September 13, 2023

Silicon Valley's Morning Delights: San Jose's Best Brunch Spots

Discover the best brunch spots in San Jose with our ultimate guide. Savor mouthwatering dishes and experience unique atmospheres in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Silicon Valley's Morning Delights: San Jose's Best Brunch Spots
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In the heart of Silicon Valley, this bustling city is not just a hub for tech enthusiasts, but also a paradise for food lovers. With a diverse culinary scene that blends different cultures and flavors, San Jose has an array of brunch spots that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. From cozy cafes to stylish bistros, we've handpicked the top brunch destinations that offer mouthwatering dishes, warm ambiance, and unforgettable experiences. So, whether you're a local or just visiting, get ready to indulge in a mid-morning feast like never before.

Uncle John's Pancake House

1205 The Alameda, San Jose

(408) 899-4071

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Uncle John's Pancake House in San Jose is a must-visit for brunch lovers. The service is excellent, even during busy times, and the outdoor seating is perfect. The food is filling and delicious, with standout dishes like the chicken fried steak and blueberry batter pancakes. The cleanliness of the restaurant is also commendable. While there may be a wait, it's worth it to experience the classic diner atmosphere and incredible food.

Bill's Café - Willow

1115 Willow St, San Jose

(408) 294-1125

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Bill's Café - Willow is a popular breakfast spot that offers delicious food and has a bustling atmosphere. While the food is not described as "delicious", it is still rated well with a 4-star review. The staff is friendly, but there were some concerns about one staff member drinking on the job. The chicken fried steak and eggs were not perfect, but the potatoes and eggs were good. The old diner feel adds character to the place, but the service can be slow at times. The Belgian waffle, cookie pancake, and make your own omelette were all great options to try. The Hawaiian style pancakes were particularly outstanding with a perfect blend of flavors. Despite some minor issues, Bill's Café - Willow is a great brunch spot that is worth visiting again.

Benedict’s Cafe & Bar

5365 Camden Ave, San Jose

(408) 269-1005

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Benedict's Cafe & Bar in San Jose serves delicious and generous portions of breakfast food, with standouts like Chunky Monkey Pancakes and crispy hash browns. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is welcoming. Customers appreciate the quality of the food and the quantity, with items like chilaquiles and the Paradise Mimosa standing out. While not the best Benedict, overall the food is good and the restaurant is a great addition to any brunch rotation.

Mimosas Cafe

975 The Alameda #80, San Jose

(408) 606-8963

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Mimosas Cafe, now known as Cheff Cafe, in San Jose is a must-visit brunch spot. The food is filling and delicious, with incredible sauces that are drinkable. The staff is friendly and makes great recommendations. The Giant Mimosa is a must-try, although the glass is too long. The portion sizes are generous and the atmosphere is cozy. The pork verde and sweet pancake options are both excellent choices. It's a cool brunch spot in a nice part of town with plenty of parking nearby. Highly recommended for a social brunch experience.

Bill's Cafe - Alameda

2089 The Alameda, San Jose

(408) 244-9085

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Bill's Cafe in Alameda is a great place for brunch in San Jose. The food is delicious with no disappointments, including vegetarian omelettes with smoke salmon and banana French toast. The fusion of Mexican and American breakfast menus is a unique concept that works well. The service can be a bit slow, but the atmosphere is relaxing and smooth. The highlight is the French toast, made with banana nut bread and fried bananas. Overall, it's a solid four-star restaurant that is definitely worth another visit.

Café San José

1583A Meridian Ave, San Jose

(408) 265-3020

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Café San José in San Jose is a homey, friendly diner with excellent food and service. The staff make you feel like you're in grandma's kitchen, and the bacon, eggs, and French toast are all fantastic. The portions are huge, but the prices are reasonable, and the staff are efficient and attractive. The café is pet-friendly, and there is plenty of space inside and outside. It's the perfect place for brunch or breakfast, and a must-visit in San Jose.

The Breakfast Club at Midtown

1432 W San Carlos St #80, San Jose

(408) 564-7150

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The Breakfast Club at Midtown in San Jose is a great spot for brunch with a vast selection of food and large portions. The service is excellent with attentive waiters and short wait times for food. The atmosphere is nice, although the music can be a bit loud. The only downsides were the lack of milkshake options and some slight issues with the amount and inclusion of meat in certain dishes. Overall, this is one of the best breakfast spots in California and definitely worth the wait time. The staff is friendly, and the mimosas are delicious. It's a great place for brunch, although it does get very busy, so be prepared to wait.

Peanuts Deluxe Cafe

275 E San Fernando St, San Jose

(408) 998-9778

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Peanuts Deluxe Cafe in San Jose is a local hangout that offers current and delicious menu offerings. The service is excellent and reminiscent of a college hangout. The breakfast plates are made with fresh ingredients, including real eggs, meats, and potatoes. The owner, Joseph, is super nice, and the cozy atmosphere makes it a great spot for brunch. Customers highly recommend this local gem and encourage others to support this business.

Jack Holders Restaurant & Bar

3153 Meridian Ave #20, San Jose

(408) 613-2365

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Jack Holders Restaurant & Bar is a great spot for brunch with friends or family. The portions are large and reasonably priced, and the food is fantastic. The customer service is great and fast, and the staff is wonderful. The chopped Cobb salad was amazing, and the Nutella pancakes were the perfect dessert. The crab omelette was delicious, but had a slight smell to it. Overall, the restaurant had great vibes and a fantastic server, making it the perfect brunch spot.

Mimosas Cafe Willow Glen

860 Willow St #100, San Jose

(408) 352-5015

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Mimosas Cafe Willow Glen is a fantastic brunch spot in San Jose. The service is friendly and accommodating, with thoughtful consideration given to gluten-free and low-carb dietary needs. The food is well-prepared and generous in portion size, and the mimosa options are fantastic. The atmosphere is relaxed and perfect for a straightforward dinner or a Sunday football brunch. The staff is attentive and accommodating, making it a great spot for families with high chairs and kids' meals available. Overall, Mimosas Cafe Willow Glen is a must-visit spot for brunch in San Jose.

Bill's Cafe

1700 Newbury Park Dr #10, San Jose

(669) 284-9496

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Bill's Cafe in San Jose is a great place to go for brunch. The food is delicious and served in large portions, making it worth the price. The bills original skillet is savory with good flavor and the Hawaiian pancake pairs perfectly with it. The cinnamon roll french toast was dry, but everything else was great. The atmosphere is lively and the service is friendly. It can get busy, so it's best to reserve ahead of time. The hygiene is good and they keep sanitizers on each table. The veggie omelette is the best the reviewer ever had and the waiter, Jacob, was awesome. Overall, Bill's Cafe is a great place for a continental breakfast.

The Table

1110 Willow St, San Jose

(408) 638-7911

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The Table for brunch in San Jose is a highly recommended spot for breakfast. The food, coffee, and drinks are all great, and the service is outstanding. Although the venue can get busy and the music can be loud, it is still a great place to try. They offer a few gluten-free options as well. The bone marrow and octopus dishes are highly recommended. They also offer a complimentary dessert for birthday occasions. The service is friendly and attentive. Overall, it is a great experience and worth visiting again.

Southern Kitchen

3378 Monterey Hwy, San Jose

(408) 225-4381

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Southern Kitchen in San Jose offers huge portions for reasonable prices that are worth the drive. The hash browns and chicken fried steak were excellent, and the service was great with frequent coffee refills. The cozy atmosphere and comfort food vibe make it a great place to enjoy a meal, especially during weekday specials. However, some reviewers had issues with slow service and dry biscuits. Overall, Southern Kitchen offers a great breakfast experience worth returning for.

Park Station Hashery

1701 Park Ave, San Jose

(408) 320-1711

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Park Station Hashery is a cozy and dog-friendly spot in Santa Clara with high-quality diner food. The Park Station Sandwich is a must-try, with tender corned beef, good quality cheese, and bread. The outdoor dining area is perfect for socializing and they even have a sink outside for finger food. The staff is friendly and efficient, with quick service. They have a good beer selection and delicious sangria, and the Spaghetti & Shrimp with saffron sauce is a delightful dish. Overall, a great neighborhood spot for brunch, happy hour or dinner. Highly recommended!

Toast Cafe & Grill

1411 Bird Ave., San Jose

(408) 320-1575

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Toast Cafe & Grill in San Jose is a must-visit brunch spot, despite the wait time on busy days. The staff is friendly and even gives out candy-filled plastic Easter eggs on special occasions. The Chorizo and Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancake are standouts. The portions are large and the food is great quality. The Nutella French toast and fresh garden skillet are a perfect combination of sweet and savory. The indoor ambience is not commented on, but the outdoor seating is comfortable. The only issue is with the Yelp waitlist system, which needs to be fixed. Overall, Toast Cafe & Grill is a great brunch spot that is definitely worth the visit.


5055 Almaden Expy, San Jose

(408) 269-2900

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Scrambl'z is a great place for brunch with friends and family, with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that is also kid-friendly. The portions are just right, and the scrambled eggs and benedict dishes are delicious, as are the many sides to choose from. The staff are helpful and accommodating, and the ambiance is cheerful and nostalgic. Vegetarian options are also available and tasty. Overall, a highly recommended brunch spot in San Jose.

Whispers Cafe and Creperie

150 S Second St, San Jose

(408) 297-2850

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Whispers Cafe and Creperie in San Jose is a great brunch spot with a variety of delicious options like crepes, benedicts, omelettes, sandwiches, and soups. They also offer adult beverages and have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the food is tasty and fulfilling. The Texas bbq crepe and Whispers crepe with ice cream are highly recommended. Although prices are a bit high, it's a must-try for a special day.

Mimosas Gourmet San José

2270 Monterey Hwy, San Jose

(408) 287-3395

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Mimosas Gourmet San Jose is a must-visit brunch spot in San Jose. The French toast and waffles are a must-try, and their mimosas are delicious, with the mango being a standout flavor. The music sets the perfect vibe and the service is top-notch, especially with Alma as the best server. The Strawberry pancakes and chicken enchilada omelet with house potatoes are also highly recommended. The place is also pet-friendly and offers excellent service for your furry friend, with carrots and water provided. Overall, Mimosas Gourmet San Jose is an excellent spot for brunch, drinks, and good vibes.


4660 Pearl Ave, San Jose

(408) 267-1233

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Mimosas for Brunch in San Jose offers delicious breakfast with super fast and friendly service. Although the waiting list kiosk is not always used, the food and drinks are worth the wait. The Santa Fe Sandwich and Western BBQ Burger were big winners, and the Piña Colada Mimosa was one of the best variations on a mimosa. The passion fruit mimosa was also very good. The French Toast was great and the service was very friendly. Customers appreciated the extra bacon they received when they opted out of eggs. Overall, Mimosas for Brunch in San Jose is a new go-to spot for takeout and brunch.

Egghead Cafe

80 S 1st St, San Jose

(408) 217-9200

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Egghead Cafe in San Jose for brunch is worth the hype with delicious flavors and big portions. The cafe is cozy and welcoming in a historic building. The brioche buns are baked fresh and the service is fast and friendly. The Ultimate Sando and Chic with fried chicken are highly recommended. Although the matcha was a little powdery, the overall experience was great and worth a visit.

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