June 22, 2024

SoHo Tasty: Uncovering the Best Breakfast Gems in the Heart of Manhattan

Discover SoHo’s top breakfast spots! From classic pancakes to trendy avocado toast, find out where to start your day right in NYC’s coolest neighborhood.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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New York
SoHo Tasty: Uncovering the Best Breakfast Gems in the Heart of Manhattan
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Welcome to SoHo, where SoHo mealtime magic happens. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, this vibrant neighborhood isn't just an artist's dreamscape but also a breakfast lover's paradise. From cozy nooks to trendy hotspots, we've scoured the streets to find the best bites that turn mornings from "so-so" to "so-oh-yes"!

Drip Drop Café

107 Thompson St ST2, New York

(917) 522-6616

Reviewed by:

Sebas James

These people are so nice. I had a beet latte that was amazing. My husband had an almond milk latte, and my daughter a blood orange peach tea. We sat outside at a fun table, and they brought our drinks to us. The only way it could get better would be some dairy-free food options. We stopped in for a cappuccino after dinner, and they did not disappoint. The atmosphere is very welcoming and kind. The employees were fantastic, and so were the coffees. The shop is adorable, and we loved the artwork for sale. The rustic chic vibe of the place won me over. Just a great little spot! Too adorable not to rate! The latte was too cute but indeed delicious as well. I got some journaling done, so the environment was great around midday. 🥰 Update: Continuously filled with joy with this coffee shop’s latte and cappuccino. 💕 I saw the cool latte art in other reviews, so I wanted to go there. But maybe they got a bit lazy. I got an oat milk latte that tasted decent, but I'm still very disappointed. The almond croissant was tough and chewy, but at least it's crispy. Did not taste very sweet or much like almonds at all.

Crispy Heaven

38 Grand St, New York

(646) 669-7019

Reviewed by:

Bg Maldonado

Crispy Heaven is an absolute gem! This SOHO stunner has an upscale, warm, and cozy ambiance that is extremely pleasant. The staff is fantastic and immediately makes you feel right at home. The bread was insane—having the bread at this place that’s a bakery during the daytime was incredible. I am not exaggerating when I say every single dish was a highlight. The short rib was one of the best dishes I've ever had in NYC, and the spicy wagyu Bahamian tacos were also out of this world. They just started doing dinners on Thursdays, and I cannot recommend this place any higher! I am stoked for my next visit. I came here on the weekend without a reservation and absolutely loved this place! The bakery was full, and we were lucky to get a seat, so you may have to wait a bit to get seated. I got one of their sandwiches, which was outstanding. Their bread is out of this world! I liked the vibe as well! I will definitely be back. The go-to spot in New York City, no doubt about it! I find myself here weekly for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner—it's that good! Every dish on their menu is a winner, from the classic Bacon Egg Sandwich to the indulgent Mortadella Sandwich, and their salads are not to be missed. Don't leave without grabbing a loaf of their bread to enjoy later—it's seriously addictive! Take a glance at the photos, and you'll see what I mean—the food speaks for itself. And let me tell you, their bread rivals anything you'd find in Europe. The service is also fantastic; everyone is so friendly. Crispy is my one pick when I describe where I get brunch, lunch, and even dinner now. With their top-notch bread options, I've been here too many times that I can highly recommend this place. For dinner, starting with bread in the beginning, their short rib melts in your mouth, the salad is always fresh and enough for two for both brunch and dinner, and their pizza is a must option. Can’t wait to try everything on the menu!

Old Fashion Café

110 Thompson St, New York

(646) 484-5681

Reviewed by:

Tommy Diseveria

Passing by, the cute patio and interior caught my eye, so I popped in. While their food menu looked delicious, I was craving something sweet, so I went with the tiramisu and an espresso martini. The tiramisu was made in-house with espresso, custard cream, and cocoa powder on top - such a nice touch and the flavors blended perfectly. The espresso martini, however, seemed a bit under-mixed and separated. Still, the cozy café-bar vibe and friendly server made for an enjoyable experience. Next time, I'll have to try their food offerings too! The restaurant was beautiful, with amazing music and adorable decor. Overall vibes were so high. The food was absolutely AMAZING and at such a great price. My friend and I had a negative encounter with another customer, and the staff was a dream. They offered us dessert, water, and let us stay in the back to calm down. The owner was so sweet as well. I will 100% be returning! I'm so grateful for the AMAZING STAFF!!! This underground gem is a perfect spot to meet friends for lunch or have a happy hour. It’s quaint, intimate, and the food is outstanding. The service is always friendly and fast. My boyfriend and I had an amazing dinner here and would recommend it for any time of day, but wow, their cocktails are incredible and so pretty! The octopus and tiramisu were especially tasty! Thank you so much for having us; we will 100% be back.

Now or Never Coffee

30 Grand St, New York

(347) 556-8312

Reviewed by:

John Overgaard Garay

I visited Now or Never Coffee in SoHo with a friend for breakfast, and it was a great experience. I ordered my usual cappuccino, and my friend had a latte. Both were well-made, especially the cappuccino, which came in a traditional small cup. The service was outstanding. The barista was very friendly, always smiling, and even cracked a few jokes, which made the visit enjoyable. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, with lots of natural light—perfect for a morning coffee. The only downside is the limited seating, which made it a bit tricky to find a spot. On another visit, I tried the Thai coffee, which is essentially espresso with condensed milk. I asked to leave out the regular milk, resulting in a very sweet and strong drink. I’m eager to try it again, but this time without any modifications. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I grabbed an iced honey lavender oatmilk latte, which was pretty good and fairly priced at around $7.62. The coffee shop was cute, with excellent music playing in the background. Overall, Now or Never Coffee is a cozy place perfect for hanging out with a friend or doing some light work on your laptop. I will definitely be back whenever I'm in the area.

Citizens Of Soho

201 Lafayette St, New York

(347) 535-1245

Reviewed by:

Jean Ryba

This was my first time at Citizens of Soho, and I am so happy I came here for breakfast. The service was outstanding. I was served by Christian, who was very attentive, kind, and friendly. His recommendations were spot on! Thank you for a beautiful experience; I highly recommend it. We went in on a Friday afternoon without a reservation and were able to sit at the bar. Both the food and the coffee were delicious. The banana bread French toast was good but rich; we split meals and shared half and half, which ended up being perfect. Service was timely, and the place had a cool modern atmosphere. For larger parties or if you want to sit at a booth or in a chair with back support, I'd recommend making a reservation. All credits to the amazing server Christian! From the moment I asked for a table, his enthusiastic energy pulled me closer. He made sure I had everything I needed and kept great conversation too! The good food and coffee were the cherry on top. Thank you, Citizens. I’ll be back. What an amazing and eclectic brunch spot. The BBQ pulled pork Benny was delicious, as was the kiwi margarita. Jon, our server, was so friendly and accommodating. Would definitely revisit and recommend.

Banter NYC

169 Sullivan St, New York

Reviewed by:

Victoria Kircher

Banter NYC in SoHo has quickly become one of my favorite brunch spots. It’s cute, cozy, and offers delicious food at a reasonable price. It’s typically packed, so it’s best to arrive with your group to snag a seat, but the wait is absolutely worth it. They have both outdoor and indoor seating, which is perfect for spring and summer. The place doesn’t take reservations, so walking in is your best bet. Upon arrival, I ordered the smoked salmon toasts, and they were absolutely delicious. A strong Americano paired perfectly with the toasted banana bread, making for a delightful combination. The service was both friendly and fast, adding to the overall pleasant experience. We opted to sit outside in their extension area, which was very cool and comfortable. The smoked salmon with garlic feta toast and poached egg was a standout dish. My friend thoroughly enjoyed her fried chicken sandwich as well. Banter NYC offers a variety of healthy brunch options, different from the usual breakfast fare, making it a great spot for a date or a cute, Instagram-worthy brunch. I also tried the chicken wrap with the gluten-free option. Although it was smaller than the typical spinach wrap, it was still very good. Another highlight was the Banter Breakfast, where each component was cooked and seasoned to perfection – definitely worth the price and miles better than what I could make at home. They also offer an array of cute coffee and drink options, which adds to the overall charm of the place. I will definitely be back to explore more of their menu!

Three of Cups Restaurant

150 Sullivan St, New York

(646) 649-4221

Reviewed by:

Alfredo Cary

I walked into Three of Cups Restaurant in SoHo for breakfast and immediately felt a welcoming energy. Sitting at the bar, I was introduced to spaetzle for the first time, and it was delicious—fresh and perfectly flavored. The lamb meatballs were a bit dry, but the spices made up for it. The atmosphere was adorable and pleasant, making it a great find. This cute little spot offers decent food in a quiet setting, ideal for friends or dates. Even though it was cold out, sitting outside was comfortable thanks to strong heaters. The service was on the slow side and I wasn’t offered water, but the polite staff made up for it. Overall, I highly recommend Three of Cups for a lazy afternoon brunch or lunch. It’s a perfect place to unwind, whether you’re with a small group or on your own.


80 Spring St, New York

(212) 965-1414

Reviewed by:

Lucio Bot

I am so thankful I found Balthazar for our trip to SoHo. The food and service were wonderful. We dined outside in beautiful, unusual weather, which added to the experience. The frites were the best I've ever tasted—I love French fries! The wine list is very extensive, and both the bakery and restaurant are superb. Weekday breakfasts here are the best since there are just enough people without it being too noisy. The baked eggs and bread are a must. I even took home some pastries because you just have to—they're that good. The staff is always nice and attentive, which makes a big difference. Balthazar is definitely a Manhattan staple for its ambiance and overall experience. We appreciated being able to make reservations for Sunday brunch on the phone on the day of. The escargot was enjoyable, but unfortunately, the egg dishes were forgettable, and the bread and pain au chocolat were cold and not toasted. Despite that, it's worth a visit once or twice, though if you want an exceptional brunch, I would suggest looking elsewhere. For dinner, there were no lines when we stopped in on a Saturday afternoon at 5 PM. We only ordered two entrees since we had a late brunch. While the presentation was good, the halibut was under-seasoned, thin, overdone, and dry. The braised short rib was very fatty and overdone to the point that it lost its "beefy" texture and flavor. The service was good, with water refilled frequently, and the bread was probably the best food we had here. The tables are tiny and close together, which gives it a cozy brasserie feel like you're in Paris. If you enjoy tight quarters and a bustling atmosphere, Balthazar is your place.

Jack's Wife Freda

226 Lafayette St, New York

(212) 510-8550

Reviewed by:

Kathryn Vega

Jack's Wife Freda in SoHo is an awesome place for breakfast. If you come just after opening hours, it's not too crowded, and the big space and great atmosphere inside make for a pleasant experience. The menu has a lot of Mediterranean-inspired items. This time I went for Jack’s Breakfast and added some avocado on the side. The steak was very tasty and the meal was quite filling. I was excited to enjoy my coffee as it was drizzling in the early morning, but my latte didn't stand out this time. This spot is packed during the day on weekends, but you can walk in without a reservation on a weeknight evening if you're willing to sit inside. In the summer, there is a wait for outdoor seating before 8 pm. We once came in for appetizers and I loved their eggplant dish! We also tried their beet dip, but that one was only a 7/10. We had the special breakfast of the day, which included red potatoes, lamb, avocado, and a poached egg. The taste was excellent, and we really enjoyed it. We also ordered waffles, which came with whipped cream, mixed berries, and syrup on the side, and I absolutely loved them. The coffee service and atmosphere were both fantastic. We paid $93 for two people, which might be a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it for such a great place. It was a perfect summer brunch spot with the most scrumptious food! We also went here for lunch and sipped margaritas on the patio along with shakshuka and a fresh Mediterranean salad to top it off. The service was fast and top-notch. Every detail about the cafe was perfect. Highly recommend it!

The Grey Dog - Nolita

244 Mulberry St, New York

(212) 966-1060

Reviewed by:

Lance Forrest

A friend and I came here not too long ago to try it out since we were in the area, and it looked cool - we were not disappointed. It's a nice little restaurant, and the food was excellent. The service was phenomenal; our server was awesome and very kind. We'll be back again! Highly recommend it. Things I love: **Prime Location:** Situated in the heart of Manhattan, Grey Dog is conveniently accessible for both locals and visitors. **Popular Among Locals and Visitors:** Its popularity is evident from the bustling atmosphere and multiple locations spread across the city. **Generous Portions:** Grey Dog offers consistently delicious food with generous portion sizes, ensuring diners leave satisfied. **Seating:** The restaurant provides ample indoor and outdoor seating, making it an ideal spot for gatherings with friends. Things to keep in mind: **Peak Hour Challenges:** Snagging a table during peak hours can be challenging. If you prefer walking into a restaurant without reservations for a leisurely brunch experience, then this place isn’t for you. **Bathroom Queues:** With only a single bathroom, customers need to exercise patience during busy hours, as lengthy queues can occur. This place is outstanding. It's a perfectly pleasant and high-energy atmosphere that screams Bohemian. I loved this place, and the food is amazing. The drinks are awesome. It's absolutely the place to go. It made it so worth the trip. Kayla, the manager, was an outstanding leader. Her team provided efficient and professional service. Under her direction, they were in complete control of their surroundings. I never felt more welcome in a place. Last week, I ate here, and contrary to a past experience of mine at this location, I really enjoyed it! I got the kale caesar salad and tomato soup; the salad tasted extremely flavorful, and the chickpeas were a great touch. Likewise, I loved the tomato soup. I definitely recommend coming here to anyone in the area!

Fanelli Café

94 Prince St, New York

(212) 226-9412

Reviewed by:

Lynn Tinaapi

We came to Fanelli Café for a late breakfast after walking around SoHo for hours. Despite the lineup, the wait was short, just about 15-20 minutes. The café has a cozy, homey vibe, and the staff are friendly, making the experience pleasant right from the start. We ordered beef chili and the Fanelli Burger with fries, both of which were delicious. The chili was our favorite, especially since it was 15 degrees outside and we needed something to warm us up. The Irish coffee was fantastic, too. The atmosphere felt very local; the bartender seemed to know everyone, which added to the charm. The place was bustling with both tourists and regulars. Despite it being busy, the service was good, and the old pictures of famous people on the walls added a nice touch. It's a cool little spot in a fun area of SoHo. While it can get crowded during happy hour, making it hard to move around, it’s worth visiting for a drink and a bite. It’s a great place to rest and hang out after shopping in the area. We'll definitely stop by again when it’s less packed.

Little Ruby's SoHo

219 Mulberry St, New York

(212) 925-5755

Reviewed by:

Suzanne Noble

Little Ruby's SoHo is an enjoyable spot for breakfast in SoHo. The breakfast bowl with whipped ricotta and eggs was amazing, and pairing it with a matcha made for a perfect start to the day. I also tried the vodka sauce pasta, which was delicious. The bread was fantastic, and the gluten-free pesto pasta was a 10/10. The patio is dog-friendly, which is a big plus for pet owners. Even though it got busy later, we were seated quickly since we arrived early. The server was lovely and attentive, contributing to the great customer service experience. I went for a belated Mother’s Day dinner on a Monday around 4:45 pm and waited only 15 minutes to be seated. The fried chicken with sweet potato fries was good, and the pineapple mint juice was delicious. The coffee was also quite good. The location is nice, and the food is good, though nothing particularly noteworthy stood out. We also sampled a variety of dishes, including what looked like a chicken salad, hamburgers, grilled Brussels sprouts, and more sweet potato fries. The Brussels sprouts were a highlight. Overall, Little Ruby's offers good food and great service in a pleasant setting, making it a solid choice for a breakfast outing. 4.3 stars.


337 W Broadway Unit A, New York

(917) 265-8292

Reviewed by:

John Lozada

I had an amazing breakfast at Flipper's in SoHo. The food was delicious, and we've been eager to try souffle pancakes ever since our failed attempt to make them during the pandemic. They were absolutely worth the wait—super light and fluffy. The Brown Sugar Fresh Milk was tasty but quite sweet. The prosciutto pancake was fantastic, loaded with prosciutto and accompanied by a delightful salad. We ordered the strawberry, banana and chocolate, and matcha souffle pancakes. The strawberry ones were the best. The fried chicken is definitely underrated—it was incredible. The pancakes were perfectly made and generously portioned. The matcha latte was super tasty, but the coffee was just average—wish it was better. We also tried the salmon sandwich, which came with a salad on regular bread. It was good, but not as visually appealing as the pancakes. The table next to us ordered eggs with bacon and other items that also looked amazing. For weekends, it's better to join the wait-list in advance to avoid long waits. The truffle fries were simple yet tasty. The Eggs Benedict had a great flavor combination and felt light and fulfilling, though the egg wasn't perfectly poached. The matcha pancake was simply amazing, melting in your mouth with a perfect balance of sweetness—great to share among 2-3 people. The strawberry pancake was also fantastic, though the portion felt slightly smaller. Overall, Flipper's is a great spot with excellent service. Highly recommend, but maybe skip the coffee.


239 Centre St, New York

(212) 226-0700

Reviewed by:

Raymond Moncada

I had high expectations for this coffee shop, given all the rave reviews on Instagram. The place itself is charming and cozy, making a great first impression. With its warm and welcoming vibe, Maman is the perfect spot for breakfast or brunch in SoHo. The honey lavender latte was a delight, with its subtle sweetness and hint of floral flavor. One of my favorite places in NYC to relax or meet with friends--it’s beautiful yet relaxed. Service was okay. The almond croissant was the standout, though the other pastries didn't quite meet the mark. The tea was not very impressive either. However, the overall atmosphere might tempt me to give it another try. The chocolate cookies were nice, and the pastries looked very appealing. Prices are on the high side, with a 0.2l apple juice costing $6.50, but that might be normal for the area. Despite this, the cozy ambiance and top-notch coffee make Maman a must-visit. Plus, there's a cute little stationery shop right next door!

12 Chairs Cafe

56 MacDougal St, New York

(212) 254-8640

Reviewed by:

Wendy البيلى

I visited 12 Chairs Cafe for breakfast in SoHo, and overall, it was a great experience. Definitely make a reservation and ask to sit outside because the inside can get quite crowded and tight. The food was pretty good. We had the Israeli breakfast egg shakshouka, which came with a side salad, small dishes with halva, harissa butter, bread, pickled pepper, chickpeas, tzatziki, a glass of juice, and a coffee. We upgraded the coffee to a cappuccino. We also ordered a serving of hummus with a side of pita and olives. I will definitely get the hummus again, but I’d probably skip the shakshouka next time since it was a bit salty for my taste and the eggs were overcooked. We had multiple servers during our visit. One went above and beyond, while the others were just okay. Despite this, I’ll probably be back for the delicious and healthy food—and especially if I'm craving Israeli cuisine. They also make incredible lattes. My brother, who’s a chef with his own restaurant in Austin, Texas, highly recommended this spot. During our 7-day trip to NYC, my boyfriend and I visited this restaurant three times. The service was warm and attentive, the food was packed with flavor, and the portions were generous. You really can’t go wrong with their menu, which has something for everyone, including many vegetarian and vegan options. The vibe is fun, and the atmosphere is inviting. It's great for a group with lots of options for sharing, but also lovely for an intimate dinner. The appetizers came out quickly, and the pita bread was hot. The falafel was delicious, and the Israeli salad was fresh and crisp. I also highly recommend the dips and the schnitzel. The bathroom is accessible and on the main floor. This location doesn’t offer cocktails yet, just wine and beer, but they have a nice selection. Patio seating is available, and that’s a big plus. I found the hummus and falafel to have an authentic Israeli flavor. The babaganoush was fresh and tasted pretty good, though not my favorite. The arayes had a delicious lamb flavor and were well-made—my favorite dish. The borek was different but didn’t wow me. The chicken schnitzel was ordinary, nothing spectacular. If I could rate this place, I’d give it 3.5 stars. It’s somewhere between mediocre and wow. If I go back, I’d try a different selection of foods.

Sadelle's New York

463 W Broadway, New York

(212) 254-3000

Reviewed by:

Darien Alejandro Dipasquale

Today, I enjoyed a late brunch at Sadelle's with another couple visiting from out of town. We shared everything because the portions are so generous. We started with mimosas, which were the only thing that disappointed. They tasted like a glass of freshly squeezed OJ with a splash of something sparkling, instead of the other way around. Our bagels, smoked salmon, and whitefish were delicious. The LEO omelet, The Freddy salad, and mushroom barley soup were all excellent. We ended the meal with the best French toast ever. The food quality exceeded my expectations. It's not cheap, but it's worth it! The bagels, salmon, vegetables, omelets, and French toast were all delicious. The French toast had a sweet and rich taste—crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The tomatoes, cucumbers, and cream cheese that came with the bagels tasted fresh and healthy. I highly recommend this place if you want to enjoy delicious food with your friends! Just make sure to make a reservation, as it gets crowded. I came for my birthday after celebrating my girlfriend's birthday here last year. This is some of the best fish and lox in the city. The potatoes and tuna melt were also delicious. Then we got a surprise birthday French toast, which made the meal even more special. The ambiance is great all around. Grace was also a phenomenal waitress, making the meal even better. I can't wait to go back. I'm obsessed! I loved Sadelle’s the first time I went in Las Vegas, and every visit was a must. Now that Sadelle’s has opened up in my NYC neighborhood, I’m thrilled. Everything here was so good, especially the salmon that goes well with everything on the menu. The food was amazing, the service was great, and the vibes were cozy and elegant. I’ll definitely be going back again and again for sure!

Chobani SoHo

152 Prince St, New York

(212) 364-3970

Reviewed by:

Andrew Jaime

Chobani SoHo is a nice spot for breakfast in SoHo with a blissful, uncrowded ambiance and timely service. I tried the salmon and herbed labneh sandwich, but found it disappointing. The tomato was mushy and precut, and the bread was more like a thin bagel rather than the sesame “koulouri” shown in the menu photo. There were only traces of salmon and labneh, and the green spread didn’t taste herby at all. The yogurt was okay, but not outstanding, and it seemed a bit overpriced for what it was. My coffee, which cost $4.90 for a 12-ounce cup, was overly milky and not very hot. They wouldn’t even give me a cup of water, directing me to get water at a nearby independent cafe instead. On a positive note, the passion fruit mango slushy I got on a hot day was really tasty. Despite the nice ambiance, I wouldn’t recommend this place given the many other options in the city.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

189 Spring St, New York

(212) 219-2773

Reviewed by:

Jarocho Daboin

If you’re visiting New York for 24 hours, Dominique Ansel Bakery should be at the top of your list. I’ve been here countless times, and it’s an absolute gem. One item I never miss is the Cronut. They offer monthly flavors, and even if it’s something I don’t usually like, they manage to make it irresistible. Imagine a fluffy, layered pastry with a delicate sugar sprinkle on the outside – it’s heavenly. My favorite flavors so far have been the cappuccino and butterscotch. But Cronuts are just the beginning. Their Nutella milk bread is a must-try – rich, soft, and decadent. The French toast is simply divine, with a perfect balance of crispiness and melt-in-your-mouth softness. The chocolate chip cookie was just normal for me, but many others rave about it. Their tarts are spectacular. I’ve tried both the grapefruit and mango varieties, and each bite is a burst of fresh, vibrant flavor. The Madeleines are another highlight – airy, fluffy, and subtly sweet, just how they should be. They also have this thing called a perfect little egg sandwich, which is literally a fluffy steamed egg with cheese on a brioche bun. It’s so perfect and melts in your mouth with every bite. Although I haven’t tried the frozen s’mores, I’ve heard rave reviews. The cookie shots are another unique treat worth experiencing. The macarons are delightful – soft, delicate, and bursting with flavor. Dominique Ansel Bakery also offers limited edition items like the passionfruit pistachio cream croissant and guava cheesecake, both of which were phenomenal. The DKA (Dominique’s Kouign Amann) is a treat that can vary – sometimes it’s perfectly fluffy and caramelized, embodying everything a croissant should be, while other times it’s just okay. However, it’s always worth a try. I usually skip the coffee here since they don’t offer flavored syrups. They prefer to focus on the pure flavor of the beans, which is great if you enjoy a straightforward coffee experience. They make a good mocha, but I like adding syrups like vanilla or caramel to my coffee. Their blooming hot chocolate is thick and rich with dark chocolate. It was a bit too dark for me, but with added oat milk or sweetener, it would be perfect. It’s a bit on the bitter side, which might suit those who enjoy less sweetness. This bakery is probably my favorite spot in the city. They have a charming garden in the back, offering plenty of space and Wi-Fi, making it an ideal place to relax or get some work done. It can get extremely busy, with lines often stretching out the door, but the experience is well worth the wait. The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. If you’re looking for a warm, friendly face in the city, this is the place to be. One of the managers, Laurence, is exceptionally kind and I’ve had the most experience with him, but all the staff are nice. Every interaction has been positive. Dominique Ansel Bakery truly feels like a haven in New York City, offering a mix of innovative pastries and a welcoming atmosphere that keeps me coming back time and time again. The photos speak for themselves – this place is amazing. In a city full of bakeries and the same carbon copy recipes, Dominique Ansel Bakery has some unique flavors to offer. The croissant donuts are not new, but theirs pack a flavorful punch. The classic pastries are well done, and the cookie cup with milk is great for cookie lovers, but for me, it was okay. The other pieces we tried were really good. Highly recommend this place for a good pastry fix.

The Dutch

131 Sullivan St, New York

(212) 677-6200

Reviewed by:

Marta Rivera

If a place can make an impression with just salt and pepper fries, you know that place is special. We had a lovely time at The Dutch for breakfast in SoHo. The ambience is classic fine dining, which set the tone for a great experience. I highly recommend the hot fried chicken and the spring pea ravioli with ricotta. My wife ordered the chamomile highball and thought it was excellent. The staff was outstanding, offering top-notch service. Our server, Fernando, gave great food recommendations and explained each dish in detail. He even recommended a delicious wine to pair with our food. Their fries were amazing, probably the best part of the meal. The hot tin roof was also refreshing and delicious; I couldn't stop at just one glass. While some of the other main brunch dishes, like the Benedict, seemed overpriced, the overall quality of the food was excellent. The steak and kimchi fried rice were well-cooked, though portions were smaller than expected. Despite a few dishes that didn't quite hit the mark, we will definitely be back, thanks to the great service and the overall tasty food.

Soho Diner

320 W Broadway, New York

(212) 965-3011

Reviewed by:

Vanda Galdamez

Great spot! Loved the atmosphere with its old school diner design, complete with a juke box. The food was fantastic. I had the breakfast sandwich—so tasty—and the pancakes, which were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were delicious even without syrup. Their own coffee brand was also a nice touch and very good. Will definitely come back! The vibe here is very upscale retro diner, and I give the atmosphere 5 stars. However, it’s pretty pricey. We got a slice of chocolate cake for a late night dessert, one chocolate milk, and a bottle of sparkling water—it came to almost $40 after tax, not including tips. The cake was very American style but not my favorite. Overall, you're really here for the vibe. Everything was great during breakfast—the decoration, atmosphere, and the staff. The man who served us was funny and helpful. The only reason for giving 4 stars is the bread on the avo toast + salmon; the bread was dry and not tasty. Everything else was perfect. Worth the visit if you like real old-fashioned diners, even though it’s part of the diner revival trend. Not old, but we liked the design and care given to the place. It felt like being in an old movie! Located in SoHo next to the Grant Hotel, there's a door that connects the two. The waiters are efficient but could be a little more agreeable. Food and beverages are good and fresh, though the coffee was a bit too acidic for my taste. Bathrooms were a bit dark, and prices are on the high side. Very photogenic, though the lighting is a bit too orangey in my opinion. Worth going!

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