September 12, 2023

Exploring the Top 20 Brunch Spots in Providence

Get your brunch game on in Providence! Indulge in mouthwatering pancakes, epic eggs benedict, or legendary lobster rolls. From cozy cafes to swanky bistros, we're serving up the ultimate guide to the city's best brunch spots. No fluff, just scrumptious eats. Your stomach will thank you!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
Reviewed from:
Rhode Island
Exploring the Top 20 Brunch Spots in Providence
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Unlock your good fortunes in Providence, Rhode Island, where brunch isn't just a meal; it's an event. With the city's food scene as diverse and vibrant as its history, there's something for every taste and mood. It’s as if Providence itself has provided for all – sweet tooths are satiated, savory lovers satisfied, and vegetarian vittles validated. Expand your palate's providence with these top brunch places that are worth waking up early, on any given weekend.


300 Broadway, Providence

(401) 432-7202

Reviewed by:

Rachel Gonzalez

I recently visited Schasteâ in Providence for brunch and was absolutely delighted with my experience! Their sandwiches, wrapped in tantalizing naan, were like nothing I've tasted before - truly intriguing! As a tea lover, their extensive selection was a treat, especially their range of fantastic loose teas that were also available for purchase. The tea-based cocktails were cleverly crafted, blending complex, flavorsome notes. Not only was the food and tea exceptional, but the ambience was equally impressive. The seating was comfortable, the decor stunning and the service was nothing but friendly and efficient. It was such a plus to find some outlets available for phone charging. This spot is perfect for quiet reading, catching up on work or for a leisurely chat with a friend. The highlight of my visit was their delicious tea; I tried the white peach and jasmine tea sweetened with simple syrup - so refreshing! The crepes are a must-have. I tried a savory one with ham and Dijon mustard and a sweet one with vanilla cream and mixed berries - both absolutely exquisite. This adorable tea room and crêperie is a gem in Providence. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I had and can't wait for my next visit. This place comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a delightful brunch experience.

Little Sister

737a Hope St, Providence

(401) 642-9464

Reviewed by:

Angela Mohammed

I recently discovered a fantastic little spot perfect for brunch, known as Little Sister, in Providence. This culinary gem offers an exceptional dining experience - from the food to the ambiance and the service, every aspect is absolutely top-tier. The chef, Milena, is especially attentive to dietary restrictions, offering an incredibly varied and delicious five-course tasting menu that will cater to any preference. Both Milena and Mischa are fantastic hosts, providing friendly, attentive service and a deep knowledge of the menu and wine selections. I, along with my friends, had a truly unforgettable evening at Little Sister and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a unique dining experience. What's great about this place? First of all, the food is divine. During my visits for brunch, I have been impressed by the freshness and perfect seasoning of dishes like Shakshouka and Avocado Toast. They also offer unique fermented fruit drinks that were amazing. The cafe has a relaxed but trendy vibe, with hip decor and a small, specialized menu dedicated to Puerto Rican food. It's also worth mentioning the special events, like the chef's choice tasting menu on Fridays and wine tasting on Sundays. And trust me, you don't want to miss their tostones, maduros, sesame-horchata and the Cubano. Just remember to make a reservation, whether you plan on sitting in or taking out. In summary, Little Sister offers an extraordinary brunch experience in Providence. With its diverse tantalizing menu, friendly service, and cool atmosphere, it ticks all the right boxes. I would highly recommend checking it out for your next brunch, date night, or small group gathering.

Amy's Place

214 Wickenden St, Providence

(401) 274-9966

Reviewed by:

Jong Pillar

I stumbled upon Amy's Place around noon on a Thursday and, despite being busy, was able to find a seat by the window. The establishment's atmosphere was delightful with plenty of natural light that added to the friendly ambience. I ordered the Hash It Out breakfast sandwich and it was beyond delicious, while my friend enjoyed her Veggie Burrito too. We both loved the Mango Mania smoothies as well. I couldn't help but be impressed with their fantastic menu - the breakfast tacos were extraordinary and the Sunday sandwich definitely worth trying. Although their coffee was not my usual go-to, it was pretty decent. One thing that I particularly appreciated was their attention to dietary restrictions; they were more than willing to accommodate my dairy allergy. They offer a diverse range of breakfast sandwiches, of which I've tried Avocado Toast and The Hangover - both were impressively tasty and filling. They give you a choice of breads, but I would recommend trying their Bolo - if you don't know what that is, just ask, they will happily enlighten you. Despite being a busy spot, the service remained quick and precise. Plus, they provide an option for ordering your food for pick up. With window barstools for people watching and outside tables for alfresco dining, Amy's Place is a must-try spot for brunch in Providence. In a nutshell, I'm excited to return and try the rest of their menu offerings. Although it's a small place, it serves up some seriously big flavors.

CAV Restaurant

14 Imperial Pl, Providence

(401) 751-9164

Reviewed by:

Jose Luis Edwards

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing brunch at CAV Restaurant in Providence and it was nothing short of remarkable. I sampled a variety of dishes, from a pistachio encrusted crab cake loaded with lump meat to lobster scrambled eggs drenched in Thai chili sauce, served on brioche sticks. The coffee was also noteworthy, prompting me to find the source and order myself a batch for home. CAV is a little hidden, but absolutely worth the effort to locate. Conveniently, street parking is free on Sundays. This place has already earned a spot on my "must-visit" list. The server was not only professional and knowledgeable, but also genuinely friendly. The atmosphere was breathtaking; it felt like dining in a historic museum filled with carefully curated art and artifacts. One of the highlights was the vegetarian pasta. It was hands down the best I've ever had - creamy, fluffy, light and served with perfectly cooked, non-watery spinach. A glass of excellent red cab wine was the perfect complement to the meal. All of this, paired with an affordable price tag, exceeded my expectations. The neighborhood charm adds to the overall appeal of CAV. The restaurant is open till 10 PM, making it a great after-travel stop; we were accommodated and seated quickly at around 8:30 PM. I was so impressed by the PEI mussels that I couldn't resist ordering them and they certainly did not disappoint. The unique ambiance and the exceptionally friendly staff make this an incredibly affordable fine dining experience. I am intrigued by their dinner offerings, especially the duck or salmon with orange glaze and the chicken with pears and chive dumplings. The place sports a quirky decor, solid cocktails, and substantial dinner portions. I'll certainly be coming back for more. For everyone visiting Providence, CAV is a place you don't want to miss!

Rogue Island Local Kitchen & Bar

65 Weybosset St #108, Providence

(401) 831-3733

Reviewed by:

Alba Cruz Hay

I visited this quaint little spot, nestled in the heart of downtown Providence, and was delighted at every turn. From its location in the historic Arcade building to the impressive bar stocked with a variety of excellent drinks, this place ticks all the boxes. The staff was warm and attentive, making sure we were well taken care of throughout our meal. The appetizers arrived promptly and were delectable - a visual and culinary treat! The main course was equally delicious, living up to its appealing presentation. I was particularly impressed with the brunch poutine and the roasted duck leg hash special - both dishes were absolutely fantastic. The service was top-notch, with staff checking in frequently to ensure we were enjoying our meal. While the place does get busy quickly and the prices are a bit on the higher side, it's worth it for the quality of the food and service. The upbeat reggae music and laid-back, modern atmosphere added to the overall charm of the place. Being an out-of-towner from Michigan, I was keen on trying the lobster roll and it did not disappoint. In addition, the bottomless mimosas, Burrata, and poutine made for great appetizers. On another visit, my sister and I were once again impressed by the impeccable service and quality of food. The brioche French toast is a must-try. Our server was very attentive and even recommended local sights for us to explore. I can't wait to return and work my way through the rest of the menu. This cozy gem in downtown Providence is definitely worth a visit.


318 Broadway, Providence

(401) 861-1770

Reviewed by:

Arturo Gorg

Julian's is my top pick for brunch in Providence. The food is consistently amazing and the service is always top-notch. The place can get a little noisy due to the echo, especially when it's crowded, but it doesn't deter me from returning time and again. Their traditional Benedicts were a delightful surprise - a must-try for anyone new to this spot. I was also wowed by their pomegranate mimosas, a divine touch to an already exceptional meal. Conversely, the close-knit seating arrangement can feel a tad claustrophobic. However, their exceptional benedict alone is reason enough for a visit. I almost cleared my plate of its huge portion, if not for the generosity of their mimosas. The food is consistently astounding, and the portion sizes are immense, which I absolutely love. The staff is affable and quick with their service, adding to the overall positive experience. Julian's is definitely on my list of recommendations. The place is truly bohemian in essence, offering something for everyone. Whether you are a die-hard meat lover or a vegan, Julian's caters to all. The staff is outstanding, prices are reasonable, and the service is spectacularly quick. I look forward to returning for dinner. A visit to Julian's is highly recommended for a taste of sumptuous food and warm, quick service.

nicks on broadway

500 Broadway, Providence

(401) 421-0286

Reviewed by:

Paloma Lucas

Nicks on Broadway is a great place for brunch. I stopped by on a Sunday and was pleased to find that the food was not only delicious but also reasonably priced. We did have a bit of a wait for our food, around 45 minutes, but the quality was worth it. The service was good, very polite staff, but keep in mind that you might have to wait a while, especially if you're in a rush. The cheese plate we ordered was very tasty, albeit a bit on the small side considering the price. Eating at the chef's counter was a fun experience and I was impressed with the freshness of the ingredients. If you're a fan of salads, you have to try them here. Another plus was the farm-to-table menu - everything was so fresh and my choice of polenta & veggies with bluefish was simply scrumptious. Not to mention the honey chili chicken biscuit – absolutely fantastic! Despite my initial concern about being underdressed for the place, I noticed other customers were also dressed casually on this cold and rainy Saturday. In summary, Nicks on Broadway is well worth a visit for their tasty, fresh food and reasonable prices. Just bear in mind there might be some waiting time involved.

The District

54 South St, Providence

(401) 421-0050

Reviewed by:

Lily Burdett

I recently went to The District for a friend's birthday brunch and was pleasantly surprised. The deal of $25 for a bottle of champagne and orange juice was quite steep, but it was worth it considering the price of individual mimosas. The food, especially the hash, was incredibly tasty and I've been craving it ever since. The range of pizzas, particularly the pulled pork with BBQ sauce, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, and honey garlic pizza, were all excellent options for my dairy allergy. Reservations are definitely recommended for dining in at this cozy, homely spot. Among the four of us, we shared wings, buffalo cauliflower bites, and dumplings—all of which were delicious. I found the sangria to be quite good, albeit a bit overpriced, but we managed by splitting two pitchers between us. Interestingly, the vodka pie was not what you'd typically expect, it wasn't swamped in pink vodka sauce, but it made for an excellent bar pizza. The live music was an added bonus, elevating the overall ambience. The space itself was beautiful and they managed to accommodate our party of 12 for brunch quite seamlessly. What warmed my heart the most was the owner making rounds and ensuring that we were all enjoying ourselves. This is definitely a place you can't go wrong with.

Circe Restaurant & Bar - Providence

50 Weybosset St, Providence

(401) 437-8991

Reviewed by:

Carla Ramirez

My visits to Circe Restaurant & Bar in Providence have always been pleasant, thanks to their delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. One thing that stands out for me is their Duo of Duck, particularly the confit duck, which never fails to impress. This spot is great for both business dinners and date nights, owing to the cordial staff that always serves with a smile. The food is top-notch, offering a variety of delightful flavors and textures that I believe are the best in Providence. I was slightly taken aback by the portion sizes which are quite generous. The atmosphere, albeit a bit stuffy, doesn't undermine the beauty of the place. It's worth noting that the prices are on the higher side but I think this is consistent with the overall pricing in Providence. I had the opportunity to visit during restaurant week, and I must say the experience was quite enjoyable. Our reservation was promptly honored, and the staff treated us kindly. However, not all dishes met my expectations - while the short rib with mushroom risotto and creme brûlée stood out, the pumpkin soup seemed to lack something. The same sentiments were shared by my partner who found his calamari and lobster ravioli to be rather average. The cheesecake was a bit too sweet for my taste. Another thing that didn't sit well with me was the loud music after 9 p.m, which made it a little bit challenging to hold a conversation. It left me wondering whether Circe is striving to be a restobar or a nightclub. Despite these small shortcomings, I think it's a place worth trying, especially for a drink. The last time we went for restaurant week, I particularly enjoyed the lobster ravioli which had generous chunks of lobster. This dish alone is enough reason for me to go back. Despite being a bit pricy, the overall experience at Circe is worth every penny.

Small Point Café

230 Westminster St, Providence

(401) 228-6999

Reviewed by:

Modesto Villali

Small Point Café is a cozy and vibrant coffee shop in Providence with a great atmosphere and an impressive menu. The staff is friendly and the coffee is decent, making it a great place to hang out, read, or just relax. I tried a lox bagel which was delicious with the perfect ratio of salmon to cream cheese, accompanied by fresh tomato slices and red onions. I also tried a chocolate chip cookie, which was a bit too crunchy for my taste, but still quite okay. During a recent visit with my family, we were all impressed by the comfortable and inviting ambiance of the café. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious Matcha Latte I ordered - the matcha flavor was perfectly balanced and the frothed milk was silky smooth. My family was also pleased with their regular lattes. The relaxing, low-key vibe of Small Point Café makes it an ideal spot to unwind and catch up with loved ones. The friendly staff contributed to our positive experience, and I am already looking forward to our next visit. If you're in the vicinity, especially if you're a JWU student, I highly recommend giving this place a try. It's lively, but not too loud to carry on a conversation. The food is solid, although the coffee could use a touch more sweetness. Nevertheless, it's a great place that I enthusiastically recommend!

Salted Slate

186 Wayland Ave, Providence

(401) 270-3737

Reviewed by:

Mike Pindell

I've always had a special place in my heart for Salted Slate. Their menu is both excellent and unique, featuring delightful and creative meals and cocktails. Today, I tried the Peruvian Bridesmaid - a heavenly concoction of blueberry and white rum. However, I was a bit taken aback by the extra charges for additional garnishes on my smoked salmon and bagel dish. My wife and I often dine at Salted Slate and we love it; but our latest visit did not match up to our previous experiences. The staff seemed unfamiliar with the menu and wine list. It was disappointing to order two bottles of wine, only to be told they were out of stock and offered an alternative that was underwhelming for the price. Moreover, my wife who is lactose intolerant was recommended a dish that wasn't actually dairy-free. And a small annoyance was that when my fork fell, I asked for a replacement that never arrived, forcing me to borrow one from an empty table. Despite these grievances, Salted Slate remains one of my favorite places to eat in Providence, Rhode Island, and the East Side. The owner, Ben, ensures a consistently outstanding and eclectic menu. The staff are usually warm and accommodating. Their bacon burger is one of the best I've ever had, and the garden burger and meatballs are simply exquisite. I would also highly recommend their brunch offerings, which are tasty and reasonably priced. Despite the recent issues, I would still suggest a visit to this restaurant. Five stars all around!

Brickway On Wickenden

234 Wickenden St, Providence

(401) 751-2477

Reviewed by:

Ryan De Jesus

I absolutely love Brickway on Wickenden! This hidden gem on Wickenden street has quickly become my go-to breakfast spot. While the seating might be a bit tight, the delicious food and coffee easily make up for it. The home fries are particularly tasty, and while the prices might be a bit steep, the quality and portion sizes are definitely worth it. This place is absolutely exceptional, exceeding all my expectations consistently. There's a fantastic selection of breakfast omelettes and the sandwiches and wraps are simply out of this world. My personal favorite is the tuna melt with Swiss on rye - the best ever! Additionally, the Take-Out ordering process is streamlined and error-free. I look forward to starting my mornings at Brickway at least once a week. And let's not forget the pancakes and omelettes - great quality and taste. The service here is really commendable, fast yet you don't feel rushed. The ambiance is cheerful with a vibrant decor that'll wake you right up. The food is absolutely worth the wait, and the beautiful artwork adorning the walls only adds to the warm, inviting atmosphere. Yes, it could be a bit noisy, but that's a small compromise for the experience you get. One highlight of Brickway that deserves mention is their flexibility. I've ordered Strawberry pancakes and lemon and blueberry French toast, both off-menu items, and they were more than happy to accommodate my requests. So, if you're looking for quality breakfast without draining your wallet, definitely give Brickway a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Red Stripe

465 Angell St, Providence

(401) 437-6950

Reviewed by:

Gisela Dan Farver

Red Stripe has easily become one of my favorite go-to spots. I've sampled almost every dish on their menu and have yet to be disappointed. They're incredibly accommodating to dairy allergies, which is a major plus. If you're a fan of appetizers, their fish tacos and calamari are top-notch. For drinks, I can't resist their Mimosa for brunch or the mango sangria - absolute must-tries. As for main dishes, it's tough to choose between the mouclade, paella, and steak frites. They're all equally divine. And you definitely can't visit without ordering their fries with aioli. It's hands down the best aioli I've experienced. The last time I visited, the staff was wonderful. The hostess was personable and our waiter, Crawford, was incredibly attentive. He made our dining experience even better. And of course, I had to end the night with their Tiramisu - another favorite. Red Stripe was suggested to us as a perfect place for small gatherings. We brought our daughter and her friends here for dinner - seven of us in total. We found the food excellent, the service attentive, and the menu diverse. The atmosphere was inviting and laid back - reminiscent of a classic American brasserie. There was ample seating, which is always a bonus. In essence, Red Stripe offers a brilliant dining experience. From the remarkable food options to the warm, welcoming service, it's a place you'll want to visit time and time again. The expansive menu ensures there's something for everyone, making it a great choice for gatherings. Whether you're there for brunch or dinner, rest assured you're in for a treat.

Sydney Providence

400 Exchange St, Providence

(401) 648-4994

Reviewed by:

Denise Smith

Sydney Providence is a charming little spot, perfect for a quick breakfast or brunch visit. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the staff are incredibly friendly and informative. The hot chocolate is delightful and they have a wide selection of items like fresh baked pastries, salads, yogurts and many more. Their tiramisu is a must-try! The relaxed atmosphere is complemented by the considerate service, as they bring food to your seat when you dine in. The food is absolutely delicious. I had the savory toast with a fried egg, topped with balsamic glaze and herbs - an unexpectedly delightful combination. While I initially expected the sweet potatoes to be in a spread, they were served in tender chunks, making the toast a little more substantial than anticipated but nonetheless tasty. The only small drawback was that the coffee was served in a cardboard cup with a plastic lid, which didn't feel quite environmentally friendly. Other than that, Sydney Providence offered an enjoyable breakfast experience. I would definitely recommend it for a visit.

The Classic Cafe

865 Westminster St, Providence

(401) 273-0707

Reviewed by:

Richard Wren

Wow, what a start to the day with breakfast at The Classic Cafe. It was like stepping into an old school diner right out of a TV show - a real authentic experience. Even being from NY, this place stood out. The service was top-notch, especially a waitress named Daisy who made us feel like we were part of the family. She was attentive, constantly refilling our drinks and checking on us, all while maintaining a level of kindness and respect. The food was delicious as well. I indulged in a Philly cheesesteak and fries, while my partner tried out the Cuban omelet from the specials. Both were incredible. Even my friend, who is vegan, found options to enjoy. She loved her vegan Reuben - she even took a picture of it! Despite being quite busy when we visited, they managed to get us seated quickly. The place was bustling but remained clean and tidy. Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to visit again. I'm so glad we chose The Classic Cafe - it definitely lived up to the hype.

Federal Taphouse & Kitchen

279 Atwells Ave, Providence

(401) 454-8881

Reviewed by:

Davina Childre

My visit to Federal Taphouse & Kitchen was a delightful experience. Their Wednesday Fajita and Sangria combo was just heavenly. The Fajita was deliciously sizzling, while the Sangria was refreshingly tasty. The outdoor seating is dog friendly, which is a bonus. The food was simply top-notch, and the service was truly amazing. Our bartender, Jennifer, was skilled and created fantastic drinks. She was really accommodating, especially after a little mix-up with our reservation. If you're into mimosas, their bottomless ones are a must try! Despite a few minor issues, such as insufficient air conditioning on a hot day and lack of toilet paper and soap in the restroom, the overall experience was enjoyable. Their drink menu is commendable, however, vegetarians might find the food options slightly limited. I would also like to point out their fries - they're simply amazing. However, there's room for improvement with the fish tacos as the fish was overcooked and scarce. I had a good experience overall and I can't wait to visit Federal Taphouse & Kitchen again. During my visit, I tried the Bean Burger, Taphouse Nachos, Raspberry Mule, and Chicken Parmesan Eggroll. All of which were nicely presented and tasted wonderful. In conclusion, Federal Taphouse & Kitchen offers excellent quantity and friendly staff making it a decent place to dine in.

Meeting Street Cafe

220 Meeting St, Providence

(401) 273-1066

Reviewed by:

Antonio Lopez

I had brunch at Meeting Street Cafe in Providence recently and was pretty pleased with the experience overall. The food and coffee were good. I especially enjoyed the blueberry pancake that was suggested to me by a friend. The chef informed me that they make their own dough which explained the delicious taste. The Pancake Combo came with scrambled eggs, which were also very tasty when ordered with cheese. The service was friendly and quick. You just order at the counter and they bring your food to you. Although it didn't take long for our meals to arrive, I did notice that the bagels seemed a bit stale. The place was comfortable enough, but the stained ceiling tiles did catch my eye. The interior was clean but fairly average. I also had the Thanksgiving sandwich but was disappointed as there was something off about the stuffing. It had an unpleasant taste and smell. When I called to inform them, they mentioned that's how they typically prepare their stuffing. Even though I was disappointed with the sandwich, they were quick to refund my money which I appreciated. In terms of pricing, I found it a bit high at $15.34 with tax, especially when compared to other places offering similar food. In conclusion, despite a few hiccups, it was a good experience overall. The food, especially the pancakes, were delicious and well made. The speedy and friendly service was a plus.

Public Kitchen And Bar

120 Francis St, Providence

(401) 919-5050

Reviewed by:

Ashley Skinner

I had an extraordinary experience at Public Kitchen and Bar for brunch. The staff, particularly Steve and 'Ray', went above and beyond, exuding charm and professionalism. The drinks were outstanding, with the Manhattan being one of the best I've ever tasted. The food was exceptional as well, with the large calamari appetizer, beautifully plated scallops, and the visually stunning cioppino being particular highlights. Despite being a hotel restaurant, it bucks the trend of unoriginal, cookie-cutter establishments found in most large hotel chains with its unique aesthetics, welcoming atmosphere, and exceptional service. The food was simply spectacular, from the tantalizing starters to the delectable mains. Dining at the bar was a great experience, as the bartender created an incredible mock-tail from scratch for me. All the staff, from the host to the food runner, were genuinely friendly and attentive to our needs. One minor downside was the small portion of chowder, though it was incredibly tasty. The spinach salad had a wonderful balance of flavors that made up for it. I highly recommend calling in for dinner reservations, especially when there's a show nearby. This place is often packed! But even without a reservation, the bar offers an excellent alternative spot to enjoy your meal. In conclusion, Public Kitchen and Bar is a standout destination in its own right. I'd return in a heartbeat.

The River Social | dinner, Cocktail, Brunch restaurant in Providence

200 Exchange St, Providence

(401) 548-6688

Reviewed by:

Maria Elena Markosian

I recently had a wonderful dining experience at The River Social in Providence. The restaurant itself is stunning, situated right on the river and offering a prime view of the iconic Waterfire. I began my meal with the egg rolls from the appetizer menu, which were absolutely delicious. The main course - the Seared scallops and steak frite with Papa fritas and arugula salad - elevated the experience to new heights. The food was incredibly flavorful and satisfying. What truly stood out, though, was the service. Our waitress, Rachel, went above and beyond to ensure our comfort, even helping us when we thought we had lost our keys. This place offers a truly delightful dining experience, complete with excellent food, service, and a great location. I especially enjoyed my chicken and waffles brunch, perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of sriracha sauce for a kick of flavor without overwhelming heat. The selection of drinks was also impressive. It was a joy to watch people walking by and gondolas floating down the river while we enjoyed our meal. For brunch lovers, I highly recommend the waffle bites with all the toppings. They also offer an array of fun brunch drinks and boast fantastic views of the water. Simply put, The River Social is a fun place to relax, enjoy good food, and take in the scenic view. Despite some negative reviews, I found the overall experience to be very enjoyable. I look forward to returning to this gem of a date spot soon!

NicoBella's Downtown Providence

10 Dorrance St, Providence

(401) 421-1111

Reviewed by:

Clara Hodges

My family and I were in town dropping off our daughter at Brown University and found ourselves at NicoBella's Downtown Providence for brunch, conveniently located within walking distance of where we were staying. We were welcomed warmly by the owner upon arrival, who personally gave us a run-down of the restaurant's history. All of the food we ordered truly stood out - the pancakes and waffles were fantastic, and don't even get me started on the chicken tenders on the chicken and waffles! They were flavorful and crispy, just the way we like them. Despite being initially uncertain about the sugar waffles, they ended up being a delightful surprise, and the staff were nothing but welcoming and helpful. Our server, Dina, was friendly, attentive, and contributed to our positive dining experience. My son even went as far as to say that the pancakes were superior to those at IHOP, which is high praise from him! The only potential drawback could be the service speed. If you're in a hurry, you might want to consider getting your order to go. However, the food quality and the service we received more than made up for it. I would recommend NicoBella's Downtown Providence to anyone looking for an excellent brunch experience in Providence. The Lumberjack omelette was particularly impressive. This place is definitely a gem!

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