September 12, 2023

Brunching in Sioux Falls: A Tour of the City's Top Brunch Spots

Experience the standout brunch scene in Sioux Falls! Get straight into stacks of pancakes, crispy bacon, and bottomless mimosas. It's a bruncher's paradise worth waking up for!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
Reviewed from:
South Dakota
Brunching in Sioux Falls: A Tour of the City's Top Brunch Spots
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Breakfast and lunch have collided in a delicious harmony known as brunch, and no place does it better than Sioux Falls. Where the falls are not only breathtaking water flows but also represent a cascade of culinary destinations, each vying for the title of "Best Brunch in Sioux Falls." Here, every sizzle, aroma, and taste truly "Falls" into place, ensuring a Sioux-perb brunch experience! So, put down that cereal box because Sioux Falls is about to elevate your brunch game to stellar heights.

M.B. Haskett

324 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 367-1100

Reviewed by:

Niv Myers

I recently discovered a charming little breakfast spot called M.B. Haskett in downtown Sioux Falls. Absolutely loved their mocha - a perfect blend of smooth espresso and balanced chocolate flavors. The location with its outdoor seating both in front and at the back adds to its appeal. Even though the menu appears to be small, it offers a variety of delicious options. I particularly enjoyed the eggs Benedict and the mixed berry crepe. The service and ambiance were top-notch and well deserving of a 5-star rating. I ordered the avocado toast on whole grain bread, which came with a side salad and a truffle vinaigrette dressing. Everything tasted incredibly fresh and delicious. If you plan on dining with a larger group, I'd recommend making a reservation as seating inside is a bit limited. This restaurant really impressed me with its new American cuisine, seasonal menus, and fresh ingredients. I was particularly taken with the minced sausage with toast and poached eggs that I ordered on my last visit. The eggs were poached to perfection and the entire dish was expertly crafted. For the quality you get, the prices are quite reasonable and the portions are generous. I'm definitely planning on frequenting M.B. Haskett more, whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Highly recommended!

Josiah’s Coffeehouse & Café

104 W 12th St, Sioux Falls

(605) 759-8255

Reviewed by:

Samuel Gilbreath

I stumbled upon Josiah's Coffeehouse & Cafe for brunch on a friend's recommendation, and it's been a delightful find. I tucked into the eggs Benedict with ham and also sampled their breakfast burrito – both were worth every penny. I didn't have to wait too long for my order, and the bathrooms were surprisingly impressive. It's not just a brunch spot; they have an array of fresh baked goods for sale. I absolutely appreciate their dog-friendly policy and the outdoor seating area. The cafe buzzes with life in the downtown area, boasting local fares and an assortment of choices. Their specialty, "The Cure," and a cortado were my choices for the day and both lived up to my expectations. I've been here many times and I can honestly say, I've never been let down. A word of caution, the place can get quite crowded during lunch hours. The overall vibe of the place is very welcoming. It has ample space and tables for larger gatherings and the exposed beams add a touch of retro charm. The authentic homemade pastries pair perfectly with their extensive range of hot and cold coffee choices. However, if you plan to visit on a Sunday, make sure to be there by 10 am or be ready to wait in line. Despite the 30-minute wait, the food was served pretty quickly. One minor downside might be the noise levels, which could potentially be a problem for those with hearing difficulties. Additionally, since pets are much welcomed here, those with allergies might want to consider other options. All in all, Josiah's Coffeehouse & Café is a great local spot and I highly recommend it for breakfast or lunch when you're in the heart of the city.

Rosie's Café

2202 W Madison St, Sioux Falls

(605) 334-7928

Reviewed by:

Mike Cardona

On a recent trip from Pennsylvania to Sturgis, we decided to stop by Rosie's Café in Sioux Falls for brunch and it turned out to be a great spot! Our waitress was incredibly friendly and offered us a plethora of recommendations for things to see and do around the area. It was heartwarming to observe multiple generations of the same family running the place. The food was homely and delicious even though my eggs were slightly overcooked and the hash browns were average. But overall, the offerings were simply delightful and reasonably priced. Despite visiting on a busy Saturday morning, the service was swift, and we were out within an hour. The next time I find myself in town, I'll surely revisit Rosie's Café. It's a wonderful spot to discover new flavors and enjoy quality service. The warm, homey atmosphere makes it all the more endearing and is a testament to the cafe's ownership. My friend and I plan to return and we're excited for future visits. This place was a real find, exceeding our expectations in every way, and I definitely want more people to experience this hidden gem. I even plan to feature Rosie's Café on my website, that’s how much I enjoyed it.

Original Pancake House

2715 W 41st St, Sioux Falls

(605) 271-7222

Reviewed by:

Yasmeen Garcia

I had a really positive experience at the Original Pancake House for brunch in Sioux Falls. Despite being notably crowded on a Sunday, which we expected, the service was impressive. The server was specifically conscientious about checking for cross-contamination for those of us who needed to avoid gluten. It was a relief to discover that many of the menu items were either already gluten-free or could be adapted to be. This is truly one of the best places for breakfast. Even though there was a sizable line in the lobby, don't be put off. The line moves quickly and the wait is definitely worthwhile considering the quality of the food. The dish portions are generous, with an array of fantastic options like pancakes, waffles, French toast, crepes and omelettes. Service was friendly and efficient, our orders came out very quickly. The food was beyond amazing. My cinnamon French toast with a side of bacon was delightful, and our party of eight all enjoyed an excellent breakfast. The kids loved their chocolate chip pancakes and thick slices of bacon. This was my first visit here, but it won't be the last. I would recommend making a reservation, especially on a busy weekend. Parking can be a bit challenging since it tends to fill up. However, the estimated wait time was only around 30 minutes. The menu offered a lot of unique options, and even though it was busy, the staff provided excellent service. The food was, unsurprisingly, amazing. Can't wait to go back!

Phillips Avenue Diner

121 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 335-4977

Reviewed by:

Andrea Montana

This place is a gem! From the moment I requested a seat to paying my tab, the service was impeccable. The attention to detail they gave, like readying my preferred outdoor seating with menus and silverware, is a rare find these days. The food arrived promptly and tasted fantastic, particularly the hash browns which didn't leave any oily aftertaste. The diner has a charming 50's theme right in the center of Sioux Falls, complete with creamy milkshakes topped with whipped cream and a cherry. The option to order online was a convenient modern touch. I loved the whole atmosphere - from the retro decor to the swivel bar stools. While there was a waiting list, it was worth it. The initial chilliness of the back area was even somewhat refreshing. I tried their poutine - a dish of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy- which was decent enough. The hot beef sandwich was satisfying but the jambalaya was a bit too salty for my taste. Despite that, the service was top-notch. During a walking tour of Sioux Falls, I had the chance to stop by again. My Frisco Melt burger was cooked to perfection and the accompanying mint Oreo shake was delightful. Overall, I had a great time and I look forward to visiting again. If you’re in the area, this diner should definitely be on your list.

All Day Café

2101 W 41st St, Sioux Falls

(605) 274-7711

Reviewed by:

Kouakou Laurent Corman

I had a fantastic brunch experience at the All Day Café in Sioux Falls. Despite sharing a busy parking lot with Scheels, the wait time was a surprisingly quick 5-8 minutes. The café was bustling with patrons, making the entrance slightly crowded but the staff managed it well by taking down numbers and sending a text when tables were ready. The drink menu is conveniently located on the table, showcasing an array of options. I chose the white chocolate mocha, which was delightfully balanced, neither overwhelmingly sweet nor underwhelming. The food was truly satisfying. My spouse had the chicken and waffles while I opted for the southwest omelette with hash browns. The omelette was generously stuffed with avocado and the hash browns were perfectly crispy. The waitress was attentive and friendly, despite the rush. An additional bonus was the local made hot sauce on offer, which is a lovely gesture to support local businesses. Lastly, a special shout-out to our server Jordyn, who was excellent at managing her full section and providing stellar service. Overall, the All Day Café is worth a visit for a satisfying breakfast or lunch. The quality and taste of the food, excellent service, and pleasant ambiance make it a great dining spot. However, if you prefer a quieter setting, you might want to avoid the weekend rush. If I lived in the area, this would definitely be my go-to spot!

Grille 26

1716 S Western Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 444-1716

Reviewed by:

Uriel Shim

I had a pleasant experience at Grille 26 for brunch. The place had a hotel breakfast nook meets college campus dining area vibe, which was appealing. I tried the grilled chicken melt which was tasty, albeit messy, and the fries could have been a touch crispier. What caught my eye was the freshness and appealing presentation of the food. There were enough gluten-free options to keep me satisfied. I decided to go for the Caesar salad, and my wife had the Southwest salad. Our meals were delightful, especially the perfectly cooked beef on my wife's salad, and the beautifully flavored chicken on my salad. Though I must say, the Caesar salad had more of a vinaigrette taste than I prefer. Despite the minor hiccup of our food taking a bit longer than expected, the waitress was efficient and prompt with taking and delivering our orders. My chicken risotto was a bit congealed on the top, indicating it had been under a heat lamp or food warmer for a while, but it didn't affect the overall taste or texture of the dish. Even though the steak was a bit tough for a ribeye, the seasoning was excellent and my Old Fashion cocktail was mixed well. I was impressed by the quality service from the bartender. For the price, I have had better, but overall this was a good experience. I would definitely recommend Grille 26, and I look forward to trying more items from their appetizing menu the next time I'm in town.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

2409 S Shirley Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 362-9395

Reviewed by:

Codey Van Kampen

I had a really nice brunch at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Sioux Falls. Although they ran out of chicken for the special, our server Sierra helped us find a great alternative. The food was delightful, and it was really convenient for us to be able to take home meals. The store was a fun place to browse, filled with lots of interesting items. Our table by the fireplace was a nice touch and our server was friendly and attentive. Our orders, from the cheesecake stuffed pancakes to the stuffed hash browns, were delicious. My son wasn't too keen on the powdered sugar on his fried chicken, but it was part of his French toast and chicken order. The Cracker Barrel app was very useful, allowing me to join the wait-list and pay directly from my phone, saving us so much time. And let's not forget about the country store. The decor and cool chairs outside made for a homely and welcoming atmosphere. The chicken fried steak and country fried chicken were tasty, but the pot pie was a standout favorite for me. Overall, the staff were friendly and made sure we received our food in good time. I'll definitely be returning and highly recommend a visit.

Camille's Sidewalk Cafe

1216 W 41st St, Sioux Falls

(605) 333-9727

Reviewed by:

Anthony Franco

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe in Sioux Falls for brunch. Despite a slight hiccup with my initial order, the experience was overwhelmingly positive. The food was absolutely amazing, with a rich variety of vegetarian options that catered perfectly to my dietary preferences. I was particularly impressed by the Veganini, which I highly recommend for a hearty, healthy meal. The atmosphere at Camille's was equally impressive - it was lively, welcoming, and perfect for a brunch gathering. Even though I was there to study, the staff was incredibly accommodating, allowing me to relax and focus on my work without any interruptions. However, my experience wasn't without its trials. Upon placing my order, there was a mishap with the bill and I was overcharged by $10. Additionally, the wraps I ordered were under-filled, leaving me yearning for more of their delicious fillings. On expressing my concerns, the staff was somewhat dismissive. But, in all fairness, they rectified their mistakes promptly, which is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. In conclusion, my overall experience at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe was majorly positive. Despite the few hiccups, the quality of the food and the accommodating nature of the staff left a lasting impression on me. I am looking forward to making another visit soon. And for anyone looking for a relaxed, friendly cafe to enjoy a delicious brunch, I would highly recommend Camille's.

Kaladi's Bistro

1716 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 339-3322

Reviewed by:


I recently visited Kaladi's Bistro for brunch in Sioux Falls and was pleasantly impressed with my experience. Their Cajun Bacon Blue burger was well-prepared, although the cajun seasoning was slightly lacking. I paired my burger with a generous bowl of chili which proved to be satisfying. However, I was taken aback by the lack of staff. Despite the shortage, the two servers were commendable in their efforts, even with the kitchen staff stepping in to help. A standout dish was the make-your-own omelet which was absolutely delicious and prompt in service. I must bring up a minor disappointment when they could not provide gluten-free buns as promised online, causing my sister to alter her order. The service, nonetheless, was impeccable with a very cordial wait staff. We also tried the Mahi Mahi tacos, chicken cilantro lime tacos, and tomato basil soup. The chicken tacos were especially appealing due to the flavorful lime cilantro sauce. The Mahi Mahi tacos with its cucumber and lemon aioli sauce were very unique and a welcome change from the conventional fried fish taste. The dishes were quite filling, ensuring we left satisfied and content. I have to thank everyone at Kaladi's Bistro for a thoroughly enjoyable first visit. I look forward to return soon.

Crack'd Pot Restaurant & Bakery

1430 N Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 338-9713

Reviewed by:

Ej Ricardo

Crack'd Pot Restaurant & Bakery in Sioux Falls has a wonderful nostalgic diner feel, with a variety of delicious choices on the menu. The steak and hash browns were cooked to perfection, and the service was one of the best I'd ever experienced. Even during a busy brunch, our single waitress handled it all effortlessly and went the extra mile to make my niece's day special. The food was timely, and the interaction was warm and friendly. The standout dish for me was the liver and onions, and the salad bar was filled with tasty options. The Dutch Apple Pie was also an absolute delight and took me to my happy place with just one bite. The atmosphere in this gem of a place was comfortable and cozy, making it the perfect place for a filling brunch. The prices were reasonable, and if I lived in Sioux Falls, I am sure I would become a regular customer. If you're in the area, don't sleep on this spot. Stop by for a great meal that won't disappoint.

CRAVE American Kitchen & Sushi Bar (Hilton Garden Inn - Sioux Falls)

201 E 8th St, Sioux Falls

(605) 782-2600

Reviewed by:

Grant Schigoda

I recently revisited CRAVE American Kitchen & Sushi Bar in Sioux Falls after a hiatus of three years. The truffle fries and salmon piccatta became my instant favorites. Unfortunately, there was a slight delay in serving and some mix up with the order but the polite and service-oriented waiter made up for it. I found the firecracker shrimp a little soggy this time but the brussel sprouts and mussels were fantastic. The wedge salad was well dressed and flavorful; the Korean chicken bowl and the surfer roll were both delightful with their perfect textures and freshness. They also have a variety of plant-based items which I and my family appreciate. We opted for a late lunch and were greeted by a super friendly host who was very accommodating and respectful. Our server was particularly attentive to my dietary requirements, always ensuring my food was gluten and dairy-free. We ordered the buffalo burgers, one vegan and one regular, which were both amazing, along with the super tasty fries. I really wish I could give this place 10 stars! The outstanding service of our server definitely deserved a generous tip. I will definitely be back for more, it was an overall amazing dining experience. Thanks CRAVE!

Marlin's Family Restaurant

3850 N Cliff Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 332-7259

Reviewed by:

Maria Freeman-Session

On a recent road trip, I stumbled upon a true gem of a restaurant - Marlin’s in Sioux Falls. I was immediately charmed by the friendly service and extensive menu, offering a wide array of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The epitome of Americana, this diner is excellently located, right by the main highway and regional airport. Despite the place being packed, I was quick to recommend the cornbread Benedict - a must-try! The vintage atmosphere of this local diner only added to its charm. Yes, the kitchen can get backed up, but let me assure you, the wait is entirely worth it. Special shout out to Kat, our server, who was attentive, efficient, and seemed to be everywhere at once. Leaving with a smile on my face and a full stomach, I couldn't have asked for more! The hot beef sandwich on Texas toast, paired with real mashed potatoes was simply out of this world. And don't even get me started on the homemade peach pie and the perfectly brewed iced tea. The food met all my expectations, notably the blueberry pie which was spot-on. If you're in the area, you simply cannot miss Marlin's. It's a hearty and comforting stop that I will surely revisit!

Fryn' Pan Family Restaurant

2708 E 10th St, Sioux Falls

(605) 336-3950

Reviewed by:

Camilol Roy

I recently visited the Fryn' Pan Family Restaurant in Sioux Falls for brunch, and I must say, I was quite impressed. The food was hearty and delicious, and I received a large portion for a very reasonable price. I opted for their super special, a roast beef dish that was not only satisfying but also a great deal at $12. The overall quality and taste of the food was commendable - a solid 8 out of 10. The portion size was also generous, not something you often see these days, so I'd give it another 8 out of 10. However, the charm of this place isn't just in its food, but in its homely, unpretentious coffee shop/diner vibe. The restaurant was bustling with locals, regulars, and old timers when I visited on a Wednesday at 4pm. They offer a soup and salad bar that stays open from 11am to 11pm. I tried their beef and vegetable soup and salad bar with some incredibly flavorful blue cheese, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Along with that, a bowl of spaghetti made for a comforting and much-needed meal after a long drive. For senior citizens, there's an extensive menu specially designed for them, which I thought was a thoughtful touch. Moreover, they offer a 20% discount on Senior Day, which is every Wednesday from 5-9pm. Later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant was open late and easily accessible from the highway. The salad bar was fresh and offered a wide selection of greens and veggies. The chicken fried steak and meat lovers omelette we had were so filling, we packed them up for lunch the next day. In conclusion, the Fryn' Pan Family Restaurant offers a good ol' home-cooked meal in a welcoming setting, topped with fast, friendly service. It may not be exactly like Grandma's cooking, but it's a close second. It's a great spot for a satisfying meal and a good time.

Falls Overlook Cafe

825 N Weber Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 367-4885

Reviewed by:

Sherry Galindo

I recently visited the Falls Overlook Cafe at Falls Park and had a delightful experience. The location is perfect with scenic views - almost close enough to feel the mist from the falls! The cafe's staff was diligent and friendly and the place was spotless. The food quality was impressive as well. I loved the pulled pork sandwich served on a pretzel bun and the BBQ Pork Nachos didn't disappoint either. The grilled cheese with pesto was a hit, and even a picky teenager enjoyed the ham & cheese wrap. However, keep in mind that this isn't the place for a full-fledged family meal. It's better suited for a light lunch like a sandwich, wrap, or salad. They don't serve traditional coffee shop fare, nor do they offer a variety of coffee options. But, they do have great ice cream with chunks of chocolate and nuts. I must also compliment their BCB burger - it was gigantic and full of flavor – the pineapple salsa was indeed a delightful addition. And let's not forget the kettle chips - even my finicky 3-year-old nephew adored them. The staff was attentive and even gave us a bag of homemade kettle chips to take home. Their iced coffee was surprisingly good and a better choice than the known alternative. It was smooth and not bitter at all, and they even had a variety of milk alternatives and creamers. All in all, Falls Overlook Cafe is an undiscovered treasure - great for a stopover when you're in Sioux Falls, SD. Just keep in mind their limited menu, and you'll have a great time. Eight thumbs up from this happy customer!

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

3400 S Gateway Blvd, Sioux Falls

(605) 361-7543

Reviewed by:

Felicia Fernandez

I had a pleasant experience at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery for brunch on a quiet Friday. We got seated quickly and the service was prompt, if not exactly swift. I enjoyed their fab 5 meal and a hot tea, while others in my party were happy with a cheeseburger and fries and country fried steak with gravy and hash browns. The place was clean and well-maintained. One minor issue was that our request for well-done sausage and bacon was not met. It arrived cold and undercooked, something I find disappointing when dining out. Another letdown was my husband's biscuits and gravy, which he described as tasting like paste. Aside from these shortcomings, there were amusing moments like when my husband got only five fries with his meal. There was a little inconvenience with the salt shaker appearing to have some suspicious particles in it, which I decided to avoid just to be safe. On a positive note, our waitress Chloe was really sweet and went out of her way to accommodate our party of seven. Overall, the food was amazing, the coffee was hot, and we had a great time. Despite some hiccups, I believe Perkins can improve and serve better.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

2604 W 41st St, Sioux Falls

(605) 339-1310

Reviewed by:

Bonnie Jose

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Perkins Restaurant & Bakery for brunch and my experience was top-notch. Upon arriving for a carry-out order, I was immediately attended to by the cordial staff. The gentleman who took my order, I believe his name was Pete, was incredibly helpful. Within ten minutes of placing my order, I was out the door with a hot bag of delightful brunch foods. Upon tasting my meal, I was impressed. Each item was prepared to perfection and exactly as I had ordered. The care and precision of the kitchen staff certainly shines through their food. On another visit for a late lunch, I was promptly greeted and attended to, despite my late arrival and the restaurant's slow hours. My order was taken swiftly and the food was brought out in no time. The sandwich I ordered was fantastic, filling, and well worth the $13. Overall, I've been thoroughly impressed with this location, from their attentive service to their delectable food offerings, and I fully intend on returning. I highly recommend Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Sioux Falls for any meal occasion.

Granite City Food & Brewery

2620 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls

(605) 362-0000

Reviewed by:

Stephanie Nicolas

Granite City Food & Brewery in Sioux Falls has definitely left a positive impression on me. Their Pomberry Fuze sour ale was excellent, and the wings were good too, although the service could be a bit faster. The place was clean and spacious, with a decent sound system. The food was really something. The pricing was fair, and the presentation was impressive. The burger I ordered was cooked perfectly to medium, something I'll definitely order again. Their Cajun Jambalaya was outstanding and surpassed the quality of many other places I've tasted it. My visit with my family and friends was made even better by the fantastic service we received. Despite a small hiccup in the order, the staff were very apologetic, and the correct dish came out in no time. The server diligently refilled my drink multiple times without me even asking, which was greatly appreciated after a long day of work. The Millionaire's Bacon Burger I tried on another visit was exceptional. The bun was so fresh, and the rest of the burger was just as terrific. Once again, the service was fantastic and everyone was very kind and helpful. The cordial attitude of the staff and the excellent food make this a place we surely stop by when in town. Plus, the Easter and spring decorations were a lovely touch. In conclusion, Granite City Food & Brewery is a place I highly recommend for the food, drinks, and an overall pleasant dining experience.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

5835 E Arrowhead Pl, Sioux Falls

(605) 271-4896

Reviewed by:

Cairo Paima-Barker

I had a truly satisfying brunch at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Sioux Falls. The country fried steak I had for breakfast was delicious, though my request for very hard scrambled eggs wasn't met as they turned out a bit runny. Service wasn't stellar, I had to look for refills myself and it was a bit slow. The coffee also could have been better. Despite these small issues, the portions were generous and hit the spot. I believe the parking and service would be better outside of the lunchtime rush. I will definitely be returning! It's an ideal spot for a midday breakfast after a round at the Willow Run Golf Course and I even managed to get some work done over the free wifi they provide. The new location is convenient for me and we were seated as soon as we arrived. The staff were fantastic and the food really stood out. My California avocado Benedict was fantastic and has become one of my favorites. The fresh fruit and breakfast potatoes with ranch for dipping were also top-notch. Overall, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery has won me over and I look forward to returning soon!


4510 W 41st St, Sioux Falls

(605) 362-6632

Reviewed by:

Nica Rose

I recently dined at IHOP in Sioux Falls for brunch and overall, my experience was quite delightful. It was not particularly crowded at the time of my visit, which made for a relaxed and cozy ambiance. Although our meals took a bit longer to be served, we understood it was due to the focus on quality and freshness of the food. My meal of Fresh Berry Crepes was interesting. The presentation was unique with strawberries and blueberries scattered on what seemed to be a flattened pancake. The aesthetic was novel, though it might not be everyone's cup of tea. As for the service, it was worth a mention. We were greeted warmly at our arrival and our server was extremely cordial and efficient. She was always at the ready to assist us, making us feel quite welcomed. The process of paying and getting our receipts was a bit drawn-out, but it didn't overshadow the overall pleasant experience. Regarding my experience with their online curbside pick-up service, it could have been better. The app didn't have a check-in feature which required me to go inside the restaurant. Inside, I was greeted by an unusual smell and noticed a leak in the ceiling. To improve, I'd suggest they look into these maintenance issues and also ensure their online service is glitch-free. Once back home, I discovered the food had gone cold and some items were missing. However, I live quite close to the restaurant and these incidents can occur occasionally in takeaways. The pancake didn't taste right and was not to my daughter's liking. In a nutshell, while the restaurant could do with a bit more maintenance and better control on the takeaway orders, I'd still recommend IHOP for brunch. Their service is wonderful and food is decent. A few improvements here and there could make this place a great spot for brunch lovers.

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