October 24, 2023

Brunching in The 6: Top Toronto Brunch Spots

Explore Toronto's best brunch places serving tantalizing eats; from fluffy pancakes to perfectly poached eggs. A brunch enthusiast's paradise!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Brunching in The 6: Top Toronto Brunch Spots
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Toronto isn't just renowned for its towering skyline, vibrant multicultural scene, or passionate sports teams. From cozy diners to chic cafes, Canada’s largest city hosts a plethora of places where you can enjoy the trendiest meal of the day.

Dirty Food Eatery

3070 Dundas St W, Toronto

(416) 855-3393

Reviewed by:

Elha Mous Villada

I'm not usually one for brunch, but I'm so glad I came to Dirty Food Eatery. The Salmon Eggs Benny was absolutely divine, with high-quality eggs that were cooked to perfection. The milk pancake, not too sweet, was the perfect pair for the eggs and smoked salmon. And as a big fan of smoked salmon, I was thoroughly impressed. I have to mention the wonderful service too - it was friendly and homey, like a neighbour who shares their homemade pies. Although I do wish they had provided straws for the ice latte to avoid ice chunks when drinking. The atmosphere was bustling but not uncomfortable, and I appreciated that my personal space wasn't invaded. Overall, this was a life-changing brunch experience. The fresh ingredients and the combination of flavours worked extremely well together. My compliments to the chefs and staff for offering a consistently high quality of food and service, truly the best brunch I've ever had in Toronto. All of their menu items are great, but don't miss out on the chicken & waffle sandwich and the crispy home fries. Although there can be long lines, it's well worth the wait. A particularly clever feature is the ability to join the waitlist before arrival to avoid waiting outside. Every time I return, I'm excited to try their latest Eggs Benedict. The freshly squeezed juices and London Fog latte are also very enjoyable. Dirty Food Eatery has become my go-to for breakfast or brunch.

Maha's Brunch

226 Greenwood Ave, Toronto

(416) 462-2703

Reviewed by:

Corise Kelly

Maha's Brunch is a must-try spot in Toronto! The food is delicious and I enjoyed every single dish I ordered. The standout for me was the chicken sandwich. It was not only visually appealing but also packed with flavour. The restaurant has a homey and comfortable vibe to it, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends. They don't take phone reservations and there's usually a line, but the wait is completely worth it! The menu is loaded with enticing options; the Egyptian falafel, dates grilled cheese sandwich, hibiscus tea and honey cardamom latte were all fantastic! The place offers not only great food but a fantastic atmosphere as well. The ambience is authentic and the staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring you feel comfortable the moment you step in. Despite the wait for a table, the impeccable service and the anticipation of trying the food more than make up for it! I highly recommend Maha's Brunch for a unique and delicious brunch experience in Toronto. Whether you want to try their famous Egyptian breakfast or a hearty kebab, Maha's is the place to go. It's such a gem in Ontario and definitely worth the visit!

Sisters & Co

887 Dundas St W, Toronto

(647) 350-7478

Reviewed by:

Bill Parvez

The food at Sisters & Co was impeccable, with an inventive and tasty Korean fusion menu. The chicken and waffle was my personal standout dish, perfectly cooked and wonderfully flavorful. The staff were friendly and attentive, contributing to a pleasant dining experience overall. The restaurant was a little on the small side but had a warm, welcoming atmosphere which I enjoyed. It started to get busy after 10am, so booking in advance is recommended. Although we felt a little unwell afterwards, the food presentation and quality were impressive, making Sisters & Co one of the best breakfast spots in Toronto in my book. The avocado benedict, chocolate chip pancakes, and garlic aioli fries we ordered for lunch were fresh and delicious, featuring a perfect balance of taste. The lively vibe of the restaurant added to the overall experience. Despite the minor inconvenience of feeling unwell post-meal, I plan on revisiting Sisters & Co to explore more of their flavorful offerings.

Emma's Country Kitchen

810 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

(416) 652-3662

Reviewed by:

Gisselle Poole

Emma's Country Kitchen is a top-notch brunch spot in Toronto. The food is excellent, with perfect portions that leave you feeling satisfied but not overstuffed. The freshness of the ingredients is evident in the taste of the food. While the prices may be a bit high, the quality and taste of the food justify it. The service is exceptional, with a genuinely warm and welcoming team. On the downside, the coffee was disappointing - overpriced for a drip coffee and not well made. However, I'm willing to give them another shot in hopes that this was a one-off issue. The standout dishes for me are the eggs Benedict on their famous biscuits and the cinnamon bun pancakes - the best pancakes I've ever had. Their London fog is delicious though a bit small. Be prepared for a wait as the place can get busy, but it's worth it. A pleasant surprise was the biscuits and gravy. Being a classic breakfast staple in the US, it's hard to find in Canada. But Emma's version was light, fluffy and savory, with a unique twist of onions and sage in the gravy. Their home fries and homemade hot sauce are also highly recommended. Despite the long wait, the wonderful and friendly service makes up for it. I definitely plan on returning the next time I'm in town. If you're searching for a great breakfast or brunch venue, look no further. The huge portions ensure you'll leave sated and their pancakes and donuts are simply out of this world. My first visit to Emma's Country Kitchen, along with my dad, was a memorable one, and we are already planning a return in the near future.

Lady Marmalade

265 Broadview Ave, Toronto

(647) 351-7645

Reviewed by:

Ajohn Benyamin

I can now see why Lady Marmalade is consistently bustling with patrons - it earns every single one of its 5-star reviews! Despite being somewhat nostalgic for their old Queen Street location, I found their new spot to be just as cozy and inviting. Starting off with the drinks, I treated myself to a cortado and a flat white, both of which were strong and expertly crafted. I loved them so much, a second round was a must. As for the food, it was nothing short of wonderful. I enjoyed the salmon Benny, while my mom tried the BAB Benny - both dishes were cooked to perfection and beautifully presented. Not only was the food and drink top-tier, but the cheerful service really added to the overall experience. A conversation with our friendly server revealed a happy work environment, which certainly radiated to the customers. On a second visit, I experimented with the salmon eggs Benedict and the AM hash. While the salmon Benny could have benefited from a bit more dill, the home fries were nicely balanced between crunch and softness. The AM hash could do with some improvements, though. The potatoes tasted slightly overdone, the bell peppers were a tad bitter and the pulled pork was a bit on the dry side. Despite these minor issues, the homemade ketchup and hot sauce were excellent additions. While my first experience was superior to my second, I remain optimistic and look forward to trying more from their menu. Despite the anticipation built by glowing reviews and lengthy wait times, Lady Marmalade remains a solid choice for brunch in Toronto!

Chadwick's Craft Kitchen & Bar

268 Howland Ave, Toronto

(416) 944-1606

Reviewed by:

Kate Goodson

My time at Chadwick's Craft Kitchen & Bar was a gastronomical delight. Starting with fish fritters and spicy Brussels sprouts, the dishes were spot on! The added pomegranate in the Brussels sprouts left a unique, memorable taste. The broad menu has me pumped for a return visit. This place truly knows how to tempt the palate. Their brunch offerings were also remarkable, especially the beef hash, Dominican pancake special and sausage, which was an excellent blend of crisp and tender textures. Make sure you book ahead, they're really popular! The overall vibe was amazing, the food and drinks were top notch, and the staff was super friendly. Our waitress helped us navigate the vast menu and made some great recommendations. The tilapia fillets and tacos we ordered were exceptional. The place buzzed with an energy that made you want to dance! Our brunch experience was rounded off in their cozy back patio. We had the Ranchero and Filipino corned beef, both of which were just perfect. Also, the homemade ketchup was a star in its own right. Chadwick's Craft Kitchen & Bar is worth every bit of praise and I can't wait for my next visit. Highly recommended!

Good Fork

1550 Dundas St W, Toronto

(647) 352-5955

Reviewed by:

Cristina Duty

Absolutely love The Good Fork for brunch! The food is consistently delicious and fresh, and despite the restaurant being busy, the service is always top-notch. During a recent visit, they even surprised us with a free order of pancakes! My personal favorites are the chicken sandwich, hummus bowl, cilbur eggs, and of course the pancakes. Yes, there may be a bit of a wait during the weekends - be prepared for at least an hour - but trust me, it's completely worth it. I was blown away by their hummus bowl during our Sunday brunch last time. The Brussels sprouts were satisfyingly crispy, the hummus was incredibly smooth, and the added falafel was fresh and perfectly fried. I loved it so much I booked my next reservation on the spot! Admittedly, there was a bit of a wait for the bill due to the busy crowd, which suggests they might need to schedule a few more servers for Sundays. But the stellar food definitely makes up for it. Besides their amazing brunch offerings, we've also tried their Lentil Soup, Huevos Rancheros, Spanish Hash, Red Velvet Pancakes, and some cocktails, all of which were excellent. The space is roomy, comfortable and has a really cool vibe. Had my first visit on a Saturday with some friends and we didn't have to wait long for a table. Our server, Brendan, was very friendly and provided exemplary service. The skillet was generously portioned, the eggs were faultless, and the blueberry pancakes were irresistibly good. Even their washrooms were impressively clean! After such an outstanding experience, I'll definitely be returning to Good Fork. If you're in Toronto and looking for incredible brunch, look no further!

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

85 Hanna Ave #104, Toronto

(416) 588-5695

Reviewed by:

Carly Ticksaw

Had an excellent brunch at Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Toronto today. We arrived a bit before 10AM but still had to wait nearly an hour. Despite this, it was definitely worth it. The food was outstanding - my absolute favorite being the Blueberry Pancakes. Seriously, these might be the best pancakes I've ever had! We also tried Veda’s Choice and six biscuits+scones. Every dish scored above the charts, the servers were attentive and friendly, particularly our server Pablo who was very charming and helpful. He really added to the great experience. If you're a coffee lover like me, I would suggest the Fresh Brew. It went perfectly with our brunch meal. I can't forget to mention the fries - they were out of this world. The place is naturally busy so get ready for a wait, or make a reservation if you're a big group. I wasn't too impressed with the Huevos Monty due to the dry, chewy tortillas, but the steak sandwich was decent, and the salad was really fresh. Overall, this place is definitely worth a revisit for the pancakes alone. Thanks to Pablo and the kitchen for a fantastic experience. Can't wait to return!

MIA Brunch Bar

2140 Yonge St, Toronto

(416) 322-5553

Reviewed by:

Damian Patel

I recently had an outstanding brunch experience at MIA Brunch Bar, and I must say it's the best in Toronto. The eggs Benny were simply fantastic, with a perfect Hollandaise sauce. We couldn't resist sharing the pancakes and French toast, both of which were equally amazing. In particular, the chicken and waffles were moreish, with the chicken cooked flawlessly. Although the waffles were a tad soggy from the sauce, their sweetness wasn't overpowering. The French toast was alright, a bit on the dry side, but its unique cornflake coating made it interesting. Their brunch poutine was good initially but grew monotonous towards the end. What stood out about MIA Brunch Bar was not only the great food but also the commendable service. It's quite peaceful if you visit after 1:30. The staff were brilliant and the portions generous which I appreciated. The chicken and waffle is genuinely the best one I've ever eaten. The balance between the sweetness of the waffle and the spice from the chicken was exquisite. Similarly, the smoked salmon benedict was as good as it gets, and the Nutella waffles made for the perfect meal ender. With a fantastic patio, MIA Brunch Bar is a hidden gem. I've been here multiple times, and the food never disappoints. I highly recommend their seasonal special pancakes filled with Nutella and the salmon eggs benedict. Although the prices might be a little high, the flavorful dishes and excellent service make it all worthwhile. On my recent visit, they astoundingly replaced our slightly burnt pancakes with a fresh plate. So, if you're in Toronto and looking for a great brunch place, MIA Brunch Bar should be your go-to.

Petit Dejeuner

191 King St E, Toronto

(416) 703-1560

Reviewed by:

Kuldip Huertap

I decided to try Petit Dejeuner for breakfast on a Sunday and despite a short wait for a table and for our food due to the restaurant's popularity, the overall experience was great. The service was polite and attentive, particularly once the rush had subsided. I ordered the salmon Benedict and an omelette and both were absolutely delicious. The restaurant is located conveniently in downtown and has a lovely, cozy ambience with cute decorations and great background music. The only issue I found was with the utensils which were a bit flimsy, however, this small hiccup wouldn't deter me from returning. In fact, I visited twice during my stay in Toronto, also trying the croque madame and the sweet style waffles, as well as the enjoyable iced coffee. The restaurant offers the option of comfortable indoor seating or shaded outdoor seating. Overall, Petit Dejeuner is the perfect breakfast spot and I definitely recommend it.

Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge

563 Bloor St W, Toronto

(416) 588-3907

Reviewed by:

Fernanda Frostad

I have had the pleasure of dining at Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge for both dinner and brunch now and can confidently say that both experiences were top-notch. Their cocktails are a delightful treat, with their burgers standing out as exceptionally good. While the brunch menu may seem slightly on the pricier side, the gigantic portions more than justify the price. The steak and eggs were a particular highlight for me - the steak was simply delicious. The sweet menu options may not have been my personal favorite, but all in all, everyone in my party was absolutely pleased with their orders. Their home fries, crispy and slathered in a flavorsome bbq ketchup, were an absolute delight. The smoothie was a bit too orange-y for my taste but their pineapple mimosa hit the mark just right. As a bonus, they offer numerous vegetarian and even a vegan option. Our server Valentina deserves a special mention. Her friendly demeanor added to the overall positive experience. I would definitely recommend this place and come back myself. I visited on a Sunday for breakfast and all our food was well prepared. My eggs Benedict, in particular, were cooked just right, soft on the inside. While their lemon French toast was a tad too tangy for my liking, I have faith that an orange one would taste amazing. And if you are a chocolate lover, their cake is not to be missed. It was incredibly rich and just melted in the mouth. The restaurant's ambiance is also commendable. Great service, well-flavored drinks, and music at just the right volume for conversation made the entire experience highly enjoyable. A testament to their customer service, they promptly returned a cell phone we had accidentally left on the table. Their hamburger could use a bit of improvement – the bun was a bit on the dry side and the meat could have used more seasoning. However, the tomato was the real star in it. The place is undoubtedly good, but with a price tag of around $50 per person (with just a drink and a hamburger with fries), I feel it's a bit steep. In conclusion, Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge is a great brunch spot in Toronto with ample options, fantastic service, and a pleasing ambiance.

Figs Breakfast Lunch

344 Queen St E, Toronto

(416) 913-7205

Reviewed by:

Jorge Martinez

I recently stumbled upon Figs Breakfast Lunch while I was in Toronto for a wedding, and was pleasantly surprised by this no-frills diner. Despite its constant business and my less-than-ideal seating next to the toilets, I found the service to be speedy and friendly. I ordered poached eggs, rye bread, a small fruit salad, and coffee - all of which were served quickly and were the perfect portion size for a light meal. Much to my delight, they also offered oat milk, which I appreciated as an alternative to dairy milk. The staff at Figs are efficient and amicable, consistently making my experiences enjoyable. I was particularly struck by their offerings of both home fries and potato hash as a breakfast option in one, and their reputed eggs Benedict certainly lived up to the hype. Their Reuben style eggs Benedict was incredibly tasty, the best thing I've had in the city for a while. The California eggs Benedict and breakfast plate with peameal bacon were comforting and delicious. The benedict comes with three perfectly poached eggs, and I absolutely loved the hash brown. From the kitchen viewable through a glass window to the friendly staff, this place exudes a homey, relaxed vibe. I've been a regular at Figs for a few years now and always leave satisfied due to the substantial portions and custom orders. Do note, the "Benny" comes with three poach eggs so come hungry. The service never disappoints, with constant coffee refills and readily available condiments. While weekends can be a bit crowded, the most you'd have to wait is 20 minutes. I highly recommend Figs for a comforting, flavourful breakfast in Toronto.

AGO Bistro

317 Dundas St W, Toronto

(416) 979-6688

Reviewed by:

Esmerlin Mcleod

I recently stumbled upon AGO Bistro and it was such a fantastic discovery! The lunch we enjoyed there was top-notch with excellent service, thanks to Peter's attentiveness. My kids were also thrilled with their delicious meals. It's clear that the kitchen crew takes pride in the quality and presentation of their food. We will definitely be returning. The prix fix menu offers amazing value for money! The food was fresh, made from local ingredients. The chicken liver pate was generous, and the pork belly was cooked flawlessly. They serve quickly and with a smile. AGO Bistro is consistently pleasing, combining a great dining and drinking experience. The ambiance is warm and complements the effort that clearly goes into each dish. I highly recommend this place for anyone visiting the AGO, with their visually appealing, fresh, and wholesome dishes that fit perfectly within the art museum setting. Note that the museum closes at 5pm and the restaurant at 5:30pm, making it a perfect spot for a late lunch or early dinner. Apart from a well-chosen food menu, they also offer cocktails, wine, and desserts. The dishes that particularly stood out were the salmon and the vegetarian green goddess bowl. This place is definitely worth checking out!

Sunset Grill

1 Richmond St W, Toronto

(416) 861-0514

Reviewed by:

Davie Ahrens

I had a pleasant experience at the Sunset Grill for brunch. The house salad with grilled chicken was flavourful and my friend also enjoyed his omelette and home fries. The service was excellent, and the staff was friendly and patient. I particularly recommend the Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast. The prices were reasonable, service was quick, and I appreciated the big windows and good lighting in the restaurant. Unfortunately, the fruit salad was small for its price and the decor could use some improvement. The restaurant's hours are also fairly limited. Despite this, I appreciate its authenticity as a Canadian all-day breakfast spot and would definitely return.


70 Fraser Ave, Toronto

(416) 588-0005

Reviewed by:

Mabel Nesmith

I've always been partial to a good brunch and School in Toronto doesn't disappoint. I dropped in on a busy Saturday, and despite the venue's generous seating capacity, the place was filling up within the hour. This naturally led to a bit of a wait for our food - about 40 minutes - but it didn't dampen my enthusiasm for the brunch experience. I tucked into the apple crumble pancakes (a solid 8.5 out of 10) and later sampled the chicken & waffle. Both dishes were pleasant, with the latter standing out in particular. Some of the other dishes on the menu were just average in my opinion, but nothing to complain about. The restaurant gives off a playful school-themed vibe, which I found delightful. The interior decor adds to the fun atmosphere with lots of charming little details. And even though the venue is on the smaller side and sitting inside feels a lot like sitting outside, I thought it added to its unique character. One fair point of criticism, though, is the way glasses are placed upside down directly on the table. I wasn't too sure about the cleanliness of doing that. Another thing that caught me off-guard was the lack of a kids menu and the somewhat high prices. Also, you should note that they close at 3pm on Sundays and Mondays which was a surprise for us. But I must stress that the food was excellent overall. The portions were generous, the presentation was appealing, and the staff were top-notch in terms of service. The food took a while to arrive but when it did, it was absolutely worth the wait. So don't be put off by the paid parking or lack of kid-friendly options. School serves up some of the best breakfast and brunch dishes that I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. The waffles are incredibly satisfying and the chicken is nothing short of mouthwatering. And the customer service? Simply the best. They're kind, accommodating and everything you could hope for in a dining experience. I'll definitely go back and I'm already excited to introduce School to all my brunch-loving friends.

The Morning After

88 Fort York Blvd, Toronto

(647) 368-7620

Reviewed by:

Rodrigo Flechoso

My visit to The Morning After for brunch in Toronto was overall a pleasant one. The food was beautifully crafted with an excellent presentation though the taste and portion sizes were just average. Despite the food being okay, the location, decor, and vibe of the place tremendously added to the experience. Their brunch menu offers a great variety that caters to different tastes. I personally found the portion sizes perfect for sharing and recommend ordering two dishes to share among your group. The cocktail and mimosa options are delicious, with the Caesar cocktail being my personal favorite. The service was also commendable. One thing that stood out about The Morning After was their flexibility in accommodating large parties, which truly sets them apart from other brunch spots in the city. The freshness of the food is undeniable and surprisingly, the portions were quite large compared to other brunch places I have visited. The staff were extremely attentive and friendly, making us feel right at home. Among my personal favorites were the perfectly cooked potatoes which were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the Wake and Steak Benedict that was simply phenomenal. Looking forward to my next visit to this amazing breakfast spot and a special shoutout to Ashley for her exceptional customer service!

Evviva Breakfast and Lunch

25 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto

(647) 351-4040

Reviewed by:

Brauddy Defeo

I had a delightful experience at Evviva Breakfast and Lunch following a triathlon event. We were a group of 10 and the staff were more than accommodating, even helping us safeguard our bike locks. We enjoyed a range of dishes from the Florentine Benedict, breakfast sandwiches, and traditional breakfast - not to mention the mimosas. The food was fresh and our waitress kindly accommodated my low-carb diet. The vibe of the place was great too, although there was a minor hiccup with forgotten cutlery and water. I was impressed by the variety and the amount of vegan options available, despite not being vegan myself. On a separate occasion, for Friday lunch, our group of 6 was seated near a beautiful Sakura tree. Despite the slightly slow service, the traditional eggs benedict and freshly squeezed orange juice were delightful. During my stay in Toronto, I've visited Evviva twice and found the food consistently impressive. While the vegan menu is extensive, the non-vegan options may seem a little limited in comparison. However, the atmosphere, location, and food quality make Evviva a place I would happily return to.

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