June 24, 2024

Rise and Shine in the 'Burgh: Discover Pittsburgh's Best Breakfast Nooks

Discover the top breakfast spots in Pittsburgh! From classic diners to trendy cafes, find out where to get the best pancakes, omelets, and coffee in the city.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Rise and Shine in the 'Burgh: Discover Pittsburgh's Best Breakfast Nooks
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Rise and shine in the Steel City, where mornings are made better with a hearty breakfast.

Eggs & Moore

221 Shiloh St, Pittsburgh, PA 15211, USA

(412) 863-7288

Reviewed by:

Angel Bryan

I had a fantastic experience at Eggs & Moore for breakfast while visiting Pittsburgh. Ordered the Mexican 3 egg scrambler which was tasty and fresh, although I personally would've preferred a bit more spice. It's a reasonably priced joint with a cozy, small-town diner ambiance, yet the popularity is evident in the line out the door. Despite the crowd, service was quick and efficient. One highlight was watching the cook in action, slinging eggs with speed and skill. The waitress could have been a little more attentive, but she was pleasant nonetheless and it didn't detract from the overall experience. The diner is littered with amusing memes which adds a fun quirkiness to the place. The food is simply to die for. The cheese grits were outstanding, surpassing any I've had in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Also, the sausage gravy biscuits and breakfast perogies were a hit! Not to mention, the cinnamon roll pancakes are absolute must-haves. Although it's a cash-only place with limited seating, they were able to accommodate us and we enjoyed a hearty breakfast amidst adorable signs and pictures adorning the walls. Eggs & Moore is a gem tucked away in a lovely part of the city, and I look forward to coming back. Unreservedly, I recommend this for a fulfilling breakfast experience in Pittsburgh!

Johnny's Diner

1900 Woodville Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, USA

(412) 922-2900

Reviewed by:

Michael Stewart

Johnny's Diner in Pittsburgh is a fantastic place that serves hot, delicious food while treating their customers like family. I stumbled upon this gem during a long road trip across the US and I couldn't be happier with my experience. This small, no-frills diner provided excellent service and food. As a college student in Pittsburg with a couple of friends, we were searching for a place to grab a quick brunch and Johnny's exceeded our expectations. The quick service, tasty food, and incredible atmosphere made for an unforgettable meal. A huge thank you to the owners for such a phenomenal experience.

J & J's Family Restaurant & Catering

300 Shiloh St, Pittsburgh, PA 15211, USA

(412) 381-1822

Reviewed by:

Tama Valdez

I had a truly delightful experience at J & J's Family Restaurant & Catering in Pittsburgh. The restaurant itself is charming, boasting a cozy local decor that gives it a welcoming and warm atmosphere. What stood out the most for me was the impeccable service provided by their staff. They make you feel part of their family, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant dining experience. Now let's talk about the food - the breakfast here is simply fantastic! I ordered the meat lover omelette and a cup of coffee, both of which were exquisite. The omelette was generous in portion and full of flavor, while the coffee was a perfect accompaniment. It was a nourishing meal that reenergized me after a long hike. The impressive menu at J & J's Family Restaurant & Catering has something for everyone. Despite the lack of a military discount, the reasonable prices and quality of food make up for it. Their pancake is a must-try - fluffy, soft and oh so delicious! However, I must mention that some of their dishes could use a bit of a flavor boost. For instance, the home fries seemed to lack seasoning and the omelette could do with a bit more cheese. Also, the food tends to be on the greasier side. Despite these minor shortcomings, my overall experience at J & J's Family Restaurant & Catering was very positive. It's a classic diner that delivers a satisfying breakfast. I look forward to my next visit when I'm around Mount Washington.

Upstreet Diner

1711 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, USA

(412) 586-7374

Reviewed by:

Eduardo Vargas

I stumbled upon Upstreet Diner while in Pittsburgh and was pleasantly surprised. The coffee was piping hot and the eggs were expertly cooked - a rarity these days. The pancakes, initially seeming overdone, were actually delicious once slathered in their maple butter. The location was familiar, being the old spot of Pamela's restaurant, but the decor was new and upscale, providing a clean and spacious ambiance. What struck me was the international flavor palette this diner offered. It forced me to look up a few new dishes and satisfied my taste buds with its Middle Eastern offerings such as grilled halloumi cheese, labneh, shakshuka, and sujuk. However, I did note the Egyptian ful medames was not traditionally served with fava beans but rather pinto beans. The venue itself was charming and conveniently located near my home. The food was simple but enjoyable, and the lively waitresses added to the pleasant atmosphere. They were not only entertaining, dancing and singing along to the songs, but also very attentive. I'm definitely planning on revisiting Upstreet Diner in the near future.

Pamela's Diner

60 21st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

(412) 281-6366

Reviewed by:

Jan Watkins

I absolutely loved Pamela's Diner for breakfast during my visit to Pittsburgh. Trust me, you too should try their Morning After Special and Strawberry Hotcakes, both of them were very filling and unique. I could not eat more than what I had ordered, they were that rich! The place was bustling but the service was fairly attentive. The decor was perfect for a fun diner vibe, a bit on the gimmicky side, but overall fun. The only thing that could use some improvement was the bathroom. It was a bit cramped, not the cleanest, and they were out of paper towels or a hand dryer. The prices seemed a little high and it felt a bit touristy. However, the food was worth it. My meal consisted of strawberry crepe pancakes, sausage, a short stack of crepe cakes, and a breakfast sandwich. Every dish was exceptional. The staff was quick and friendly and the food arrived hot and fresh. My short stack, bacon, and potatoes were lip-smacking good. Unfortunately, they did not have a kids' menu and charged $4 for kids' milk. Regardless, my kids cleaned their plates, which always signifies a win for me. So, if you find yourself in Pittsburgh and in need of a hearty breakfast, I definitely recommend stopping by Pamela's Diner. Just make sure to get there early or be prepared to wait for a table. The food is worth the wait.

Kelly O's Diner in the Strip

100 24th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

(412) 232-3447

Reviewed by:

Ruby Mueller

Kelly O's Diner in the Strip is a gem in Pittsburgh, particularly for breakfast. This quaint diner serves food fresh and their freshly squeezed orange juice is heavenly. Despite the staff being busy, they always manage to be friendly and efficient at the same time. What's even more interesting is their unique approach to being a woman-owned business with several outlets within Pittsburgh. The service is quick, the food is always of good quality and portions are generous. I noticed a good mix of locals and visitors in their clientele, which adds to the appeal. The most inviting aspect of Kelly O's Diner is the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal place for a relaxed breakfast. One specific experience that I had there involving a minor issue with my food was handled with extreme professionalism and promptness. Surprisingly, it didn't deter me from wanting to go back to this place. In terms of logistics, parking is limited and it gets pretty busy, so you might need to wait. Also, they have 2 prices for cash and credit card payments, which I found was a common practice in the area. All in all, Kelly O's Diner is a place I would highly recommend. It's got amazing food, exceptional service and a friendly atmosphere. It's everything you could want in a breakfast spot when visiting Pittsburgh.

Cafe Moulin

732 Filbert St, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA

(412) 291-8119

Reviewed by:

Cristobal Davis

Cafe Moulin in Pittsburgh is a fantastic spot for breakfast. The quality of the food is amazing, offering both comfort and healthy options at a reasonable price. The cafe might be small, but it's well organized and the staff are super friendy. Do bear in mind that they won't seat you until your whole party is present. The outdoor seating is a great feature when the weather is good. This cozy spot is slightly off the regular trail but worth seeking out. Their savory crepes are divine, paired perfectly with fresh fruit. In fact, these were the best crepes I've ever tasted! Also, they cater well to different dietary requirements, offering ample vegan and dairy-free options. Even their omelets are delicious. Highly recommend paying them a visit!

Cafe Raymond

2009 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

Reviewed by:

Aisha Tetzner

Cafe Raymond on the Strip in Pittsburgh is a fantastic place for breakfast and lunch. The meals are generous and excellent value for the money, with food that isn't overly greasy as can often be the case in many nearby places. With thick, juicy bacon and unlimited coffee, I'll definitely be coming back soon. It's a bustling, charming brunch spot with two floors of seating, offering variety from breakfast choices to salads, burgers and more. Plus, the staff is friendly and accommodating. You place your order and pay at the register, then they provide you with a number and the hostess seats you. They also bring the food directly to your table. The size and flavor of both the sandwiches and salads were particularly memorable. We visited a second time for the baked Italian, which was good but perhaps a tad too much vinegar. The Italian Steak on Ciabatta was great as well, albeit a bit light on the meat. The decor is great and the service is fast and friendly. There were just a couple of minor hitches; the potatoes were slightly salty and the Smoked Salmon Platter seemed more of an antipasto. Also, be prepared for a weak cellular signal, but who needs to be on their phone when you're enjoying such a lovely atmosphere and tasty food? I'm looking forward to my next visit already!

The Speckled Egg PGH

501 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

(412) 251-5248

Reviewed by:

Adriana Canu

My first visit to Pittsburgh was made memorable with a breakfast stop at The Speckled Egg. The restaurant is snugly located inside a historical building featuring exquisite architecture. I opted for a latte and an "I Am Kazam" skillet with avocado, chicken sausage, and potatoes. Although the Kazam could use a tad more seasoning, their homemade pineapple hot sauce was a delightful addition. I recommend this place not just for the food but also for the atmosphere. There's an impressive balance of an upscale, clean setting with spaces aptly distanced, along with a touch of greenery. The food was delectable and reasonably priced, hovering around $20-25 per person. My order of over medium eggs cooked to perfection, paired with homemade sage and maple sausage and rye bread, was simply divine. The iced latte was spot on. The staff were friendly and attentive, even noting my daughter's tree nut allergy on the receipt, which I appreciated. She enjoyed her brown butter French Toast immensely. My "I Am Kazaam" - their version of shakshuka was truly tasty. All in all, The Speckled Egg has undoubtedly become one of my favorite brunch spots in Pittsburgh. Looking forward to my next visit!

Frank & Shirley's Restaurant

2209 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA

(412) 882-3550

Reviewed by:

Mark Hernandez

I had a great breakfast at Frank & Shirley's Restaurant in Pittsburgh. I ordered the hot turkey sandwich with fries and the veal cutlet parmesan. Despite my initial surprise seeing ground veal instead of a cutlet, it still tasted wonderful. The fries were good too, just needed a little salt and pepper. My wife loved the food, especially since she grew up eating similar dishes. I'm excited to go back and try other items on the menu. This is a wonderful spot for hot, fresh, and delicious food in a friendly atmosphere. I've been going to this diner for breakfast for almost 10 years now. I absolutely love their French toast and pancakes. Even though I can't always finish my pancakes, the taste makes it worth it. They also offer specials written on the board. The servers here are attentive, polite, and give off a warm local vibe. I support Frank & Shirley's as a small business and have never been disappointed. It's always fresh and hot, and the perfect breakfast spot. The sausage and bacon omelette with American cheese, home fries and Italian toast I ordered was amazing. The omelette was stuffed with big pieces of bacon and sausage, the home fries were perfect, and the toast was well toasted. The portion sizes ensure that you're sure to leave satisfied. Definitely recommend giving Frank & Shirley's a try!

Apollo Cafe

429 Forbes Ave #100, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

(412) 471-3033

Reviewed by:

Melissa Garcia

On my inaugural visit to Pittsburgh, I stumbled across Apollo Cafe on Forbes Ave. This quaint corner spot, open only for breakfast and lunch during weekdays, won me over with its warm atmosphere and congenial staff. It's worth noting they operate on a cash-only basis; however, an ATM is conveniently positioned near the counter. The cafe boasts a two-story layout, utilizing the upper floor during the hustle and bustle of breakfast and lunch hours. The pricing was pleasantly reasonable, a testament to their regular clientele from the neighboring courthouse and local businesses. I went for the Western Omelette accompanied by potatoes and toast, washed down with tea - a worthwhile meal for just $10.95. As a breakfast cook myself at an extremely busy establishment, I tend to be critical of eateries. Yet, Apollo Cafe delivers quality that surpassed my expectations, and I will indeed drop by again on my return trips. However, a minor gripe was the self-serve water situation where you scoop it from a community ice bucket, which could raise some hygiene concerns. The vibe of Apollo Cafe is casual and ideal for the busy, on-the-go crowd. Putting aside minor issues, the food is top-notch, and the staff's friendliness certainly adds to the overall appeal of this cafe. Apollo Cafe, undoubtedly, satiated my breakfast cravings and did so without burning a hole in my wallet.

DeLuca's Diner

2015 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

(412) 566-2195

Reviewed by:

Ladarius Amir

I had the pleasure of visiting DeLuca's Diner on the morning of Memorial Day. The place was bustling but the wait was completely worth it. The old school diner atmosphere coupled with a broad menu got me excited in no time. Service was exceptional, with even the busboy ensuring our coffees were constantly topped off. For my meal, I opted for the chicken and waffles and it did not disappoint. The chicken was seasoned to perfection and the waffle it sat on was cooked expertly. My wife indulged in the steel city breakfast and was amazed by the generous portion size. It was slightly pricey, with the bill coming to $41.00 for two breakfasts, but given the overall experience, it was worth it. Packing in a crowd and buzzing with energy around noon on a Sunday, this little diner served us good breakfast and great service. A special mention to the Nutella French toast - it was divine! Just a heads up, they only accept cash, but you can find a PNC ATM just two stores down. For our anniversary breakfast, we were served fantastic food in a classic atmosphere. I enjoyed the eggs and home fries, while my wife raved about her eggs Benedict on thick toast. We couldn't have been happier and will definitely be returning. Overall, the food would score a 3.5 for flavor and a 5 for portions and presentation. The staff definitely earn a 5 and the environment a 4. The staff were delightful and the portions were impressively large given the price. While the food look epic and tasted okay, there were some standout dishes like the Bionic Omelette and the potatoes. Definitely recommended!

Nadine's Restaurant

19 S 27th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA

(412) 481-1793

Reviewed by:

Amin Orellana Naves

My best friend and I stumbled upon Nadine's Restaurant this morning for breakfast and boy, was it a treat! The food was fantastic, specifically the steak quesadilla, which was simply amazing. Even my friend complimented her steak hoagie. Not to mention the incredibly friendly atmosphere and the lively vibe this place carries. In my opinion, it's one of the best breakfast spots in Pittsburgh. A mixed grill paired with a nice chilled Miller light was an ideal way to kick start my day. Lunch at the counter was also a delightful experience. I tried the fried bologna and it was delightful. I'm eagerly looking forward to revisiting and trying other items off their extensive menu. However, it's worth noting that the service could use a bit of improvement. We felt a bit ignored by the red-haired bartender with piercings and it wasn't pleasant overhearing a customer using offensive language with no intervention from the staff. While this incident does put a damper on our experience, the food and overall vibe of the place can't be ignored. Despite this setback, Nadine's still scores high on my list of breakfast joints.

The Commoner

620 William Penn Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

(412) 230-4800

Reviewed by:

Xochicale Moore

My latest breakfast experience at The Commoner in Pittsburgh was truly memorable. Not only was the food amazing, but the friendly staff and the advantage of its location in the Monaco Hotel were big plus points. It's a great spot whether you're planning a family meal or just want to catch a quick nightcap at the bar. I still can't stop thinking about the delectable focaccia and herb butter. The burger too was commendable, with a slight room for improvement. But the fries with garlic aioli were just stellar. The mocktail my wife had was the best she has ever tasted, and she also relished her scallops served with kombu sauce, asparagus, peas, and onion. The restaurant's setting was beautiful and we're eager to return and explore more of their offerings. The lighting was low, but it didn't overshadow the excellent food. The eggs benedict I ordered were cooked to perfection and the potatoes were crispy outside and soft inside. The mixed drink called Alright Bud was refreshing and I enjoyed sipping it throughout the meal. Our brunch at The Commoner during our stay at Kimpton was fantastic. The interior design and ambiance left a good impression. We relished the pork belly and eggs while the fried chicken sandwich fell a bit short. However, the fries saved the day. The pork belly dish was heavy but packed with flavors. Overall, it was a pretty decent breakfast at the hotel.

Waffles, INCaffeinated, Fifth Ave.

456 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

(412) 290-7801

Reviewed by:

Ftmo Mendez

Waffles Incaffeinated is the place to be for a great brunch in Pittsburgh. The staff are incredibly friendly and the whole vibe is warm and welcoming. I particularly enjoyed their waffles, crepes, and coffee - all delicious. The Southern waffles, despite a lack of presentation, were bursting with flavor. Their hash browns were also a real treat, being a mix of red and sweet potatoes. The portion sizes and prices are very reasonable with a waffle and coffee running at around $20 per person. I would highly recommend the almond milk latte with caramel. Their Benny dish was also a hit with my brother. The restaurant was clean and despite a long line, we were quickly seated thanks to their online check-in system. As a breakfast spot right in downtown, Waffles Incaffeinated offers a delightful dining experience that'll have me coming back for more.

Ritter's Diner

5221 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, USA

(412) 682-4852

Reviewed by:

Meredith Mcneill

My family and I decided to have breakfast at Ritter's Diner on a quiet Thursday morning. From the moment we entered, the service was impressive. The server was not only warm and welcoming but also had a great sense of humor. The food was delicious and arrived surprisingly quickly. The menu was versatile, with everything from eggs, potatoes, toast to chicken tenders and fries. The highlight was the French toast, eggs, potatoes, and sausage that my husband ordered. I must mention that the food was reasonably priced too. One positive change was the extension of their parking lot. It was such a relief to see two lots, a small one at the back and a larger one adjacent to it. Remember that Ritter's Diner is a cash-only establishment, but there's an ATM at the front for convenience. If you're a fan of classic, old-school diners with a touch of nostalgia, friendly staff, and good food, Ritter's Diner is a must-visit. On another visit, I tried their bacon burger and fries, which had a hearty, charbroiled flavor. The diner exudes a quaint, comfortable vibe. I must admit, while the food was good, I wouldn't classify it top-notch. But the unique gyro omelette made up for it! What made our experience memorable was the warm, friendly staff who were not just attentive but also gave us tips on what to do around Pittsburgh. Picking the pancakes for breakfast was probably the best decision made! The banana-choc-chip, smores, and choco-loco variants were phenomenal. In conclusion, our experience at Ritter's Diner was delightful. It's certainly a step up from hospital food and a convenient choice when you're around that area. I highly recommend stopping by for breakfast or lunch. We'll definitely be back!

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

111 W Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

(412) 467-6946

Reviewed by:

Primo Crown

I visited Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen and Bar on May 5, 2024, and had an excellent dining experience. The charming and spacious atmosphere was perfectly complemented by the Southern-inspired theme, and the patio and high indoor table seating options made the venue suitable for any occasion. Service was commendable, with our server being attentive and prompt, contributing positively to our dining experience. The highlight was the Sriracha honey chicken and waffles, a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, and the "Biscuits For A Cause" appetizer. The parking in Station Square also added to the overall pleasant experience. I would recommend Tupelo Honey for its blend of a great atmosphere, delicious food, and efficient service. A great place to have some southern dishes in Pittsburgh!

Waffles, INCaffeinated, South Side

2517 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA

(412) 301-1763

Reviewed by:

Austin Stanford

On a recent visit to Pittsburgh, my friends and I stumbled upon Waffles, INCaffeinated in South Side during our bachelorette weekend and what a find it was! Our waitress, lovingly known as Toy, but officially named Katherine, was an absolute delight - always smiling, dancing, and going above and beyond to make us feel special. She even gave us suggestions on what to do around town for the weekend. The food and drinks were just as fabulous as the service. If you get a chance, make sure you try the sausage gravy, it's something I wish I could eat every day. The waffle sampler, with four different flavors, was simply outstanding - the Peach cream Blueberry flavor was a personal favorite. And if you're like me and appreciate a good side of breakfast potatoes, Waffles, INCaffeinated has you covered with a non-greasy mix of red, white, purple, and sweet potato. An added bonus: the side of fruit isn't your typical canned fruit but instead, fresh, locally-sourced produce. Even the syrup is homemade and comes in a variety of flavors. And yes, the coffee and lattes were just as good. But it's not just about the food and drinks. This place knows how to do breakfast right. Unlike other places where you might leave feeling heavy and bloated, you leave Waffles, INCaffeinated with your stomach light and happy. To top it all off, they even have a punch card system for their waffles. And if you're wondering about the facilities, they're more than adequate - the bathroom was clean and spacious, and there's an outdoor seating area for those sunnier days. Do keep in mind that the parking is just on the street. All in all, this place is a must-visit. The next time you find yourself in Pittsburgh, do yourself a favor and drop by for breakfast. I certainly plan on coming back. In fact, I'd even consider driving five hours just to have breakfast here again over the weekend. It's hands down, the best breakfast in all of Pittsburgh.

Cherries Diner

115 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

(412) 281-8182

Reviewed by:

Sera Hardy

Had an absolutely wonderful breakfast experience at Cherries Diner in Pittsburgh. This place was a delightful surprise, tucked away like a little gem. If only we lived here, we'd definitely be regular customers. It's a lovely, cozy spot with a great selection of breakfast choices. Unfortunately, there wasn't a cherry on top, but that didn't dull the shine of this fantastic eatery. They've managed to adapt with the times while retaining their commitment to quality food and excellent service. The staff is always friendly and quick to provide both, suggestions and meals - they clearly care about their customers. Their breakfast menu is consistently excellent, but don't overlook their lunch offerings. Dishes are freshly prepared and served hot - just what you need. As for the prices, they're quite reasonable given the quality of the food. And let me tell you, the CHERRYBOMB pancakes are a must-try! So, if you're looking for a great spot for breakfast or lunch in Pittsburgh, head over to Cherries Diner. You won't be disappointed!

Bruegger's Bagels

531 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

(412) 471-9249

Reviewed by:

Sanket Viola

During my visit to Pittsburgh, I noticed that the downtown area wasn't well-prepared for the breakfast rush. Despite this, my family and I decided to try out Bruegger's Bagels. Even though it was apparent they were understaffed and almost felt unprepared, the bagels were tasty and the coffee was decent. The place wasn't ideally maintained and my breakfast sandwich wasn't exactly the best I've had. However, the staff were polite, efficient, and professional, even under pressure. Unfortunately, the wait time was quite long so I wouldn't recommend it if you're in a hurry. In spite of these setbacks, the food was great. The pastrami and Swiss everything bagel I ordered was flavorful, albeit a little greasy. Though my coffee tasted more like sweet iced tea, I have to give them points for trying. I'm curious to see if this is a common issue in downtown Pittsburgh, or just a one-off experience at Bruegger's Bagels.

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