February 16, 2024

Top 10 Sizzling Brunches in Rancho Cucamonga

Craving brunch in Rancho Cucamonga? Leap out of bed for our guide to mouth-watering brunch spots.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 10 Sizzling Brunches in Rancho Cucamonga
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Welcome to the heart of flavor and fun, folks – right here in the iconic Rancho Cucamonga. This isn’t just any old rancho; it’s your gateway to a brunch bonanza.

lemon tree cafe

8443 Haven Ave #193, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 758-0604

Reviewed by:

Rebec Natoli

Finally had the chance to check out Lemon Tree Cafe for brunch and it was quite the discovery! The menu was impressively large, making it hard to choose because everything sounded tempting. Ended up trying the loaded hash brown, cinnamon roll pancake, and the pancake breakfast featuring their special lemon tree pancakes. Honestly, the pancakes couldn’t have been better – so light and fluffy. Every bite was a delight! This breakfast discovery was purely by chance but what a lucky find it was. The crunchy French toast and the bennies, especially with that chipotle hollandaise, were out of this world. Plus, they have some really great, inventive lemonades that complemented the meal perfectly. The vibe of the place was just my style – cute and inviting. I’m already looking forward to coming back to try their lunch offerings. Despite a bit of a wait for the service, the breakfast experience was worth it. It was a great bonus that they opened a bit earlier than the other places in the food hall, so parking was a breeze. The cafe itself was buzzing with energy, a lot of diners inside but not so many outside. Choosing to sit on their patio was a great decision, especially since I had my dog with me. The atmosphere was both clean and cute. Even though the food took a little while to arrive, it was both tasty and satisfying - definitely worth a return visit. Being from Hawaii, I was thrilled to find loco moco on the menu and it absolutely met my expectations. The eggs Benedict were also a hit. Highly recommend this spot to anyone looking for a fantastic brunch experience!

Johnny O's Cafe

8890 8th St, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 608-0260

Reviewed by:

Patricia Romero

My boyfriend and I ended up at Johnny O's Cafe for breakfast after our original choice was closed for repairs. A quick search brought us here, and despite a 30-40 minute wait to be seated, the experience was well worth it. The staff, right from the person who sat us, was incredibly friendly and helpful. On his recommendation, I went for the corned beef hash, which he assured was a favorite, made from real corned beef and not the canned variety, mixed with house potatoes. It did not disappoint! It was unlike any corned beef hash I've had before, with the house potatoes making a delightful difference. The corned beef was unmistakably real and packed with flavor. My boyfriend opted for the chicken fried steak with a biscuit and gravy, and he couldn't have been happier with his choice. He noted that the wait was definitely justified given the quality of the meal. The atmosphere in the cafe is very welcoming and feels like home, which is a big plus. Despite not being very hungry when we first decided to eat here, the food was so good that it left me wanting more. It's a wonderful spot that we drove past for years without stopping, and now that we've experienced it, I'm already planning on coming back with family and friends. The service was remarkable; every server that interacted with us worked together flawlessly, ensuring our needs were met with a smile. A special shout out to our server Denise, who was exceptional in her service, making us feel comfortably familiar, like we'd known her for ages. That level of service really rounds out the dining experience. The country fried steak and eggs were a hit, perfectly capturing the essence of a satisfying breakfast. Both the taste of the food and the quality of service were top-notch. For anyone in the area or passing through, I'd wholeheartedly recommend making a stop at this cozy little gem. It’s a wonderful find for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious, hearty breakfast served with a smile in a place that feels like home.

Nancy May's Cafe

9759 Arrow Route # B, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 980-4655

Reviewed by:

Bruce Bowman

Had a fantastic brunch at Nancy May's Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga. This place nails the breakfast game, not with exotic twists but with spot-on, traditional offerings that hit the spot every time. Been here multiple times and it continuously lives up to expectations. Noticed they updated their menu recently, which threw me off a bit, but that's a minor hiccup in what's always a superb dining experience. First time trying out this location and it simply outdid my expectations. The food came out bursting with flavor, totally justifying the price. Plus, the service was swift, ensuring our coffee cups were never empty without compromising the quality of our meal. The diner vibes from the 50s create a charming backdrop that enhances the overall experience. And let's talk about the shakes for a second - absolute fire! The atmosphere is as inviting as it gets. A standout moment was being served by Shonda; her vibrant energy and warm approach made us feel right at home. Ended up taking photos with her because she just became part of the experience. Talking about the food, it was both delicious and fresh. Highly recommend making a visit here, and when you do, ask for Shonda. She'll make sure your visit is memorable. This cafe is a gem, offering a perfect setting for a delightful meal.

Rodeo Café

8998 Foothill Blvd #103A, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 652-0448

Reviewed by:

Larry White

Recently had brunch at Rodeo Café in Rancho Cucamonga and it was a delightful experience. Right from the get-go, the staff greeted us with warm smiles and provided fast service, which set a positive tone for the meal. The menu had a fantastic selection of dishes, blending California and Texas influences, and each plate that came out was not only delicious but also generously portioned, ensuring a satisfying meal. Although there was a bit of a wait for our food, which was unexpected since it wasn't too busy at the time, the attentive service from an older gentleman on the team helped smooth over the wait time. It's clear that customer satisfaction is a priority here. Having been a patron of their Mira Loma location for many years, it was exciting to hear about this new spot and it certainly did not disappoint. The café itself has a charming atmosphere, with a seating capacity that makes it feel intimate yet welcoming, and the addition of John Wayne on the wall adds a touch of character. The chicken fried steak and home fries I ordered were standout dishes, arriving steaming hot and packed with flavor. The server was exceptionally helpful, guiding us through the menu and making sure we had everything we needed for an enjoyable meal. All in all, Rodeo Café is a gem worth visiting if you're in the Rancho Cucamonga area, whether you're catching up with friends or out with family. The combination of excellent customer service, delicious food, and a cozy setting makes it a place I'll definitely be returning to in the future.

Sammy's Cafe

9030 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 989-4288

Reviewed by:

Ernesto Salem

We decided to try Sammy's Cafe for brunch in Rancho Cucamonga upon a recommendation from a group of friends. To our delight, the restaurant had ample space, making it a perfect spot for our large group without the worry of being overly noisy. The seating arrangement ensures you're not too close to neighboring tables, which was a big plus for us. The service we received was satisfactory. While it wasn't out of this world, it definitely met our expectations and contributed to a pleasant dining experience. As for the food, the menu had a good variety at reasonable prices. Someone in our group opted for the eggs benedict priced at $14, which not only looked appetizing but came recommended for its taste. The cinnamon roll french toast, which I had for $12, was particularly memorable for me. It was delightful, and I would certainly order it again without hesitation. Another friend suggested the breakfast quesadilla which was a hit and, according to her, a frequent choice on her visits. For our little ones, the kids breakfast at $7 was more than sufficient. It included bacon, scrambled eggs, and french toast. Our 5-year-old even claimed it was the best French toast she's ever had, which says a lot coming from her. Although my husband found the onion rings that came with his Philly Steak sandwich a bit lacking, the sandwich itself was enjoyable. As for my choice, the scrambled eggs and bacon were decent, though the crepes could do with less of the overly sweet strawberry topping. Despite these minor hiccups, the overall quality of food and service was noteworthy. We got to try various meals, and each left us satisfied. The quick service and warm hospitality definitely made our visit more enjoyable. It's safe to say that Sammy's Cafe has won over our family on our first visit. We were thoroughly impressed by the fast service and the quality of the meals. We're already looking forward to our next visit.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

11560 Fourth St, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 987-4131

Reviewed by:

Libby Matute

Absolutely adore this franchise. Anytime there's one nearby that I haven't tried, it's a must to stop and eat. The food consistently impresses, and the drinks are just perfect. Having sampled a wide array of items from the menu, I can confidently say everything is a safe and delicious bet. The staff here in Rancho Cucamonga was notably welcoming, with our waiter taking time to engage in conversation, which added a lovely personal touch to the experience. What really sets this place apart, though, is its dog-friendly policy. Being a dog owner of three, it's heartwarming to dine in a spot that welcomes furry friends. The atmosphere is familiar in a comforting way, with a menu that offers enough inventiveness to keep things exciting. The onion rings tasted premium, and while the Brussels sprouts leaned on the greasier side, the lettuce wraps were a flavor-packed, generous portion. The homemade ginger beer could have used a bit more ginger for my taste, though. On a particularly busy Friday night with a group of over 13 people, the service received was nothing short of remarkable. Our waitress demonstrated exemplary understanding of our needs, often before we even had to articulate them. It's this level of service that genuinely makes a dining experience memorable. A heartfelt shoutout to not just our waitress but to the entire team for making our visit extraordinarily pleasant. Comparing it to other locations, such as Ontario and Montclair, the quality of service and ambiance is consistent. However, there was a slight dip in the culinary execution, specifically the carnitas dish, which was a tad dry and lacked in flavor. But considering the overall experience, these are minor notes in what was an otherwise delightful visit. Whether for the exceptional service, the inclusivity of our four-legged companions, or the generally satisfying food, it's a place that keeps me coming back.

Corky's Kitchen & Bakery

6403 Haven Ave Suite 106, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 941-8655

Reviewed by:

Larisa Wood

We have been frequenting Corky's Kitchen & Bakery for over a decade now, and it has become our cherished spot for Sunday brunch. The consistency in the quality and taste of favorites like the fish and chips and blueberry pancakes is something we've come to rely on through the years. For anyone considering a visit, you won't be disappointed. The location and parking are decent, and the service is a step above basic, which is nice. They also offer a senior menu and a military discount, making it accommodating for a variety of guests. It's worth noting that the place can get busy, which seems like a good sign for the business. However, this popularity can sometimes impact service; for example, there were times when coffee refills weren't offered as frequently as desired, and a request for water was overlooked. Despite these minor hiccups, the quality and value of the food have always left everyone in our group satisfied with their portions, making any service issues seem minor in retrospect. On a personal note, after a disappointing trip from Mount Baldy due to an injury, stopping by Corky's turned the day around. The chicken and honey bacon biscuits, along with the biscuit and gravy, felt like a comforting taste of the south, reminiscent of the diners back in Arkansas. The biscuits tasted homemade, which was a delightful surprise. The food here never fails to impress with its generous portions. Although service can sometimes feel like you're imposing when making requests, the quality of the food more than makes up for it. The pancakes are enormous, so I'd recommend the short stack unless you're very hungry. The chorizo burrito and chicken for the chicken and waffles were standouts for their size, flavor, and hand-breaded perfection, even if there was a bit of a wait for some items. In summary, despite the bustling atmosphere and occasional service slip-ups, Corky's Kitchen & Bakery remains a favorite for its hearty, comforting meals and consistent quality. It's a place we'll continue to return to, as the overall experience and the delicious food are well worth it.

Kickback Jack's

10123 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 989-1440

Reviewed by:

Tony Hawkins

Had a fantastic experience at Kickback Jack's for brunch in Rancho Cucamonga. Arrived at about 11:30 AM on a Saturday and was delighted to be seated immediately. The service was swift, with drinks arriving at the table in no time and orders taken promptly. Opted for the chilaquiles and crepes, both of which were delicious. The overall ambiance of the place was incredibly relaxed, making it a definite go-to spot for future visits. The breakfast menu was impressive, offering everything from burritos to a substantial family breakfast platter. Decided on the "just right" breakfast, and the home fries were exceptional. A friend chose the skillet with pot roast, which was equally delectable. There was a group of 15 that went for a 10 am brunch on a Saturday. Despite not taking reservations on weekends, the establishment managed to accommodate us at three different tables smoothly. It's worth noting that the food quality consistently impresses and the staff is unfailingly polite and attentive. This place stands out as an excellent choice for group brunches, thanks to its stellar service and generous portion sizes. Specifically, the savory crepe and hashbrowns were standout dishes, with the hashbrowns being notably crispy. The quality of ingredients used in the meals was top-notch. The pancakes deserve a special mention for not only being delicious but also for the generous portion sizes, which are more than enough for 2-3 people to share. Service throughout the meal was impeccable, with the server making frequent checks to ensure everything was to our liking and that we had all we needed. The atmosphere of Kickback Jack’s is ideal for both small and large groups, offering plenty of seating options inside and a patio for those who prefer outdoor dining. Additionally, the ample parking in the complex adds to the convenience. In summary, Kickback Jack’s in Rancho Cucamonga offers a wonderful brunch experience with delicious food, excellent service, and a very relaxed atmosphere, making it perfect for both small gatherings and larger groups.

The State

7900 Kew Ave, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 317-2397

Reviewed by:

Louis Cortes

My first time visiting The State for brunch in Rancho Cucamonga turned out to be an excellent experience. Starting off, I decided to go with the shrimp tacos, pairing it nicely with the summer bliss cocktail. The lobster mac and cheese alongside the fried Brussels sprouts were simply delectable, and the bread pudding for dessert rounded off the meal beautifully. The service we received was awesome, making the entire dining experience even more enjoyable. The dishes were all incredibly tasty, and we definitely enjoyed our selections. One piece of advice for future visitors: I would suggest opting for indoor seating. While the restaurant's interior is modern, fun, and inviting, the outdoor seating unfortunately feels a bit like dining in a hallway. That said, the indoor ambiance adds a great deal to the overall experience. For those who appreciate a good drink, do try pairing one of their seasonal cocktails with any of their special dishes. The whiskey drinks, in particular, stood out to me as being exceptionally good. On this note, the food, in general, was well seasoned and cooked to perfection, and the staff was attentive and kind throughout our stay. During this visit, we also tried a variety of other items from their menu. The meatballs were a hit, although a couple more pieces of bread would have been ideal. The Brussels sprouts served were just the right portion, and very tasty. We also shared the BBQ burger which was notably good, alongside nicely done fries. We gave the bruschetta a try as well; while it was okay, there seemed to be much better choices on the menu to explore. All in all, my visit to The State for brunch was a delightful experience filled with tasty dishes, great drinks, and excellent service. It's certainly a spot I'd recommend for anyone looking for a fun night out and some delicious food.

Richie's Diner

8039 Monet Ave, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 899-8101

Reviewed by:

Roxan Mercado

Wow, this place has amazing steaks. Ordered the ribeye steak and eggs with potatoes, and the flavors were simply outstanding. Compliments to the cooks. Despite being pretty busy for breakfast, the wait time was 15 minutes or less, definitely worth it. Our waitress was friendly and checked in on us frequently, and they even had someone refilling the coffee, which was a nice touch. Highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for great food. The atmosphere and service are top-notch, with everyone working there being friendly and attentive. The vibe is casual, perfect for a relaxing meal, complete with a few TVs around for entertainment. Opted for the Chicken Fried Steak, which was decent, but the half rack of Baby Back Ribs my wife chose was much better, thanks to their smoker and grill out front ensuring the BBQ is always tasty and fresh. Won't be passing up on those ribs again. The desserts here are a must-try, especially the hot brownie sundae, which was exceptional. Had an amazing family dinner here with 15 of us. The manager, Jimmy, was very attentive, frequently checking in on us, and our waiter, Brian, did an outstanding job. We also had the friendliest expo server, Cameron, who added to the great experience. All the food tasted great, and the service was exceptionally quick. This spot is so much fun! Came here for breakfast with a large group, and they accommodated us without any issues, even with about 22 of us. The food was served quickly, and the service was phenomenal. A member of our group had some allergies, and the manager went above and beyond, ensuring she was taken care of by changing out the oil and using a new pan, among other precautions. It's so rare to see that level of service these days, and it was refreshingly wonderful. Looking forward to coming back next time we're in town.

Septembers Taproom & Eatery

6321 Haven Ave, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 360-1104

Reviewed by:

Brooklyn Zunun

Absolutely great experience at Septembers Taproom & Eatery - Rancho for brunch in Rancho Cucamonga! Hands down to our bartender server, Janelle, for being honest about the best spots to sit, eat, and drink. Watching her work tirelessly around the place, it's clear she's truly an asset to the team. Huge thanks for making our day better; we'll definitely return. The beer selection is excellent. Although I didn't get a chance to try the food this time, the place was alive with lots of dancing, and the band playing was fantastic! The dance floor was a great spot to enjoy the music, and the atmosphere was filled with happy vibes. Spending a couple of hours at the bar was a delight, thanks to the superb bar service and the cool people around. Being a single woman, it was comforting to see everyone being respectful and helpful. Despite not being a big fan of Americana roadhouses, deciding to stop by because of hunger and curiosity turned out to be the right choice. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety on their menu. The restaurant wasn't too crowded upon arrival, so seating was a breeze. The waitress was not only friendly but also impressively knowledgeable about the menu, offering great pairing suggestions. The food itself was absolutely the highlight. Opting for one of the lunch specials – two sliders with crisscross Cajun fries – I was treated to juicy double patties with loads of gooey cheese. My sibling went for their famous Bang Bang Chicken, which was both fun to eat and deliciously tender. Venturing out of my comfort zone was well worth it, as everything was tasty except for a Caesar salad that was a tad overdressed. Our first server was outstanding, although our second server seemed overwhelmed due to covering too many tables. It's also a great spot to catch sports. Altogether, it was a fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

Sunny's Cafe

9849 Foothill Blvd k, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 300-0811

Reviewed by:

David Spencer

Absolutely amazing! Went in not expecting much being that it was a soft opening, but was completely blown away. The chicken and waffles were some of the best ever had, truly top-notch. And that chicken sando with gochujang sauce? Crispy, saucy goodness that left me wanting more. It's hard to wait for the grand opening. The food was delicious, and its presentation had a big city vibe that felt like dining on Melrose Blvd. This place is a great find, hands down. Ended up going for the shrimp and sausage po'boy. It came with a side salad and fries dusted with parsley and Parmesan, which were divine. The sandwich itself was a beast - huge, stuffed with 2 sausages and 8 or 9 shrimp, and beautifully complemented with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and a fantastic roumelade. Learning that the French baguette it was made on was baked right next door was the cherry on top. Despite a hiccup with the Katsu chicken being less impressive, found the fries and soup were good, which makes me think perhaps the cook had an off day. Definitely willing to give it another try, considering how everything else was spot on.

Brandon's Diner

8609 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 989-2256

Reviewed by:

Abii Garmon

Brunch at Brandon's Diner in Rancho Cucamonga is truly a delight. Despite some recent price changes, the quality and deliciousness of the food have only gotten better with each visit. This place is a local treasure, especially for those in the area, but also worth checking out for anyone visiting. The chicken fried steak and the Mexican cuisine are standout dishes that keep me coming back. Having dined here for years, from breakfast through to dinner, I've never been disappointed. There's something special about the old diner atmosphere combined with fare that outshines the competition. The daily deals are fantastic too — hardshell tacos for $1.99 on Tuesdays are a steal. Breakfast offerings are enormous and satisfying, with the biscuits and gravy being a must-try. Overall, the pricing is fair for the quality provided, making this diner a gem in the sunrise center. During one visit, the big sampler plate caught my eye. It was a massive serving of nachos, mainly beans and cheese, but it was enough to serve 5-6 people pleasantly. The "mother of all burritos" was another choice, though it was a tad disappointing due to its heavy leaning towards beans, cheese, onions, bell pepper, and rice, with only a few strips of meat. However, even with that slight disappointment, the overall experience at Brandon's Diner remains overwhelmingly positive. Whether you're a local or just in town, it's definitely a spot worth visiting.


12750 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 899-9998

Reviewed by:

Shantel Hurtado

Visiting The Combine Kitchen Cafe for brunch in Rancho Cucamonga was a delightful experience. Even though my arrival was quite late in the day, just a half hour before they were set to close on December 24th, the experience proved to be worth it. The cafe itself boasts a wonderful selection of coffees, espressos, teas, breakfast, and lunch items that cater to a wide array of tastes. From fruit bowls to more hearty fare, there's something for everyone here. The atmosphere of the cafe is incredibly inviting. Despite a slightly crowded feel upon entering, the self-seating option inside and outside offers a casual and relaxed vibe. The music playing in the background added to the ambiance, although it was a bit loud and might not be to everyone's taste. But for those looking for a low-key, hip coffee shop vibe, this place nails it. The menu items I tried were a testament to the cafe's commitment to quality and creativity. The Yolk and 'shrooms dish I ordered was delicious, though I did have to request an extra poached egg as the first was overdone for my liking. The staff was accommodating and swiftly took care of my request. The Angel City French toast, while a bit on the dry side, still had its merits, especially when paired with the tasty berries and syrup. However, I felt it could have used a bit more butter for that perfect finishing touch. One of the standout aspects of my visit was the selection of creative seasonal drinks. I opted for a pistachio croissant, which was delightfully filled with what seemed like a pistachio custard – absolutely delicious. My drink of choice, the Charcoal Latte (hot), was like enjoying marshmallow in a cup, highlighting the cafe's flair for unique and enjoyable beverages. Overall, my visit to The Combine Kitchen Cafe was a positive one. From the engaging selection of food and drinks to the casual, inviting atmosphere, it's a place I would happily return to. The cafe is a gem in Rancho Cucamonga, ideal for anyone seeking a quality brunch spot with a laid-back, creative twist.

Haven Haus Cafe

7890 Haven Ave #15, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 481-9988

Reviewed by:

Barbara Kennedy

Visited Haven Haus Cafe for brunch and absolutely loved the ambiance and vibe. The restaurant is surprisingly spacious inside, making it a bustling hub of activity, which adds to the overall experience. The menu is quite impressive, covering everything from healthy options to dishes for the meat lovers. It's a place where making a decision might take a while because everything looks amazing. Opted for the avocado toast with a fried egg, and it was beyond satisfying. It came with a generous side that was almost like a full salad, and honestly, I wished I had ordered two. My son went for the chicken fried steak, and the portion was more than enough for him. The staff seemed genuinely happy, contributing to a positive dining experience. Plus, the music playlist was on point. It's clear the locals are in the know, considering the wait list for a table. Definitely planning a return visit. Haven Haus has a great location and trendy decor, making it the perfect spot for a laid-back brunch. Despite a minor letdown with the Denver omelet, which was a bit underwhelming in flavor, the overall experience was saved by the fantastic service, particularly from our server, Adriana, and the decent coffee. While the Denver omelet might not be my recommendation, the cafe certainly has other tantalizing options like pancakes or avocado toast that are likely worth trying. On another note, ventured here looking for something out of the ordinary and wasn't disappointed. Arriving early helped avoid the crowds, and the open area seating was inviting. From Nutella pancakes to bacon avocado Benedict, every dish ordered was a hit, and the service was attentive and friendly. The rewards program is a nice touch for those planning to return. One specific highlight was the flight of coffee, a unique offering that alone is worth the visit. Despite its somewhat small size, the early visit meant it wasn't too crowded. The food and coffee were both standout experiences, and the service was commendable. All in all, Haven Haus Cafe is a must-visit for anyone looking for a quality brunch spot with great food, service, and atmosphere. The slight issue with one dish doesn't overshadow the many positives this place has to offer.


11899 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 481-9447

Reviewed by:

Stephanie Cruz

Brunch at Denny's in Rancho Cucamonga was a delightful experience! Finding a place that still knows how to make a proper omelet was a big win for me. It's refreshing to see the egg folded over the fillings, just how it should be, diverging from the trend of mixing everything together. The self-service coffee pot left on the table was a nice touch, allowing for that leisurely brunch feeling where you can top up your cup at your own pace. The Philly cheese steak omelet I ordered was a highlight with its tender and delicious meat. It's not often you find a place that can cater to dietary restrictions pleasantly, but the gluten-free muffin was a tasty surprise. Our server showed genuine friendliness, making the experience feel more personal and welcoming. It was apparent this location was new, from its clean and comfortable atmosphere. However, there were a few misses. The fillings in the omelet, aside from the meat, were a bit bland and watery. For a place serving food in 2024, the lack of alternative milk options like soy or oat, and the limited gluten-free options, felt outdated. Service, while friendly, lacked attentiveness, with our server disappearing after serving our food until it was time for the check. The presentation at the front could also use some work to make a better first impression. Despite these points, the overall experience won't deter me from returning to Denny's, especially in instances where other places are too crowded or closed. It's decent for what it is, and the kindness shown during our visit for my grandpa's birthday brunch was unforgettable. From the thoughtful service by Gabriela to the sweet gesture of the manager covering my grandpa's meal, it truly made the day special. The team even sang happy birthday twice to make sure everyone was included, which was the cherry on top. The remodel has given the place a fresh feel, though it seemed a tad empty, and the portions felt smaller. Price-wise, it aligns with the current dining landscape, though one always hopes for that unique draw to justify returning. As long as they maintain that dish I love, I'll be back, overlooking the minor misses for the sake of tradition and the convenience of their 24-hour service. Even with recent changes in the quality of some dishes, it holds a place for those middle-of-the-night cravings or family gatherings that call for a reliable, welcoming spot.

Mimi's Cafe

10909 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 948-1130

Reviewed by:

Joe Pierrelouis

My brunch experience at Mimi's Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga was truly delightful. The food was not only good but came in ample portions and was priced fairly, making it an excellent value for money. Even though the server was swamped with other tables, the manager stepped in to take our orders and quickly brought us our drinks. This thoughtful gesture ensured we weren't left waiting, which was much appreciated. Opting for the 3-course meal for $30, I started with a French Onion Soup, which was rich and flavorful. For my entree, the Tuscan Chicken was an excellent choice, cooked to perfection and full of taste. Although we were too full to enjoy dessert there, taking the butter toffee cake to go was a decision I didn't regret - it was delicious! This location stood out to me more than the ones closer to my home. Everything from the ambiance to the service made our brunch experience enjoyable. Despite the busy atmosphere, the server was attentive, ensuring our visit was smooth and pleasant. While I've been a fan of Mimi's Cafe for its consistent good food and love their carrot muffins, this visit solidified my preference for this particular location. It's worth noting that not everything was perfect; for instance, the berry French toast was a tad too sweet for my taste. However, everything else we ordered was enjoyable, and the minor hiccups didn't detract from the overall positive experience. Whether it's the well-executed dishes, the attentive service despite being busy, or the overall atmosphere of the place, Mimi's Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga has certainly won me over, making it a preferred spot for brunch.


7228 Archibald Ave, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 941-1814

Reviewed by:

Hamilton Vc

Had an awesome brunch experience at IHOP in Rancho Cucamonga! Despite a slightly harsh waiter, which honestly didn't put a damper on the meal, the food was incredible. The burgers were the perfect kind of greasy, sparking my appetite even more. Although the fries were on the drier side, they still hit the spot. The salmon, on the other hand, was simply delicious, and the pancakes? Absolutely delightful. It was surprisingly quiet, which is a shame because this place deserves a bustling crowd. This IHOP nailed it with their gluten-free pancakes too, showing they cater to different dietary needs effectively. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. The service had its downs, especially during the busy weekend rush. After being seated, it took a while for our breakfast to arrive - around 45 minutes, which is a bit much. When it finally came, my scrambled eggs and bacon were burnt, and my husband's order didn't quite hit the mark with the eggs being too runny and the toast arriving late, making for a colder breakfast than preferred. Despite these hiccups, the quiet ambiance allowed for a nice, unhurried meal. They really shine with their fast service and courteous demeanor, making you feel welcomed. And getting breakfast for dinner? A total win in my book. The pumpkin pancakes I chose were a seasonal treat, and my wife's cheesecake pancakes were to die for. So, considering the mix of amazing food and a few service mishaps, it's still a place I'd rate highly. There's something about the warmth and the quality of the food that beckons for a return visit.

Black Bear Diner Rancho Cucamonga

10910 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 466-6614

Reviewed by:

Josh Nasto

First timer alert! Starting a Sunday with amazing food and fantastic service always sets the tone for a great week ahead. From the moment we walked in, the warm and cozy atmosphere of Black Bear Diner in Rancho Cucamonga enveloped us. The staff was incredibly welcoming, with Melinda standing out for her friendly demeanor. Service was swift, ensuring we didn't have to wait long before diving into our brunch feast. The menu had so much to offer, but the breakfast club biscuit caught the eye of my brunch companion, while I couldn't resist the loaded grits – and let me tell you, both dishes were simply delicious. The loaded grits were a savory delight that left me completely satisfied, and from the looks of it, the breakfast club biscuit was a hit as well. Although I've come across numerous reviews with varying opinions, my experience at Black Bear Diner was nothing short of positive. The food was flavorful, and the service made us feel right at home. Sure, tastes differ and not every dish might be to everyone's liking, but for me, the quality and taste of the meals were right on point. Admittedly, prices in dining establishments have been creeping up, but given the quality of food and service we received, it felt justified. The cozy setting, combined with the delightful dishes and attentive service, made for a memorable brunch experience. It definitely won't be my last visit – looking forward to exploring more of what Black Bear Diner has to offer on my next brunch outing.

Broken Yolk Cafe

12285 Base Line Rd #120, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 612-9655

Reviewed by:

Armie Cruz

Visited Broken Yolk Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga for brunch and my experience was overwhelmingly positive. With no wait for the bar, which operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, we were seated immediately. The service throughout our visit was commendable, with our orders arriving swiftly and every dish presented beautifully. The staff was notably accommodating, happily making adjustments to dishes upon request which I found to be a nice touch. The ambiance of the place added to the overall experience. It is a fairly large venue, and we opted to sit in the patio area. The weather was splendid, making the breeze absolutely refreshing. The design is simple and unpretentious, with seating spaced out adequately for comfort. Despite a slight wait, the convenience of the Yelp waitlist system made it a non-issue. It allowed us to be seated promptly upon arrival. Our server was pleasant, contributing to the speedy service we received. As for the food, while there were a few misses, the overall quality was good. The chilaquiles were unusual, presented in a way more akin to nachos, requiring a request for extra sauce to meet my expectations. The breakfast burrito was a bit egg-heavy, overshadowing the other ingredients. However, the cinnamon roll pancake was a definite highlight, leaving a lasting impression. A word of caution regarding parking, as it can get quite packed over the weekends. Also, given the cafe's popularity, it's wise to have your order ready, especially when it comes to drinks, to avoid delays. Although there were a few setbacks, such as the chorizo skillet not living up to its potential and the service being a tad slow due to the crowd, the atmosphere remains inviting. The cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating, making it a nice spot for mimosas if not entirely for the food. Based on this visit, I'd certainly come back for the drinks and the ambiance, even if some aspects of the food were less impressive.

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