February 27, 2024

Spring into Flavor with the Top 10 Brunch Spots in Springfield!

Dig into Springfield's brunch scene without the fluff. Discover spots that make your taste buds tingle.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Spring into Flavor with the Top 10 Brunch Spots in Springfield!
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In Springfield, the idea of springing from bed is less about the daunting day ahead and more about the delightful leap towards some of the most delectable brunch spots you could dream of.

Roots Coffee Bar

1645 W Republic Rd UNIT G, Springfield

(417) 877-6889

Reviewed by:

Lizbeth Muhammad

Every time I'm in town, Roots Coffee Bar is a must-visit for brunch. It's a cool spot with delicious coffee and food, and the atmosphere is incredibly chill – perfect for getting some work done or catching up with a friend. They even have a kid-friendly area, which shows how thoughtful they are about accommodating everyone. One of my top recommendations has to be the breakfast burritos; the food here never disappoints, especially with how well-seasoned everything is. It's a great way to kickstart the day. And those tots, there's something special about them; they are simply amazing. On my last visit, a friend and I stopped by for coffee and a treat. We decided to share our orders - my friend had an Irish Cream Frappuccino with a Grasshopper Brownie, while I went for a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Latte accompanied by Coffee Cake, something I had been eyeing on their Facebook menu. Needless to say, both of us were thoroughly impressed with our choices. This café quickly became one of our go-to places. Our orders have varied across multiple visits – from coffee and donuts to specialty lemonades, quiche, and breakfast sandwiches. We have never walked away disappointed. The place offers plenty of space, and the staff always makes you feel welcome. It's truly a gem for the Southside of Springfield, standing out alongside other great coffee shops like Architect Coffee Company. Honestly, I'm already looking forward to our next visit.

College Street Café

1622 W College St, Springfield

(417) 351-4255

Reviewed by:

Christian Lozano

Had an amazing experience at College Street Café for brunch. The place serves great, traditional diner food, and the service is top-notch with a very friendly staff. As someone who's quite picky with food, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying every single thing on my plate. What's even better are the prices, which are more than reasonable. Definitely planning on going back! It's a neat little local spot. This was my first time having breakfast there, and everything from the food to the service was outstanding and didn't hurt the wallet either. I'm eager to return and sample their lunch menu; the Pork Tenderloin and Philly Cheesesteak are already calling my name! This place is a true gem for Springfield and anyone traveling along Route 66. Both the food quality and the pricing are spot on. Plus, you're always greeted with a welcoming and efficient staff, making the dining experience all the more enjoyable. The only downside is the size of the café. Being a larger guy, I tend to feel a bit squeezed in and find it challenging to eat without accidentally nudging the person next to me. Despite that, the food and service always bring me back.

First Watch - East Sunshine

3103 E Sunshine St, Springfield

(417) 633-7094

Reviewed by:

Jenni Shaibu

Our visit to First Watch - East Sunshine for brunch in Springfield was nothing short of delightful. Our server, Alex, was incredibly nice, ensuring all our needs were met promptly. The food was simply good and arrived quicker than anticipated. My girls indulged in the chocolate chip pancake, which was impressively huge, while I opted for the granola bowl and my husband enjoyed "the works." It's worth noting that the omelets are quite sizable and packed with flavor. However, a word of caution for those not fond of onions - they come in large slices, not diced, so it might be best to order without. The seasoned potatoes and the pancakes, even those meant for kids, were flavorful and generously portioned. The toast, served with butter and preserves, was delicious as well. The service was great, surprisingly with no wait on a Sunday morning, which is a rarity. It was our first time dining here, and the restaurant's interior was beautiful, creating a welcoming ambiance. Despite the place being packed, the staff was extremely helpful, ensuring a smooth flow even during busy hours. We had a brief wait for our table, but that was hardly an inconvenience considering the bustling atmosphere and the efficiency of the staff in seating guests. Choosing from the menu was a challenge in the best way possible because everything sounded tempting. When our food arrived, it was faster than we had expected, making our dining experience even more pleasant. Just to add a personal touch, this brunch was our first meal after getting engaged the night before, adding a beautiful memory to our special weekend. Every dish we tried was delicious, promising many more visits in the future to try everything on the menu. While the service was super friendly, it felt a bit casual and not overly professional. For instance, there seemed to be some confusion about what constitutes a frittata, as what was served seemed more like a regular omelet. But that was a minor hiccup in an otherwise fantastic visit. The pancakes with lemon sauce and the million-dollar bacon are must-tries for anyone visiting. Overall, the experience was amazing, making it easy to highly recommend this spot for a wonderful brunch. We had an amazing time and look forward to our next visit.

Gailey's Breakfast Cafe

220 E Walnut St, Springfield

(417) 866-5500

Reviewed by:

Lilia Fields

It's always a pleasure visiting Gailey's Breakfast Cafe, especially for brunch. Witnessing its growth over the last 15 years has been incredible, yet the quality of the food remains unchanged - consistently amazing. Not once have I encountered a dish that wasn't delicious. The service here is also worth noting. During a recent visit, our server was exceptional in assisting my wife to find just what she was craving, displaying a deep knowledge of the menu and ensuring our experience was nothing short of perfect. It's clear why this spot is among Springfield’s most favored for breakfast. The atmosphere carries a charming nostalgia, matched with delectable food and outstanding service. And I must say, the pancakes are impressively large! Might sound odd to some, but the unsweetened tea here is among the best I've tasted. The menu is expansive, offering something for everyone, not to mention a full bar and a comprehensive coffee selection. Deciding to try something local and beloved, I opted for the stuffed French toast filled with either blueberry or orange marmalade and cream cheese, accompanied by eggs and a choice of meat. Highly recommend their breakfast offerings. Seating at the bar was immediate despite a queue out the door, a testament to its popularity. The cold brew coffee was notably strong and enjoyable. While the chicken fried steak and eggs with hash browns were more on the satisfying side than exceptional, they fulfilled their purpose well. There was a slight hiccup with the ticketing machine during the visit, causing minor issues with order placements for some, though it didn't directly affect my experience. Despite this, Gailey's enduring qualities and the experience overall certainly merit a recommendation. The bustling scene and positive reviews are testaments to its charm and quality. Definitely worth checking out when on Route 66 in Springfield.

LUCA Family Restaurant

2025 W Sunshine St Suit 148, Springfield

(417) 771-5370

Reviewed by:

Kanwal Gibbs

We wanted to try a new spot for brunch and stumbled upon Luca Family Restaurant. What a delightful find! Opting for something familiar, I chose the sausage and cheese omelet combo, which was absolutely delicious. My partner went for the country-fried steak skillet and was equally impressed. Both dishes were a hit and perfectly presented, making us wish we had taken photos. The coffee was a pleasant surprise too, especially with the variety of creamer options available – a small but appreciated touch. Service was another highlight of our visit. Despite being the sole server on duty, our server was quick, knowledgeable, and incredibly attentive, enhancing our dining experience significantly. The cleanliness and spaciousness of the restaurant also did not go unnoticed, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Although not all the dishes hit the mark perfectly – the Luca burrito’s steak was a bit chewy for my liking – the overall quality of the food was excellent. The hash browns and pancakes, in particular, were cooked to perfection, and the broad menu options meant everyone found something they enjoyed. The thoughtful and friendly interaction with our daughter by the waitress was the cherry on top, making us feel truly valued as customers. The dedication of the owners, who personally ensured our satisfaction, didn’t go unnoticed either. And let me not forget to mention the cinnamon roll - it was huge and utterly scrumptious. It’s rare to find a place where breakfast is served all day, and Luca nails it. This spot is a gem in Springfield, offering that home-cooked goodness that’s hard to find elsewhere. We’re already looking forward to our next visit. Highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a warm, family-friendly dining spot with great food and exceptional service.

First Watch

2946 S National Ave, Springfield

(417) 889-0601

Reviewed by:

Ivory Nathan

Had the pleasure of experiencing brunch at First Watch in Springfield, and it was a delight from start to finish. Service was excellent throughout our visit. Opted for two orders of the classic benedict to start, and although the poached eggs were almost fully cooked, it was a pleasant surprise. Even though the pancake that came with it was cold, the meal still managed to impress. For a special treat, my mom chose the salmon frittata while I indulged in the fall special - Million Dollar hash. It's a hearty mix of potatoes, sweet potatoes, maple bacon, mushrooms, all topped with an egg. We found the food absolutely delicious. On a recommendation for a nutritious breakfast spot, this visit won't be the last. Decided to try their A.M. Superfoods Bowl with a side of coffee and was instantly a fan. It's refreshing to find a place that serves such nutritious options. The staff's friendliness and helpfulness stood out, making the dining experience even more pleasant. The rotating seasonal dishes add a unique touch, offering something new to look forward to with each visit. Also, I'm fond of their fresh juices; having the Pomegranate & Pear juice was a treat, and The Pumpkin Pancake meal rounded off the meal perfectly with its chicken sausage and eggs over easy - very tasty! Definitely looking forward to coming back here again. It's not just the food that draws me back, but the entire experience. From the unique and flavorful dishes to the warm and welcoming service, it's a wonderful spot for brunch.

Early Bird Breakfast Pub

1717 E Cherokee St, Springfield

(417) 885-8088

Reviewed by:

Leonardo Schwartzie

I was planning to go out for breakfast with a friend, and this place was his recommendation since it had been his favorite since moving here. The ambiance struck me the moment I walked in; it wasn’t like any breakfast spot I had been to before. Our server was outstanding, friendly, and really made sure we were taken care of, especially since we ended up staying for a couple of hours. The food genuinely impressed me; the quality of the ingredients shone through in every bite. I left knowing I’d be back soon for another meal. Absolutely delicious! I don’t see myself choosing any other place for breakfast as long as Early Bird Breakfast Pub is around. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re missing out! Make sure you go and experience it for yourself. The service was exceptional, the vibe was uniquely pleasant, and the food was just incredible. The menu isn’t what you’d find just anywhere, and that really pulled me in. I opted for the Robin's Nest, sans ham, and it did not disappoint! My husband went for the biscuits and gravy and couldn’t have been happier. What a gem of a place! Should we find ourselves in the area again, stopping here isn’t even a question. Besides the great food, they serve bloody Marys in pitchers - how cool is that? The menu boasts some original items that really set it apart.

Jimmy's Egg

3837 S Campbell Ave, Springfield

(417) 368-0125

Reviewed by:

Amanda Pagani

Walking into Jimmy's Egg on Campbell Ave. in Springfield for brunch, the first thing that hits you is the familiar smell of home-cooked food, accompanied by the very inviting air conditioning. It's a cute and simple little diner with a menu that makes it hard to choose just one thing! The service was quick and friendly, embodying the warmth of the place. Unfortunately, due to a call back to work before having the chance to order, I had to get my country skillet to go. Though it was nearly 2 hours before I could eat it, the meal was still very good, signalling how well-prepared their dishes are. This visit marked my first time at Jimmy's Egg, and it was amazing. Arriving at 8:30, there was no wait, and the relaxed environment was immediately likable. Just simple dining with great food. The server was perfect – polite without being overly chatty, and impressively attentive with drink refills without needing to be asked. It's rare to get such great service. The "Almost Healthy" skillet was delicious, and the cinnamon rolls were simply amazing. The portions are LARGE, making it evident that my husband and I could have easily shared one dish. Despite a bit of a crowd and the business of the place, the staff managed excellently. The order was perfectly prepared, and my coffee cup was never left empty. Admittedly, the food is a bit pricey, with the first experience of paying $43.00 (including tip) for a breakfast for two. While the cost might give one pause, the friendly waitress and nice environment made the experience worthwhile. Given the overall positive experience, the likelihood of returning when back in town is high, keen to relive the simple pleasure of good food in a welcoming atmosphere at Jimmy's Egg.

Village Inn

4222 S Campbell Ave, Springfield

(417) 887-4774

Reviewed by:

Chela Delgado

Village Inn in Springfield truly shines when it comes to brunch. The menu impressively offers a wide variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any time, catering to every craving. During my visit, Diane, my server, stood out with her courteous and attentive service, making the experience even more enjoyable. The restaurant itself presents as exceptionally clean, creating a welcoming environment for families or anyone looking to enjoy a meal in a comfortable setting. The staff across the board were friendly and efficient, contributing to the overall positive vibe. Although the side salad and the use of parsley throughout the meals gave off a school cafeteria nostalgia in terms of presentation, it didn't detract from the quality and taste of the food. The gravy might have leaned on the saltier side for my taste, but this was a minor hiccup in an otherwise delightful meal. The pancakes, a personal favorite, lived up to their reputation, flaunting the comforting and familiar flavor that Village Inn is known for. The pricing, at $45.00 for two, felt reasonable for the quantity and quality of food served. Additionally, the club sandwich deserves a special mention for its excellence, further cementing the restaurant's status as a reliable choice for a satisfying meal. Comparing this visit to other Village Inn locations across the country, Springfield's outlet stands out as one of the best experiences. It's worth noting that this was my second visit, and the consistency in quality and service ensured that it won't be my last. The inviting atmosphere paired with excellent service and delicious food makes Village Inn a must-visit for anyone in the Springfield area looking for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience.

The Big Biscuit

3620 S Campbell Ave, Springfield

(417) 360-1294

Reviewed by:

Nimish Gonzalez

Decided to check out The Big Biscuit for brunch in Springfield and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. Right from the get-go, the outdoor seating with its modern diner vibe was inviting, and the cleanliness of the place upon entering was a huge plus. We were seated swiftly, and despite other patrons being there, the atmosphere was serene with just the right amount of brightness and no disruptive noises. The service was prompt and friendly. Even though the coffee drinks we ordered felt a bit light on the coffee flavor, it was a minor detail in an otherwise excellent dining experience. The food arrived quicker than anticipated, was hot, and presentation was top-notch. The waffle was so well-made it needed no syrup, a statement coming from someone who never skips on syrup. My choice was The Haymaker, a delightful dish with fries, breaded chicken, cheddar cheese, sausage gravy, and a big biscuit. It was an explosion of flavors, with every component cooked to perfection – the fries crispy, chicken tender, and the biscuit was truly the best I've had at any restaurant. It was flaky on the outside and wonderfully fluffy inside. Not a single complaint was heard among our group, which is rare. The waffles were exceptional, the menu diverse with both breakfast and lunch options, ensuring there's something for everyone. From the huge pancakes to the omelettes topped with biscuits and gravy, all were served in generous portions and at a great price. Definitely planning on coming back here. The atmosphere, the service, and especially the food, all made for a memorable brunch experience. Anyone in Springfield looking for a hearty breakfast or brunch spot should give The Big Biscuit a try.

Jimmy's Egg

3315 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield

(417) 720-4436

Reviewed by:

Gloria Diaz

Went for a visit to Springfield and decided to give Jimmy’s Egg on Battlefield Rd. a try. At first glance, the presentation of the food was a bit underwhelming. But let me tell you, looks can be deceiving! The taste completely blew me away – truly wonderful and at such reasonable prices too. It's definitely a must-visit spot for breakfast aficionados. This was my first experience with this restaurant chain, and they didn’t disappoint. The portions were generous, giving good value for the money spent. While the food met my expectations, it was the service that stood out. Despite managing several tables, our waitress was exceptionally attentive. The parking situation could be better, with the lot being on the smaller side, leading to some creative parking from other visitors. However, the cleanliness of the restaurant more than made up for this minor inconvenience. I had the pleasure of trying Jimmy’s Egg for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. The staff, including the servers and cooks, provided amazing service, making the whole dining experience memorable. It's become my top pick for breakfast spots, hands down. And if you’re visiting, do yourself a favor and try the hot chocolate. It's consistently perfect and has become something of a weekly ritual for us. Others are catching on to this gem, so I recommend getting there early. They’re not only quick and precise with their service, but the quality of the food is always top-notch. Plus, they ensure your coffee cup remains warm throughout your meal, with frequent checks to see if you need anything. While we usually go for breakfast, plans are already in the works to try out their lunch menu soon.

Ziggie's Café

2515 N Glenstone Ave, Springfield

(417) 866-1377

Reviewed by:

Ana Pearson

Everyone around me seemed to rave about Ziggie's Café, particularly for their all-you-can-eat fried catfish and chicken. Feeling the buzz, I decided to give it a try and, honestly, the catfish blew me away. The place has an old diner vibe, which I found quite charming. It could have been a bit cleaner, but that's a minor detail I can overlook, especially for the food quality. Upon my visit, the service truly stood out. My waitress was fantastic - attentive, positive, and elegant in how she managed every table. The kitchen staff were accommodating as well, perfectly crisping up the bacon upon my request, and the pancakes left me more than satisfied. Although the biscuits might have been a bit on the thin side, it didn't detract from my overall experience. I found myself in Springfield and remembered Ziggie's. The decision was instant after seeing the bustling parking lot compared to our initial Waffle House destination. A quick check of the Google score confirmed we were making the right choice. It's been years since my last visit to Ziggie's, yet it felt as if nothing had changed. Opting for the 6 oz steak with eggs, hash browns, and pancakes, I was impressed by how quickly the food arrived, all delicious and perfectly cooked. The ambiance, the service, and most importantly, the food at Ziggie's makes it a spot I would recommend to anyone. The staff, especially our server, was outstanding - friendly, engaging, and genuinely positive. Definitely a local hit, and for good reason. Ziggie's will be on my repeat list for future visits, and I suggest everyone to try it at least once for a hearty, satisfying meal.

Village Inn

2036 Glenstone Ave, Springfield

(417) 881-0774

Reviewed by:

Jasinto Barazzotti

Village Inn in Springfield has quickly become my go-to spot for brunch. It's the kind of place that nails the balance between good food and a cozy atmosphere. The interior may not be lavish, but it's always clean, and the staff is exceptionally welcoming. They really know their way around the menu here, offering a wide range of items that cater to different meal times - from breakfast to dinner. In our group, we had a mix of dietary preferences, including a vegetarian and someone on a keto diet. Adjusting orders to meet these requirements was surprisingly easy, thanks to our waiter who was not only eager to offer suggestions but also ensured everything was prepared correctly. What's more, visiting on a Wednesday meant we got to enjoy their free pie day - a slice of pie on the house with an entree. It's these little perks that really enhance the dining experience. Pricing is quite reasonable, with most entrees falling between $10 to $14. Despite what some online listings might suggest, Village Inn is definitely a restaurant, not a hotel. The California omelet I ordered was arguably the best omelet I've ever had, hinting at the skill of their new cook, who is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to their team. It's rare for me not to find fault in something, but my breakfast experience here was flawlessly enjoyable. Service throughout the meal was outstanding, and the banana nut pancakes, in particular, stood out as a highlight. Other favorites included the corned beef hash and biscuits with gravy, all of which contributed to an enjoyable meal. Starting a meal with their chocolate silk pie might seem unconventional, but I'd argue it's the perfect way to kick things off. Coupled with friendly service and fair prices, Village Inn is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy a meal and catch up with friends in a pleasant setting.

The Big Biscuit

2920 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield

(417) 360-1298

Reviewed by:

Jeff Rivera

I really enjoyed this place. The decor and atmosphere made the dining experience great! The waitress was very nice. We didn't have a long wait for a Sunday after church, which was awesome. I ordered the French toast breakfast and it was so good! My friend got a frozen iced latte drink that looked amazing. The food was served in a timely manner and we had a fantastic experience overall. The prices were reasonable and the portion sizes generous. The wait time was about 30 minutes during the Sunday 11 am brunch rush, which was surprisingly quick. The staff was great and our food came out hot, quick, and just right. This has become my personal favorite breakfast spot. The bottomless $3 coffee was also a hit for me. I'm excited to come back and try their entire menu because everything looked incredible. The Bonuts and the omelet were my favorites. Despite a slight issue with a party melt on Marble Rye toast being a bit too greasy for my taste, the meal was enjoyable. The place was clean, the server was good, and the overall experience left a positive impression on me.

Farm House Cafe

1537 N Glenstone Ave, Springfield

(417) 315-8920

Reviewed by:

Alexis Billingsley

Very nice place for a meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The atmosphere is quaint and relaxed, offering a wonderful setting to enjoy a variety of dishes. The customer service stands out, enhancing the dining experience from the moment you walk in. They offer an impressive selection of "all you can eat" options that cater to various tastes, including catfish, wall-eye, and country fried steak, to name a few. On my visit, the country fried steak, accompanied by eggs, left a lasting impression. Not to forget the made-to-order omelette that was absolutely delicious. For those exploring brunch options in Springfield, this cafe is a must-visit. They make a memorable experience, especially appreciated on special occasions like New Year’s Day when finding a good place can be a challenge. The breakfast options are commendable, with traditional American breakfast food available all day alongside some unique and flavorful combinations. The gyro omelet, for instance, with its very tasty in-house cut and cooked lamb, was a delightful surprise. It’s served with hashbrowns and biscuits and gravy, making for a hearty meal. What adds to the appeal are the very affordable prices, ensuring you get great value for your money. The staff, including our waitress Kelly, were exceptionally friendly and efficient, contributing to the overall positive dining experience. For anyone passing through or living in the area, it's a super great place for breakfast. Whether you're in the mood for a skillet or biscuits and gravy, the servings are generous and the food, delicious. It feels good returning here after its Carriage House days, finding that classics like the cheeseburger still maintain their good, simple taste, accompanied by great steak fries. The kind gestures, like being offered a complimentary cup of beef vegetable soup, did not go unnoticed. With its clean ambiance, decent prices, and good food, this cafe is definitely on my list for a return visit. It’s a place I’d recommend for anyone looking to enjoy a good meal in a welcoming environment.

Waffle House

4128 S National Ave, Springfield

(417) 887-8599

Reviewed by:

Jose Polanco Urrutia

I've been to a fair share of Waffle Houses throughout the years, encountering the good and the not-so-good, but I must say, this particular Waffle House in Springfield was a delightful surprise. So glad we decided to stop by. Our server, Michelle, was a gem—so friendly and on top of everything. The food? Just terrific. It was cooked to perfection and tasted wonderful. What also stood out was how clean the restaurant was. We were seated quickly, which is always a plus. I wholeheartedly recommend this Waffle House. It's all about the vibes here, and they did not disappoint. The staff makes a significant difference, and here, they are exceptional. The food is consistently fresh, and they nail my order just the way I like it almost every single time. My husband and I frequent this spot quite a bit, and we don't plan on halting that tradition anytime soon. Shoutout to Tonya – she's fantastic! This place holds a special place in my heart; it's been a key spot in our relationship, serving as our go-to for late-night conversations. It's a tradition that has persisted since the days when my parents lived in Springfield. Walking into this Waffle House feels like stepping back in time, in the best way possible. It's as good now as it was back then. On this visit, everyone ordered something different, and I ventured into the lunch menu for the first time—satisfied with the portion and how it arrived piping hot. The beauty of Waffle House is its consistency and convenience. They're open 24/7, so no matter when the craving hits, you can count on them to serve up the best food, cooked just the way you want. With their fantastic staff and skilled cooks, always greeting you with a smile, it's no wonder this place feels like home. They're pretty much everywhere in town, making it easy to drop by no matter where you are.

Springfield Family Restaurant

2222 S Campbell Ave, Springfield

(417) 883-0900

Reviewed by:

Francisco Marie

My husband and I have enjoyed breakfast and supper at Springfield Family Restaurant before, so we decided it was time to give their brunch a try. On a Thursday after work, we ventured in, curious to see if they could impress us a third time. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. We kicked things off with an order of onion rings, which surprisingly turned out to be more than enough for the two of us. It was a generous serving that could easily satisfy three to four people. It's always a bonus when you really get your money's worth. For my lunch, I chose the Chicken BLT on a Bun with french fries and a coffee. Opting for the grilled chicken, I was delighted by how juicy and tender it was, perfectly seasoned. The fries were crispy just the way I like them. I can be quite picky with my food, but this meal left me very satisfied. My husband went for the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. It's a huge serving, but he was all praises about the flavors, noting that he didn't need to add any extra salt or pepper, which is unusual for him. He even asked for extra pickles and thoroughly enjoyed them, which says a lot. The fries won his approval just as much as mine. Reflecting on this visit, we enjoyed our lunch just as much as our previous experiences. It's comforting to see consistency in the quality and service. The variety on the menu, generous portions, and the good service make it a place where you won't leave hungry or disappointed. The omelette was good, pancakes were the highlight, and although there was a bit of a mix-up with my preference for the French toast, it's a small hiccup in an otherwise enjoyable experience. The gigantic pork cutlet sandwich and the overall offerings on the menu kept us satisfied. We didn't try the desserts, but they looked tempting, and the fantastic service rounded out a lovely visit. We'll definitely be back for more.


1131 E Republic Rd, Springfield

(417) 886-4224

Reviewed by:

Randy Reid

I had an awesome breakfast experience with my sister at Scramblers. Honestly, from the food to the service, everything was perfect. It's hard to believe there are people who haven't visited Scramblers yet - if you're one of them, just go. You won't be disappointed. It's definitely one of the best breakfasts I've ever enjoyed. The eggs over easy were flawless. The sausage and bacon tasted real and delightful. Even the raisin toast was amazing, something as simple as toast! The service really stood out; they fueled us up perfectly for July 4th celebrations. The staff was extremely nice throughout our visit. The food was delicious, and the prices were fair, which left me more than satisfied. I would certainly eat here again without hesitation. The diner's logo, menus, and seating arrangement all contributed to a classic diner vibe which I appreciated. However, there was a bit of confusion regarding the decor and a sign mentioning a 4% fee for credit card use, which I found a bit unnecessary. Despite a couple of critiques, such as the sourdough bread not meeting expectations and the sausage gravy seeming less than homemade, the overall experience was still fantastic. Our server, Truss, was phenomenal, and watching the staff hustle was a testament to their dedication and hard work. Shoutout to them for making our brunch at Scramblers in Springfield a memorable one.

Ziggie's Café

1772 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield

(417) 823-9904

Reviewed by:

Patricio Candido Manning

Had a great experience at Ziggie's Café for brunch in Springfield! The staff were super welcoming, giving off that cozy, hometown vibe the moment we walked in. The service was prompt, and we hardly had to wait for our food, which was a pleasant surprise. We tried the ribs and the coleslaw based on recommendations, and they did not disappoint. Definitely planning to come back here! Although we hit a small snag when I learned the all-you-can-eat fried chicken would be a 30-minute wait, despite the place not being crowded. Ended up not going for it. My wife's steak was on the dryer side, which wasn't ideal, but it meant more for our dog, so not all was lost. My double cheeseburger was alright, though it had a unique taste that didn't quite hit the mark for me. However, this spot remains a favorite of ours when in Springfield. The staff has always been top-notch across our visits, serving up hot, fresh meals consistently. Not a fan of the Apple and Peach pies, but everything else we've tried has been spot on. The all-you-can-eat catfish is a hit with my family, and I personally can't get enough of the Belgian Waffles with strawberry topping and whipped cream. It’s a dish that makes me appreciate the joys of adulting, where you can enjoy what you want, when you want. It’s a throwback to childhood in the best way possible, and even if there was a one-off where the waffles didn't live up to the memory, it's a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of things. Totally worth another visit.

City Café

2129 W Republic Rd, Springfield

(417) 720-1628

Reviewed by:

Scott Castilho

Wow, City Café for brunch in Springfield truly exceeded my expectations! From the moment I walked in, the positive atmosphere was palpable, despite having visited on a quieter Wednesday morning. The service was top-notch; the waitress went above and beyond to ensure my experience was nothing short of excellent. The highlight, however, had to be the brunch itself. Opting for the Mexican omelet, I was pleasantly surprised by the rich flavors and the quality of the ingredients. It was a far cry from your standard breakfast fare, with every bite more delicious than the last. The biscuits and gravy were a comforting touch on the side, warm and just like homemade. My granddaughter’s choice of French toast turned out to be a winner, too – perfectly cooked and generously topped with syrup. And despite a minor hiccup with the California skillet, the overall dining experience was one we won’t soon forget. Not only was the food impressive, but the value for money was undeniable. For everything we enjoyed, the price was more than reasonable. The café itself, nestled in a strip mall, might be easy to overlook at a glance, but it's a hidden gem that’s certainly worth seeking out. Moreover, the commitment to customer satisfaction was clear throughout our visit. From the attentive service to the effort to make our brunch enjoyable, it’s evident that City Café places a high value on its patrons. In essence, if you’re considering a new spot for brunch in Springfield, City Café should be at the top of your list. It was an experience that not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I’m already looking forward to returning. The combination of great food, excellent service, and value for money makes it a standout choice. City Café is indeed a must-visit for any brunch enthusiasts out there!

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