February 16, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Salem's Top 10 Brunch Places

Craving the ultimate brunch in Salem? Dive into our top picks where pancakes flirt with poached eggs and mimosas never end.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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The Ultimate Guide to Salem's Top 10 Brunch Places
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Welcome to Salem, Oregon, where we've curated some of the best brunch spots in town to satisfy your weekend brunch craving!

Patty's Off-Center Cafe

1741 Center St NE, Salem

(503) 399-5522

Reviewed by:

Isaac Tullos

This is my new favorite spot! We were so impressed with the quality of service, the delicious food, and the laid-back atmosphere. We were in and out within 35 minutes! The dining room is very cute and gives an old diner vibe. Patty was so friendly and on top of service, and the cook was super friendly as well. Just a really great spot with delicious food. Definitely recommend for breakfast or lunch! It's a cute, quaint local place with friendly staff and great specials. A friend and I came here while in town visiting her, and we were immediately charmed by the neighborly atmosphere. The specials were unique and definitely worth it. Always liking to ask for recommendations, the chef steered me towards the bacon hash which was a great choice. When ordering, our server suggested the jalapeno cheddar biscuit - it was AMAZING! My friend opted for the lemon poppyseed pancakes - also delicious! Curious about the potato soup, they offered us samples, leading us to get two orders to go for lunch. On another note, this place is awesome! Stopped in while on a solo-road trip, and felt so lucky to have found it! Service was quick & friendly, possibly even served by Patty herself, which was so rad! The menu options were broad, from Mexican Scramble to Burgers. I went for the Standard Breakfast with a short stack, and it was INSANELY delicious. Everything tasted authentic and natural, making the place feel cozy and perfect for a breakfast meal. First time here, and it's hard to express how amazing both the food and service were. As a vegetarian, finding the Tofu Scramble breakfast that tasted this glorious was a joy. It was prepared impeccably without any meat crossover. VERY RECOMMENDED for those looking for veggie options. The coffee and orange juice were also GREAT. But the service was OVER & BEYOND good. Thanks for everything.

Word Of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro

140 17th St NE, Salem

(503) 584-1927

Reviewed by:

Nawassa Williams

Exactly as expected, and that was nothing short of fantastic! Having worked in Salem for the past few years, I'd heard about this place but never managed to visit until now. It's got a great location close to downtown Salem, a cozy feel, and friendly servers which made the whole experience even better. For my meal, I ordered the Designer Omelette, and it was superb - light and fluffy eggs, with bacon that was thick and savory. My wife went for the chicken fried chicken, and it was delicious too! There's something about their chicken; it's soft and melts in your mouth, which is unexpected but delightful. We also tried the hot chocolate, and it truly is something special! The advice to come early and be prepared to wait is well-founded, but I assure you, it's worth it. The place is cute and cozy, making it a very welcoming spot for brunch. The staff from seating to serving were all about great hospitality. I was intrigued by the fancy hot chocolate on the menu, and the waitress suggested a boozy peppermint hot chocolate that was simply AMAZING. Everything we ordered was fresh, hot, beautifully presented, and tasted even better. The flavors were rich, and the portions generous. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and this place hit the spot perfectly. It's probably one of the best places to eat in Salem. There's so much I heard about this place, and while there's hype, it's good to keep expectations in check. The atmosphere is unique, set in a converted house which gives it a cool breakfast joint vibe. The servers are nice and kind, though a bit too bubbly for early mornings perhaps. Despite being told about an hour wait, it ended up being closer to an hour and a half. Some of the dishes like the pancakes and biscuits were a bit dry for my taste. However, the bacon and potatoes were good. The French toast and some other items didn't quite live up to expectations, but the experience overall was still worth it. Just be aware of the parking situation and accessibility. In summary, this place has a lot going for it - amazing staff, delicious biscuits, and a cozy atmosphere. It's definitely a must-try if you're in the area. The warm and friendly staff make a big difference, ensuring that every visit is enjoyable. Anything that comes with the biscuits is bound to be phenomenal, and the spiced chai is exceptional too. Can't wait to return and try more of their delicious meals!

Sybil's Omelettes

2373 State St, Salem

(503) 581-7724

Reviewed by:

Ladi Nieto

Wow, what an incredible experience! Decided to check out this restaurant after hearing it's always packed from 6 am to 2 pm. And now I totally understand why! The omelets were hands down the best I've ever tasted. Those hash browns and pancakes? Absolutely delicious! The service was top-notch too. This place definitely lives up to its reputation, and I've found my new favorite spot for breakfast. Can't wait to go back. Updated just to say that it's still amazing! Must apologize to everyone reading this for not posting photos. Will make a point to do so next time because trying to describe the food in words will not do it justice. First of all, the portions are massive. So, be prepared to pig out like never before, or prepare to take home a couple days' worth of leftovers. Ordered the standard breakfast, which I believe is the first one on the list, and was bursting at the seams even though I didn't finish all of it. But aside from the portion sizes, the food is excellent, and the service is stellar. Everyone is very nice and attentive. Have never visited another restaurant that had so many employees making sure your cup is full of coffee, your glass is full of water, and you have everything you need for an amazing dining experience. Even enjoyed the little bit of chatter with the cashier on the way out. Well-established breakfast and lunch restaurant known for a wide variety of omelet offerings. Been here for years, and of course, there's a good reason why. The place is always packed up which tells you it's got good food. Everything is pricier now, but was still surprised at the cost of breakfast. Plan on 40-50 bucks for two and that's not including having juice or any fancy coffees or the tip. The food was pretty much what you'd expect, tasty but nothing special. Was wanting outstanding yumminess because the place is so popular, but was disappointed. The biscuits and gravy were good; the biscuit part was nice and fluffy on the inside and the gravy was spicy but not from pepper. Hash browns were good and crispy but needed salt. My Bennie was well made with the poached eggs just right, and instead of Canadian bacon, thin slices of ham were grilled then added to the dish. The hollandaise was good. The corned beef hash is house-made and was almost creamy in texture. Everything was served hot. You won't leave hungry! Friendly and attentive servers who keep the coffee coming. A solid four stars. A great place to eat. So many choices and good portion sizes. Definitely going back.

Ritz Diner

135 Lancaster Dr SE, Salem

(503) 385-1086

Reviewed by:

Maria Bernier

If you're craving some homestyle cooking, Ritz Diner in Salem is the spot to hit for brunch. The portions are generous, and the pricing is reasonable, offering great value for your money. The staff here are not just friendly but incredibly attentive, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. One standout for me was the German sausage – it was genuinely good and flavorful, a must-try! This place is quaint and has that cute little diner vibe that's hard to find these days. Despite its small size, the wait time was surprisingly short, a pleasant surprise for sure. It's a wonderful hole-in-the-wall establishment where the food quality shines through. The ambiance is welcoming, accented by the warm and hospitable staff. Each dish we tried was satisfying, hitting that perfect brunch spot. What impressed me the most was how the place managed to deliver such excellent service, especially considering it was only one waitress handling everything by herself on our visit. Yet, she did an outstanding job, proving how well-run and efficient Ritz Diner is. In summary, this diner is a fantastic find for anyone looking for delicious comfort food coupled with great service. Although it might not be the largest venue, it more than makes up for it with its charm and efficiency. Without a doubt, it's a place we'll be returning to for more delightful brunch experiences.

Wild Pear

372 State St, Salem

(503) 378-7515

Reviewed by:

Reyes Cadenas

Experiencing great food has always been a passion of mine, and Wild Pear in downtown Salem did not disappoint. The menu offers fresh, healthy meal options that combine American and Asian cuisines with a modern twist. The atmosphere of the place is fantastic – cozy, super clean, and situated in a fun part of town. The variety and quality of the food here are simply superb, from the S.A.L.T. salad that was specially prepared for us despite not being on the menu anymore, to the delicious Wild Pear salad with chicken, Chicken Hazelnut salad, Coconut Curry soup, and the Pho Dip. We also indulged in some Wild Pear cheesecake and Berry Cobbler for dessert, which were both delightful, though a few dessert options were sold out by the evening. The drinks were a hit too, with the chai martini and Manhattan setting the tone for a satisfying meal. Even the classics like the seafood chowder, grilled cheese sandwich, butternut squash soup, and the irresistible bread pudding left us impressed with their flavors. While the service could be improved with a bit more training and initiative, everyone was kind and attentive once we were seated. The cafe itself is very popular, and it's easy to see why with its fantastic food and fairly priced menu. Despite a short wait for a table, it was worth it for the delicious dishes and friendly atmosphere. The cafe also provides good options for combinations, allowing us to try a variety of dishes – the coconut curry soup is a must-try, and the lattes were equally satisfying. Overall, I am eager to return for more of the great food and service Wild Pear has to offer. This place has certainly earned its spot as a favorite for brunch in Salem.

White's Restaurant

1138 Commercial St SE, Salem

(503) 363-0297

Reviewed by:

Netanya Gold

We often overlook White's Restaurant when searching for a place to have breakfast, but today, as we passed by, we remembered they serve breakfast until 2 pm. The service is great, though sometimes there's a wait, but it's worth it for the really good food at reasonable prices. We absolutely enjoyed their milkshakes alongside our ham and cheese omelette! It's the epitome of a classic greasy spoon. The staff is efficient and seems kind. During our visit, we noticed a mix of regulars and newcomers, the latter being enthusiastically introduced to this local favorite by the veterans. It's clear why generations have grown up loving this place, with its old school vibe and time-honored dishes. Our only slight issue was that our entrees seemed to pick up a hint of flavor from unrelated dishes on the grill, which was a minor setback. There's free parking available, which is always a plus. Despite being quite busy, our wait time was about 10-15 minutes for a table of three, which was reasonable. The staff was friendly, offering crayons and coloring paper which I thought was a thoughtful touch. The hot apple cider was a delicious treat. Our orders - a Mickey Mouse pancake with sausage link, a meatloaf plate, and a turkey plate - were all hearty with large portions and came at affordable prices. The atmosphere was welcoming from the moment we stepped in, thanks to a lively waitress who made sure we were well taken care of. Our food arrived quickly, within ten minutes, and it was delicious with generous servings. Our waitress made a point to check on us more than once, ensuring we had everything we needed. Overall, the experience was very satisfying, and it’s easy to see why this restaurant comes highly recommended. We made sure to leave a good tip, appreciating the excellent service and promising ourselves to come back soon.

Sassy Onion State Street

1244 State St, Salem

(503) 378-9180

Reviewed by:

Becky Warren

My visit to Sassy Onion on State Street for brunch in Salem was far from the positive experience I was hoping for. The wait time for our food was nearly 40 minutes, which was much longer than expected, especially for a breakfast spot. When our food finally arrived, it was cold, which was quite disappointing. Additionally, the quality of the coffee did not meet my expectations, and I was surprised to be charged $3.50 for it. Our server was nice and did their best, but the long wait really impacted our overall experience. I had heard good things about Sassy Onion, so my disappointment was magnified by my high expectations. The quality of the food seems to have declined over the years; my Eggs Benedict had soggy bread, rubbery ham, and the potatoes were dry and cold. This was not just my experience, but my wife and son encountered similar issues with their meals. We even had to request a new pot of coffee to avoid the cold one initially served. There were some aspects of the brunch that I enjoyed, such as the New Orleans skillet off the special menu and the nitro cold brew. However, these positives were overshadowed by the other aspects of the meal. The portions felt small, especially when considering the price point, and dishes like "The Mess" skillet and the French toast with "Sassy" topping were underwhelming. The atmosphere at Sassy Onion was also quite noisy, lacking any sound dampening, which made the experience more chaotic than relaxing. Given these points, I may consider trying their lunch offerings in the future but will likely steer clear of breakfast due to the issues with portion size and overall value. It was a mixed bag of an experience, and while there were some highlights, they were not enough to counterbalance the negatives.

Epilogue Kitchen and Cocktails

508 State St, Salem

(503) 581-1880

Reviewed by:

Sylvia Kammuller

We've been to Epilogue Kitchen and Cocktails numerous times before, but I've never managed to write a review until now. Tonight, we decided to take my partner's mom out for dinner, and it was an outstanding experience. Every visit to Epilogue has been a delight, and we're consistently amazed by the quality of both the drinks and the food. The effort that goes into crafting each drink and the attention to detail in ensuring each ingredient in a dish stands out is truly commendable. Our order included the West Philadelphia, Porkchop, and the Walleye Fish and Chips special, alongside a side of Beet Soup. For dessert, we indulged in the Pecan Dacquoise and Peach Shortcake special. We paired our meal with some of their Brandy Old Fashions and the Sand & Sun cocktail. The photos we took can't possibly capture how incredible each dish and drink was. The execution was flawless. It's hard to express just how great Epilogue is through a mere star rating. Jonathan and his team are culinary geniuses. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ is what they deserve. On a recent visit for their NYE tasting menu, we ordered the duck breast, lamb laarb, scallop, and fried black rice. Everything was perfectly portioned for sharing, the service was fantastic, and the lamb laarb was exceptional. We even won two raffle items, which was a delightful bonus! A huge thank you to the team at Epilogue for an incredible start to the new year. I'm eager to see what other delicious creations they have in store for us. They're truly amazing! My past experiences with dining out have been generally positive, and I don't enjoy giving less favorable reviews. We were excited to try this place for a new experience, but it wasn't exactly to my liking. The atmosphere was colder than preferred, and the dim lighting made it challenging to read the menu without additional light. The menu was quite unconventional, with many ingredients I was unfamiliar with, which was a bit confusing. I settled on the chicken and waffles, expecting a traditional serving, but found the dish to be outside my comfort zone, particularly due to the unexpected cheese sauce on the waffles. It wasn't my favorite, but others might enjoy the unique combinations. However, the cocktails were fantastic and definitely warrant a return visit on their own. The crab fries were a highlight, though another appetizer we tried could have been warmer. Overall, the food was good, and the service was friendly and attentive. I would be willing to give it another try.

Black Sheep Cafe & Catering

1932 McGilchrist St SE, Salem

(503) 385-1909

Reviewed by:

Fleeco Vargas

First off, let me say, the steak and eggs at Black Sheep Cafe & Catering are incredible. The steak was cooked exactly to medium rare, and the eggs were just over medium, just how I like them. The drinks? Fantastic. I was craving a lavender London Fog, which wasn't on the menu, and they whipped it up for me without hesitation, despite not being familiar with it. That's service for you. I've also had the grilled salmon salad, and it was another win. The salmon was a generous, perfectly cooked portion, making for a satisfying meal. On a whim, we decided to give this place a try, mainly because of a craving for chicken fried steak. While the restaurant felt cozy, there were plenty of tables available. Our servers were attentive and managed to keep up even as it got busier. The chicken fried steak, a special for the day, hit the spot. Though the breading separated a bit easier than I'd like, it was crunchy, and the gravy, while thicker than my preference, was tasty with a good amount of sausage. The biscuit and country potatoes were decent, and while we took a cinnamon roll, lemon bar, and cookie to go, the latter two we tried were delicious. Honestly, this is the best restaurant in Salem, bar none. The consistency in their food quality and service is unmatched. I've dined here countless times, and it's always been an exceptional experience. There's no fear of recommending this place to friends and worrying about them having an off-day visit. The consistency ensures that both you and anyone you bring along will leave more than satisfied. They even boast the best burger and breakfast burrito in town, a claim I can personally vouch for after trying just about every other option around. The restaurant maintains a unique charm by spacing tables apart, prioritizing customer experience over the number of seats filled. This thoughtful setup not only ensures attentive service but also quicker meal times since the kitchen isn't overwhelmed. For those who might fancy a cocktail with their brunch, their full bar and lack of judgment on Bloody Mary weekends are a bonus. The food is top-notch, with a solid menu and some inventive specials that keep things interesting. All said and done, Black Sheep Cafe & Catering is a hidden gem that consistently delivers quality food and stellar service, making it a must-visit spot in Salem.

Annette's Westgate

1311 Edgewater St NW, Salem

(503) 362-9588

Reviewed by:

Bhupinder Martinez

Stepping into Annette's Westgate for brunch brought back a wave of nostalgia from when this spot was a charming Italian restaurant, complete with a violinist serenading diners with Italian tunes. The transformation, however, hasn't diminished its appeal; the cleanliness, welcoming staff, and quality of food have all remained constants, making every visit delightful. On a previous occasion, the fettuccine Alfredo was a standout, served piping hot - a rarity that didn't go unnoticed, especially compared to the lukewarm offerings of some other establishments. Our visit this time was prompted by the enticing vegan options for my cousin, showcasing the menu's versatility. The portions didn't disappoint either; an omelette with hash browns was more than ample for sharing, served in a way that didn't compromise presentation or quantity. However, it wasn't all perfect. A previous meal of fettuccini Alfredo and salad fell short on flavor, a surprising miss from such a reputable kitchen. Moreover, the menu prices seemed a tad steep for the overall food experience, particularly for dishes that, while generous, weren't particularly memorable in terms of taste. Despite these hiccups, there's a undeniable charm to Annette's that keeps drawing me back. The service remains impeccable, a consistent highlight through the years. Even after a break due to declining food quality and rising prices, my latest visit was a pleasant surprise with noticeable improvements in the culinary offerings. This positive change, coupled with the ever-excellent service, reassures me that more visits are in order. The only shadow cast on this otherwise sunny experience is the absence of their salad bar, a feature I used to look forward to. Nevertheless, the overall experience at Annette's Westgate makes it a place worth returning to, whether for the nostalgia, the service, or the hearty brunch options.

Sassy Onion Market Street

3310 Market St NE, Salem

(503) 378-0100

Reviewed by:

James Miller

Revisited Sassy Onion Market Street for brunch in Salem and decided to try something new this time. Chose their season special gingerbread French toast, which came beautifully presented with gingerbread cookie crumbles and powdered sugar on top. Before adding syrup, decided to taste it with just butter, and it added a lovely layer of flavor. The French toast had a slightly spongy crust, which is somewhat expected since their bread is homemade. The center was moist and soft, and a drizzle of maple syrup made it exceptionally delicious. My friend opted for the eggs Benedict based on our waitress's suggestion and customized it with avocado slices and tomato. She enjoyed it but mentioned she'd prefer it without the added veggies next time, as it felt more like a cold dish to her. She also thought it could benefit from more bacon bits. Our waitress was exceptionally friendly and made us feel very welcome. Took my daughter here for her birthday breakfast, and we were all impressed with our meals. The service was excellent, the ambiance of the restaurant was inviting, and everything we ordered was tasty. Particularly enjoyed the blueberry pancakes, which were packed with blueberries and tasted fresh and light. Bryce, our server, was a standout despite being incredibly busy. He ensured we were well taken care of. Our order included corned beef hash, blueberry pancakes, sausage gravy and biscuits, and gluten-free chicken fried steak. Everything was spot on, including the Americano and breve, pleasantly surprised they offered such a wide gluten-free selection. Tried the chicken fried steak, a must-try item for me being from Texas and always on the lookout for a good one outside my home state. It was perfectly breaded, not greasy or overly salty, served with a side of white cream gravy and an unusual but tasty spicy honey gravy. The toast was thick-cut yet airy and light. The scrambled eggs were rich, slightly "wet," and flavorful, making for a highly recommended dish. Although the restaurant comes across as pricey, it was worth the visit, and I'm glad we went.

The Original Pancake House

4656 Commercial St SE, Salem

(503) 378-0431

Reviewed by:

Beth Randolph

My husband and I had breakfast at The Original Pancake House in Salem, and it was a delightful experience from start to finish. Despite the restaurant being packed, the space was welcoming and accommodated everyone comfortably. The highlight was the pumpkin spice pancakes – simply amazing and bursting with flavor. The portions were generous, ensuring we left satisfied and full. Our server, Holly, was a gem. She struck the perfect balance of being attentive without being intrusive, allowing us to savor our meal at our own pace. It's not often you come across that level of customer service, which alone would make me rate this place highly. Even though everything about the meal was top-notch, what really stood out were the unique omelettes. They're something special here; both the Irish and green chili omelettes were packed with flavor and a pleasant surprise in terms of taste and creativity. During our visit, there was some confusion regarding the pricing of certain items, such as bread and tea, which seemed unusually high. However, this didn't detract from the overall positive experience. We also had the opportunity to try the Eggs Benedict and Biscuits and Gravy on a family breakfast outing. Both dishes were exceptional, particularly the generous amount of hollandaise sauce on the Eggs Benedict and the hearty portion of gravy with the biscuits. It was clear that there was a lot of care put into the preparation and presentation of the meals. The freshly squeezed orange juice was another highlight, offering a refreshing and authentic taste that's hard to come by. It's these little details that make a dining experience memorable. All in all, our visits to The Original Pancake House in Salem have been nothing short of fantastic. The food quality, portion sizes, and customer service are all reasons to keep coming back. The commitment to real, home-cooked meals is apparent in every dish, and it's truly worth every penny for such an enjoyable dining experience.

Taproot Lounge & Cafe

356 State St, Salem

(503) 363-7668

Reviewed by:

Ganesh Mendosa

What a fantastic experience at Taproot Lounge & Café for brunch! The food was absolutely delicious, and the atmosphere just added to the whole vibe of the place – it felt so groovy and welcoming. Our server, Maddie, who was celebrating her birthday, made our visit even more special. The four of us ended up singing to her, and she was incredibly sweet and attentive throughout our meal. Her bubbly personality definitely added a nice touch to our morning. I decided to go for the Quick & Easy Breakfast, and it did not disappoint. It was not only extremely affordable but also perfectly prepared. The potatoes were the ideal combo of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, while the eggs were cooked exactly to my liking. The bacon was crispy and not overly salty, which I appreciated, and the sourdough toast with blackberry jam was to die for. I could've happily eaten a whole loaf of that toast with the jam spread over it. Plus, my decaf coffee was just the cherry on top – delicious! While the vibe of the place was laid back and the staff were fantastic, I did notice that the portion sizes were a bit on the smaller side, and the chicken salad sandwich I tried could've been better executed for easier eating. That said, the pancake had a nice, dense texture and good flavor which I enjoyed. Despite the few downsides, Taproot has always been a go-to for me for dinner or happy hour, especially with their nachos and wings. Even though I've noticed you might have to ask for a bit extra gravy or cheese to get the "loaded" effect, the overall quality and taste keep me coming back. The bartender also left a lasting impression on me; even though he didn't know the recipe to a cocktail I wanted to try, he looked it up and prepared it for me, which turned out to be delicious. This place really does have a cozy vibe and fantastic staff, making it a spot I'll keep returning to, eager to try more from their menu.

The Original Pancake House

4685 Portland Rd NE, Salem

(503) 393-9124

Reviewed by:

Salvador Tojin Chic

After hearing so much about The Original Pancake House, my family and I decided to give it a try for brunch in Salem. Despite the long wait, which took about an hour, it was well worth it once we were quickly seated on a busy Saturday. Even though there were plenty of tables available, it seemed they were short on servers, but this slight hiccup didn't detract from the overall experience. The service we received was incredibly friendly, and our pancakes and crepes came out surprisingly fast. This time, I opted for the Mandarin orange crepes, which were quite tasty, although in hindsight, pairing them with some eggs might have balanced the meal better. It's clear to me now why this spot is touted as one of the best places to eat pancakes in Salem. The portions were generous, and the pancakes themselves were nothing short of delicious. Our family thoroughly enjoyed our meal, especially the fresh-squeezed orange juice, which was a standout for me. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a great breakfast or brunch spot in Salem. The ambiance is quite charming, and the servers are genuinely nice and efficient, quickly attending to our needs. The menu boasted fresh strawberries and, again, that amazing fresh-squeezed orange juice that day. Our meal was very satisfying – this is definitely a reliable choice for a hearty breakfast and a good cup of coffee. No complaints from us; it’s a place we look forward to visiting again.


1313 Mill St SE, Salem

(503) 364-3396

Reviewed by:

Patrick Firmin

Visited Taproot OLD MILL CAFE for brunch and it was a delightful experience. The restaurant is nicely situated in the mall next to the Willamette Heritage Center. Despite a few items being sold out, which was understandable given the time of day, the variety and quality of food didn't disappoint. Had the Breakfast Tacos while my friend enjoyed an OG Chicken Burger, both dishes were satisfying. The cafe may have a small dining area, but it's compensated by some very cozy sofas to relax on while waiting. The service stood out for its excellence and efficiency, with the food served appealingly warm, adding to the welcoming atmosphere of the place. The coffee here is a must-try, especially with the non-dairy creamer options available, catering to different preferences. The eggs Benedict, tailored to exclude allium for dietary reasons, was a testament to their flexible and accommodating service. The ambiance, highlighted by a quaint tree under a large ceiling window, added a unique charm to the dining experience. Parking was surprisingly easy, which is always a bonus. The special, Chicken Mojo, alongside creative cocktails like Russian Doll and Old Fashioned, made for a memorable visit. The combination of healthy and flavorful dishes was just what was needed. For a special occasion, such as an anniversary, it was the perfect choice. The Loaded Biscuits and Gravy were beyond expectations with perfectly cooked potatoes, light and fluffy biscuits, and incredibly tasty sausage gravy. The generous topping of what they modestly call bacon bits was more like delightful bacon bites. The cocktails, a Breakfast Mary and a Blueberry Lavender Fizz, were the cherry on top of an already fantastic meal. Overall, the experience was a solid 10/10, definitely making plans to visit again. It's a small but mighty cafe, offering a serene dining experience with great food and service.

Elmer's Restaurant

3950 Market St NE, Salem

(503) 363-3950

Reviewed by:

Troy Shisler

My visit to Elmer's Restaurant in Salem, OR, for brunch was a delightful experience that I feel compelled to share. The ambiance of the restaurant struck the perfect balance for me; it was clean and cozy, with lighting that was easy on the eyes, especially for someone like me who struggles with bright lights. Upon our late arrival, close to the restaurant's closing time at 9 PM, we were greeted by an awesome waitress who ensured our ordering process was swift, allowing us just enough time to settle in comfortably. My partner even had the chance to sample one of their sauces on request, which turned out to be fantastic, according to him. The service at Elmer's was notably fast and friendly, fitting the reputation I've come to expect from this establishment. Although the food had its ups and downs, there were standout moments. The chicken fried steak, for instance, was cooked to perfection, albeit the gravy needing a bit more seasoning for my taste. While the biscuit and hash browns didn't hit the mark for me, and the coffee was a tad bitter for my liking, these were minor blemishes on an otherwise enjoyable meal experience. A first-time try of their avocado breakfast bowl presented a mixed bag – the preparation time was longer than anticipated, and the hash browns required a bit of a do-over, which didn't fully rectify the issue. Despite this, the exceptional service from our waitress shone through, making up greatly for the culinary missteps. While my overall food experience had its drawbacks, with some dishes not living up to expectations and leaving me feeling a bit off, the courteous and prompt service left a lasting positive impression. It's this kindness and efficiency that would make me consider giving Elmer's another visit in the future.

Toast & Jam

5080 Commercial St SE #140, Salem

(503) 391-4215

Reviewed by:

Michele Mustain

My brunch at Toast & Jam in Salem was an experience I'm eager to share. From the moment I walked in, I was taken by the cozy feel and excited by the menu offerings. Brunch places have a special place in my heart, and this one seemed promising with its convenient location, fair prices, and a decor that immediately caught my eye. Despite the bustling atmosphere, which is expected on a weekend, the staff managed to keep a cheerful demeanor. This positivity set a pleasant tone for the meal ahead. The highlight of my visit was undeniably the Apple Crisp French Toast. It was a delightful dish, with three or four large, fluffy slices of French toast topped with a flavorful apple compote and thinly sliced toasted almonds. The freshness of the apples added a perfect tang, elevating the entire dish. It was a portion generous enough that I couldn't finish it all, leaving me with tasty leftovers. My husband opted for the bacon, which was served thin and crispy, just to his liking. The coffee also deserves a mention for its nice taste, a perfect companion to our breakfast choices. The menu hinted at a variety of appealing options, making me look forward to future visits. While the service could have been more attentive, I chalk it up to an off day, which can happen anywhere. The food’s freshness and the overall vibe of the place were enough to convince me to give Toast & Jam another try in the future. They also offer spirits and video lotto, catering to a broader array of preferences, which is a nice touch. Although the kitchen seemed stretched due to the popularity of the place, especially for takeout orders, it didn't significantly detract from the quality of the food served. The place operates with a full bar and a separate video poker room, adding to its character and possibly explaining the busyness. All in all, my visit was a pleasant experience, marked by good food and an inviting atmosphere. Despite a hitch in service, the delicious Apple Crisp French Toast and the overall ambiance will definitely bring me back to Toast & Jam for another brunch in Salem.


110 Hansen Ave S, Salem

(503) 990-7235

Reviewed by:

Saratou Van

Great place in South Salem. The staff was incredibly friendly from the moment I stepped inside. They were very accommodating for food allergies, which is always a big plus for me. Our server, Marisa, was fantastic! The cafe is very family friendly, a quality I always appreciate. It truly felt like discovering a hidden gem. The menu is from-scratch, offering a variety of great options with generous portions. I decided on the Texas-sized French Toast with a side of eggs and bacon, and let me tell you, it was a challenge to finish even half of it. The French Toast had a perfect golden finish with a delightful vanilla flavor—easily one of the best I've ever tasted. To my surprise, they also have a full bar and serve bloody Mary's, which is a nice touch for brunch. They offer daily specials and have from-scratch pastries available for purchase, which is something I'll be taking advantage of on my next visit. Another highlight is the outside seating; complete with umbrellas and lights, it creates a very inviting atmosphere. On the topic of service, my server was incredibly friendly, welcoming, and attentive throughout the meal. Despite a short wait to be seated, the experience was well worth it. I had the chicken fried chicken with scrambled eggs, and it was delicious. The portions are plentiful, and the service is outstanding. It's always a good sign when my wife is too busy enjoying her meal to chat! The cafe is kid-friendly too, which is a huge bonus. My daughter loved that she could hang her colored menu on the wall for everyone to see. The staff was great about refilling drinks and ensuring we had everything we needed. I must say, the chicken and waffles were phenomenal, and their potatoes O’Brien are something I'd come back for alone. My husband was a huge fan of the biscuits and gravy. Overall, this place has a wonderful atmosphere for families or anyone looking for a great meal in a welcoming environment. The portions are generous, the food is superb, and the service is fast and friendly. It's definitely a spot worth visiting, and I'm already looking forward to my next meal here. We will certainly be back, and honestly, I'm already thinking it would be the perfect setting for a diner-styled photo shoot!


3155 Ryan Dr SE, Salem

(503) 585-8424

Reviewed by:

Annalise Willis

This brunch at Denny's in Salem was a refreshing reminder of the warmth and inviting atmosphere family restaurants are known for. The service provided by Tina was outstanding, making our family feel right at home with her friendly smile and excellent service. Coming from Florida to visit family over the holidays, it was the warm welcome and delicious food that really stood out, almost making us wish we lived here permanently. Walking into the restaurant on a snowy, icy afternoon, we were immediately greeted and treated to superb service and food. A special shoutout to the wonderful trio, Harmony, Haley, and Gabby, who were attentive, accommodating, and efficient, ensuring our dining experience was nothing short of pleasant. Their hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed, and it's service like this that guarantees a return visit. Our server Michele was also fantastic, offering great help and ensuring our food was perfect. Enjoying a delicious meal there this morning, courtesy of vouchers from the Best Western, added to the positive experience. We were in a bit of a rush due to a last-minute change in our daughter's volleyball tournament schedule, and Sheryl, our server, was a lifesaver. She quickly helped us pack everything to go, including coffees and utensils, and even allowed us to use the voucher for our daughter's breakfast, even though she wasn't there with us. It's experiences like these that truly highlight the great job the staff at Denny's in Salem are doing. From the delicious food to the exceptional service, it's a reminder of what family establishments used to be like and should always strive to be. A big thank you to everyone there for making our visit so memorable.


3680 Market St NE, Salem

(503) 363-3411

Reviewed by:

Mary Revolorio

My co-worker and I decided to stop in at Denny's on our way back from work, right as the first night of the freeze hit. It was around midnight, and though the music was a tad loud for my taste, it still created a cozy atmosphere that wasn't overbearing. The service was commendable; a bit more attention could have made it perfect, especially since our coffee cooled down quicker than expected and we found ourselves in need of a few extra sides. The place had a decent crowd, but it didn't impact the quality of the food which was both good and served hot. Another day, my roommate and I dropped by on our way to an Oktoberfest shift, eager for a hearty breakfast. Unfortunately, the wait time stretched longer than anticipated, and I had to signal a server for drink refills or just to get an update on our order. However, the Omelet I got was definitely worth the wait – delicious and satisfyingly filling. This particular Denny's, situated near an Interstate, matches the typical expectations from the chain with the added challenge of navigating the traffic during peak hours. Our experience had its ups and downs, like being forgotten by our server initially, receiving wrong drink orders, and dealing with a mix-up in our food orders. Despite these hiccups and giving them the benefit of the doubt, the management's approach to our feedback could have been better, even though compensating our meal was a nice gesture. On a more positive note, during a busy breakfast slot, the service was impressively swift, and our coffee cups never hit bottom thanks to the frequent refills. It was a pleasant surprise, especially with the senior discount that added extra value to our visit. Despite the occasional service misstep, the moments when Denny's got it right made for a fulfilling brunch experience.

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