeted with the kind of warmth and hospitality you'd expect from a family-run establishment. The service was impeccable - swift and attentive, making me feel right at home. Despite a minor hiccup with my initial order—I hoped for a bunuelo but received a croissant instead—the overall meal was a delightful journey through authentic Colombian flavors. The steak might not have been to my liking, but the chicken soup I had as part of the lunch special completely made up for it. The soup was excellent, striking the perfect balance of flavors that reminded me of home-cooked meals from my childhood. The accompanying white rice, fried chicken, sweet plantains, and the mixed salad with coleslaw were all wonderfully prepared, each component of the meal complementing the others beautifully. And all these for a mere $8.50, including tax, which felt like an absolute steal considering the quality and quantity of food served. Though not every dish was a hit—the flan and arepa could do with some improvement—the overall dining experience was highly positive. The authenticity of the Colombian cuisine shone through, particularly with the lunch special, bringing back cherished memories of family gatherings. Given the value for money, the speedy service, and the authentic taste of the meals, I am already looking forward to my next visit. Here's to hoping for homemade empanadas next time, but even if not, I'm confident the rest of the menu will more than make up for it. Correita El Paisa indeed serves some of the best authentic Colombian food in the area, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a taste of Colombia in Paterson.

Grill 77

76 Washington St, Paterson

(973) 754-9595

Reviewed by:

Carolyn Page

Had an amazing breakfast experience at Grill 77, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ample seating in the dining room. Yes, they have a wonderful dining room! I'm already looking forward to trying everything on their menu. There are even paintings for sale in the dining area that caught my eye, and I'm seriously considering buying one. Although I stumbled upon some mixed reviews, my personal experience was nothing short of delightful. The fish & grits were a disappointment, and the toast wasn't as fresh as I'd hoped. It made me wonder about the consistency of the food quality, given the positive feedback from many patrons. It's possible that my visit coincided with an off day for the kitchen. Despite this, the overall ambiance of Grill 77 more than made up for the minor letdowns. The morning vibe here is just perfect for starting the day on a high note. The staff's kindness genuinely transforms the dining experience, creating a wonderfully uplifting environment. The quality of the food, generous portions, and affordable prices further solidify Grill 77 as a top choice for breakfast or brunch. I highly recommend this charming restaurant for anyone looking for a friendly atmosphere, swift service, and deliciously hearty meals. It's definitely worth a visit, or more, to explore their diverse and tempting menu options.

1003 Main St, Paterson

(973) 881-8819

Reviewed by:

Ryan Brown

Had an amazing brunch experience at in Paterson. The Mediterranean pastries, including Zaater, Eggs, and Meat pastries, were fantastic. The falafel was exceptional too. The ambiance set by classic Arabic songs in the background really added to the vibe. Service was exactly what was needed. Highly recommended. Although, it's worth mentioning, there was a slight hiccup during one of my to-go orders. Despite calling 30 minutes ahead and waiting an additional 10 minutes, the food was unfortunately not cooked properly. They did promise a complimentary meal next time, which was appreciated. Just a reminder to always check the food before leaving. Reflecting on a visit from two years ago, this place was found by accident and it was a delightful discovery. The chicken was tender and juicy, and the appetizers were delicious. It's always a win when there's a comfortable atmosphere for children, and the owner and staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly. Eager to try other items on the menu next time. A friend had recommended this place and it certainly lived up to expectations. The food was delicious and felt very traditional; the Lebne, in particular, was the best tasted. The waitress was very helpful, speaking both Spanish and English, which was great as Arabic isn't my first language. She recommended a few dishes from the menu, which were all excellent choices. This place really stood out compared to other Middle Eastern restaurants in the area. The team was friendly, the food was fresh, and everything was served promptly, indicating it was made to order. Definitely glad to have stumbled upon this gem. Will be back soon!

Triple Luncheonette

186 5th Ave B, Paterson

(973) 742-8060

Reviewed by:

Rogerio ياسمين

Great place to visit, especially for brunch in Paterson. The food here is truly excellent, matching well with the kindness and friendliness of the staff. What makes Triple Luncheonette stand out is its combination of great quality and even better prices. It's a gem that has been serving the community for years, offering breakfast that’s well worth the money. The service here is consistently on point; they prepare your food quickly and exactly to order, leaving no room for complaints. While it could benefit from a renovation, the current setup has its charm. If you’re looking for a spot that offers quick, delicious food without stretching your budget, this place is it.


27 Park Ave, Paterson

(973) 782-6975

Reviewed by:

Luisa Tavera

One of my all-time favorite spots for Dominican food has to be Cafecito. The food is always delicious and made fresh. On a day when it was pouring rain and the online ordering system was down, my craving for their food was so strong that I didn't think twice about braving the weather to get there. It was my first visit, and I left completely impressed with the service, the food, and the overall atmosphere of the place. I had the pleasure of being assisted by Maritza, who was exceptionally enthusiastic and attentive. She truly provided top-notch service, making my experience even better. What's more, the prices are very reasonable, which is always a bonus. Although I've heard some say the mangu can be dry and overpriced, that was far from my experience. Everything I ordered was prepared with care and tasted great. Cafecito also has such a family-friendly vibe. The place is immaculate, the food is fresh and affordable, and the staff are all very pleasant. We decided to try the breakfast, and it did not disappoint. It's a spot I would recommend to anyone. If you're in search of a place that feels like home with food that warms the soul, Cafecito should definitely be on your list.

Athens Coffee Shop

63 Broadway, Paterson

(973) 977-9007

Reviewed by:

Eric Kennelly

This place has always been a go-to for brunch in Paterson. The Athens Coffee Shop offers a moderately priced breakfast menu that initially drew me in and has kept me coming back. Over the years, I've encountered some hiccups here and there, but the essence of this spot remains unchanged. Even in moments when service could have been a bit sharper, the overarching warmth and efficiency of the staff have shone through. They've tackled everything from missing menu items to ensuring that special requests are met, albeit with a few mix-ups along the way. The breakfast choices are plentiful, and on a bustling morning, the vibe of this place is unbeatable. The "Big Breakfast Platters" have been a staple for me, and while there's been an occasion where the chocolate chips I asked for were missing, the quality of the food consistently makes up for it. Even when the presentation might not be perfect, the taste never disappoints. It's more than just the food that makes Athens Coffee Shop a memorable spot; it's the memories created here. This place was the backdrop for a very special moment in my life – my first date with my now wife over 15 years ago. That alone cements its significance for me, making it more than just a coffee shop but a landmark of personal history. Despite any service hiccups or pricing adjustments over the years, the core reason for my frequent visits remains the same: great food and a welcoming atmosphere. It's my go-to whenever I find myself in downtown, perfect for grabbing a bite on the go or sitting down to a comforting meal. The cooks and servers, always facing challenges with a smile, continue to make every visit worthwhile. It's a place that, despite any flaws, holds a special place in my heart and continues to be a favorite brunch spot in Paterson.

Westside Grill Diner

275 Union Ave, Paterson

(973) 339-5077

Reviewed by:

Barbara Pinell

Went for brunch at Westside Grill Diner in Paterson for the first time today with my girlfriend, and it honestly exceeded all expectations! Right from the start, the waiter was incredibly friendly, greeting and seating us promptly. The atmosphere of the place is incredibly welcoming and relaxing, making us feel right at home. The food was absolutely fantastic. At first glance, the prices might seem a bit steep, but once the food arrives, it's clear you're getting great value for your money, not to mention the quality is top-notch. The whole experience makes me eager to recommend this place. My girlfriend and I will definitely be visiting more often! The ambiance caught my attention immediately—it has improved significantly, becoming more inviting with plenty of natural light. The presentation of the food, along with the cleanliness of the counters, booths, and diner itself, was impeccable. The service was outstanding. Our waiter was attentive without being intrusive, always making sure we knew they were available if needed. The efficiency was remarkable; we were seated immediately, our order was taken quickly, and the food arrived in no time, all thanks to a well-designed smaller menu. Speaking of the food, it was simply delicious. Everything from the seasoned home fries, which were crispy yet tender, to the slightly greasy but satisfying beef sausage, and the waffles—oh, the waffles! Soft, crispy, and packed with flavor. The diner is also starting a dinner service soon, which is exciting news given their breakfast and brunch have set such a high bar. It's also worth noting how impeccably clean the place is. A mishap occurred where water was accidentally spilled on my plate, but the staff was incredibly gracious, quickly preparing another dish without any additional charges. The warm welcome upon arrival, the beautiful and inviting ambiance with its charming decor, and the delicious food including the gyro, omelette, chicken soup, wings, and avocado toast, all contribute to a wonderful dining experience that is hard to find elsewhere. In summary, Westside Grill Diner in Paterson has captured my affection with its fantastic food, exceptional service, and cozy atmosphere. It’s a place I’ll happily return to over and over again.


365 21st Ave, Paterson

(862) 239-9910

Reviewed by:

Mandy Premkumar

Ventured out for brunch at Noches de Colombia in Paterson and was absolutely thrilled with the experience. The margaritas on offer are hands down the best in town. For a quick breakfast, you really can't beat their empanadas paired with coffee—it's the perfect start to any day. This place is also a go-to for an everyday lunch special, highly recommended for both the quality of food and service. The staff, passionate and engaging, add to the vibrant atmosphere of the place. Although our bill touched $100 for two, the experience was well worth the splurge. The authenticity of the Colombian food served here is unmatched, with generous portion sizes ensuring you get value for your money. Service during our visit was smooth and attentive, making the whole dining experience a pleasure. It's worth noting that parking is street side due to the location, so planning ahead is advisable. After this visit, I'm convinced that I'll be coming back repeatedly. The ambiance, food, and service have made this spot a new favorite. Decided to pick this spot for a lunch meeting with clients and was not disappointed. Opting for the convenience of online ordering, I selected a few specials and chose grilled tilapia and shrimp for myself. Parking was easily found on the street nearby. Upon arrival, the team was efficient in locating and handing over my order. The meal, especially the tilapia and shrimp accompanied by potatoes in a tomato sauce and rice, was delightful. Everything tasted fresh and was well-prepared. This visit reaffirmed my positive feelings towards this spot. The experience from start to finish was seamless and definitely worth writing home about.

Al-Basha Quick Serve

1076 Main St, Paterson

(973) 345-3700

Reviewed by:

Melanie Fochs

After a renovation, Al-Basha Quick Serve now sports a beautiful Mediterranean vibe inside the dining area, enhancing the overall experience of dining here. The setup is self-service, which I find really convenient, especially when I'm in a hurry. What really stands out are the sides and dips - they're simply the best. And you can't go wrong with the meats; they're always fresh and flavorful. It's a spot you shouldn't miss if you're around the Paterson area. The fruit drinks are most delicious, perfectly complementing the food, and the service is always courteous despite the hustle and bustle of this busy place. It's absolutely worth the wait. On my last visit, I decided to try the beef shawarma, a choice I don't usually make as I typically prefer chicken. After tasting a bit from my mom's sandwich, I was completely sold. The seasoning was spot-on, and the flavors were incredible. Next time, beef shawarma will definitely be my go-to order. I also indulged in their famous mint lemon slushy, a refreshing choice as always. While waiting for our order, Moe kindly offered us a sample of their new lemonade drink, which was unexpectedly delightful. It tasted just like the homemade drinks we enjoyed back home, making me reconsider my usual drink preference for next time. The place has truly transformed. It's refreshing to see how they've revamped the interior to accommodate more efficiently the flow of customers and the hardworking team behind the delicious food. This location has become a staple for takeout and catering, proving that even the most worn places can be rejuvenated into something wonderful. It's clear the Al Basha team cares deeply about their customer's experience, from the quality of the food to the ambiance of the place. A big thank you to the Al Basha team for consistently exceeding expectations. This place is a testament to how passion and dedication can turn a bustling spot into a beloved culinary destination. Can't wait to come back!

Mini's Restaurant

251 Park Ave, Paterson

(973) 684-8301

Reviewed by:

Kit Brown

If you're on the hunt for the best Dominican breakfast in Paterson, Mini's Restaurant should definitely be on your list. The food here is absolutely great. It's always a bit of an adventure when ordering since not everyone speaks English, which led to a slight mix-up with my order. But honestly, even that couldn't dampen the experience – the dishes we ended up with were still delicious, and my daughter absolutely loved it. It's clear they prioritize fresh, quality ingredients, making any meal here worthwhile. One of the highlights of Mini's, aside from the delectable Dominican cuisine, are the prices. They manage to serve up fantastic food without breaking the bank, which is always a plus in my book. And while the service is fast, ensuring you're not waiting too long for your meal, there's a bit of a downside. The lady who tends to be there in the mornings can come across as quite rude. There's a noticeable lack of patience and courtesy, which might put a damper on the overall friendly atmosphere one would expect. Despite the service hiccup, I firmly believe that the quality and taste of the food, combined with the good prices, make Mini's Restaurant a must-visit spot for brunch in Paterson. It’s a place where the warmth of Dominican cooking really shines through, inviting you back for those flavors time and time again. Just a little tip, brushing up on some basic Spanish might enhance your ordering process. But even with the occasional service issue, I find myself eager to return for another helping of their authentic cuisine.

Las Tejas

106 3rd Ave, Paterson

(973) 684-1200

Reviewed by:

Noah Benson

Ordered a "Casado with Churrasco" and let me tell you, the steak was cooked to absolute perfection. Paired with a Russian salad, the portion was generous and everything was seasoned just right. At first, I thought maybe I had just gotten lucky, so I went back a second time. To my delight, the experience was the same...perfect...again. It might look like an unassuming hole in the wall from the outside, but wow, the food is incredible. I'm eager to try more from the menu, although I'll definitely be getting that Casado with Churrasco again. They also serve the best soups and typical dishes from Costa Rica like Gallo Pinto and the casado, which I can't wait to dive into more. It's quickly become my favorite restaurant. The food is amazing and the servers are really friendly, adding to the overall experience. Can't wait to get back there.

Hornitos Paterson Restaurant & Lounge

487 21st Ave, Paterson

(973) 341-9683

Reviewed by:

Johnny Perez

Walking into Hornitos Paterson Restaurant & Lounge for brunch was an eye-opening experience. Admittedly, the sound level was a bit too intense for my liking. It's understandable that a nightlife spot would feature loud music, but this was on another level – so loud that it was almost overwhelming. My suggestion would be for them to fine-tune their sound system. Adjusting it could significantly enhance the atmosphere, making the dining experience more enjoyable without compromising the vibe they're going for. Despite this, the culinary experience was unparalleled. The array of Colombian food, coffee, and snacks was a delightful surprise, offering tastes that are hard to come by in the area. The bakery deserves a special mention; the handmade bread was delicious and fresh, a testament to the authentic and high-quality ingredients they use. It's certainly a highlight and comes highly recommended. However, it's worth noting that my visit wasn't without its challenges. Excitement quickly turned to disappointment due to the slow service. It took a while to get our server's attention, and even longer for our drinks and food to arrive. The drinks varied in quality, and unfortunately, some of the food arrived a bit cold. Missing out on seafood and guacamole, two of my favorites, was also a letdown. Despite these issues, there were some definite highlights. The frozen Hennessy drink was a standout, offering a unique twist that I hadn't encountered elsewhere. It's a gem that could make Hornitos a hit, especially as a party spot on the weekends. In conclusion, Hornitos Paterson Restaurant & Lounge has the potential to be a fantastic brunch destination, with its unique offerings and vibrant atmosphere. A few adjustments to the sound level and service could go a long way in elevating the overall experience, making it the perfect spot for both culinary delights and a lively ambiance.

Mamajuana Cafe Paterson

177 3rd Ave, Paterson

(973) 925-5172

Reviewed by:

Jonah Lovee

We celebrated a friend’s birthday at Mamajuana Cafe Paterson on December 30th, and it was an unforgettable experience. From the moment we arrived, the valet service provided a hassle-free start to our celebration, well worth the $10 for the convenience and peace of mind. The welcoming atmosphere was immediately apparent, thanks to a kind young lady at the front desk who promptly arranged a table for us. While waiting for our entire party to arrive, we enjoyed some time at the bar, sampling delicious drinks and appetizers. The staff was incredibly accommodating when we needed a larger table than initially anticipated, swiftly arranging a comfortable space for us without any hassle. Our server, Ronaldo, was exceptional, ensuring that every detail of our experience was perfect. The food was a highlight of our visit, with the wings, CHICHARRONES DE CERDO (fried pork belly), CHICHARRONES DE POLLO (fried chunks of chicken), and the CHURRASCO FRITES (Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri and demi-glaze, served with my choice of white rice, red beans, and fried plantains instead of yuca fries) all being incredibly flavorful and satisfying. The atmosphere was vibrant, featuring fantastic music that added to the enjoyment of our meal. Even after we finished dining, we relaxed at the bar to catch the rest of the game, which rounded off the occasion nicely. The entire experience at Mamajuana Cafe Paterson was remarkable, from the attentive staff and the delicious food to the lively ambiance. The Latin sushi menu was a creative and tasty addition, proving to be an absolute hit. Despite the music being a touch too loud for easy conversation, it did little to dampen our spirits. The visit was also made memorable by the beautiful presentations and the quality of the hookah service, which, although on the pricier side, was expected and added to the exclusive feel of our celebration. Our time at Mamajuana Cafe Paterson was a wonderful celebration, and it’s a place I’d highly recommend for anyone looking for a lively, enjoyable dining experience. The commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of both the service and the cuisine make it a must-visit establishment.

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