October 27, 2023

Morning Magic: Uncovering San Francisco's Crème de la Crème of Brunch Spots

Discover the best brunch spots in San Francisco with our ultimate guide, featuring a handpicked selection of the city's finest eateries, perfect for indulging in delicious breakfast and lunch favorites with friends and family.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Morning Magic: Uncovering San Francisco's Crème de la Crème of Brunch Spots
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In a city known for its culinary delights and breathtaking views, there's no better way to start your day than with a mouthwatering meal. From fluffy pancakes and farm-fresh omelettes to artisanal sourdough and bottomless mimosas, San Francisco has it all. Whether you're in the mood for a casual bite with friends or a lavish feast with a view, our carefully curated list of the top brunch destinations in the City by the Bay will leave you satisfied.

Lapisara Eatery

698 Post St, San Francisco

(415) 655-3556

Reviewed by:

Raul Durham

I stumbled upon an amazing little diner in a quiet local neighborhood, and I was thoroughly impressed! My friends and I really enjoyed our brunch here - the French toast with eggs that I tried was absolutely delicious. We were also pleasantly surprised by the tong yum burrito. Of all the diner breakfasts we've had in the area, this one was our favorite. The food was not only delicious, but it was served quickly and presented beautifully. The customer service was on point. I indulged in a sample platter and a chicken and waffle special, both of which were remarkable. Honestly, my only issue was that I ate too much! Not only was the food fantastic, but the atmosphere was great too. My avocado toast was served with a poached egg and fresh fruit, and it was as pleasing to the eye as it was to the palate. Even my cappuccino was top-notch. The staff was friendly and helpful, adding to the overall positive experience. The only minor issue was the noise level, due to a particularly loud table and the room's acoustics. My daughter, who's a picky eater, and I dropped in for a quick dinner and were not disappointed. The chicken waffle was almost too pretty to eat, but I couldn't resist. The waffles were fluffy with a crispy crust and perfectly paired with bourbon syrup and honey. The boneless chicken added a bit of crunch and heat. Paired with fresh fruit, it was a perfect meal. My daughter loved the fries, they were crispy and full of flavor. She said her sandwich was well made and tasty, with just a little room for more flavor. The service was top-notch and the ambiance was relaxing with subtle background music. I'm excited to return soon and try more dishes from their eclectic menu. I absolutely recommend giving this place a try!

Wooden Spoon

2172 Market St, San Francisco

(415) 946-3005

Reviewed by:

Chance Anderson

My brunch experience at Wooden Spoon in San Francisco was a satisfying one. The Swedish waffles with lemon curd and lingonberry jam were a delight with a rich and balanced sweetness that left an impression. My main course of soft scrambled eggs paired with smoked salmon was perfectly done, offering a burst of textures and flavors. The service we experienced was immaculate, with the staff being prompt, friendly, and attentive. The overall ambiance was refreshing and lively without becoming overwhelming. The decor, in particular, was a fun touch – lots of wooden spoons gracing the walls as the name suggests. It did get a bit crowded on a Saturday, but the wait was not overly long. The other dishes we tried included avocado toast, biscuits & gravy, huevos divorciados, and eggs Benedict. Among these, the vegan sausages stood out as a surprise favorite. They also served quite good house potatoes. There was, however, a minor mishap with the biscuits in the biscuits & gravy dish, which were a little too hard. The staff, though, was quick to address the issue. The overall rating of 3/5 for both the food and service is because, while the experience was generally positive, it didn't set any new culinary benchmarks for me. The ambiance was a step up, earning a 4/5 for its cozy and neighborhood-friendly vibe. To sum it up, Wooden Spoon offers a competent, and enjoyable brunch experience, something I'll definitely be returning for.


941 Cole St, San Francisco

(415) 564-5332

Reviewed by:

Monroe Salinas

My experience at Zazie was overall a delightful one, despite the 40-60 min wait time for our weekend brunch. The restaurant's service was commendable, albeit a bit slow. The standout dish for me was the French toast, perfectly made without being overly sweet. The mushroom eggs Benedict was bursting with flavors. The Mediterranean veggie platter was good, though it didn't stand out as unique. But overall, the quality of the food and drinks was high, complemented by the restaurant's impeccable service. The atmosphere at Zazie was warm and welcoming, and I appreciated their employee-focused policies. Zazie pays their staff a living wage, doesn't accept tips, and all these costs are included in the price. I found this very admirable and hope to see more restaurants follow this example. The only minor issue for me were the cups used for drinks, which were more like large bowls and some even had chipped edges. But that didn't take away from the overall positive experience. In summary, despite the long wait and minor kinks, Zazie is a place I'd recommend for its delicious food, wonderful service and the fact that they truly care for their employees. Will definitely visit again!

Sweet Maple

2101 Sutter St, San Francisco

(415) 655-9169

Reviewed by:

Tim Villacorta

We stumbled upon Sweet Maple while searching for a breakfast spot and boy, we weren't disappointed! The service was top-notch, with attentive staff who never let our coffee cups or water glasses run dry. The menu had a lot of interesting items and the servers were always ready to answer any questions. The Millionaire's Bacon is worth every penny, trust me. I tried the south-of-the-border scramble which had the tastiest chorizo I've had in a long time, and it wasn't overly oily. The potatoes served with the breakfast plates deserve a special mention, they were crispy and well-seasoned, just like perfect fries in a breakfast potato form. I couldn't help but appreciate the intricate balance of sweet and savory along with a dash of saltiness in their dishes. This place is great for all sorts of occasions - family gathering, brunch date or even for nursing a hangover! I've been here a couple of times and sat outside where they have heaters, which was nice. The food is consistently good though it is a tad bit pricey. For three of us, breakfast came up to $120. Their pancakes and Benedict are my favourites. I love coming here regularly. The queue moves fast and their breakfast pizza, snowed omelette and citrus French toast never fail to impress. With solid service and delicious food, I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Sweet Maple.

Delancey Street Restaurant

600 The Embarcadero, San Francisco

(415) 512-5179

Reviewed by:

James Mohammed

I found myself in San Francisco, visiting my brother in the hospital, when he recommended that we grab a meal at Delancey Street Restaurant. Situated just across from the Bay, this gem of a spot offered a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant is conveniently situated close to transit and the ferry, and there's plenty of parking available. Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly and professional staff. We chose to dine al fresco, soaking up the warm sun and cool breeze. The menu is impressive, with a wide variety of options to cater to every palate - and the portions are more than generous. What's more, the prices are extremely reasonable. Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Delancey Street is its welcoming policy towards four-legged friends - as long as you're dining outside, of course. For those accompanied by service dogs, there are no restrictions whatsoever. After our meal, we took the opportunity to delve into the history of the restaurant. This is no ordinary establishment. Delancey Street was established to assist individuals reentering society, a mission I wholeheartedly support. My visit to Delancey Street coincided with a trip to catch a Giants game with my son. After some long walks, we decided to grab a meal here. The space is open and inviting, with a comfortable patio for outdoor dining. The attentive service was top notch, the Buffalo burger was flavorful, and the Fried Buttermilk Chicken was simply delicious. I also had the chance to dine here another weekend with a couple of friends. The atmosphere was laid back, and we were able to sit outside. We tucked into some bruschetta, Singaporean noodles, half a chicken, a pesto pasta dish, and a large veggie bowl. Although some dishes were pretty standard, the variety was impressive. Ultimately, the heart of Delancey Street Restaurant lies in its mission. While the food is good and the location convenient, it's the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause that really stands out. Add to this the incorporation of the diverse cultures of the staff in the food offerings, and you have a dining experience that's more than worth it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Delancey Street Restaurant to anyone looking to enjoy a meal whilst supporting an excellent cause.

Eight AM Brunch

1323 Columbus Ave, San Francisco

(415) 292-4888

Reviewed by:

Joe Bryce-Ambler

On my first trip to San Francisco last winter, I stumbled upon Eight AM Brunch near the Wharf and was so impressed I visited every day! Even on my recent trip when we were staying further away, we made sure to revisit. It's fantastic to see the same warm, welcoming family still running the place. Their food is fresh and delicious, with a range of simple and more gourmet options. I particularly enjoyed my prosciutto and Brie cheese bagel. The staff is friendly and efficient, with a notable family-run feel amplified by the "KISS THE COOK" sign displayed outside their serving window. This morning, despite the restaurant being busy, the team worked together seamlessly and our orders were served quickly and perfectly. The fruit served was notably fresh and ripe, and the restaurant's overall cleanliness and bright lighting added to the positive dining experience. This delightful spot operates on a first-come-first-serve basis and has a system where you put your name on a sheet at the entrance for a table, making it an efficient process. The quality and taste of the food is outstanding, to the point that we returned for more. The avocado toast served three ways comes highly recommended! The venue might be a bit hot and loud, but it adds to the bustling city vibe. Plus, the generous portions and delectable taste of dishes like crepes and omelets more than make up for it. Even though the waiters could swing by the tables a bit more often, all necessary service was provided. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to this gem. If you're in San Francisco and looking for a great brunch spot, do yourself a favor and check out Eight AM Brunch. You won't regret it, trust me!

Chloe's Cafe

1399 Church St, San Francisco

(415) 648-4116

Reviewed by:

Leydi Torres

Just around the corner, my visit to Chloe's Cafe for brunch was not only convenient but also absolutely excellent. Upon entering, we saw a sign instructing us to put our names on a list, but with several tables available, we got seated quickly. At an oddly oriented table facing outside, our coffee arrived within no time. Feeling famished was a boon given the unexpectedly large servings. Having had my fair share of burritos back home in Houston, I can confidently say the burrito here is delicious. The side potatoes were not only visually appealing but also quite flavorful, especially with a dash of salt. My wife opted for the salmon scramble. It was plentiful, loaded with salmon. She felt the capers added too much salt, but I disagreed. Being a fan of briney capers, I thought it tasted fantastic. On both fronts – service and coffee – Chloe's Cafe did not disappoint. We will definitely be back. The limited indoor seating might be a tiny hitch, but the outdoor seating compensates for it. I suggest dressing in layers. We ordered Pecan buttermilk pancakes, Florentine scrambled eggs with a side of mixed greens, fried potatoes, and matcha latte. Every item was fresh, delectable, and generously portioned, especially for the price in San Francisco. The service was quick, and the servers were kind. It is safe to say we loved our experience. Although we went on a weekday, I believe making reservations for weekends would be beneficial. Step inside, and you will forget you are in a cafe – it feels like home! The chai latte is a must-try. The cafe also offers vegan options and serves amazing bread. The staff is very kind, always wearing a smile. The contagious humor, combined with the delicious, fresh food, amplifies the whole dining experience. The special garden omelet of the day won my heart with its extraordinary taste and humongous size. The fresh fruit bowl was fabulous, and the fresh-baked walnut bread with jam was worth every extra calorie. All in all, Chloe's Cafe has my high recommendation. You simply can’t miss this beautiful place for a hearty breakfast in San Francisco!

Plain Jane

1000 Guerrero St, San Francisco

(415) 654-5270

Reviewed by:

Gjb Jimenez

I had an incredible brunch experience at Plain Jane in San Francisco! The fried chicken is a contender for the best I've ever had, and the overall breakfast can compete with the best I've had too. The service was fast and we never felt rushed, even with the place being busy. I recommend arriving before 11 am as it gets busy later on. Their Chipotle Red Velvet Chicken and Waffles, as well as their hashes, are a must-try. The location is great for outdoor dining too. My mom couldn't get enough of the sausage and shrimp grits, I’ve not seen her enjoy a meal this much for quite some time. I had the red velvet waffle with fried chicken which turned out to be a surprisingly delicious combination. So, despite the ambiance not being super welcoming, the food surely makes up for it. We visited on a Saturday around 11:30 am and had a very short wait. The staff was friendly and our coffee and Mimosa were served quickly. The servers are super friendly and very attentive. The coconut banana pancakes I ordered were hot and flavorful, albeit a bit too sweet for my preference. My wife loved the egg Benedict with a generous portion of salmon and potatoes. Make sure you come here hungry as the portions are generous! It's a great place for a casual brunch and catching up with friends. They also offer outdoor seating which looks fun. All in all, we can't wait to be back. It's a fantastic breakfast/lunch spot, serving hot food in generous portions. Definitely recommended!


401 Columbus Ave, San Francisco

(415) 640-8990

Reviewed by:

Justin Diaz

I recently had the most delightful brunch at Cassava in San Francisco. The ambiance instantly transported me to a charming Parisian café, complete with a beautifully designed space that was truly pleasing to the senses. The food was absolutely incredible, with each dish a perfect blend of French flavors and modern twists. The duck leg was cooked to perfection, and the scallops were simply melt-in-your-mouth! What really made the experience stand out, however, was the staff's attention to detail. When I mentioned my gluten and dairy allergies, they went out of their way to alter the dishes to fit my dietary restrictions, something that is not commonly encountered. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a James Beard Greens event at the restaurant. Here, I could witness firsthand the restaurant's dedication to equality and combating issues prevalent in the industry. My favorite dish of the night? The fried chicken with caviar. I was blown away by the combination of crispiness and juiciness of the chicken with the sophisticated addition of caviar. An unexpected find for an early dinner one day led me to explore their exquisite culinary delights even more. Welcomed by their knowledgeable staff, I received a personalized menu tailored to my taste. This included fresh fish, colorful greens, and exciting renditions of well-known Italian dishes - everything was just perfect! I'm already looking forward to my next brunch date at Cassava. This is an experience I don't want to miss, and if you're in San Francisco, I would highly recommend paying them a visit. It’s not just a meal, it’s a culinary journey of a lifetime!


1299 18th St, San Francisco

(415) 821-7569

Reviewed by:

Drew Hernandez

I had a really enjoyable Friday morning brunch at Plow in San Francisco, even though I had to wait 25 minutes to get seated. The place has a really cool, laid-back vibe and the staff are great. I had the lemon ricotta pancakes which were incredibly fluffy and paired perfectly with their homemade lemonade. The breakfast potatoes are a must - they're incredibly crunchy! An unexpected plus was the super clean toilets with heated seats. Our first meal in San Francisco was at Plow and it left a great impression. We ordered 'The Plow', the 2 egg brekkie and a glass of Orange juice. The ingredients were of excellent quality and the pork sausage patties and Plow potatoes were the highlight. Yeah, they were busy, but the staff were super friendly and still managed to offer good service. I'd definitely recommend this place but advise coming early during the weekdays to dodge the crowd. The food did not disappoint. The breakfast sandwich and Plow special were scrumptious. It was really busy on a Friday morning, and we did experience a slight hiccup with the seating arrangements, but once we were seated, the service was really good and the food arrived quickly from the kitchen. The outdoor seating area was quite charming too. Despite the busy morning, Plow managed to deliver a fantastic brunch experience.

The Grove - Yerba Buena

690 Mission St, San Francisco

(415) 655-9194

Reviewed by:

Nanzenga Simmons

My visit to The Grove - Yerba Buena in San Francisco for brunch was an impressive experience. The staff were friendly and welcoming, making me feel well taken care of. The menu was impressive, with every item from the fresh-squeezed orange juice to the eggs Benny with bacon, and even the avocado toast, boasting incredible flavors. I was particularly taken by their fresh orange juice—definitely worth the cost. I also couldn't resist their biscuits, though I must admit one was more than enough for a single sitting. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to try out their lunch menu. I had high expectations for the eggs benedict, but the dish served wasn't as hot as I would have liked. The flavors were great, but in my opinion, a hot plate would have elevated the entire dish. Regardless, the hash browns were perfect, hot and with an amazing texture. The Grove - Yerba Buena operates with an order-at-the-counter system and I chose to sit upstairs. While I did miss an active wait staff, it wasn't a deal-breaker. The ambiance at the restaurant was lovely and the espresso was good. Overall, this is a beautifully unique restaurant that serves fresh and delicious food. Their busy weekend crowd proves they've won the hearts of many like myself. In a nutshell, I love this place and can't wait for my next visit.

Kitchen Story

3499 16th St, San Francisco

(415) 525-4905

Reviewed by:

Jay Ease

I recently had brunch at Kitchen Story in San Francisco and it was a delightful experience. I started with the chicken mango sausage egg Benedict plate. I must admit, the chicken sausage didn't meet my expectations, it was a bit dry and lacked the mango flavor. On the bright side, the bottomless mimosas were phenomenal, stronger than I expected. I would certainly return, but perhaps try a different dish next time. My advice would be to get there early to avoid waiting, the place gets busy about an hour after opening. The Millionaire Flight, despite the initially shocking price, was a hit—it featured four thick, long pieces of bacon each flavored differently. I also tried the ribeye omurice, the taste was great although the presentation didn't quite match the typical omurice image. The deep fried toast, in contrast to its rave reviews, didn't impress me much, it had too much butter in the center for my liking. The eatery starts to fill up around 9:30 or 9:45 so arriving early is advisable as they don't allow reservations. I also tried the french toast, it was massive and presented beautifully. Its taste was dominated by the mascarpone though, making it a bit overpowering and soggy. The omurice was tasty, I only wished the egg was more toasty. On the parking front, just be prepared to walk or take a bus to the venue. Despite a couple of minor let downs, Kitchen Story is a fantastic brunch spot, with a generous outdoor patio ideal for sunny days. The menu is fantastic and I was left in a truly satisfying food coma. I look forward to visiting again next time I'm in town.


4001 Judah St, San Francisco

Reviewed by:

Carlos Reyes

Outerlands is a gem of a brunch spot located in the quaint Sunset community of San Francisco. Having visited twice, I can confidently say that each experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their grilled cheese sandwich, paired with a serving of the exquisite tomato basil soup that was recommended by the waiter, is an unbeatable combination. The breakfast sandwich is another treat, crafted with the freshest ingredients and a visible amount of care and dedication. The venue is comfortable and welcoming, with an appealing decor and a choice between inside and outside seating. One thing that stands out at Outerlands is the efficiency - your order is taken as soon as you set foot in the place, and the food is served promptly without any compromise on the quality. If you're visiting after a day at Ocean Beach, I high recommend trying the veggie grain bowl with hummus, broccolini, and roasted pork. This place also has a great ambience for a first date or for a group of friends. And in case you're dropping by on a sunny day, the outdoor seating arranged amidst green trees is an added bonus. The Veggie Grain Bowl and Dutch pancakes were my personal favorites, each offering a unique and distinctive flavor. I was also impressed by the crispy chicken sandwich and the vegetarian options. The set-up is customer-friendly - you place and pay for your order upfront and then wait for your food at your assigned table. The staff is warm and friendly. My order of Levain Toast with jam, eggs, and a side of pork was delightful, and the Dutch Pancakes with berries were something special. This place is a must-visit for a Saturday brunch, especially for those who relish outdoor seating. All in all, Outerlands meets all my brunch expectations and then some, successfully serving good, clean food in a calm and serene setting.

Son and Garden

700 Polk St, San Francisco

(415) 913-7404

Reviewed by:

Stephen Ricablanca

I was pleasantly surprised by my brunch visit to Son and Garden in San Francisco. Even though it’s a hotspot for Instagrammable food and drinks, the taste exceeded the aesthetics. The staff was a mixed bag - some were a bit curt while others were exceptionally warm and welcoming. The place fills up, so I recommend a reservation. Son and Garden isn't just a spot for excellent brunch, but also a perfect place for capturing stunning photos, thanks to its pretty decor, although it's a bit on the pricier side and the portions are moderate. I'd suggest their lunch over dinner. The space is quite compact and can feel a bit cramped, and the menu could do with more variety. Both the dessert and drink portions left something to be desired. One downside was the actual location. The surrounding area has a notable homeless population, which might make some visitors feel uncomfortable, especially those considering street parking or walking around at night. This particular neighborhood is decidedly short on street parking, and the safety is questionable. Despite these issues, the staff's friendliness was noteworthy, and their charming flower wall is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Be prepared for a line if you want your photo taken against it. The food was exceptional. The beef stew had a perfect blend of flavors, the rib eye was fantastic and the fried chicken was superb. The dessert was a real treat - the chocolate cake was melt-in-your-mouth good. I was there for a friend's bachelorette party and the service was nothing short of outstanding. From a highly efficient check-in process to the staff going above and beyond to capture our special moments, they made the experience truly memorable. They also impressed with their knowledge of the food and drinks menu. Brunch at Son and Garden was an incredible experience that I’ll certainly repeat. Despite a few drawbacks, it's a place I wholeheartedly recommend. The food, service, and ambiance more than made up for it. I can't wait for my return visit - I'm especially looking forward to trying their breakfast.

Town's End Brunch

2 Townsend St, San Francisco

(415) 875-9984

Reviewed by:

Booky Henry

I had a fantastic brunch experience at Town's End in San Francisco. After taking public transit to get there, I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite its bustling atmosphere, the staff were accommodating enough to find a spot for my party of four, even without a reservation. The breakfast dishes, accompanied by excellent strong dark roasted coffee, were an absolute delight, and they even offered dairy-free options. I particularly enjoyed their fresh smoothies. The food was delicious without a doubt, and the ambience was warm and friendly. One of their standout dishes for me was the cornflake crusted French Toast and Eggs Benedict. The restaurant was packed, but the exemplary service made it all worthwhile. I also enjoyed the inviting interior and the refreshing breeze from the Bay, which was just across the street. The portions were generous, and this didn't seem to affect the price at all – a pleasant surprise in San Francisco. Furthermore, the fresh juices that they offered were refreshing, particularly the orange and carrot juice combo, rightfully named the 'Eye Opener'. Another personal favorite was the garden vegetable burger with chipotle aioli, as well as the fluffy pancakes served with maple syrup and brown butter. The staff were amicable and provided helpful recommendations. My words of advice would be to make a reservation in advance. I can't wait to go back next time I'm in town!

Mama's On Washington Square

1701 Stockton St, San Francisco

(415) 362-6421

Reviewed by:

Grind Camaney

I had a wonderful first-time experience at Mama's on Washington Square. The food was absolutely heavenly, I had the Lox and Bagel with smoked salmon, and it was so refreshing and delicious. My husband had the Norwegian smoked salmon eggs Benedict, and we both couldn't stop raving about it. I would highly recommend this place for breakfast or lunch, just remember to go early to avoid the line. We came in a group of seven for a birthday celebration and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. The pancakes and French toast were standout items - I believe the bread used for the French toast made it a true 11/10. The fresh fruit and coffee drinks were also top-notch. There was a small wait to get in, but the staff were quick to turn tables. The food took a little while to come out, but that's understandable considering the size of the kitchen and the crowd. It's a classic brunch place with an extensive menu. You order at the counter, take a number, and then your food is served to you. We tried a few different things including Dungeness crab Benedict, smoked salmon benedit, French toast, and hot chocolate, all of which were delightful. Although, given the price, we were expecting a bit more in terms of flavor. Still, all things considered, I would call Mama's on Washington Square a must-visit brunch spot in San Francisco.

Home Plate

2150 Lombard St, San Francisco

(415) 922-4663

Reviewed by:

Ronaiy Keller

I recently had brunch at Home Plate, and overall, I think it's a nice spot! The atmosphere was comfortable and cozy, and the food was really good. Although the prices were on the higher side, with a basic egg and bacon plate and coffees coming out to be around $70 for two, I felt the quality of the meals justified the cost. The place was quiet which suited me just fine, though I did wonder why they didn't attract a larger morning crowd. Personally, I think a slight reduction in prices might draw more customers to their doors. Despite the cost, however, the experience was worthwhile. As for the decor, there was a slightly odd mismatch with some torn fabric chairs and Christmas decorations in August. But again, a small irregularity in an otherwise pleasant experience. The breakfast options were particularly delightful. The Croffle Eggs Benedict was a standout dish for me while the chicken waffles and gravy were a hit with my son. The portions were just right for us, not too heavy, but enough to leave us feeling satisfied. One thing that might turn off some patrons is the mandatory 18% service charge but given the excellent service we received, I didn't mind this. In short, despite minor hiccups and higher-than-expected price, I had an enjoyable brunch at Home Plate. I can see myself coming back again and I would recommend it to others looking for a relaxed and tasty breakfast in San Francisco.

Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery

599 Post St, San Francisco

(415) 351-2423

Reviewed by:

Shahab Boudreaux

Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery is an excellent spot for brunch. Despite the long lines, they efficiently make room for waiting customers and provide excellent service. I enjoyed the fresh crab cake sandwich and the scrambled potatoes during my first visit, although the bread was a bit too hard. On my second visit, I tried the smoked salmon sandwich substituted with a croissant at no extra cost - a delicious choice. The staff is very attentive, taking drink orders and arranging seating even while you're in line. The orange juice is particularly delicious. I also appreciate the extensive menu, full of variety to suit different tastes. I was impressed by the "Honey-licious Pancakes" - fluffy and served with honey and fresh berries, they were truly delightful. Worth mentioning are the savory crepe and turkey and apple sandwich, both of which exceeded expectations in terms of taste and price. The place itself has a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for either a relaxed breakfast or a quick bite. I would definitely revisit and recommend this place to anyone in search of quality breakfast with friendly service.

Farm : Table

754 Post St, San Francisco

(415) 300-5652

Reviewed by:

Barrientos Barnwal

I'm in a bit of a quandary over whether to rate Farm : Table with a 4 or 5. The granola was absolutely delicious, and the toast was tasty, albeit a bit too sweet for my liking. As for the coffee, it was decent, but lacked in intensity. I ended up giving a full 5-star rating, primarily for the top-notch service. The staff, though few, were incredibly friendly and even accommodated my dog with some fresh meat treats. This place is a proper restaurant, not just a cafe. You can either order takeaway or sit down to dine - there's no grey area here. I tried the tuna salad on toast, and it was delightful, although the portion was slightly smaller than expected. The side salad won me over with its quality. The vegetables were fresh and the dressing was on point. The seating here is primarily outdoor, so it's perfect for a light meal outdoors before the afternoon winds start up. I'll definitely return to try their egg and cheese croissant with fresh greens and avocado. Their drip coffee was also a hit! The place has a friendly ambiance and the staff are very attentive. I remember visiting Farm:Table about 5 years back and this time around, I went out of my way to return. Sarah, who works there, is incredibly efficient, taking orders, cooking, and clearing tables all by herself. Unfortunately, a dish my wife was eager to have again was no longer on the menu. Sarah went the extra mile by not only offering to email me the recipe but also serving us a mini-version of it. I highly recommend visiting on a relaxed morning. True, the service may be a bit slow considering Sarah handles it all, but it's worth the wait. Just go with the right mindset.

Hilda and Jesse

701 Union St, San Francisco

(415) 872-7023

Reviewed by:

Gail Bringhurst

As a big fan of good food, I was delighted by my experience at Hilda and Jesse. This Bib Gourmand establishment, which in my opinion is worthy of a Michelin Star, offers an intimate setting with a retro diner vibe. The staff was exceptionally attentive, friendly, and personable, making my visit memorable. The highlight, of course, was the amazing food. Each bite was a revelation, bursting with flavor and creativity. We opted for the five-course meal and couldn't resist adding on pancakes (which, by the way, are an absolute must). The unique flavor combinations were impressive, and the service was excellent. I must give a special mention to Olivia, who added an extra touch of friendliness to our visit, contrary to some past reviews I had read about the service. We enjoyed all of the five a la carte dishes we ordered, and are keen to return to try the chefs tasting menu or for dinner. The restaurant's interior is bright and cheerful, and the view of Washington Square Park and Coit Tower from the floor to ceiling windows is perfect. During our brunch visit in October 2022, we had the chef’s adventure - a wonderful experience although a bit pricey for a midday meal. However, I feel it is justified given the innovation and quality of the food. Our dinner experience was equally fascinating. Opting for the Chef’s Adventure tasting menu, we were introduced to intriguing ingredients and delightful flavors. Each course was thoughtfully tied together by elements of pork. To accompany our meal, we chose carrot juice & sake cocktails and finished with red wine. The overall service was remarkable, striking the right balance between engaging conversation and impeccable fine dining service. I am already planning my next visit to Hilda and Jesse for brunch and another dinner.

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