December 10, 2023

Port St. Lucie's Top 20 Brunch Spots

Craving a brunch that hits the spot? Discover Port St. Lucie's top spots for a mid-morning feast! The best pancakes, eggs, and mimosas in town.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Port St. Lucie's Top 20 Brunch Spots
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With a name that evokes images of serene harbors and bountiful catches, Port St. Lucie's brunch spots are your passport to a culinary cruise that guarantees no choppy waters, just smooth sailing through plates piled high with local delights.

That Crepe Place

3003 SW Port St Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 446-0786

Reviewed by:

Jason Webb

Just had brunch at That Crepe Place in Port St. Lucie and let me tell you, it was an absolute delight! The setup inside is charming and inviting, creating a superb atmosphere for dining in. It's not every day that you get to see the magic happen right before your eyes, but here you can watch the chefs whip up crepes with finesse through a glass window. The service? Couldn't have been friendlier or faster. It felt great being greeted promptly and with real warmth. And when it comes to taste, the crepes and coffee hit all the right notes. The crepes are not only massive but packed with flavor, which made the experience memorable. Although I felt the coffee was a bit steep in price, it did not disappoint in quality. Next time, I might give their selection of teas a taste. Sure, the prices might seem a little high for some items, but let's be honest, everything is a bit pricey nowadays. The staff and owners are incredibly attentive and it's clear they care deeply about their customer's experience. The savory crepe I tried came with an unexpected and delicious combination of Dhaal, rice, and spinach. And the sweet crepe and divine gelatos? Heaven. Don't even get me started on their amazing selection of teas; I even took some home! The place is perfect for a variety of occasions, whether it's a tea party with little ones or a casual brunch meetup. It's the kind of spot that you know is driven by passion and care, not just business. To top it off, the little extras like donut holes and the best brisket I've ever tasted in my crepe really seal the deal. It's wonderful to see every staff member with a genuine smile. That’s a breath of fresh air compared to some other establishments’ forced pleasantries. All in all, That Crepe Place is more than just a brunch spot; it's a testament to what happens when people put love into their work. It's safe to say this little gem is now a favorite and will be seeing me regularly. Thanks to everyone there for pouring their hearts into creating such an amazing experience!

South Florida Restaurant and Bar

1622 SW Bayshore Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 446-0698

Reviewed by:

Abby Mcdonald

My first experience at South Florida Restaurant and Bar for brunch was absolutely delightful thanks to a friend's recommendation. The moment we entered, the warm greeting from the staff made us feel right at home. I was blown away by the quality of the food - it was superb, and the portions were more than generous. This spot is a gem for anyone craving Haitan cuisine in a serene setting. The American and Caribbean selections on the menu are vast, and you definitely get your money's worth with the quantity served. Our family felt so welcomed by the host, Jean, whose attentiveness added a personal touch to our meal. Cleanliness and comfort are clearly priorities here, and the food's freshness and taste did not disappoint. It was served promptly, and to top it off, the chef personally checked on us, which I found to be a rare and appreciated gesture of excellent customer service. We're definitely making this restaurant a regular spot. The menu impressed us across the board - from the savory chicken and waffles, a perfectly prepared omelette, to a tasty and well-assembled burger. Even the biscuits left a memorable impression for their deliciousness. I must point out the potatoes – they're the best in Port St. Lucie, and the gravy is a revelation, so much so that I took some home. And the French toast my wife had? Absolutely spot on. On top of the great food, the homemade gravy deserves a special mention. The staff kindly informed us it would take a little extra time for a fresh batch, but the wait was absolutely worth it. If you're in the mood for a fantastic brunch experience, you've got to give this place a try. The quality of everything, from food to service, is exceptional. I'm already looking forward to our next visit.


6650 S Federal Hwy #1, Port St. Lucie

(772) 462-2600

Reviewed by:

Seidy Williams

Mission Kitchen has quickly become my go-to spot for brunch in Port St. Lucie. This little gem offers an inviting atmosphere with a family-run feel that's evident in both the service and the culinary delights they serve up. The steak and mushrooms eggs benedict is my top pick; it's a dish that never fails to impress with its perfectly cooked ingredients and flavorful hollandaise. What makes Mission Kitchen stand out is their commitment to all-day breakfast options. No matter what time I drop in, I can satisfy my morning cravings. The restaurant itself is spotless, creating a welcoming environment to enjoy a meal in. Plus, their coffee is top-notch, a must for any brunch experience. The staff deserves a shout-out for their outstanding service. They manage to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and warmth, making every visit feel personal. It's clear that customer satisfaction is a priority here. Whether you're a local or just passing through near Fort Pierce, Mission Kitchen is a place you don't want to miss for a delicious brunch. With excellent food, a great ambiance, and super friendly staff, it's a spot I'd highly recommend to anyone seeking a satisfying dining experience.

Berry Fresh Cafe

1718 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 336-5291

Reviewed by:

Michael Owodunni

Let's talk about a brunch experience that's truly a cut above the rest at Berry Fresh Cafe in Port St. Lucie. From the moment we walked in, the service was top-notch, with friendly and attentive staff ready to make the dining experience memorable. The food, well, it was nothing short of exceptional. Every sip of their lemonade was refreshing, and you have to give the big daddy slam a try, even though it's a secret menu delight. The breakfast burrito was a hearty way to start the day, made even better with the two tantalizing sauces. And for the little ones, the PB&J sandwich with a side of their choice was a hit. The flexibility of the kitchen to accommodate special requests was remarkable. But let's dive into the unique selections that keep us coming back for more. The Nashville hash, Chicken and Avocado hash, not to mention the seasonal Pumpkin pancake special, were all mouthwatering. And if you're into something a bit more whimsical, the Captain Crunch French toast is a must-try. Each dish was out on our table in record time, no more than 10 minutes after ordering. The waitstaff couldn't be more genuine, making our dining experience feel personal and relaxed. They weren't just there to work; they were there to make sure we had a great time. The atmosphere matched the service, with a laid-back vibe that's perfect for any brunch outing. Despite the cafe being filled with diners, the service didn't skip a beat – our food arrived quickly, within 15 minutes. Kellie, our server, was exceptional. Her patience as we perused the menu and her spot-on recommendations made our meal even more enjoyable. The outdoor seating is a bonus, complete with fans for those warmer days, and there's ample parking to boot. It's heartening to see an establishment include an 18% gratuity automatically, showing a commitment to their employees who also benefit from a full range of benefits – a rarity in the food service industry. And for those with dietary preferences, Berry Fresh Cafe has you covered with an incredible selection of vegan options and a diverse drink menu that caters to everyone. In conclusion, there's no doubt about it – Berry Fresh Cafe is the go-to spot for brunch in Port St. Lucie. The food is a culinary adventure, the service is splendid, and the experience is one you'll want to have over and over again. Can't wait to return and indulge in more of their scrumptious menu offerings!

Keke's Breakfast Cafe

3235 SW Port St Lucie Blvd Suite 103, Port St. Lucie

(772) 224-2705

Reviewed by:

Alexander Baker

My experience at Keke's Breakfast Cafe in Port St. Lucie was absolutely wonderful. Right from the start, the atmosphere of the place set a positive tone for what turned out to be a fantastic brunch. We had a big group coming from a family gathering, and the staff didn't bat an eye. They promptly organized seating for our party of 15-20, making us feel welcomed and taken care of. When it came to ordering, the build-your-own Omelet was a hit for me. I chose ham, white American cheese, peppers, and onions, and paired it with fries. It was cooked to perfection. The Apple Cinnamon stuffed French Toast was another highlight, and it tasted as incredible as it looked. My mom's choice was the Banana Nut Caramel French Toast. While she loved the presentation, she did mention there could have been more nuts, and the turkey bacon was a touch underdone for her taste. As for the rest of our group, they went for the "Make your own" combo. Choices varied, but the combination of French Toast, pancakes, eggs, and bacon left everyone more than satisfied with both the quantity and quality of their meals. We noticed a change in the menu and the prices had gone up since the last visit, which is something to keep in mind. Nonetheless, the food quality and service remained top-notch. The high back booth seating added a touch of class to the comfortable setting. From the welcoming staff to the management checking in on us before we left, the service was friendly and attentive. The meal itself came out quickly, and the freshness and taste were unmatched. It's also worth noting that the portions were generous, ensuring you get great value for your money. While there are other breakfast places that might offer similar dishes at a lower cost, Keke's home fries with thinly sliced potatoes were a standout, and sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. As much as price can be a factor, the overall experience at Keke's is definitely worth trying out. It's a good spot with a diverse menu that will cater to a variety of tastes. Next time I'm in Port St. Lucie, stopping by Keke's for another meal is definitely on my to-do list.

Frittata Caffe & Bistro - European Market

4019 SW Port St Lucie Blvd Unit 2, Port St. Lucie

(772) 905-8120

Reviewed by:

Pepe Alfaro

Had an incredible brunch experience at Frittata Caffe & Bistro - European Market in Port St. Lucie. Their menu is filled with a variety of tempting options. On my visit, I decided on a prosciutto panini that was simply delicious, but honestly, everything else looked just as enticing, so a return trip is definitely in order. The place also boasts a wonderful European ambiance that enhances the overall dining experience. Their service is great, and prices are very reasonable – a pleasant surprise! And as a coffee aficionado, I was thrilled with their excellent coffee. The frittata I tried had a perfect blend of flavors, and the fresh pressed juices they offer paired perfectly with the meal, adding a really fresh touch. It was my first time visiting, but it certainly won't be my last. Whether it was the amazing, fresh food, the delightful iced coffee, or the clean and welcoming atmosphere, there was a lot to appreciate. The friendly waitress and the overall cleanliness of the restaurant really stood out too. On a practical note, the location was super convenient for a breakfast stop; it’s just 6 minutes off I-95, making it an easy detour en route to Palm Beach International. The goat cheese, eggs, smoked salmon chives omelette, and the poached egg avocado toast that my husband tried were both superb, each accompanied by a tasteful side salad. And again, the coffee was great – a sentiment worth repeating. This place is a must-try for anyone looking for a truly satisfying brunch!

Rick's Diner

466 SW Port St Lucie Blvd #101, Port St. Lucie

(772) 335-8660

Reviewed by:

Miriana Heisler

I had the pleasure of diving into The Smart 🐟 fish n grits at Rick's Diner for brunch and let me tell you, those homemade biscuits are something special. Before I even lavished in the taste, the waitress shared how The Smart 🐟 fish are raised, which only added to the impressive nature of the meal. My mimosa Monday was complete after that experience. The diner itself gives off a warm family aesthetic with incredibly friendly service. We didn't have to wait at all to get seated and drinks were on our table in a flash. Deciding what to eat was a challenge with the tempting menu, but we settled on the Hawaiian Pancakes, Philly Cheese Steak, Breakfast Schnitzel, and the Chicken Basket. Each dish was a hit, especially the pancakes, which somehow remained fluffy and light despite the sweet pineapple topping. Everything arrived perfectly warm, the portions were generous, and I really have to praise the chef for the Schnitzel's fluffy biscuit – a perfect pairing. If you haven't been to Rick's Diner, you're truly missing out. I'm already planning my next visit for more. On a previous visit for lunch, the hot beef on toast with mashed potatoes and gravy hit the spot, and the fresh spinach with crispy bacon on top was a delightful side. The food is consistently impressive and the staff goes out of their way to ensure customers feel like a priority. It's fantastic to see the place bustling, which it deserves, as we need more gems like this in the Southwest side of Port St. Lucie. Whether you're here for a mimosa or a hearty meal, Rick's Diner doesn't disappoint. Here's to great food at great prices and a staff that truly puts their guests first. Drink a mimosa and smile – that's the way to do brunch right!👍🏾💯👍🏾

First Watch

1493 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 237-4032

Reviewed by:

Idris Neal

Today I experienced one of the best brunch spots in Port St. Lucie at First Watch. As a breakfast enthusiast, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and service here. The hostess, Jodi, recommended the Eggs Benedict, a choice I don't regret—paired with black beans and potatoes, it was a treat. Aisha, my waitress, along with others on the team, checked in on me regularly making me feel welcomed and well-cared for. The food here is exceptional, with a unique menu that outshines typical diners. It gives off an upscale vibe but remains inviting and genuine—just perfect for a relaxing meal. I even spiced up my coffee with chocolate and hot sauce, which was such a novel touch! Even though it was bustling when I visited, the staff managed to seat me quickly, and I was impressed by how efficiently everything ran. The fresh ingredients and homemade dishes like the million dollar harvest hash complemented my spiked lavender lemonade beautifully. Sarah Grace, my server during lunch, was super kind and ensured my order was just right. I've got to say, First Watch is a must-visit for anyone who loves a good brunch. The seasonal menu keeps things exciting, and the staff make every visit memorable. Definitely a place I'll return to whenever I'm in town.

Linda's Cafe

1308 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 785-6009

Reviewed by:

Narcyza Lopez

Everything was excellent at Linda's Cafe for brunch in Port St. Lucie! The moment we walked in, we received a warm, friendly smile that set the tone for a great Sunday morning. We arrived around 10:30am to find a pleasant crowd and the option to dine either inside or outside. With a short wait time of about 5-6 minutes for indoor seating, we opted to enjoy our meal outdoors. Service was quick – within minutes of being seated, we had placed our orders and were happily eating in no more than 15 minutes. The atmosphere was fantastic, and I can already tell this will become a regular spot for my Sunday mornings. Being new to the area, finding a spot with good breakfast at a reasonable price was a must. Linda's Cafe definitely delivered, providing a mom-and-pop vibe with food that clearly had love and care put into it. The menu offered a wide variety of options without breaking the bank, and the staff was exceptionally nice and joyful, contributing to a top-notch dining experience. For anyone in the area or just passing through, I highly recommend stopping here. Plus, with the $9.99 lunch deals during the week, there's even more reason to come back. Despite a slight hiccup with my order where my biscuit and gravy were forgotten and only brought out after I reminded the waitress when she delivered the bill, everything else was perfect. The kids' meals offer great value, and the breakfast combo was satisfying. My wife was able to customize her breakfast with bagels, eggs, and bacon, which was fairly priced. If only they had a broader selection of coffees – my wife enjoys a good cappuccino – it would be a solid 5 stars from me. Nevertheless, we'll definitely be visiting again. Great spot, very nice staff, and good value all around!

American Cafe

10193 S U.S. Hwy 1, Port St. Lucie

(772) 398-2313

Reviewed by:

Ali Velasquez

I had a great experience at American Cafe for brunch here in Port St. Lucie. This spot is a hidden gem when it comes to finding a cozy local place to enjoy a meal without breaking the bank – most meals are under $10! On the day of my visit, they were definitely under pressure with just one waitress handling around 12 tables, but I must say, she handled it with grace and provided exceptional service. The food impressed me as well. My eggs were cooked to perfection – not an easy feat, and a testament to the skill in the kitchen. The atmosphere at the café is welcoming, with charming décor and impeccable cleanliness, which is always appreciated. The staff goes above and beyond; their friendliness and thoughtful service make you feel right at home from the moment you step inside. I didn't have to wait long for my meal, which is a big plus when you're really hungry. The menu offers a good variety for both lunch and dinner, so there's something for everyone. The coffee deserves a special mention too – it stays piping hot, just how I like it. For breakfast, I chose the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, and it didn't disappoint. It was a hearty portion, with the egg cooked exactly how I requested and the bacon had that perfect crispiness. Best of all, it wasn't greasy at all, and the hash browns were spot-on. Although my server wasn't the most cheerful, which was a bit of a letdown, her service was efficient, and our requests were promptly attended to. Given the great food and overall vibe, I'd say this place is definitely the go-to for breakfast. Despite the service not being as friendly as it could have been, the experience was solid. I'd recommend American Cafe to anyone looking for a satisfying brunch in the area.

Zest Kitchen and Bar

1347 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 249-4516

Reviewed by:

Abraham Griffin

Walking into Zest Kitchen and Bar for brunch was a delightful experience. The service was top-notch, with our waitress being attentive and considerate, especially when handling hot plates. The meal began with a bit of a miss with the Lamb Chops and calamari appetizer; however, the Fries were a standout, incredibly crisp and packed with flavor, almost rivaling the best I've ever had in NYC. Exploring more of the menu, the scallop, crab, and shrimp ceviche was a symphony of flavors that melded together beautifully, and the deconstructed seared tuna with pita and crispy onions was another highlight, cooked to perfection. The lamb tacos were a flavorful journey in themselves, and the cranberry pomegranate mimosas provided a delightful zest to the palate. The evening was perfectly capped off with a creamy, dreamy crème brûlée. The bar service was excellent, and while I feel a bit guilty for not bringing my wife, I am excited to return with her soon. The seafood dishes have not disappointed, and the Tuna Tartar with edible flowers was a fresh and appealing choice. While some of the dishes with seafood additions might lean towards the pricier side, there's enough variety to suit different budgets. The ambiance at Zest Kitchen and Bar is consistently enjoyable with quality food. Do give it a try if you find yourself in the area!


338 SE Port St Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 212-7244

Reviewed by:

Xavier Clifton

As a regular at Rosita's for brunch, I'm always impressed by the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the place. They whip up omelets just like they do in NY – and let me tell you, they're absolutely spot-on. I'm definitely planning on coming back because it's not every day you find a spot that gets it right. The decor has this charming, old-school diner vibe that I really appreciate. It sets the perfect scene for an excellent breakfast experience. And the service? Top-notch. Really, the staff here know how to make you feel at home. Although, I have to say, the last time I was there, I noticed they'd changed up the seating. I'm all for a fresh look, but the new layout doesn't quite hit the mark for me. It feels a bit like they haven't finished the job, with half booths and mismatched tables and chairs. I'm crossing my fingers they'll revert to the old setup. Despite the seating, the food still came out great – I mean, it wasn't piping hot, but the flavors were there. That's thanks to the consistent cook in the back. And Robin, our server, made sure we were well taken care of. I've seen some changes since the restaurant changed hands, like the new table arrangement that's more maze-like, and honestly, it's pretty uninspiring. Some of the food doesn't seem to be what it used to be, like the fries and the burger on my last visit. I'm all for changes, but the fundamentals like hot fries and proper burger prep should stay sacred. It's a bit disheartening to see signs of carelessness, like staff members eating at the counter in a way that doesn't exemplify the professionalism the servers work so hard to maintain. I've noticed it's been quieter here lately, and I can't help but feel the recent changes are having an impact on the usual buzz. Here's hoping Rosita's finds its stride again – this place has so much potential, and I'd love to see it thrive through all seasons.

Susie Q’s

263 SE Port St Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 878-8228

Reviewed by:

Brandon Holway

Absolutely thrilled with Susie Q's for brunch here in Port St. Lucie! It's the spot for delicious breakfast options that hit the spot every time. The food never disappoints – it's always served hot, fresh, and in record time. Plus, the servers are unbeatable; they truly are some of the best around. They even have rare finds for anyone harking back to the Tri-State area, like scrapple and pork roll – a real treat this far south! Been a regular for over a decade since childhood and the quality has never wavered. The place offers a fantastic basic breakfast that won't break the bank – a meal with all the fixings for around $14 is an absolute steal. And the breakfast sandwich is to die for! A few years back, they gave the interior a farm-style makeover, which really cozies up the place, and the welcoming staff just adds to the warm vibes. It's so much more than a brunch spot; it's a treasure trove of fond memories. Their pies deserve a special shout-out – simply AMAZING. It's become a ritual to ride down 5 miles in the morning, ideally get there at 7:00 for coffee and potentially a bite, then leisurely head back home after a satisfying start to the day. If it gets busy post-8 AM, that's just a testament to how good this place is. Lastly, the attentive service from the kitchen to the table is remarkable. The cook personally ensured my steak was done to my very rare preference – that level of care makes all the difference. Every meal here is guaranteed to impress. In short, if you're considering Susie Q's for your next brunch outing, just go for it. Between the scrumptious food and exceptional service, it's a decision you'll thank yourself for.

Mama Lisa's Bistro

2838 SW Port St Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 333-2408

Reviewed by:

Jessica Manso

I absolutely adore Mama Lisa's Bistro for brunch in Port St. Lucie. The atmosphere here is so warm and welcoming, with everyone from the staff to the regulars making you feel like part of the family. Their hearty smiles and genuine care make every visit special, and their knack for building relationships is truly heartwarming. The food, oh my goodness, the food is just divine! The omelets are fluffy and flavorful, the onion rings have the perfect crunch, and the fries are just irresistible. And while the dishes are the main draw, what's equally remarkable is how the team finds the time to share uplifting words and the gospel, which speaks to their character. Gary, Lisa, and everyone at Mama Lisa's, you all have my deepest gratitude. Your effort and love do not go unnoticed. Since moving to Port St. Lucie, my family and I have become regulars, and there’s no question why – the corned beef hash, grits, pancakes, and eggs – every plate is spotless, both in cleanliness and because the food is too good to leave even a single bite. The generosity here is second to none. They once played "Happy Birthday" for my sister on the piano, making the occasion even more memorable. You can't walk into Mama Lisa's without leaving with a full heart and a full stomach. It's the quality of a high-end restaurant without the high-end prices, and the portion sizes ensure you get more than your money's worth. Lonny's service is impeccable, always attentive and served with a smile that seems increasingly rare these days. Even when the bistro is buzzing, and service is understandably a touch slower, patience is rewarded with a meal that's worth every second of the wait. In summary, Mama Lisa's Bistro is more than just a place to eat; it's where culinary skill meets the comfort of home, and where you're treated not just as a customer, but as a cherished member of the extended family. Here's to countless more delightful brunches and the many wonderful memories that will undoubtedly be made at this gem of a spot in Port St. Lucie. Cheers to Mama Lisa's, where every visit is a reason to celebrate!

Grandpa's Diner

7586 S U.S. Hwy 1, Port St. Lucie

(772) 777-4134

Reviewed by:

Robert Trent

On my first visit to Grandpa's Diner for brunch in Port St. Lucie, I was impressed with the extensive lunch menu. While my meatball sub was just fair, my spouse's chicken sandwich was very good. Initially, our French fries were cold, but our attentive server quickly rectified this with a fresh, hot batch. This place truly feels like one of the hidden gems of the area, with its spectacular, home-cooked food that's clearly made from fresh ingredients, not frozen or processed. The dining experience felt like a delightful journey back to a time when food was genuinely enjoyable and flavorful. The staff's friendliness added to the warm atmosphere, and our waitress, Lauren, was particularly helpful – I definitely recommend asking for her. I've been here multiple times since, trying everything from their classic burger and Philly cheesesteak to their turkey club, chicken parm, and even breakfast items. The freshness is consistent across the board, even for items like the hand-breaded fried calamari and chicken tenders. As someone who hails from NY, the diner's homey and cozy vibe resonates with me, reminding me of the great eateries back home but with even better, unprocessed food. The service at Grandpa's Diner has always been excellent. It's a place I've frequented for years, attracted by the good specials and overall value. The pricing is more than fair for the quality of the food served, and the staff's warmth and recognition of regular customers add a personal touch to each visit. It's a wonderful spot to enjoy a meal with family and friends, and I plan to keep coming back.


10111 S U.S. Hwy 1, Port St. Lucie

(772) 337-1955

Reviewed by:

Nathalie Gutierrez Sanchez

Stopped by Denny's in Port St. Lucie for brunch and it was a really good decision. The staff was attentive and always ensured my coffee cup was full, asking if I needed anything else. The Brisket Sandwich was a highlight – Texas BBQ beef brisket with pickles, fried eggs, and cheese, all complemented by a tasty sauce. The fries were also a hit. The place had a clean and friendly atmosphere, typical of a great diner. Took my dad there for breakfast and we were both impressed by the quality of the service and the food. Our waitress was super nice, making the experience even better. Even after a rough morning, the warm and welcoming vibe at Denny's turned my day around. My waitress, Angelica, was particularly wonderful; she kept the coffee coming and ensured I left with a smile. Overall, the food was delicious, the service was outstanding, and the environment was inviting. This location definitely deserves a 5-star rating for making every visit enjoyable.

Bob Evans

1830 SW Fountainview Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 879-0973

Reviewed by:

Gurpreet Everett

I just had to share my experience about the brunch at Bob Evans in Port St. Lucie. The menu was straightforward but the food was absolutely good. The staff were so polite and friendly, making the whole dining experience very pleasant. Honestly, it was the best breakfast my family and I have ever enjoyed. This was our first visit to Bob Evans, and it's safe to say that we're now hooked on their breakfast and won't be looking anywhere else. Stephanie, our server, was fantastic, adding to the reasons why this place is now my top choice for breakfast. I first came across Bob Evans in Jacksonville, and it was a happy surprise to find one in Port Saint Lucie. From the great service to the delicious food and the welcoming atmosphere, everything about this restaurant is worth praising. Even when we placed a pickup order, which included a family size green beans with ham, the experience was noteworthy. However, I was a bit taken aback by the portion size for the price, so that's something for potential buyers to consider. In summary, if you're ever in town or close by, and looking for a hearty, satisfying brunch, you simply can't go wrong with Bob Evans.


230 NW Peacock Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 763-1690

Reviewed by:

Luís Kamara

I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I had at Denny's in Port St. Lucie for brunch. The fact that it's open on Thanksgiving is a huge benefit for folks like me who are looking for a good meal on the holiday. They were very accommodating when I requested something that wasn't on the menu, which is always a nice touch. The best thing about this Denny's is you can get breakfast any time of the day. The hashbrowns came out perfectly golden – just the way I enjoy them. However, I will say that some of the other items like sausage and bacon seemed to be on the smaller side for the price, and the toast was a bit inconsistent. I've noticed that the best time to visit this location is at night, from 6pm to 3am. The service with the management and servers during these hours is superior. The food is consistently great, and they're always on top of refills. This morning was especially impressive. The staff was incredibly efficient, even with a high volume of Door Dash and Uber Eats orders lined up. They still managed to take excellent care of everyone in the restaurant, and the kitchen staff kept up with all the orders without missing a beat. There was even a moment when some customers who had ordered steaks well done became impatient with the 26-minute wait and decided to leave, which worked out for me. I ended up with a delicious breakfast of steak, pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns that was fortunately not overcooked. I have to give a shoutout to the team for managing everything so well, even while short-staffed. They really showed professionalism and dedication to their customers. It just goes to show that good service can make all the difference in a dining experience.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

9202 S Federal Hwy, Port St. Lucie

(772) 236-3195

Reviewed by:

Mayline Algarin

Would definitely return to Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Port St. Lucie for brunch. The food was tasty, although I would have preferred my sausage a bit more cooked. Impressed by the friendly staff and how the restaurant maintained a fresh, clean scent, despite noticing that the roof tiles could use some attention. Granted, it's an older establishment, so a little wear and tear is understandable. The interior was nice and clean. Encountered a bit of confusion with a brief wait despite the apparent availability of tables and staff, but it wasn't a major issue. My experience with the hot turkey dinner wasn't perfect; I asked for it to be served hot based on a previous visit, but unfortunately, the mashed potatoes were cold while the rest was fine. My friend confirmed the temperature discrepancy. There was a mix-up with a waitress and subsequently with the management regarding resolving this, which wasn't handled to my satisfaction. However, that won't overshadow the many positives. The atmosphere of the restaurant is great. It's quiet enough for comfortable conversation, which is a big plus. They also leave a carafe of coffee on the table, which is a thoughtful touch. The sunroom is a delightful spot to enjoy a meal. The California Avocado Benedict was a standout dish, served with home fries and grits at a reasonable price. The variety of pastries is another highlight - from muffins to pies, especially the Peanut Butter Pie. The selection is mouthwatering. The food here is consistently fresh, catering to a variety of dietary preferences. As a Vegetarian, it's appreciated how fresh and crisp the vegetables are. The expansive menu offers something for everyone, from meats to seafood and pasta, all at unbeatable prices. It's a restaurant that values cleanliness, and the staff's friendliness and care are evident. Accessibility is well-considered, with handicapped parking and an easy-to-navigate ramp for wheelchair users. Perkins is a solid choice for any meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or simply for coffee and dessert. It's a place where quality, affordability, and a welcoming atmosphere come together. Definitely worth recommending, and it's a spot where satisfaction is nearly guaranteed.


990 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St. Lucie

(772) 621-9000

Reviewed by:

Nabila Perez

My experience at IHOP for brunch in Port St. Lucie was truly delightful. The place was bustling with energy, which goes to show just how popular it is among locals and visitors alike. Despite the crowd, the service didn't miss a beat. Right from the get-go, our server was attentive and efficient, ensuring that we were well looked after throughout our meal. The atmosphere was just right for a leisurely brunch, and even though it was busy, it added to the vibrant ambiance of the restaurant. As for the food, it was delicious as ever. IHOP's pancakes are always a hit, but the entire menu was tempting, and everything we ordered was served just as we hoped. The standout of the visit, however, had to be the server working solo during the dinner rush. She managed to handle everything with grace and professionalism, making us feel like we were in good hands. Her dedication to ensuring every customer was satisfied was truly commendable. It was a gesture of appreciation that led me to leave a generous tip, a small token for her hard work and the pleasant experience she provided. Cleanliness is always a priority, and the restaurant was in good shape. While service experienced a slight delay, the quality of the food more than made up for the wait. It just goes to show that even when things get hectic, the staff at IHOP in Port St. Lucie knows how to deliver a positive dining experience. Overall, the visit was enjoyable, and I would gladly return for another brunch outing here.

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