November 3, 2023

San Fran's Top Breakfast Spots to start your Golden Gate Day!

Get a jump-start on your day in San Francisco! Discover the city's top breakfast spots, serving everything from quick, savory bites to indulgent brunch dishes. No fluff, just scrumptious morning meals.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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San Fran's Top Breakfast Spots to start your Golden Gate Day!
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From sun-kissed waterfront brunch to the downtown donut shops, every corner of San Fransisco offers a mouthwatering itinerary. Buckle up, stretch your taste buds, and get ready for some delicious breakfast spots.

Lapisara Eatery

698 Post St, San Francisco

(415) 655-3556

Reviewed by:

Judy Mcleod

I stumbled upon Lapisara Eatery near my hotel in San Francisco and decided to give it a try due to its many positive reviews. True to the reviews, my breakfast here was a delight! All the dishes I tried were delicious and beautifully served. I opted for the sample platter and the chicken and waffle special, and both were scrumptious to the point of leaving me incredibly full. The service was also very commendable with both the hostess and the server being particularly friendly and helpful. I also enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant, except for the noise level due to one loud table and the room's acoustics. I was also impressed with their selection of dishes. My friends and I were able to try a variety of dishes - French toast with eggs, tong yum burrito, Thai Panang Omelet, and the Holy chili bomb basil omelet. Each dish was outstanding, leaving us hankering for more. Conveniently located near Union Square, this local neighborhood diner served as the perfect spot for breakfast. I would definitely pay more visits to this eatery in the future and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone traveling to San Francisco. The only minor issue was the noise level, but the delicious food and excellent service more than make up for it!

Chloe's Cafe

1399 Church St, San Francisco

(415) 648-4116

Reviewed by:

Dionne Cahners

I was visiting the area and found Chloe's Cafe, just around the corner from where I was staying. What a convenient find! What struck me most was that despite it being close, it was also a wonderful dining experience. We had to put our names on a list to be seated, but we found a table in no time. It was an awkward, outward-facing spot, but the coffee was served quickly which was appreciated. The portion sizes were surprisingly large - a good thing because we were really hungry. I'm from Houston, so I know a thing or two about burritos, and their breakfast burrito was excellent. The side of potatoes were well-prepared and appetizing with a dash of salt. My wife chose the salmon scramble, teeming with salmon and capers. She thought it was a bit salty, but I found it delicious as I do enjoy a hint of brine from capers. The service was commendable, and the coffee was pleasing to the palate. No doubt, we'll be returning. For anyone looking for a great brunch spot in San Francisco, I recommend Chloe's Cafe. It does have limited indoor seating but compensates with an outdoor area. Dress in layers though! As for the food, we enjoyed the pecan buttermilk pancakes, Florentine scrambled eggs with mixed greens and fried potatoes, and a matcha latte. Every dish was fresh, delectable, and portion sizes were generous for the price. The service was quick and the servers, kind. The ambiance of Chloe's Cafe is truly welcoming - it feels just like home. Plus, they offer vegan options, stunning bread, and a delicious chai latte. The staff is friendly and always ready with a warm smile. Located on a tranquil road, Chloe's Cafe offers outdoor dining where you can savor your food while basking in the warm sunshine and gentle breeze. If you're unsure of what to order, take a cue from the other diners. We did and were not disappointed! Their avocado Jarlsberg sandwich was laden with flavors and quite substantial in size. The cappuccino was perfect - smooth, aromatic, and at the right temperature to sip right away. The frothy milk offset the bitterness beautifully. The house potatoes were a treat - crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and seasoned perfectly. The caramelized onions were a great addition. We had to order a second portion! This place ticked all the boxes when it comes to brunch in San Francisco. Finally, don't forget to try their seasonal baked goods. We had a treat akin to a scone with a delicious, sweet guava jam center and it was delightful. Overall, Chloe's Cafe has definitely won a special spot in my heart. Highly recommended!

Eight AM Brunch

1323 Columbus Ave, San Francisco

(415) 292-4888

Reviewed by:

Julie Johnson

I first discovered Eight AM Brunch during a trip to San Francisco last winter and fell in love with the place. The food is fresh and delicious, especially the prosciutto and Brie cheese bagel. The staff is friendly and welcoming, contributing to a cozy and inviting atmosphere. I particularly enjoy the "KISS THE COOK" sign outside their window, adding to the family-run feel of the place. On a recent visit, I enjoyed a delicious chia seed strawberry pudding, a peanut butter bacon bagel and perfectly cooked eggs. The service was attentive, and the experience overall enjoyable. The avocado toast three ways is a must-try! During a morning stop at this popular spot, I observed the hard-working staff and was impressed by their great teamwork. The food was perfect and the fruit incredibly fresh. This place is a must-visit if you're in San Francisco for its excellent food, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere. Can't wait for my next visit!

Sweet Maple

2101 Sutter St, San Francisco

(415) 655-9169

Reviewed by:

Alexa Sufrin Whitt

My morning began in search of a good breakfast spot and my adventure led me to Sweet Maple. I was instantly pleased with the attentive service. Whether it was refilling water or coffee, the staff was on top of it. And to mention, the millionaires bacon is definitely worth every cent. My dish of choice was the south of the border scramble, where the best chorizo I've ever tasted was nestled, not at all oily. I must also praise the potatoes that accompanied the breakfast dishes. They were like perfectly crispy seasoned fries, but in breakfast potato form. However, there were a few minor letdowns in the kitchen preparation. I ordered a savory soufflé with a pancake on the side. Unfortunately, the pancake was slightly dense due to over-whipping the batter. Despite this, the soufflé was delectable, arriving piping hot but be wary of the edges as they can be slightly burnt. Now, if you're not too concerned about minor technical kitchen details, I'd definitely recommend this place for its nice ambiance. The food is consistently delicious, especially the bacon. This place certainly lives up to its high rating. The perfect mix of sweet, savory, and salty offers a delightful taste experience. This is a great place for family gatherings, brunch dates, or even just nursing a hangover. I've visited a couple of times recently and enjoyed dining outside under their heaters. But keep in mind, the food is on the pricey side. My recent meal for three of us came to $120. That being said, their pancakes and Benedict are truly worth trying. All in all, Sweet Maple proved to be a worthy choice for a breakfast outing.

Taylor Street Coffee Shop

375 Taylor St, San Francisco

(415) 567-4031

Reviewed by:

Sergio Orisha

I was in San Francisco for a week and made it a point to visit Taylor Street Coffee Shop not once, but twice. I can confidently say it was the best breakfast I had throughout my trip. Even though the place is quite small and operated by a few people, they managed to provide prompt service and exceptional food. The French toast, especially topped with fresh berries, was absolutely delightful. I found the place to be quite busy, so I would suggest getting there early if you want to avoid the rush. Despite the crowd, the service was quick and the staff was very attentive. However, the surrounding area felt a bit unsafe due to the presence of homeless individuals on the block, so I would recommend approaching the shop from a less crowded road. The food at Taylor Street Coffee Shop was exceptionally good. The awesome bacon, the out-of-this-world sailor hash brown meal, and the heavenly pancakes are all worth mentioning. In short, the food left such a lasting impression that I would happily return to this place again and again. Overall, this place offers a delicious, satisfying breakfast that you won't quickly forget.


1500 California St, San Francisco

(415) 800-7466

Reviewed by:

Jeff Vences

Brunch at Mymy is simply fantastic, worth every minute of the wait in line. They’re efficient with their service and my food arrived impressively quickly. I opted for the crab cake benny, a delightfully flavored dish, though slightly lacking in textural diversity. An interesting twist was that it was served on toast instead of an English muffin, which kept it feeling light. Paired with a well-dressed, tasty salad, it was a satisfying meal. Having lived in SF back in 2014, Mymy was a staple brunch spot for me. Returning after 9 years, it's heartwarming to see it not just surviving, but thriving after the pandemic. The food remains just as incredible. I also tried the corned beef hash, with the generous portions being a welcome sight. The Mymy burger was also spot-on, packed with flavor and served with perfectly seasoned fries. The coffee, priced at a reasonable $3 with limitless refills, was the perfect beverage to accompany my meal. The service was speedy and the option of indoor and outdoor seating is a bonus. I couldn’t resist ordering additional items from their enticing menu. The Monte Cristo was delicious and properly fried, and the zucchini Parmesan pancake was a revelation. Overall, Mymy offers a solid brunch experience that is definitely worth revisiting the next time I'm in SF.

Morning Due Cafe

3698 17th St, San Francisco

(415) 621-7156

Reviewed by:

Juan Carlos Patel

Morning Due Cafe in San Francisco is one of my favorite spots. Conveniently located across my workplace, the food served here is outstanding. The owners, an amazing couple, go the extra mile to ensure their customers are well-served. It's wonderful to enjoy their coffee or to stop by for lunch. The service quality is top-notch and there's a great variety of food options. I absolutely recommend their garlic fries! The location of the cafe is fantastic, just at the junction of 17th St and Church St, and is within walking distance of Mission Dolores ( St. Francis of Assisi) and Dolores Park. The food quality is impeccable, I particularly enjoy their fries and fried chicken. I had the Fried Chicken sandwich with fries and California avocado Eggs Benedict with potatoes, both of which were delicious. The cafe maintains high standard of cleanliness, both in the dining area and restroom. It offers a comfortable ambiance for both indoor and outdoor dining. During my first visit, I tried the Chicken Melt with French Fries and an Americano with Almond Milk. Although the Chicken Melt was bit messy, the taste was outstanding, especially with the perfect touch of lime in the avocado. The fries were slightly salty but still good. The Americano was a bit weak for my taste, but the generous serving size compensated for it. The friendly and welcoming attitude of the owners made me feel at home. I'm thoroughly pleased to have found this gem and I will definitely keep coming back.

Hollywood Cafe

530 North Point St, San Francisco

(415) 563-3779

Reviewed by:

Chandreka Motorized-Solutions

I had a delightful breakfast at Hollywood Cafe during my first morning in SF. The BNN choc was good, the fruits crisp and fresh, and the lemonade sweet. I enjoyed the fresh avocado toast and was impressed with the well-balanced healthy plate. There was some noise from construction next to the cafe, but it didn't dampen the overall positive experience. The service was friendly and efficient, maintaining the charm of the slightly old-looking place with their tasty food. I had the Vivian Leigh - scrambled eggs with bacon and a fruit bowl, sans the croissant. My husband opted for breakfast nachos. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I was particularly pleased with the diverse and fresh fruit and the perfectly crispy bacon in my scrambled eggs. We arrived at around 8:00 a.m. when it wasn't too full, but it quickly filled up afterward, showing how popular this place is! Despite being busy, we only had to wait for about 10 minutes. The staff were attentive, making the bustling environment fun. Boasting some of the best food in the area, Hollywood Cafe wows with its quick service despite always being packed. It's a wonderful venue for brunch and breakfast. You can’t go wrong with their pancakes and French toast! I definitely recommend it, and plan to make a return visit before leaving the city.

Red Cafe

2894 Mission St, San Francisco

(415) 282-1515

Reviewed by:

Cassidy Garcia

I have to say, the food at Red Cafe is simply delicious! I've had the pleasure of tasting most of the savory items on their menu and each one has been a hit. The Chilaquiles in particular are a standout - crispy, served with salsa and beans on the side. The staff at Red Cafe are always friendly and hospitable, quick to refill your coffee and always greeting customers with a smile. They also deliver quick service, making it a convenient spot even for to-go orders. One of my favorite aspects of this place is the freshness of their ingredients. The hash browns are some of the best I've ever had, and all the fruits and vegetables used taste incredibly fresh. I also quite enjoy their salads during lunch. Overall, the excellent food and service at Red Cafe has left me with nothing but pleasant dining experiences. I'm definitely coming back and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great breakfast spot in San Fransisco.


1299 18th St, San Francisco

(415) 821-7569

Reviewed by:

Sunghoon Ramirez

I had a great time at Plow this past Friday morning. The vibe was cool and laid-back and the staff was excellent. My breakfast of lemon ricotta pancakes was light and fluffy, perfectly accompanied by their homemade lemonade. Definitely get the breakfast potatoes, they are so crunchy! I was pleasantly surprised to find extremely clean toilets with heated seats. On my first visit to San Francisco, I had my first meal at Plow. The star of my order was the Plow, a scrumptious dish of pork sausage patties and potatoes. It was clear that the ingredients used were of the highest quality. The service was top-notch and I can't recommend this place enough. However, bear in mind that it can get pretty crowded so come early during the weekdays. The ricotta pancake was good but slightly dry and the staff, although friendly, wasn't very attentive due to them being busy. Plow is hands down, the best place for brunch in all of SF! I've been visiting for years and the menu has remained consistently good. The Plow entree is a must-try for first timers. It comes with eggs, protein, amazing plow potatoes, and delectable lemon ricotta pancakes. The outdoor seating area can get chilly so bring a jacket!

Pat's Cafe

2330 Taylor St, San Francisco

(415) 776-8735

Reviewed by:

Sol Marín

If you're in the mood for a hearty breakfast at a fair price in San Francisco, head straight to Pat's Cafe. Conveniently located just a few streets away from Fisherman’s Wharf, its vibrant yellow facade is hard to miss. Although a small place, it’s clean and comfy and has an undeniable charm. The coffee here is beyond amazing - I'm still curious about why it tasted so good! I ordered the Belgian Waffle loaded with fruit, just like I'd seen in review photos, and it did not disappoint! The staff, despite seeming a bit overwhelmed like in most places these days, were warm, friendly and efficient. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to this gem. The environment is lively and friendly, which fits right in with the delicious food and excellent service. Those pancakes with extra fruits were a perfect blend of sweetness and freshness and totally worth ordering. Another cool thing about Pat's Cafe is its location, perfect for a breakfast pause while wandering around the Piers. I happened to stumble upon this place during a morning walk and decided to try it out. The 'French Toast Special' I ended up ordering was delightful, with the taste of cinnamon and syrup making it simply unforgettable. The sides of scrambled eggs and sausage were decent, although the sausage could use a little extra something. But the icing on the cake was the service. The staff were friendly, helpful and truly added to the overall dining experience. As for the ambiance, it's cozy and inviting, with plenty of indoor seating. All in all, I'd rate my experience at Pat's Cafe a solid 4/5. The food and the staff were fantastic, and I couldn't recommend it more. I appreciate their efforts to provide such a wonderful dining experience. I must say, the pancakes are a must-try, and the beverages are equally satisfying. Need a great breakfast spot in San Francisco? Give Pat's Cafe a try.

The Village

1550 California St, San Francisco

(415) 771-9598

Reviewed by:

Vajai Perez

I absolutely loved my breakfast at The Village in San Francisco. The restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere and a truly unique vibe, and the owners go above and beyond to make every customer feel welcome. But the highlight of the menu has to be the pancake tacos. Honestly, these are the best pancakes I've ever eaten! They're perfectly chewy, packed with flavor, and filled with just the right amount of ingredients to complement but not overpower the pancakes. The prices, in my opinion, could be a little lower but the quality of the food definitely makes up for it. This is a go-to spot even on a Sunday, just after the brunch rush, you can enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxing environment. The Village offers such a refreshing change from the usual city life. I also had the chance to try some East African food from Karibu East Africa, which was a delightful and adventurous experience. The Mishkakis and Samosas were my favorites, cooked to perfection and full of flavor. The integration of African and Indian cuisine was a beautiful surprise, and the chef was kind enough to share a bit of its history. The Village offers a mix of American-Mexican and East African dishes, serving breakfast and dinner. Yes, the food could use some more seasoning, but overall, it's a great place to check out for a simple, classic, and enjoyable meal. Above all, the friendly owners and the unique ambiance make this place really stand out.

Eddie's Cafe

800 Divisadero St, San Francisco

(415) 563-9780

Reviewed by:

Kenny Esteva

I stumbled upon Eddie's Cafe for the first time and found it to be a charming, cozy spot. The food was mouthwatering and the service was friendly and attentive, giving me absolutely no reason to complain. Despite its compact size and the wait involved, I can't help but recommend this diner. You can expect a classic breakfast with fluffy pancakes, tasty sausage, and just-right eggs, all served with a unique mug of coffee from their eclectic collection. Tucked away on Divisadero Street in SF, Eddie's Cafe is an old-school eatery specializing in all things breakfast. With a classic counter decorated with padded stools and a handful of tables, the cafe often sees locals, with a few outliers stumbling in for the delicious pancakes topped with strawberries. The menu prices are easy on the pocket, making this diner a sweet spot for a breakfast bite. A little heads up though, the bacon is a little too thin and crunchy for my taste, and the chocolate shake tasted more like melted ice cream than a shake. That being said, the waffles and eggs were a hit. I'll definitely be back again soon to this charming little cafe.

Mama's On Washington Square

1701 Stockton St, San Francisco

(415) 362-6421

Reviewed by:

Mark Swearingen

I had a fantastic first time eating at Mama's On Washington Square, and I was completely blown away by the quality of the food. I ordered the Lox and Bagel with smoked salmon and my husband had the Norwegian smoked salmon eggs Benedict; both dishes were incredible. I highly recommend this place for breakfast or lunch, but get there early to beat the crowds. Despite the busy atmosphere, the staff are quick and efficient and the menu extends into lunch time. Their French toast really stood out to me as it was absolutely delicious, and paired perfectly with their coffee. Even though we had to wait a while for our food and to get a table, considering how busy it was and the size of the kitchen, it was definitely understandable. There was quite a large group of us celebrating a couple of birthdays and everyone enjoyed their meals, especially the pancakes and French toast combo. Overall, it has the charm of an old school brunch place with a pretty extensive menu. We tried the Dungeness crab Benedict, smoked salmon benedit, French toast, and hot chocolate and all were delightful. I believe it certainly deserves its award for best breakfast. Granted, the prices are a bit steep and we were expecting a bit more flavor for that cost, but in comparison to several well-known breakfast joints in Montreal, Mama's On Washington Square definitely holds its own.

Home Plate

2150 Lombard St, San Francisco

(415) 922-4663

Reviewed by:

Logan Carter

I visited Home Plate for breakfast recently and I must say, the atmosphere was pleasant and the food was tasty. My husband and I had basic egg and bacon plates with coffee, which was satisfactory. The place wasn't crowded, and we enjoyed a quiet meal. The breakfast performance at Home Plate is an exceptional one. Despite the high prices, the quality of breakfast delivered was remarkable. The interior design might strike some as odd - Christmas decorations in August - but it adds a certain charm to the place. However, they could do with a bit of a spruce-up on the cleanliness front. In terms of service, an automatic 18% service charge is added, which might be a bit much for some. A highlight of the meal was the Croffle Eggs Benedict, a culinary delight that I would highly recommend. My son enjoyed the chicken waffles and gravy while we also tried an omelette. The portion sizes could be bigger for the price, but the overall taste and presentation were on point. In conclusion, while the prices at Home Plate might be a bit steep for breakfast, the quality and the interesting dishes make it worth a visit. I hope in the future they consider lowering their prices to attract more patrons. Despite this, I will definitely be back. I do believe that the charm and the great food at Home Plate would be enough to lure anyone in. Don't miss out!

Kate's Kitchen

471 Haight St, San Francisco

(415) 626-3984

Reviewed by:

Haydee Lors

During my stay in San Francisco, I had the pleasure to have breakfast at Kate's Kitchen twice. The food and coffee were amazing! They even gave us blueberry pancakes and Hush puppies to sample, making our experience even more delightful. This clean and friendly establishment not only offers traditional breakfast options but also caters to dietary needs with gluten-free bread and vegan options. I particularly enjoyed the tofu scramble with a side of chicken apple sausage. Although a bit on the pricey end, the quality and flavor make it worth every penny. I was also impressed by the outdoor patio area - a perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing brunch, and I love that they serve breakfast all day! The service we received was absolutely top-notch, with a waitress named Melody providing an unforgettable dining experience. I was tempted to try the cornmeal pancakes but was already full from the veggie scramble. But I'm already planning to order them during my next visit. It's shocking to me that the ratings for Kate's Kitchen aren't even higher. The food was nothing short of perfect, and it was the best meal I enjoyed during my visit to San Francisco. The hush puppies we ordered to share were just divine with a thick, delicious breading. And I must mention the latte with oat milk - hands down the best latte I had during my entire trip. From the Netherlands, I must say, Kate's Kitchen added a tasty and unique touch to our San Francisco adventure. I highly recommend it for anyone visiting or living in the area.

Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery

599 Post St, San Francisco

(415) 351-2423

Reviewed by:

Jennifer Leem

My breakfast experience at Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery in San Francisco was truly delightful. This eatery has the charms of a simple diner with the added benefit of great music. The service is efficient and they serve the cappuccino hot, exactly the way it should be. I enjoyed the lox bagel, while my husband relished the eggs Benedict. One of the highlights was a machine serving fresh squeeze orange juice, a lovely touch! The place can get busy with lines outside the store, but the staff adeptly manages the crowd. The menu, with its vast options, leaves one spoilt for choice. I tried the fresh crab cake sandwich the first time and found it quite good, except for the hard toasted bread. On my second visit, I opted for a smoked salmon sandwich which came with a free substitution of a croissant. The scrambled potatoes are seasoned to perfection. On another occasion, I was delighted by their signature "Honey-licious Pancakes"—fluffy, golden, drizzled with honey, and topped with fresh berries. The food presentation was impressive and the portions more than satisfying. The diner's cozy atmosphere makes for an enjoyable dining experience, whether you're looking for a relaxed brunch or a quick bite. I look forward to trying more of their menu items. Anyone looking for a top-notch breakfast spot with friendly staff and mouthwatering dishes should not miss Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery. It's highly recommended!

Roxanne Cafe

570 Powell St, San Francisco

(415) 989-5555

Reviewed by:

Marcella Alemayehu

I had an amazing experience at Roxanne Cafe in San Francisco. The food was exquisite and the attention given by the staff was noteworthy. Its location is prime, situated on a corner where you can enjoy the view of the iconic SF trolleys. The atmosphere was warm and romantic, making it an ideal spot for breakfast dates. I highly recommend their stuffed French toast, which was not overly sweet and perfectly portioned. My husband greatly enjoyed his eggs Benny, commenting on the delicious taste. The coffee was exceptional too. The major downside was the service. There seemed to be an acute disorganization, with delays in seating, taking our order, and serving our food. Our drinks were forgetten and served almost at the end of our meal. This was a bit frustrating. But aside from that hiccup, Roxanne Cafe provides a lovely ambiance. With a window seat, you get to enjoy the bustling city view. Their decor was also intriguing and a feast for the eyes. Despite the service setbacks, the food was well-prepared and delectable. During our visit for Sunday brunch, we had to wait about twenty minutes due to the crowd, but it was worth it. The scramble sandwich was a bit plain for my taste, but the blueberry and standard French toast were spot on. Despite the slow service due to the rush, the staff were nice. Roxanne Cafe is surely worth a visit when you're in San Francisco. Just remember to arm yourself with a bit of patience during rush hours.

Mo'z Cafe

36 5th St, San Francisco

(415) 777-1080

Reviewed by:

Mickerlange Hurtado

I recently had a fantastic experience at Mo'z Cafe in San Francisco. The service, food, and atmosphere were all top-notch, making it one of the best meals I've had in a while. The sandwiches, particularly the Tuna melt and the Chicken parm, were delightful. The portion sizes are quite generous, which might be overwhelming for someone just visiting the US, but otherwise, it's a great value for money. The level of customer service is one of the best I've experienced in a cafe in the US. While I'm not usually a fan of burgers and sandwiches, I decided to try the salmon scramble and fruit, which were both terrific. The relaxed and cozy environment only enhanced the whole dining experience. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to this cafe when I'm back in SF. As a bonus, Mo'z Cafe is one of the few places in SF that opens before 8, providing a much-needed breakfast option for early risers. While their menu holds a myriad of choices, I decided to go with something familiar and was not disappointed at all. Despite being a bit costly, the quality of the food and service makes every penny worthwhile!

Farm : Table

754 Post St, San Francisco

(415) 300-5652

Reviewed by:

Debbe Serbellon

I was torn between giving Farm:Table four or five stars. Their granola was truly exceptional, and while the toast was tasty, it was a bit too sweet for my liking. The espresso didn't blow me away - it was a touch weak in my opinion. But what tipped the scales towards five stars was their outstanding service. Although they had a small staff, each of them was incredibly friendly and even catered to my furry companion by providing some fresh meat treats. I must mention their tuna salad on toast which was simply wonderful, albeit a tad small in portion size. The accompanying side salad, however, stole the show with their delicious dressing and undeniably fresh vegetables, a rarity in this area! The venue is more suited to outdoor dining with limited indoor seating. It's the perfect spot for a sidewalk brunch before the afternoon gusts kicked in. Despite the changes in menu, the egg and cheese on croissant layered with fresh greens and avocado remained just as memorable. I also loved the warm, friendly atmosphere here coupled with attentive, dedicated staff that went above and beyond my expectations. Visiting Farm:Table was like a trip down memory lane and despite the changes over the years, it did not disappoint. The service could be a little slow, given the multitasking of the staff, but don't let that deter you. It's all worth it in the end. Just come in with the right mindset and enjoy the experience. Trust me, it's worth it!

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