September 12, 2023

Reykjavík's Top Brunch Places: A Journey Through Iceland's Capital

Indulge in Reykjavík's best brunch spots - where mouthwatering pastries meet legendary Icelandic hospitality. Delight your palate with our rejuvenating java, classic brunch bites, and unique local delicacies. Start your day with us and turn ordinary mornings into extraordinary ones!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Reykjavík's Top Brunch Places: A Journey Through Iceland's Capital
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Welcome to the radiant land of Reykjavík, where the rising sun paints the morning sky with hues of orange and pink. As the city awakens, delightful brunch adventures come to life. Get ready to feed your soul with eclectic delights that will redefine your notion of brunch!  So prepare to dive into the Icelandic gastronomy kaleidoscope and savor the tantalizing treats that the best brunch places in Reykjavík have to offer!

Kaktus Espressobar

Vitastígur 12, Reykjavík

869 3030

Reviewed by:

Bernard Higgs

I had such a wonderful experience at Kaktus Espressobar, a delightful little coffee shop right off the main shopping street in Reykjavík. The coffee here is unparalleled, undoubtedly the best I've had in downtown Reykjavík, a claim I can make after visiting many other cafes in the area. Their excellent service and impressive opening hours, daily and early, even on Sundays, make it all the more appealing. I fell in love with their almond croissant, arguably the best I've tasted in a while, freshly baked and warm from the oven. Their menu boasts delicious food, including scrumptious sandwiches and an absolutely divine mushroom soup, which I believe is the best soup I've ever had. They also cater to vegans, with options like croissants, banana bread, and more. I found myself returning to Kaktus Espressobar multiple times throughout my trip. The atmosphere was just so captivating, I'd spend 2-3 hours just enjoying the environment. Not to mention, the staff were incredibly friendly and the prices were quite fair for Reykjavík. One of my top spots in Iceland for sure! All I can say is, thank you Kaktus Espressobar, for being you! I highly recommend this place, you won't be disappointed.


Grandagarður 10, Reykjavík

551 5932

Reviewed by:

Soline Njubi

What a delightful experience at Kaffivagninn! This charming spot located on the harbor not only offers mesmerizing views but serves up an unforgettable brunch. From the window, the view stretches all the way to Harpa Concert Hall and the iconic Hallgrimskirkja Church - stunning during any season. The cuisine is something to rave about. I fancied the fish and chips, which were good, and I dare say improved my overall view of the classic dish. But the real star of the show was their fish stew - the best I've ever tasted. Packed with generous chunks of fresh fish, it was a warming, flavorful delight. The outdoor seating added an extra lovely touch to the experience, overlooking the bustling harbor. It's hard to beat the serene ambiance while savoring a good meal. Definitely, a place to take a breather from a whirlwind tour of Reykjavik, especially if you're just coming in from the nearby Whale Museum. Service was commendable, although the staff may appear a tad reserved, they certainly know how to deliver a culinary experience. The fishcakes and breakfast offerings are definitely worth trying. Prices were reasonable, especially considering the large portion sizes. My wife and I happened upon Kaffivagninn during lunch. It was a mix of locals and tourists, indicative of its appeal to varied palettes. She was particularly fond of the mushroom soup and the ham and cheese croissant, which for what it was, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. In terms of recommendations, do not leave without trying the fisherman's stew. It's a hearty dish that might fool you into thinking it's a small bowl of soup, but it's a complete meal in and of itself! All in all, Kaffivagninn is more than just a restaurant - it's a uniquely Reykjavik experience. With its amazing views, delightful food, and laid-back atmosphere, it's a brunch spot you simply cannot miss when in town!

Kaffihús Vesturbæjar

Melhagi 20, Reykjavík

551 0623

Reviewed by:

Elias Mendoza

My trip to Reykjavík was made even more memorable because of this gem - Kaffihús Vesturbæjar. It's conveniently located near our accommodation, making it our go-to spot for brunch. The staff was a delight, friendly and efficient, and the food was mouthwatering. The café gave out free mimosas on Iceland’s women’s day, which was a pleasant surprise. I give it a solid 4. Every visit offers a unique experience, perhaps due to the change in service and products. But that's part of its charm. This cozy place is perfect for sharing a coffee or meal, or simply whiling away a quiet afternoon. One Sunday evening, we stopped by for beer after a swim. To our surprise, it was bustling with locals playing cards and enjoying lively conversations. The atmosphere was buzzing and the beer, especially the Gull lite and Carlsberg, was well up to standard. The Ulfur had a distinct grapefruit or pomelo taste, which was strange, yet intriguing. In addition to its popular beverages, Kaffihús Vesturbæjar also offers some delightfully light food options that I believe deserve more recognition. This place is not only great for social coffee gatherings, but it also provides a serene environment conducive to reading.

Café Loki

Lokastígur 28, Reykjavík

466 2828

Reviewed by:

Lisa Krutz

Café Loki in Reykjavík is certainly a place to check out if you're interested in trying traditional Icelandic cuisine. It may not have been entirely to my taste, but I appreciate the authenticity of the dining experience. The shark dish, for instance, while not my favorite due to its strong ammonia-like flavor, was nonetheless an interesting culinary adventure. The main standout for me was their bread - the best part of my meal. However, I did find the variety of wine and beer options to be rather limited. Set in a bustling location, Café Loki can get quite busy, especially during peak hours, so be prepared for a wait. But the staff is friendly and proficient in English, and the restaurant itself is comfortably spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. The lamb flatbread I ordered was quite good and I'm considering trying their stew on my next visit. Despite the restaurant appearing a little stark with its white walls, the food is truly commendable. Its convenient location close to the city center might suggest it's a tourist trap, but I assure you, it isn't. Their prices are reasonable considering Icelandic standards and the staff is exceptional. I would unquestionably recommend Café Loki if you want a taste of traditional Icelandic rye bread and shark. Bonus points for the sticker, and the cool art on the upper floor! I'm hopeful my next visit will be even better.

Grái kötturinn

Hverfisgata 16a, Reykjavík

551 1544

Reviewed by:

Nirvik Santeliz

The Grái Kötturinn in Reykjavík offered an amazing brunch experience! My husband and I shared a truckload of delicious food, including their delectable homemade bread and loose leaf tea. I highly recommend their hot chocolate, it was divine. We enjoyed an impressive breakfast here, and their pancakes are genuinely some of the best I've tasted. The service is commendable, with a staff full of friendly people. You might have to wait for seating due to the small size of the place, but trust me, it's worth the wait. Grái kötturinn has a longstanding reputation of serving consistently tasty menu items since over 20 years, catering perfectly to all levels of hunger. The café is compact and cozy, filled with books and charming curios. One of their must-try menu items is 'The Truck', a hearty and fulfilling dish catering perfectly to those with a big appetite. Their pancakes are fluffy and delicious, a dream come true for pancake lovers. Pair your meal with their aromatic tea, or if you're in the mood for something richer, their hot cocoa is a sure winner. The café is a cozy haven, perfect for a relaxed meal. The staff are warm and attentive, offering quick and efficient service. I was particularly touched by their excellent customer service; when they ran out of hot cocoa, they offered us a small free cup from the remaining chocolate. To top it all, they informed us when more was available for us to enjoy. Grái Kötturinn is a fantastic spot for a scrumptious, cozy breakfast. Their tempting menu, friendly staff, and exceptional service makes for a wonderful dining experience. Highly recommended!

Café Babalú

Skólavörðustígur 22, Reykjavík

555 8845

Reviewed by:

Matheus Quintero

I had the pleasure of visiting Café Babalú for brunch during my trip to Reykjavík and it was a truly delightful experience. The quirky decor and fun ambience immediately caught my attention. The interior is adorned with currency notes hanging around the room, a Grand Central NY clock, and charming elf decor. The private open-air seating area was a real bonus. The menu offered several tantalizing options but I had to try the grilled cheese sandwich, and opted to add tomato and pesto to my order. Both dishes didn't disappoint. The bread was freshly baked, crisp yet soft, and seasoned just right. The cheese was delicious and satisfyingly hearty. Despite being served cold, the almond croissant was a delight. It was flaky and had a hint of something unique, albeit slightly artificial, in its flavor. As for the tomato soup, it was tasty. It was a little unusual, but that added to its charm. The place radiates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, with a touch of nostalgia induced by toys and music. The outdoor seating is particularly special, making you feel right at home. The croissant was so delicious that it was gone before I even had the chance to take a photo! The Swiss mocha on offer is definitely something you must try. The staff were friendly and helpful, adding to the overall great experience at Café Babalú. To top it off, the cafe's interior is a sight to behold. Every inch of it is covered with something interesting and wonderful. The paper chain of foreign currency draped across the ceiling and even the Star Wars themed bathroom was epic! Pictures truly don't do justice to this place. In conclusion, Café Babalú is a must-visit spot if you're in Reykjavík. I'm confident it's the best cafe in Iceland. Every aspect- from the food, the staff, to the unique ambience, combine to create an unforgettable experience. Trust me, you won't regret it!


Stekkjarbakki, Reykjavík

540 3340

Reviewed by:

Esteban Wilinski

My experience at Spíran for brunch in Reykjavík was truly delightful. The mushroom soup and salad were superb, and the vegan lasagna was full of flavor and depth, bringing a delightful surprise to my tastebuds. I was particularly impressed by the host's kindness and willingness to explain the frequently changing menu to us in English. They took the time to ensure we understood all the dishes and were happy with our choices. The ambiance of Spíran is refreshingly bright - the perfect setting for a leisurely brunch. However, it can get a bit warm during the summer months, so plan your outfit accordingly. The staff was just as cheerful as the decor - constantly bearing smiles and providing service with enthusiasm. As for the price, it reflects the high quality of food and exceptional service you receive - a fair trade-off for sure. The only thing to be aware of is the specific serving times for the dishes of the day (11-14 and 18-20 or something similar). I ended up selecting the soup of the day from the regular menu, which was a delightful combination when paired with bread and hummus and/or butter. We visited Spíran for Sunday brunch and were thoroughly delighted with the freshness and variety offered in their buffet. The staff was nothing but kind, ensuring our experience was pleasant and memorable. In conclusion, I can confidently say that I will be returning to Spíran for more delightful brunch experiences. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a meal that offers not just food, but a culinary adventure.

Prikið ehf.

Bankastræti 12, Reykjavík

551 2866

Reviewed by:

John Watkins

I stumbled upon Prikið ehf., a charming hole in the wall bar right on the main strip in Reykjavík. The place is quite spacious with extra seating, and a Pacman game upstairs, along with a quaint little patio at the back. By night, this place morphs into a vibrant techno party spot and seemed to be the preferred hangout for Reykjavík's cool crowd. The setting reminded me of Berlin - lots of energy with fantastic DJs and an eclectic, open-minded crowd. The bar staff really impressed me with their speed and attentiveness. They ensured our glasses were never empty and our experience was enjoyable. It's worth noting that my visit was on a Saturday night and the overall vibe might be different on weekdays. This traditional, cozy bar exudes a friendly atmosphere that invites you to sit back with a beer, unwind, and soak in the lively ambiance. As expected of a bar, Prikið has a wide selection of drinks to cater to different tastes. One thing to remember is that Prikið is a pretty loud, buzzing place. Although the lively music adds to the fun party vibe, it does make it a bit difficult to hold a conversation. That being said, my overall experience at Prikið was really enjoyable and I'd undoubtedly stop by again on my next trip to Reykjavík.


Frakkastígur 26a, Reykjavík

544 4443

Reviewed by:

Laquiana Gefter

My brunch at ROK in Reykjavík was a truly delightful experience. I loved the concept of the restaurant - a variety of small dishes categorized by the main protein, greens, and sweets. The flexibility of ordering anywhere from 2 to 5 dishes and the lack of a rigid structure like entrees, main, and dessert added to the relaxed ambiance of the place. Despite the huge variety in the size and creativity of the dishes, they all arrived more or less simultaneously, which made our dining experience very coordinated. While some of the dishes were small, there were others that were quite sizeable and some that really surprised me with their creativity. I would definitely recommend finding out more about the sizes when you order. Even though the place was bustling at the time of our visit, the staff was very accommodating, managing to seat us at the bar as we walked in without a reservation for dinner. I was particularly impressed by the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff; the bartender even took time to chat with us amidst the rush. Among the dishes we ordered, my absolute favorite was the mushroom risotto - so flavorful and perfectly cooked. The char with couscous was delicious and the mule was refreshing, and my bestie was all praises for the Expresso martini. Yes, the prices may be on the higher side, but given the great atmosphere, amazing food options, and stellar service, I would say it's worth every penny. But yes, reserving a table in advance is highly recommended. A couple of dishes may have been below my expectations, but that did not detract from the overall satisfaction. I would highly recommend the sliced beef tenderloin and creamy langoustine. Despite a few hiccups, I had a decent dining experience at ROK, thanks to the friendly staff and the lovely ambiance. I encourage everyone visiting the capital to give this place a try.

Snaps Bistro

Þórsgata 1, Þórsgata 1, Reykjavík

511 6677

Reviewed by:

Miguel Herman

Having a fondness for French Bistros, I was thrilled to stumble upon Snaps Bistro during my recent trip to Reykjavik. The establishment perfectly mixes vintage and modern decor, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and chic. I couldn't help but admire the unique chalk artwork adorning the walls. The staff was genuinely friendly and provided swift, knowledgeable service throughout our visit. My companion and I opted for dishes that highlighted the local seafood, and we were not disappointed. Both dishes were mouth-wateringly delicious and gave us a taste of the local cuisine, albeit through a French lens. The extensive wine and drinks menu was also appreciated and contributed to our fantastic dining experience. Located right in the city's center, Snaps Bistro is a place I'd frequent if I lived in Reykjavik. However, it's worth noting that on this particular visit, I noticed a distinct difference in the quality of some dishes being served to other guests. While my Bistro salad was flavorful and satisfying, it seemed some other diners were not as pleased with their meals as I was. Personally, I hope it was just a simple case of the kitchen staff having an off-day. Despite being initially drawn to Snaps Bistro for its Icelandic fare which it didn't offer, I left feeling satisfied by its French cuisine. The service was prompt and personable, the ambiance was pleasant, and the food was delectable. Highlights included the exceptional moules frites and a well-executed creme brulee. Even though the tarte au citron was somewhat lacking in flavor, overall, the dining experience was highly enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend Snaps Bistro to any traveler or local looking for a charming dining spot in Reykjavik with delicious food, and excellent service.

VOX Brasserie & Bar

Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, 108 Suðurlandsbraut 2, Reykjavík

444 5050

Reviewed by:

Michael Drue

I found the VOX Brasserie & Bar in Reykjavík to be a delightful spot for brunch, offering tasty food, attentive service, and a pleasant atmosphere. While the prices are on par with most Icelandic establishments, the quality of the experience made it worthwhile for me. The restaurant is conveniently located within the Hilton hotel, which is perfect for hotel guests, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend VOX to anyone looking for a good meal in the city. The lobster soup was a standout starter, delicious and nicely accompanied by bread and homemade butter. For mains, my group sampled the vegan burger, the entrecôte, and the winter vegetables. The entrecôte was cooked to perfection and the vegan burger was really enjoyable, though I would swap the standard fries for sweet potato fries next time. The winter vegetables were tasty, despite the pumpkin being a bit undercooked and the portion size on the smaller side. For dessert, we tried the licorice and raspberry combo. The licorice mousse was delightful, though the strong flavor of the raspberry sorbet somewhat overshadowed it. Our drinks, including water, cocktails, and beer were all wonderful. A word of advice: the restaurant can get very busy even on weekdays, so it's best to make a reservation, especially on weekends. Happy hour at the Hilton Nordic’s bar from 4-6pm is a popular pre-dinner event. During another visit, I particularly enjoyed the Christmas-themed set dinner at VOX - the service was excellent and the food fantastic. We also tried some unique dishes like horse and plaice, which were delicious. The server was very friendly and helped us choose dishes we loved and paired them with perfect wines. However, be prepared for the bill - our meal came up to around $300 for two. That being said, I would say it's worth it for the exceptional experience.

The Laundromat Cafe

Austurstræti 9, Reykjavík

771 9660

Reviewed by:

Tatiana Hernandez

I had the pleasure of visiting The Laundromat Cafe on two occasions for breakfast and lunch during my stay in Reykjavík. The food was beyond fresh and absolutely delightful. My order of avocado toast was cooked to perfection, while the blueberry pancakes transported my tastebuds to another dimension. I also indulged in a delicious dirty chai that added an extra kick to my meal. The vibrant and kitschy decor of the place truly stands out, making it a must-visit spot. On a separate occasion, I ditched my hotel's breakfast to give The Laundromat Cafe another shot, and I was far from disappointed. I went for the vegan breakfast which was nothing short of extraordinary. Each bite of the vegan smoked sausage was a taste sensation, easily the best I've ever had. The pancakes were delightful and the fresh fruit was the perfect addition to the meal. I can already tell that I'll be back next time I'm in Iceland. A unique addition to the dining experience is the availability of laundry services. While waiting for my laundry, I dove into the fish n chips and chicken salad. Both dishes were incredible and served by the friendliest staff. The laundry service is a bit pricey, with each token costing approximately $10USD, but the convenience it offers is unparalleled. The funky decor set against the backdrop of an old traditional building adds charm to the whole experience. Whether you're just stopping by for a beer and a sandwich or planning a full meal, The Laundromat Cafe is sure to impress. The staff is polite and helpful, creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Flóran Garden Bistro

Grasagarðinum, Reykjavík

553 8872

Reviewed by:

Jaydelyn Cleary

What a delightful experience at Flóran Garden Bistro! The enchanting atmosphere, filled with beautiful greenery and unusual plants, was truly a sight to behold. Amidst the botanical gardens, the restaurant stands as a gorgeous gem, boasting a greenhouse home to passion vines and grapes - a truly unusual sight in Iceland. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, making the overall experience even more enjoyable. The food, while on the pricier side, was absolutely delicious. The coffee was some of the best I'd had, and the cheesecake was a sweet delight. I only wish they had a larger selection available. Most of the menu consisted of bruschetta and sadly, I found that certain items I was looking forward to trying were not available on the day of my visit. It's also worth noting that if a dish is named after focaccia, substituting it quietly for a slice of bread is not a good move. Despite these minor hiccups, the overall experience was phenomenal. The lush, relaxed setting more than makes up for any food-related concerns and offers a unique dining adventure that I'd wholeheartedly recommend. I was back after four years and the Beer Garden was just as wonderful as I remembered - beers and mimosas flowing aplenty. In 2019, my visit was equally wonderful, and I can't rave enough about the food and ambiance. I'll definitely be making my way back to Flóran Garden Bistro. The visit was simply too good to not repeat!

Solon Islandus

Bankastræti 7a, Ground Floor, Reykjavík

562 3232

Reviewed by:

Sara Avelez

My partner and I stumbled upon Solon Islandus during lunch time in Reykjavík. Despite the bustling crowd, a friendly male waiter quickly spotted us and kindly ushered us to a quieter section of the restaurant. The food was nothing short of amazing. Just one bite into our heart-shaped chicken snitzchel had us hooked! The enchanting flavor is something I'll surely remember and look forward to again on our next visit. Watching the rainfall outside, while nestled in the cozy atmosphere inside, made for a perfect afternoon. Despite not usually eating fish, I couldn't resist trying a bite of my friend’s cod. To my surprise, it was incredibly tasty! My steak burger was fresh off the grill, and the special sauce accompanying the fries was a delicious extra touch. The whole dining experience was elevated by the impeccable service and the diverse menu. I started with the beef tartare and then dove into the lamb shank for my main course, both of which were mouthwateringly good. On top of that, upon asking for a beer suggestion, our server recommended Einstock White Ale. It was so refreshing and well-paired with my meal, I ended up having three! If you ever find yourself in Reykjavik, Solon Islandus is a must-try. The perfect blend of delicious food, friendly service, and the cozy ambiance will keep you coming back for more. Five stars all around!

Hard Rock Cafe

Lækjargata 2A, Reykjavík

560 0803

Reviewed by:

Aichatou Shugart

I recently dined at the Hard Rock Cafe in Reykjavik for brunch and despite some minor drawbacks, I found my overall experience to be rather enjoyable. What first caught my attention were the cocktails. They were unusually sweet, especially the hurricane, which was reminiscent of syrup. I ended up diluting it with water for a more palatable experience. However, the vegetarian burger I ordered was nothing short of amazing! It is hands down the best vegetarian burger I've ever tasted. The service was slightly slower than I would've liked, considering the venue wasn't particularly crowded. As for the price point, it's comparable to other establishments, given its location in downtown Reykjavik. The Hard Rock Cafe maintained its high standards here, even in a remote location like this one. The single-floor venue is also host to a merchandise shop downstairs. The food and drinks were thoroughly enjoyable and the music added to the ambiance, making for a pleasurable dining experience. It was a bit disappointing to discover that the Lamb Tenderloin was no longer on the menu, but I gave the Beef steak a try, albeit it didn't quite match up. An unfortunate mix-up with my sauce order also occurred, but it was only a minor hiccup in my otherwise enjoyable experience. Despite some room for improvement in terms of service, I recommend the Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik for its lively atmosphere and great music. The facilities were clean, modern, and impressive. My server, Diego, was friendly and attentive. I even tried a shot of Brennivín for the first time, which was surprisingly tasty. I can confidently say that the Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik is a must-visit for Hard Rock Cafe enthusiasts worldwide.

Duck & Rose

Austurstræti 14, Reykjavík

551 1020

Reviewed by:

Carlos Carrillo

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Duck & Rose for brunch and my experience was nothing short of delightful. The food was exquisite both in taste and presentation. My burrata ravioli was amazing, and the pizzas my friends ordered were equally delicious and visually appealing. The ambience at Duck & Rose is also extremely charming, with cute decorations and a great vibe that adds to the overall dining experience. Despite the somewhat steep prices, especially for the pastas, I would definitely recommend this place if you're okay with indulging a little. The staff at Duck & Rose are impressively friendly and their service was top-notch. Just recently, my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary here and were treated so wonderfully by our waitress. We were even given the perfect wine recommendation to suit our palate. I should highlight the drinks here too - they were mixed to perfection, meeting all our expectations. We tried a variety of dishes including the rose cured salmon, duck taco, and grilled prime of lamb. Everything was beautifully plated and tasted incredible. The duck taco was particularly interesting and the lamb was tender and dressed with pomegranate seeds and a green coriander dressing, a combination that was not overpowering in the slightest. If I were a resident of Reykjavik, Duck & Rose would definitely be a weekly brunch spot for me. I had such a wonderful time there and am eagerly looking forward to my next visit. 100/10 for sure!

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar

Laugavegur 120, Reykjavík

595 8565

Reviewed by:

Torrence Clay

I had a delightful experience at Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar during my stay in Reykjavik. Upon entering, the warm and cordial staff welcomed us and promptly seated us at our table. They were accommodating enough to change our table to a quieter area on request. The soup and fish of the day could do with a bit more flavor, but considering the restaurant was bustling, it's possible the kitchen was a bit overwhelmed. The price points were fair, and the meals were hearty. I savored a plate of fish and chips while my husband had the mouth-watering Arctic char, which was the special of the day. Each bite was delectable, but the one real standout was the bread and garlic aioli served at the start of the meal. The exceptional service we received truly set a fantastic tone for our trip to Iceland. We didn't dine at Jörgensen every day, opting to explore the city's other culinary offerings. But we did enjoy their coffees and breakfast. The atmosphere was lively and the servers were affable and attentive. I particularly enjoyed the pan-fried cod served with baby potatoes and broccoli florets - a hearty, delicious meal. In summary, Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar offers a wonderful dining experience with its superb service, lively atmosphere, and delectable dishes. This place is a must-visit when in Reykjavik.

Forsetinncafé - Reykjavik bistro & bar

Laugavegur 51, Reykjavík

837 5151

Reviewed by:

Leonard Ortiz

Forsetinncafé in Reykjavik is an absolute treasure! This quaint, charming bistro and bar boasts a cozy living-room-like atmosphere that invites you in and makes you feel right at home. The staff are incredibly warm and friendly, delivering top-notch service that exemplifies mastery and professionalism. The food is nothing short of spectacular. During my visit, I decided to order a light afternoon snack. The flavorful and exquisitely prepared salmon toast blew me away. Paired with a Pink Lady drink, which packed a joyous punch, it truly made for a fantastic afternoon. What makes this spot even more delightful is the value for money. The prices for both food and drinks are quite reasonable for the outstanding quality offered. One of the highlights of my experience was the live music, adding a vibrant layer to the already enchanting ambience. My spot by the window was the perfect place for some people-watching, allowing me to soak in the bustling Reykjavik life from my cozy corner. In summary, I can confidently say that Forsetinncafé is not just a place to eat, but an experience to be had. I can't wait to return for another round of their amazing food, drinks, and music. I highly recommend this place for a delightful dining experience in the heart of Reykjavik.

Café París

Austurstræti 14, Reykjavík

551 1020

Reviewed by:

Ryan Dura

I recently had a delightful brunch experience at Café París in Reykjavík. During my visits, I sampled the chicken and waffles as well as their pancakes with berries. There was a slight mix-up with my order one day where I received a tasty berry waffle instead of the pancakes. Despite the dry texture of the waffle, it was nonetheless enjoyable. The chicken and waffles, however, are a must-try! While the overall experience was pleasant, I feel the customer service could be improved slightly. For instance, my coffee was served without sugar and it was somewhat difficult to flag a server down for assistance. Despite these minor setbacks, Café París made a good impression on me. This classy establishment provides free water with your order, and the dishes are of a high quality. Their chocolate cake was particularly delightful, with a sweet yet balanced flavor. They also offer free wifi for customers, though unfortunately they do not accept bitcoin. The ambiance was wonderful, with music that was paradoxically American considering the café's name. I had a chance to try a traditional Icelandic pancake with a unique yet savory jam. Despite its appearance, their waffle was a tad bland with a texture akin to toasted bread or a cookie. As for the pricing, it is a bit on the higher side. In comparison, a 5-star meal at an upscale restaurant like Pigalle in Sandton City would cost less. In summary, despite a few minor issues, I thoroughly enjoyed my brunch experiences at Café París and actually found myself returning for more. If you're looking to dine in style and enjoy a fantastic chicken and waffles brunch, this is the place to be. Just remember to request sugar with your coffee!

Satt Restaurant

Nauthólsvegur 52, Reykjavík

444 4050

Reviewed by:

Sridhar Puac

I had an absolutely delightful brunch at Satt Restaurant in Reykjavík. The food was beyond delicious - no complaints whatsoever. I loved that it was in a buffet style, the selection was simply amazing. Although I was initially taken aback by the price being on the higher side (£153 for two with a bottle of chardonnay), but reflecting on the quality and large variety of food, it was well worth it. I would definitely dine here again, because the cuisine was truly first-rate. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered this restaurant during my visit to Reykjavík. The staff were welcoming and friendly, and they make the most delicious cocktails. As a tourist from the US, I was initially perplexed by the negative reviews. However, in my experience, the cost of the buffet dinner here was in line with prices of regular sit-down meals in Iceland. Considering the quality and variety of the food, the price is excellent value for money. The food I tried was exceptional - flavorful, and cooked to perfection. I was lucky enough to visit during their happy hour and managed to get a bottle for half the price - a significant bonus! Teriyaki salmon, lamb, and chocolate cake were my personal favorites. I highly recommend Satt Restaurant - everything was perfect. Don't let the prices deter you, as the culinary experience here is undoubtedly worth it!

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