September 12, 2023

Virginia Beach Brunch Bonanza: Discover the City's Top Morning Eateries!

Explore Virginia Beach's vibrant brunch scene as we reveal the city's top spots, offering everything from classic comfort food to innovative fusion dishes, all served with a side of warm Virginia Beach charm.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Virginia Beach Brunch Bonanza: Discover the City's Top Morning Eateries!
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When the sun begins to rise over the sparkling shores of Virginia Beach, locals and tourists alike are already dreaming of the city's unbeatable brunches. Whether you're a fan of classic Eggs Benedict, crave a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, or have a penchant for locally sourced seafood omelettes, Virginia Beach's brunch scene has something for everyone. From oceanfront venues with breathtaking views to quaint bistros tucked away in the city, we've traversed the brunch landscape to bring you the crème de la crème of mid-morning dining.

Bay Local Eatery

972 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach

(757) 962-0044

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Bay Local Eatery in Virginia Beach is an excellent choice for brunch. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing meal. The food is outstanding, with standout dishes like the French toast bites and stuffed biscuits and gravy. While the 18% gratuity policy can be a bit confusing, the service is still good overall. The seafood inspired dishes are a highlight, but there's plenty for those who prefer other options. Parking is plentiful, and the Mimosa is a must-try. The Ricky Bobby burger is a standout and the freshly squeezed juices are a refreshing addition to any meal. Overall, Bay Local Eatery is highly recommended for anyone looking for a great brunch experience.

Leaping Lizard Cafe

4408 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach

(757) 460-5327

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Leaping Lizard Cafe is a hidden gem in Virginia Beach that is worth the hype. The quality of ingredients in their dishes is unmatched, and the staff is welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming, and the outdoor seating area is a plus. The duck hash, crab cake benedict, and hunter burger are all standouts, and the desserts are decadent. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu and offers great recommendations. Overall, Leaping Lizard Cafe is a must-try for anyone in Virginia Beach.

The Bee and The Biscuit

1785 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach

(757) 800-5959

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The Bee and The Biscuit in Virginia Beach is a must-visit for anyone in the area. The food is amazing, including the Cowboy Benedict with extra gravy and the homemade biscuits. The coffee, especially the honey lavender latte, is also delicious. The atmosphere is perfect for a country cafe, but even nicer. There is ample indoor and outdoor seating, though there may be a short wait due to the restaurant's popularity. The servers are friendly and efficient, and the food is brought out quickly. The restaurant is perfect for family and friends to celebrate birthdays, or for anyone in town looking for a delicious breakfast or brunch. Overall, The Bee and The Biscuit is a great place to visit and should not be missed.

Bay Local Eatery

2917 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach

(757) 227-4389

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Bay Local Eatery in Virginia Beach is a must-visit for brunch. The portions are huge, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is fun. While the crab cake Benedict wasn't the best, the French toast made with actual French bread was delicious and the buttermilk pancakes were ginormous. The made-from-scratch key lime pie is a must-try. The Sorbet Mimosa was a fun twist on a classic drink. The Chicken and Waffles were good, but could have been crispier. The hot sauce was a nice touch and the fresh squeezed orange juice was a standout. The art work was also impressive. While it can get crowded and noisy, the pricing is reasonable and the food is worth the visit. Overall, Bay Local Eatery is a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious brunch.


501 Virginia Beach Blvd suite b, Virginia Beach

(757) 963-8985

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Commune is a must-visit spot for those looking for a locally-sourced, delicious brunch in Virginia Beach. The friendly staff and excellent service make for a pleasant dining experience. The menu offers a wide variety of options for both vegetarian and meat eaters, ranging from spicy pumpkin pie lattes to hot honey fried chicken biscuits. Commune's founder is a local farmer, ensuring ingredients are fresh. Although there may be a wait on busy days, it is well worth it. Additionally, the restaurant has a cool rustic interior that is perfect for an indoor picnic-like setting. It is highly recommended to stop by and try the food, whether for breakfast or lunch.

Mary's Kitchen

616 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach

(757) 428-1355

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Mary's Kitchen is a fantastic American Breakfast spot in Virginia Beach. The homemade biscuits are fluffy and delicious, the coffee is fresh, and the staff is extremely pleasant. The Rise and Shine and country fried steak were particularly tasty. The restaurant offers ample parking, making it easy to access. However, some customers have reported issues with gluten-free options and cleanliness in the restroom. Overall, Mary's Kitchen is a great option for those looking for a delicious breakfast or brunch in Virginia Beach.

Simple Eats Restaurant

3152 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach

(757) 962-3676

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Simple Eats Restaurant in Virginia Beach is a fantastic brunch spot recommended by locals and tourists alike. The service is accommodating and friendly. The food is fresh and flavorful, with standout dishes like the omelets, biscuits, fish tacos, and burgers. The restaurant's sense of place truly captures the Virginia Beach vibe. The only minor downside was the lukewarm oysters and the hostess not being very accommodating. Despite this, Simple Eats received an overall rating of 9/10 and comes highly recommended.

The Egg Bistro Strawbridge

2129 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach

(757) 689-6312

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The Egg Bistro Strawbridge is a great place for brunch with friendly staff and a nice vibe. Customers can choose from a variety of delicious options, including customizable eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce and shredded hash browns. The porch is a perfect setting for conversation, and the staff are attentive and accommodating. The restaurant offers a 10% discount for military, police, firemen, and civil servants. Customers highly recommend The Egg Bistro for a delicious breakfast experience.


2265 W Great Neck Rd, Virginia Beach

(757) 227-3333

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Citrus is a clean and friendly brunch spot in Virginia Beach with an extensive menu that makes it tough to choose just one dish. However, customers can't go wrong with favorites like seafood omelettes, chicken fried steak, and coffee drinks. The portions are generous, and the atmosphere is great. The location is ideal for beach-goers, as it's minutes away from Chicks Beach and Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Overall, Citrus is highly recommended for its amazing food and great service.

Pop's Diner Co.

2808 Sabre St, Virginia Beach

(757) 340-6085

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Pop's Diner Co. is a nice casual restaurant in Virginia Beach that serves great breakfast with large portions. The staff is pleasant and the service is fast. Although there was a slight issue with the initial greeting and smell upon entering, once the food arrived, it was delicious. The Reuben and bacon cheeseburger were good, and the kids loved their pancakes, waffles, and eggs. The restaurant is a great option for a break from seafood or a hearty breakfast. Overall, it's an average experience, but there's room for improvement.

The Egg Bistro Haygood

1033 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach

(757) 524-5488

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The Egg Bistro Haygood is a busy but amazing brunch spot in Virginia Beach. The menu is extensive and the servings are large and filling. Despite long wait times, the service is quick and efficient. The atmosphere is vibrant with beautiful artwork on the walls and uplifting background music. The staff, particularly Brittany, are knowledgeable and attentive. The food is delectable, with vegan options available, and the home fries are a must-try. Highly recommended for a perfect brunch experience.

The Rustic Spoon

1658 Pleasure House Rd Suite 101, Virginia Beach

(757) 937-8930

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The Rustic Spoon in Virginia Beach is a must-visit brunch spot that lives up to its reputation. Customers rave about the delicious food, friendly service, and cute vibe. The menu is full of amazing sounding items to choose from, including the Spoon Cloud Pancakes, Scotch Egg, Mushroom Toast, Scallops over succotash, Calamari, Steak and Eggs, and Chicken and Waffle Sliders. Customers love the crispy and delicious Scotch Egg and the huge and sweet Stopped French Toast. The service is gracious, thoughtful, and efficient, and the maitre D’ keeps up with clearing tables and checking in on customers. The Mango+Strawberry Sorbet Mimosa is a must-try. Although the Crab Cake Bite appetizer and Stuffed French Toast had some issues, the overall flavor was good and worth at least one visit. Prices are reasonable, and customers can enjoy empty tables outside in the shade with umbrellas. Customers can’t wait till the new location opens even closer to home.

Mosaic Cafe Restaurant

2118 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach

(757) 937-0251

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Mosaic Cafe Restaurant in Virginia Beach is a must-visit for brunch. The beautifully decorated space and friendly staff make for a great first impression. The Western Omelette is good, but could use more seasoning and cooked down peppers. Prices are reasonable, and portion sizes are great. The cafe also offers fair pricing and a beautifully designed space. Try the Turkish coffee and the pancakes, but be prepared for a lot of syrup. The overall cleanliness of the restaurant and variety of the menu make Mosaic Cafe Restaurant a great spot for brunch.

Ray Ray's at the Mayflower

209 34th St, Virginia Beach

(757) 937-3946

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Ray Ray's at the Mayflower is a fantastic brunch spot in Virginia Beach with friendly staff, great customer service, and delicious food. The Egg Benedicts are generously portioned and tasty, while the classic steak and eggs and Bloody Mary are exceptional. The chicken and waffles are a good choice, and the beignets are hot and delicious. Overall, the service is quick and attentive, and the atmosphere is welcoming. Highly recommended for both locals and visitors.

First Watch

2168 General Booth Blvd Suite 500, Virginia Beach

(757) 432-3495

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First Watch in Virginia Beach offers an upscale ambiance and delicious brunch options at affordable prices. Customers rave about the attentive and professional staff, as well as the clean and welcoming environment. Despite being busy, the staff is efficient and accommodating. The menu has a good selection of traditional favorites and new twists, and the food is always fresh and flavorful. Customers especially enjoy the specialty health drinks and the Salmon Benedict. Overall, First Watch is a must-visit for anyone in Virginia Beach looking for a great brunch experience.

Sunnyside Cafe and Restaurant

508 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach

(757) 965-3033

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Sunnyside Cafe and Restaurant in Virginia Beach offers a great breakfast and brunch experience. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the cafe is clean and well-organized. The menu offers a variety of options, and the food is delicious. The pancakes are a must-try dish. The service is excellent, with servers like Shannon going above and beyond to ensure a perfect experience. However, visitors should note not to park at the hotel next door, as some have been towed. Overall, Sunnyside Cafe and Restaurant is highly recommended.

First Watch

2850 Virginia Beach Blvd Suite 104, Virginia Beach

(757) 500-8070

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While one reviewer had a negative experience at First Watch during lunch rush, another reviewer had a fantastic brunch experience. The food was described as amazing, with large portions, and the staff was friendly and patient. However, the noise level was quite high, and the table tops needed to be resurfaced. Overall, the positive review was a testament to the quality of food and service at First Watch in Virginia Beach.


910 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach

(757) 644-6670

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Scrambled in Virginia Beach is highly recommended for brunch. The food is of great taste and quality, with the sweet potato pancakes being a standout dish. The homemade hummus and attention to detail shows the love of the owners who are from Israel. The service is friendly and the atmosphere is homey. A must-try for anyone visiting Virginia Beach.

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar

4501 Main St, Virginia Beach

(757) 264-4808

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Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar is a trendy, family-friendly restaurant that offers delicious southern comfort food. The service is excellent, and the staff are friendly and polite. The biscuits are a must-try, and the fried green tomatoes and drinks are also very good. The chicken and waffles and the pork entree are both delicious, and the desserts are fantastic. The atmosphere is great, and there is a lounge bar area, dining room, and outside patio area. The restaurant is affordable, and parking is still free. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and even replaces cold food immediately. It's a perfect place for brunch or lunch.

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