January 27, 2024

Top 20 Best Brunch Spots of Richmond

Here's the straight-up best brunch spots in Richmond where the mimosas never stop flowing and the eggs are always perfectly poached.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 20 Best Brunch Spots of Richmond
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Dive fork-first into a brunch expedition across Richmond - where every bite is a treasure, every sip is an adventure, and the only thing richer than the history is the hollandaise.

Brunch JR

1213 Summit Ave, Richmond

(804) 402-3060

Reviewed by:

Janet Corte

My visit to Brunch JR for brunch in Richmond was truly delightful. The pork belly over collards and grits was delicious, and the service matched the high quality of the food. Although it's a small place and there was a bit of a wait, the system of checking in via a QR code on the door made the process smooth. Their cold brew cocktail struck a perfect balance between coffee and a morning beverage, which I found to be quite lovely. I'm already planning my next visit to try the corned beef hash. The place might be tiny, but it's such a cute little gem that it's worth the potential wait. My advice is to get there when they open or be prepared to wait. However, the wait is always worth it for the food. My usual go-to is the chicken and waffles, and I've yet to be disappointed by anything on the menu. During my visit, I also had the chance to indulge in a mimosa made with blood orange juice, which was exceptional. The ambiance of the place is nice and cozy, offering a view into the kitchen, which adds to the charm. The service was spectacular, with great recommendations that enhanced our dining experience. We started with the Hushpuppy appetizer, which was impressively sized, and every dish we tried, from the Hole in One sandwich to the French toast, was perfect. Not to mention, the collard greens might just be the best I've ever had. It was my first time here, and the experience was nothing short of great. Our server did an excellent job by himself, ensuring our food was served hot and checking in on us regularly. With such a positive first experience, returning is definitely in my plans.

Laura Lee's

3410 Semmes Ave, Richmond

(804) 233-9672

Reviewed by:

John Lataille

Visited Laura Lee's in Richmond for brunch and it's a gem! It's tucked away in a quiet spot, which was a nice break from the usual hustle. Although it seemed off the beaten path, the trip was well worth it for the experience we had. When we arrived, it was a weeknight and the place wasn't too crowded, which was perfect for a peaceful meal. The service here is notable; our waiter was not only patient but also very friendly, enhancing our dining experience. The food was quite good. I chose the seared scallops for my meal. The scallops were generously sized, though the presentation on a bowl of soup was unexpected, and I found the soup a tad salty for my taste. Despite this, the intriguing menu has me wanting to return and explore more dishes. The highlight, though, was our dinner on their charming outdoor patio. We kicked things off with a beer and a Cosmopolitan and indulged in some delicious fried oysters. For the main course, I savored the Mahi with butterbean and corn, while my friend enjoyed the bistro steak. We wrapped up with a Mocha Cream pie that was absolutely delightful. The total came to $113 before tax and tip, which felt reasonable for the quality of the meal and the experience. Located in the Forest Hill Area, Laura Lee's offers a brunch menu with a southern twist that's well-executed. The Benedict was my choice and it struck the perfect balance between savory and creamy, with the brussel sprouts standing out as a memorable side. The apple pie crumble was a delightful end to our meal. On a side note, visiting with vegetarian friends might require a bit of menu scanning as options are limited. Nevertheless, the pea soup we ordered was very tasty, and the overall ambiance of the place gave off a classy vibe. All in all, Laura Lee's is definitely worth checking out for a delightful brunch experience in Richmond. The quaint atmosphere coupled with tasty food and wonderful service made for a memorable visit. Thank you, Laura Lee's, for a lovely time!


1215 Summit Ave, Richmond

(804) 353-0111

Reviewed by:

Walker Dahms-May

Great spot for brunch in Richmond! The relaxed vibe and spacious setting immediately caught my attention. Went with a group of friends, and despite the bustling scene, we were seated within minutes, which was impressive considering they don’t take reservations. The bar area was the first thing I noticed; it had a comforting local feel with an attention to detail that didn't go unnoticed. From the cool tin ceiling squares and wood bar to the old school floor, and not to mention the cozy lighting, it was welcoming right from the start. The service was friendly and responsive. Our server was well-informed and answered all our questions with ease. There was a slight delay in checking back on us after delivering our main dishes, though. Given the previous night’s adventures, a quicker refill of our water glasses would have been appreciated. But all things considered, the service was commendable. Onto the food, which was a highlight. Opting for the chicken and waffles along with added sausage gravy and crispy bacon, each element of the dish was executed flawlessly. The portion sizes were generous to say the least, and as someone who loves leftovers, this was a plus. The request for crispy bacon was noted and delivered exactly as asked, which was a nice touch. Looking forward to a return visit to enjoy not only the friendly service and pleasant atmosphere but also to explore more of their menu, especially their outdoor seating when the weather allows. The kickback mule cocktail caught my eye this time, and their seasonal cocktails menu seems worth exploring further. Also appreciated the diverse menu including vegetarian and gluten-free options, giving a nod to their inclusivity. Today marked my first visit here, and despite the hour wait for a table, the outdoor bar in the waiting area made the time pass enjoyably. The food, on the whole, was delightful, though the burnt end brisket bowl didn’t quite meet my barbecue expectations. However, the Hot Southern Mess for dessert more than made up for it, a delightful surprise not listed online but featured on their chalkboard with other specials. Overall, this visit was a hit. The ambiance was inviting with a good music selection that complemented the relaxed environment perfectly. The buttermilk chicken and salmon were standout dishes highly recommended. This restaurant made a great impression, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Millie's Diner

2603 E Main St, Richmond

(804) 643-5512

Reviewed by:

John Nardelli

Went to Millie's for the first time and it was a fantastic experience! The food was delicious and the Irish Coffee was absolutely amazing. The vibe was great and everyone who works there is so unique and spunky, which made the whole visit a lot of fun. It's a small corner establishment, but they serve a pretty darn good breakfast. We were greeted by an amazing hostess and luckily, there was an outdoor table available. We did make reservations in advance since we had heard that Saturdays can get pretty busy. One thing I always look forward to is holding a good mug of coffee, so when we were served our coffee in paper cups, I was a bit disappointed. Not sure if dining inside would have meant a real cup... but the coffee was pretty darn good regardless. So, I'm willing to overlook the paper cup, assuming there's a good reason for it. Now, onto the food – my dish was amazing. I had an omelet and potatoes, and my daughter had some kind of eggs on a croissant with Canadian bacon, though she mentioned the meat was a bit on the salty side. So, maybe something to ask about before ordering. The morning was beautiful, and sitting outside enjoying a great breakfast was such a treat. Will definitely be going back soon! Millie's may be a small diner, but it boasts an elevated menu with a nostalgic atmosphere. We had the lump crab enchilada, the chorizo omelette, and the Cajun mess frittata. Everything came with home fries and every single item was seasoned to perfection – we ate every drop. Our server was attentive, and despite the diner's small size, it doesn't feel cramped once you're sitting down, thanks to the amazing ventilation. It's a lovely little diner with delicious food and wonderful staff. Had a birthday brunch there and got the Cajun mess; it was delicious and just the right amount of food for one sitting. The 'mess' is like a frittata and absolutely worth trying.

The Hill Cafe

2800 E Broad St, Richmond

(804) 648-0360

Reviewed by:

Hervé Agbinone

A great small spot for some good brunch. Had the Eggs Benedict. The English muffins were top-notch, the hollandaise sauce delightful, and the eggs were cooked to perfection. This is a place I'd highly recommend to anyone visiting town. The food is amazing, and the service is excellent. The Blue special caught my eye, featuring fried chicken steak, sweet potato mash, and Brussels sprouts - it was truly worth it. The service was nothing short of stellar, thanks to the attentive staff. Visiting with a few family members, we all had a fantastic time. The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming, making our experience even more enjoyable. The food received unanimous praise from everyone in my party. The blackened Cajun chicken wrap I chose was exceptionally good, with fresh and tasty ingredients. Their house-made sparkling lemonade was a refreshing complement to the meal. Appreciation was also due to the considerate server who, knowing about the long drive ahead, ensured the food and bill were promptly handled. Despite the quick service for both dine-in and pick-up orders, this gesture was much appreciated. Overall, the food was delicious, the ambiance very pleasant, and the service outstanding. Would highly recommend and am looking forward to coming back. A note for visitors - parking is street only.

The Fancy Biscuit

1831 W Cary St, Richmond

(804) 938-3449

Reviewed by:

Michael Brown

So cute!! Can't believe I hadn't tried this place out sooner! Came here with a friend and her pup for brunch and sat in the covered area. They had so much seating outside, and it was a beautiful day, so we had a perfect time! The covered space seems like it could become completely enclosed in cooler months, and there are so many seating arrangements! Also, the food was just delicious! I got the Black Dog and savored every moment of it! The biscuit texture was perfect. Already looking forward to coming back and trying something else on the menu, it was so hard to choose the first time!. TRY THE RED EYE GRAVY. I was told theirs was different: Maybe, but in an amazing way. My first thought when I tasted it was "amazing black bean soup". Smooth. Creamy. Nice spice. Not too bitter. I did not check if it was available in the market attached, but I would have taken home a gallon. Fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese: great. Sausage gravy: great. My southern-bred father said he had never had such a good biscuit with sausage gravy. Came here early one morning 3 minutes before they opened, and after a brief wait, I was let in. Despite a not-so-welcoming initial interaction, the food thoroughly made up for it. I ordered the Got your goat with a side of sausage gravy. The food was delicious and hot. The chicken was tender and crispy. Though the customer service left something to be desired at first, the quality of the meal made up for it. The biscuits were awesome but the sausage gravy and the Tasso gravy were the best I have ever had! Eggs were orange from a locally sourced producer and were oh so yummy. The decor was whimsical, verdant, and eclectic. Alyssa was a great waitress!!!

The Sidewalk Cafe

2101 W Main St, Richmond

(804) 358-0645

Reviewed by:

Stephanie Bighans

Thank you, Google, for helping me discover The Sidewalk Cafe! This gem in Richmond offered me one of the best dining experiences I've ever had, especially during their brunch. From the moment I walked in, I was enveloped in a lively atmosphere that felt like home, making new friends almost instantly. The standout of my visit was undoubtedly the Sidewalk Benedict; every bite was a delight that I savored thoroughly. The servers were not just a treat for the eyes but were incredibly attentive and kind, making me wish I lived closer so I could become a regular. It's rare to find a spot that's as comfortable and fitting as an old pair of blue jeans, but The Sidewalk Cafe hit that mark with its great food and authentic, friendly vibe. The diversity of the clientele was another highlight, adding to the cool factor of this Main Street haunt. My visit was a bit serendipitous, as it was the only place open when a severe hunger pang hit, and the other nearby restaurants were closed. Deciding to give it a try, my expectations were not just met—they were exceeded. The chicken Parmesan sub and fries were delicious, served in portions so massive I had plenty left over. It's easy to see why they've earned their stellar rating. However, it's important to note that not every experience is perfect. On a busy brunch visit with my boyfriend, service was noticeably slow; a situation exacerbated by a long wait for our food without updates. While interactions with locals added a unique touch to the atmosphere, the lack of service attention was disappointing. When our food finally arrived after a lengthy wait, without any acknowledgment or compensation for the delay, it was good but didn't fully make up for the earlier service lapse. In summary, while my overall experiences at The Sidewalk Cafe have been overwhelmingly positive, marked by delicious food and a wonderful atmosphere, it's clear there's room for improvement in service consistency, especially during busy periods. Despite the hiccup, the quality of the meals and the charm of the venue ensure I'll be back every time I'm in Richmond. It's a place I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a memorable brunch spot, though I'd advise a bit of patience during peak times.

Curbside Cafe

2525 Hanover Ave, Richmond

(804) 355-7008

Reviewed by:

Liza Mota De Andrade

Curbside Cafe has become a go-to brunch spot in Richmond for me, thanks to its welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and fantastic food. It's a Richmond classic that never disappoints, whether I'm in the mood for drinks and a chat or craving one of their top-tier sandwiches. Sitting on the patio during the spring and summer months is an absolute delight, and I always make a point to visit the charming alleyway garden across the street after enjoying my meal at Curbside. Their lunch and dinner options are equally satisfying. The chicken salad sandwich is a hearty choice that's often enough for me to take home leftovers unless I'm particularly hungry. And just recently, I ventured to try their wings, asking for them to be made spicy even though it wasn't an option on the menu. The cook, a friendly guy with dreads, along with Becky, went above and beyond to accommodate my request, whipping up some truly amazing spicy wings. I was so impressed, I even called them after getting home to express my gratitude. But let's not forget about the burgers – they're a must-try here. In fact, they're so good that I found myself visiting Curbside twice in a single weekend. Each time, the burgers were cooked to perfection, served in a laid-back part of Richmond that adds to the whole experience. For anyone looking for great food coupled with excellent service and a great atmosphere, Curbside Cafe is the place. The staff always manages to be attentive, even on the busiest days, ensuring every visit is a pleasant one.

821 Cafe

825 W Cary St, Richmond

(804) 649-1042

Reviewed by:

Paul Bautista

Stepping into 821 Cafe for brunch was a delightful experience. This cozy spot might be on the smaller side, but it more than makes up for it with a fantastic selection of dishes. During my visit, I decided to dive into both the hummus plate and the veggie country fried chicken. While the fried chicken was pretty standard, the hummus plate completely stole the show – it was so flavorful and satisfying that it made me momentarily forget about everything else. Plus, it's a generous portion, perfect for sharing with a few friends. The atmosphere of the cafe adds to the overall experience. It's quaint, so finding seating during peak hours can be a bit of a challenge, but the effort is well worth it. I particularly enjoyed the two TVs playing old movies, which added a fun touch to the meal. What really impressed me was the range of vegan options available. Being vegan, it's not always easy to find a place that caters well to my dietary preferences, but 821 Cafe hit the mark. The vegan chai french toast and the vegan breakfast sandwich were both beyond delicious. And, even though my date isn't vegan, he was just as pleased with his smoked salmon bagel. We didn't take any photos of our meal – it was simply too good to pause for a snapshot. However, I must mention the cocktails, which were also fantastic. My date even made a point to come back without me, claiming he couldn't wait to have it again, which says a lot. Overall, the creative menu, the variety of unique dishes and cocktails, and the fun, bustling vibe of this place make it a must-visit. Yes, it may get busy, but it's absolutely worth the wait.

Capitol Waffle Shop

1110 E Main St Ste B, Richmond

(804) 589-3214

Reviewed by:

Porsha Stevenson

Day trip in town for the New Year and decided to stop here before heading out. Was pleasantly surprised by the variety of options available for waffles! Opted for the bacon cordon 1/2 waffle as seen in the picture along with an iced caramel latte. The latte had a bit more milk than I'd prefer, but the flavor was still enjoyable. It was great to see the transparency in their farm-to-table approach, even to the extent of serving OJ directly from a recognizable retail jug. Was quite satisfied with the portion size of my meal, though my boyfriend's country breakfast waffle could have used a bit more in terms of toppings as he was left wanting more. Nevertheless, would definitely return for another round, maybe opting for two waffles next time if feeling extra hungry. This place really does rock when it comes to food and drink variety; had a chance to enjoy both an Irish cream latte and a honey haze latte on different visits, and both were delightful. The bacon, egg, and queso waffle was a standout for me – that queso is something else! And you can't go wrong with their house chicken and waffles, seriously a must-try. The Wiscuits and Jensky added a unique touch to the meal, making it memorable. Service here is swift, prices reasonable. Had a breakfast outing with a friend and it turned out to be a treat! The Americano hit the spot, and we each enjoyed a half-moon waffle with savory toppings plus a Fraffle, a waffled apple fritter, which was convincingly delectable. The hot sauce shelf was a nice touch for those who like it spicy. The ambiance was perfect for dining in, complemented by easy-listening music and not too loud, making it a peaceful meal. The staff was genuinely nice, adding to the positive experience. For anyone considering a visit, this place won't let you down. The waffle selection is outstanding and the service is exceptional. These aren't your typical waffles; they're more like culinary masterpieces. If the opportunity arises, definitely make a stop here.

Tarrant's Cafe Downtown

1 W Broad St, Richmond

(804) 225-0035

Reviewed by:

Ronnie Pierre

My brunch experience at Tarrant's Cafe Downtown was nothing short of amazing. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was welcoming and the staff was exceptionally cooperative. We started off with the crab & artichoke dip, which was simply superb. For the main course, the 3 cheese ravioli and the jumbo shrimp were both decadent and very tasty. A special shoutout to our waiter, Aiden, who was friendly, polite, and incredibly knowledgeable about the menu. I'm definitely planning to return on my next visit to Richmond. The staff overall worked seamlessly together, providing suggestions and ensuring we had everything we needed. The shrimp stuffed with crab was rich and creamy, overflowing with crab meat, while the calamari was light and crispy, paired with a great dipping sauce. The cocktails hit the spot perfectly. Another highlight was when we were served by Michelle, who was attentive, funny, and considerate – easily one of the best servers out there. The breakfast pizza I tried was delicious, and the surprise cinnamon bites were a delightful treat. Addison, another server who attended to us, was thoughtful and sweet, making our dining experience even more pleasant. The restaurant's atmosphere was peaceful, clean, and inviting, making it a perfect spot for brunch. I'm really glad to have stumbled upon this gem. The food was fresh, flavorful, and delicious, and the service was absolutely fantastic. I'll definitely be returning and recommending Tarrant's Cafe Downtown to others looking for a quality brunch spot in Richmond.

Helen’s Restaurant

2527 W Main St, Richmond

(804) 358-4370

Reviewed by:

Flori Hodorogea

Visiting Helen's Restaurant for brunch in Richmond truly was a delightful experience. Navigating parking was straightforward with street parking available right outside. Although there wasn't a visible ramp, we managed just fine with a stroller, testament to the restaurant's general accessibility. Upon arrival, the festive decorations immediately caught my eye, setting a welcoming tone. It was noticeable how bustling the place was, filled with the hum of conversation and activity, albeit it took a little initiative on our part to get seated. However, once we were settled, the staff proved to be incredibly helpful and friendly. The service was impressively prompt, with our orders arriving quickly. The food itself was full of flavor. It might have been on the saltier side for my taste, but it was a hit with everyone else at the table. The mussels and carrots as small plates, along with the burger for an entree, were particularly delicious. The fries were a standout, and the drink specials offered great value. Admittedly, the prices felt a bit steep, with a simple selection of two juices, one coffee, pancake, and eggs Benedict totaling around 51 dollars. Yet, the cozy ambiance, coupled with the quality of service and food, made it feel worthwhile. While the interior's low lighting made it difficult to distinguish the time of day, it added to the cozy atmosphere of the place. The cocktails deserve a special mention for their excellence. Despite the Irish breakfast being more on the salty side than preferred, the overall dining experience was enhanced by the wonderful staff and inviting atmosphere. All in all, Helen's Restaurant offers a memorable brunch experience in Richmond, characterized by its delicious food, lovely ambiance, and attentive service. It's a place I'd recommend for anyone looking to enjoy a cozy and satisfying meal.

Can Can Brasserie

3120 W Cary St, Richmond

(804) 358-7274

Reviewed by:

Wayne Falls

My mother and I decided to go to Can Can for a celebratory lunch, and I must say, the experience was fantastic. We particularly love visiting during the summer months when they open the big windows, giving the place a vibrant and airy feel. It's a good idea to make a reservation or at least call ahead, as the place tends to get busy. Upon our arrival, the service was prompt, and the food was nothing short of delightful. We had a wonderful waiter named Hannah who suggested the bouillabaisse, and it was absolutely delicious. The portions served were generous, especially the side salad, making the meal feel worth every penny. We also tried the Croque Madame along with the soup du jour, which was a scrumptious tomato cream soup. Both dishes were flavorful, and the portions were quite large, considering the reasonable prices. Our whole meal, including a Pastis, came to just under $60, which was great value for the quality and quantity of food we received. The restaurant was bustling, yet it never felt overcrowded. The ambience was one of the highlights of our visit, making it a place we're eager to return to. Another thing worth mentioning is how Can Can transforms during Christmas with seasonal drinks and festive decorations, creating a delightful and transportive atmosphere. On another occasion, I visited with three neighbor ladies, and it was my first time there. Our server Ellie was exceptionally sweet and very attentive, striking the perfect balance without being overbearing. This experience left a strong impression on me, ensuring I will definitely be back for more. Visiting Can Can, whether for a special occasion or a casual lunch, has always been a joy. The atmosphere, the food, and the service are consistently exceptional, making it a must-visit spot in Richmond for brunch or any meal.

Parterre Restaurant

100 E Franklin St, Richmond

(804) 381-5810

Reviewed by:

Christine Lorenzzoti

Brunch at Parterre Restaurant in Richmond was absolutely delightful and far surpassed my expectations. From the moment we were seated, the experience was nothing short of wonderful. The ability to make reservations for breakfast is a game-changer for me, especially as Richmond doesn't have a lot of options for the early birds. Plus, finding on-street parking early on a Saturday morning was a breeze. The crafted donuts were a highlight, arriving warm and satisfying, which set a positive tone for the meal. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his sausage gravy biscuits, raving about the flavor and the generous chunks of sausage. My choice, the arugula chevre omelette, while tasty, had a bit too much arugula for my liking, but it was still a solid dish. What truly made our brunch special was our server, Addison. Her upbeat and professional demeanor added so much to our experience. It's not every day you find someone who makes such a memorable impact, and the fact that she shares a name with our child felt like a fun little coincidence. The food overall was impressive. The Brussel sprout entree was crispy and spicy, a pleasant surprise. The shrimp and grits were creamy, with the andouille sausage providing the perfect amount of spice. And the smash burger? Cooked to perfection. All the portions were just right, ensuring we left satisfied but not overly stuffed. Even though not everything hit the high mark for us — the pancakes and scones were just okay, and the breakfast burger, while liked by my son, didn't wow us — the overall experience was positive. The fact that they know how to properly poach an egg and serve a decent French toast speaks volumes about their kitchen's capabilities. Returning to Parterre is not a matter of if, but when. It was our first visit, but it definitely won't be our last. I'd encourage anyone looking for a quality brunch spot in Richmond to give Parterre a try. And if possible, ask for Addison; you won't be disappointed.

Social52 Kitchen & Craft Bar

2619 W Main St, Richmond

(804) 353-9709

Reviewed by:

Samantha Jeanjacques

Visiting Social52 Kitchen & Craft Bar for brunch in Richmond was an experience filled with ups and downs, but overall, it left a good impression. Our large and somewhat noisy party of 20 was accommodated at the last minute, which was a relief. The staff truly stood out for their fabulous and patient service, making sure we were comfortable and attended to throughout our visit. The mixed drinks were a highlight, expertly mixed and flavorful, showcasing the skills of the bartenders. On a note of culinary highs, the French fries were exceptional - they seemed fresh cut, and the oil definitely tasted fresh, adding to the overall enjoyment of the meal. However, the food did have its letdowns. My order of an only cheese smash burger was disappointing; it lacked the characteristics of a traditional smash burger and was overly salty to the point of being inedible. Similarly, the firecracker shrimp, which was grilled instead of breaded, did not meet expectations and the menu did not accurately describe this dish. Our group's experience with other menu items was mixed. The Chicken & Waffles, along with the French Toast, received high praise for their quality and flavor. On the other hand, the Shrimp & Grits suffered from being too watery, and the Steak & Eggs did not meet the cooking preferences even after a redo. Despite these culinary hiccups, the staff's response to our concerns was commendable. They offered discounts and complimentary drinks to make up for the shortcomings, a gesture that was very much appreciated. This excellent customer service, alongside the restaurant's cool vibe, great drinks, appetizers, and some standout entrees, means I would consider giving it another try, possibly exploring different menu items. In summary, while not every dish met expectations, the positive aspects of Social52 Kitchen & Craft Bar, such as the attentive service, delightful drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere, made the brunch a worthwhile visit. It's a place with potential, and with some tweaks to the food, it could become a go-to spot in Richmond.


21 N 17th St, Richmond

(804) 343-9771

Reviewed by:

Llostin Garcia

We were on the lookout for a brunch spot in Richmond and luckily stumbled upon Lulu's. The food here is simply amazing and never disappoints! From the moment we decided to dine here, we knew we made the right choice, but we quickly learned that securing a table requires an appointment due to its popularity. The seafood omelet was the standout dish for me. Initially, I was hesitant about the combination, but it was an incredible and unique taste experience. The service we received was exceptional, with the staff offering excellent recommendations. The only minor critique would be the biscuit, which could use a bit of improvement. However, it didn't detract from the overall fantastic food, service, and atmosphere. Our server, Josh G, was the highlight of our visit. His upbeat personality, deep knowledge of the menu, and attentiveness to our needs, especially with coffee and water refills, were commendable. He managed both the bar and table service effortlessly and ensured our food was served hot and fresh. We'll definitely ask for him by name on our next visit! Our sons have been raving about Lulu's for the past year, prompting us to finally make that Wednesday morning reservation. Despite a bit of confusion finding the place, as it's nestled in a marketplace area downtown and not immediately visible from the corner, a quick call to the restaurant had the host guide us to their location. The warm welcome from the host, the ambiance, and the background R&B tunes set a fantastic first impression. Our waiter Aaron was prompt, friendly, and professional, quickly taking our drink orders and briefing us on the day's specials. We opted for the shrimp and grits with a side of potatoes. The grits were perfectly cheesy with just the right mix of peppers and onions—a delightful surprise for someone who's usually not a fan of that combination. The eggs were cooked to perfection, not overly salted which I appreciated. Though the potatoes had a bit more spice than I prefer, it didn't take away from the overall deliciousness of the meal. Aaron made sure our experience was to our liking, checking in on us and ensuring our satisfaction. The bill was reasonable for the quality of food and service received. It's safe to say, Lulu's has earned another set of fans, and we're already planning our next visit to try their famous red velvet waffles and chicken. An absolute must-visit spot for brunch in Richmond!

The Daily Kitchen & Bar

2934 W Cary St, Richmond

(804) 342-8990

Reviewed by:

Adrienne Bordoh

I've been to The Daily Kitchen & Bar several times for brunch and it never disappoints. This latest visit was with friends visiting from out of town, and once again, it proved to be a hit. Having dietary restrictions can sometimes make dining out challenging, but The Daily always accommodates my needs perfectly. I opted for the Buddha Bowl with shrimp, which was tasty and filling. Although my friend's steak wasn't cooked to her preference, it didn't dampen our experience. We were slightly disappointed to find the peanut butter "cheesecake" still missing from the menu, as it's an incredible dessert. The service could be quicker, but our server was attentive throughout our meal. A noticeable improvement was that the floors weren't slippery, making for a safer visit. The atmosphere here is always pleasant, offering a nice backdrop for good food and conversation. Parking was surprisingly easy to find nearby, even on a Saturday evening. My friends and wife were impressed by the Nutella mousse, though I was a bit let down by the extra charge for tofu in my teriyaki bowl, especially given the small portion served. Despite that, The Daily Kitchen & Bar stands out for its extensive selection of vegan and gluten-free options, even though it makes choosing a bit overwhelming at times. The service is consistently good, and the dishes like the Buddha Bowl, Teriyaki Bowl, and Buffalo Cauliflower are fresh, delicious, and cater well to vegetarians. The adult beverages are also a refreshing complement to any meal. Definitely a spot worth checking out for a satisfying brunch experience.

Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen

3553 W Cary St, Richmond

(804) 213-0800

Reviewed by:

Darwiish Gonzalez

Visited Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen for brunch in Richmond and was blown away by the quality of service and the delicious food. My wife enjoyed the Blueberry Lemon Curd pancakes, while I had the pleasure of digging into the West Coast omelette, accompanied by home fries and toast. The coffee was also noteworthy. We were so impressed that we decided to use their Carytown location for catering a Grand Opening Event. The staff, especially Taylor, went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect, demonstrating both creativity and a genuine desire to make our event a success. The catering was flawless and thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees. Despite an initial hiccup with seating - our large group had to wait even though our arrival was anticipated, they managed to seat us quicker than initially quoted. The seating arrangement and timing of meal service were a bit disorganized, with some delays in serving. My gluten-free order came last, which was disappointing. While my salad was excellent, the sandwich left a bit to be desired, and I noticed issues with other guests' meals as well. The experience for a large group was less than ideal, with some confusion over the bill and an unexpected transaction fee. Overall, while the food quality stood out, the experience was marred by organizational issues and unexpected charges. For smaller, more intimate dining or catering services, Baker's Crust shines, but caution is advised for larger groups and those sensitive to hidden fees.

521 Biscuits & Waffles

521 E Main St, Richmond

(804) 482-8924

Reviewed by:

Flory Bleau

Ordered breakfast and coffee to go due to it being conveniently close to my hotel, and it was a delightful experience! The chocolate chip scone caught my attention immediately - it was so delicious that I found myself still thinking about it the next day. My fiancé and I decided to share the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit Sandwich, which turned out to be quite large but absolutely satisfying. The thick-cut bacon was a highlight, perfectly crispy without crossing into burnt territory, adding that satisfying crunch with every bite. The biscuit itself was a treat, tasty and well-structured, not crumbling away as some do. What took me by surprise was discovering that this establishment is gluten-free, a fact I hadn't realized until deciding to leave this review. That's definitely a plus in my book! Visited on 7 January 2023, and found the breakfast sandwiches and waffles particularly noteworthy. The unique take on the sausage, served as a large link they split in half, was both unique and flavorful, adding to the overall enjoyment of our meal. One thing to note for future visits is the payment policy - like many places downtown, it seems they're moving towards a card-only system. Also, during the visit, there was a noticeable delay in service attributed to what seemed to be understaffing or mismanagement, especially from one of the staff members at the front of the house. The ambiance was a bit tense, and unfortunately, there was a minor mishap with a waffle. Despite these setbacks, the quality of the food stood out, with the bacon egg & cheese biscuit and the blueberry scone being particularly memorable for their soft, delicious insides. Definitely looking forward to trying the waffles next time. Just a heads-up for future patrons, parking might be a small challenge since there's no on-site parking, but paid parking is available within walking distance. The seating inside is also somewhat limited. Despite the few issues faced, the meal was enjoyable, and the fact that everything is gluten-free is a commendable aspect that adds to the appeal of 521 Biscuits & Waffles for brunch in Richmond.

The Urban Farmhouse market & café (Shockoe Slip)

1217 E Cary St, Richmond

(804) 325-3988

Reviewed by:

Lydia Barnes

Ventured out for brunch at the Urban Farmhouse Market & Café located in Shockoe Slip, Richmond, and it was quite the experience. This café has an incredible variety of drinks - from juices and smoothies to lattes and other hot beverages, offering a perfect blend for anyone looking to quench their thirst with some quality options. What’s more impressive is the serene ambience this place offers, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a calm corner to work or simply unwind.The menu caters to a vast array of tastes, balancing between healthy choices and indulgent treats, all prepared with high-grade ingredients. The setting is conducive for a sit-down meal, maintaining a pleasant noise level and a very welcoming atmosphere. The interior is charmingly decorated, creating an inviting space with an ample seating arrangement and quite a number of outlets for those in need of them. The outdoor patio is a bonus, especially for dog owners. And for the book lovers, there are a few shelves with books to borrow, alongside local artwork for sale.However, while the setting and drink options score high marks, the food and service slightly mar the overall experience. The offerings, while diverse, don't quite hit the mark in terms of flavor or uniqueness, especially considering the price point. A chicken sandwich and chips ordered felt like something that could easily be prepared at home, and the service didn't do much to uplift the dining experience due to its slow pace.Despite this, it's worth noting the café's commitment to accommodating diverse dietary needs, offering a selection for gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian guests. During a visit on the 4th of July, the Turkey & Raita with Mint sandwich was a standout for its fresh, summery vibe, though the other selections like the BLT and beet juice were just passable.Friendly staff and a reasonable wait time for food, given the holiday and the café not being crowded, were small consolations. They also offer a decent selection of premade items and local products which might be worth exploring over the made-to-order dishes.In conclusion, while the Urban Farmhouse Market & Café shines in ambiance, drink variety, and inclusivity for dietary restrictions, the food and service aspects leave room for improvement. It’s a solid choice for a casual brunch spot, especially if sticking to premade items or in search of a cozy nook to relax, but it might not be the first choice for those seeking an impressive culinary experience. Overall, it gets a three-star rating from me.

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