October 27, 2023

Philly's Finest: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Brunch Spots in Philadelphia

Discover the top brunch destinations in Philadelphia, offering a diverse range of dishes and atmospheres for the ultimate weekend indulgence. Uncover the gems of Philly's culinary scene in our curated list of best brunch spots.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
Reviewed from:
Philly's Finest: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Brunch Spots in Philadelphia
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In the City of Brotherly Love, you'll find an eclectic mix of mouthwatering dishes, innovative menus, and cozy atmospheres that make for an unforgettable brunch experience. From indulgent French toast and savory shakshuka to colorful acai bowls and hearty avocado toasts, Philly's brunch hotspots have something for every palate.

Cafe La Maude

816 N 4th St, Philadelphia

(267) 318-7869

Reviewed by:

Richard Shah

I had an amazing experience at Cafe La Maude during a quick trip to Philadelphia. The brunch menu offers a wide array of gluten-free options and I was particularly impressed by a dish that was a blend of eggs Benedict and breakfast hash. Everything was cooked to perfection and the seasoning was superb. This cozy little cafe offers a unique fusion of French and Lebanese cuisine which makes for a delightful pairing. It was a pleasure to see many other patrons enjoying their meals and it was clear that a lot of them were return customers. The service was top-notch; our server took the time to verify the gluten-free items and ensured a safe dining experience. Though the cafe is located in a city, they have made the best use of their space. The building is surprisingly large for its location and even includes an outdoor seating area. We were a party of six but we were seated immediately and the service was quick. The quality of the food is exceptional and it's evident in the taste. Every dish we ordered was simply astounding and even looked beautiful on the plate, bursting with vibrant colors. Although the prices are on the higher side, it's certainly justified by the quality and quantity of food. This place is a gem and I can't recommend it enough. As a cherry on top, dining with a toddler was made easy by the considerate staff, even gifting our little one with a small glass cup which was well-loved. I can't wait to return to this excellent brunch spot the next time I'm in Philadelphia. Quick service, delicious food, and extraordinary service - Cafe La Maude truly checks all the boxes.

Talula's Garden

210 W Washington Square, Philadelphia

(215) 592-7787

Reviewed by:

Johnny Ruiz

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Talula's Garden in Philadelphia for brunch and I must say, the ambiance was breathtaking. The charm of the outdoor seating area contributes to the overall peaceful and serene atmosphere of the place. Our server was nothing short of wonderful, with a warm Southern accent, she was knowledgeable about the menu and catered to all our needs efficiently. The food was a delight, with the salmon and kale chips standing out as particularly tasty. However, I felt that the couscous was marred by an overpowering buttery taste. The lamb pasta, although flavorful, could do with a bit more lamb. The blueberry dessert, paired with buttermilk ice cream, was pure bliss. The crispy potatoes, though basic, were filling and fairly priced. Despite enjoying my meal, I wouldn't say I'm eager to rush back. That said, for al fresco dining in the city, Talula's definitely ranks high due to its exceptional service and beautifully presented, farm-fresh food. Their drink menu also did not disappoint. We ordered a variety of dishes including roasted chicken and gnocchi, crispy branzino, black angus steak strips, and crispy fried and smashed potatoes. All the dishes were well-seasoned and the fusion of flavors was excellent. The place has a cool vibe and I appreciated the tranquil experience of outdoor dining. We enjoyed spicy margaritas, meatballs, tuna tartare, and bread, all of which were great, though the tuna portion could have been larger. I found the shrimp and scallops dish to be quite filling. The cucumber and beet sides were a pleasant addition. Talula's Garden is certainly an excellent choice for a warm-weather evening meal. The service was thoughtful and the food definitely appealed visually and taste-wise. A noteworthy point was their diligence in confirming my reservation which I had made a week in advance. This place is a true gem in Philly and I would encourage others to give it a try. Just be sure to secure a reservation in advance as they tend to be quite busy.

Comfort & Floyd

1301 S 11th St, Philadelphia

(215) 465-2917

Reviewed by:

Martin Bhatia

I recently had a delicious brunch at Comfort & Floyd in Philadelphia. It was our first visit and we chose to sit outside. The menu left us spoiled for choice; I ordered a golden waffle topped with fresh fruit and crème fraîche which was absolutely delightful. My husband had an omelette and home fries, he thoroughly enjoyed it. Our server was friendly and attentive throughout our meal. Despite being a small spot, it was very popular. There was a bit of a wait for a table, but it was definitely worth it. The prices were quite reasonable considering the portion sizes and the quality of the dishes. After quite some time, we visited again. The place had maintained its top-notch atmosphere from what I remembered. We sat at the counter on our second visit. My daughter had the pancakes, and my son chose the waffles. I had the Kielbasa omelette, a commendable dish I would say. The food was served hot and freshly made to order. The staff was just as wonderful, extending their hospitality and cooking skills. On another visit, I decided to have the 222 for breakfast—a combination of two eggs, two pancakes, and two meats, served with a cup of grits. It was simply fantastic. Everything about the place gives you a sense of being at home. The vintage decor gives a comfortable vibe. The service from our server, Sara, was impeccable. She was very accommodating, always checking in to make sure we were comfortable and satisfied. The portion sizes were abundant—especially their home fries which I believe are the best I've ever had. They were perfectly cooked, seasoned, and enough to feed two people. In summary, Comfort & Floyd is an incredible spot for brunch. The service is great, the food is delicious, and the portion sizes are generous. With friendly and polite staff, it's definitely a five-star experience. I enjoyed the laid-back vibe, which felt like being in a friend's kitchen. I will definitely be returning to this quaint, welcoming place.

The Love.

130 S 18th St, Philadelphia

(215) 433-1555

Reviewed by:

Dana Lauricella

I had a fantastic brunch at The Love, a charming restaurant near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Their menu combines mouth-watering flavors with artistic plating, creating dishes that are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The standout dishes for me were the Nashville fried chicken, hush puppies, green salad, and burrata. The service was top-notch, with our waiter being both attentive and kind. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the staff were friendly. Their fried chicken dish was executed flawlessly. The chicken was fried to perfection, and the accompanying sauce was delectable. My sides of collard greens and grits were a bit different from the Southern-style I'm used to, so I won't pass judgment on them. The drinks were also excellent. Even though the place was packed and we had to wait an extra 20 minutes for our table, the hostess kept us well-informed about our wait time. We had to stand near an active elevator because there wasn't a waiting area, but once we were seated, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The shrimp and scallops seared with spaghetti were perfectly cooked, and the garlic rub cornbread is also worth trying. Don't miss out on the fried green tomatoes! Our first visit to The Love was a memorable one. I made an online reservation and was pleased to be seated promptly at our designated time. Although we hoped to sit outside, we were happy with our indoor table. The restaurant was spotless, and the food was unforgettable. We tried the Southern Hush Puppies, the Sausage and Biscuits, the Rodeo Burger, and the Chicken Caesar Salad, all of which were presented beautifully and tasted incredible. Overall, our brunch experience at The Love was an excellent one, and I recommend it without hesitation. If you're in Philadelphia, do yourself a favor and check it out. I'll definitely be back, and I'll be recommending The Love to all my friends and family.

Honey's Sit 'n Eat

800 N 4th St, Philadelphia

(215) 925-1150

Reviewed by:

Si Si Wood

I recently visited Honey's Sit 'n Eat for brunch while in Philadelphia and absolutely loved it! They have an excellent menu selection that makes it hard to choose what to order. I settled on the hobo dash and pancakes and was not disappointed in the least. The food was delicious and I'm already planning my next visit. The staff was friendly and professional, and the service was fast. It's a perfect family-friendly spot with plenty of high chairs. Plus, I saw quite a few families with little ones during my visit. The honey platter with pancakes, eggs, meat, my Dad's Hobo Hash, and the fruit cup with potato latke were just divine. Just keep in mind that it's a cash-only place, so be prepared. Also, the parking may be a bit tricky, but it's worth the little hassle. If you want a scrumptious, filling breakfast, you should definitely head to Honey's. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable. Even when I was full, I wanted to keep eating because everything tasted so good. Overall, I highly recommend this place!


227 S 18th St, Philadelphia

(215) 545-2262

Reviewed by:

Faye Orta

I had a memorable dining experience at Parc, this French restaurant in Philadelphia. The ambiance was quite enchanting with excellent service. As someone relatively new to French cuisine, I’d heard a lot about it and was excited to dive in. The journey began with an amazing hot chocolate, but the bread that came with it, however, was slightly disappointing. The butternut squash soup and leeks in vinaigrette, while nice, didn't live up to my expectations. I decided to dip into traditional French dishes with escargot, which proved to be unique in taste and a testament to French culinary traditions. The highlight of the meal was the Mediterranean Sea bass, with its crispy skin and tender, tastefully seasoned flesh. The restaurant is conveniently located next to Rittenhouse Square and offers favorites like cocktails, cheese boards, chicken club sandwiches, and fries. We didn't try the French onion soup, but will be sure to give it a go on a cooler day. The dishes reminded me of my experiences in other well-known restaurants, and my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Their brunch offerings, like the pancakes and beet salad, were great as well. However, it's worth noting that vegetarians might find limited options on the entree menu. My husband and I tried the beef bourguignon and lamb, and both dishes were incredible. The chicken liver parfait with fruit jelly on top was a bit too strong for our tastes, though. Overall, despite the mixed feelings about some dishes, I'd say the experience was enjoyable and I'd definitely visit again. There's no valet service, but there are plenty of parking garages around.

Cafe Lift

1124 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia

(215) 922-3031

Reviewed by:

Paige Deroche

I couldn't wait to return to Cafe Lift and was blown away by their fantastic new location. The interior is stunning, open, and airy, with a solid view of the city. I thought adding a few more plants would be a nice touch, but overall, the place runs smoothly, and the staff is incredibly accommodating. I've always found their food delicious, fresh, hot, and beautifully plated, making me excited to return and try something new each time. The last time I visited was on 8/7/23, Monday. My family and I really enjoyed our breakfast burrito, pancake, and yogurt bowl. The restaurant is also family-friendly, with high chairs available for the little ones. Our servers were attentive, and we felt genuinely cared for. Overall, it's a fantastic brunch spot in Philly! The breakfast at Cafe Lift has always been superb, and I find myself loving the food each time I visit. The only disappointment I've ever had was once when my eggs were a tad too salty. Besides that, it's my go-to breakfast spot. They've recently moved to a larger location, which I hope has helped reduce the previously lengthy wait times for a table. I'm yet to visit since they reopened, but I'm optimistic that the quality of food hasn't changed. It’s worth noting the food is fantastic - I particularly loved the mushroom toast and the limon ricotta pancake. The waffle fries are also a must-try. However, be prepared for a 45+ minute wait if you go during peak brunch hours, as they don't take reservations. But trust me, it's absolutely worth the wait!

On Point Bistro

1200 Point Breeze Ave, Philadelphia

(267) 639-3318

Reviewed by:

Tammy Calabrese

My brunch at On Point Bistro in Philadelphia was a delightful experience. The meal was delicious and satisfying, with great portion sizes. I tried something different with the avocado toast poached egg, which was good and so was the coffee. The atmosphere was relaxed, but a little loud due to other customer conversations, which made it difficult to hear the server. However, our orders were correctly delivered and the service was relatively fast. As someone who has journeyed across the globe, I always make it a point to search for family-owned dining spots. On Point Bistro felt like home. Every dish they served was spot-on, reflecting the pride and dedication they put into their craft. If you find yourself in Philly, this is a place you need to visit. We had an excellent Easter brunch here. Our party was seated promptly upon arrival with our reservation and we received exceptional service from Jerry. The food was tasty and local parking was conveniently available. I was particularly pleased that they offered almond milk for my coffee. We ordered the French toast with a side of turkey sausage, and the farm omelette with a side of sweet potato waffle - all were simply delectable. You should know that this place is BYOB and 20% gratuity is included for all parties. Normally, I don't appreciate such policies anywhere else, but here, it was well-deserved. I visited On Point during a long journey down the East Coast and I'm happy to say it exceeded my expectations. The place was tidy, the staff was super friendly and attentive, with our server Devon deserving a special mention. I enjoyed an appetizer and my wife had a breakfast sandwich, but the star of our meal was the Challa French Toast - hands down, the best French Toast I've ever tasted. Kudos to the owner, Devon, and the cook for a memorable meal. I'll definitely stop by again if I'm ever in Philly.

The Dutch

1537 S 11th St, Philadelphia

(215) 551-5000

Reviewed by:

Isidoro Savaliya

Recently, my husband and I went to The Dutch in Philadelphia for a Valentine’s Day dinner. As it was our first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds, we decided to splurge a bit and the experience did not disappoint. The food was nothing short of exquisite, each course was of premium quality and felt luxurious. I still recall the sumptuousness of the pumpkin pancakes with whipped cream and the absolutely blissful pecan maple syrup. We don't often opt for high-end dining, but I'm glad we decided to give The Dutch a try. The only drawback was a slight delay in serving us, around 35 minutes. Although we noticed others were served earlier, it didn't diminish our experience. Once the service began, it was impeccable. The restaurant itself is small, and we had a 20-minute wait to be seated, but it was completely worth it. Be prepared, parking can be a bit challenging in the area but luckily, we managed to walk. Despite the wait, I must commend the waitstaff - they were extremely busy, but maintained their poise and professionalism. On a return visit, we tried the Smoked Salmon Omelette for brunch and it was fantastic. The wait was a bit lengthy, about 25 minutes, but as someone with experience in hospitality, I understood that the kitchen could have been short staffed. We celebrated our anniversary here, and the service was outstanding. The food was delicious and the servers were incredibly sweet. They even served the best apple juice I've ever had! Despite small delays in service, I would thoroughly recommend The Dutch and we will definitely be returning to sample more of their delightful dishes.


1119 Locust St, Philadelphia

(267) 639-3453

Reviewed by:

Bailey Shah

I recently had brunch at Winkel and it was a positive experience overall. The place had a fantastic atmosphere with natural light flooding in and pleasant indoor as well as outdoor seating options. The staff were really friendly which added to the nice vibe of the place. The menu had an interesting blend of dishes, offering creative spins on some classic favorites. While Philadelphia isn't short on breakfast and lunch spots, Winkel definitely stands out. The food was superb, especially the bacon, which was truly an experience in itself. What added to the charm was the owner doubling up as the host, going out of his way to make us feel welcome. Each dish was well-cooked and flavorful. Unfortunately, we did become ill afterwards which we traced back to the side potatoes. As a result, we probably won't return but we won't deny that the food tasted great initially. Sadly, the service could have been better as we were largely ignored by our waitress. We noticed the burnt look of our dishes and even had another waiter check on us - clearly, some improvement is necessary in this area. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the French toast here as it left a bad taste in my mouth and the bacon seemed undercooked. Despite all this, Winkel could still be a good brunch spot for some, if they improve upon a few things. And remember, the review is just my opinion - others might have had a different experience.

Sabrina's Cafe - Art Museum

1804 Callowhill St, Philadelphia

(215) 636-9061

Reviewed by:

Jenna Rollins

Sabrina's Cafe - Art Museum is definitely worth the wait! The service is excellent and the food is just incredible - every dish we ordered was absolutely delicious and the portion sizes are generous. Plus, the prices are really fair. If I lived in Philly, I'd be here every day! They offer a wide variety of gluten-free and vegetarian options too. I tried their Fall Bowl and opted for steamed tofu as my protein - it truly captured the essence of the season. The cafe itself is beautifully decorated and situated in a lovely artsy area near the Rodin Museum, perfect for newcomers to the city. Josh, our server, was particularly friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend the buffalo chicken sandwich, it's amazing! Despite visiting on a busy weekend around 11am, we were seated within 15 minutes. Also, their lattes, both hot and cold, are a must-try! On this visit, I opted for their savory dishes over my usual sweets and was far from disappointed - the veggie Mexican inspired dish was incredible. It's always a wonderful time meeting friends here and I can't wait to return!

Ants Pants Cafe

2212 South St, Philadelphia

(215) 875-8002

Reviewed by:

Sreekanth Pattison

I recently had one of the best brunch experiences at Ants Pants Cafe in Philadelphia. The food was absolutely unique and mouthwatering. Our choice of maple bacon focaccia and Italian sausage sweet potato hash was worth every bite. The service was excellent and the place had a warm, cozy feel to it. While their breakfast is good, I have to say their brunch truly stands out. The coffee was pretty standard but their cappuccino took the game to a different level. We even had the pleasure of dining outside one late afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. This cafe offers an interesting and varied menu which makes it difficult to choose just one dish - everything we had was simply delicious! The service was amiable and the ambiance was comfortable and quiet when we visited. I can't wait to come back for another brunch. A big thank you to Ants Pants Cafe for such a delightful experience.

Miles Table

1620 South St, Philadelphia

Reviewed by:

Trey Pierre

I swung by Miles Table on South Street recently, after quite a long time, and I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken and waffles I ordered were just excellent, served with a side of finely diced potatoes. Coupled with an iced coffee, it was a meal to remember. They've now added a coffee station, allowing you to customize your brew to taste - something I really appreciated! Another time, I did opt for a DoorDash delivery and picked the Cobb Salad. Let me tell you, it was outstanding! I'm certainly looking forward to sampling more from their menu in the future. The first visit to Miles Table was with my brother, who suggested the chicken and biscuit. It was undoubtedly a scrumptious plate I ended up ordering again when I revisited with my girlfriend. The authenticity of this place is just unmatched. It's truly a hidden gem in South Street. This spot is perfect for any meal - brunch, lunch, or dinner. A big plus is their breakfast served all day. I personally enjoyed the chicken and waffles and French toast. The service was friendly and efficient, making sure I was completely satisfied with my visit. Oh, and here's a quick tip: Do check out their amazing burger night every Wednesday. To sum it up, Miles Table is a great culinary experience nestled in the heart of Philly. I can't wait to stop by again and try something new next week!

White Dog Cafe University City

3420 Sansom St, Philadelphia

(215) 386-9224

Reviewed by:

Sonja Dooley

I revisited my favorite hangout from my Penn student days, the White Dog Cafe University City and found it even better with its expanded space. I now live in New Jersey, but I am eagerly looking forward to my next visit. My dining experience was highly enjoyable, with the deviled eggs, cornbread, and lamb bolognese being the absolute highlights. My friend suggested trying the unique melon salad and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a perfect spot for a classy yet casual dinner in University City. I've visited other White Dog locations and always admired the decor and ambiance. However, during this visit, the service was not up to the mark. Despite the restaurant not being busy, we had to wait a while for our drinks and to place our orders. The truffle fries were a hit, but the caesar salad could have been better. The venue is remarkably cozy which makes it an ideal choice for students to take their visiting parents. We had a family dinner and I was so impressed by the salmon dish that it outshone the ones I've had back home in Norway. A must-visit place if you're in Philadelphia!

Green Eggs Cafe

1306 Dickinson St, Philadelphia

(215) 226-3447

Reviewed by:

Hitu Mormello

I had a great experience at the Green Eggs Cafe for brunch. The coffee selection was funky and delightful. The standout for me was the french toast flight which was heavenly. The menu was so enticing that I can't wait to go back and try more! If you're in Philadelphia, I strongly recommend checking it out. The cafe ambiance was pleasant and the service was impeccable, a perfect 10! For my meal, I opted for the vegan pecan French toast while my wife had the crab lump with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. My French toast was decent, while my wife's crab was fresh and well-cooked. However, the "roasted" potatoes seemed more deep-fried than roasted and were a bit greasy. Despite these minor hiccups, the place was bustling with patrons, suggesting that other items on the menu must be great. As first-time visitors who don't consume eggs, meat, or dairy, we are keen on trying more vegan and vegetarian options on future visits. Our family brunch was a success overall. My husband recommended the turkey bacon and it didn't disappoint. Even our 7-year-old couldn't get enough! Our server, Milton, was a star, adding to our pleasant dine-in experience. On our next visit, we stopped by for a quick brunch before our flight. The service was swift, the food was satisfying, but it could have been served hotter. Our selections this time were the Kitchen Sink and the chicken and waffles. The kitchen sink was decent, while the chicken and waffles were standard fare. However, it is worth noting that the cafe is cash-only and includes an 18% service fee. Despite the minor inconveniences, I can confidently say that we will be frequenting the Green Eggs Cafe more in the future.

Green Eggs Café

212 S 13th St, Philadelphia

(267) 861-0314

Reviewed by:

Steph Green

I had a fantastic brunch at Green Eggs Café in Philadelphia. Despite the 20-minute wait, it was worth it for the outstanding food we were served. We ordered a variety of dishes, all of which were delicious and generously proportioned. The Kitchen Sink and the Chicken Sandwich were particularly great. Be warned, this place serves large portions! The Kitchen Sink could easily satisfy two people, and even with my enormous appetite I couldn't finish everything. The food is well-priced and definitely worth it - the Kitchen Sink is a must-try. The service was excellent and the atmosphere in the cafe was great. My only minor complaint is that they only accept cash, however, there is an ATM available. On my first trip to Philly, I was delighted to discover this gem of a place. The staff were incredibly friendly and efficient. I tried the Ultimate Tofu Scramble with turkey bacon and rye bread - it was healthy and tasty. The portions are again substantial, offering excellent value for money. I was particularly charmed by the relaxed and welcoming ambiance of the café. Despite being a first-time visitor, I felt at home here. I will definitely be visiting Green Eggs Café again when I'm next in Philadelphia. Whether you're a local or a visitor, I highly recommend this spot for brunch.

Front Street Cafe

1253 N Front St, Philadelphia

(215) 515-3073

Reviewed by:

Clotilde Shenberger

I recently had brunch at Front Street Cafe in Philadelphia with a group of 5 and we all had a fantastic experience. We all decided to try a variety of food and were blown away by how great everything tasted. I personally loved the fresh strawberry salad with plant-based feta and the wings, despite them being a little overcooked for my liking. The crab cake sandwich was also quite delicious. The cafe has an impressive drink menu and the atmosphere is cozy and calming with a spacious floor plan. What really stood out to me was the cleanliness of the establishment, especially the bathrooms. A shoutout to our server Irma, who was nothing short of excellent! The outdoor seating area is quite nice and our server was friendly. I particularly enjoyed the pressed juices and mimosas, not to mention the roasted potatoes. My only disappointment was with some of the other food items but this didn't detract from the overall positive experience. Do note that food does take a while during peak lunch hours on weekends, however, the staff are attentive and ensure you have drinks while you wait. One thing that impressed me was their approach to dietary needs. They offer a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options and were very accommodating with allergies, even going as far as asking us multiple times about any allergies. I must also commend them on their eclectic food offerings. The refreshing gazpacho was a pleasant surprise and the mushroom scrapple, despite my initial skepticism, was a wonderful vegan addition. I highly recommend trying the blueberry hot cake for breakfast or brunch. It's so good that you won't even realize it contains plant-based products. Overall, I would highly recommend Front Street Cafe and will definitely be back soon.

Morning Glory Diner

735 S 10th St, Philadelphia

(215) 413-3999

Reviewed by:

Ann Young

I had an absolutely delightful brunch at Morning Glory Diner. The service was both friendly and speedy, and I'd recommend calling ahead due to its popularity. There are tables inside as well as a few outdoors. The menu offers classic breakfast and lunch items with a unique twist on some entrées. The biscuits are particularly outstanding and come highly recommended. All the breakfast entrées were cooked to perfection and the portion sizes give you a bang for your buck! The overall atmosphere is charming with a fantastic team of staff. They only accept cash, so keep that in mind. The homemade jams, biscuits, and steak were all excellent, and the sunnyside up eggs were perfectly cooked. They even make their own whipped cream for the hot chocolate and waffles! I can't wait to go back on my next visit. The food, service, and ambiance are top-notch. Along with their delicious dishes, they serve heavenly biscuits and even make their own ketchup and hot sauce. Absolutely worth a visit!

Brunch N

1301 Vine St, Philadelphia

(267) 861-0281

Reviewed by:

Cary Stikes

I had a fantastic time at Brunch N in Philadelphia! As soon as you walk in, you're greeted with a home-like atmosphere and the pleasant aesthetics of a black-owned business. I decided to have the Whiting with grits, and let me tell you, it was all about the fish - crispy and bursting with flavor! The red velvet waffle is an absolute must-try. Imagine a rich red chocolate taste topped with berries - the kind of treat that compels you to clean your plate. My visit was on a Friday afternoon, and the place was buzzing. Despite the rush, our food came out quickly and tasted delicious. I had the peaches and cream french toast, which I highly recommend. My server, Imani, was delightful and exceedingly attentive, ensuring we had everything we needed. My friend had the buffalo chicken sandwich waffle and found it to be very tasty. Yes, I'll be returning to Brunch N! It's indeed a reliable spot for an excellent brunch. The only thing I'd suggest is moving the TV from the grass wall; it could be a great spot for customer photos to promote the business. All in all, a fantastic dining experience. Brunch N has my warmest recommendation!

Green Eggs Cafe

33 S 18th St, Philadelphia

(267) 687-8013

Reviewed by:

Khawla Adams

I recently visited the Green Eggs Cafe for brunch in Philadelphia and I was thoroughly impressed. I found this place on Google Maps, as it was a short walk from my hotel, and decided to try it out because of my love for sweet things - especially the cookie dough stuffed French toast that caught my eye. The food and coffee were sensational, especially the cookie dough stuffed French toast - it was as good as it sounds. What impressed me even more was the consideration shown by the staff. Tyler and Ox went out of their way to accommodate me and my infant. The service was quick and efficient. I didn't have to wait long for anything and my food was served in the most appealing manner. The cafe was clean, busy yet had a relaxed vibe to it, which I really enjoyed. And the vanilla latte was wonderful. My partner loved his cookie dough French toast too. I also tried their smoked salmon bagel, and while I loved the flavor, I found it a little tricky to eat as it came deconstructed. It's important to note that this place is cash-only, which could be a bit inconvenient for some, especially given the slightly high prices. However, the delicious and beautifully plated dishes definitely make up for it. The cafe was bustling when we arrived for brunch on a Sunday at around 9:30, but we didn't wait long for a table. Drinks and entrees were served quickly and they were all yummy. I quite enjoyed the carrot cake French toast, even though it was a sizable portion. All in all, Green Eggs Cafe is a great place for breakfast if you have cash on hand. Be prepared for the hustle due to its prime location. But rest assured, you'll get value for your money.

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