March 17, 2024

Top 10 Brunch Spots to Explore in Plano

Ready to elevate your brunch game in Plano? Discover the top brunch spots in Plano where flavor meets fun!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 10 Brunch Spots to Explore in Plano
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Here's your guide to the best brunch places in Plano that will surely satisfy your midday cravings:

Eddie's Diner

4709 W Parker Rd #425, Plano

(469) 931-2353

Reviewed by:

Tyrone Carbajal

Excellent service! The food was amazing! My first visit here, and I see why the line was out the door the last time I tried coming by. You get a ton of food for what you pay, and everything was delicious. I opted for the chicken-fried steak, which served as my breakfast for two whole days. We plan to come back soon, no question. We dropped by on a packed Saturday morning around 11 a.m. for brunch, anticipating a long wait. To my surprise, we only waited about 10 minutes, so the line moved really quickly. I got the chicken-fried steak and a 3-egg omelette – both portions were massive and tasted fantastic. It's that classic American diner food you’ve got to try. This place has a nice neighborhood diner vibe, offering a wide array of menu options that are all reasonably priced. The staff made us feel right at home, and we even had a pleasant chat with the super-friendly owner. Definitely, a place I’d recommend checking out. I also had the pleasure of trying their stuffed challah French toast and roasted veggie benny. The French toast was simply the best, hitting the perfect note of sweetness, a real treat. The roasted veggie benny didn’t disappoint either, and the coffee was the perfect cherry on top to wash everything down. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I'm looking forward to my next visit!

Benedict's Restaurant

8442 Parkwood Blvd, Plano

(214) 705-1450

Reviewed by:

Doreen Chouinard

Our first visit to Benedict's was totally worth it. The place has a nice vibe, and the food is really amazing. For breakfast, the choice was a delightful Blueberry Hill Pancake and Cranberry ice tea, while my husband opted for the Breakfast Enchilada. Both dishes were absolutely amazing. We were initially sad when they closed the Addison location, but finding out there was another location in Plano turned that around. The food tastes just as delicious here. Though the restaurant is a bit smaller compared to the other location, it doesn't take away from the experience. We'll definitely be returning. The service was great too; a big thank you to Tony for the amazing service. The variety on the menu caught my eye, especially with some wild options available. I had to try the baconberry Benedict - honey bacon, blackberry preserves, Swiss cheese, jalapeños, poached eggs, and hollandaise on an English muffin - it was killer! The service is outstanding, and the atmosphere almost feels upscale once you're seated. For anyone thinking about visiting, definitely give this place a try. After my fantastic first meal here, I'll be returning whenever I'm in the Plano area.

Red Truck Cafe

910 W Parker Rd #101, Plano

(972) 996-5177

Reviewed by:

Derrek Ramirez

Stopping by the Red Truck Cafe for brunch was a great decision. The breakfast options here are served in large quantities for the price, making it quite a deal. On my visit, I decided to go for three dishes: the Red Truck Scramble, Chicken Fajita Omelet, and the Red Truck FM Skillet. Each dish was priced around $11-12, which felt very reasonable considering the portions. Among the dishes, the Red Truck Scramble and the Red Truck FM Skillet stood out as the best for me. Although the Chicken Fajita Omelet was good, it felt a bit bland and smaller in size than expected. The sides like the biscuit, English muffin, and pancake were delightful - the biscuit was notably fluffy and not at all dry, the English muffin crisp, and the pancake soft and fluffy. Service-wise, the workers and servers were super nice and accommodating right from the start. Despite coming in with high expectations based on prior reviews, the service did feel a bit lacking at times. There were small hiccups, such as not getting my tea refilled or the initially promised bread with my entree. These minor issues aside, the overall experience was positive, so much so that I'm eager to come back and try other offerings on their menu. The atmosphere of the cafe, reminiscent of a 1950s to 1960s diner, adds to the overall charm and enjoyment of the meal. While there were some aspects of the service that could be improved, the food quality and the responsiveness of the staff to feedback more than made up for it. The cafe's willingness to engage and make amends where possible shows a commitment to customer satisfaction. Certainly, the Red Truck Cafe is a place I look forward to visiting again, eager to explore more of its breakfast menu and perhaps revisit some of my new favorites.

The Biscuit Bar

5880 State Hwy 121 #102b, Plano

(469) 238-2227

Reviewed by:

Martha Hunter

During my visit to Plano, I found myself at The Biscuit Bar for brunch, drawn by its cool vibe and the large outdoor seating area with a picturesque view of the lake. While reminiscing about past visits where the hot chicken biscuit packed more flavor and spice, I discovered the new steak biscuit on the menu, which was very good and made up for the nostalgia. Although it seemed the venue was eager to close early and the service lacked a personal touch, the overall dining experience still had its moments. The tots we ordered were pretty good and made for a pleasant snack as we enjoyed our drinks at the bar. Despite a few service missteps, the standout for me was their biscuits. Ordering the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, I was impressed by its homemade quality and rich flavor. It was evident that a lot of care went into making it. My husband was particularly fond of the hot chicken biscuit, insisting on getting another one to go, which speaks volumes about its taste. Despite some areas needing improvement, especially in how the staff engages with guests, I see potential in giving The Biscuit Bar another chance in the future. The quality of the biscuits alone is enough to draw me back, hoping for a better overall experience next time.

Scrambler Cafe

7000 Independence Pkwy Suite 104B, Plano

(469) 298-0313

Reviewed by:

Tanya Argueta

First time visiting this place and it was a total hit! The food, service, ambiance, and prices were all fantastic. I opted for the Philly steak scrambled eggs and French toast, both of which were absolutely delightful and kept me full for almost the entire day. There's no question about making a return visit! A shoutout to Sergio, who ensured my order was spot on. When we walked in for a Saturday breakfast around 10:30 a.m., there were still a few seats open, and we were quickly greeted and seated by the welcoming staff. Even as we were browsing through the menu, someone came over to offer us drinks. Speaking of the food, I have to say that the pancakes were probably some of the best I've ever had. The very berry pancakes and the very berry cinnamon toast were hits! And our 5-year-old was over the moon with his Mickey Mouse pancake. Overall, it was an excellent experience that my family and I thoroughly enjoyed. We're definitely planning a return trip! The restaurant was clean and offered a vast array of choices for breakfast. While service was solid and some dishes were more memorable than others, the chicken fried steak was a letdown, lacking in flavor and not up to par for what you’d expect in this region. The bagels and lox, on the other hand, were good, if not outstanding, and the hash browns were decent. In my opinion, this is one of the top spots for an American breakfast experience. If you're in the Dallas area, it's a must-visit. The food was mouthwatering, the menu is packed with great options, the staff is friendly, and the vibe of the place is just right. It's only open until 3 p.m., so just a heads up that it might get busy, especially on weekends. It's a shame we only discovered it towards the end of our trip, or we would have definitely visited a few more times.

Poor Richard's Cafe

2442 K Ave, Plano

(972) 423-1524

Reviewed by:

Pablo Snail

Brunch at Poor Richard's Cafe in Plano was quite the experience. Initially, my visit didn't start spectacularly, as I was led past numerous empty booths to one with torn upholstery. Not understanding the choice, it did make me question the level of consideration for a first-time diner. However, any skepticism I had was quickly overshadowed by the exceptional service. It's rare to find a place where every team member is performing their duties so seamlessly, making it impossible to find any fault in their hard work and attentiveness. Regarding the food, I found it to be a mixed bag. Some items lacked the distinctive flair I was hoping for, like the exceedingly thin tomato slices and hash browns that lacked the expected crispiness. The menu could benefit from more options catering to various dietary needs, something to consider given the competitive landscape of brunch spots. Despite these critiques, there were highlights that shone through. The secluded dining area appeared inviting, perfect for groups looking for a cozy spot. My family and I visited for a weekday lunch, and while there were dishes I wouldn't order again, the eggs, waffles, and potatoes were quite enjoyable. It's a nice, unassuming cafe that offers friendly service, good food, and reasonable prices. The coffee cups could use a bit more attention during cleaning, but overall, the experience was positive. For anyone needing a hearty meal after a long night, this place hits the spot. Their king's breakfast, with chicken fried chicken and gravy, is both delicious and generous, guaranteeing leftovers. All in all, Poor Richard's Cafe is worth a visit for anyone looking for a solid brunch outing.

Little Gus Cafe

6905 Coit Rd # 106, Plano

(972) 433-5033

Reviewed by:

Gustaw Martínez

This place quickly became our favorite spot for breakfast from our very first visit. The staff were incredibly welcoming, giving off that neighborhood diner vibe that's hard to find these days, combined with genuinely delicious food. The omelette, gyro, and coffee were standout favorites, and the service was impressively quick. We even had the chance to meet the wonderful owner and their nephew, who have been dedicating themselves to running the place for over 20 years - their passion and commitment really shine through. On our return visit, which was a few years after the first, we noticed the crowd was much less than before, making the experience more relaxed. While the food didn't hit the same high note as our initial visit, with the falafel pita, onion rings, and pork chop not living up to our expectations, the overall experience still had its positives. The atmosphere and service really stood out, especially after an impromptu visit post-dentist appointment. The diner feels like a home away from home thanks to the warm and inviting staff, and the decor adds a charming touch. It's become our go-to place for a comforting meal after dental visits. But what truly sets this cafe apart are the amazing ladies working the front of the house. On a particularly challenging day after spending the night in the ER with my daughter, their patience and kindness towards her made a difficult morning much easier. They went above and beyond, making sure we felt taken care of in every aspect. For anyone in search of that home-cooked style breakfast and a place that cares deeply about its customers, this is the spot. The incredible staff, especially those managing the front, make every visit here something to look forward to. Highly recommended.

Texas Cafe Breakfast & Lunch

2300 Midway Rd, Plano

(469) 892-6905

Reviewed by:

Lindsey Renteria Murillo

My first visit to Texas Cafe Breakfast & Lunch in Plano was a delightful experience. From the moment I walked in, the place was clean and had a welcoming atmosphere, just the right setting for a hearty breakfast. The menu had a wide selection, making it hard to choose, but I was intrigued by the interesting presentation of their eggs and omelettes. I settled on the Chorizo Omelette, which turned out to be exceptionally tasty, full of flavor and cooked just right. I also decided to indulge in an order of crepes, and they did not disappoint. They were yummy, perfectly preparing me for the day ahead. The Ice Tea was refreshing and not watered down at all, though we had to nudge our server a bit for water refills. The wait staff was attentive overall, frequently checking to ensure we had everything we needed. The Pan Omelette caught my eye next, alongside perfectly cooked hashbrowns, deliciously good tasting hot coffee, and wonderful pancakes. Every bite was a joy. Not only was breakfast a hit, but the lunch menu also seemed to offer many enticing options, promising a return visit from me. Among the staff, Shay stood out for her bubbly personality and attentive service, especially with keeping my coffee cup more than half full throughout my visit. This cafe is a gem in Plano, perfect for stopping by after morning engagements. It's the cozy, bright atmosphere combined with the friendly staff that sets this place apart. The skillets and pancakes come highly recommended by me, and I can't wait to explore more of their menu. This is one of those smaller places that quickly win you over, making you a fan from the first visit.

First Watch

3131 Custer Rd Ste 170, Plano

(972) 312-8828

Reviewed by:

Luis Thomas

It was the first time trying First Watch for brunch in Plano, and what an experience it was! Despite the crowd, we were seated immediately which was a pleasant surprise. The service was incredibly fast, which I didn't anticipate given how busy they were. The food was nothing short of amazing. Tried the smoked salmon Benedict and the biscuits and gravy, and both dishes were prepared to perfection. The server, Christine, was extremely friendly and attentive. After mentioning that I was pregnant and quite hungry, she kindly brought over some toast, jam, and fruit while we waited for our main dishes. This kind of thoughtful service really made the experience special. On top of that, another server, Maria, also took excellent care of us, suggesting the farmhouse skillet which turned out to be fresh and very tasty. The best part had to be the freshly squeezed orange juice that came with our mimosa - it was the cherry on top of a fantastic brunch experience. The atmosphere of the place was just right too, lively yet not overwhelmingly loud, enhancing the overall enjoyment of our meal. Despite having a mixed experience with to-go orders in the past, where the food quality didn't quite meet expectations, the dine-in experience more than made up for it. The undercooked hash potatoes and flavorless grits during a previous to-go order were a letdown, but this visit showed me what First Watch is really capable of delivering. Given this delightful experience, it's clear why there's often a wait to eat here - it's absolutely worth it. The chill atmosphere combined with the delectable food and exceptional service ensures that I'll definitely be coming back for more. It’s rare to have such a memorable dining experience, and First Watch in Plano definitely makes the list of places to revisit.

Le Peep Grill of Plano

3501 Midway Rd #120, Plano

(972) 781-0700

Reviewed by:

Denise Mursalin

Attending a brunch at Le Peep Grill of Plano was a delightful experience. Despite a previous disappointing brunch experience elsewhere, Le Peep certainly raised the bar. From the moment of arrival, the concern about having to wait long was quickly alleviated, as seating was prompt even amidst a bustling environment. The anticipation for the food didn’t last long either, with orders swiftly taken and served. The menu selection impressed me, especially the stuffed French toast, which was a standout—richly flavored and perfectly prepared. The omelet and pancake, both of which I had the pleasure of tasting, were equally delicious. It was evident that not only was the quality of the food top-notch, but everything was served at just the right temperature, enhancing the dining experience further. What truly set this visit apart, however, was the service. Our server, Monica, was exceptional. Her recommendations were spot on, adding a personalized touch to our meal. Her friendly and accommodating demeanor made us feel truly welcomed, as it was our first time dining at Le Peep. This first visit definitely won’t be the last, thanks to the combination of delicious food and exceptional service. Monica, thank you for making our brunch experience at Le Peep Grill of Plano so enjoyable. It’s establishments like these that understand the true essence of a pleasant dining experience.

Lily's Cafe

3100 Independence Pkwy Suite 299, Plano

(972) 312-9732

Reviewed by:

Mario Lynn

Sunday mornings have become a quest for the perfect breakfast spot, and this time, the journey led to Lily's Cafe. Brunch here was a delightful affair, especially with their unique offer of both English breakfast and some specialty Guatemalan dishes, a novel experience for my palate. The Avocado and Swiss Cheese Omelette caught my eye first, presenting itself more like an artfully folded crepe adorned with fresh avocado slices. The hash browns on the side were exactly what you'd expect, rounding off the dish nicely. Venturing further into their menu, the Spinach and Cheese Omelette was a surprise, its fluffiness a testament to the generous spinach filling, making the cheese topping seem more like a thoughtful garnish. It was a pleasant reminder that sometimes, simplicity wins. The fact that toast was an extra order didn't detract from the experience, and the coffee served was just right for someone eager to start sipping immediately, with the staff attentive enough to offer plenty of refills without being asked. The cafe itself presents a clean, welcoming space, which is a big plus. Beyond the food, the service here deserves a shout-out for being prompt and friendly, making the price feel like excellent value for the quality and quantity of food served. A special nod goes to the chilaquiles, a must-have for breakfast, though the tescales are a great pick when the appetite demands more. This time, the beef soup was the new trial, and it was nothing short of AMAZING, proving that sometimes the best finds are those you least expect. Finding Lily's Cafe was a bit of a treasure hunt, thanks to a slight misdirection on Google maps, but let me assure you, it's a quest worth embarking on. Tucked on the north side of the parking lot, just off Parker at the corner of the shopping center, this gem of a spot is easy to miss but hard to forget once discovered. Here's to many more Sunday brunches at Lily's Cafe, a place that has quickly become a favorite.

The Original Pancake House

5760 State Hwy 121 #125, Plano

(972) 712-2121

Reviewed by:

Genevieve Montas

Stopping by The Original Pancake House for a late breakfast turned out to be a fantastic decision. The food arrived hot and clearly made to order, indicating the kitchen's commitment to freshness. The server stood out with their friendliness, readiness to answer questions, and offer suggestions, which greatly enhanced the dining experience. The atmosphere added to the overall enjoyment, being both comfortable and inviting, making it a place where one would gladly return. This establishment feels like a hidden gem. The staff was exceptionally welcoming, creating an environment that made us feel like family rather than just customers. It's as if the food was prepared by a loving grandmother, with that authentic warmth and flavor that's hard to find elsewhere. For anyone finding themselves in Plano, TX, this spot is a must-visit. The commitment to return is easy to make given the quality of the experience. Although the food is consistently excellent, with particularly light and fluffy cloudies, perfectly scrambled eggs, and usually impeccable pancakes, there was a slight hiccup with the pancakes being a tad overdone this time. Nonetheless, the minor inconsistency doesn't detract from the overall high-quality offering. Considering the usual wait for dine-in, it's clear this place is a popular spot, though the service quality once seated undeniably makes up for any delay. For those on the go, the takeout option is efficient and reliable. The menu variety, especially for pancakes, crepes, and waffles, is commendable. A personal favorite is the Dutch baby pancake, a unique offering not found just anywhere, perfected here. Every visit guarantees an order of this specialty. In sum, The Original Pancake House in Plano is an outstanding choice for breakfast, boasting a great menu, excellent service, and a warm atmosphere. It's undoubtedly a place to keep coming back to.

The Original Pancake House

2301 N Central Expy #156, Plano

(972) 423-2889

Reviewed by:

Xam Joyce

Had an incredible experience at The Original Pancake House for brunch in Plano. The food was absolutely delicious and beyond expectations. The crepes were exceptionally thin, and with a drizzle of maple syrup, they were elevated to a whole new level. The biscuits caught me by surprise with their buttery, light, and airy texture. The chicken sausages, however, stole the show being juicy and far superior to any sausage ever tasted before. The orange juice tasted like it was made from the sweetest oranges, freshly squeezed with a lot of pulp - a heads up for those who might prefer it without. The maple banana pecan French toast brings back memories of state fair roasted candied cinnamon pecans with its sweet and nutty flavor — absolutely amazing! It's worth mentioning how satisfied everything made us feel, though a little piece of advice, make sure to reserve a spot early to avoid a long wait. The pancakes here are top-notch, definitely giving IHOP a run for its money despite being slightly smaller in size. The portions are generous. Shared a plate of Huevos con papas with my husband and we still had leftovers. Our server, Tim, was exceptional, ensuring everything we needed was on the table right before our meal was served. Even though the food was served quickly, it's a pity they were out of chorizo. For weekend visits, making a reservation would be wise. The freshness of the food, alongside the large portions and reasonable prices, made for a fulfilling experience. Our server's friendliness added to the enjoyable meal. It's a delight they serve freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice. The Mediterranean omelet was another highlight, being light, fluffy, and delicious with its mix of spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese. A special shoutout to the season's favorites - the Pumpkin Pancakes and Pumpkin soup were a treat. The atmosphere is lovely and the service is great. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a satisfying brunch experience.

Maple Bacon Restaurant

6009 W Parker Rd, Plano

(469) 969-1400

Reviewed by:

Fernando Abbou

The food here is excellent and comes at a fair price, considering the generous portion sizes that are served. The staff members are friendly and welcoming, which adds to the overall positive experience. Although the decor might not reflect the upscale quality of the meals, it's not an aspect that should deter anyone from visiting this hidden gem. During my visit, my table ordered the blueberry cheesecake pancakes and the strawberry cheesecake French toast. The pancakes were delightful and moist, though I found myself wishing for a bit more of the cheesecake topping to perfect the balance of flavors. The French toast, while a solid attempt, turned out to be quite dry and challenging to cut, and similarly lacked enough cheesecake topping to elevate its taste. However, the bacon was a standout, cooked to perfection and incredibly flavorful. This place boasts a vast menu that includes both breakfast and lunch items, alongside a cocktail menu, making it an excellent spot for brunch. The brunch offerings are extensive, so come with an appetite, as it's hard to finish a plate on your own. Some of the dishes even come with a complimentary side like a slice of pie, pastry, or a donut, which is a pleasant surprise. There was a bit of feedback regarding the women's bathroom; it seems a tad cramped, trying to accommodate two stalls in a space better suited for single occupancy. But that's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Despite a brief wait of about 20 minutes, the service remained efficient and friendly throughout our meal, and the coffee, chai, and latte were notably delicious. While not every dish hit the mark of perfection, the generous portions ensure that you're likely to leave with leftovers. Given the overall experience, this is a spot I'd eagerly recommend and definitely plan to revisit for another round of their unique and tasty offerings.

Norma's Cafe

605 W 15th St, Plano

(214) 440-2748

Reviewed by:

Cornelius Lucian

Went to Norma's Cafe in Plano on 15th street for brunch and it was a delightful experience. This place offers some classic southern comfort food that is both satisfying and delicious. The menu is not too extensive, which usually means that what they do offer is done well, and that was certainly the case here. The rolls served were wonderfully pillowy and buttery, while the cornbread was tender and sweet, starting the meal off on a high note. Ordered some onion rings as a starter, which were super crispy and came with a nice tangy buttermilk ranch that was a perfect complement. The pot roast was a standout, being incredibly soft with luscious gravy. While the chicken and dressing tasted great, the dressing leaned a bit on the sweeter side for my taste. The sides of pinto beans, corn, and mashed potatoes were pretty standard but still enjoyable. Wasn't much impressed by the collard greens and mac and cheese, so might suggest skipping those. The fried okra, when available, is a must-try. Had the breakfast plate too, which featured the fluffiest scrambled eggs, homemade biscuit, thick center-cut bacon, community coffee, and good hash browns that could have used a tad longer on the skillet. Despite this minor detail, it was still a solid choice for breakfast with pricing slightly lower than what you might find elsewhere in the area. Definitely worth recommending as a breakfast spot in Collin County. Tried the fried catfish, okra, and onion rings as well, and it didn't disappoint—the onion rings, in particular, were the best I've had in a long time, perfectly fried. Aside from the food, it's worth mentioning that Norma's supports the Susan G Komen Foundation, which is a testament to their community involvement. Had the opportunity to enjoy a special lunch deal they had running, offering chicken fried steak with two sides at an incredibly affordable price, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, the food, service, and cause they support made for a great dining experience. It's easy to see why this place has been beloved by many for decades. Special thanks to the owner and the wonderful staff for maintaining such a welcoming and quality establishment.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

1900 Preston Rd #111, Plano

(469) 557-1970

Reviewed by:

Joleen Gonzalez

Showed up on a bustling Saturday morning around 10:30, and, as expected, the place was packed with probably an hour's wait. Opting for the bar, we were pleasantly surprised to be seated immediately. The eatery presented itself with a chic, retro vibe that added an extra layer of enjoyment to our experience. The menu was impressively extensive, covering a wide array of breakfast delights. Everything ordered was fresh, scrumptious, and the staff emanated friendliness and helpfulness, making it a fantastic spot for both friends and family. The service truly stood out, with professional, amiable waiting staff that enhanced the dining experience. A particular shout-out to Shawn for his outstanding service. The avocado toast with egg ordered was a masterpiece, cooked flawlessly, while the burrito was a generous serving, capable of satisfying the heartiest of appetites. Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly and seated without delay, setting a welcoming tone for our visit. The server was amiable and insightful, recommending dishes that turned out to be absolutely delightful. Starting with a flight of pancakes, each variety – pineapple upside down, Blueberry Danish, and sweet potato – was a treat in its own right, but the Blueberry Danish stole the show with its impeccable balance of flavors. The tostadas and Carbonara breakfast Pasta as our main dishes did not disappoint either. The tostadas were a flavorful mix of black beans, eggs, salsa, and barbacoa, reminiscent of chilaquiles but with their own unique twist. The carbonara pasta, a novel breakfast choice for me, was a delightful surprise. Packed with pork belly and soft scrambled eggs, it was a dish I'd urge pasta lovers to try. This place boasts a variety of menu offerings that will surely have us returning to explore more. The whole experience was marked by excellent service, awesome food, and a friendly atmosphere, making it a must-visit spot for anyone looking to enjoy a superb brunch experience.

Main Street bistro and bakery

7200 Bishop Rd Suite D - 11, Plano

(972) 309-0404

Reviewed by:

Rafael Dinesh

Had a wonderful brunch experience at Main Street Bistro and Bakery in Plano. From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The staff here really goes above and beyond, making you feel like part of the family. I ordered the Quiche Lorraine and took a couple of croissants to go. Although the quiche was decent, the highlight of my visit was the camaraderie and service provided by the amazing people working here. During brunch, I couldn't resist trying their mimosas, which were both strong and delicious—a perfect complement to the meal. It's clear why this place has been a favorite for many years. The sense of community and consistently good food (trust me, you can't go wrong with anything on their menu) always makes for a memorable visit. Bringing friends and family here has become a tradition, and no visit to Plano is complete without stopping by Main Street Bistro and Bakery. Their commitment to creating a pleasant dining experience is evident in every detail, from the food to the service. Highly recommend giving this place a try for a brunch that will leave you looking forward to your next visit!


4804 W Plano Pkwy, Plano

(972) 596-5004

Reviewed by:

Faviola Henderson

My visit to the IHOP in West Plano for brunch was a delightful experience that I'm eager to share. This location has been a favorite of mine for a while. Although I had to adjust my rating slightly due to a few minor issues in the past, the overall experience remains positive. The staff is welcoming, and the cleanliness is up to par, making for a comfortable dining environment. During a late lunch visit, there was some maintenance being done, which was slightly disruptive. There were a couple of hiccups with our order - one dish arrived incorrect and another was cold. However, the team was prompt in rectifying these mistakes. A slight glitch occurred when our waiter had to leave due to a personal emergency, and it took a bit longer than expected for someone to take over. I believe that maintaining seamless service, even when hitches arise, is crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction. Despite these small setbacks, the quality of the food was exceptional. My Country Fried Steak was impeccable - crispy on the outside and tender inside, accompanied by perfectly seasoned hash browns, deliciously fluffy pancakes, and eggs done just right. The house iced coffee was a refreshing complement to the meal. I also appreciated the thoughtful touch of having power outlets available at a table near the front desk, catering to those who might need to charge their devices. Although there were minor lapses in service, the sincerity and effort of the staff were apparent, and the culinary experience was outstanding. A visit to this IHOP in Plano is recommended for anyone looking for a hearty brunch with a diner vibe, any time of the day. Ensuring that customer service issues are addressed and rectified will undoubtedly elevate the dining experience to match the excellent food quality.

LOFT Restaurant & Bar

8201 Preston Rd 1st floor, Plano

(972) 624-6990

Reviewed by:

Ofer Murphy

Absolutely loved my brunch experience at LOFT Restaurant & Bar in Plano! From the moment I walked in, the vibe was welcoming and the staff went out of their way to make me feel at home. Even managed to snap a few pics thanks to the inviting atmosphere. The drinks were on point too, definitely recommend giving them a try. I was staying at the Nylo for work and decided to give LOFT a shot. My first visit was during a busy period, and it took a bit longer than expected to get noticed. However, I decided to give it another go on a quieter night, and I'm so glad I did. The service was impeccable, with Jonathan going above and beyond to ensure a delightful dining experience. And let me tell you about the burger - easily one of the best I've savored in a long while. A huge shoutout to Tommy and Richard for their exceptional service. Tommy's personal touch at check-in truly set the tone for a fantastic visit. The food was remarkable, and the staff was both friendly and cheerful, adding to the overall positive experience. If you're looking for a great spot for brunch in Plano, LOFT Restaurant & Bar should definitely be on your list. The welcoming atmosphere, top-notch service, and delicious cuisine make it a must-visit.

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

7401 Lone Star Dr B100, Plano

(214) 501-3828

Reviewed by:

Juan Reiselt

Definitely, Toasted Coffee + Kitchen should be on your list for brunch in Plano if you're a fan of toast and savory meals without the overwhelming portion sizes. It's refreshing to leave brunch feeling satisfied rather than stuffed to the brim. The menu is straightforward, eliminating any indecision, and the coffee? Absolutely excellent. Despite some initial hesitation due to past low ratings, it appears those issues have been thoroughly addressed by the management. This place deserves support and a solid recommendation. The convenience of not having to jostle for parking is a notable plus, adding a sixth star to the experience. The setting is spacious, making it a prime spot for a quick lunch, especially with outdoor seating that complements the good weather perfectly. The process of ordering is seamless and swift, though it's worth mentioning that there could be improvement in the speed of serving the meals. That said, it's a minor hiccup in an otherwise delightful visit. The ambiance is relaxed, ideal for a leisurely morning with a selection of great coffee, tea, and food. The French toast stood out, perfectly prepared and indicative of the overall quality of the menu. From the moment of walking in and being greeted by the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and the friendly staff, to the delicious food and chill atmosphere complete with games if one is inclined, Toasted Coffee + Kitchen is a spot worth returning to for more memorable brunch experiences.

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