December 3, 2023

Top 20 Toledo Brunch Spots: Dive into the Brunch Bounty of Ohio's Glass City!

Craving a wholesome brunch in Toledo? Chow down on the best mid-morning grub in town. From stacks of pancakes to protein-rich eggs, Toledo's brunch spots serve satisfaction on a platter.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Top 20 Toledo Brunch Spots: Dive into the Brunch Bounty of Ohio's Glass City!
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Here we serve up a collision of flavors. It's not just about eating; it's about rediscovering brunch in a whole new way. Toledo, where every forkful is worth getting out of bed for!

The Adams Street Cafe

608 Adams St, Toledo

(419) 214-1819

Reviewed by:

Andrew Stutzman

I recently visited The Adams Street Cafe in Toledo for brunch and had an absolutely delightful meal. Between a smoked beef sandwich, hot chicken sandwich, turkey bacon gouda sandwich, and the most delicious butter fries, the selection and variety were fantastic. The turkey & dumplings soup coupled with a side of kale slaw made for a hearty, satisfying meal. The standout was their turkey sandwich - quite possibly the best I've ever tasted. My wife and I were searching for a Gluten-Free restaurant around the Great Lakes Museum and to our delight, The Adams Street Cafe popped up. I ordered the turkey Rubin while my wife went for a salad - both of which were fresh, flavorful, and testified to the kitchen's attention to detail. The warmth of the service was undeniable and the pricing was pleasantly surprising, especially considering the quality of food. During our visit, I even got to sample a beer I hadn't tried before, which was just an added bonus to an already fine dining experience. We also tried out their poutine as an appetizer. Though it lacked a bit in flavor, it didn't affect our overall appreciation for the place. The pastrami Ruben I tried had crispy, burnt edges which gave a unique twist to the otherwise classic sandwich. A pickle on the side perfectly complemented the meal. The chicken and waffles were decent, if somewhat unconventional with their chicken thigh piece. However, the homemade chocolate cake, served with a scoop of ice cream, was the perfect end to our meal. Overall, I found The Adams Street Cafe to offer healthy options, great food, and indoor dining at a reasonable price. I particularly enjoyed the Nashville chicken sandwich and would highly recommend it. Despite being not overly busy, service was prompt and friendly. Truly, The Adams Street Cafe warrants a visit for anyone seeking quality, affordable food in a cozy downtown setting.

The Original Pancake House

3310 Central Ave, Toledo

(419) 578-0342

Reviewed by:

Native Sargent

I've been a Toledo resident for a long time, and I've only recently discovered The Original Pancake House for brunch. This local favorite exceeded my expectations, offering a charmingly bright, clean, and inviting environment. I was pleasantly surprised by the enormous size of the omelettes, and the coffee, which is always kept topped up, is a decent value. The service may vary, but on the whole, it's quite efficient. The staff made a recommendation for the apple pancake, a signature dish that takes some time to prepare, but it's worth the wait. The menu leans towards traditional fare, and there's a sense of nostalgia that adds to the charm of this place. Interestingly, my first time here, I tried the German pancake. The combination of sweet and sour was a delightful surprise. It's since become a go-to brunch dish for my husband and me. We're both fans of the homemade taste of the food here. My husband loves the biscuits and gravy as well as the pecan pancakes, while I'm partial to their breakfast plates - the sausage links and pancakes are delicious. Despite the flavors that might seem a bit unusual to some, and the fact that pancakes come with almost every meal, the overall experience at The Original Pancake House is very satisfying. Yes, parking can be a challenge, but there's additional parking at the back. In conclusion, I'd highly recommend The Original Pancake House in Toledo for a comfortable family breakfast. It's become a regular spot for my husband and me.

Fowl & Fodder

614 Adams St, Toledo

(419) 214-1588

Reviewed by:

Suzie Sinzieri

I swung by Fowl & Fodder around 2pm, just after the lunchtime rush. The entire experience was simply delightful. The strawberry lemonade vodka was a refreshing and zesty treat. The pork belly French toast, perfectly paired with over-easy eggs, was an incredible dish that I simply can't praise enough. To kick things off, we opted for the fried green tomatoes appetizer, and it proved to be an excellent choice. I have to say, this place is unbelievable! We indulged in the gluten-free chicken and waffles, cake donuts, and pastrami hash, every single thing was just delicious. Our server was super friendly and helpful throughout our meal. Yes, it's a small place and can be a bit loud, but that doesn't hinder you from having an engaging conversation. The background noise can even add to its charm. I have to commend the fantastic service once more, and the creative, flavorful food, it was all genuinely good. In the sea of eateries opened in the city, Fowl & Fodder easily stands out. So, unless every other food joint in the city is closed, I see no reason why I wouldn't return to this place. It's a must-try for food lovers seeking unique yet incredibly tasty items. Can't wait for my next visit.

Mayberry Diner

3606 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo

(419) 724-9177

Reviewed by:

Roger Acevedo Molina

I stumbled upon this hidden gem, Mayberry Diner, and was pleasantly surprised. The food is fantastic, the service is top-notch and the atmosphere feels just like home. They offer a type of personal service that you don't find often these days, especially with the shortage of staff at many establishments. Their breakfast is great and I can't wait to go back for lunch. The prices are also quite reasonable. The place has a very comfortable ambiance with friendly faces all around. The service is quite fast but never feels rushed. They let you take your time and are always up for a good chat. The food is reliable, typical diner comfort food with a thoughtful menu that allows you to choose healthier options, if needed. The pies and daily specials are a must-try. The portions are generous, and the staff serve with a smile. I've visited thrice in the past month. The oatmeal could use a bit of improvement and the hash browns need more crunch, but I've learned to be very specific when placing my order. But overall, Mayberry Diner is a pleasant place to dine. The staff are kind and professional, and the overall atmosphere is quite comforting. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area.

Waffle House

5445 Monroe St, Toledo

(419) 293-5310

Reviewed by:

Abou Masina

I am glad to give the credit where it's due, and Waffle House chain truly deserves a 5-star rating. Being open 24/7 and having numerous locations, they never leave you waiting. I appreciate the simplicity of their menu that makes the ordering effortless. The food, always prepared before your eyes, arrives pretty fast and tastes consistently good across all locations. I discovered Waffle House two years ago and it soon became my favorite breakfast spot. The franchise in Toledo lived up to my expectations with a team of friendly and conversational staff members who promptly took our orders. The cooking was on point and the served food was up to the standard set by Waffle House. I would encourage anyone looking for a good breakfast joint or wishing to try Waffle House for the first time to visit this Toledo location. It is located in a nice area and has a clean and welcoming exterior and interior. You would feel comfortable visiting even in the wee hours of the morning. The all-star breakfast I ordered was as enjoyable as ever. The waffle, eggs, toast, grits, and sausage came with a coffee and were worth every penny. Even the staff, although seemingly unenthusiastic, managed to serve the customers effectively. Despite a slight delay in taking my order, the service was prompt and attentive afterwards. The inside of the restaurant was tidy and the food was tasty. I ordered the two-egg breakfast while my partner had the all-star special. The food was worth the price. Overall, I am more than satisfied with my visit to the Waffle House in Toledo.

Green Lantern

509 Broadway St, Toledo

(567) 315-8826

Reviewed by:

Tiara Kirkland

I recently had brunch at Green Lantern in Toledo and I must say, it was an overall enjoyable experience. The food was pretty good, although the sandwich I ordered came with a bit too much ketchup, mustard, and mayo. It was a little messy to eat and the mustard was quite overpowering. The chili cheese fries were served up in a huge portion, but I found the chili to be lacking a bit in flavor. That being said, this place definitely had its high points. The interior had a charming, homey feel to it and I was thoroughly impressed with the food. The bacon was honestly some of the best I've had from a restaurant, and the hotcakes tasted just like my grandmother used to make. I found the service to be decent considering how busy it was, and the prices were reasonable. The seating was a little tight and I did find myself having to move around a few times to let others pass. Unfortunately, the toilet in the bathroom was out of order when I tried to use it. However, our waitress, Tiffany, was fantastic and really made our visit worthwhile. I'm looking forward to returning next time I'm in town! Despite a few minor hiccups, my experience at Green Lantern was definitely a positive one.

MaMa's Kitchen

2556 Tremainsville Rd, Toledo

(419) 725-1560

Reviewed by:

Zavaroni Jarrett

I absolutely love the feel of Mama's Kitchen in Toledo. It's like stepping back in time to a classic diner, only with even better food! The portions are huge - I mean, one of their deep-fried mushrooms was nearly half the size of my sandwich! Our server, Ann, was a gem, making sure we got to sample the complimentary Mama's beans. Speaking of which, those beans are incredible - a must-try! The quality of the food and service was top-notch; my wife enjoyed the Smothered Country Omelette, and I opted for Papa's Breakfast. Both dishes arrived hot, fresh, and generously portioned. We've been fans of Mama's Kitchen for over five years now and have never been disappointed. Despite being quite busy on our visit, our waitress managed to deliver excellent service. I finished my meal feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Unfortunately, I don't live nearby, or else I'd be frequenting Mama's Kitchen much more often. If you find yourself in Toledo, this eatery is well worth a visit!

Reynolds Garden Cafe

1220 S Reynolds Rd, Toledo

(419) 381-9000

Reviewed by:

Dyana Sickon

I recently had brunch at Reynolds Garden Cafe in Toledo and I have to say, it did not disappoint. I'm a bit of a regular but hadn't been there for lunch in a while and decided to order my usual, the patty melt with fries. As per usual, it was absolutely delicious. The chicken sandwich meal was also a hit, especially their homemade onion rings, which were possibly the best I've ever had. We ordered two meals for breakfast, one with three eggs, corned beef hash, hash browns, and wheat toast. The food was well-prepared and delicious. The cafe itself was bustling and full of energy, but the service was efficient and quick. The waitstaff were remarkable - attentive, efficient, and very sweet. Something unique to this cafe is their selection of homemade pies. I opted for the blueberry and let me tell you, it was scrumptious. The total for the eight of us was just around $100, which was a pleasant surprise given the high-quality food and service. We took some out-of-town family members, including two little ones, and the experience was very accommodating. Overall, the experience at Reynolds Garden Cafe was delightful and I highly recommend it, especially for their patty melt and homemade pies.

Graces Kitchen

5241 N Summit St, Toledo

(419) 729-4370

Reviewed by:

Antonio Irizarry Braun

My wife and I are visiting from South Florida and couldn't be happier to have discovered Grace's Kitchen in Toledo. We've looked forward to trying it out since Sunday and let's just say, it was definitely worth the wait. I was torn between the cinnamon brown sugar French toast/pancakes and the apple pie pancakes/French toast. When I asked if they could combine both, Molly was incredibly sweet and accommodating. Believe me when I say, it was the best French toast I've ever had. So much so, that my wife and I decided to share it, and I added a ham and cheese omelette to my order which was equally delicious. My wife loved Jimmy’s omelette. We were so impressed with our meals that we returned the very next day for more of the same. We also tried out the homemade cinnamon marshmallows, and later roasted them over our campfire. Absolutely delightful! I can confidently say that Grace's Kitchen will be our top choice whenever we visit Toledo again. I encourage anyone visiting the place to try it out, you won't be disappointed. We actually stumbled upon Gracie's while looking for a breakfast joint during our pass through Toledo. The breakfast special was a steal with 3 eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, and hashbrowns for just 12 dollars. It really is true that nothing beats good homemade food. I was also quite pleased with the restaurant's easy in and out, the unique range of coffee flavors and a nice selection of ice cream. I was here on business for the first time and had a memorable experience. The food was cooked fresh to order. This place is simply AMAZING! Their service was incredibly friendly and efficient. We shared the hash omelette and the Jimmy omelet, and also ordered cinnamon roll Pancakes that were mouth-melting. We washed down our breakfast with two lattes, a shark bite, rainbow sherbet punch, and a strawberry lemonade. All the food is made in-house and is simply great! I can highly recommend Grace's Kitchen.

Monroe Street Diner

4514 Monroe St, Toledo

(419) 472-0888

Reviewed by:

Denis Feely-Larrabee

I recently made my first visit to Monroe Street Diner for brunch, having lived in Toledo for over 30 years. The first thing I noticed was the charming atmosphere - the decor included a variety of clocks, which I personally loved. The service during our meal was impressive - our waitstaff was attentive and prompt, adding to our overall positive experience. The food was more than satisfactory. Despite having to pay slightly more than expected, I was pleased with my order. Yes, the portion sizes could have been larger, but the taste made up for it. The corned beef hash and eggs were delicious. And while I personally thought the potatoes could have been better, the bacon was done just right and was a great addition. I was also impressed by their variety of soups - the chicken enchilada and stuffed cabbage soups were particular highlights. Even though this was my first visit, the consistently friendly staff left a lasting impression on me. However, a point to note for future patrons - the diner can get pretty loud during peak hours. Despite this, I would still highly recommend Monroe Street Diner for its quality food, excellent service, and cozy ambiance. I will definitely be heading back again soon.

Executive Diner

2516 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo

(419) 472-3447

Reviewed by:

Flakii Dunn

My first visit to Executive Diner was outstanding. The dish I ordered, the Hangover, was a delightful mix of biscuits, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and sausage gravy, along with a side of tasty homefries. The food was just as great as the portion size. My husband, who ordered the Mediterranean skillet, was similarly impressed, especially with the flavor of the gyro meat. Although the place was bustling with customers, the service was top-notch with our attentive waitress and timely food arrival. The prices were also reasonable, with our meal costing around $26 pre-tip. Looking forward to trying their lunch menu next. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable, so much that we can't wait for our next visit. If you want a casual diner with a variety of tasty dishes, Executive is the place to go. We always have leftovers to take home, making it a weekend brunch staple for us.

Manhattan's Pub 'n Cheer

1516 Adams St, Toledo

(419) 243-6675

Reviewed by:

Sebastián Saldiver Rincon

Manhattan's Pub 'n Cheer truly lived up to the hype. The atmosphere was inviting and the people were friendly, creating the perfect environment for a relaxed meal. The menu was a refreshing change from the norm, featuring wonderfully prepared dishes that were definitely worth the slightly higher prices. I'd say it's more of a middle-class spot with really good food. They serve hearty meals and offer a vast array of drinks without it being overwhelming. Safe to say, this place will now be a regular stop for us. The standout dish for me was the Wild Mushroom Pizza, a delightful surprise to my taste buds. Other noteworthy dishes were the Reuben and cheese steak which didn't disappoint. Also, the cheese curds were a hit with our toddler and the Mac and cheese served was a generous portion that came at a great price - a rare find. I'm looking forward to coming back for brunch. Our server, Eric, was attentive and kind which added to our positive dining experience. We also spent a lovely afternoon on their patio, sharing a summer happy hour drink and snacks. The service was top-notch and the diverse bar and menu offerings catered to everyone's preferences. While my friend enjoyed a glass of white wine along with delicious fish and chips, I savored a refreshing whiskey lemonade and a fresh salad with apples and pecans. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time at Manhattan's Pub 'n Cheer, and we can't wait to return.

First Watch

3410 Secor Rd #550, Toledo

(419) 930-8036

Reviewed by:

Marley Pierce

I recently had a delightful brunch experience at First Watch in Toledo. As a person dealing with food allergies, eating out at brunch places is often a challenge for me. But First Watch impressed me with their careful handling of my dietary needs, marking out my plate with an allergy toothpick. The service was welcoming and the ambiance was friendly, casual, and warm - just right for a casual date. Their classic benny was delightful and the Morning Meditation from their juice bar was surprisingly delicious. I would definitely recommend First Watch for a classy brunch experience, especially since it's a chain and can be a reliable breakfast option while travelling. I have already visited both the Perrysburg and Secor locations multiple times in a week. Everything was perfect and their menu options fit well into a healthy life style. The staff was welcoming, the food fresh and the service seamless. And I must add, they might just serve the best coffee in NW Ohio. I also tried their turkey egg white wrap and my daughter adored the chocolate chip pancake. The freshness of the side fruit was commendable. The coffee was decent for the price and the food was satisfactory. The place may be a bit loud but my server was excellent and the place was clean. The menu gave ample options for all dietary needs. We also tried the veggie burger, tomato basil soup with salad, and a bowl of fresh fruit on our recent visit. Everything tasted amazing and the service was top-notch. I'm eagerly looking forward to my next visit.

Nick's Family Cafe

2516 S Reynolds Rd, Toledo

(419) 866-1793

Reviewed by:

Tatiana Velazquez

Nick's Family Cafe in Toledo was an absolute delight! From our first visit, we could tell this was going to be a treasured family food spot. The dishes were served piping hot, flavorful and the portions were generously large. We were especially appreciative of the warm and friendly service we received from Savannah. The cafe's ambiance might not match up to a luxurious 5-star restaurant, but it holds its charm as a cozy, family diner offering quality food and service. Although the seats were slightly worn and not the most comfortable, the amazing food more than made up for it! One special mention is how seriously they take their cooking standards. If any dish is not cooked to your liking, they are more than ready to make things right. But remember, this has been my experience dining in and might not be the case for takeaway orders. Nick's Family Cafe also gets big brownie points for being LGBTQP+ friendly and handicapped friendly, despite not having automatic doors. Masks aren't required, but they do encourage visitors to be thoughtful of others, especially if feeling unwell. What blew us away was the portion size for the price! The Omelette at Nick's is enormous and mouth-wateringly delicious. The staff at Nick's were incredibly welcoming, giving us the impression that they have a strong base of repeat customers who feel at home there. In short, if you're in the vicinity, Nick's Family Cafe is a must-try spot for a hearty, delicious brunch!

Al Smith's Place

3550 Executive Pkwy #12, Toledo

(419) 531-0600

Reviewed by:

Roman Kurian

Walking into Al Smith's Place, it was evident from the start that the food was going to be excellent, judging by the happy elderly patrons settled in. True enough, the moment our food arrived, it was so delicious we all fell silent just enjoying our meals. My plate was cleaned before I even remembered to snap a photo, and given the generous servings, that definitely says a lot. It wasn't just the food, even the service was commendable. Our waiter Nick made sure I was topped up with coffee and even provided great conversation. They even offer a student discount, perfect for students of UT. The food was heavenly, so much so it almost brought me to tears. The chorizo skillet dish I ordered was filled with flavor, a sure recommendation. The triple decker club was also fantastic and the fries were perfectly done too. With the restaurant not being too busy, we were served swiftly and could enjoy our brunch without feeling rushed. I couldn't help but notice the pie at Al Smith's Place. It seems to be a favorite among regular patrons and next time, I'll definitely be joining them. The diner itself gives off a cozy Americana vibe with tranquil surroundings, ideal for a casual meetup. And of course, the pies are a must-try. Homemade and delicious, they're arguably what Al Smith's Place is best known for. So, if you're in Toledo, this diner comes highly recommended.

Brim House

444 N Summit St, Toledo

(419) 243-7664

Reviewed by:

Steve Segal

My experience at Brim House for brunch was a mixed bag. I had to make my reservation for a party of 8 two weeks in advance via Open Table as the phones were busy for three days straight. We were told on arrival that we couldn't sit at a regular table due to our party size, which was an inconvenience considering we had guests with physical disabilities. We were seated around 12:23pm, despite our reservation being for 12:00pm and the table wasn't set for dining. The water we were given had an off-putting fishy smell and the alcoholic beverages we ordered took too long to arrive, despite there only being three other tables at the time. Once our food did arrive, however, the chicken and waffles and cinnamon roll pancakes were absolutely delicious! There were issues with timely service throughout our meal, and the response from the manager when we confronted him about these issues was disappointing and unprofessional. The wait for our bills took another 45 minutes due to a crashing system but we were given a $10 discount per person which was appreciated. Despite the poor service, I had a wonderful dinner at the Chef's Table Series: A Celebration of Love. The ambience was romantic and fun, the food was amazing, and the wait staff were attentive and pleasant. Chef Mike even took time to tell us about each course and address questions. I loved the duck fat fries and caramelized pork belly and found them to be generously portioned. The craft beer selection was also satisfactory. My breakfast experience the following day was much better. Even though the place was busy, my server Micki was cheerful and provided excellent service. So while my brunch experience left much to be desired, the dinner and breakfast at Brim House were quite enjoyable, leaving me considering a second visit.

Rick's City Diner

5333 Monroe St #40, Toledo

(419) 720-9555

Reviewed by:

Chagy Wahl

I recently visited Rick's City Diner for brunch and the experience, while it had its ups and downs, overall left a good impression. Our server, Jenna, was extremely courteous and took the time to inform us about possible delays due to the kitchen being backed up. The atmosphere was slightly odd, with the owner, an older gentleman, enjoying some alcoholic drinks and sharing them with his staff. A little unconventional, but it didn't detract from the experience. My husband ordered an egg Benedict and I had a buffalo chicken wrap. While my husband's dish was a boiled egg, the buffalo chicken wrap was quite enjoyable, with a nice kick from the buffalo sauce. The fries were also a highlight, crispy and well-seasoned. One minor issue was that we requested a table by the window but were denied, and then other customers were seated there. There were also some issues with our coffee and pancakes, including rubbery blueberries and bland syrup. But our server Jack handled everything professionally. Returning to Rick's City Diner after the Covid-19 pandemic, we were delighted to find out they're open for dinner now. We've dined there twice for dinner and both times were delectable. And their pies - truly homemade and utterly delicious. Our lunch experience had some hiccups including a long wait time and an argument about the menu with our server. I had eggs over easy and toast. The hashbrowns were not to our liking, being hard on the inside and unpleasantly oily. Customer service could be improved as no one checked in to ask how our food was. In conclusion, Rick's City Diner has some areas to improve upon but there are certain aspects such as their buffalo chicken wrap, fries, and pies that I'd definitely revisit for. Despite some minor issues, I would give Rick's City Diner another chance.


3344 Secor Rd, Toledo

(419) 531-9678

Reviewed by:

Hector Nolasco Pacheco

I recently had brunch at the Scramblers in Toledo and it was a wonderful experience. The restaurant was buzzing with people, showing its popularity among locals. Despite being busy, the service was quick and efficient - within 10 minutes of ordering, my meal was ready. Serena, my waitress, was absolutely delightful and did an outstanding job of making sure my needs were catered to. She was friendly, attentive, and made my dining experience at Scramblers truly memorable. The food was absolutely delicious, leaving me satisfied and full. The quality of the ingredients was evident in the taste as they were fresh and flavorful. Even though there were some hiccups with my previous order at this place, I was pleasantly surprised with the improvement in the service and food quality this time. The place was exceedingly clean and well-maintained, which added to the overall dining experience. The wide variety of dishes on the menu ensures that there's something for everyone to enjoy. Despite a couple of small issues, the staff was professional and kind. They were focused on providing good service and ensuring customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend Scramblers for brunch to anyone looking for a great meal in Toledo. The delightful food and service make it worth the visit. In all, I've visited this restaurant multiple times, and this latest experience was by far the best. The staff's upbeat attitude and the tasty food have me looking forward to my next visit.

Waffle House

2454 S Reynolds Rd, Toledo

(419) 861-1577

Reviewed by:

Cheryl Eathorne

I often find myself at Waffle House, particularly when I'm in areas where they're located. They never fail to provide a consistently inexpensive yet delicious breakfast. The one near Toledo is on my regular route to the TV repair shop and they've got everything you could want from a diner, including a great pot of coffee. The service is stellar, and the staff are always friendly and appreciative. On my first visit here, I was profoundly impressed by the quality of their food - it was scrumptious and very reasonably priced. The hash browns in particular were a hit with me. Our waitress, Zee, was an absolute delight and she handled everything efficiently. It was probably my best diner experience. The other waitresses, Alisha & Adrian, were also very attentive. The jukebox even gave me 2 free credits! I enjoyed a good laugh when some folks at the counter teased me over my song choice - "It's Not Living If It's Not With You" by the 1975. Regardless, I'm definitely eating here again when I return. I'd rate my experience a solid 10/10.

City Egg

202 N Summit St #101, Toledo

(419) 214-0174

Reviewed by:

Tanice Dozier

During our trip to Toledo, we stumbled upon City Egg which is located in the heart of downtown. This eatery has a unique order-while-you-wait concept using a kiosk system. It offers a display screen to keep you updated on your order's progress and you step up to get it when your name is announced. The process was smooth and quite straightforward. The food here is quite amazing, and the restaurant itself was notably clean. I would definitely encourage anyone visiting downtown Toledo to give this place a shot. Not only were the staff friendly, their service was rapid too. We ordered premium bacon which wasn't up to the mark due to its chewiness. However, the eggs were perfectly done to medium. Though a tad bit high-priced for breakfast, the overall experience was worth it. The automated menu was an unexpected bonus, it was definitely more convenient than interacting with staff members. We had come to Toledo for a Mudhens game and stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn on N. Summit St. With limited early morning dining options available, City Egg was a breath of fresh air. They offer both inside and outdoor seating options with no table service. You order at a kiosk and watch your food being freshly prepared on a grill. The service was quick and the breakfast items, freshly made-to-order, were delicious. The eggs and hash browns were cooked to perfection and my wife couldn't get over her breakfast tacos. I highly recommend trying them out when you visit City Egg.

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