January 4, 2024

San Bernardino's Best Brunch Bites

Get ready to munch on the best brunch in San Bernardino! From sizzling bacon to fluffy pancakes, we’ve scoured the city for top spots that’ll knock your socks off.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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San Bernardino's Best Brunch Bites
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Rise and shine, get ready to dine — it's in San Bernardino that brunch becomes less of a mealtime and more of a time to savor life's simple pleasures.


867 W Jefferson St, San Bernardino

(909) 381-2014

Reviewed by:

Orlando Norman

Had an amazing brunch at Alice's in San Bernardino! The country fried steak was bursting with flavor, served alongside perfectly seasoned potatoes with onions and fluffy scrambled eggs. Their full order of biscuits and gravy didn't disappoint either – savory, rich, and studded with sausage bits. Even the steak sandwich impressed with its thick, tender cut, complemented by crispy fries. It's hard to find a spot that nails that home-cooked meal feel, but Alice's has got it down. The food is consistently great and, considering the taste and quality, the bill was more than reasonable for all we enjoyed, including our drinks. The service deserves a mention too; attentive and frequent coffee refills were much appreciated. Despite the bustling atmosphere, the staff managed to deliver our food timely and accurately. Even the tuna sandwich was a hit – cold, crisp, and perfectly balanced, not veering into the realms of too sweet or salty. And the french toast? It struck that ideal balance between sweet and airy, a real treat without leaving you overly stuffed. Let's not forget the biscuits and gravy – they're a staple for a reason and Alice's version stands out as a favorite. There’s something about this place that feels like a throwback to simpler times, adding to its charm. In summary, this spot may be a bit off the beaten path, but it's absolutely worth seeking out for that at-home feeling and stellar service. The prices are just the cherry on top, reminiscent of an old-school menu that doesn't break the bank. Definitely a place to visit for an enjoyable experience and a touch of nostalgia. Highly recommend Alice's for a hearty, satisfying brunch!

Baseline Burgers

25578 E Baseline St, San Bernardino

(909) 884-7458

Reviewed by:

Robert Crous

Having driven past Baseline Burgers for years while running errands at the nearby feed store, today marked my inaugural dining experience at this local gem. Given that they close at 2 PM, it's best to get there early for brunch. The menu was a delightful surprise, featuring items like corned beef hash, chocolate chip pancakes, chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and a ham and cheese omelet. The fact that the hash came from a can did nothing to diminish its tastiness. The portions were generous, to say the least, and every dish was an absolute win on the family brunch table. The atmosphere of Baseline Burgers exudes a warmth that can only be attributed to its status as a family-owned establishment. The staff mirrored this warmth, offering attentive service without fail. Our drinks were promptly refilled, and our needs were consistently anticipated. For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of dining here, I wholeheartedly endorse Baseline Burgers. It's looking like it could be our new go-to spot for those occasional breakfast cravings. Over time, Baseline Burgers has never failed to impress, whether it's been with my family, friends, or just on a solo visit. It's akin to dining with extended family, where every dish is served just right. Childhood memories flood back with each visit, and the unwavering quality keeps me returning. On a recent Saturday, we were seated immediately upon arrival. Our server embodied efficiency and friendliness, ensuring our brunch experience was nothing short of excellent. The food arrived swiftly and exceeded expectations in quality—it was scrumptious. The upkeep of the restaurant and the cleanliness of the facilities did not go unnoticed either. With a variety of options on the menu, my anticipation for future visits is already building. Baseline Burgers has certainly etched its place in my book of local favorites.

D J Coffee Shop

265 E 40th St, San Bernardino

(909) 882-3917

Reviewed by:

Chrislande Bush

Took my wife to DJ's Coffee Shop for brunch in San Bernardino, and right from the start, the servers were super friendly and welcoming. They had us seated quickly in a cozy booth that set the scene for what was a delightful meal. We went with the angus steak and sides, which really hit the spot – the steak was full of flavor, and even though it was a tad over how I usually like it, it was still delicious! Also, we've had a chance to try their breakfast and it did not disappoint. On a separate visit, we decided to indulge in their Reuben sandwiches. It's been a while since I've had one as good as DJ's! They grill the sauerkraut before putting the sandwich together, and grilling the whole sandwich after assembly just seals the deal. I'd confidently suggest it to any Reuben lover out there. The diner vibe is classic and inviting, and the food always seems to hit the spot, especially when you add that house-made salsa. If you're looking for a solid place to enjoy some diner-style breakfast or a hearty dinner in San Bernardino, DJ's is definitely worth the visit. Can't wait to come back for more!

Jerry's cafe

18291 Cajon Ct, San Bernardino

(909) 352-6459

Reviewed by:

Jacky Wessel

Had breakfast at Jerry's Cafe in San Bernardino and it didn't disappoint. The place has this endearing road stop diner charm, which felt welcoming right as I stepped through the door. It was a pleasant change to be inside a cool, clean space, especially with the warm and prompt greeting from the two waitresses. My order of eggs and chicken fried steak was decent – not groundbreaking, but satisfying. The standout for me had to be the home fries; they were cooked to perfection and packed with flavor. My wife's bacon was a tad overcooked and lacked that punch we were looking for, and her scrambled eggs were slightly overdone, but that's often the case when dining out. I experienced a slight hiccup with my drink – the coke and the Dr Pepper both had a strange aftertaste, as did my wife’s water. Seems like it might be an issue with their water filtration, but that was a minor blip in an otherwise good meal. The proximity of the cafe to our home is a huge plus, and despite some small culinary missteps, we left with a positive overall impression. I caught a glimpse of the waffles and pancakes from another table and they looked tempting, so we'll be returning to give those a try, and to check out the lunch offerings too. Jerry's Cafe seems to be a treasure among the locals, tucked away just off the beaten path, with a fair share of motorcycle clubs and diners who seem in on the secret. Parking is convenient in the back. Arrived around 10:30 on a Sunday to find it moderately busy, but I was seated right away. Service was good, although I had a bit of a wait for my coffee. However, when it arrived, it was great. Ordered a turkey croissant sandwich with fries which was tasty, even if the sandwich could've used a bit more filling. The atmosphere was friendly and despite the staff working out some kinks as a new team, it didn't detract from our experience. We tried Jerry's after church one Sunday with a large group and only waited ten minutes to be seated, which was reasonable. The remodeled interior and comfortable seating made for a pleasant meal. Everyone enjoyed the various dishes we ordered, and the portion sizes left us full without breaking the bank – we averaged under $20 per person for our party of 9. Definitely seeing ourselves becoming regulars at Jerry's, given the good prices and quality of food. It's a gem I hadn't known about before, but after such a delightful breakfast, I'm already planning to bring more family members along for another visit soon. Jerry's Cafe has quickly climbed to the top of my list for local eats.

Cafe Organix

420 E Hospitality Ln Suite A10, San Bernardino

(909) 963-2911

Reviewed by:

Jerry Duro

Always enjoy stopping by Cafe Organix for brunch in San Bernardino. The food here never disappoints – it's on the pricier side, but you definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality and quantity. My go-to is usually the Hot Damn burger, which is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy – highly recommend it if that's your thing. On my last visit, I opted for the PO Boy while my husband had the Crispy Chickn' sandwich. Both were spot on in terms of flavor, although a heads-up, the PO Boy can be heavy on the sauce, so consider asking for less if that's your preference. A little advice for non-vegans trying something new here: the shrimp options might not meet your expectations because they don't taste like traditional shrimp. Instead, you might want to stick with the burgers, nachos, and crispy chicken options first. Speaking of nachos, they're a massive hit and definitely a personal favorite – expect to take some home because the portions are generous. I've noticed some changes since the place first opened, but it's only gotten better. The food's outstanding, and the service is consistently top-notch. During our last visit, I had the street tacos while my partner enjoyed a 'chicken' sandwich. Even though he's not vegan, he appreciates the food here. We paired our meal with a lavender mocha latte and a raspberry lemonade – both refreshing and not too sweet. For dessert, the cinnamon rolls were a real treat. I love how everything is plant-based and dairy-free, plus they have lots of gluten-free options. It's such a relief to have a variety of choices. The food here is simply amazing, and the coffee is some of the best I've had. This place gets a solid 10/10 from me, and I definitely recommend it. The breakfast burrito I tried was filling and satisfying, and I left feeling content rather than sluggish. Can't wait to return to Cafe Organix to explore more of their menu.

Jovi's Diner

123 N E St, San Bernardino

(909) 888-4893

Reviewed by:

Gs Peck

I just had the pleasure of visiting Jovi's Diner for brunch, and what an experience it was! As a lifelong resident of San Bernardino, I've passed by many times but hadn't stepped in until now. The diner's 60s theme is a delightful blast from the past – it's both original and warmly familiar. The team at Jovi's Diner really knows how to make a guest feel welcomed. They're professional, attentive, and genuinely friendly, which adds to the overall charm. Now, let's talk about the food – it's simply AMAZICating! I went for a breakfast plate, and every single bite was a testament to how good classic diner fare can be. It's not just about being served a meal; it's about the flavors and feeling completely satisfied afterward, and Jovi's Diner nails it on both counts. The place itself is spotless, enhancing the dining experience with its retro Route 66 vibe. The staff makes sure you're taken care of, offering swift service that doesn't compromise on the quality of food or the dining experience. They served me Chorizo and Eggs, and I must say, it was a home run for my taste buds. To top it off, the value for the money is spot on. From the tasty dishes to the wonderful service and the attractive presentation, there's a lot to praise. Oh, and let's not forget how the chef also adds to the appeal – certainly a skilled and guapo addition to the diner! All in all, Jovi's Diner is a spot not to be overlooked. It's clear I'll be back for more – after all, when you find a place that does brunch this well, you stick with it. Big cheers to Jovi and the entire team!

Mitla Cafe

602 N Mt Vernon Ave, San Bernardino

(909) 888-0460

Reviewed by:

Houda Nelson

I've always had a soft spot for Mitla Cafe, a place that's been part of my family's post-church Sunday ritual since childhood. The quality and taste of the food have remained consistent over the years, and despite occasionally slow service, the wait is always warranted when it's for their delightful dishes. The hard shell tacos are a must-try; they're simply delicious. My go-to order includes the 2 bean and cheese burritos drenched in meat sauce and the crispy French fries – it never disappoints. Their ground beef taco might just be the culinary bridge between American and Mexican cultures, a guilty pleasure for many and a gastronomic icon. It's at Mitla where the roots of Taco Tuesday and the crunchy taco originate, leaving an indelible mark on our food culture. Mitla Cafe is a historical gem that has stood the test of time along the once bustling Route 66. The staff's enthusiasm for their food is contagious, and they're always keen to recommend their favorites. When you bite into their original taco, you instantly understand the phenomenon behind Taco Tuesday, and you can't help but order more of everything. The venue is cozy, with a charming diner vibe that welcomes you right away. Parking is easy enough to find, just behind the restaurant. Once inside, you're greeted with warm Christmas decorations and the promise of a hearty meal. Their combination plates are generous and the a la carte taco with shredded beef is outstanding. Sharing the food is almost necessary given the ample portions. While I believe the pre-dressed salad could be improved by serving the dressing on the side, the rest of the meal is spot-on. Those crunchy tacos, the hearty enchilada, the sizable Chile relleno, along with the well-prepared rice and beans, make for a satisfying experience. The breakfast burrito is so substantial, it lasts for days. Understanding that this is the place that inspired the creation of Taco Bell's famous tacos adds an interesting historical note. With food this good, it's a wonder how others can compete. Here's to many more years of Mitla Cafe serving up joy on a plate.

Molly's Cafe

350 N D St, San Bernardino

(909) 888-1778

Reviewed by:

Macario Zhenxi

Absolutely love Molly's Cafe for brunch! It's a fabulous spot that feels like a hidden gem in San Bernardino. The service here is top-notch with fast, attentive staff who make sure my coffee is always full. They've created a wonderfully vintage vibe that adds to the dining experience, and it's just a short walk away from the courthouse – super convenient! The food is consistently fresh, with a menu boasting ample portions that leave you satisfied. The waffle combo is a standout, and it's clear why this place has become a favorite of mine and many others. Even when I visited after a trip to the hospital, the staff's warmth and the quality of the food lifted my spirits. There's something special about classic local diners like Molly's Cafe, and it's earned a spot on my list of places to come back to. The Biscuits & Gravy are out of this world – fluffy biscuits with rich, creamy gravy, and the California Omelet is packed with cheese and so large I couldn't finish it! Our waitress made our visit memorable with her exceptional care and friendliness. This place has a big, diverse menu, which is why I'm excited to come back not just for brunch but to try lunch and dinner too. It's great to have such a wonderful dining option in downtown San Bernardino. Plus, there's convenient parking on the street or just around the corner. Definitely looking forward to my next meal at Molly's!

Sundowners Family Restaurant

1131 S E St, San Bernardino

(909) 884-3510

Reviewed by:

Karen Luporini

My family and I had the pleasure of enjoying our Christmas dinner at Sundowners Family Restaurant in San Bernardino, and I must say, the experience was truly delightful. The staff provided exceptional service, demonstrating their dedication to hospitality. Before we even set foot in the restaurant, the manager took the initiative to ensure that everything was clean and well-prepared for our arrival. The prices at Sundowners are quite affordable without compromising the quality of the food, which is both scrumptious and satisfying. The Porter steak stood out to me in particular; it’s a dish I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone visiting. As a part of Ministerios El Toque Del Maestro, we are no strangers to Sundowners. It’s a place we’ve come to cherish, especially for lunch. They always offer great value with their generous portions and tempting prices. The chicken with wild rice soup has become a personal favorite of mine, capturing the essence of comfort food. Their dedicated staff, and I must give a shoutout to Jeanette, who was incredibly helpful, contribute greatly to making every dining experience here a positive one. Having been a regular over the years, I've witnessed some changes, especially since the new management took over about a year ago. It's been a bit of a roller coaster with the quality sometimes fluctuating. The sizes of the steaks and salmon can be inconsistent, sometimes arriving larger than expected, while on other days they can be on the smaller side. However, the steak always has a robust flavor that does not disappoint. The mashed potatoes, while still enjoyable, seem to have lost that made-from-scratch quality they had before the pandemic, now leaning towards a taste reminiscent of instant mashed potatoes. Despite this, the clam chowder soup remains a constant favorite among my family. Overall, despite some variances in size and a shift in some flavors, Sundowners still holds a special place for us. With its friendly staff, great food, and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a place I would definitely visit again when in the area.

I Love Chicken and Waffles Restaurant

1170 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino

(909) 352-2705

Reviewed by:

Robyn Mendez

My first visit to I Love Chicken and Waffles Restaurant for brunch in San Bernardino started off with a bit of apprehension as the place was empty upon arrival. However, the service was quick and attentive, which set a good tone from the get-go. The menu was tempting and I went for wings mac and cheese, fish and chips, and cabbage – each dish was absolutely scrumptious and left me wanting to come back for more. Honestly, I would highly recommend this spot, it's like discovering a hidden gem; unassuming from the outside, yet delivering a fantastic experience inside. In terms of cost, it's quite affordable, with prices ranging approximately from $12 to $18 per person. The variety is impressive, too. I tried the catfish meal, chicken tender meal, and okra, not to mention the waffle, which was top-notch. Flavor was the star in every bite. There were a couple of drawbacks, though. The parking situation could be better, and there's a strong smell when you walk in, which can catch you off guard. Nonetheless, these are minor compared to the quality of food and service. The place even adds a bit of fun with arcade games and toy machines. Plus, they offer convenience with delivery and pickup options. Overall, the food was phenomenal, especially the waffles and freshly made fried chicken. The sides weren't just an afterthought – the Mac and cheese, collard greens, fried okra, red beans and rice all packed a punch. Meeting the owners was a delight; their warm hospitality added to the experience. The ambience and diner setup could use some upgrades, admittedly, and while the waffles were average and chicken tenders a bit small for their price, the overall dining experience was solid. If I find myself in San Bernardino again, a return visit to I Love Chicken and Waffles is definitely on the cards.

The Mexico Cafe

892 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino

(909) 882-3000

Reviewed by:

Jose Kingsley

As a regular at The Mexico Cafe in San Bernardino, I must say that their brunch never fails to impress. I've been coming here for years and each visit reinforces my love for their delicious Mexican cuisine. Sure, the place can get busy, and on a rare occasion, the chips might not be as fresh as I'd like, but generally, the flavors are spot on. The outdoor seating adds a nice touch, especially on a sunny day. On my last visit, the fish tacos were just as I remembered – full of flavor and satisfying. The fajitas are also a personal favorite, never disappointing with their sizzling presentation and mouth-watering taste. In terms of the food, it's clear why this place has stood the test of time. The service is usually commendable, with a friendly waiter making the dining experience pleasant. There have been instances where getting the attention of the service staff was a bit of a task, but it's not enough to overshadow the overall positive vibes of the cafe. When it comes to value, yes, it may seem a bit pricey, but in my opinion, the quality and portions justify the cost. And let's not forget the margaritas – simply top-notch and a must-have. The Mexico Cafe is also a great spot for family gatherings or Sunday brunches, if you don't mind the crowd. It's a popular place, even local police officers are often spotted enjoying a meal here. Despite the occasional wait for a table or service, the food and drinks keep me coming back. If you're in the area and craving some good Mexican fare, this cafe is definitely worth a visit.

Hilltop Collection San Bernardino

670 Kendall Dr, San Bernardino

(909) 881-1502

Reviewed by:

Maninder Fube

Brunch at Hilltop Collection San Bernardino was a delightful experience! The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by a breathtaking waterfall at the entryway, and the elegant decor promised a romantic ambiance. The outdoor seating boasted a view that rivals the best in California, setting the stage for a memorable meal. The food was fantastic, with a spread of sumptuous dishes that pleased everyone. From the tasty hors d'oeuvres to the perfectly cooked filet mignon with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, and the flavorful salmon, our taste buds were in for a treat. It was the perfect selection for our wedding event, and all our guests left raving about the meal. The staff's friendliness made up for the slight wait due to being understaffed, but we didn't mind the extra time to soak in the atmosphere. Yes, we did have to remind our waiter a few times for water refills, and the bartender might benefit from a bit more training, but the quality of the cuisine made these minor issues fade away. This restaurant is truly a hidden gem in San Bernardino, providing an upscale dining experience at par with renowned establishments like Coco Palms and Del Rey. The service and food rival that of a 5-star restaurant, leaving my wife and me thoroughly impressed. We're already planning to become regulars and would recommend this spot to others seeking a unique and exquisite dining experience. On our first visit, which we booked through Open Table, we were seated promptly in a spot with an amazing view. Although some aspects of the meal like the Mai Tai and a few dishes didn't quite hit the mark, the Spinach Dip was a flavor-packed starter that stood out. The venue also offers a cozy outdoor firepit area and a picturesque spot for photos, which added to the overall charm. The Hilltop Collection San Bernardino has captured our hearts as a local favorite for a classy dining experience, and despite the few hiccups with some dishes and service, it's a place we're excited to return to. It's more than just the stunning views and elegant setting; it’s about good food shared with family and friends, making every visit special.

Mimi's Cafe

395 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino

(909) 890-4333

Reviewed by:

Gary Garcia

On December 19th, I decided to give Mimi's Cafe in San Bernardino a shot for brunch with my kids. The close-by location was a major plus, just a 10-minute drive from home. Upon arriving, I was greeted by a calm, inviting atmosphere which was exactly what I needed. The service caught my attention right away; our server was attentive and made sure we were well taken care of throughout our meal. As for the cuisine, it did not disappoint. The kids polished off everything on their plates, which is always a good sign. I had my reservations about the sweetness level of my dish because of the filling and syrup, but it hit the perfect note—not too sugary, just the way I like it. The cleanliness of the restaurant and the orderly ambiance, complemented by some soothing background tunes, set a really pleasant mood. Everything we ordered was not only presented attractively but tasted great and was priced reasonably. There was no long wait for service or food, which I appreciated, especially with hungry kids in tow. I even tried their fresh baked carrot muffin with my coffee, and both were delectable. The breakfast potatoes also deserve a mention; they were seasoned just right. Plus, their $7 mimosa was a hit. The balance of orange juice and champagne was spot on. Now, it wasn't all perfect. The only hiccup was the noise level. It was busier than I'm used to, making it tough to have a conversation. But I realize that might just be down to where we were sitting. All things considered, Mimi's Cafe is definitely worth recommending. It's suitable for breakfast and perhaps even for lunch or dinner. My experience was positive overall, and I'm looking forward to returning, maybe even with some friends next time for another enjoyable meal. Clean, well-organized, with good food and service—it's a solid choice for brunch.


219 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino

(909) 888-7880

Reviewed by:

Danay Pintye

As someone who is particular about how their eggs are scrambled, I have to commend the IHOP in San Bernardino for getting it just right. My eggs were soft and nearly runny, exactly the way I like them. Despite a full parking lot, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was seated for brunch, especially on a Sunday morning. The service was efficient, making it an overall good experience. Now, let's talk about the food. I ordered the pot roast, which was tasty, though a bit small for my hearty appetite. I managed to polish it off in no time. The food quality was fresh, and the dining area was spacious, which I appreciated. My server was attentive and took great care of me throughout my visit. The pancakes, while not extraordinary, were part of a special deal that included eggs and bacon at a very reasonable price. However, I must note that the cost of a cup of coffee seemed quite steep, which took me by surprise. The restaurant itself was clean, and while it didn't stand out as anything exceptional, there were no glaring issues to speak of either. It was a solid choice for a quick breakfast before my business in the county, and it offered a satisfactory dining experience where options are limited. So, for the efficiency, the good service, and the fair-priced breakfast special, I'd say my visit to IHOP for brunch was worth it.

The Cutting Board Restaurant & Bar

285 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino

(909) 889-0133

Reviewed by:

Daisy Villalvir

The Cutting Board Restaurant & Bar in the heart of San Bernardino is certainly worth the visit, especially for brunch. Tucked away inside the Double Tree Hotel, it's a gem that deserves more than a passing glance. On arrival, the ambiance of the place set the stage for an enjoyable experience. The first impression was further bolstered by the friendly staff who greeted me with genuine smiles and outstanding service throughout my stay. Their attention to detail made me feel welcome and valued as a customer. The menu had plenty to offer, and the brunch did not disappoint. The highlight of my meal was the Bread Pudding dessert, which was nothing short of amazing. It’s clear that when it comes to flavors, this restaurant knows how to hit the right notes. The Burger I tried was well-prepared, juicy, and satisfying, and the innovative addition of grilled grapes to a salad was a surprisingly delightful touch. Not only was the food enjoyable but the drinks were exceptional too. The Berry drink, with its muddled berries, was fresh and bursting with flavor, demonstrating the bartender's skill at crafting a perfect beverage. The setting of the restaurant added to the dining experience. The ample room was welcoming, with a variety of seating options to choose from. The large bar, with its 360-degree setup, was impressive and seemed like the perfect place for hosting large crowds or just hanging out with friends. The outside seating, which I noted wasn't in use at the time, looked inviting for days with better weather. Even when ordering through Grub Hub, the process was smooth, but there was a small hiccup with my Tequila Lime Fettuccine. It was a bit too heavy on the lemon, and the chicken I'd requested was missing. Nevertheless, the taste of the Bread Pudding reassured me that the kitchen is capable of delivering culinary delights, and I'm convinced that less lemon would have made the dish stand out. For those looking for a casual yet satisfying dining experience, The Cutting Board Restaurant & Bar is a solid choice. Whether stopping by for appetizers, a full meal, or just drinks, you can expect great service and a pleasant atmosphere. It’s definitely a place to come back to and a worthwhile spot for anyone in the area.

El Torito

118 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino

(909) 381-2316

Reviewed by:

Stephanie Maung

I have to say, my brunch at El Torito in San Bernardino was a delightful experience. The atmosphere was buzzing with great music and the place was impeccably clean. The service was a bit slow to start, having to wait 8 minutes before being attended to at the table, but once the food arrived, it was worth the wait. The shrimp and rice really stood out – they were the highlight of the meal. Although there was a bit of inconsistency with the temperature of my dish – the steak and shrimp were cold, while the rice was warm and the beans and tortilla hot – the flavors were spot on. I was impressed by the staff, especially our server Yesenia, who was notably attentive and efficient, easily one of the best servers I've had. The chips and salsa were so good, they were almost addictive, and our drinks were never empty. Despite the initial slow service and a minor hiccup with the food temperature, the overall experience was quite positive. It's also a bonus that they have a rewards program, which is a great incentive for any frequent visitor. I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit and would recommend others to give their brunch a try – it could easily have been a top-rated experience.

Panera Bread

1056 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino

(909) 478-5723

Reviewed by:

nan Trahan

I absolutely love this Panera Bread location in San Bernardino, especially for brunch. The service here is friendly and efficient, making sure that you're well taken care of from the moment you walk in until you collect your food. The team really goes above and beyond to provide assistance whenever you need it. The food never disappoints – it's consistently good. I'm a huge fan of their brown rice teriyaki chicken warm bowls and the roasted Turkey BLT sandwiches. Plus, their Greek goddess salads are simply delicious. When I tried the elote soup, it was fantastic, and it quickly became one of my favorites. This spot has become a regular for our work lunches because of its reliable quality and service. Even when I had a slight hiccup with an order, the experience was handled with such grace. They forgot an item once, but when I went back, they were incredibly understanding and even offered a complimentary kitchen sink cookie to make up for the inconvenience. The sandwiches here are exceptional – they're like something you'd whip up at home if you were a top-tier chef with premium ingredients. And I have to mention the new tikka masala soup, which is simply phenomenal. All the soups are great, so you really can't choose poorly. For anyone looking for a homemade meal experience but with that extra touch, and of course great service, this Panera Bread is definitely the right choice. It comes highly recommended from me for anyone in the area seeking a delightful brunch experience.


702 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino

(909) 882-4456

Reviewed by:

Joe Mata

My brunch experience at Denny's in San Bernardino was incredibly satisfying. The moment we walked in, we were greeted warmly and seated comfortably at a clean table with just the right amount of sunlight streaming through the window. It set the tone for a perfect meal. The service was top-notch. Our waitress, Christina, was attentive and efficient, striking the perfect balance between being present for our needs and giving us space to enjoy our meal. She had our orders down accurately without needing to jot anything down—a testament to her professionalism. The food was delicious. I was particularly impressed with their commitment to using natural ingredients, which is important to me as someone who values healthy eating. Their Egg-cellent Cobb Salad was a standout, especially since they accommodated my request for crispy chicken with ease. It's also worth mentioning that their breakfast options are both tasty and affordable, offering a variety that caters to all tastes without breaking the bank. The ambiance at Denny's was equally commendable. The thoughtful decoration and well-equipped facilities, including wheelchair access, made it a welcoming space for everyone. It's clear that this Denny's location prioritizes customer comfort and convenience. In summary, the delightful food, wonderful service, and inviting atmosphere at Denny's in San Bernardino have made it a go-to spot for brunch. Christina's exceptional service deserves a special shout-out, and I wholeheartedly recommend this establishment for a satisfying dining experience.


4023 University Pkwy, San Bernardino

(909) 473-1195

Reviewed by:

Rebekah Morelli

I absolutely adore brunch at IHOP in San Bernardino and can't believe it's taken me so long to share my thoughts on it! This place is a staple for anyone who's craving that classic all-day breakfast experience. The 2X2X2 special is a real winner in my book — two fluffy pancakes, two perfectly cooked eggs, and my choice of crispy bacon or savory sausage for just five bucks is a steal. And getting a BOGO deal on milkshakes? What a delightful surprise! The servings here never disappoint; they're generously portioned and downright delicious. It's like getting a warm hug from your plate — that comforting feeling you get with good old-fashioned comfort food. The staff, especially Vicky, really make you feel at home with their attentive and friendly service. Sure, the prices might be a tad higher these days, but it's something I'm willing to overlook considering the quality of the food and the current economic climate. If you're in the mood for a hearty meal that's both satisfying and tasty, IHOP is definitely worth a try. Great food, great service — what more could you ask for in a brunch spot?


5975 Palm Ave, San Bernardino

(800) 220-1629

Reviewed by:

Ernie Cerrano

Stopped by Denny's in San Bernardino for brunch after a night at the casino and found it right off the freeway, which was super convenient. The young man who greeted us was friendly and professional, quickly getting us seated. Despite being understaffed, the waitress who came over was just as kind and handled our drink order with professionalism. We ordered our food and it did take a bit to arrive, but that was understandable given the staffing situation. My partner had an issue with her salmon being too salty and then a hair being found in it. The waitress offered to comp the salmon and, after some discussion about the hair incident, we were given the option to leave without paying due to the inconvenience. While there were issues, it was clear the staff were doing their best under the circumstances. The Denny's itself could use an update—it's a bit old and worn, and there was an odd smell during our visit. Service was slower than expected, but it seems like the team could benefit from more support. Despite the hiccups, the staff were trying to maintain a professional demeanor. If you're craving something specific like a Banana Split, Denny's has a big menu and our treat was delicious. It's a go-to spot if you find yourself hungry in the early hours—the food at this Denny's is satisfying.

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