March 5, 2024

Riverside Rendezvous: 10 Best Brunch Spots in Riverside, CA

Riverside serves up a brunch scene that's as fresh as the flowing river. From quaint cafes by the water to bustling bistros with dishes as vibrant as the city itself.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Riverside Rendezvous: 10 Best Brunch Spots in Riverside, CA
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Unearth Riverside's brunch scene in all its delightful glory as we guide you through the best brunch spots in this vibrant Californian city.


141 E Alessandro Blvd suite 10-A, Riverside

(951) 215-0007

Reviewed by:

Josh Mcclain

Deciding to brunch at Cafe Le Reve in Riverside was a delightful choice that did not disappoint. Before heading out, making a reservation is something I'd strongly recommend given the cozy size of the place. This quaint spot might be small, but its menu and the flavors packed into each dish are anything but. Starting off with the Cafe Pave Potatoes, they were nothing short of DELICIOUS. The menu also boasted a croque monsieur and a special savory crepe for the day, both of which were very satisfying. What stood out wasn't just the delectable French cuisine but also the warmth and sweetness of the staff. The place had this vibe of being personally attended to by the owner-cook, which added a unique and charming touch to the dining experience. While my omelette was slightly overdone, it was still tasty, and that didn't take away from the overall positive brunch experience. Another highlight was the tasty, flaky chocolate croissant that absolutely hit the spot. My dining companion had the eggs Benedict and enjoyed it thoroughly, although he noted the pricing was a bit steep for the portion size. Prices aside, this was our second visit, and the food seems to get better every time. It's evident that the chef behind these creations is incredibly talented. Nestled in a shopping plaza, Cafe Le Reve might be a hidden gem, but it's definitely a place that leaves an impression. With its limited seating, larger groups might find it a challenge, but for a lovely morning breakfast or brunch, it's just perfect. From the eggs Benedict steak to the avocado toast I savored, every dish was a testament to the culinary skills at play here. For anyone looking for a slice of exquisite French cuisine paired with friendly and polite service, Cafe Le Reve is a must-visit. Their attention to detail, both in the preparation of their dishes and the care in serving their guests, makes for a memorable dining experience. It's quickly become a favorite spot for my husband and me, proving time and again that good things indeed come in small packages.

Rodeo Café

17136 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside

(951) 780-0388

Reviewed by:

Jessica Mcnamar

The moment you step into Rodeo Café for brunch, you're greeted by an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere. What truly elevates the experience is meeting Chef Marcos and owner Orlando upon arrival. Their personal touch makes you feel right at home. The level of cleanliness and professionalism from the staff further enhances the positive ambiance, making it a pleasure to dine here. The breakfast menu boasts a diverse selection, leaving you spoilt for choice. Opting for the country fried steak and eggs with biscuits and gravy was, without a doubt, the perfect decision. The meal was not only delicious but also satisfying in every way, leaving no room for hunger. What's equally impressive is how the enjoyable dining experience doesn't leave your wallet feeling light. The café offers both a satisfying meal and wallet-friendly prices, making it a highly recommended spot for anyone in search of a delicious and affordable brunch option. Despite the initial off-putting odor near the restroom upon entering, the overall experience turned out to be incredibly positive. Fortunately, the crowd had lessened by the time we arrived, providing plenty of seating without the place feeling crowded. Having seen Rodeo Café always packed, it was a sign that it was worth checking out. And indeed, it was. The food and service were remarkable. Opting for the Eggs Benedict and the Denver omelette, the dishes were very good, even though the hash browns were slightly cold. Nonetheless, the customer service was exceptional, making the experience all the more enjoyable. Considering how close it is to home, it's without a doubt that a return visit is on the cards. The café has managed to impress greatly, and it's exciting to think of what other delicious dishes await discovery. So, to anyone looking for a place that promises a hearty meal with great service, Rodeo Café is the spot to visit. It's a place where quality, affordability, and a welcoming atmosphere blend seamlessly, ensuring every visit is memorable.

Flo's Farmhouse Cafe

5620 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside

(951) 352-2690

Reviewed by:

Tori Lopez

Sunday afternoon, walked in and was immediately seated, which was a pleasant surprise. The wait for our food was no longer than 20 minutes, which was quite impressive given the bustling atmosphere. Opting for the biscuits and gravy alongside the omelet was a decision well made – the meal had a homemade feel that I’ve always cherished. Notably, the omelets here avoid the unwelcome humidity that can come from lid-cooked eggs; instead, they're well-cooked, complementing the fully grilled meat inside perfectly. The country steak was another excellent choice, offering up satisfying portion sizes and great value for the price. Ordered the Hugo's omelets, which did not disappoint. The server, Adriana, provided excellent 5-star service, enhancing the dining experience significantly. For the first visit, the choice of Chicken Fried Steak with over-easy eggs, country potatoes, and Biscuit and gravy was ambitious, delivered across three plates due to the generous portions – a pleasant surprise indeed. Also, indulged in a Belgian Waffle with strawberry compote and whipped cream, alongside over-easy eggs, links, and bacon. Accompanying beverages included coffee, water, and orange juice, completing the meal perfectly. The visit to Flo's Farmhouse Cafe was truly fantastic, marked by great food, great prices, and excellent service. The immediate warm welcome and swift seating were just the beginning of a superb dining experience that unfolded in a timely manner. The diner itself is charming, boasting an inviting atmosphere that attracts both locals and newcomers alike, making every visit feel special. It's also noteworthy that the cafe offers vegetarian-friendly dishes, including a veggie patty that's a delightful alternative to the usual "fake meat" options found elsewhere. Despite the restaurant's worn appearance and somewhat dated decor, the dining experience was memorable, characterized by delicious food and generous portions at fair prices. Although service was a bit slow, it was understandable given the crowd and numerous takeout orders. Would wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a hearty meal in a comfortable setting. Flo's Farmhouse Cafe proves to be a gem in the neighborhood, worth visiting whether passing by or seeking out a new brunch spot.

Riviera Family Restaurant

5633 Mission Blvd, Riverside

(951) 274-9509

Reviewed by:

Cliff Zoesch

Great food for a great price. The staff was attentive, and the restaurant boasts a good location. Although the menu could use more markers for allergy-sensitive or vegan options, the dishes I tried were delightful. The hashbrowns with bacon and eggs were perfect, though I noticed a lack of a Gluten-Free option for bread. From the moment you arrive, the mouth-watering aroma of a home-cooked meal greets you, setting the stage for a wonderful dining experience. Inside, you're treated to caring, speedy service and a warm, fuzzy vibe that’s hard to find elsewhere. The french toast is particularly outstanding, offering a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that's unforgettable. With breakfast options for days, there's something for everyone without breaking the bank. The atmosphere earns top marks, especially if you're in search of family-style dining. It's truly an exquisite dining experience that supports local business, something I'm always eager to do. The lightning-fast service ensures you come hungry and leave happy, making it a place not to be missed. Having enjoyed breakfast here today, I'm already planning to return for lunch and dinner very soon. If you're on the fence about trying this spot, don't be. The amazing food and great service, coupled with a nice ambiance and kind employees, make it a must-visit establishment.

The Beignet Spot

4019 Market St, Riverside

(951) 224-9830

Reviewed by:

Lindsey Billingsley

Discovered a gem in Riverside for brunch at The Beignet Spot. It's a quaint place where the ambiance is just as inviting as the flavors that burst from their food. From the moment my family and I stepped in, the owner welcomed us with open arms, showing patience as we navigated through the menu. It's rare to find a place where customer service aligns perfectly with the excitement of trying something new, and The Beignet Spot didn’t disappoint. We had the unique pleasure of watching fresh beignets being made right before our eyes. It's an experience I'm eager to see replicated as I hope to see more of these spots in the future. Thanks to a great experience! After hearing about this place from some co-workers, I decided to swing by for lunch. Once again, Riverside impresses with a wonderful local eatery nestled downtown, offering a good atmosphere paired with delicious food. I tried the jerk chicken sandwich; while I expected a bit more kick, the bread it was served on was an in-house delight - fluffy and absolutely scrumptious. As for the beignets – describing them as angel bread wouldn't be an overstatement because they were indeed heavenly. The service was as commendable as the food, truly embodying what excellent customer service should be. I enjoyed a cold brew chicory coffee with vanilla syrup and cream, presenting a unique blend of smoky and sweet flavors – a perfect compliment to the meal. For anyone looking for a change from the usual brunch offerings, I'd recommend trying their jerk chicken sandwich with a side of beignet. The service was notably quick and accommodating, especially appreciated by us out-of-towners. The beignets, particularly with the caramel dip, were a highlight, making them an unforgettable treat. Overall, The Beignet Spot has secured its place as a must-visit for anyone craving a combination of great food, ambience, and exceptional service.

Little Green Onions

6723 Brockton Ave, Riverside

(951) 328-1273

Reviewed by:

Jacob Seastrunk

Had an absolutely delightful brunch experience at Little Green Onions! Decided to give this place a try after hearing so much about their breakfast offerings. The bacon and cheese omelet was superb, and both the bacon and hash browns were on the crispier side, just how I like them. It was my first visit, and I had been particularly craving steak and eggs. Thankfully, they did not disappoint at all — the dish was savory and perfectly cooked, providing a fantastic start to the day. The pricing was quite reasonable for the quality and portion sizes, which was a pleasant surprise. It's worth noting that the restaurant is on the smaller side, so there might be a wait. However, I take that as a good sign — it means the food is worth waiting for. The service was efficient and friendly, which added to the overall positive experience. While there was a mix of feedback, including some areas for improvement in terms of food temperature and moisture, the potential of Little Green Onions shines through. The carnitas and rice could use a bit more attention to ensure they don't dry out, but the red sauce and beans were spot on. All in all, my visit to Little Green Onions for brunch was quite enjoyable. The few hiccups didn't overshadow the tasty food and good service. Definitely planning to return and would recommend to anyone looking for a satisfying brunch spot in Riverside.

Kountry Folks Homestyle Restaurant

3653 La Sierra Ave, Riverside

(951) 354-0437

Reviewed by:

Amani Rocha

The food here was truly amazing on my first visit. The fries struck the perfect balance between soft and crunchy, while the Mac and cheese was ideally creamy with just the right cheese ratio. The chicken was flavorful, and the garlic bread was both toasty and soft, seasoned with the perfect amount of garlic. I'm definitely planning to come back. The highlight was the excellent customer service. A big shoutout to Andrew B for making the experience even better with his effort to get me a strawberry milkshake; it was genuinely kind. This spot is hands down one of the best places for breakfast in Riverside. It feels iconic, embodying a countryside, conservative, traditional, and cozy vibe that hits you with a warm welcome the moment you step in. The service is unbeatable, with a manager who ensures everything runs smoothly. The food is mouthwateringly good. From their unique scrambled eggs combination, out-of-this-world pancakes, to super delicious chicken wings, every bite is a delight. The wait staff's friendly smiles and outstanding service only add to the experience. I'm a regular here because the food consistently impresses me. The Nashville chicken sandwich is a personal favorite, and even when there was a minor hiccup with the chicken being a bit dry, every other visit has been perfect. Seating was immediate around 7pm on a weeknight, which was a pleasant surprise. Their full menu, which includes breakfast all day and southern items rare in SoCal like grits, greens, catfish, and fried chicken, offers something unique. Portions are generous, prices reasonable, and although I was too full for dessert, it gives me one more reason to return. All employees make the dining experience fun and engaging, contributing to why this place is now a regular go-to for dinner.

The Rustik Fork

1355 E Alessandro Blvd Suite 101, Riverside

(951) 406-4132

Reviewed by:

Junior Wilson

Venturing out for brunch in Riverside turned out to be a delightful experience thanks to The Rustik Fork. Not every day does one come across a place that ticks all the boxes for a memorable dining affair. Tucked away as a hidden gem, this restaurant immediately stood out as a beacon of culinary excellence in an area that's still catching up with the cool, good food spots I was used to back in LA county. The highlight of my meal was undoubtedly the wagyu steak sandwich, priced at $32, which was absolutely delicious - the meat was tender and flavorful, and the accompanying fries did not disappoint either. While the smoked cheddar mac and cheese left a bit to be desired due to its blandness, the overall quality of the food was top-notch. Service was another aspect where The Rustik Fork shone brightly. Our waiter was incredibly accommodating, adding a layer of comfort and welcome to our dining experience. Although the restaurant was a bit warm for my liking, the atmosphere remained vibrant and inviting. Splurging a little more than usual didn't hurt, especially when the payout was excellent food and service. It's not every day you find a place that makes a new city feel more like home. The food was amazing, and its quality unarguably stood out. The friendly, welcoming vibe from the staff, coupled with the great music and ambiance, won me over completely. A notable mention must go to our drinks - my old fashioned was crafted to perfection, even with my request for it to be a tad sweeter than usual. Additionally, the appetizers we shared, including the Brussels sprouts, bread, and loaded potatoes (surprisingly excellent even for a vegan dish), set a high bar for the rest of the meal. My dinner choice, the tomahawk steak, alongside the other varied dishes ordered by our group, showcased the kitchen's prowess. Even with a healthy appetite, I found myself taking some of the steak home, a testament to the generous portions and the skillful preparation of the food. Observing the bustling kitchen added an immersive touch to the dining experience, making it all the more memorable. While I might have preferred a higher-end touch like cloth instead of paper napkins for dinner, this is a minor detail in an otherwise flawless dining experience. Without any reservations, I'm already planning my next visit. The Rustik Fork provided the perfect setting for a wonderful birthday dinner and has firmly established itself as a must-visit spot in Riverside. Thank you for an exceptional dining experience - this restaurant is truly a jewel in Mo' Valley.

Amy's Cafe

10635 Magnolia Ave, Riverside

(951) 689-0296

Reviewed by:

Rizzy Chavez

Walking into Amy's Cafe for brunch in Riverside was like stepping back in time to the classic American diners that epitomize comfort food and a warm atmosphere. It wasn't long before we were greeted and seated at a cozy booth, with Veronica, our server, promptly taking our order with a smile that was as welcoming as the diner itself. The diner's decor, complete with typical wall decorations, instantly set a comforting and familiar scene, making us feel right at home. The choice on the menu was extensive, offering all the beloved classics one hopes to find at such an establishment. Opting for something hearty, the chili verde omelette caught my eye, a dish that promised a blend of flavors with its avocado sour cream, cheese, and pork. Although the pork was a tad overcooked and the omelette could have been warmer, the flavors were there, creating a pleasant dish overall. Accompanying this, the biscuits and gravy side was tasty, even if it did arrive barely warm. Seeking a more traditional option, the 2 Egg Breakfast Plate seemed like a safe bet. The potatoes could have been warmer, yet the eggs were prepared well, offering a redeeming quality to the dish. Again, the biscuits and gravy, while flavorful, suffered from not being served hot enough. Despite these minor setbacks, the service at Amy's Cafe was commendable. Our coffee cups were never empty for long, thanks to Veronica’s attentive service. The cleanliness of the establishment was noteworthy too, with both restrooms immaculately maintained, although the abundance of air fresheners was slightly overwhelming. The surprise of the visit was the muffin, which was served warm and was utterly delicious, proving that sometimes it's the simplest items that leave the most lasting impression. Also, the pork chop and eggs, alongside the Denver Omelette that my companion tried, were thoroughly enjoyed without a hitch. Amy's Cafe, with its large menu selection and comfortable diner vibe, stands out as a gem worth recommending, especially for those in the area. The staff's friendliness and the overall cleanliness amplify the dining experience, making it a place to return to. The only caveat would be to park facing the diner for peace of mind, given its location on motel property and the eclectic crowd in the surrounding areas. In conclusion, Amy's Cafe delivers on the promise of good service and tasty food, making it a must-visit for anyone craving a classic diner experience in Riverside.

Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery

3505 Merrill Ave, Riverside

(951) 682-2504

Reviewed by:

Arsho Zurita

Ate Chicken Cobb Salad with blue cheese and it was very tasty. The staff was friendly, ensuring great food and pies come hand in hand with fast service. Even when it was busy mid-week, the service didn't falter. A personal favorite are the whole pies from Marie Callender's, especially for their exceptional taste. However, there was an unfortunate incident where upon purchasing two whole pies, the front desk attendant overcharged and provided incorrect change. Initially left without realization, but after noticing the absence of a receipt and experiencing a mishap with the pie, it prompted a return to the restaurant. Thankfully, after discussing the error with the manager, the correct change was returned. Despite this mishap, the quality of food remains undeniable. Also tried the meatloaf sandwich, which was both delicious and filling, to the point half was saved for later. The fresh fruit side was a sweet and refreshing end to the meal. The attentive service from our waitress added to the overall positive dining experience, anticipating needs even before being asked. In spite of the minor issue with billing, the intention to return stands strong, perhaps even starting with dessert first next time. The allure of great food and exemplary pies, coupled with the ambiance of Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery for brunch in Riverside, remains irresistible.

Joanna's Cafe

17950 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside

(951) 789-8843

Reviewed by:

Trendy Patel

This hidden gem has quickly become my new favorite spot for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. From the moment you step inside, you're greeted by a warm, countryside-styled decor that instantly reminds you of cozy days spent at grandma's kitchen table. The ambiance is further enhanced by the smiling, helpful waiters who go out of their way to make you feel at home. The food here is nothing short of delicious, with every bite reflecting the care and love with which it's prepared. My go-to dish has to be the French toast—it’s a delightful reminder of home-cooked meals and brings a sense of warmth and satisfaction that’s hard to find elsewhere. Despite hearing about some mixed experiences, my visits have always been characterized by prompt service, delicious food, and a welcoming atmosphere. Such consistent quality and the feeling of being valued as a customer make this cafe a standout choice in Riverside for those looking to enjoy a meal that’s both hearty and made with love. It’s clear to see why it’s loved by many, boasting an excellent, family-owned vibe that makes every dining experience here special. Definitely a spot worth visiting if you’re in search of homemade goodness and a friendly atmosphere.

Simple Simon's Bakery & Bistro

3639 Main St, Riverside

(951) 369-6030

Reviewed by:

Torri Jam

We were eager to check out Simple Simon's Bakery & Bistro based on a glowing review we came across. Nestled right across from the Mission Inn museum store on Main Street, it turned out to be a wonderful spot that's evidently popular, given the crowd. The vegetarian options caught my eye, which is always a plus. The sandwiches we tried were delicious, and the pastries - notably the sticky bun and pecan bar - were a hit. During my short stay in Riverside, and with my departure looming next week, I decided to grab some pastries for the road. Walking out feeling satisfied, it was disappointing to later discover some items I was billed for were missing from my package despite confirming my order several times. So, a couple of tips for anyone visiting: check their operating hours and make sure to verify your purchase. The food quality here is commendable, with everything looking as good as it tastes. The eggs were a highlight, and despite the bread being a bit on the rough side, it added a nice texture that I quite enjoyed. Though I was curious about the pastries, I found them to be optional compared to everything else on offer. A little tip: order before securing a table or vice versa for a smoother experience. A coworker had recommended Simple Simon's, and despite my initial skepticism, a visit there changed my mind. A lunchtime visit on a busy Tuesday saw everything served promptly, and I was sold from the first bite. Returning on a Saturday morning, my fiancé was just as enamored. We were genuinely impressed with the quality of both food and service. The sourdough grilled cheese "with the works" was phenomenal, a sentiment echoed by the notably fresh potato salad that accompanied it - a far cry from the typical store-bought fare. There's no doubt in our minds that we'll be returning. It easily earns a 5/5 stars from us. If you're in the area, this is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates fresh bread and baked goods.

Brandon's Diner

10246 Indiana Ave, Riverside

(951) 359-3617

Reviewed by:

Katelynn Kerin

This has been the best experience I've had in a diner. Five stars for our waitress, Blanca. She made our lunch wonderful and was such a joy serving my family and me. The food was marvelous, prepared in such a magnificent manner. I'll definitely be eating here again. Brandon's Diner, at the corner of Tyler and Indiana in Riverside, is a must-stop-and-eat place if you want good food and service. The portions are large and the breakfast is hearty. We got the veggie cheese omelets with hash brown and French toast, and the T-bone steak and eggs with hash brown and toast. The steak was tasty, a bit tough, but cooked medium well. The restaurant is clean. Heather, our server, was friendly and courteous. I absolutely loved this place, the feel, the people, just amazing. Our waitress, Heather, was very friendly and had a great sense of humor. She laughed with us, which was super cool. The food is out of this world. For our first time there, we got the sampler plate, which included nachos (their refried beans are so good), chicken quesadillas, chicken flautas, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, and hot wings. Everything was good. The meats are moist and full of flavor. The prices are also very reasonable. It was an all-around great experience. Thank you to the team! I also tried the Country Fried Steak. It was OK, but could have used a bit more flavor. The staff was very friendly, the service good, and the atmosphere very nice.

The Salted Pig

3750 Main St STE 103, Riverside

(951) 742-5664

Reviewed by:

Jennifer Lajara

Honestly, it's a joy to share my thoughts on The Salted Pig's brunch in Riverside. From the moment you step in, the cozy yet vibrant ambiance sets the stage for what's going to be a delightful dining experience. It's a place that makes you feel right at home, with a decor that is nothing short of inviting, capturing the essence of Riverside beautifully. One of my all-time favorites here is the macaroni & cheese. It consistently hits the right note with the perfect amount of gooey cheese and flavorful delight in every bite. During this visit, the Salmon Laab caught my attention and did not disappoint. Its sour profile, coupled with classic Lao flavors, took me on a nostalgic journey back home with just one bite. The main attraction for me was the Date Night Burger. The generosity in ingredient portions is commendable, from the sizeable burger patty to the fresh veggies. Although I found myself wishing for a bit more date jam, the overall taste was satisfying. However, what really outshone the main dishes were the dirty fries - a simple yet genius concoction of fries topped with garlic confit and cheese. They're a must-try for anyone visiting. While the experience was mostly positive, there was a minor inconvenience of dealing with mosquito bites during the meal. It's a small hiccup in what was otherwise a delightful visit. The Salted Pig truly stands out with its unique offerings, like the pork belly and chicken tacos I had the pleasure to enjoy. Each bite was a blend of zest and savory that left me impressed with the culinary expertise on display. And for those who prefer a seamless transaction, the convenience of using Google Pay ensures a smooth end to a wonderful dining experience. Walking through downtown Riverside and finding this gem was a highlight of my day. The Salted Pig offers a culinary adventure that's definitely worth exploring for anyone looking to indulge in flavors that are both unique and reminiscent of home.

ProAbition Whiskey Lounge & Kitchen

3597 Main St, Riverside

(951) 222-2110

Reviewed by:

Margarita Singletary

Had an absolutely wonderful time at ProAbition Whiskey Lounge & Kitchen for brunch in Riverside. From the moment we stepped in, the place had this clean, well-maintained look with decor that really caught my eye. Sitting down at the bar was a breeze - no waiting required, which was a nice surprise. What stood out to me was not just the ambiance but the drinks and food as well. Starting with the espresso martini, it was decent, setting a good tone for the meal ahead. I decided to order an old fashioned next, and it did not disappoint. It was made to perfection, and the ice cube with the letter "A" engraved on it was a cool, unique touch. For a snack, I went with the fried shrimp, and it was a fantastic choice. The shrimp was well seasoned, crispy, and flavorful. It's really a testament to their kitchen's skills when the food doesn't need to hide behind a sauce for flavor. The Brussels sprouts and sandwich I had were also delicious. It's not every day you come across dishes that are both tasty and felt like they were made with care. The service matched the quality of the food and drinks. Despite the bar being busy, the bartender was on top of everything - managing to take and serve orders with ease. It's this level of attention to detail and customer service that really enhances the dining experience. There was a brief disappointment when, during a visit, there were some service hiccups like delays and mix-ups with the order, notably the steak and jalapeños incident, and the minor issue with a birthday celebration order not being exactly vegan as requested. However, these moments were rare and didn't significantly detract from the overall positive experiences enjoyed here. The atmosphere is great, and during a birthday celebration visit, it was made even more memorable with the birthday song and unexpected gifts from strangers. It would be ideal if there were more vegan options on the menu, to avoid having to tweak orders, but that's a small suggestion to an otherwise fantastic place. All in all, ProAbition Whiskey Lounge & Kitchen is a spot I highly recommend for anyone looking for a great brunch place in Riverside. The combination of good food, excellent drinks, and attentive service makes it a place worth visiting and revisiting.

Brandon's Diner Jr. Of City Hall

3900 Main St, Riverside

(951) 778-2588

Reviewed by:

Ellen Jiménez

Brunch at Brandon's Diner Jr. at City Hall in Riverside was a delightful experience that I'm eager to share. Nestled on the 1st floor of the city hall, this place offers a cozy getaway for breakfast enthusiasts like myself. The highlight of my visit was undoubtedly the country chicken fried steak smothered in gravy. The food was delicious, and the portions were generous, ensuring a fulfilling start to the day. The location is wonderfully convenient, adding to the charm of this diner with its friendly service. Though it's essential to make the right menu choices, as not every item might meet expectations, I found the dishes I tried were well-prepared and tasty. While there were some hiccups with to-go orders, such as missing eggs and too much cream on crepes, these are areas where I see potential for improvement. It's worth noting that each dish has its unique appeal, with the turkey sausage and chorizo burrito standing out for their flavorsome qualities. My visit wasn't during a busy time, which I appreciated for a more relaxed meal, though I noticed some delays. Despite this, my overall experience was positive, marked by delicious food in a welcoming setting. It's a place I'd recommend for those in search of a hearty brunch in Riverside, especially if they're looking to try the standout dishes like the chicken fried steak or the savory chorizo burrito.


2955 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside

(951) 352-2994

Reviewed by:

Timothy Demantis

FAST and FRESH! That's the best way to describe the experience at this Denny's in Riverside, especially during the night shift. Came in with a group, all of us starving, and we left more than satisfied. The overloaded veggie omelette was the highlight for me – a generous portion, perfectly seasoned, with mushrooms done just right. The pancakes here are another winner, fluffy and just as I like them. While the place might look small from the outside, it's surprisingly spacious once you step in, and I'm definitely planning a return visit. My family and I have been regulars at this Denny's for a while, drawn in by the consistently great food, the calm atmosphere, and the outstanding customer service. Our waiter, Gerardo Ramirez, has taken care of us on several occasions, and his service has always been top-notch. Quick with our orders and always on the ball to check if we needed anything else, Gerardo made us feel truly valued. His attentiveness really stood out, making our dining experience even better. Even on a busy Sunday, with a bit of a wait, the staff went above and beyond, serving us complimentary soup as we waited for our meal which, as always, was delicious and served in generous portions. The whole experience was a delight. It had been a while since my last visit to Denny's, over four decades, due to past issues, but I was pleased to see the positive changes. The staff, mostly Hispanic, were fantastic, reflecting a positive and inclusive shift. Keep up the great work!

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