January 28, 2024

Peoria's Premiere Brunch Picks

Discover Peoria's top spots for mid-morning grub that's so good, you'll want brunch for every meal.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Peoria's Premiere Brunch Picks
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Peoria is not just a city... it's a brunch paradise, where every weekend (and let's be real—weekdays too because who's judging?) offers a culinary voyage through flavors that could easily put the most seasoned brunch capitals to shame.

Hummingbirds Cafe

10950 W Union Hills Dr, Peoria

(623) 377-5789

Reviewed by:

Travis Coker

GET. THE. PIE! Driving into a seniors RV park might not be what you'd expect when searching for a great spot for brunch in Peoria, but trust me, it's absolutely worth it. The pies here at Hummingbirds Cafe are scratch-made and far from your average dessert. No shortcuts with jello pudding - we're talking about genuine, delicious baked goods. The selection rotates and is listed on a white board; the Key Lime and Arizona lemon come highly recommended. However, it was the chocolate coconut cream pie that caught my attention. It was the perfect blend of solid, creamy, and not overly sweet. Just perfection 🤌🏼. Hummingbirds Cafe is nestled in Paradise RV Resort, yet don't let that fool you—it's open to the public. They serve breakfast all day from 8AM to 2 PM, and lunch runs from 11AM to 2 PM. After indulging in a grilled Burger one day, I found myself coming back for the One Of Each breakfast the next. Both meals were not only delicious but also well-presented. Homemade pie is their signature, and rightfully so. The service here is quick and friendly, making the cafe feel like a comfortable spot to enjoy a meal. It's an excellent cafe through and through. Whether you're here for breakfast at any time of the day or stepping in for lunch at 11, you're in for a treat. Debby's desserts are another highlight, promising a sweet end to any meal. The food leaves a lasting impression, and the ambiance of this cute little place adds to the experience. Janelle, with her sweet demeanor, ensures every visit is as pleasant as possible. It's safe to say, a return visit is definitely on the cards. The portion sizes, the quality of food, and the overall vibe make Hummingbirds Cafe a must-visit spot for brunch in Peoria.


9098 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Peoria

(623) 825-9500

Reviewed by:

KeĂŻchyamell Rodas

We've been to Campbell's multiple times for brunch, and it never disappoints! This place, dedicated solely to breakfast and lunch, typically has a wait, but trust me, it's absolutely worth it. The charm of both the indoor and outdoor seating areas transports you to the western days, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The staff here really knows how to make you feel welcome, with their efficiency, politeness, and friendliness standing out during each visit. Now, let's talk about the main star here: the food. The generous portions always ensure you get your money's worth. On a recent visit, I decided to dive into their famous French toast, opting for the "small" version. To my surprise, it was more than enough to satisfy my appetite and each bite was a delight. It's definitely the best French toast I've ever had. Alongside, I had some scrambled eggs, which were the perfect complement. My partner went for the green Chile pork omelet and couldn't stop singing its praises. On another occasion, we were attracted by the local charm and cowboy vibe of the cafe, discovered through Yelp reviews. The menu offers a great selection, and we were quite pleased with our choice of sandwiches and cobbler. Though the service can be a tad slow, the staff's pleasant demeanor more than makes up for it. It's a place I'd highly recommend to anyone visiting Peoria. What I love about this spot is its small-town feel, reminiscent of a country store, which gives it a unique neighborhood vibe. Having passed by it for years en route to the lake without stopping, I finally decided to give it a try and wasn't disappointed. The breakfast and lunch options were impressively varied, and despite a previous attempt thwarted by a long line, we managed to get seated immediately on a late Tuesday morning. Choosing to sit inside, we quickly noticed the cozy setup, allowing for a more intimate dining experience. The menu had us spoiled for choice, and I settled on a customizable omelette that came with toast and country potatoes, while my partner opted for biscuits and gravy, adding sausage patties. Everything arrived promptly, in portions that challenged our appetites. I have to admit, the country potatoes, typically my least favorite, were exceptionally done – crispy, well-seasoned, and utterly delicious. Inside, you'll find a blend of history and charm, with taxidermied animals, saddles, and draft beer adding to the country aura. Although it's evolved from its early days as a store selling game meat and fishing bait, it now serves dishes with interesting meats like elk, maintaining its nod to the past. The place also holds a farmers market every first Saturday of the month, offering an array of fresh produce, homemade goods, and even natural dog treats, which is a lovely addition. On our last visit, we missed out on the fish but found solace in the chicken fried steak and the Merc burger – easily the best burger I've tasted in years, with all its trimmings and perfectly cooked fries. Campbell's has definitely become a favorite for us, not just for its food but for the history and community feel it brings to every visit. Next time, we're planning to return for breakfast, and perhaps, finally try that fish. It's a gem worth exploring, especially if you're a fan of hearty meals in a place with character.

The Links Neighborhood Grill

18823 Country Club Pkwy, Peoria

(623) 561-1681

Reviewed by:

Olivia Zdyb

Awesome, in a word. The bacon cheddar burger was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the addition of grilled onions made it even more delicious. The fried zucchini was thinly sliced, crispy, and packed with flavor, and the house-made marinara sauce was exceptional. Next time, I plan on buying at least a jar of that marinara sauce. The hand-breaded onion rings lived up to their reputation of being massive and crispy. The pulled pork sandwich was also quite tasty, although there was a minor hiccup with some parts being a tad dry. Considering my wife and I arrived about an hour before closing, everything was fantastic. Kaelea, our server, was phenomenal in handling our queries. It was our first time there, and she answered our questions with eagerness and a great attitude, making her service nothing short of excellent. Her demeanor and our overall experience have convinced us that this place is definitely worth another visit. I was also impressed by the cleanliness of the establishment. Each table was nearly spotless, the floors were clean, and the silverware and place settings shone. It's a wonderful area to have a nice lunch in. I enjoyed the Mushroom Burger, and my husband opted for the Nachos. My burger was exceptionally good, and the fries did not disappoint. The view from the outdoor patio added a nice touch to our meal. The daily specials are affordable, the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the golf course views are a nice bonus. The large outdoor patio is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal while taking in the fabulous view and exploring the tasty menu items. The staff's commitment to ensuring a pleasurable dining experience is evident in everything they do. My brother, his wife, my wife, and I had dinner there last night, which happened to be Pasta night. I've heard they have specialty nights throughout the week which adds a nice variety. The casual dress code, great atmosphere, excellent service, and very good food at very reasonable prices make it a spot not to be missed.

V's Taproom

12575 W Golf Club Dr, Peoria

(623) 328-5110

Reviewed by:

Merwin Mohamed

Visiting from out of state and staying at a nearby resort, I found myself looking for a good spot for brunch and decided to try V's Taproom based on a quick Google Maps search. The decision did not disappoint. Right from the get-go, the server was attentive, allowing me to place my order without delay. The food, particularly the prime rib dip sandwich, was served hot and proved to be delightful. The ambiance of V's Taproom, with both indoor and outdoor dining options, provides a very nice atmosphere that's hard not to enjoy. It's become one of our go-to places when looking to eat out. Although the service has seen some dips in attentiveness and speed in recent visits, the quality of the food consistently makes up for it. During a December visit, the relaxing and elegant ambiance, complemented by views of the golf course and water, stood out. The service was friendly, and the menu offered a variety of dishes. We shared appetizers like the wonton tacos and the meatballs, both of which were generous in portion and packed with flavor. For cocktails, the double espresso Martini was a highlight among the many options available. On a beautiful day in November, sitting out on the patio enhanced the dining experience significantly. The watermelon salad, with its pine nuts and fennel, was a refreshing choice, and the French dip shared between us was fantastic, made even better with an extra serving of au jus upon request. The strawberry basil Martini served as the perfect drink for a sunny day, balancing sweetness with a touch of lemon. This place, with its top-notch food, drinks, and atmosphere, especially the patio views of the golf course, is highly recommended. It's a spot that's definitely on my list for repeat visits. The golf course setting provides a scenic backdrop that elevates the dining experience, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for a great meal in a beautiful setting. The cocktails, like the double rum pineapple and the refreshing blackberry mule, along with flavorful bites like the wonton tacos, make each visit memorable. Even a visit on a more personal note, like commemorating my dad's birthday, was made special with a shared dessert, the Famous Butter Cake, ending the meal on a sweet note. The only slight hiccup was the less-than-welcoming attitude of the hostess during one visit, but it wasn't enough to dampen the overall positive experience. Despite a less stellar experience with a beef dip and a longer-than-expected wait time during one lunch, the majestic view and pleasant service still stand out. Though I might reconsider some menu choices in the future, V's Taproom remains a favored dining spot.

The Social on 83rd

8350 W Paradise Ln, Peoria

(623) 486-4343

Reviewed by:

Clinton Abernethy

Had a fantastic first-time brunch experience at The Social on 83rd in Peoria. Decided to drop by on a Saturday morning around 10:30 am, and to my delight, the place wasn’t crowded, allowing us to be seated immediately. The service was top-notch right from the start. Our server was incredibly attentive, offering excellent recommendations from the menu. My husband enjoyed his two margaritas alongside the country-style NY steak, while I opted for a refreshing grapefruit juice (loved the free refill) and the Sourdough Benedict. The Benedict was delicious, blending flavors beautifully, and the eggs poached to perfection. The country-style steak did not disappoint either, especially with the well-cooked hash browns accompanying our dishes. Already planning a return visit to explore more of their menu – the croissant sandwich is next on my list, especially since they bake their croissants in-house. I also had the breakfast burrito, which was both filling and flavorful, complemented nicely by the green sauce. Surprisingly, the place wasn't crowded even with a DJ playing, enhancing our dining experience. Our waiter did an outstanding job ensuring we were well-taken care of, and even when he was momentarily away, someone else promptly checked in on us. The mimosas were a delight as well, with a very tempting $5 offer for different flavors and $20 for a bottle. A quick note on parking – it was easy enough when we arrived, though I can imagine it might get tricky during peak hours. This place is quickly becoming a favorite brunch spot, with its inviting atmosphere, wonderful staff, and the live music adding to the ambiance. Celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary here with my family, and we were all impressed by the service, food, and overall vibe. Definitely looking forward to our next visit.

Haymaker Peoria

24762 N Lake Pleasant Pkwy, Peoria

(623) 566-1515

Reviewed by:

Darren Rodriguez

As a full-time traveler in the US, I make it a point to stop at local eateries, exploring the flavors each town has to offer. Haymaker Peoria was a delightful discovery for brunch, capturing the essence of comfort food with a friendly atmosphere. When it came time to order, I inquired about the favorite dish on the menu and was promptly recommended the Haymaker Benedict. The confidence in that suggestion was enough to convince me to try it, and it didn't disappoint. The dish, as advertised, was indeed perfect just the way it was. The brunch experience was enhanced by a couple of delightful bloody Marys at the bar, where the bartender's friendly demeanor made the visit even more enjoyable. My party decided to delve into a variety of dishes; the brisket breakfast skillet and the American slam breakfast were both hits, delivering on flavor and satisfaction. The breakfast burrito, chosen by my father-in-law, was equally enjoyed. Though the Arizona burger and fries left a bit to be desired in terms of temperature, the flavors were there, especially the grilled onions which stood out. The wedge salad was a fresh addition to the meal, its crispy onion straws lending a lovely texture, though I wished it had been served before the burger for a better dining sequence. The dressings, particularly the ranch and balsamic blue cheese, were noteworthy for their light yet flavorful profiles. Service was friendly and attentive, although the wait time for our food was longer than anticipated, possibly explaining the less-than-ideal temperature of some dishes. The lightly sweetened tea was a pleasant surprise, becoming the first sweet tea to win my approval. Concluding the visit on a sweet note, the breakfast offerings, especially the Haymaker Benedict, left a lasting impression. While the pancakes were standard fare, the unique Benedict dish, breakfast burrito, and even the hash browns were memorable. Despite a minor hiccup with the temperature of some dishes, the overall dining experience was positive, making Haymaker Peoria a brunch spot I plan to return to. Their ability to serve breakfast favorites that also satisfy dinner cravings is a trait worth coming back for.

Haymaker Thunderbird

8706 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria

(623) 440-9100

Reviewed by:

James Duarte

Went to Haymaker Thunderbird for brunch in Peoria before catching a concert and the experience was honestly amazing. Started off with the piggy platter, which featured both pulled pork and brisket. While the pulled pork left a bit to be desired due to it being slightly on the dry side, the brisket was simply outstanding – tender, flavorful, and cooked to perfection. Accompanying the meal, the mac and cheese stood out for its creamy, delightful texture and taste, making it a memorable part of the meal. To wash it down, I decided to dive into their specialty drink menu and gave the apple mimosas a shot. They were absolutely amazing; the blend of flavors and the overall freshness of the drink really enhanced the dining experience. These drinks alone are a reason to come back. Despite a bit of an unfortunate experience overall, it's worth mentioning that the service received was top-notch. The staff was attentive and provided friendly, fast service, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of a cozy hometown pub. This, combined with the delicious chicken fried steak breakfast served in generous portions, made for a satisfying visit. Haymaker Thunderbird also offers a unique selection of items like grilled jalapeños and sweet potato fries that really kick up the flavor. The jalapeños provided the perfect spicy kick, while the sweet potato fries were a sweet and savory treat that shouldn't be missed. Though there were some areas needing improvement, like the overall pace and some aspects of the drink options, the positive aspects of the visit, such as the standout dishes and the exceptional service, make it a place worth revisiting. Given the chance, Haymaker Thunderbird is definitely on the list for future brunch spots in Peoria, particularly for those looking for a place with a great vibe and even better food.

Revolu Modern Taqueria + Bar

15703 N 83rd Ave #110, Peoria

(623) 878-0215

Reviewed by:

Mona Gupta

This wonderful Taqueria and Bar is absolutely worth visiting frequently. While chatting with the bartender, who might also be the owner, it became clear that everything here is made fresh. From the tortillas and salsas to the bar mixers, nothing is from a can. That's a compelling reason to come here! The atmosphere, music, service, and menu are fantastic. The quesa shell tacos were incredibly tasty, and everyone enjoyed their food. Our server was very kind and considerate, going as far as to bring freshly made churros and chocolate sauce for my son’s birthday after overhearing our conversation. It’s rare to find a place with cheese shells this good, making a return visit a certainty. During my first visit, the unconventional taco options like pad thai and shrimp with a sweet sauce were good, though I was expecting something more traditional. Their beer and liquor selection is decent, and the peach smash recommended by the server was exceptionally delicious and refreshing. The homemade fresh guacamole was another highlight. It's clear this establishment prides itself on modern and innovative takes on tacos, offering a refreshing twist on the usual. Happy hour with coworkers was another great experience, with reasonable deals and prices. The quesobirria tacos were tasty, although the accompanying consommé could use a bit more seasoning to enhance its flavor. The flight of salsas, ranging from mild to hot, was a delightful change from the usual, offering unique flavors like pineapple and roasted red pepper. Considering the decent prices, good food, and pleasant staff, this place is definitely on my list for a return visit. Focusing a bit more on the main dishes could elevate the experience even further. Overall, this taqueria earns a solid 4 out of 5 from me.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

16845 N 84th Ave, Peoria

(623) 875-1136

Reviewed by:

Eli Rockett

Stopped by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for breakfast, and it turned out to be a delightful experience overall. Opted for a range of breakfast entries, among which the French toast really stood out. Prepared on brioche bread, it offered a very distinct and enjoyable taste. The eggs were cooked to perfection, complementing the fresh and satisfying coffee. The service was commendable as well, with our server making several attentive stops at our table. It was a nice touch to have the manager check in on us too. The country store attached to the restaurant added to the charm, making the visit even more enjoyable. Feeling pretty content with both the food and service, it's a place I'd happily visit again. There's so much to love about this establishment – from the top-notch food and friendly employees to the excellent service and the intriguing store. Opting for breakfast, I skipped the fried catfish I've heard so much about and instead indulged in the best pancakes ever, complete with their adorable little syrup bottles. It's impressive that it took nearly 60 years for me to try this place, but I'm thrilled I did. It has swiftly become my go-to place for eating out, particularly for that delectable catfish. The experience of having breakfast or brunch here is a wonderful way to refresh your day. Went with the kids one weekday morning around 8:30 am. Despite it being a weekday, there were quite a few diners, but the atmosphere remained cozy and inviting. The kids' meals were a hit, packed with pancakes, biscuits, eggs, bacon, and fried apples. As for me, the French toast paired with home-style fried chicken was an absolute delight, prompting me to order a second serving just to savor that perfect blend of crunchiness and tenderness again. The brewed coffee and apple juice also surpassed other breakfast places in the area, which may hold higher ratings. Venturing into the gift shop after our meal, we discovered a treasure trove of toys and home décor items, making our visit even more memorable. The pricing is fair, taking into account how quickly additional sides or beverages can add up. Despite a hiccup with the online waitlist and some minor service issues, the overall experience was positive, ensuring a return visit is definitely on the cards.

Biscuits Cafe

24812 N 67th Ave, Peoria

(623) 215-4869

Reviewed by:

Kerry Cisalienw

As a regular at Biscuits Cafe in Peoria for brunch, my experiences have always been positive, with the restaurant consistently delivering hot, fresh food in a timely manner. The service stands out due to the genuine smiles and attention from the staff. While the lack of grits on the menu is a minor letdown, the overall quality of the food makes up for it. Despite a one-time incident of a longer wait due to unforeseen kitchen issues, the quality of the food has kept me coming back. There was a visit that was less than ideal, where the food did not meet expectations— the gravy, biscuits, hash browns, and french toast were disappointing. Despite this experience and the unexpectedly high bill for the quality received, it hasn’t deterred my continuous support for the cafe. The real highlight of Biscuits Cafe is the exceptional service, particularly from staff members such as Wesley and Nicole. Their dedication, especially noted during visits with my father who has Alzheimer’s, has made each breakfast visit something to look forward to. The staff's willingness to accommodate special requests, even going as far as to recreate a menu item that was removed, truly sets this place apart. In conclusion, it's the people at Biscuits Cafe that make each visit memorable. Their commitment to ensuring a pleasant dining experience is why I continue to frequent this spot for brunch in Peoria. The combination of the warm atmosphere and the staff's exceptional service keeps me coming back, and I highly recommend asking for Wesley or Nicole to ensure a wonderful visit.

The Cheesecake Factory

16134 N 83rd Ave, Peoria

(623) 773-2233

Reviewed by:

Elizabeth Delfin

Stepping into The Cheesecake Factory for brunch in Peoria was quite the experience. From the moment you walk in, the atmosphere is bustling, especially around the bakery and pickup area which leads to the hostess station. It's a vibrant scene, though a bit confusing for first-timers given the crowd. Despite a slight hiccup at the hostess station, where there seemed to be a brief confusion about our table, the overall welcoming vibe was undeniable. Seated in a corner, the ambiance was quieter, which was perfectly fine. The highlight of the visit was definitely our waitress, Amanda, whose service was nothing short of exceptional. She was attentive, swiftly answering any queries we had about the extensive menu, and ensuring our drinks were always refreshed. The food lived up to the expectations. Starting with the avocado egg rolls which were crispy and flavorful, followed by a generously portioned chicken Caesar salad that could have used a bit more dressing, and fish tacos that were delicious, despite the rice being slightly undermixed. Beverages like lemonade and Arnold Palmer added a refreshing touch to the meal. Of course, a visit to The Cheesecake Factory wouldn’t be complete without taking some of their signature cheesecake home, which was the cherry on top of a delightful dining experience. The restaurant’s vast menu was both impressive and slightly overwhelming, offering a plethora of choices that cater to every taste. It’s appreciated how they also provide a 'skinny' menu alongside detailed nutrition information, catering to those conscious about their meal choices. Despite a minor wait time even with a reservation, which is understandable given the Saturday night rush, the service remained top-notch. The server was the perfect blend of attentive and unobtrusive, allowing for a relaxing and enjoyable evening. While there were a few bumps regarding management interaction and a slight delay with some orders, the quality of the food and the dedication of the staff like our server cannot be overlooked. The Cheesecake Factory in Peoria presents a warm, inviting option for brunch, with enough variety to ensure you'll find something to delight your palate. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, and it’s a place worth visiting again to explore more of what their menu has to offer. Here’s looking forward to another round of their delicious offerings and exemplary service.


8131 W Bell Rd, Peoria

(623) 486-8505

Reviewed by:

Albino Keita

We just had breakfast at Denny's in Peoria for our family brunch and it was a delightful experience! Stef, our server, was there bright and early at 8am on Sunday, and her friendliness and efficiency were top-notch. Everyone at the table was thrilled with their meal, which arrived quickly and was delicious. It's our third time visiting, and we've become fans of their breakfast-for-dinner option. Each visit has left us with not only satisfied appetites but also leftovers for another meal. While we think the place could benefit from a bit of a refresh in terms of decor, it's never deterred us from coming back. The service here really stands out. We were met with nothing but kindness and enthusiasm, from the waitstaff to the servers. On this occasion, I opted for pancakes with berries, a choice I didn't regret despite the initial hiccup of them arriving a bit on the cool side. Our server was quick to remedy this, exemplifying the excellent customer service we've come to expect here. Plus, it's always a pleasure to be greeted by Nadia's friendly face and to exchange laughs with Marcell. Despite spotting a few little bugs on the walls, which was less than ideal, our overall experience remains overwhelmingly positive. We're already looking forward to our next Sunday breakfast at Denny's—truly a staple for enjoyable family outings.

Lakeside Bar and Grill

9980 W Happy Valley Pkwy, Peoria

(623) 566-1470

Reviewed by:

Anna Dumas

My brunch experience at Lakeside Bar and Grill in Peoria was absolutely delightful. Having visited a few times, the consistency of their good food has never disappointed me. The ambiance is perfect, especially for sports enthusiasts like me who enjoy catching a game over a meal, as they have TVs around and occasionally offer drink specials. The live music some nights, especially the vibe during the Halloween weekend, adds a unique charm to the place. The service is generally friendly, though there can be moments when it slows down a bit when they're particularly busy. On my first visit, which was to catch Monday Night Football, the atmosphere won me over instantly. It was impressive to see the staff efficiently managing the crowd, making sure everyone was attended to, from bringing out food promptly to keeping the place tidy. The bartender stood out with her exceptional service, seamlessly serving both the patrons at the bar and those seated in the bar area. The menu variety is something else I really appreciate about this place. It caters to a wide range of tastes, making it quite a task to decide what to order. The burger and chicken quesadilla I eventually chose were both sensational. It makes me eager to return and explore more of their offerings. Despite it being a night with a football game, the spaciousness of the establishment meant that it didn't feel overcrowded. This aspect, along with a separate dining area away from the bar, ensures a comfortable experience for everyone. The availability of logo apparel for sale is a nice touch, too. During one of my visits, I opted for an outdoor seating which led to a bit of a wait before my order was taken, but once the food arrived, it was highly satisfying. The Mushroom Swiss burger is particularly memorable for its quality. Meeting with old friends here proved to be an excellent choice, as well. The casual atmosphere complemented by the screening of Monday Night Football made for a great evening. Our server, though her name slips my mind, was fantastic in managing our large group efficiently. All in all, Lakeside Bar and Grill is a place I'd gladly recommend to family and friends. Its ability to combine great food, a pleasant atmosphere, and attentive service makes it a destination I look forward to visiting again whenever I'm in Peoria. The visit was thoroughly enjoyed, and the establishment certainly added to the fond memories of my time there.

Biscuits Cafe

8877 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria

(623) 486-0740

Reviewed by:

Genaro Pham

If there was a way to give this place 10 stars, I absolutely would. Our brunch at Biscuits Cafe in Peoria was nothing short of spectacular. The food was insanely delicious – every bite seemed better than the last. What really stood out was the service, which was unparalleled, easily the best I've encountered in a long time. The atmosphere of the place was just as pleasant, creating a perfect setting for a relaxed meal. And let's not get started on the homemade strawberry jam – simply divine, a real treat for the taste buds! The biscuits here are something else – they're huge and utterly delicious. It's an ideal spot for bringing family or friends for a hearty meal. Both the host and our waitress were incredibly welcoming, making the entire experience that much better. Considering the quality and portion sizes of the food, I felt it was well worth the price. We did encounter quite a wait before we could get seated – initially told 20 minutes, it stretched to over an hour. Although the wait was longer than anticipated, the honesty from the server about the additional wait time for our food was appreciated. Despite the lengthy wait, once we settled in and placed our orders, the time passed quickly as we engaged in conversation. Most of our food arrived together, albeit after a bit of a wait, but the last dish took a little longer. By the time the strawberry waffle graced our table, I had already finished my meal. The wait was a downside, indicating perhaps an area where management could improve, especially in coordinating staff and being upfront about wait times. Despite the wait, the food did not disappoint. The stuffed French toast combo was a sweet surprise, filled with a delicious cream cheese and strawberry mixture. Substituting eggs for hash browns was hassle-free, which was a nice touch. The servings were generous to the point we couldn’t finish everything. The only letdown was the bacon, which was a tad overcooked for my liking. We noticed they serve alcohol, including flights, which is something I'm keen on trying next time. Also, their lunch options seem intriguing, so a return visit is definitely on the cards. The quick service once we ordered was a redeeming factor, allowing us to continue with our day without further delay. In summary, despite the initial wait, the meal at Biscuits Cafe was memorable for all the right reasons – fantastic food, stellar service, and a welcoming atmosphere. It's a place I'd happily recommend and am looking forward to visiting again.


8922 W Bell Rd, Peoria

(623) 933-3998

Reviewed by:

James Ellis

Evaluating a restaurant's most basic menu item is often the best way to judge its quality. That's precisely what I did at Whataburger for brunch in Peoria, opting for the classic Number 1 with a Coke. It was a decision I didn't regret. The burger was exemplary, resembling something straight out of a commercial – perfectly cooked, with fresh and flavorful vegetables. The fries, too, were a standout, hot and seasoned just right. My love for Whataburger isn't new; it's a fondness that dates back to 1980 in Texas. On this occasion, the bacon cheeseburger I tried was a tad less warm than expected, a rarity for Whataburger, but not a deterrent for future visits. My companions tried the bacon avocado burger and the green chili burger, both of which received high praise. It was a brunch filled with nostalgia and new experiences. Although the Whataburger burger felt surprisingly similar to offerings from other fast-food chains, the fries and vanilla milkshake I had were memorable, with the fries ranking among the best I've tried. Even with a few minor hiccups, such as cold fries, the overall experience was overwhelmingly positive. The honey BBQ chicken sandwich and the hatch Chile burger remain unbeatable choices for a satisfying meal. After a five-year hiatus, returning to Whataburger felt like coming home. It's a testament to its lasting appeal and quality, making it a staple for anyone in search of a reliably good burger experience.

Village Inn

9800 W Happy Valley Rd, Peoria

(623) 572-2708

Reviewed by:

Jessica Barton

On a recent trip to Arizona, staying nearby, Village Inn in Peoria caught my eye for a dinner visit. Opting for the chicken ranch sandwich, I found it decent, amidst a fair service. Though the atmosphere echoed a bygone era, suggesting a need for a facelift, it was the food that ultimately took center stage. Despite a somewhat questionable cold ham, the experience carried the usual charm of Village Inn, underscoring their consistent offering of great meals coupled with fast service. Their rotating specials are a hit, especially with kids, and the pricing remains reasonable for the quality and quantity provided. My dining preferences here tend to lean more towards breakfast, but the lunch menu holds its own with standout options like chicken fried steak accompanied by pancakes, along with their unmistakable skillets. And for those moments craving simplicity, a cheeseburger and shake always do the trick. The staff in Peoria specifically stood out for their friendliness and attentiveness, contributing to a warm and inviting dining atmosphere. The food, carefully and precisely prepared, was undeniably the highlight, making the dining experience noteworthy. The commitment to quality service and an enjoyable dining environment has me eagerly anticipating my next visit.


8359 W Bell Rd, Peoria

(623) 412-1001

Reviewed by:

Loretta Coleman

Came in for brunch in Peoria at IHOP and had a surprisingly delightful experience. Being a bit wary due to past dining issues in other places, it was refreshing to see the place was tidy and welcoming right from the start. Despite noticing only one server managing several tables, her efforts to maintain a steady flow were commendable. It took a bit longer than expected for our orders to be taken, around 30-45 minutes, but considering the circumstances, it was understandable. Our order consisted of a mix of breakfast and dinner items, along with pancakes on the side and a variety of drinks. Although there was a brief wait for the drinks, which were forgotten initially, the server promptly apologized and brought them to our table. The food presentation could have been better, with portions appearing somewhat smaller than anticipated and lacking in warmth. However, the boyfriend's breakfast looked more appealing, albeit also not very hot. Despite these setbacks, the pancakes did not disappoint. On a different note, stopping by IHOP for lunch on another occasion proved to be quite satisfactory. The French toast and cinnamon bun pancakes were not only generous in portion but also delicious. The service was noteworthy, especially with the thoughtful touch of leaving a pot of coffee at the table, adding to the overall positive experience. On a weekend morning visit, the atmosphere was vibrant, with the restaurant becoming quite busy. My server was very attentive, offering great menu suggestions and ensuring my dining experience was smooth. The food arrived swiftly, was accurately prepared, and tasted great, highlighting the quality IHOP strives to offer. Although prices have gone up, which is a common trend across the board, the quality and service made it worth it. This visit to IHOP in Peoria turned out to be a lovely surprise, showcasing good food and commendable service, making it a viable option for either breakfast or dinner.

Panera Bread

7635 W Bell Rd Suite 101, Peoria

(623) 776-3261

Reviewed by:

Barbara Tarkalson

My go-to spot for brunch in Peoria has to be Panera Bread. There's just something about their chicken walnut salad sandwich with a side of chips that hits the spot every time. And don't get me started on their cookies – absolutely awesome. They manage to provide quick and efficient service, which is a big plus in my book. During our last visit, there were a few hiccups, though. The strong wind made entering a bit of a challenge, but inside, everything was clean and well-kept despite it being busy. I decided to use the kiosk for ordering, which was convenient, although picking up the order from the back was a bit of a hassle. The main issue came with our food. We were disappointed to find our bread bowl soups served cold, which was a stark contrast to the mac & cheese that was perfectly hot for my little one. After bringing this to the attention of the manager, who was wearing casual green pants and had a name that started with M, her suggestion was simply to reheat our meals at the microwave station. While reheating is fine for meals that have cooled down after sitting out, it's not acceptable for food that's served cold right from the kitchen. This encounter left me feeling that there's room for improvement in both their food quality control and customer service approach. Despite this, it's hard to stay away from Panera Bread. Their range of soups, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and treats have always been a hit with me in the past. Just the other day, a bowl of their chicken noodle soup and an apple were delivered to my door, still hot and as flavorful as ever. Plus, when there was a mistake with my order, Madison stepped in and corrected it. As someone who values good customer service and tries to ensure my customers are always satisfied, this gesture was greatly appreciated. It's these experiences that make Panera my reliable choice when I'm looking for a quick and satisfying meal. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Hash Kitchen - Arrowhead

16222 N 83rd Ave, Peoria

(623) 352-4990

Reviewed by:

Sara Kalil

Definitely was not disappointed with my visit to Hash Kitchen - Arrowhead for brunch. From the moment I stepped in, the vibe was just right - mellow with a hint of excitement in the air, probably because of the DJ setting up for the evening. The service was responsive and genuine, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. The highlight of the meal had to be the Bloody Mary, which was absolutely delicious, and the Mimosa Flight was a delightful surprise - I went straight for the pineapple, and it did not disappoint. As for the food, the portions were huge; I had to pack half of my plate away for later, which is always a sign of good value in my book. The atmosphere of Hash Kitchen is fun and inviting, with a comfortable outdoor area equipped with misters – a perfect touch for those warmer days. We were lucky enough to have Taylor as our server, and she was awesome, offering recommendations that were spot on. We ordered a variety of dishes, including the Birria hash, which lived up to its reputation, and the Bread Pudding French Toast with Creme Brulee sauce - easily the best sweet dish on the menu. The Avocado Toast was far from average, featuring a giant piece of brioche bread piled high with avocado, egg, and fried fennel. Although I found the Biscuits & Gravy a bit too sweet for my taste due to the sawmill gravy, the overall flavor was still excellent. The drinks we tried were both unique and tasty. The Iced Tiramisu Latte was sweet but balanced, and the Coco Krispies cocktail was the cutest and most nostalgic drink I've ever ordered - super sweet with a fun, grown-up twist. Overall, Hash Kitchen delivered a fabulous brunch experience with flavorful food, excellent service, and a great atmosphere. With no wait when we arrived around 9:30 am, everything from the clean environment to the DJ's music made for a comfortable and enjoyable visit. Plus, the Virgin Mary’s were to die for. I'm already looking forward to coming back with friends, and I wholeheartedly recommend Hash Kitchen for anyone looking for a top-notch brunch spot.


9976 W Happy Valley Pkwy, Peoria

(623) 362-8002

Reviewed by:

Silma Benavides

Visiting this IHOP in Peoria for brunch was a genuinely enjoyable experience. The cleanliness of the location immediately stood out, creating a welcoming atmosphere from the moment we walked in. The staff greeted us with warm smiles, demonstrating an exceptional level of friendliness and professionalism that contributed significantly to the positive experience. Our server was attentive, ensuring that our time at the table was comfortable and enjoyable. The service was prompt and efficient, reflecting the team's dedication to providing a pleasant dining experience. The food lived up to the expectations, delivering the quality and taste IHOP is known for. We opted for a 2x2x2 alongside some freshly brewed coffee, which proved to be an excellent choice. The sausage and bacon were cooked to perfection, striking the right balance of flavors. The pancakes, a staple of the IHOP menu, were as delicious as ever, fluffy and warm. The eggs and hash browns complemented the meal perfectly, cooked just right and adding to the overall satisfaction. Despite a slight wait for our drink order to be taken, the overall experience was decidedly positive. It's clear that this IHOP location strives to provide a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience, even when there are minor hiccups in service. The staff's friendly demeanor and the quality of the food make it a place worth visiting for brunch in Peoria. Based on this experience, I'll certainly consider returning in the future.

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