January 18, 2024

Top 20 Brunch Spots in SoHo: Savoring NYC's Trendy Enclave

Get the scoop on the top SoHo brunch spots that locals love and visitors flock to – all served with a side of SoHo cool.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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New York
Top 20 Brunch Spots in SoHo: Savoring NYC's Trendy Enclave
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We've scouted the streets, peeked inside the kitchens, and pulled up a chair at the most talked-about tables to bring you the ultimate guide to brunching where SoHo locals do.

Old Fashion Café

110 Thompson St, New York

(646) 484-5681

Reviewed by:

Chhavi Ziessler

What an experience at Old Fashion Café in SoHo for brunch! The food is simply incredible, with quality ingredients that make for great flavor pairings and perfectly sized portions. The service couldn't have been better – everyone was so kind and professional. I love the atmosphere; it's spot on with excellent music and beautiful ambiance and decor. I highly recommend everything about this place: the wine, the delectable food, the desserts, and the appetizers. Those scallops were absolutely delicious, and the caprese pizza? The cheese was a revelation and the dough had the perfect texture. Even the latte was fancy – I got warm milk to pour my coffee into, which was super delicious. The bartender was very friendly, and it's great that this is a café where you can order both food and a wide range of drinks, including alcoholic beverages. Watching the server make the drinks was a treat; they all looked fancy and inviting. It's a lovely spot, fitting whether you're after brunch or dinner. The French toast was the best I've had, the burger was satisfying, and the other entrees were up to par. The service throughout was great. Nestled in the chic area of Manhattan, Old Fashion Café stands out for its atmosphere and quality. The dishes are wonderful, and the cocktails are executed divinely. A special thanks to Piero and Antonello, hosts who add a touch of magic to the experience. Thank you, guys – I'll definitely be coming back soon!

Odd Sister

45 Mercer St, New York

(212) 966-9288

Reviewed by:

William Cruit Murdough

Wow, just had brunch at Odd Sister in SoHo, and let me tell you, this place has quickly become one of my go-to spots. It's dog-friendly, so my little Pomeranian gets to join in on the fun. The staff here are stars – so polite and their recommendations are spot on. The menu is fresh, well-prepared, and the cozy ambiance with its beautiful interior makes you feel right at home. The short rib and fried rice are out of this world, and it's not every day you come across a spot in NYC with a sweet Riesling on the menu. We topped off our meal with an espresso martini that was just perfect. Despite the weather being less than ideal, our experience at Odd Sister brightened up the day. Absolutely obsessed with everything from the flavors to the overall atmosphere. The decor is stylish, and the bartender deserves a shout-out for their top-notch service. Finding a seat in the back near the bar was a good move, offering a great spot to enjoy the food and the scene. And let me tell you about the food – the fried rice & spicy tuna on crispy rice are must-try dishes. Plus, the craft cocktails are unique and well worth exploring. If you're around SoHo, it's definitely worth a visit. The place is quite trendy and intimate, the perfect setting for date night or catching up with friends. The gnocchi was a standout dish; however, the fried rice didn't quite hit the same high mark. While the atmosphere was generally great, there was a moment where it got too loud, but that's part of the vibe here – it's energetic and bustling. For those who thrive in lively environments, you'll fit right in. But if you're looking for a quieter spot, the noise level might be something to consider. It was a bit of a letdown since I was looking forward to a chill evening, but that gnocchi almost made up for it. Here's hoping next time is a little less noisy because I'm eager to come back for the food and the ambiance.


38 MacDougal St, New York

(212) 475-7500

Reviewed by:

Mike Mcafee

Brunch at Shuka in SoHo was quite the treat. It's one of the top spots for brunch in the city, so a pro tip is to grab reservations beforehand. The atmosphere inside was vibrant and the service didn't miss a beat. I'd suggest kicking things off with one of their dips, they're a great lead-in to brunch. Their shakshuka really hit the spot, and I'm already thinking about my next visit to try more of their offerings. The menu presented a bit of a mixed bag, though. While I was thrilled about their Mediterranean spread, there were some misses. The whipped feta pistachio dip left me searching for flavor, and while the zaatar fries and fried halloumi were decent, they didn't wow me. A concerning moment came when I discovered a piece of metal in the Harira soup, which was a bit of an ordeal, but the manager was quick to address it and remove the charge from our bill. Portion sizes could do with a bit of a boost. The price didn't quite match up to the amount served, especially when sharing among a group, which was a letdown. Despite this, the quality of service and the overall charm of the place carried the experience. Not to forget, the zaatar fries and chicken kebab are must-tries—they were exceptional. The food presentation was spotless and flavors were on point, with the kebabs grilled to perfection. It's safe to say that the chill ambiance and attentive staff made Shuka worth the visit, and I'm already planning a return for my next New York City adventure.

Banter NYC

169 Sullivan St, New York

Reviewed by:

Joseph Lopez

Stopped by Banter NYC in SoHo for Saturday brunch and the place was buzzing with a pretty decent wait time. Managed to snag a seat after a bit of a wait, which was a testament to its popularity. The interior was lively, although a touch on the noisy side due to its cozy layout and the central drinks station. The outdoor seating seemed like a good bet for a quieter experience, especially with it being a quieter spot despite its proximity to the street. The menu offered some great choices and I decided on the banter bowl with grilled chicken, complemented by the green vitality and fresh start juices. The bowl was fresh, flavorful, and satisfying, though the chicken could have been juicier. The green vitality juice was the standout for me with its fresh, green taste – the celery notes were spot on. Although the fresh start juice was a bit too tart for my liking, it was still refreshing. The experience overall was pleasant. The food left me feeling good and ready to take on the rest of my day. Even with the wait, the brunch was a win. The fried chicken sandwich got high praises from my friend, boasting perfect crispiness and tasty pickles. My egg dish was a bit plain, but was quickly perked up with some hot sauce. The service was attentive, the atmosphere was cozy, and the Banter big breakfast I heard about was said to be fantastic. On a Sunday, the wait was shorter and the service was quick without compromising on the freshness or taste of the food. While the vibe was not the highlight, the staff were definitely warm and welcoming. Been here for brunch on a Saturday and it seems to be a hotspot, so making a reservation might be a smart move. The brunch menu wasn't extensive, but the food quality was solid. The mushroom wrap was a bit too mushroom-heavy for me and could have done with a bit more flavor, but the chicken sandwich was satisfactory. All in all, there are plenty of brunch spots in the area, but Banter holds its own with good food and a nice atmosphere, even if the menu might not knock your socks off every time.

Three of Cups Restaurant

150 Sullivan St, New York

(646) 649-4221

Reviewed by:

Annaliza Herz

On my visit to Three of Cups SoHo, I was charmed by its delightful atmosphere and the food definitely hit the spot. Sitting outside was a pleasure as the heaters kept me cozy despite the chill. Although the service tended to be on the slower side and I found myself without water for a bit, the staff's politeness made up for the wait. This spot is perfect for a relaxed brunch or lunch, ideal for small groups or solo diners. The food offerings were impressive, from the delectable brisket burger packed with flavor to the wholesome lunch special featuring soup and a tasty tuna sandwich, all made with high-quality ingredients. Dessert was a showstopper with warm mini donuts and a luscious coffee mousse that left me wowed. I particularly enjoyed the casual vibe of the place, which included an array of cheese and charcuterie boards and an excellent wine selection at reasonable prices for SoHo. Our order of a whole chicken with two sides, priced at $40, was a generous portion that comfortably fed two with leftovers to spare. It's got me excited to come back to try the German sausage next time. Admittedly, not every item on the menu was to my liking, as the apple turnover didn't quite live up to my expectations. But the Americano I had was decent, providing a satisfying coffee fix. It was the warmth and attentiveness of the staff that really elevated the experience, ensuring that my overall impression of this café remains positive. It’s a place I definitely recommend and look forward to visiting again.

Boqueria Soho

171 Spring St, New York

(212) 343-4255

Reviewed by:

Benítez Price

Brunch at Boqueria Soho in SoHo was quite the delightful experience. The place has a solid reputation for its variety of Spanish tapas, and I was pleased to see that it lived up to expectations. Despite the dreary weather, the staff were incredibly accommodating, making no fuss about our early arrival and making sure we were comfortable, especially with the clever high chair provided for my little one. Once seated, the service was on point. We took advantage of the happy hour specials, which didn't disappoint. Between the well-spaced tables and the pleasing ambiance, the layout of the venue added to the enjoyment of our meal. Opting to dine al fresco, even with a bit of a chill, was a good decision. The outdoor heaters provided enough warmth, and though there was a slight delay in being attended to, the waiter was informative and helpful once we caught his attention. The food itself was tasty, with standouts including the Pan Con Tomate, Patatas Bravas, and Croquetas de setas. The Gambas al ajillo added just the right kick to the selection. To accompany the meal, the drinks menu had interesting options, with the Pina ahumada and Margarita de rosas being particularly memorable. Hope to make another visit to Boqueria Soho the next time I'm in the city and continue exploring their delicious Spanish offerings. The overall experience made for a supremely satisfying visit.

Ruby's Cafe - Soho

219 Mulberry St, New York

(212) 925-5755

Reviewed by:

Trina Jaded

I absolutely adore Ruby's Cafe in Soho, especially for brunch. Despite the crowd, the wait was pretty manageable. The Shrimp pasta I had was delightful with just the right amount of spice, and my cousin couldn't stop raving about the Bronte burger and sweet potato fries he ordered. But the real showstopper for me is always the dessert – that Sticky Toffee pudding is a must-try, although a tad more ice cream would make it perfect. The service was top-notch; our server was friendly and attentive amidst the bustle. It's such a charming Australian brunch spot right in the heart of Soho, fitting for a day date or to catch up with friends. The food really hits the mark; the Bronte burger is something I could eat over and over without ever getting bored. The pasta was well-cooked with a tasty sauce, though it didn't quite hit the 'authentic' mark flavor-wise. As for the coffee, it was a bit on the sweet side for my taste. We timed our visit well, avoiding the long waits I've experienced in the past. Ruby's might have a bit of a reputation, but it holds up with its solid Australian brunch offerings. The Sweet Corn Fritters are my go-to; they let me swap in salmon for bacon without any fuss. The fritters themselves were perfectly prepared – crispy on the outside, soft and packed with corn on the inside, suitable for sharing. I tried Ruby's Ragu this time; it was pretty average, but there was plenty of braised beef. Next time I'll be tempted to try a different pasta dish. I had high hopes for the Fries with Truffle Aioli after reading rave reviews, but they didn't quite live up to the hype. The fries were crispy, but I was hoping for a stronger truffle presence – it was mostly mayo. Their Ricotta Hotcakes were impressive, thick and served with banana, maple syrup, and Nutella, plus that honeycomb butter was outstanding. Just a tip – skip the Rose Latte; it was a bit of a letdown. However, the service here is great, and they kindly changed my friend's drink without any issue. Having been a patron of Ruby's for years, it's consistently good. The shrimp pasta and Bronte burger are my usual picks, and both are fantastic. The burger comes with a beautifully juicy patty complemented by a slightly sweet sauce. I also tried the banana pancake for the first time and was not disappointed; they were light, fluffy, and Nutella is always a win. Yes, it's a busy place, but it's worth the wait. Alternatively, the Murray Hill location has a similar vibe and quality if you're looking to dodge the crowds – I've yet to check out their East Village spot. It's just a joy to have a place like Ruby's in New York City.

Citizens Of Soho, A Breakfast Cafe

201 Lafayette St, New York

(347) 535-1245

Reviewed by:

Giuseppe Barrie

Walking into Citizens Of Soho for brunch was an absolute delight. The cozy and inviting interior set the tone for a fantastic meal. The staff greeted us with warmth, making us feel welcome right from the start. I was particularly impressed by our server, Iyonce, who was not only friendly but made the experience feel personal, like catching up with an old friend. The menu offered a variety of mouthwatering options, and the food didn't disappoint. The golden French toast was heavenly, and the unique touch of Panna cotta made it a standout. The biscuit brekky was another hit at our table, offering a delicious combination of soft scrambled eggs and fresh greens. Even the granola and yogurt bowl was a treat, with fresh fruit and the right touch of honey chia. Sitting at the bar for coffee and a croissant on a busy Friday afternoon, I appreciated the prompt service and the charming company of the cafe's dog. It contributed to the homey, welcoming vibe of the place. There was a bit of a hiccup with our waffle and banana bread order, which required a longer than expected wait and a mix-up with the order not being placed. However, the staff handled it gracefully by not charging us for the delayed items, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the small service issue, the atmosphere and food at Citizens Of Soho left a lasting impression. The Morning Glory Bowl and Banana Bread French Toast were particularly enjoyable, and the prices seemed fair for the SoHo area. I'm eager to return and would happily recommend this spot for a delightful brunch experience.


80 Spring St, New York

(212) 965-1414

Reviewed by:

Danny Ordoñez

My brunch experience at Balthazar in SoHo was one for the books, especially since it was to celebrate my birthday. From the moment my friend and I walked in, the staff made us feel like royalty, consistently checking on us without being intrusive. It struck the perfect balance between a fun, relaxed vibe and the elegance of fine dining. The standout, unquestionably, was the food. The bakery within Balthazar had me at hello with their in-house bread—such a simple item, yet so perfectly executed. The freshness of the oysters set the bar high right from the start, and let me tell you, the main dishes carried that torch to the finish line with flair. Each dish was a burst of flavor that you could tell was crafted from the freshest, quality ingredients. Even when the service felt a bit rushed, and the waiter could've afforded to be a tad softer around the edges, the overall experience wasn't tarnished. The atmosphere is nothing short of enchanting, making you feel as if you've taken a spontaneous trip to Europe while nestled in the heart of New York City. Despite a few missteps, like the underwhelming bib salad which really didn't do justice to the restaurant's stellar reputation, the delicious escargot and the heavenly dessert were redeeming. They've piqued my interest enough to want to return and explore more entree options. For those considering Balthazar for brunch, here's my take: go for it. While it's bustling and always in demand, it's worth wading through the crowd for the exceptional service and the culinary journey that awaits. It's an establishment that manages to capture the essence of a quintessential New York brunch spot with a French twist. Highly recommend!

The Grey Dog

244 Mulberry St, New York

(212) 966-1060

Reviewed by:

Taylor Reynolds

As someone who loves to explore brunch spots, I was quite taken with The Grey Dog in SoHo. What initially seemed like a simple pub, ended up surprising me with its delightful omelette filled with sausage, mozzarella, and caramelized onions. The sweet potato fries and toast complemented the dish perfectly, exceeding my expectations. The interior might be on the compact side, but it's cozy and well-adorned, which adds to the charm. Despite our plans for another location initially, we ended up at The Grey Dog due to a long wait elsewhere, and I can say I wasn't disappointed. The orange juice was fresh and a perfect accompaniment to the meal. While the space was a bit tight, the atmosphere made up for it. Although the place seemed busy, the service was efficient, allowing us to enjoy our meal without feeling rushed. Finding parking in the area can be a bit of a hunt, but it's worth it for a relaxing breakfast experience in SoHo. Food quality was solid, exactly what one might look for in a good breakfast spot. The staff were amiable, and our food arrived swiftly, which was much appreciated. All in all, The Grey Dog provided a satisfying brunch that started the day on a good note.

Fanelli Café

94 Prince St, New York

(212) 226-9412

Reviewed by:

Brett Sanchez

Fanelli Café is truly a hidden gem in SoHo, especially for brunch. It's one of those underrated spots that I'm just drawn to time and time again. During the Christmas holidays, I had the pleasure of stopping by and it did not disappoint. Their New York pizza is hands down the best I've ever enjoyed in the city – just a simple yet perfect combination of sauce, cheese, and basil leaves atop a gloriously thin crust, with a creamy and satisfyingly salty filling. The clam chowder hit the mark too; it was exactly as I hoped it would be—a strong A in my book. Then there was the tomato soup – incredibly creamy and another strong A. The dessert was the only thing that didn't quite meet my expectations, so I'd probably pass on that next time. The service could use a little fine-tuning; seems like the staff might have missed their morning coffee, but they were friendly nonetheless. Fanelli Café is definitely the place to grab a quick, satisfying meal before continuing your SoHo exploration. The ambiance is relaxed and perfect for people watching, plus you get a sense of the city's vibe here. The menu is like a list of all my favorites, and the portions are so generous, which is great for sharing. Despite being a busy spot, the service is quick, and the staff make you feel right at home with their friendliness. Sitting outside under the heat lamps creates a wonderful atmosphere, even if there's sometimes a little wait for a seat when it gets busy. It’s worth the wait though, and I'm already planning my next visit. Fanelli Cafe's long history in New York since 1849 is evident in its classic charm. On a recent weekend trip to the city, I had to drop by Fanelli's for dessert – their espresso and cappuccinos were the perfect pick-me-up. The gelato and cheesecake were fantastic, and the service was top-notch, thanks to our server Lilly. Already looking forward to my next visit. Ciao!

Chobani SoHo

152 Prince St, New York

(212) 364-3970

Reviewed by:

Andy Martinez

My brunch experience at Chobani SoHo was a delight in many ways. The ambiance inside is serene, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of SoHo, and the place wasn't crowded, allowing for a more intimate dining experience. What stood out was the efficient service; our orders were taken and served in a timely manner, which is always appreciated. While I found the yogurt to be just okay and not particularly outstanding, the passion fruit mango slushy I tried was truly refreshing, particularly on an extremely hot day. It served as the perfect cooldown treat. Their October halloween special featuring pumpkin custard caught my attention, and I must say, it was a lovely seasonal touch. The lentil soup and smoked salmon bagel were another highlight of my visit. The use of Chobani yogurts to create a yogurt-based cream cheese was creative and added a unique twist to the typical bagel experience. It's worth noting that the prices are a bit on the higher side, which is somewhat expected for the area. Despite this, the quality of certain items like the honey vanilla bowl, which was brimming with freshness and flavor, made it more palatable. The combination of fresh ingredients and the tasteful presentation elevated the dish to another level. Despite some reservations about the menu and pricing, there were standout items that truly shined, making the visit to Chobani SoHo for brunch a generally positive experience.

Sadelle's New York

463 W Broadway, New York

(212) 254-3000

Reviewed by:

Brittany Moore

One of the best brunch experiences I've had, hands down! At a glance, Sadelle's in SoHo might seem like your typical American brunch spot, but oh, how it impressed me beyond expectations! Their smoked salmon paired with poppy seed bagels is top-notch, and I can't stop raving about the soft scrambled eggs with fish roe – we couldn't resist getting three orders for the two of us, and we polished off every bite! The ambiance here is fantastic, right in the hustle and bustle of SoHo, which adds to the whole experience. And I must commend the service; it's outstanding. Our food arrived promptly, which is always appreciated. Sadelle's NYC has quickly become a must-visit on my list. Granted, while the bagels aren't the most extraordinary I've ever eaten and you might find better deals elsewhere in the city, they still hit the spot, especially with those fresh and flavorful toppings! The French Toast was divine, and the salmon salad didn't disappoint. Be warned, it does get busy. During a Friday brunch, there was barely room to move! But the service remained friendly and attentive, and the generous portion sizes meant I got to take a delightful little doggy bag home – perfect for when my stomach couldn't keep up. I'm eager to go back because there's still so much more to explore on the menu. It's a paradise for salmon and smoked fish lovers, with excellent fish service. The slices are paper-thin and come with tomatoes, capers, and cucumbers – a bit of onion would have made it perfect. The tuna fish stood out, and the bagels were just right – crunchy on the outside without being too doughy on the inside. Not to forget, the cream cheese, possibly homemade, was incredibly creamy and paired beautifully with everything. Sadelle's is certainly a place to come back to for those delicious eats and outstanding service!

Jack's Wife Freda

226 Lafayette St, New York

(212) 510-8550

Reviewed by:

Jasmine De

My brunch experience at Jack's Wife Freda in SoHo was delightful. The venue wasn't crowded which allowed for an easy walk-in and choice of seating. The steak sandwich and fries I ordered were cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. To complement the meal, the cocktails were impressive. The overall dining experience was enhanced by the very welcoming servers, making me want to return again for sure. On my visit, which was on a Monday afternoon, the place had the charm of a European cafe and the food and drinks didn't disappoint. The Madame Freda with duck and fries was outstanding, and the BLT with duck bacon received high marks from my son. My wife's Mediterranean Breakfast with poached eggs, avocado, and yogurt, paired with her Cantaloupe Mimosa, left her content. While the prices weren't low, they felt appropriate for New York City. Staff attentiveness was commendable, even with a minor billing error that was quickly rectified. I would aim for a quieter time on my next visit. The restaurant's cute decor and lighting created a perfect brunch atmosphere. When I dined with coworkers, we were quickly seated in a spacious booth and received exceptional service from our gracious server. The variety of dishes we shared were all hits, and I found the prices reasonable for the quality of food. During a Saturday brunch, the ambiance was buzzing with guests enjoying their meals. The tasty offerings were great, although a broader range of brunch options would be ideal—as a pancake enthusiast, I settled for the waffle instead. Overall, the brunch at Jack's Wife Freda was a very agreeable experience.


239 Centre St, New York

(212) 226-0700

Reviewed by:

Mike Carrizo

BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!!! We are not from here and stumbling upon Maman for brunch in SoHo was a delightful surprise. The aesthetics of the cafe are stunning - it's hands down the prettiest breakfast spot we've visited. The food was equally impressive. My avocado toast was perfection on a plate, and my husband's butternut squash quiche was a savory delight. Both dishes were scrumptious, easily a 10/10 in our book. Maman continues to impress with their great food and coffee - everything is fresh, and the breakfast selection is varied enough to please any palate. It's important to note that the space is on the smaller side, so there may be a bit of a wait for a table. However, the outdoor seating area is a charming alternative if the weather is on your side. Service can slow down during the busy hours, but that's understandable given the attention to each order. But despite the rush, the service was commendable. The atmosphere inside is inviting, and once you get past the initial modest entrance, the place opens up wonderfully, complete with a courtyard that's just perfect for that relaxed brunch vibe. The desserts also deserve a shoutout - the chocolate chip cookie and the apple chai tea cake were outstanding. The chai tea itself was a great accompaniment. We felt fortunate to have Maman near our hotel - every dish we tried was a hit, the pastries were to die for, and the staff and service did not disappoint. In essence, it's a stellar cafe experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality brunch in NYC.

12 Chairs Cafe

56 MacDougal St, New York

(212) 254-8640

Reviewed by:

Betsy Alexander De Leon

Brunch at 12 Chairs Cafe in SoHo is truly an exceptional experience! The service is warm and attentive, making you feel welcomed the moment you step through the door. The food here is packed with flavor and the portions are sure to leave you satisfied. There's a diverse menu with plenty of choices for everyone, including numerous vegetarian and vegan options that are just as delightful as the rest of the offerings. The vibe of the cafe is fun and the atmosphere inviting, perfect for both a group outing with lots of options for sharing or an intimate meal. When the appetizers arrived, they were served promptly, and the hot pita bread was an absolute treat. The falafel and Israeli salad were delicious, fresh, and crisp. The dips and schnitzel are also must-tries; they're fantastic! For those who require it, the bathroom is accessible and conveniently located on the main floor. While this location doesn't offer cocktails, they do have a nice selection of wine and beer. Additionally, they offer patio seating which is a pleasant spot to enjoy a summer morning meal. Even when busy, the staff like waitress Anna maintain their attentive service. The food here is definitely a highlight. The spicy platter, falafel and tahini, Israeli pickles, and baba ghanoush made for perfect appetizers. The halloumi is also delicious. And you simply can't go wrong with their Shakshuka – it's awesome! While there was a slight wait to be seated and a small hiccup with the billing, the kind staff were more than willing to rectify any issues. Though the outdoor atmosphere had a moment of discomfort with the heat and flies, a request to turn on the fan was all it took for continued enjoyment. The middle eastern food here might be standard for some, but the labaneh and malabi are worth a taste, even if they might not be to everyone's liking. In summary, 12 Chairs Cafe is a neighborhood gem in SoHo that's well worth the visit for anyone looking for sublime Israeli food and a great brunch experience.

The Dutch

131 Sullivan St, New York

(212) 677-6200

Reviewed by:

Christopher Hoogle

I had brunch at The Dutch in SoHo and wanted to share my delightful experience. The ambiance and service were quite decent, and the table setup was nice, although there was no music playing. The highlight for me was definitely the honey butter biscuit, which tasted authentically homemade and was absolutely fantastic. The drink portions were generous, and my Bloody Mary had the perfect kick of spice. The jumbo shrimp cocktail really caught my attention, especially because it was served with a lemon "cheek" instead of the usual wedges. This small, thoughtful touch brought an unexpected smile to my face and impressed me – it's the little things that make a difference, right? We also celebrated our post-elopement lunch at The Dutch, and the experience was nothing short of phenomenal. Having dined here before, we knew the food and atmosphere were just right for such an occasion. The staff, particularly Carla, pulled out all the stops. With personalized menus, attentive service for our party, a custom cake, and even a polaroid photo to remember the day, our special moment felt even more incredible. I have to give kudos to The Dutch for such an extraordinary effort. Additionally, on one visit, we had the earliest dinner reservation, and the staff kindly suggested we have a drink at the bar while we waited. The drink was great, and upon returning to the host stand, they were very accommodating, storing our coats and seating us promptly. The manager and our server were attentive, making sure we were settled with drinks and ready to order. I particularly enjoyed the duck buns and tuna starters, but the standout for me was the fried chicken. It was a perfect balance of crispy and spicy, yet still juicy inside. The chicken was accompanied by two delectable honey biscuits. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and although we didn't have dessert, I left feeling completely satisfied. Can't wait to return for another meal. 5/5 all the way!

La Mercerie

53 Howard St, New York

(212) 852-9097

Reviewed by:

Wylma Shields

One of my favorite spots for brunch in NYC has to be La Mercerie in SoHo. There's something truly magical about visiting this place at the end of November when it's all festive and welcoming. The desserts there? Absolutely divine—I still dream about them. Brunching here is an experience you don't want to miss. I absolutely adore their innovative spin on eggs with whipped cauliflower and tofu; it's an unexpected but delightful combination. During the holidays, I had the pleasure of enjoying a brunch that ticked all the boxes: a charming atmosphere, delightful drinks, and scrumptious food. It's a popular place, so I definitely suggest making a reservation. This way, you avoid being one of the many who jot down their names and wait around to be called back much later. An added bonus is that once you're done eating, you can pop next door for a bit of shopping—a perfect way to round off the dining experience. And while the view is nice, I must admit the service has room for improvement. There was a mix-up with seating during one of my visits, which was initially off-putting, but eventually sorted out by a friend who insisted and secured us a table indoors. As for the food, while the short rib meat was a bit too fatty for my taste, the green beans were spot on, and the cod fish was fresh, albeit a touch under-seasoned. It's understandable they're busy, but service could certainly be more attentive. You might think of La Mercerie as just a brunch place, but don't be fooled—dinner here can be a real treat too. I ventured in one evening to find a beautifully candle-lit setting, ideal for a romantic date. The beef au poivre was a standout, far exceeding my expectations. Other dishes didn't disappoint either, and the dessert was the perfect sweet note to end on. Despite a few hiccups, I continue to enjoy La Mercerie for its unique offerings and lovely ambiance. It's definitely on my list of recommendations for anyone looking to enjoy a great brunch—or dinner—in SoHo.

Soho Diner

320 W Broadway, New York

(212) 965-3011

Reviewed by:

Marylou Kam

Walking into Soho Diner for brunch is like stepping into a timeless slice of the city that's always buzzing with energy. This little gem is tucked away so conveniently, adding to its charm. The service is something to speak of – attentive and warm, ensuring you feel right at home the moment you step in. The indoor interior is cozy, making you instantly comfortable and setting the stage for a delightful meal. Now, let's talk about what's really important here – the food. I ventured out of my comfort zone with the vegan pancakes and, let me tell you, they were a revelation. Light, fluffy, and absolutely moreish, they're a must-try even for non-vegans. However, the fries fell a bit short. They seemed to lack that punchy seasoning that usually makes fries irresistible. That being said, the cheese toasties from the kids' menu were nothing short of spectacular – so much so that it became a shared plate for all four of us. The drink selection complemented the meal perfectly. Fresh-squeezed orange juice and robust coffee hit the spot, rounding off the brunch experience nicely. As a bonus, it's also kid-friendly. There's coloring and other activities to keep the little diners entertained, which is always a thoughtful touch. Everyone on the staff team was incredibly friendly and gracious, contributing to the absolutely great experiences I've had – not just once, but on multiple visits. Every element, from the service to the ambience, makes the diner a standout. Sure, it was busy and the service might've taken a tad longer, but with such a kind waiter looking after us, it's hard to find any real fault. Soho Diner has won me over completely with its classic diner feel and satisfying portions, making for an enjoyable brunch spot. It's a place I'm definitely heading back to, no question about it.

NOMO Kitchen

9 Crosby St, New York

(646) 218-6449

Reviewed by:

Kacee Sarmiento

Absolutely adore heading to NOMO Kitchen for brunch! Nestled in the heart of SoHo, this place is a gem. During my latest visit, the hostess greeted me with such a warm and pleasant demeanor that it set a lovely tone for the meal. Although our waiter seemed to be more focused on efficiency rather than introductions, the food did not disappoint—it was light, fresh, and mostly hit the spot. While the skirt steak was a touch on the salty side, it was still quite enjoyable. The drinks were average, not the highlight of my experience, but that was quickly forgotten when I indulged in the chocolate mousse cake—a standout end to the meal. The ambiance really is the heart of NOMO Kitchen; the vibes, the music, and the location pull you into a quintessential SoHo brunch scene. When I visited on a Sunday around 1pm without a reservation, the place was buzzing, yet I managed to snag a table. Although it wasn't amidst the coveted greenery-adorned floor, the music and the overall atmosphere more than made up for it. I even got a taste of the French toast from a friend's plate and decided it's a must for my next visit. However, there's room for improvement when it comes to the service. On a slower weekday morning, I noticed a lack of attentiveness from the waitstaff, which was a bit of a letdown. Guests, including myself, were often left trying to catch a waiter's eye for the simplest requests. While the staff was friendly when engaged, the service didn't quite match the standout character of the venue. Despite the service hiccups, the overall experience reaffirms NOMO Kitchen as a solid brunch destination. The music, the setting, and the reasonable prices make it a fun and enjoyable spot. While my experience with our waiter wasn't the best, other staff members did seem attentive and kind. The food is a delight, and the location absolutely cannot be beaten. Definitely worth a visit for anyone looking to soak in that special SoHo brunch vibe.

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