September 13, 2023

Sun-Kissed Mornings: Exploring Sarasota's Ultimate Brunch Hotspots!

Discover the best brunch spots in Sarasota with our curated list, featuring delicious dishes, charming atmospheres, and unforgettable morning experiences. Your taste buds will thank you!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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 Sun-Kissed Mornings: Exploring Sarasota's Ultimate Brunch Hotspots!
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When it comes to starting your day in Sarasota, you deserve nothing but the best. That's why we've put together a list of the top brunch places in Sarasota that will tantalize your taste buds and make your mornings memorable. From mouthwatering benedicts to creative avocado toasts, each spot offers unique dishes made with fresh, local ingredients that will have you coming back for more. So grab your friends, your appetite, and let's explore the finest brunch spots Sarasota has to offer!

Willow’s Cafe

436 Central Ave, Sarasota

(941) 217-5856

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Willow's Cafe is a fantastic brunch spot in Sarasota with great atmosphere, service, and food at reasonable prices. The French fries are a must-try, and the shrimp omelette and special orange and pecan French toast are delicious. The restaurant has a cute kids' area with coloring books. The bacon is amazing, and the home fries have a unique twist in seasoning. The service is excellent, and the vibe is laid back and cheeky. This family-owned restaurant offers excellent service and a fantastic experience.


1917 S Osprey Ave, Sarasota

(941) 236-5826

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Libby's in Sarasota offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with chic yet comfortable decor and friendly, attentive staff. The menu features a wide variety of options from classic American dishes to innovative fusion cuisine, with exceptional quality and well-balanced flavors. The service is top-notch, with knowledgeable and helpful staff. The only downside may be the open patio doors causing the restaurant to feel humid, but it adds to the charm and liveliness of the atmosphere. Highly recommended for a great dining experience in Sarasota, whether for a special occasion or a memorable meal.

Yoder's Restaurant & Amish Village

3434 Bahia Vista St, Sarasota

(941) 955-7771

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Yoder's Restaurant & Amish Village in Sarasota offers delicious home-cooked meals and friendly service in a charming Amish setting. The portions are generous and the prices are unbeatable. The garlic grilled chicken, bacon chicken sandwich, and fried chicken are all delicious. The cornbread muffins and pies are also worth a try. The market on the right side and gift shop on the left side of the restaurant are a must-see. Overall, Yoder's is a great alternative to the usual dining options in the area.

Fresh Start Cafe Breakfast & Lunch

630 S Orange Ave, Sarasota

(941) 373-1242

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Fresh Start Cafe Breakfast & Lunch in Sarasota is a must-visit restaurant for brunch. The staff is informative, patient, and friendly. The food is incredible with options such as Reuben salmon sandwich and Thanksgiving day sandwich. Though they may have limited servers, the restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating and parking spots. The European-style cafe offers fresh ingredients in their sandwiches and frittatas. The outdoor dining area is shaded with umbrellas and surrounded by palm trees and vegetation. The Turkey, Bacon Avocado sandwich and Breakfast Burrito are highly recommended. Overall, Fresh Start Cafe is a great choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

First Watch

1395 Main St, Sarasota

(941) 954-1395

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First Watch in Sarasota is a fantastic brunch spot with amazing, fresh breakfast dishes. The atmosphere and service are top-notch, with friendly and attentive staff. The avocado toast, French toast, eggs Benedict, and breakfast burrito are delicious and well-portioned, and the prices are accessible. The morning meditation drink is also a great option. The only downside is a lack of attention from one of the waitresses, but overall, First Watch is a must-visit spot in Sarasota for brunch or breakfast.

Toasted Mango Cafe

430 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

(941) 388-7728

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Toasted Mango Cafe in Sarasota is an excellent breakfast spot with a casual atmosphere and a diverse menu. The portions are generous, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and efficient. The restaurant caters to gluten-free diners and offers a range of options. The location is convenient for visitors staying in downtown Sarasota, and the decor is charming. The parking lot is small, but the food is outstanding. Highly recommended for a fun breakfast experience.


476 John Ringling Blvd, Sarasota

(941) 388-2848

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Green Zebra Cafe in Sarasota is a must-visit spot for brunch. The sweet potato toast is amazing and filling, perfect for a day of kayaking at Lido Key. The staff is friendly and the food is 5 stars, with excellent avocado toast and scrambled eggs. The cafe is clean and has a great selection of light, healthy, high-quality dishes and drinks. Although there was a disappointing experience with takeout, overall, Green Zebra Cafe is highly recommended and loved by both locals and visitors.

Station 400

400 N Lemon Ave, Sarasota

(941) 906-1400

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Station 400 is a unique and charming restaurant located in an old train station. The staff is friendly and the service is prompt. The menu offers a variety of delicious brunch options, including the sharable waffle sausage and the Fried green tomato benedict. The decor is like an antique railroad station with a Pub like atmosphere. Prices are fair and portions are generous. While there may be a wait during busy times, the experience is worth it. Highly recommended for a great brunch experience in Sarasota!

Blue Dolphin Cafe

470 John Ringling Blvd, Sarasota

(941) 388-3566

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Blue Dolphin Cafe is a fantastic spot to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Sarasota. The service is exceptional, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a New York style cafe. The French toast and bacon were particularly tasty, and the chunky monkey waffle was absolutely amazing. The Blue Crab Frittata is a must-try dish. The staff is incredibly friendly and attentive to their customers. Despite being busy, the food is served quickly and hot. This place is the perfect spot for breakfast near the beach. Highly recommended!

Serving Spoon

1825 S Osprey Ave, Sarasota

(941) 388-7235

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Serving Spoon in Sarasota offers a delightful brunch experience with light and crispy fruit crepes, friendly staff, and a clean and bright atmosphere. While some may experience slow service, the delicious food and accommodating staff make it worth a return visit. Guests rave about the Mexican Crepe and especially enjoy the home fries and rye toast. While disappointed by the sausage links, this reviewer still plans to come back and try more selections from the menu.

The Toasted Yolk Cafe- Sarasota

3750 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

(941) 444-0049

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The Toasted Yolk Cafe in Sarasota is a super cute and modern spot for brunch. The environment is warm and welcoming, and the service is excellent. Jenika and Noel, the friendly staff, are on top of everything and ensure that customers have a great experience. The churro donuts are a must-try, and the food is delicious and flavorful with large portions. Although the biscuits were a bit dry, the gravy was amazing. The junkyard hash browns are highly recommended. The cafe is conveniently located and reasonably priced, making it a great breakfast spot. Overall, a fantastic experience that leaves customers wanting to come back again and again!

The Reserve Retreat

1322 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

(941) 253-6003

Reviewed by:

The Reserve Retreat in Sarasota is truly a gem. From their delicious brunch menu to their incredible event planning services, this venue has it all. Samantha Taylor loved the food and drink selection, and the customer service was top-notch. The historic resort is also a great place to stay, with comfortable rooms and upscale amenities. While there were a few minor cons, the pros far outweighed them, making this a highly recommended place to visit.

The Breakfast House

1817 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota

(941) 366-6860

Reviewed by:

The Breakfast House in Sarasota is a cute and friendly place to enjoy brunch. The staff is accommodating and even provided toys for kids to play with. The food is delicious and has a wide variety to choose from. While some thought the pancakes were too thick and "cakey," overall, the experience was wonderful and highly recommended. The small and colorful atmosphere adds to the cozy and organized feel of the restaurant. The parking is also available on-site.

C'est La Vie - Pastries Breakfast & Dinner

1553 Main St, Sarasota

(941) 906-9575

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C'est La Vie - Pastries Breakfast & Dinner in Sarasota is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious brunch experience. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the outdoor seating area is perfect for a peaceful meal. The coffee is excellent, and the smoked salmon croissant with a garden salad is a must-try. The almond croissant is also a favorite among customers. The French Breakfast is filling, and the paninis are lovely. The server, Daniel, is attentive and friendly. The apricot flan for dessert is a must-try. Overall, C'est La Vie is highly recommended for anyone looking for an outstanding brunch experience.

The Rosemary

411 N Orange Ave, Sarasota

(941) 955-7600

Reviewed by:

The Rosemary offers exceptional service and delicious food, with highlights including the Greek quiche, avocado toast, and pancakes. The restaurant's light and airy interior is a welcome respite from darker downtown venues. The prix fixe menu during Savor Rosemary was thoroughly enjoyed, with the fish chowder, Taco Brisket, and Bananas Foster being standout dishes. The mimosas are also generously sized. However, one negative review cited issues with the restaurant's decor, staff attire, and behavior, as well as the tasteless and overcooked roasted potatoes.

Boca Sarasota

19 S Lemon Ave, Sarasota

(941) 256-3565

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Boca Sarasota is a must-visit restaurant for brunch in Sarasota. The quality of food is exceptional, with the Skirt Steak and smoked fish spread being standout dishes. The wait for food is worth it, and the cheesecake and berry cobbler are perfect desserts. The fried green tomatoes are a must-try. Happy hour is great with $3.50 white wine. The service is warm and kind, making for a fun dining experience. Overall, Boca Sarasota is an excellent restaurant with delicious food and great service.


4900 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

(941) 359-9500

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Sunnyside in Sarasota is a hidden gem that offers excellent food and a great atmosphere. The dinner menu provides a range of options that are cooked fresh from scratch. The veal schnitzel and grilled octopus are must-tries. For breakfast, the menu has classic dishes with a touch of sophistication. The omelets are perfect with fresh ingredients, and the French toast is delicious with Vermont maple syrup. The outdoor seating area is pet-friendly, and the staff, especially Dorian, is excellent. Sunnyside offers lunch, mimosas, and wine, making it a great spot for any meal.

Mademoiselle Paris - French Restaurant and Bakery

1605 Main St, Sarasota

(941) 554-4021

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Mademoiselle Paris - French Restaurant and Bakery is a must-try for anyone who loves French cuisine. The atmosphere is very French, with a gentleman playing the accordion outside, and the food is delicious. The marmalade that came with the pastries was wonderful, and the crepe entree and egg's Benedict were fabulous. The host and waitress were very nice and friendly. The coffee was beyond delicious and the bakery was beautiful. The staff made the visit that much better. This is the reviewer's new favorite place in Sarasota and would give it 100 stars if possible.

Evoq Sarasota

100 Marina View Dr, Sarasota

(941) 260-8255

Reviewed by:

Evoq Sarasota offers a delicious breakfast, with fresh and tasty options like the Tampa Cuban and off-menu egg white omelette. The traditional breakfast and French toast are also superb, with a blend of almond and chia drizzled with coconut flakes. The antioxidant omelette and melon turmeric pressed juice are highly recommended. The service is great, with friendly staff like Rose making guests feel welcomed and appreciated. The restaurant also offers fantastic salads and has a great view of the Sarasota skyline. For dinner, the beef tenderloin, Thai noodle bowl, and sugar shrimp skewers are must-try dishes. Overall, Evoq Sarasota is an excellent choice for delicious food and a great dining experience.


1377 Main St, Sarasota

(941) 312-6707

Reviewed by:

Green Zebra Cafe in Sarasota is a wonderful brunch spot with delicious food and a creative menu. Despite a wait time, the service is fast and attentive. They offer vegan and gluten-free options like the raw banana pancake, and the Turkey sun-dried tomato sandwich and Italian eggs Benedict are both amazing. The staff is incredibly friendly and the outdoor seating is delightful. They have a great selection of juices and smoothies and plenty of vegetarian options without fake meats. The avocado toast with orange blossom honey and scrambled farm-fresh eggs is divine. The lavender pancakes and strawberry waffles were also delicious, and they offer plenty of gluten-free choices. The cute interior and multiple seating options make it a perfect brunch spot on weekends. The reviewer would absolutely come back and gives Green Zebra Cafe more than five stars.

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