September 12, 2023

Best Brunch Spots in Salt Lake City

Ready to embark on a culinary journey? Discover the best brunch spots in Salt Lake City! Savor local favorites, gourmet delights, and decadent pastries. Mimosas optional, fun guaranteed!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Best Brunch Spots in Salt Lake City
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Welcome to the savory playground where breakfast meets lunch, the place where your taste buds will be awakened as the Wasatch Mountain sun! Gently perched on the brim of the Great Salt Lake, the stunning Salt Lake City holds a treasure trove of brunch spots where culinary magic truly happens. In this city of salty surprises, you won’t find any lackluster meals. It's a cascade of mouthwatering Marvel that transforms late morning dining into a novel experience. So, put away your diet plans for the day and come along on a gastronomical adventure as we introduce you to the best brunch places in Salt Lake City. Believe us, you won’t be left pining for the ocean’s salt!

Eggs In the City

2795 S 2300 E, Salt Lake City

(801) 581-0809

Reviewed by:

Alicia Cole

I had an incredible brunch experience at Eggs In the City in Salt Lake City! I arrived early to find the place already buzzing with activity - a good sign in my book. I tasted the chicken omelette with egg whites and their pancake, both of which were absolutely delicious. I also appreciated the tomato slice option for a side. The coffee was great and the staff was extremely friendly and attentive. During a later visit, I tried the biscuits and gravy with over easy eggs, complemented with home fries. The servings were ginormous, but so scrumptious that I almost finished my plate. My husband's Rueben Benedict was another hit. Despite our early visit at 9am on a Tuesday, the place was packed - and for good reason! I initially hesitated due to the packed parking lot, but I am so glad we pushed through. The place was busy but we didn't have to wait long. The decor is trendy, the menu extensive, and the prices fair. As an eggs Benedict connoisseur, I tried the pulled pork eggs Benedict. While it was decent, the hollandaise sauce could use a bit of tang and the pulled pork was slightly dry. But the speed at which the food arrived was commendable. Overall, Eggs in the City provided a fantastic brunch experience with an amazing atmosphere, top-notch service, and mostly delicious food. I would definitely return if I lived in the area.

The Park Café

604 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City

(801) 487-1670

Reviewed by:

Lisa Reed

I recently had the pleasure of dining at The Park Café for brunch while visiting Salt Lake City for the first time. I can't rave enough about the food options - they even cater to dietary needs with options like gluten free pancakes, which were absolutely amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my corn beef hash, which was perfectly balanced, and the side of sausage was cooked just right. Despite visiting at a busy time, the service was quick and incredibly friendly. The staff here really go above and beyond to bring good energy to the space. We had our dog with us and opted for patio seating which was a bustling but enjoyable experience. The egg breakfast and U Boyz omelette were simply delectable, and the portion sizes were impressively large. The Park Café immediately felt like home, with attentive staff ensuring our water was constantly refilled and our food arrived promptly. As a person with Celiac, I was overjoyed to find a safe place to eat pancakes. The portions were generous, easily enough for two people, and the prices were fair for the quality and quantity of food. An added bonus was the option to switch sides for a gluten free pancake and the hot chocolate was divine. While there was a bit of a wait on a Sunday during brunch, it was well worth it. Once we were seated, the service was attentive and quick, and the food arrived hot. The only downside was that the bathroom door could have been cleaner, but overall, I'd rate The Park Café 4.5/5. I can't recommend The Park Café enough for anyone visiting Salt Lake City. Despite it being our first visit, we were welcomed like family and enjoyed a delicious and satisfying brunch. We're already looking forward to our next visit!

Trolley Cottage Café

703 E 600 S, Salt Lake City

(801) 419-0579

Reviewed by:

Joshua Dryson

My family and I had a wonderful experience at the Trolley Cottage Café in Salt Lake City; it truly lived up to the positive reviews we had read. The café had a cute ambiance, both inside and outside, making it the perfect neighborhood spot for locals. Despite being a party of five, we were seated promptly and enjoyed an array of delicious items – from the fresh orange juice and cappuccinos to the French toast, croque madame, and eggs Benedict. What stood out was the staff’s kindness and patience, especially when my youngest accidentally spilled his water. During a separate visit with a friend, we sampled the soy milk cappuccino, pancakes and breakfast burrito. The cost of the cappuccino was on the higher side, but the taste made up for it. The breakfast burrito was full of flavor and wasn’t heavy, a pleasant surprise given my usual aversion to burritos. The pancakes had just the right amount of sweetness and were perfectly golden. The only minor drawback is the long wait time on weekends, which was around an hour. But despite that, the peaceful and warm atmosphere, along with the sweet and attentive servers, has made me a regular patron. I was also impressed by the variety of dishes available for gluten-free diets. I will definitely be back and would recommend the Trolley Cottage Café to anyone visiting the Trolley Square area in Salt Lake City.

Finn's Cafe

1624 1100 E, Salt Lake City

(801) 467-4000

Reviewed by:

Scott Holder

Stumbling upon Finn's Cafe was a delightful accident. This charming diner serves up delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy your palate. The chilaquiles and children's viking breakfast are personal favorites of mine. To put a cherry on top, the staff here are warm and attentive, making each visit an absolute pleasure. Their sourdough pancakes and eggs benedict come highly recommended by myself and my husband respectively. The intimate patio, shielded from the busy road by rose bushes, offers a tranquil spot to enjoy these treats. Despite its bustling scene on Sundays, the lively environment of young children and friendly chatter adds to its appeal. But don't just take my word for it, try their highly acclaimed pancakes in the Sugar House area yourself. Keep in mind, the experience might run slightly over $10, but every penny's worth it for the taste and overall experience. Be a little wary of the parking lot, it can be a bit tricky. Finn's Cafe is definitely a spot I am eager to return to and continue exploring their delicious array of dishes.

Bruges Belgian Bistro

336 W 300 S, Salt Lake City

(801) 363-4444

Reviewed by:

Albert Brown

I couldn't resist visiting Bruges Belgian Bistro for brunch on my recent trip to Salt Lake City, and I'm so glad I did! Hearing rave reviews from friends, we decided to give it a try and it exceeded every expectation. We ordered the chicken and waffles, and The Favorite, which were all impeccably delicious with perfect portion sizes. The meal was satisfying without making us feel overstuffed, a welcome change from the larger portion sizes we usually see. Their frites were exceptionally tasty, and the accompanying sauces were nothing short of mouthwatering. I can't wait to come here again during my next visit to the city! We also discovered this gem of a place downtown, just last week. We enjoyed every bite of the chicken and waffles, smores waffle, and the mini gun. I was blown away by the freshness of the food. I particularly fell in love with their traditional waffle. It was unlike anything I have had before— the delicate coating of sugar added a delightful crunch and distinctive flavor to every bite. The crème on top was simply divine. Their coffee with crème is also worth mentioning. The taste was so good, we even considered ordering a second one! I wholeheartedly recommend this place if you're in the mood for a sumptuous sweet treat. Aside from the incredible food, what added to the experience was the friendly staff and the warm, inviting atmosphere. And take my word for it, you do not want to miss out on their irresistible waffles and chocolate mousse for dessert.

Oasis Cafe

151 S 500 E, Salt Lake City

(801) 322-0404

Reviewed by:

Robbie Mould

I had a delightful experience brunching at Oasis Cafe in Salt Lake City. The décor and ambiance immediately caught my eye, with a comfortable yet energetic atmosphere that truly set the tone for a wonderful meal. For those with dietary restrictions, there are gluten-free options which is a great plus. I ordered eggs accompanied with sour cream, mushrooms, and other vegetables which immensely surpassed my expectations, particularly the tangy cream cheese. The toast had a unique flavor that left me wondering if it was homemade or from a local baker. As a substitute for meat, I chose tofu and indulged in their scrumptious potatoes with veggies - a harmonious blend that left my taste buds wanting more. Impressed with the tantalizing menu, I decided to get a grilled cheese with tomato soup for dinner, that was just as delightful as my brunch. The level of service was commendable, with my server, Meg, standing out for her exemplary service. I stumbled upon this hidden gem via Open Table and I am certainly glad I did. The staff was so welcoming and friendly, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The blackened ahi tuna is a must-try dish and their flexibility with side substitutions was very much appreciated. Not to forget, they also host an array of craft beers for those looking for some unique brews. What particularly stood out was the freshness of the food along with its vibrant healthiness. Do try the rosemary lemonade, an interesting twist to a classic that's incredibly refreshing. One of the highlights was the patio, which offers service to dogs, although pets aren't allowed. The shade is adjustable making it comfortable and the overall vibe was just fantastic. The place is evidently gay-friendly as it was decorated with rainbow flags during pride, adding a touch of inclusivity and diversity. The service was prompt and our server was very attentive. Despite being buzzing with activity, the noise levels were fairly low. The food arrived quick and tasted heavenly, making the experience all the more worthwhile. I wholeheartedly recommend Oasis Cafe for an unforgettable dining experience. The ambiance, diverse menu, efficient service, and pet-friendly patio create a unique combination that assures a memorable time.

Straw Market SLC

390 4th Ave, Salt Lake City

(801) 935-4420

Reviewed by:

Miguel Kapur

I had a pleasant experience at the Straw Market SLC. The food was fine but the real highlight was the service. If you're looking for a quick, affordable bite, this could be a great spot for you. 🥑 FOOD 🥑 The taste of the food was decent - not overly sophisticated, but effective as an affordable, quick energy boost. I particularly appreciate the fact that they cater to vegan and vegetarian diets with their simple plant-based options. ✨ ATMOSPHERE ✨ The cleanliness of the place was commendable. The ambiance wasn't exactly my style, but I was charmed by the large windows up front that let in so much natural light. 🛎️ SERVICE 🛎️ Without a doubt, the service was the best part of my experience at Straw Market SLC. Everyone working there was friendly and energetic, even early in the morning. I was really impressed by how kind and upbeat employees were at 8:30 in the morning. I've been a regular visitor to the Straw Market SLC and find it to be among my top 3 breakfast spots. It's affordable and comfortable, located in the Avenues and always serving up decent food. Their cinnamon rolls are a must-try. However, be prepared for a slightly slow service due to only 1-2 people on staff. My second time at Straw Market SLC didn't disappoint. The ingredients were fresh and satisfying, the coffee was freshly brewed and my partner absolutely loved the cinnamon rolls. We haven't tried the avocado toast or burrito yet, but they look appetising. It's a sunny and airy spot, with easy parking out front, making it our 'go to' spot for breakfast.

Publik Kitchen

931 E 900 S, Salt Lake City

(385) 229-4205

Reviewed by:

Teresa Aguirre

I'm truly impressed by Publik Kitchen's genius coffee drinks and amazing food, all courtesy of a reasonable price. The place has a clean, renovated feel with lots of seating, and despite its bare walls, it exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere. I had my first visit since their reopening during a holiday weekend and even though the service was somewhat slow, I totally understood and the overall experience did not disappoint. Their coffee, food, and customer service remained top notch, just as I remembered. The breakfast sandwich is a personal recommendation. Another impressive thing about Publik Kitchen is the fact that my daughter and I, who are vegetarians bordering on vegan, were catered for with several vegetarian and vegan options. Meanwhile, meat lovers are not left out either. My go-to drink has to be their brown sugar latte, half sweet, with half almond milk and half oat milk. Despite my specific order, the barista was more than happy to accommodate and produced what I can only describe as a perfect cup of coffee. Sunday's visit with friends was enjoyable. The remodelled Publik Kitchen is stunning, now featuring two outdoor porches that are perfect for outdoor dining. The interior decor is bright and trendy, which adds to the overall wonderful dining experience. What's even more heartwarming is knowing that the owner is a community-oriented individual involved in various local projects. This makes me feel good about supporting Publik each time I dine there. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with my experience at Publik Kitchen and look forward to my next visit.

Café Niche

779 E 300 S, Salt Lake City

(801) 433-3380

Reviewed by:

Elvin Buyck

Having brunch at Café Niche in Salt Lake City was a fantastic experience. I strongly suggest making reservations in advance and parking nearby, just in case the waiting time is a bit lengthy. I must admit that the food was decent, with the corned beef hash with creme fraise being especially flavorful. The service could have been a bit better, but the incredible coffee more than made up for it. The quality of the coffee was exceptional, and the endless pour feature was a pleasant surprise. Honestly, I wouldn't mind visiting Café Niche just for their coffee. A personal favorite of mine was the mushroom omelette served with gluten-free bread. The bread was a scrumptious savory focaccia style with green olives, a rarity in gluten-free options. I was thrilled by this offering! The server was quite amicable and the shaded outdoor patio provided the perfect ambiance. One more thing that stood out was the biscuits and gravy. After scouring the valley for the best biscuits and gravy, I can confidently state that Café Niche stands unrivaled. The gravy wasn't heavy, and the biscuits retained their consistency without getting soggy. For anyone planning a brunch, keep in mind that the place starts to get quite busy around noon. If you are planning to sit on the patio, I would recommend a shaded spot, especially during the summer. The service was truly commendable and left a lasting impression. I will definitely be returning to Café Niche, and highly recommend it to others.

Penny Ann's Cafe

1810 S Main St, Salt Lake City

(801) 935-4760

Reviewed by:


Recently, I had the pleasure of brunching at Penny Ann's Cafe in Salt Lake City, and let me tell you, this simple yet inviting cafe impressed me with its great food and admirable service. Our diverse order included the 'small breakfast', French toast, and an omelet. The pancakes, while not served as hot as I would have liked them, were rather delicious. The sausage could be improved a bit, and the potatoes seemed like the typical frozen variety you'd find in a bag. But when the bill came, I was pleased by the affordability, which prompted me to bump my initial impression up to three stars. The service was fast and friendly, adding to the appeal of this fast food-style diner. I also had the opportunity to try the eggs Benedict. Interestingly, this dish came on a croissant instead of a muffin but, luckily, you can swap it out if you prefer. The hollandaise sauce tasted like it was from a premade Sysco mix and the home fries appeared to be frozen and deep fried. It was decent, but I wouldn't say it was extraordinary. The Chili Verde burrito, however, did not quite hit the mark for me. It had tiny pieces of pork and the potatoes remained unseasoned. The French toast, on the contrary, was absolutely incredible and is definitely worth trying! As for the cafe's policy of waiting for your entire party to arrive before seating, it did strike me as a bit odd. You can't even sit and have a cup of coffee in the meantime which is a bit inconvenient. All in all, while there are a few dishes that could be improved, the affordable pricing, fast service, and undeniably tempting French toast make Penny Ann's Cafe a worthwhile spot for a hearty brunch in Salt Lake City.

Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

54 W 1700 S, Salt Lake City

(801) 953-1978

Reviewed by:

Mar Encarnacion

I had an outstanding experience at Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade for brunch. The place was bustling when we arrived, yet delightfully comfortable. The outdoor seating area was shaded and relaxing. The drinks we ordered, particularly the Mint and Cucumber/Mint limeades, were absolutely tasty. The food was well-prepared, appetizing to look at, and served in generous portions at a reasonable price. The wait staff were attentive and considerate, allowing us to linger and chat after finishing our meal without rushing us. Though the salad I ordered for $13 initially seemed pricey, the size, presentation, and taste made it worth every penny. It was so hearty that I saved half of it for the next day, which tasted even better with some vegan chicken on top. My Cubano was delightful and my family also greatly enjoyed their meals. My only minor issue was with the mint limeade, which I found somewhat bland compared to the refreshing orange and berry limeade. Yes, the prices are a touch high for a breakfast meal, but for an occasional treat, it's absolutely worth it. Additionally, I loved their S’mores Hot Chocolate - a perfect balance of sweetness. All the hot chocolates were served in unique mugs, which added a homely touch. Their Bread Pudding French Toast was also superb! They have a small parking lot, so it's first-come, first-serve. I would highly recommend making a reservation to skip the wait. Despite not being abundantly vegan or vegetarian friendly, I loved the experience and would certainly return. The food, drinks, and atmosphere at Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade were all delightful!

Hub and Spoke Diner

1291 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City

(801) 487-0698

Reviewed by:

Lindsey Snowbunny

Hub and Spoke Diner is my favorite brunch spot in Salt Lake City! Though the dishes tend to be a bit light on sauces, they never disappoint in both taste and presentation. The cocktails are a major draw, they're absolutely divine. The eggs Benedict is decent, but I highly recommend adding tomato to balance out the rich and slightly salty flavors. My son chose the Hub burger with an added egg - it tasted fantastic. The diner's specialty, chicken and waffles, is definitely worth trying. The sweet potato waffle is fluffy while the chicken is juicy and perfectly cooked. My special request for a firmer sunny side egg was met without any issues. Their iced matcha and fresh orange juice are delightful. I've had the chance to try their eggs Benedict with pork during a wedding brunch here and it was quite good, though this time I preferred sticking to their staple dish. Our server, Carissa, was simply outstanding - she was friendly, attentive and added a touch of fun to our dining experience. Despite the place being busy, we didn't have to wait long for our table. I've visited this spot before and even though it didn't make a strong impression the first time, I'm glad I returned because it has now become a favorite. Despite the competition, Hub and Spoke Diner holds its own as a fantastic brunch spot in Salt Lake City.

The Original Pancake House

790 E 2100 S #400, Salt Lake City

(801) 484-7200

Reviewed by:

Ana Juan

After dining at The Original Pancake House in Las Vegas, I was excited to visit again, this time in Salt Lake City. They've been a beloved local fixture for many years, serving up their delicious buttermilk pancakes and special varieties, like Swedish pancakes, from 7:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. I love the fact that you can garnish your pancakes with a range of fruits or traditional meats, and wash it all down with a great cup of coffee. Plus, their prices are incredibly reasonable. One thing I distinctly remember was our server. She was friendly, helpful, and made sure our food came out quickly. We got there as soon as they opened on a Sunday morning, and we were certainly not let down! If you haven't tried it yet, the Dutch Baby pancake is an absolute must - worth every minute of the wait. In addition to their perfect pancakes, their freshly squeezed juice was fantastic, and my side order of bacon was cooked just the way I like it. All the staff members greeted us with warm smiles, and I also appreciated the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Our server, Mariela, went above and beyond, making our experience all the more enjoyable! I had the pleasure of dining with a group of 8, and not a single person was disappointed with their meal. Even amidst a bustling Sunday morning, our server remained attentive and our service was prompt and welcoming. If you're looking for a great breakfast or brunch spot, The Original Pancake House in Salt Lake City won't disappoint!

Vertical Diner

234 W 900 S, Salt Lake City

(801) 484-8378

Reviewed by:

Nabil Robertson

Wow, Vertical Diner is an absolute must-visit in Salt Lake City! The nostalgic diner vibe is so endearing, particularly for someone like me who's been a vegan for over 5 years. It's heartening to see a small local vegan business so busy and bustling! Their food is a fantastic throwback to the classic diner food of my non-vegan days, with generous portions to boot! I highly recommend trying the biscuits and gravy or the French toast, they're absolutely incredible. This was my first time trying vegan food outside of my Colorado home, and I must say, it was absolutely delicious. The staff was super helpful and offered excellent recommendations. Not only is their service commendable, but the atmosphere is also genuinely welcoming and friendly. I'm not a native, I just dropped in looking for a cup of coffee and ended up trying their pancake - it was a decision I certainly didn't regret! I find it noteworthy to mention I'm neither a vegan nor a vegetarian, but decided to try out this place by the recommendation of my vegan niece. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor profiles and the variety in their menu. I can confidently say that I'll definitely be returning on my next trip! Vertical Diner is worth a shot, for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Lazy Day Cafe

2020 E 3300 S SUITE 23/24, Salt Lake City

(801) 953-0311

Reviewed by:

Jaquelin Worthington

I recently returned to Lazy Day Cafe for brunch and was not disappointed. Despite being a little short staffed, the server was incredibly diligent, making sure all her tables were well attended to. The Lazy Day Breakfast caught my attention with its lemon pancake and beignets - and boy, were they amazing! I must admit the prices gave me a slight pause at first, but after tasting the delicious food, I can confidently say it was worth every penny. The service at the cafe was excellent. There were a few instances of double checking but that only assured us of their attentive service. I dare say, this might have been the best breakfast I've had in a cafe. There was also an impressive range of vegan options, which I greatly appreciated. The biscuits and gravy were an absolute treat, with fluffy biscuits and delectable sausage gravy. The staff at Lazy Day Cafe add to the overall pleasant experience with their friendly and chatty demeanor. I also appreciated how my coffee cup was always kept full. I am already looking forward to my next visit to try out more from their menu, particularly the Benedict. As a vegan, I can't write this review without mentioning the outstanding vegan food. The lemon pancakes with buttermilk syrup were incredible - definitely a must-try. The jackfruit burrito was also notably tasty. Everything was well seasoned, well cooked, and downright delicious. The staff's attentiveness was just the cherry on top. I can't recommend Lazy Day Cafe enough!

SLC Eatery

1017 S Main St, Salt Lake City

(801) 355-7952

Reviewed by:

Florence Thorn

My first experience at SLC Eatery was truly outstanding. The wait staff nailed the balance of being attentive and giving us space. I enjoyed the mouth-melting scone served with a southern style pimento spread, and the calamari was light with a refreshing citrus taste. Although I failed to capture the main course in pictures, the dessert was not only appealing to the eye but also exhilarating to the taste buds with fun textures and flavors. A wholehearted 5/5 stars for sure. The decor in the restaurant is unique, with a rustic charm that my dad jokingly remarked was due to customers loving the food so much that they accidentally damaged the plaster, thus revealing the brick walls. The menu, admittedly, is a bit experimental, and might not please everyone. We found some dishes a bit too heavy on capers and a few flavors and textures were not to our liking. However, the drinks, albeit a bit icy, were adequate and the gem of my visit was the mint julep. The rich and delicious duck breast is a must-try, as is the coriander pasta. The highlights undoubtedly were the fresh starters - grilled calamari and the impressive artichoke quesadilla, which surprised me as I'm typically not a fan of artichokes. With a comfortable yet upscale atmosphere, incredible food, and amazing service, I find SLC Eatery a lovely place indeed. I'm eager for my next visit and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Salt Lake City.


110 W Broadway, Salt Lake City

(385) 227-8171

Reviewed by:

Itzel Espaillat

I would happily give Eggsburgh 10 stars if possible. The building is charming and the staff are friendly and welcoming. Despite just picking up an order, the food was fantastic. I can easily say this is my new go-to breakfast spot. They offer a range of excellent Benedicts, delightful pancake choices and wholesome breakfast bowls. The home-style potatoes might look unassuming, but trust me, they are simply delicious. I'd definitely recommend them over the hash browns. The only downside is the pricing. The Benedicts, though tasty, aren't really worth $15-$16. Lowering the prices to more of a $11-$12 range would easily make this place a 5/5 for me. My first experience at Eggsburgh was nothing short of wonderful. We were seated quickly and the staff was very friendly. The reggae atmosphere coupled with the vibrant design and colors of the place really energize you, especially when paired with a fresh cup of OJ! There were a couple of minor elements that didn't quite hit the mark for me. The green salsa was not to my liking, and I found the taste of the pancakes a bit too floury. That being said, everything else was absolutely delightful. The restaurant was clean, bright, and the presentation of the food was appealing. The Orange Dream slushy, made with fresh squeezed orange juice, easily became my favorite part. The food was certainly above average. However, I wish we didn't have to ask for silverware after our food arrived, and my husband's glass of milk took a bit longer than expected. Despite these minor issues, I'd still highly recommend Eggsburgh. If I could, I would give it 4.5 stars.

The Rose Establishment

235 400 W, Salt Lake City

(801) 208-5569

Reviewed by:

Brian Simoneaux

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing brunch at The Rose Establishment in Salt Lake City. My initial impression was positive, given the modern, open, and relaxed ambiance of the eatery, and the choice of both indoor and outdoor seating options was definitely a plus. The staff here truly shines, displaying both knowledge and a clear enjoyment for what they do which created an overall low-stress environment, something you don't typically find in the food industry. The food, although on the pricier side with portions a tad smaller than expected, was fresh and undeniably full of flavor. The presentation was impeccable, especially the simple salad with its delectably unique dressing and the biscuit, which was the perfect base for my egg sandwich. I also sampled the avocado toast, which turned out to be the standout dish. In terms of coffee, there was a pleasant surprise. The coffee was of high-quality and enjoyable without any additional sugar or syrup. However, there were a few points that could do with some improvement. The wait time for food was quite extended. My friend’s breakfast bowl, in particular, took about 30 minutes to arrive. And, although appreciating the fact that they place greater emphasis on their coffee services, it became evident when we couldn't get a coffee to go due to their imminent closing time. Also, the place may benefit from installing an air conditioning system, as it was noticeably hot during my visit. The biscuit I ordered seemed slightly different from what was displayed and appeared to be missing the bacon it promised. It also seemed a bit undercooked, although this wasn't too much of an issue for me as I prefer my biscuits on the softer side. All in all, I was quite impressed with my experience at The Rose Establishment. Their remarkable staff, delicious food, and fantastic coffee left quite the impression. Despite a few minor setbacks, I would confidently recommend this place and certainly plan to return myself in the future. The team at The Rose Establishment is a credit to the industry, and they can truly be proud of what they've accomplished here.

Marmalade Brunch House

535 N 300 W H-104, Salt Lake City

(801) 513-5777

Reviewed by:

Barbara Galles

I was really impressed by the food presentation at Marmalade Brunch House! Although my dishes were slightly under seasoned and cool, they tasted good. The restaurant itself is adorable with a fun atmosphere, perfect for a gathering with friends. The service was a tad slow due to a busy setting and it seemed like many of the staff were still in training phase. However, I understand and I can't wait to give it another try soon! The place has a trendy vibe and the service is commendable. The staff are all friendly and warm. The beignets were a bit chewy and the eggs Benedict were good, but could've been better. Nevertheless, despite these minor hitches, I would love to return and try different dishes. Having visited twice in just a month, I have definitely grown fond of Marmalade Brunch House. The atmosphere is delightful from the moment you step inside. Everything I've tried has been delicious - especially the beignets with raspberry sauce! My favourite dish has to be the brunch house salad, it was simply phenomenal. The biscuits with gravy and the eggs Benedict are other dishes I found yummy. The service was prompt and the price seemed reasonable for the quantity of the food. Can't wait for my next visit!

Pig & a Jelly Jar SLC

401 E 900 S, Salt Lake City

(385) 202-7366

Reviewed by:

Giacomo Harmon

I recently had brunch at Pig & a Jelly Jar SLC in Salt Lake City, and I must say, the food was generally cooked well. I tried the Nashville honey chicken sandwich with fries - the taste was quite satisfying. Cleanliness-wise, the place was okay; tables and chairs were clean, though the floor could have been tidier. Now, service is where they need improvements. My wrong drink order was quickly corrected, but I was hardly attended to after that. Luckily, after missing a few items from my order and being ignored, a staff member named Chris corrected our issues and made us feel attended to. One thing I found uncomfortable was the upfront 18% tip; it's not ideal because your experience might not end up warranting such a tip. The food, albeit a little bland, was okay. The Chicken & Waffles dish was a bit disappointing as I've had better versions elsewhere. Upon entering the restaurant, there was no one to attend to guests, making it slightly inconvenient for us, and the prices were a bit higher than I expected. However, on the brighter side, they have board games and some cool decor adding a bit of charm to the place. In conclusion, my experience was a mixed bag. Despite the hiccups, their service did improve over time and they offer good portions for their prices. A couple of things need improvement, but I will certainly return for another try. The kitchen sink my partner ordered was delicious, and I have high hopes that they can turn things around for a better dining experience.

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