January 1, 2024

Santa Clarita's Brunch Bliss: Top 20 Brunch Spots

Conquer your brunch cravings in Santa Clarita! Dive into our top picks where eggs meet flair, pancakes get applause, and mimosas are never-ending.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Santa Clarita's Brunch Bliss: Top 20 Brunch Spots
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Santa Clarita's brunch spots serve up more than just irresistible bites; they offer a taste of laid-back vibe and friendly charm:

Waffle Love - Valencia

28255 Newhall Ranch Rd, Santa Clarita

(818) 671-5344

Reviewed by:

Yesenia Ttbo

On a detour from our usual route back from L.A., we decided to try out Waffle Love Valencia for brunch, and what a delightful choice it turned out to be! From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by the aroma of fresh waffles and the warm smiles of the staff, who were incredibly kind and intent on providing perfect service. The menu was packed with tempting options, but The Sunshine caught my eye with its zesty lemon curd, light whipped cream, and fresh raspberries—it was an instant hit with my taste buds. We also dug into The Banana Cream Pie, a chocolate-filled waffle decadence topped with bananas and whipped cream, and The Breakfast Sammy, a unique croissant waffle loaded with egg, sausage, cheese, and a special sauce that brought everything together beautifully. Although there was a minor hiccup with the soft drink machine, it didn't dampen our spirits or our enjoyment of the meal. The quality of food definitely made up for it, with the chicken and waffles being a standout. It was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and accompanied by a delightful sauce that left us wanting more. The restaurant had an inviting atmosphere, and even though we live in OC and were only in Valencia for a short time, Waffle Love has already become a must-visit spot for future trips. The Grilled Cheese and Bisque, Nutella Love, and Chicken & Waffle were all top-notch. The bisque was so good it could only be described as an addiction in a cup, and the waffles struck the perfect balance between fluffy and crispy. Every sip of the complimentary coffee seemed to elevate our morning even further, making our experience at Waffle Love truly special. It's a place I look forward to returning to, with the intent to try every single item on their menu. If it were possible to award more than five stars, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. Despite a minor issue with my Breakfast Sammy waffle being slightly undercooked, it was still thoroughly enjoyable—and I chuckled because, honestly, I ate it all anyway!

Egg Plantation

24415 Walnut St, Santa Clarita

(661) 255-8222

Reviewed by:

Kelly Gil

Loved my experience at Egg Plantation for brunch! With the extensive selection of omelets, each with its own unique name and menu number, the choices seem endless. And if that's not enough, there's even the option to whip up a custom creation. The "Petite" omelet, a slightly smaller three-egg version, is perfect for a lighter appetite, all served alongside a choice of toast and side. Expect to leave with leftovers, as the portions are generous and, frankly, scrumptious. The ambiance here is quaint and inviting, featuring both indoor and outdoor seating, ideal for a cozy brunch. Yes, it's a beloved spot, and you might have to wait, but trust me, it's worth the patience. Every omelet I've tried has been a hit, but the cappuccino is particularly noteworthy. Served with a side of homemade biscotti, it's the perfect brunch beverage. Moreover, the service is remarkably swift and responsive, which always adds to the pleasant experience. On my initial visit, I had the chili relleno omelet which was outstanding, not to mention the Plantation Mary, a solid bloody Mary choice; they have a range of other cocktails too. In fact, during a recent visit to Santa Clarita, I popped in for breakfast and was immediately struck by the inviting atmosphere. Despite the crowd, seating was prompt. The staff radiated warmth and friendliness, and every dish was on point – the Rum Raisin Pancakes and Not Your Mom's French Toast are must-tries, especially the latter. Looking forward to returning, it's clear this spot maintains high standards. The wait times might be slightly long sometimes, but the experience never fails to compensate for it. An accidental dropping of my bread by a staff member turned into a positive experience when my server handled it gracefully, not only replacing the bread but also comping my mocha – talk about service with a smile! Egg Plantation nails the brunch game in Santa Clarita. It's absolutely on my list for future visits, offering a wonderful experience with delectable food and exemplary service.

The Old Town Junction

24275 Main St, Santa Clarita

(661) 702-4888

Reviewed by:

Jake Patel

My recent brunch at The Old Town Junction in Santa Clarita was a delightful surprise. As my friend and I stumbled upon this gem, I couldn't help but wonder why it wasn't buzzing with more people, given its prime location and the laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere that greeted us upon entry. The interior struck a note of sophistication without trying too hard, right down to the stylish bathroom wallpaper. Now, the main event – the food. We opted for the brioche bun burger and the short ribs breakfast burrito, accompanied by some crispy potatoes. The burger was enjoyable, though I felt a toasty bun could have elevated it to perfection, and a different choice of fries might have complemented it better. As for the burrito, it was a hit – flavorful and satisfying. However, I do have to say the condiments were a bit of a letdown. The ketchup seemed more like tomato paste, the ranch lacked that punchy flavor I was craving, and the salsa was somewhat underwhelming in taste. But the great aspects far outweighed those small critiques. Our appetizers, the Kalbi tacos and Flatbread, alongside the stunning Tomahawk Steak we had for dinner, were mouthwatering. Although the tacos were on the sweeter side and the artichoke and certain dishes were saltier than expected, every meal was executed with care. The Prime Rib Frenchie especially stood out; it was magnificent. The staff's welcoming and attentive service rounded out the experience beautifully. Despite the bustling environment, we were seated promptly and engaged with recommendations that mostly hit the mark. It's worth noting that the menu goes through changes periodically, which means there's always something new to try – a refreshing approach that keeps the dining experience dynamic. All things considered, The Old Town Junction delivered a memorable brunch, with standout dishes and service that made us feel right at home. It's a place I'll be sure to revisit the next time I'm in town, especially to see what new flavors they'll feature with their menu refresh.

Crazy Otto's Diner

19132 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita

(661) 299-6886

Reviewed by:

Lynn Hasan

I stumbled upon Crazy Otto's Diner in Santa Clarita for brunch and I have to say, I'm thrilled that I did. The recommendation to try the pork chops with hash browns and biscuits and gravy did not disappoint – it was phenomenal, and that's saying a lot since pork isn't typically my go-to. We also had the corn beef and hash with hash browns, and it left a lasting impression on me. What stood out was not just the delicious food but also the top-notch service. Our waiter was attentive, even offering us a sample of the chili, which hit the spot. The diner itself boasts a clean environment with a super cool ambiance, making the whole dining experience enjoyable. It's no wonder the place was bustling, especially with the post-Sunday-mass crowd. The portions were large, leaving us with plenty of leftovers – always a sign of a good meal. My family has visited Crazy Otto's several times, and it consistently provides a positive experience for brunch with loved ones. While the restaurant has room to grow in some areas, the core elements of what makes a great diner are all there. The service is on point, with staff constantly making the rounds for water and coffee refills. And when you're looking for hearty servings and a standard diner atmosphere, this is the spot. The varied menu means there's something for everyone – my scrambled eggs with ham pieces and onions, accompanied by a generous helping of hash browns, was just the ticket. If you find yourself in the area, don't hesitate to give this local eatery a try for a satisfying brunch experience.

Eggs 'n' Things Valencia

27560 Newhall Ranch Rd, Santa Clarita

(661) 702-8664

Reviewed by:

Kika Ramos

From the moment we walked into Eggs 'n' Things Valencia for brunch, the vibe was welcoming and the team was on point with their service. We were seated quickly and Valerie took our drink order in less than five minutes - talk about efficient! The food came out hot, tasty, and the portions were generous. Wilner made sure we were all taken care of, constantly checking in on us and other guests, which was appreciated, especially since we were a large group and stayed past the usual closing time. The place was bustling, especially on the weekend. Word of advice: get there early because the line starts snaking around 10 am. Despite the crowd, the service remained speedy and we even got a complimentary Swedish pancake to savor while we waited for our main dishes. Plus, their special sauces? Absolutely delightful. Visiting from out of state, we were so impressed that we came back for a second helping the following day. Even on New Year's Day, the crowd was testament to this place's popularity - a good 25 people queued up before the 9 am opening! The food here is not only scrumptious and cooked just right, but the staff also stands out for their friendly and outstanding service. I’ll make sure to stop by again whenever I'm in Santa Clarita. And when it comes to value for money, the prices are pretty decent. Trust me, this is a spot you wouldn't want to miss for brunch!

Way Station Coffee Shop

24377 Main St, Santa Clarita

(661) 255-0222

Reviewed by:

Raman Belleus

Ufff, Way Station Coffee Shop really is the best little corner for brunch in Santa Clarita. The customer service and food are top-notch. Even on a busy Sunday afternoon with a moderate wait time, the experience was worth it. The eggs were cooked exactly to my liking and the hash browns were tasty, albeit needing a dash of salt, pepper, and hot sauce to suit my taste. The sourdough toast was buttered to perfection, though I recommend letting the staff know your butter preference when ordering. I was looking forward to trying the steak, but they had run out, so I settled for eggs and sausage instead. The sausage was just okay, but the pork chop my friend had was unfortunately overcooked and lacked seasoning. However, despite this, the overall service was exceptional. Parking was a breeze with options both onsite and street-side. The atmosphere of a classic diner, with very good prices and straightforward breakfast options, is exactly what one needs from time to time. The outdoor seating option is great, although it was a bit too cold for my liking, so I chose to dine inside. They take health guidelines seriously with clear signage and staff wearing masks. However, I was a bit let down by the coffee—it didn't quite meet the standard I expect from a diner. Also, noticing that some of the cooks were not adhering to mask-wearing protocols did raise concerns about health and safety, especially during a pandemic. Despite this, the allure of a classic diner experience was strong. The hash browns are exceptional, and their pancake is impressively large and delicious. It's a place I find myself returning to time and again for brunch. The staff are commendable for their friendliness and efficiency, truly excelling at their jobs. Even with a few areas for improvement, Way Station remains a go-to spot for a delightful brunch experience.

Eat Real Café

23414 Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita

(661) 254-2237

Reviewed by:

Elisaul Lopez

Had a fantastic Mother's Day brunch at Eat Real Cafe in Newhall, Santa Clarita. The place offers a wonderful mix of healthy food choices that cater to various dietary needs such as Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian. The ordering process at the counter was a breeze, and we found plenty of cozy seating options both indoors and outdoors. The atmosphere is adorable, and the staff really go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. They even charged my phone for me when I needed it. One standout dish was the breakfast burrito, packed with flavor and even included hash browns inside – truly one of the tastiest and most satisfying I've ever had. My hubby enjoyed the vegan pancakes, and the vegan salad was a hit with me. Although the $10 milkshakes made with cashew milk were just okay for us, and the gluten-free vegan banana bread had a distinct healthy taste, these were minor points in an otherwise great meal. We couldn't resist going back to the counter to try some pastries, which we savored for days after. The drinks served in mason jars were also a delightful touch, much to my wife's appreciation. We've since had food delivered from Eat Real Cafe because my son simply loves the vegan breakfast burrito. It's great having this gem nearby. All the food, from the pressed juices to the avocado toast and the breakfast burrito, was mouthwatering. Even the roasted turkey sandwich I had during a late lunch was exceptionally flavorful. Overall, a hidden gem with tasty food and a cute vibe. Can't wait to come back!

Lily's Cafe

23700 Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita

(661) 259-9656

Reviewed by:

Cassandria Smith

Visiting from out of town, I decided to give Lily's Cafe a go for brunch after reading some good reviews. The place radiates an old-time cafe charm with a welcoming staff, diverse menu, and reasonable prices. I chose the sausage, mushroom, and cheese omelet with a biscuit and fruit, which turned out to be both delicious and generous in portion. Despite an initial hiccup with the Eggs Benedict, which was slightly off on my first visit, I'm not deterred. It could have been an off day, and I'm eager to try again. Lily herself made a great impression with her exceptional service and even sang opera as she served. The cafe has a cozy "ma and pa" feel that's very family-friendly. It even extends to the decor, reminiscent of my grandmother's kitchen, and Lily's personal touch of sharing a home-grown tomato added to the charm. A couple of tables outside under the shade made for a pleasant dining area adorned with plants and art. On my next visit, I enjoyed the avocado toast, while my friends were delighted with their cinnamon toast. Everyone was incredibly kind, and the food was just as pleasing. It's the perfect quaint spot to enjoy a good meal before heading out to nearby attractions like Six Flags. Definitely looking forward to coming back for more.

Thelma's Cafe

22876 Copper Hill Dr, Santa Clarita

(661) 263-8283

Reviewed by:

Margaret Klein

Thelma's Cafe in Santa Clarita is truly a hidden treasure! The food here is top-notch with quality ingredients that you can taste in every bite, and the presentation is done with such care that it's almost a shame to dig in—but trust me, you'll want to. The prices are really reasonable too, which is always a bonus. The staff at Thelma's Cafe are the friendliest bunch, and Ronnie always makes the experience even more delightful. The atmosphere is perfect for a weekend brunch, where you can actually enjoy a conversation without having to shout over kitchen noise. Their eggs can be prepared in any style you like, and they have an array of omelets to choose from. But it's the Cowboy biscuits and gravy that you've got to try—they're a standout dish for sure! And let's talk about the hash browns: ask for them extra crispy, because that's when they're at their best. Service is consistently welcoming and efficient, with food arriving at the table without delay. They do have some great promotions that are worth checking out before visiting, so do take a peek at their website. It's become such a favorite spot that it's now the 'usual' go-to for brunch. Whether you're stopping by for a full meal or just a cup of coffee and some juice, Thelma's Cafe is the place to be. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a warm, inviting brunch experience in Santa Clarita!

Mama's Table

23340 Cinema Dr, Santa Clarita

(661) 284-5988

Reviewed by:

Robert Barer

After hearing about Mama's Table, my wife and I decided to bring our son along for a Father's Day brunch. It was our first time dining there, and the place had a cozy vibe to it. The menu was extensive, and it seemed like all the extras you might want were available. Admittedly, the coffee didn't quite hit the mark for me - it just didn't pack that punch I look for in a good cup of joe. I went for a chicken sandwich, which turned out to be more akin to a chicken burger on a sesame seed bun, oozing with melted cheese, but unfortunately, it was lacking in flavor and I couldn't finish it. My wife's omelet seemed dry, resembling a pancake more than anything, though the French fries we had on the side were pretty good. We did experience a little wait trying to get the check, which was a bit frustrating, but not something that would put me off coming back. I believe in giving places a second chance, and there's potential here for a better experience next time. On another occasion, my husband and I visited Mama's Table for a Valentine's Day breakfast. The ambiance was unexpectedly romantic, with jazz music playing softly in the background, adding to the restaurant's rustic farm decor. The service was noteworthy too – courteous and accommodating, especially when I asked for something to be reheated. The menu had options to order half servings which was a nice touch. We tried some mozzarella sticks and they were pretty tasty. While the food was good, it was the ambiance and service that stood out the most to us. It's that warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes me want to return and give it another shot. Overall, the experience at Mama's Table was a mix of highs and lows. While I found the food to be hit or miss, the service and ambiance suggest that this could be a perfect breakfast spot with a little fine-tuning. I'm optimistic that any issues were just a one-off and am willing to come back and possibly revise my rating to something even higher after another visit.

Eat Real Cafe #2

Parking lot, 27530 Newhall Ranch Rd, Santa Clarita

(661) 888-1329

Reviewed by:

Ramon Fleurencois

Having brunch at Eat Real Cafe #2 in Santa Clarita has become one of my regular delights. The commitment of this cafe to farm-fresh and table-ready dishes aligns perfectly with my gluten-free vegetarian diet. The veggie wrap, which I opted for with gluten-free bread, truly sets the bar high with its mouthwatering veggie patty – easily the best I've tasted in a while. During the same visit, my sister chose the Thai wrap as a bowl with scrambled tofu – and let me tell you, even though I'm not typically a fan of tofu scramble, this one won me over with its rich flavor. The café's customer service enhances the dining experience. The staff is genuinely kind and attentive, showing patience and understanding as I inquired about the different ingredients in the dishes. Kudos to the chef and kitchen team who consistently deliver dishes that taste as good as they make you feel – healthy and content! It's important to highlight some of their other offerings. The pumpkin soup and rose hibiscus lemonade are must-tries, adding to their already impressive variety. And yes, while the portions might be on the smaller side, the quality and freshness of the food make up for it. There's also ample seating, which is a step up from their Newhall location. In terms of the menu, the vegan breakfast burrito as a bowl was a hit, and I've enjoyed many of their other meals over the years. My husband is quite fond of their standard breakfast burrito. The only miss for us was a certain smoothie that didn't seem to be up to the mark, but that might be an isolated incident. As for desserts, the peanut butter chocolate bar is delightful, and the vegan chocolate chip scone is quite good, although the vegan chocolate chip cookie could do with some improvement. Despite these minor critiques, Eat Real Cafe stands out as a place where healthy eating doesn't mean sacrificing flavor or variety. The staff's warm welcomes and the overall relaxed ambiance make it a standout spot in Santa Clarita Valley. It's a place that I am always glad to return to, not just for the food but for the reassuring experience that it caters to diverse diets with care and consideration.

The Flying Yolk

23889 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia

(661) 753-3229

Reviewed by:

Lisa Leon Guerrero

The Flying Yolk has quickly become my go-to spot for brunch in Santa Clarita. It's a delightfully straightforward place with a diverse menu that caters to everyone in your group. You order at the counter and find a seat, which can be a bit of a scramble during peak hours on weekends, but the option for takeout and the swift service compensate for the wait. The menu is a balance of sweet and savory, featuring a variety of handhelds which I appreciate. While lunch options are available, breakfast clearly shines here—understandably, given their name. Every item we've tried has been customizable, promptly served, and most importantly, delicious. The prices are reasonable, a pleasant surprise in the current climate. Their fresh squeezed orange juice is a standout, and the quality extends to their bacon, which is mouthwateringly good—substantial, not just a strip of fat. The cleanliness of the restaurant and the friendliness of the staff enhance the experience. Seating is available both indoors and outdoors, and the process is simple: they call your name when your order’s ready. The steak and egg sandwich particularly impressed me, and while it wasn't the cheapest option, it was worth every penny. I'm excited to come back, especially with the kids, as there’s a small playhouse in the patio area that'll keep them entertained. On a subsequent visit, I tried the standard breakfast burrito and found it less remarkable than the steak and egg sandwich but still filling. Overall, the food can feel a bit heavy if you opt for a combo of sweet and savory items, but it’s too good to resist. Open until 3 p.m., The Flying Yolk has secured its spot on my list of must-visit eateries, and I'm eager to work my way through the rest of their menu.

Casa Canela Restaurant

27647 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita

(661) 523-7282

Reviewed by:

Mike Camaiani

Had to admit, I was initially a bit impatient with the 20-minute wait at Casa Canela for Sunday brunch, but oh, was it worth it. The real showstopper was the Eggs Benedict – simply perfection on a plate. If I'd had a bit more privacy, I might've considered cleaning the plate with my tongue! Pairing it with their fresh-squeezed orange juice was a delightful decision, a combo I'd recommend to anyone. I also tried the breakfast burrito, which was tasty, but it paled in comparison to the Benedict. It was a bit heavy on the potatoes and could've used more sauce. But after doctoring it up with ketchup, hot sauce, and some of the Benedict’s leftover sauce, it was decent. Still, trust me on the Eggs Benedict – you won't regret it. The location next to Albertsons is pretty convenient, and the mimosas were a hit – who doesn't love a good mimosa with brunch? Portions were generous, and I didn't mind the wait too much, especially considering it was a Sunday around noon. I've been to Casa Canela a few times now, and it consistently delivers great food, excellent service, and a comfortable atmosphere. Definitely, a gem worth recommending for anyone looking for a solid brunch spot. Lastly, we tried a Margarita flight along with the Chilaquiles and another breakfast burrito. While the margaritas didn't quite hit the mark – a bit too sweet and generic for my taste – the overall experience has been good enough that I'm curious to try more of their menu on my next visit.

Olive Terrace Bar & Grill

28261 Newhall Ranch Rd, Santa Clarita

(661) 257-7860

Reviewed by:

Dustin Whetsell

Came for a holiday work dinner at Olive Terrace Bar & Grill in Santa Clarita and had a stellar experience. The place had unique decorations and a really classy atmosphere. Service was top-notch, attentive without being overbearing. My table shared some appetizers – calamari, hummus, and stuffed mushrooms – each made with high-quality ingredients and full of flavor. I opted for the baked chicken Parmesan, which hit the spot beautifully. It was a bit on the pricey side, but the quality of the food, service, and atmosphere made it worth it. The eggplant parmigiana here is hands down the best I've ever had. Even my son, who's a bit picky, devoured his pasta bolognese. The calamari was a standout, and the bruschetta was presented nicely, though the blue cheese topping wasn't to my son's liking – I didn't mind it, though. Everything from the sea bass to the ahi tuna that we ordered was cooked to perfection and tasted fantastic. The ambiance of the place added to the experience, and despite a busy Saturday night, we managed to find seats at the bar around 8pm. The drinks they served were strong just the way I like them. My butternut squash ravioli was the perfect balance – light but satisfying. Overall, Olive Terrace Bar & Grill ticked all the boxes for a great restaurant: fantastic staff, quick service, and excellent food. Definitely a place to return to for another meal.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

24201 Valencia Blvd, Valencia

(661) 253-9996

Reviewed by:

Sara Silvan

Brunch at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in Santa Clarita was a delightful experience! The service was fantastic, especially when a mishap occurred with a milkshake glass. The staff, including Ernesto, quickly stepped in to tidy up and even replaced the drink for free, which was unexpected and thoroughly appreciated. The willingness to customize a dish was a highlight of my visit. I asked for a ham omelet, not listed on the menu, and the kitchen was happy to accommodate the request. The meal was not only sizable but also delicious. It was quite lively during our Sunday brunch, which brought a lot of energy to the place. The atmosphere is generally great, and this location has impressed me with its exceptional service compared to other Lazy Dogs I've visited. Our waiter was particularly attentive, offering great recommendations like the cheese curds and coconut shrimp, which were tasty treats. Abbey, our server, also ensured our experience was top-notch by suggesting new appetizers and checking in just the right amount. The ambiance of the restaurant feels like a cozy holiday cabin, which adds to the overall charm. While the place is usually fantastic, not every dish met expectations. A bit of a letdown was the kids' brunch options and a few breakfast items that could use some improvement, such as the Chilaquiles and the Breakfast Burger. Despite these minor flaws, the excellent service and the positives far outweighed them, making for a wonderful brunch experience.

The Original Saugus Cafe

Parking lot, 25861 Railroad Ave, Santa Clarita

(661) 259-7886

Reviewed by:

Nadia Van Ham

Stepping into The Original Saugus Cafe for brunch is like walking through a portal to a bygone era. Priced between $14-$18, the breakfast meals are fairly reasonable given the generous portions served. The seating may be just about average, but what the cafe lacks in plush comfort, it compensates with its commendable service. The servers are prompt and cheery, ensuring that my coffee cup never hits empty—a small, but much-appreciated gesture. On my visit, I opted for the Denver omelette accompanied by home fries and an English muffin—simple, yet satisfying. While the food is good, it's the pan-fried English muffins that stand out; they’re a unique and delicious twist that I haven't seen elsewhere. Alongside my plate, I indulged in one of their BLTs, a choice I'd happily make again for its freshness and flavor. My partner went for a burger, solidifying the cafe's ability to deliver on both breakfast and lunch fronts. Initially, we were unsure about the cafe's operational hours, but upon arrival, we were greeted warmly and the cozy ambiance enveloped us, along with a palpable sense of history. Maria, our server for the day, was the epitome of excellent customer service—attentive and kind, she made our experience all the more enjoyable. The extensive menu caters to various tastes, inviting diners back for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While The Original Saugus Cafe could potentially put more effort into highlighting its historical background, its current nods to the past are sufficient to create an authentic diner experience. The friendly staff makes for a pleasant visit every time. What really draws me to this place is the breakfast. The Hollandaise Omelet is particularly noteworthy—it's scrumptious, to say the least. With the fresh coffee and hearty plates, this cafe is a testament to why classic diners still hold a special place in the hearts of many. It's a recommendable spot for anyone looking for a good meal with a touch of history.

Nealie's Skillet

25858 Tournament Rd, Valencia

(661) 678-0031

Reviewed by:

Rasika Hernandez

I stumbled upon Nealie's Skillet for brunch in Santa Clarita and was immediately charmed by its cozy interior. Despite arriving on a bustling Sunday morning with a predicted 20-minute wait, I was seated in half the time! The energy in the place was infectious, with every patron savoring their meals with joyous expressions. I opted for Nealie’s Benedict with a side of hash browns, which hit the spot even though I yearned for a bit more crunch. A minor hiccup occurred when my French toast order was overlooked, but when I received it to go, it was impressively fresh and not a bit soggy. The owner's presence added a layer of reassurance to the experience, and the atmosphere couldn't be more delightful for a meal. Between the chilaquiles Verde and French toast, taste buds were treated to pure bliss. Food arrived in healthy portions, like the chicken and waffles that boasted a perfectly crispy exterior. They even offer a full bar and mimosas, complementing an already fantastic meal. Service here definitely deserves a shout-out – staff were courteous and attentive. Plus, the choice of indoor or outdoor seating suited any preference, and there was plenty of parking. This place is truly a neighborhood gem, ideal for any crowd. In terms of the food, it's served fresh, hot, and downright delicious. I was particularly taken by the fluffy buttermilk pancake dusted with powdered sugar, and the Country Skillet with its impeccable blend of breakfast potatoes, veggies, meats, and cheese, which I customized by skipping the gravy and ham. The hot chocolate, served in an adorable mason jar and topped with whipped cream, a generous marshmallow, and a drizzle of chocolate, was the cherry on top of a wonderful brunch experience. I'm already planning to become a regular and, despite wanting to keep this breakfast haven my little secret, it's just too good not to share. It's places like Nealie's Skillet that remind me of the importance of supporting local small businesses.

Black Bear Diner

23626 Valencia Blvd, Santa Clarita

(661) 799-4820

Reviewed by:

Cristy Bedoya Pulido

Stepping into Black Bear Diner for brunch in Santa Clarita is a delightful experience that easily outshines other breakfast joints like Denny's or IHOP. The vibe is warm and inviting, and the food is top-notch. A personal favorite has to be the cornbread and the impressively large biscuit with gravy – it's comfort food at its best. And for those looking for a hearty start to the day, The Volcano breakfast is a must-try. The staff here makes the experience all the more enjoyable, although it's notable that they sometimes take a bit longer for refills and check-ins, likely due to being a bit short-handed. It's a minor hiccup that doesn't take away from the overall pleasant dining experience. As for dining with kids, the menu options are not only adorable but also delicious, which is a big win for families. On my second visit to this location, the friendly service still stands out, and the atmosphere remains as welcoming as ever. The pricing is reasonable considering the generous portions – a Cobb salad here is a hearty meal and can easily satisfy two. Expect to spend around $60 for a meal for two, which feels justified given the quality and quantity of the food. The diner was a savior for my group on Christmas Day when our original plans fell through due to an unexpected cancellation. Finding Black Bear Diner open when other places were closed was truly a blessing. We were greeted with open arms and enjoyed a wonderful meal that complemented our holiday conversations beautifully. A special shout-out to Gale for the warm service on such a busy day. All things considered, this place is a gem for good food and a fun atmosphere, even if the prices can be a tad high. It's definitely on my list for a return visit.


18677 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita

(661) 250-1860

Reviewed by:

Daniel Mîrändä

As a regular at IHOP, I decided to pick up brunch from the Santa Clarita location on Soledad Canyon in Canyon Country for Thanksgiving. Despite it being a hectic holiday, the staff were facing the challenges head-on. They were swamped with online orders and had a full house of dine-in guests which caused a delay in our pickup time by about 35 minutes. Nevertheless, the staff remained courteous, offering us complimentary drinks during our wait. When we finally received our meals and settled down to eat, the turkey dinners were absolutely delicious and definitely made the wait worthwhile. The experience proved that even on one of the busiest days, this IHOP can deliver quality food that hits the spot. It's still a top recommendation of mine for anyone in the area looking for a solid brunch spot.

Mimi's Cafe

24201 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Santa Clarita

(661) 255-5520

Reviewed by:

Terri Ochoa

I'm a regular at Mimi's Cafe for brunch, especially after a trip to the mall across the street. It's always such a calm place and the staff greets you instantly as you walk in. The food has never let me down. That strawberry blueberry crepe plate is a favorite of mine, while my son goes for the burger, and let me tell you, the wings are pretty good too. Resisting those tempting muffins and desserts is always a challenge when I walk by, but the reward comes in the form of a diverse menu that suits any craving, whether it's waffles, quiche, pot pie, french onion soup, eggs benedict, a french dip, or a specialty coffee. And yes, they have a full bar, which is a nice touch. Even when I've gone for dinner, like the time at JR'S Comedy Club, the experience was just as pleasant. Starting with crab cakes as an appetizer is a must – they're light, tasty, and generously portioned. The salmon and my go-to Berry Spinach Salad never disappoint. You can always count on the service to be impressively good. On one occasion, I found myself there with a group of friends and it was nothing short of fantastic. Our server Angela was so sweet and attentive, making sure we were well looked after. She definitely kept our group happy and hydrated! The Mediterranean salad I tried was outstanding, and it's just one example of the great dishes they serve. Mimi’s really stands out, and I'm already looking forward to going back soon.

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