January 27, 2024

Spo-Can We Talk Brunch? Best Spokane Brunch Spots

From bottomless mimosas to the best eggs Benny you've ever had, we've found the best places in Spokane that make getting out of bed worth it.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Spo-Can We Talk Brunch? Best Spokane Brunch Spots
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In the heart of the Pacific Northwest where the sun peeks just right, Spokane has quietly claimed its spot as the brunch capital of the region. So, let's dive fork-first into where Spokane shines brightest.

House of Brunch

818 W Riverside Ave Suite A, Spokane

(509) 413-9679

Reviewed by:

Kevin Driver

Visited House of Brunch for brunch while in Spokane and it was a memorable experience. Opted for the chef's choice with a simple request for meat, avoiding mushrooms, and the dishes that came out were beyond expectations. The variety was impressive, getting to try three different things, and it was easily the best $30 spent in a while. The food was just outstanding and the service matched the high quality of the meal. This place is a solid 10/10 and a must-visit for the best breakfast experience in Spokane. The portions varied, with some being on the smaller side and others, like the lobster eggs Benedict, being generously sized. The caviar and poached/cured egg martini added a unique and luxurious twist to breakfast, featuring actual gold - a first for breakfast offerings! The mimosas and coffee were top-notch, and the staff were exceptional. Our server Sarah stood out for her politeness and efficiency, making the visit even more pleasant. Making a reservation online was a breeze and the restaurant provided a very welcoming atmosphere, right from its staff to the overall vibe. Tried the French omelette with mushrooms/steak and the chicken and waffles - both dishes were delectable and served promptly. It was a delightful choice for dining out during the holiday visit, and it's a place worth recommending to family and friends. The food was incredibly tasty and the atmosphere fun and lively, always a good sign of a great dining place being full. The toast with avocado and smoked salmon was a highlight, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience. The smash burger and fries were a hit with my daughter too. Service was top-notch, thanks to our wonderful server Gabby and the attentive and kind owner, Jackson. They both ensured our dining experience was nothing short of excellent. With such a positive experience, it's clear we'll be coming back to House of Brunch. For anyone in the area, this place is definitely worth checking out for an amazing brunch experience.

Frank's Diner

10929 N Newport Hwy, Spokane

(509) 465-2464

Reviewed by:

Yar Flyer

Always make it a point to stop at Frank’s Diner in North Spokane for brunch whenever I'm in the area. The food and service are consistently good, which is impressive considering the number of people they cater to. Remarkably, the diner always feels clean and welcoming, no matter how busy it gets. The effort the staff puts into maintaining great food and service doesn't go unnoticed. Sitting at the bar and admiring the woodwork adds to the experience, making it a great place to enjoy a meal. Watching the cooks masterfully flipping and sliding food on the flattop is entertaining. The staff, always joking and enjoying their busy morning routine, are attentive and make sure customers are well taken care of, whether it's refilling coffee or just providing some water. On my last visit, we ordered the meat lovers omelet and decided to split it. It was absolutely delicious. The portions were just right, and the hashbrowns were crispy on the outside while being perfectly tender in the middle. Our server, Craig, was fantastic, although a bit camera shy. The staff really do make it seem effortless, ensuring a great time for everyone. Even on a busy day like the 4th of July, where we had to wait about 30 minutes to be seated as a large group of 6, the experience was worth the wait. The kids especially loved the unique experience of eating in what feels like a tiny rail car. The food, as always, did not disappoint. This visit confirmed something unexpected for my bucket list - enjoying breakfast in a quaint rail car while listening to the rain outside. The atmosphere is incredibly cozy and takes you back in time. Every dish served was fresh and delicious. Frank’s Diner is a must-visit place for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure yet. It’s undoubtedly a place I plan to return to, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Frank's Diner

1516 W 2nd Ave, Spokane

(509) 747-8798

Reviewed by:

Jean Reese-Young

Great place for a good breakfast! You'll want to plan ahead though, as it can get quite busy and it might be hard to get a table. When you do, you're in for a treat. The portions are generous, the food is tasty, and the staff go out of their way to be friendly. Definitely keen to return. Welcome aboard! Yes, it's a bit unusual to say that about a breakfast spot, but this place is a fantastically restored vintage railcar. It's a throwback to 1906, initially manufactured and then updated as a presidential car. Now, it serves as a unique and fabulous diner. There was no wait when I arrived on a weekday, and I was looked after by a lovely staff member. Opting for the half-sized omelet, I was surprised by the generous portion - it was definitely not 'half-sized' in the usual sense. My meal came with hash browns topped with their homemade country gravy. Needless to say, half of this massive breakfast ended up being boxed up for lunch. The service is warm and friendly, the setting delightful, and the food terrific. I'd highly recommend it for breakfast or lunch in Spokane. Expect a cozy atmosphere but be prepared for a wait, especially if you're part of a large group, say 8 or more. Despite the wait, the staff is super friendly and attentive. The price point is the only slight drawback; it cost $83 for three of us without ordering anything extra, just standard dishes along with drinks. However, for the quality and quantity of food, along with the setting, it's worth it. They also offer an impressive allergy menu, which is a big plus. Came across this gem while searching for local eats in Spokane, and I'm glad we did. We were welcomed warmly despite the diner being busy, only waited about 10 to 15 minutes for a seat. The service was exceptional, especially from our server who was incredibly helpful and answered all our questions. I had the dinner steak, which was cooked to perfection. The price felt reasonable for the quality of food and service. A big thank you to the staff, especially our server, for making our meal memorable. Can't wait to come back!

Dolly's Cafe

1825 N Washington St, Spokane

(509) 326-0386

Reviewed by:

Wolf Jaslowski

We had a really nice time at Dolly's Cafe for brunch. The staff greeted us warmly upon entry, and our server was incredibly kind, making us feel right at home. If we were locals in Spokane, this place would definitely see us regularly. The food hit the spot. There was a minor hiccup with the potatoes not seeming like they were freshly cut, possibly pre-packaged, but they were still tasty. It was just an unexpected note. Should we find ourselves in Spokane again, returning to Dolly's is a must. It truly is a wonderful find, offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere. We popped in around 10:00am on a Tuesday, and the place wasn't too busy, just a few other diners sharing the space. My boyfriend chose a scramble while I opted for a classic breakfast. It was great to see gluten-free toast on the menu, even if it wasn’t the best I’ve had. However, the jam served with it tasted homemade and was absolutely delicious. The service stood out for its speed and the genuine kindness of the staff. Unfortunately, our visit wasn't without its downsides, particularly regarding the food. The wait time for our orders was longer than expected, about 20 minutes, and when our food arrived, it was nearly cold. The portions seemed small, especially considering the price. My melt tasted bland, and the sweet potato fries portion was disappointingly small. Additionally, the bacon in the CBLTA was overly hard, and the chicken was dry. Despite these setbacks, it's worth mentioning the egg omelette, priced fairly and quite enjoyable. Overall, despite some food quality issues, the ambiance and the friendly service at Dolly's made for a memorable breakfast experience. The amazing gravy and the omelet were highlights, with every bite packed with flavor. We were also charmed by the hospitality shown by the older couple running the place. It’s heartwarming encounters like these that make a dining experience memorable. We're looking forward to our next visit, hopeful for another round of pleasant surprises.

Old European

7640 N Division St, Spokane

(509) 467-5987

Reviewed by:

Zeba Ulloa

As a fan of European-style breakfasts, Old European in Spokane has been a staple for me for many years. It really shines through as one of my go-to places for breakfast, especially on days when I'm up and about early for errands. Although there have been a few misses with some dishes not being up to par, like the undercooked ablestuart's or the occasional less-than-impressive cinnamon roll and poutine, the overall quality of the food keeps bringing me back. The bacon strips are always hearty, and the flavors across the board are genuinely good. The standout dish for me has always been the Eggs Benedict – it never fails to impress and is a reason in itself for my continued patronage. Another highlight is the vast selection, including delicious French Toast, a delightful Dutch Baby, and fresh squeezed orange juice. The generous portions are another plus, and I often find myself sharing dishes with my breakfast buddy, allowing us to taste more of what's on offer. For instance, the Huckleberry stuffed French toast and the classic Eggs Benedict are both must-tries – we split these dishes, and even the half portions were satisfying. Service here is swift and friendly, making it suitable for both large groups and more intimate dining experiences. No matter the size of our party, we've never been left wanting for anything. On our last visit, we were also treated to an unexpected show – watching the orange juice machine in action, which thoroughly entertained our toddler. The staff were incredibly accommodating, involving him in the process, which made our experience even more memorable. In sum, despite the occasional hiccup, Old European in Spokane remains a beloved spot for breakfast. Its ability to deliver amazing dishes like Eggs Benedict, alongside its warm and welcoming service, ensures it remains our go-to breakfast destination whenever we're in town.

Kalico Kitchen

1829 N Monroe St, Spokane

(509) 326-7144

Reviewed by:

Kary Johnson

Visiting Kalico Kitchen for brunch was a delightful experience, one that definitely warrants a return visit. On our first attempt, the sight of a line outside the door was a clear indicator of the place's popularity, which piqued our curiosity even more, so we planned for a different day to enjoy what Kalico Kitchen had to offer. The initial service was impressive, with staff members demonstrating a sense of pride in their appearance and customer service skills. Although drink refills were a tad slow, given the bustling nature of the venue, it was understandable. The staff was helpful in explaining the menu and making dish recommendations, which was appreciated. The price for the amount of food served was reasonable. While the food overall was good – the scramble could have used a bit more flavor, but the country eggs and French toast hit the spot. Considering how busy it gets, wise advice would be to aim for a less crowded hour for those planning a visit just to try the food. The presence of regulars added a family vibe to the atmosphere, with employees and customers on a first-name basis. Desserts and merchandise were attractively displayed, adding to the charm of the place. A standout for me was the Monte Cristo Sandwich, an absolute delight and possibly the best I've had in years! Service was outstanding throughout the visit. Despite the packed venue, the staff, including our wonderful server Kristin, managed to provide delightful service. It's a comfortable and convenient spot that's easily recommendable to anyone looking for a great place to eat in Spokane. On another note, the breakfast experience was rather standard but satisfying, with home fries being a highlight. Despite the crowd and a bit of wait on a Sunday morning, the service was commendably good under the circumstances. The Country Benedict Breakfast was a highlight, especially with the added grilled green peppers and onions elevating the dish. In conclusion, Kalico Kitchen stands out as a gem among breakfast restaurants, combining friendly staff, a great selection on the menu, and a pleasantly inviting atmosphere. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable, solidifying the intention to definitely be back for more. Great job to the entire crew at Kalico Kitchen!

Fergusons Fountain Cafe

804 W Garland Ave, Spokane

(509) 328-1950

Reviewed by:

Leon Ortiz

My experience at Fergusons Fountain Cafe for brunch was absolutely delightful. This place is a throwback diner with oodles of charm, perfectly embodying the historic vibe of Spokane. Stepping inside, I was immediately taken by its inviting and clean atmosphere. It's the kind of spot where you feel at ease the moment you walk in, thanks to the efficient and warm service. The wait staff was incredibly attentive, ensuring that everything from seating to payment was smooth and swift. I appreciated how they checked on me just the right amount without feeling intrusive. The food at Fergusons Fountain Cafe is a testament to the classic diner experience. The portions were generous, ensuring that I left feeling completely satisfied. The prices are surprisingly affordable, which is always a bonus. I had one of their milkshakes, and let me tell you, the peanut butter milkshake is something out of this world. It's evident that they're committed to serving fresh, delicious food, and it shines through in every bite. Living in Spokane for over two decades, it's a joy to discover a place that checks all the boxes for an ideal dining experience. The swift service, coupled with the incredible food and the clean, relaxing atmosphere, makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking for a great meal in the area. Fergusons Fountain Cafe has quickly become one of my favorite spots for brunch. It's a hidden gem that I'm thrilled to have in my neighborhood. Whether it's for the amazing food, the great prices, or the superb service, I find myself consistently drawn back. For anyone in Spokane or visiting, this establishment comes highly recommended by me for a truly memorable dining experience.

Waffles Plus

2625 N Monroe St, Spokane

(509) 326-2317

Reviewed by:

Tony Garcia

Great place with friendly staff and an amazing food aroma that hits you the moment you walk in! Before even tasting the food, the vibes of Waffles Plus compelled me to share some snaps since the pictures online simply don't do it justice. And when the food arrived, it lived up to the anticipation - absolutely amazing! The coffee here is also top-notch. The meal was flavorful, served promptly, and the staff couldn't have been more friendly, although the decor is pretty standard (comfortable, but not flashy). The only downside was the thin "maple" syrup. Maybe exploring another flavor could be worth it. But everything else? The best! For someone who isn't usually a fan of waffles, the banana split waffle completely changed my mind. It's a must-try. The whole team, Travis and everyone else, made the experience even more welcoming with their warm greetings. Another standout was the roast turkey and waffle dinner - a preview of Thanksgiving on a plate, with a stuffing-made waffle topped with mashed potatoes and gravy. Even the grilled eggplant dinner was memorable, especially with perfectly cooked Brussels sprouts on the side. With its great service and friendly, humorous staff, this place is definitely on my list for a return visit.

People's Waffle

15 S Howard St, Spokane

(509) 270-1052

Reviewed by:

Marcos Camacho

First time at People's Waffle today and what an experience! Went for the blueberry lemon waffle and honestly, it was a revelation. Finished the entire thing and enjoyed every bite. The service was top-notch; friendly and welcoming, making the whole brunch experience even more enjoyable. Plus, the place has this cool vibe with one side dedicated to dining and the other offering a full bar – perfect for different moods, all in the heart of Spokane! The spot is charming but compact, which means it might get crowded at times. However, luck was on my side with no wait. The server was super attentive, making sure the latte and my waffle were exactly to my liking. A friend tried the gravy waffle and was equally impressed. Despite the cozy space, it does get a bit loud, but that just adds to the lively atmosphere. Brunch here is special. My partner and I decided on the Sweet Flight and a savory item - the Benny, this time. It's a clever way to sample the spectrum of what they offer. Conveniently, there's a café next door, so waiting for a table becomes an opportunity to enjoy a coffee. Given the popularity, especially during weekends, it's wise to plan your visit. Yet, it's the consistently friendly service that keeps us coming back. Even with dietary restrictions, like my partner who avoids gluten and dairy, this place is a total win. Everything on the menu is gluten-free, and initially, I was skeptical. However, the amazing coffee, the unique combination of bloody Mary and waffle sausage gravy completely changed my mind. People's Waffle is not just another brunch spot; it's a place where every visit feels like a treat, accommodating for all, even those with specific dietary needs. Can't wait for our next visit!

Satellite Diner & Lounge

425 W Sprague Ave, Spokane

(509) 624-3952

Reviewed by:

Jeffrey Gonzalez

I was actually here to replace the furnace when my coworker decided to treat me to breakfast, and let me tell you, it was outstanding! I opted for the Chicken Fajita Breakfast, and it was so hearty and filling, I nearly needed a nap right after tackling it. The quality of the food is just top-notch. And I have to say, the folks here are genuinely friendly. I'm a major fan of their burgers and onion rings too – if you're in the mood for a juicy, messy, dream of a bar burger, this is the place to be. I've visited multiple times, and it's consistently hit the spot. Plus, what's a great burger without an equally great beer to wash it down with? They've got you covered there as well. Brunch here was a relaxed affair, not too crowded. The waitress stood out for her niceness and attentiveness, making sure my coffee was never less than half full. I went with the satellite scramble, which was absolutely delicious. The ambiance of the place, with its dimmed lighting, provides a cozy and warm atmosphere that I really appreciated. Though I felt the pricing was slightly on the higher side for the portions served, the overall experience was solid. There was a moment of discomfort upon entering when I felt judged for carrying a backpack, as not everyone with one is homeless. However, once I got past that initial reception, the meal, especially those perfectly textured fries, made it worth the visit. Paying $16.30 for a cheeseburger with fries and water felt steep, but the free judgments and finding my spot in a corner just added to the experience's uniqueness. In the end, it's one of my favorite spots for good reason.

The Original Pancake House

245 W Main Ave, Spokane

(509) 795-5955

Reviewed by:

Julio Harbin

My first time at The Original Pancake House for brunch in Spokane was absolutely fantastic! Despite noticing they were a bit short on staff, the service didn't suffer at all. The food was marvelous, and I have to say, sampling all their syrups is a must – each one was delicious. The variety of food options caught my eye, and the Dutch baby pancake was a standout for me. They even offer to-go cups for their syrups if you ask, which I thought was a nice touch. It seems like each main dish is served with pancakes and potatoes, and the option to change your pancake flavor is available, which I found to be a cool feature. Arriving around 12:30 on a Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised to find no wait for a table. The breakfast offerings are traditional but of a notably high quality. The hash browns were among the best I've had, and the pancakes were well above average. The bacon was thick cut, and the overall cleanliness of the place impressed me. The menu was surprisingly diverse, including standard breakfasts alongside Swedish, German, and Dutch Babies pancakes, crepes, and waffles. It's worth noting that all pancakes are made from scratch, with some requiring longer baking times – up to 20 minutes, but they're definitely worth the wait. The space can easily accommodate large groups, making it perfect for family outings or gatherings with friends. Service was nothing short of stellar, making me eager to come back to explore more of the pancake variety. It's clear that this franchise, spanning over 30 states, has perfected their pancake recipe. This breakfast experience was one of the best I've had in a long time. Having visited twice in one week with family, the fast, friendly, and efficient service was consistent. The portions are generous, and every meal was simply delicious. Both coffee and cream hit the spot! With different servers on each visit, the friendly and attentive service was a constant. In summary, The Original Pancake House in Spokane is a brunch spot that shouldn't be missed. Whether it's the food, the service, or the welcoming atmosphere, everything comes together for a memorable dining experience.

Molly's Family Restaurant

224 S Lincoln St, Spokane

(509) 624-4413

Reviewed by:

Nicole Gonzalez

Stopped by Molly's Family Restaurant for brunch and was immediately taken by the great diner vibe and fantastic food. Opted for Molly’s Favorite omelet with hash browns and an English muffin, and it didn't disappoint. The omelet was massive, packed with Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Onions, Green Peppers, and Diced Tomatoes. Decided to go with cheese on top instead of the usual Hollandaise sauce, and it was a hit! Also grabbed the Chicken Fried Steak breakfast to-go. It was so generously portioned that it needed two separate containers! After living in Spokane for so long, this was a first visit but certainly not the last. Despite wishing the crepes were filled, the omelettes and hash browns more than made up for it with their deliciousness. The place has a quiet, old diner feel, and all the dog decor added a cute touch. Portion sizes here mean business, and it's clear they stand by their claim that no one leaves hungry. Tried the special, which was not only a great deal but also served in an entire frying pan for a bit of fun. The fact they leave a carafe of coffee on the table for easy refills was a nice touch, and the cinnamon roll was so generous, it became tasty leftovers. Definitely making this a go-to spot when in Spokane. From the friendly local crowd, attentive waitresses, and solid service to the large portions at reasonable prices, it’s an excellent breakfast experience all around.

Chalet Restaurant

2918 S Grand Blvd #2530, Spokane

(509) 747-6474

Reviewed by:

Eloy Hinton

Visiting Chalet Restaurant for brunch was a delightful experience overall. The place itself boasts cleanliness and spaciousness, making it a comfortable setting right off the bat. Though I've dined at numerous eateries, this one holds its ground with satisfactory taste, aesthetic, and presentation. There was a slight hiccup with one of the items being a bit too burnt and crunchy for my liking, hence my four-star rating. Nonetheless, the service was absolutely fantastic, elevating the whole experience. The attentiveness of the server to our needs was notable. Martha, in particular, was incredibly kind and ensured our table was always clean, which was much appreciated. The hash browns were phenomenal - truly awesome - and the eggs were cooked to perfection. Even the coffee, despite being a tad bland for my personal taste that prefers it sans creamer, didn't disappoint overall. The chicken strips deserve a special mention for their crispness and flavor; they were simply out of this world! Not to forget the exemplary service from Joslynn, who managed my family of 8 with remarkable ease and efficiency. Without a doubt, this restaurant is highly recommendable. The combination of solid breakfast options and stellar service makes it a place I'm eagerly looking forward to visiting again. It was indeed a great start to our vacation, and I'm 100% coming back for more.

The Yards Bruncheon

1248 W Summit Pkwy, Spokane

(509) 290-5952

Reviewed by:

Ervin Zion

During my visit to Spokane, I stumbled upon The Yards Bruncheon, a super cute modern breakfast spot that instantly captured my heart. Right from the get-go, the breakfast bowl I ordered was nothing short of amazing, easily the best I've had in a very long time. To my delight, the biscuits and gravy came with a surprising twist of mushrooms, adding an extra layer of flavor to an already delicious dish. The service was notably friendly and efficient, making the dining experience even more pleasant as our meals arrived quickly. One thing that stood out to me was the availability of gluten-free toast, complemented by what could only be described as the best homemade jam. It's little touches like these that make a meal memorable. The chicken and waffles were a standout, claiming the spot as the best I've ever had. My husband was equally impressed with his Benedict eggs, indicating the consistency in quality across their menu offerings. The service was nothing short of excellent, further enhancing our dining experience. In addition to the stellar breakfast and brunch options, we indulged in the deviled eggs, corned beef hash, and the chicken biscuit sandwich, all of which were incredibly tasty. The deviled eggs were a particular highlight, oozing with flavor. The generous portions ensured we left feeling satisfied, and the friendly staff made the whole experience feel welcoming. The Yards is nestled in Kendall Yards, a modern and vibrant area I've grown to love for its dynamic atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for running, biking, trying new restaurants, and even doing Pilates workouts. It's clear that The Yards Bruncheon is at the heart of this bustling community, attracting locals and visitors alike with its hip diner vibe, both indoor and outdoor seating, and upscale, tasty offerings. Given the chance to visit Spokane again, there's no doubt The Yards Bruncheon would be my go-to spot for brunch. It's the combination of delicious food, excellent service, and the lively atmosphere of Kendall Yards that makes it a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a fantastic dining experience.

Maple Street Bistro

5520 N Maple St, Spokane

(509) 328-0473

Reviewed by:

Verlys Freeman

Visited Maple Street Bistro for brunch in Spokane and it did not disappoint! This spot is a cute little shop with a fantastic menu that truly caters to all tastes. My party and I started with smoothies, and we were pleasantly surprised that they came with three complimentary fresh flavors. The smoothies were packed with fresh fruit and provided the perfect early morning kick. We couldn't resist trying the Cherry Raspberry Oatmeal bar – an ideal grab-and-go breakfast option for those busy mornings or a leisurely stroll to the mall. The coffee cake was another highlight; it was moist, warm, and utterly delicious. What caught my attention, in particular, were the bagel sandwiches. Loaded with cream cheese and made with homemade bagels, they were a hit. I'd definitely buy these bagels by the dozen if I could! Each sandwich was also accompanied by a little apple sauce. While it was too tart for my husband, I adored its natural flavor and appreciated that it wasn't overly sweet. Having moved here recently, my search for a great brunch spot had been met with some disappointment until now. Maple Street Bistro offers an amazing café experience with superb coffee and delightful sides that perfectly complement your meal. If you find yourself in Spokane, this restaurant is a must-try. The atmosphere is pleasant, the service friendly, and the food delicious, albeit a bit pricey. However, the quality and homemade touch justify the cost, making it a place I'd gladly revisit with friends or family. It's become a favorite spot for my daughter whenever she's in town, highlighting its appeal to both locals and visitors alike. The bistro was incredibly accommodating during my visit with a group, and everyone was impressed by the in-house preparation of everything we ordered. The small container of apple sauce is a charming touch, always a delightful addition to the meal. They even offer low carb options, like the delightful spinach frittata I tried. Maple Street Bistro is truly a gem in Spokane, combining homemade goodness with attentive service and a cozy atmosphere. It's the little things here that add up to a memorable dining experience.

Clark's Fork

1028 N Hamilton St Ste 100, Spokane

(509) 960-8962

Reviewed by:

Betsy Anthony

This place is amazing! We brought our almost 2-year-old and the play area right next to our seat was perfect for keeping them entertained. The sweet cream pancakes were so good, and the coffee was excellent. Just a great overall experience. We stopped by for the first time today, and I had the Bulldog Bowl with sausage added and rye toast - absolutely fantastic. I'm already looking forward to coming back and trying some of the other dishes. The whole menu looked awesome! The staff was friendly, not rushed, charismatic, and attentive. Ordering breakfast food to our table was blazing fast, with a respectable variety of options. Plus, the salad bar is popular. The service is friendly, the atmosphere features high ceilings, large windows, and an industrial-cafeteria vibe, well-suited for the Gonzaga student-centered neighborhood. There's a parking lot and off-street parking available, which is convenient. The eight-person round tables are handy for larger gatherings. It's a nice cafe very close to Gonzaga University with very good food, including gluten-free choices as well!

Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie

415 W Main Ave, Spokane

(509) 624-2253

Reviewed by:

Prabhuji Sklba

It's been a while since my last visit to Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the updates. Both the food and service were superb during my brunch experience. The mushroom omelet was grand, the grain bowl was tasty, and the maple bar with whipped glaze was decadently sinful! From start to finish, it was a lovely experience. The coffee was absolutely delicious, and the food exceeded my expectations - every bite was delectable. The vibes were chill with amazing food, making me eager to plan another visit. The ambiance of the place is wonderful too. Coming from Southern California, I found the exterior charming and the yellow wallpapered corridor welcoming. The cafe is cute, fun, and brightly decorated, offering a plethora of food and dessert options in a great setup. The customer service was excellent, and the music added to the great vibe of the place. It made me want to come back just for another visit! The location is interesting, offering an opportunity to try new things. Though the dishes have a mix of influences - Korean, Argentinian, and Southern - and may not strictly adhere to traditional French cuisine, the fusion approach is something I appreciated. It's worth noting that they were out of croissants and drip coffee during my visit, but that won't deter me from returning to try more of their offerings. Until next time, Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie has certainly made an impression.


1011 W Broadway Ave, Spokane

(509) 443-5968

Reviewed by:

Marina Shrable

Was in from out of town and always on the lookout for unique dining experiences. Bruncheonette in Spokane did not disappoint. The service was standout, especially when seated at the bar, where the conversation and attention from the staff were exceptional. The menu offerings were nothing short of impressive. Shared the chicken and waffles as well as the grits with my dining companion, and both dishes were recommendable, with the grits being a particular highlight. The combination of dishes met all the expectations for a memorable breakfast. Having visited Bruncheonette multiple times over the years, the consistent quality in service, food, and drinks is worth mentioning. Their Bloody Mary, with just the right amount of spice, ranks high on my list of favorites. The Verde hash remains a must-try for its flavors, perfectly complemented by the Habanero hot sauce. The chorizo tacos and shrimp and grits also stood out for their rich flavors. While the space is on the smaller side, making it potentially challenging for larger groups, the view of the courthouse across the street can make any wait worthwhile. Despite a slight disappointment with the coffee's bitterness and the pricing for an additional slice of bread, the overall experience has been positive across my visits. Even with a less than perfect experience on one occasion, the quality of food and service generally keeps me coming back. Bruncheonette offers a brunch worth experiencing for anyone looking for quality food and service.

Uncle Rusty's Diner

1412 W 2nd Ave, Spokane

(509) 474-9214

Reviewed by:

Carlos Ramos

Passed by this place countless times without giving it a second look, but once I stepped inside Uncle Rusty's Diner for brunch, it was like uncovering a hidden gem in Spokane. Decided to go with the eggs Benedict paired with crispy hash browns and sourdough toast, and it was a decision well made. It's rare to find a place that takes the time to perfect the crispiness of hash browns, but they nailed it here. The hollandaise sauce was just right, adding a delightful richness to the dish. The sourdough toast, both soft and thick, complemented the meal perfectly. It was such a great find that the anticipation to come back and try other menu items, like the jalapeno sweet creme pancakes, is already building up. There is a confidence that they will be just as good. This diner continuously serves A+ food coupled with equally commendable service. On a subsequent visit, the corned beef hash was the choice of the day, and it did not disappoint. Clearly homemade, it featured big, tasty chunks of real corned beef mixed with diced tasters, a stark contrast to the canned versions elsewhere. The biscuit and sourdough toast, also house-made, were nearly pristine in quality. The coffee, always hot and plentiful, is something always appreciated. Located in a neighborhood that many might overlook and with an unassuming exterior along Spokane’s 2nd Avenue, Uncle Rusty's has a cozy, family-run vibe that welcomes you in. The comforting presence of Uncle Rusty himself in the kitchen, along with his family taking care of guests, brings a warmth that's rare to find. Despite the worn fabric on the booths, a testament to its long history of serving satisfied diners, the light gravy and non-over salted food will nourish both body and soul. It boils down to this: local ownership, excellent food, friendly staff, and portions that justify every penny spent. In a city with many breakfast spots, skipping the usual places and starting the day at Uncle Rusty’s is a choice that won't lead to regrets. It's a simple, yet incredibly rewarding dining experience that should not be overlooked.


3711 S Geiger Blvd, Spokane

(509) 744-7060

Reviewed by:

Anthony Brown

Had brunch at Denny's in Spokane and truly, it's your typical Denny's experience. The food definitely hits the mark. Yes, it's the usual fare, but it does the job, especially when craving those hearty classics. On this visit, the service really stood out; even though it seemed like they were a bit understaffed, the waitstaff was doing their best. And, there was this new server – such a polite and patient young man, really left a good impression. The place was clean, though I did notice the paper towel dispenser in the restroom was out of order. Prices have crept up a bit, yet the portions remain generous, making it pretty good value overall. It's conveniently located close to the airport, making it an easy stop when picking up family members. The atmosphere was alright, though the loud rock music playing could have been turned down a notch. It’s just that the volume made it a bit hard to enjoy the meal completely. Also, was a bit taken aback by the portion size of the Grand Slam breakfast compared to the price - seemed a bit steep. Even though the vibe is generally positive and the food satisfying, there was this one frustration during the visit. The wait for food was longer than expected, over an hour. Turns out, our waiter forgot to turn in our order, but to his credit, he owned up to the mistake, which is admirable. Sadly, they were out of a few menu items like chicken tenders, pot roast, and salmon, which was a bit disappointing. Given the overall experience, had mixed feelings about the visit. It's a great spot that I've liked for its consistency and vibe, but this time around, the experience was a bit off the mark. Might give it some time before heading back.

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