January 27, 2024

Winning Brunches in Winston-Salem: Top 20 Spots

Dive into a plateful of happiness with the ultimate guide to Winston-Salem's best brunch spots. From fluffy pancakes to savory benedicts, we've got your cravings covered.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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North Carolina
Winning Brunches in Winston-Salem: Top 20 Spots
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From cozy corners offering the comfort of Southern classics to trendy spots pushing the culinary envelope, Winston-Salem serves up morning magic in a way that captivates both the palate and the soul.

Courtside Cafe

102 W 3rd St # 180, Winston-Salem

(336) 761-8910

Reviewed by:

Barbora Melendez

Went to Courtside Cafe for brunch and it turned into both breakfast and lunch for me and my wife. Kicked things off with a turkey sausage egg n cheese on a bun, rating it almost perfect. Moved on to the country style steak with mashed potatoes and greens while my wife enjoyed the chicken teriyaki tips with rice b gravy and greens. Both dishes were outstanding. Ended the meal with a bacon egg n cheese on toast, the closest match to a New York style breakfast sandwich. Definitely planning to return soon due to the great food and service. This place has become my favorite diner in Winston-Salem. They make their own country gravy, a rare find these days. Opted for sliced tomatoes instead of potatoes to keep the carbs down, and they were fresh and flavorful. Every item on my plate was delicious and the staff were incredibly friendly. Wished for an extra day in town just to come back for breakfast. Now, it's my top breakfast spot, visiting up to twice a week. It’s truly a hidden gem. The staff are remarkable, remembering names and ensuring the food is top quality. Noteworthy is the affordability and their flexibility to offer wheat bread sandwiches, a great find for someone diagnosed as diabetic. Highly recommend checking them out, especially given their convenient location.

Duke's Restaurant

4875 Country Club Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 768-3108

Reviewed by:

Nilda Wong

My family and I decided to give Duke's Restaurant a try for brunch, and it turned out to be a delightful experience. At first, I had my reservations. My initial visit was less than stellar - hard biscuits and a less-than-warm welcome had me questioning my choice. However, I'm glad I gave it another chance because each visit afterward has been nothing short of wonderful. The food here is truly amazing. From the hot and fresh items on the buffet line to the all-day breakfast menu, everything is cooked to perfection. The spinach, feta, and cheese omelet quickly became my favorite. It's evident that quality and freshness are priorities here. Service is a standout feature at Duke's. Despite the restaurant being set up to handle volume and often bustling with activity, the wait staff always ensure that patrons feel welcomed and taken care of. On my first visit, I was a bit taken aback by the brisk efficiency of the cafeteria line, humorously managed by what seemed like their very own "drill sergeant". But it became clear that this efficiency didn't come at the expense of warmth or friendliness - subsequent visits have shown me just how personable and attentive the waitresses are. The restaurant itself has a family-like environment that makes you feel at home. Even when it's busy, there's a certain charm to the hustle and bustle, although if you're looking for a quiet, leisurely meal, this might not be the place. That said, there are quieter moments throughout the day, providing options for every preference. Price-wise, it sits comfortably in the middle - not too expensive, but not cheap either. It's a fair reflection of the quality and portion sizes, which are generous. Little touches like BlackBerry jelly and honey on the table add to the experience, making meals here feel special. On our first visit, the welcoming environment was immediately evident. We were greeted and seated promptly, and our breakfast food was delicious and seasoned perfectly. The smoked sausage was fried to perfection - crunchy yet juicy. We later found out our waitress was the owner's wife, whose exceptional customer service truly made our experience memorable. While I've yet to try their hamburger (which is on my list for the next visit), I've already found plenty to love about Duke's Restaurant. It offers a solid brunch experience with fantastic food and service. It definitely deserves a high rating, and we'll certainly be back. It's earned a glowing recommendation from us - 10 stars, without a doubt.


878 W 4th St, Winston-Salem

(336) 703-5400

Reviewed by:

Yanaa Dawood

Incredible food! We decided to try Mozelle's as walk-ins on New Year's Eve, and despite it being busy, we managed to get a table at the bar after a 30-minute wait. The modern meatloaf with spicy collard greens and cheesy grits I chose were absolutely delicious. My partner opted for the freekah bowl with avocado, and both dishes were spot on in terms of flavor and presentation. We couldn't resist indulging in dessert, so we went for the peach shortcake and the bread pudding - both were scrumptious and rounded off our meal perfectly. From the moment we walked in, the staff was super nice and attentive, making our dining experience even more enjoyable. At one point, the kitchen thought they had messed up our order and proactively provided us with an additional dish without us even mentioning anything. This level of customer service truly stands out and deserves recognition. The fried pickles were a revelation - a very well-executed modern take on southern cuisine. The highlights for me were definitely the grits, which were creamy and cheesy, and the fried chicken, which was moist and perfectly seasoned. For dessert, the bread pudding was rich and indulgent, while the coconut pie was light and not overly sweet, perfectly capping off our meal. The ambiance of the place added to the overall positive experience. Our waitress was knowledgeable, kind, and helpful, making us feel well-taken care of throughout our meal. We even had a minor hiccup with my filet, as it was cooked more than I prefer, but our waiter, Alex, immediately noticed and arranged for it to be remade without any prompt from us. It's this sort of attention to detail and customer care that will definitely bring us back the next time we're in town. From start to finish, everything was amazing - the setting, the service, and the food all exceeded our expectations. We're already looking forward to our next visit!

Young Cardinal Cafe and Co.

424 4th St NW, Winston-Salem

(336) 448-5188

Reviewed by:

Senthil White

Visited Young Cardinal Cafe and Co for brunch in Winston-Salem and it was an experience worth sharing. Ordered the Hot Honey Chicken Benedict and it was absolutely delicious. The chicken was tender, making it easy to enjoy with just a fork. The balance between spicy and sweet added so much depth to a breakfast dish, something not commonly found. The coffee was okay, nothing out of the ordinary, but the focus was definitely on the food which did not disappoint. It was my first visit, but it's clear it won't be the last. The vibe of the place, combined with excellent service, made for a wonderful brunch experience. The portions were generous, especially the fried Chicken Benedict, which was phenomenal. A little more hollandaise sauce would’ve been ideal, but that's a minor detail. And the cheese curds were a delightful surprise, reminiscent of the authentic ones I've enjoyed in Wisconsin. This is a great brunch spot, even though there's usually a wait. It's absolutely worth it. Having been a couple of times, I've tried their mimosas and bloody mary, both adding a lovely touch to the meal. Although I missed their pork belly breakfast sandwich, the Benedict variations have never failed to impress. The café might be on the smaller side and always bustling, yet it contributes to its cozy charm, making any meal here enjoyable. On this visit, decided to go for the Huevos Rancheros and it was a wise choice. Requested my eggs over easy, and every component from the avocado to the pulled pork was perfect. The pulled pork was notably juicy and flavorful, creating a delicious harmony with the other ingredients. Would highly recommend Young Cardinal Cafe and Co to both locals and visitors looking for an excellent brunch option in Winston-Salem. The staff makes sure you're well taken care of, constantly checking in and ensuring your coffee cup is never empty. It’s definitely a spot that’s earned its spot on my list for a great start to the weekend.

The Old Fourth Street Filling Station

871 W 4th St, Winston-Salem

(336) 724-7600

Reviewed by:

Phillip Palomino

Stepped into The Old Fourth Street Filling Station for brunch in Winston-Salem for the first time, and it was an utterly cozy experience, especially when seated by the fireplace. The house salad caught my eye with its well-executed plating and tasted just as good. Opting for the shrimp and grits, the portion was surprisingly generous, although the heap of cheese on top wasn't entirely to my liking, but that's a matter of taste. When it came to the drinks, the margarita felt a tad light for my preference, and although there was a hiccup with my husband's first wine choice not being available, the waiter's suggestion turned out to be a hit, which more than made up for it. This restaurant really does present a nice and cozy atmosphere, perfect for both indoor and outdoor seating, depending on the weather and personal preference. The tortellini and crab cakes we tried were quite impressive, and throughout our visit, we noted how friendly and attentive the staff were, maintaining their energy levels all night. It's certainly a great spot for a date night. Our server, Mike, was particularly commendable for his friendly and attentive service, ensuring our food and drinks were served without undue delay. While my ribeye was slightly over what I'd usually prefer, it wasn't enough to detract from the overall experience. The shrimp and grits across the table were praised highly, and we concluded our meal with a pecan pie that was simply delightful. Though we dined inside, the charm of their outdoor patio has put it on our list for next time. Also, it's worth mentioning the creme brulee cheesecake and my friend's salmon BLT were standout dishes, not forgetting his chocolate pecan pie, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Based on this experience, a return visit is definitely in the cards.

Village Tavern

2000 Griffith Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 760-8686

Reviewed by:

Marlon Teja

Had an absolutely wonderful brunch experience at Village Tavern in Winston-Salem. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere felt welcoming and cozy, perfect for a laid-back brunch. Kevin, our server, was outstanding. He had a knack for reading the table's vibe, ensuring our experience was tailored just right. It's not every day you come across a server who balances professionalism and personal touch so effortlessly. The menu offerings were impressive, with a good mix of classic and innovative dishes. The crab dip we started with was reasonably priced and delicious – a good bang for your buck. Our mains, the fish and chips, chicken penne with basil cream sauce, and the Colorado Chicken, exceeded expectations. Each dish was flavorful, well-presented, and the portions were generous. It's worth noting that the food quality here consistently shines. Wendy, another server we had the pleasure of meeting, was equally accommodating and friendly, adding to the overall positive experience. It's the little things, like the complementary warm, light, fresh bread, that make a meal memorable. While most of the dishes were spot on, the pimento dip was the only minor letdown, feeling somewhat uninspired compared to everything else. But considering the overall high standard of the food and service, this was a minor blip in an otherwise delightful visit. The buzz around Village Tavern is well-deserved – it's evident from the full parking lot and the line at the door. This spot has become our go-to for those times when we're unsure where to eat, and it's never disappointed. Plus, learning there's a location in Charlotte was a pleasant surprise, giving us an option for when we're in that area. All in all, Village Tavern offers a fantastic brunch experience with stellar service, great food, and a welcoming vibe. It's definitely worth a visit, even if you're considering takeout. The popularity of this place speaks volumes, and after this visit, it's easy to see why it's a favorite in Winston-Salem.

Midtown Cafe and Dessertery

151 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 724-9800

Reviewed by:

Roberta Scobey

What a delightful experience at Midtown Cafe and Dessertery for brunch! This place has clearly earned its reputation, and it shines not only as a brunch spot but their dinner options are equally impressive. The entrees were perfectly cooked, and the portions generous. However, the desserts are the true stars here; they're a must-try for anyone visiting. It wasn't my first visit, and it certainly won't be my last. Sylvia, our server, was outstanding, contributing to the always enjoyable atmosphere. It's worth noting the recent improvements too, like the remodeled bathrooms that are not only bigger but also more accessible, enhancing the overall dining experience. During this visit, there was a slight disappointment with the food's flavor, especially considering the high praise often surrounding their dishes. It seems the kitchen might benefit from a little tweak here and there. Despite this, the service remained impeccable, with Pavla ensuring we were well taken care of. The friendly staff really do make a significant difference. The portions never cease to amaze – they're incredibly generous, making sure you leave satisfied. Though, I did notice a small oversight when my Chai tea arrived without a spoon and cream, a minor hiccup in an otherwise flawless visit. In summary, Midtown Cafe and Dessertery continues to be a solid choice for anyone craving a hearty meal in a welcoming atmosphere. The desserts are exceptional, the service is attentive, and despite a few areas for improvement in the kitchen, the overall experience remains positive.


1650 Hanes Mall Blvd, Winston-Salem

(336) 477-3120

Reviewed by:

Noslen Pantera

Stopped by early one morning for brunch at Breakfastime on Hanes Mall Blvd, and the experience was nothing short of excellent. The food and service were top-notch, and the tenderloin came highly recommended for good reason. Also got a chance to try the waffle and breakfast sandwich, which were both delightful. The establishment is in a great location, exuding a very down-home and friendly atmosphere. Even though they were really packed, the wait for our party of three wasn't bad at all. We were there between 10 and 11 am, which seemed like the perfect time. Opted for the Turkey sampler which included 3 eggs, a small bowl of grits, and toast, accompanied by 2 sausages, 2 links, and 2 slices of bacon. Decided to add avocado to my toast and a side of short stack pancakes for good measure. It turned out to be the best Breakfastime visit to date! The service was impeccable, and the portions were very generous. There's a reason to absolutely love this location: the consistently friendly service and excellent food. Breakfast might be our favorite meal, but their lunch offerings are just as satisfying. My spouse and I find ourselves planning our errands around this location just to catch breakfast here whenever we can. The kitchen staff works diligently and swiftly, ensuring we've never had a single issue. They truly serve hard working kitchen magic with excellent flavors. Highly recommend this spot to anyone looking for a satisfying meal in Winston-Salem!

River Birch Lodge

3324 Robinhood Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 768-1111

Reviewed by:

Adonay N Tchaptchet

Staying for several hours due to back-to-back brunch meetings today turned out to be a delightful experience at River Birch Lodge. Being a frequent visitor, it's no surprise that several of the servers recognized me – this place is truly one of my favorites! The food here never disappoints, always awesome in every bite. The service? It's hard to find anywhere else that matches their politeness, professionalism, and accuracy. They really make the atmosphere warm and inviting, making anyone feel right at home. For the first time, I chose to sit at the bar and was pleasantly surprised to find out there were tables available! It provided a great spot to watch the game and transition between meetings seamlessly. The experience was so enjoyable, and without a doubt, I will be returning. As for recommendations, it's hard to go wrong with anything on their menu, but some must-haves include the Lavender Martini, Tomato Basil, Mama's Lasagna, Prime Rib, Collard Greens, Pizza, and the Butter Rum Cake. Each dish brings something unique to the table, and it's clear the kitchen puts a lot of care into their food. The vibe of the place is really cool, offering an excellent service that stands out. Making a reservation on weekends might be a wise choice since it can get quite busy. The drink selection caters well to all preferences, including beer lovers, and while my personal dish choice didn't wow me this time, the overall food quality is good. My partner absolutely loved the ravioli, which is a testament to the kitchen's ability to cater to different tastes. Do note that the restaurant can get noisy, resembling a bustling school cafeteria at peak times, which could make conversation a bit challenging. However, the exemplary service and the unique ambiance of the building more than make up for it. While not everything was perfect – for instance, the fries could have been warmer – the positives far outweigh the minor negatives. The pricing is also very reasonable, making it an affordable dining option without compromising on the quality or experience. All in all, River Birch Lodge serves as a charming venue for any occasion, from casual brunch meetings to special celebrations. The staff's friendliness, combined with the cozy and inviting setting, ensures a memorable dining experience. It's a place I highly recommend and eagerly look forward to visiting again.

Café Arthur's

1416 S Hawthorne Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 725-4548

Reviewed by:

Janet Jefferson

Starting the year with a mission to explore more local spots in Winston-Salem, I took it upon myself to invite my family out for brunch at Café Arthur's, based on some pretty decent reviews. The moment we stepped in, despite a slightly rocky start with seating, the visit quickly took a turn for the better. Honestly, it made me wonder why we hadn't discovered this gem sooner. The food was an absolute delight, presenting us with what I'd confidently call the best onion rings I've had in quite a long stretch. They were the perfect companion to my Philly Wrap, and the double burger that my husband opted for was just as satisfying. And let's not overlook the sweet tea – it was exactly how it should be, hitting all the right notes. It's a rarity for me to think about revisiting a place before I've even finished my meal, but Café Arthur's managed to secure that spot in my heart. Despite our initial hiccup, the quality of the breakfast essentials made up for it tenfold. Everything from the meats to the oatmeal, grits, and hashbrowns was consistently good across the board. It's also worth noting that they were incredibly accommodating with customized orders, which always adds a nice touch to the dining experience. In essence, Café Arthur's has established itself as a great local hangout with a welcoming vibe and reasonable prices, especially for breakfast. The environment, combined with their attentiveness to customer preferences, certainly makes it a spot worth coming back to. Even though the start was a bit rocky, the rest of the experience smoothly sailed towards becoming a memorable one, sealing the deal for future visits.


3450 Old Salisbury Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 764-8868

Reviewed by:

Amelia Burken

Undeniably, Breakfastime in Winston-Salem has some of the nicest staff at any establishment I've had the pleasure of visiting! The food is not only great but also made fresh, offering a genuine feel-good, home-style diner experience that's hard to find elsewhere. This place deserves a solid 5 stars from me without a second thought. Although there's typically a little wait time, which is the norm every time I've eaten here, both their food and service are absolutely worth the drive—even if it's 30 minutes out of my way. Whenever I'm in the area and I have the time, I absolutely love eating here. Everything I've tried has been delicious. The service is fast and friendly, with someone always ensuring our beverages are full and checking in to see if we need anything else. I remember ordering the soup/sandwich special, expecting a tiny cup of soup and maybe a half sandwich, but was pleasantly surprised to receive a full serving size of both. The wow factor didn't stop there; the omelette was not only stuffed full but also perfectly cooked—moist and flavorful, a rarity indeed. This review is making me hungry, and I can't wait to go again. It's always tough to decide between the waffles or soup because everything is so tempting. The homemade chicken & rice soup is a treat, and while the potatoes were a tad bland, they were well cooked. The works omelet was satisfying and flavorful, and the orzo tomato soup with spinach and feta cheese was truly delightful. My partner thoroughly enjoyed her pancakes and sausage, further solidifying the fact that this place does home cooking right. The immediate and attentive service from the waitstaff, complete with humor and awareness, adds to the excellent quality of this restaurant.

Cagney's Kitchen

2201 Cloverdale Ave, Winston-Salem

(336) 724-0940

Reviewed by:

Laiselys Eberl

My visit to Cagney's Kitchen on Cloverdale Ave for brunch was a delightful experience, making it a memorable spot in Winston-Salem for me. The place serves down-home kitchen vibes with the best breakfast options I've enjoyed at a restaurant in quite a while. It’s not just the affordable prices that caught my attention, but the quality of good country cooking that truly stood out. The pancakes I ordered were fluffy and very tasty, striking the perfect balance of softness and flavor. My son opted for a chicken biscuit, which was nothing short of excellent, making us both happy with our choices. Every dish we tried was great, but it was our server who truly made our experience unforgettable. She was incredibly nice, attentive, and had a great sense of humor which added a wonderful touch to our meal. We left feeling thoroughly satisfied and with plans to return next time we find ourselves in Winston-Salem. However, I must share a contrasting experience that has left me disappointed and determined not to visit Cagney's Kitchen on Cloverdale Ave again. It pains me to say this, given our previous good experiences here, but it's clear things have changed for the worse since the original owner's departure. Our significant issue revolved around an order of lasagna which turned into an unfortunate misunderstanding with the kitchen staff. Despite our polite attempts to resolve the mix-up, the response from the kitchen and management was far from accommodating, leaving us without a meal and a resolution. The incident was a clear signal to me that the warmth and professionalism we had come to expect were no longer a priority. This, coupled with a lack of concern or apology over our dissatisfaction, has led me to encourage others to think twice before spending their hard-earned money at this establishment. In a surprising turn of events during another visit for breakfast, which I hoped might redeem my faith in the place, an act of kindness by a fellow diner reminded me of the good that still exists in the world. This gesture of paying for my meal was unexpected and deeply appreciated, showing that while the establishment may have faltered, the sense of community and generosity among its patrons remains strong. In light of these varied experiences, my relationship with Cagney's Kitchen is mixed. While the kindness of strangers may offer a glimmer of hope, until significant changes are made to address these concerns, I find myself hesitant to return.

Mama Zoe's

2859 Reynolda Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 722-4946

Reviewed by:

Lauden Paul

Visiting Mama Zoe's for brunch in Winston-Salem was a delightful experience. Despite their busyness upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the staff at the register and seated promptly. The server, Zion, was especially pleasant and helpful, enhancing the dining experience. The menu was impressively versatile, offering a range of options from breakfast to dinner. My choice of marinated beef with sweet waffle fries and banana pudding did not disappoint. It's a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for a nice spot for breakfast or any meal. Having arrived before the local church crowds, the service was quick and courteous, and the food quality matched the positive atmosphere. The decor added to the charm of the establishment, creating a welcoming ambiance. It's worth noting that payments are processed at the front, which I initially missed but found straightforward once aware. In terms of standout dishes, their chopped sirloin steak, brown gravy, and the exceptional customer service deserve special mention. The attentiveness and memory of our waitress, who kindly remembered my request for a to-go sweet tea, were particularly commendable. Her attentiveness truly made our dining experience memorable. However, not every dish met expectations. While the tea was fresh and the salad crisp, the turkey, though tender, lacked flavor, and other elements like the stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes were disappointing. Despite this, the pleasant wait staff and their willingness to address the situation, including the manager comping the meal, showed a high level of customer care. My experience at Mama Zoe's was largely positive, marked by great service, a welcoming environment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. It's a testament to the importance of recognizing and appreciating the hard work of staff in the hospitality industry.

6th & Vine

209 W 6th St, Winston-Salem

(336) 725-5577

Reviewed by:

Jonathon Medina

My experience at 6th & Vine Restaurant and Wine Bar for brunch in Winston-Salem was memorable for all the right reasons. The cozy and inviting atmosphere made it the perfect place to unwind. The highlight was without a doubt the brunch menu, which although seemed concise, each item was crafted to perfection. The Salted Whiskey French Toast especially stood out, offering a unique twist on a classic dish that was both flavorful and satisfying. Complementing the meal, the wine and mimosa flight options were a delightful addition. Opting for a wine flight allowed for a wonderful exploration of flavors that paired beautifully with the meal, enhancing the overall dining experience. The service was exceptional, with staff going above and beyond to ensure everything was to our liking. Their attentiveness and friendly demeanor added a personal touch, making the experience all the more enjoyable. Even though there were some minor setbacks with the availability of certain menu items, the alternatives suggested by our server did not disappoint. The beet salad, though substituted with apples, was fresh and pleasantly composed, showcasing the kitchen's ability to adapt and still deliver quality dishes. The value for the experience provided at 6th & Vine was unquestionable. From the tasty drinks to the well-executed dishes and the lovely ambiance, it all contributed to a satisfying brunch outing. It's a place I'd heartily recommend for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxed meal with good food and wine in Winston-Salem.


211 3rd St E, Winston-Salem

(336) 955-5993

Reviewed by:

Jenille Màřtînèz

I normally swing by Krankies just for coffee, but decided to dive into their brunch menu and, wow, was I in for a treat. Today, I opted for the Dirty South chicken biscuit with pimento cheese and Texas Pete hot sauce. The portion was surprisingly large—so thick, it was a challenge to take a bite. Absolutely delicious. On a previous visit, intrigued by their menu, I tried the Nashville hot biscuit. As someone of Hispanic heritage, I was delighted it came with green salsa. The food here never disappoints. Their drinks menu is also impressive; I had a matcha that was nothing short of amazing. The vibe at Krankies is great, too. It has this old school industrial style with both indoor and outdoor seating which I find really appealing. I couldn't resist trying the Hangover Helper—a massive biscuit loaded with all sorts of goodies. It was so big, I had to tackle it with a fork. Their nitro cold brew coffee was excellent as well. Every time I'm downtown Winston-Salem, I make it a point to stop by. The egg and cheese biscuits are amazing, and the green chutney was a hit. It's worth mentioning they have vegetarian options, which is a big plus. Hands down, they serve the best biscuits in Winston-Salem. Highly recommend checking this place out for yourself.

Waffle House

200 W Hanes Mill Rd, Winston-Salem

(336) 377-2444

Reviewed by:

Daniel Johnson

Having been a while since my last visit, I must say that I very rarely encounter any issues at Waffle House for brunch in Winston-Salem. The waitresses are consistently friendly and pleasant, plus the food arrives pretty quickly, which is always a plus. What really sets this place apart for me is the value - you can't beat the prices for the meals here. On occasion, I might opt for an "Elevated" breakfast elsewhere, but I'm not a fan of overpaying for a basic breakfast of eggs, making this spot perfectly suited to my tastes and budget. This Waffle House has become a regular stop for my family and me, especially when we're commuting to the western part of the state weekly. It's easy to see that the staff enjoys working together, contributing to an upbeat and fun atmosphere every time we're there. Hearing laughter first thing in the morning is genuinely delightful. One thing that stands out to me is how clean this location is compared to others. Combined with great, friendly service, it makes for a welcoming dining experience. Although country ham isn’t listed on their menu, they've always managed to accommodate my request for it, which I greatly appreciate. Upon walking in, we're always greeted promptly, and our waitress has been nothing but kind and courteous. Given my experiences, it's clear that this Waffle House doesn't live up to its nickname of the "Awful Waffle". Instead, it’s proven to be a go-to spot for quick, comforting food served with a smile, all at an unbeatable price.

Waffle House

2727 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem

(336) 771-6300

Reviewed by:

Javier Sylvester

Brunch at Waffle House in Winston-Salem was a truly memorable experience for me. The food was absolutely delightful. From the crispy edges of the hashbrowns to the fluffy waffles swimming in syrup, every bite was a treat to my taste buds. Even with the restaurant bustling and filled to the brim with hungry patrons, the quality of the food remained top-notch, and our orders arrived surprisingly quickly. Our server, despite being evidently swamped with to-go orders and the constant stream of customers, managed to maintain her kindness throughout our visit. It's worth noting, however, that the service did have its moments. There were times when we found ourselves longing for a refill or wondering about the status of our order. It seemed our server could only grace us with her presence a mere handful of times throughout our stay. Yet, considering the circumstances and the visible effort put forth by the entire staff to keep up with the day's demands, it's an aspect that, while not ideal, was understandable. One cannot help but admire the establishment's undeniable charm. The atmosphere carries a certain welcoming vibe that makes you feel right at home, despite any hiccups in service. The fact that this Waffle House is open 24/7, all year round, adds a layer of reliability and convenience that’s hard to find elsewhere. It’s comforting to know that no matter the hour, there’s a place ready to serve up some hearty meals. The only slight tarnish on the otherwise splendid experience was the state of the parking lot, which could certainly benefit from a bit of attention. Yet, when it comes down to what truly matters – the food and the unyielding dedication of the staff – these minor inconveniences fade into the background. In reflection, while the service aspect left room for improvement, the hardworking staff, coupled with the undeniable deliciousness of the meals, ensured a positive brunch experience at Waffle House in Winston-Salem. It's a reminder that sometimes, a bit of patience and understanding can lead to a fulfilling meal and a reminder of the simple joys of dining out.

Sir Winston Wine Loft & Restaurant

104 W 4th St, Winston-Salem

(336) 722-0795

Reviewed by:

Elsa Dee

We had the most delightful brunch experience at Sir Winston Wine Loft & Restaurant. It's hard not to fall in love with the ambiance the moment you step in. The warmth and quick service from the staff just add to the charm. Our meal started with a delectable charcuterie board followed by the "Old Man and the Sea" entrée, both of which were simply superb. I discovered a new favorite in pickled okra because of their unique offerings! While I don't indulge in alcoholic beverages, my husband is quite the cocktail aficionado and Sir Winston's selection never disappoints. I usually opt for a mocktail, though I do find the pricing a bit steep for what's essentially a fancy non-alcoholic drink. Celebrating our anniversary, we chose Sir Winston for its reputed brunch and it didn't let us down. We did have a bit of a rocky start with no immediate greeting and a bit of confusion about seating, but everything smoothed out once we were settled. The only hiccup was a slight delay in service, but the quality of the food made up for it. The coffee could have been warmer, and finding a hair in the food was unfortunate, but such incidents can happen anywhere, though it would have been appreciated if it had been handled with a bit more grace. In contrast to that single experience, another visit completely transformed our view. The place wasn't crowded, lending a serene atmosphere that was both cool and inviting. The menu had just the right variety to appeal to different tastes. My Pimento Cheese omelet was exceptional, perfectly complemented by the tri-color chunk potatoes and superior toast. Even the coffee was a cut above the norm. Special mention must be made of our server, Sarah, whose attentiveness really stood out. The decor and ambiance are very appealing, offering a nice, comfortable environment that enhances the dining experience. It's worth noting how welcoming and accommodating the staff are, not just to humans but to canine companions as well. In reflection, while there may have been minor service issues on one occasion, the overall experience and quality of Sir Winston Wine Loft & Restaurant have left a positive impression. It's a place that merits multiple visits, each likely to be as enjoyable as the last.

Famous Toastery

770 Liberty View Ct, Winston-Salem

(336) 306-9023

Reviewed by:

Shirley Maas

My visit to Famous Toastery in Winston-Salem for brunch was a delightful experience where the flavorful food and reasonable portion sizes stood out. The atmosphere was very nice, spacious, and welcoming. The servers were great, adding to the overall pleasant experience. During my visit, I enjoyed shrimp and grits paired with a macchiato coffee, a combination I would highly recommend. The menu offers a good mix of options catering to various preferences, which is a plus for someone picky like me. It's also worth mentioning that they accommodate dietary preferences, such as offering turkey sausage as an alternative, which is much appreciated. However, there are some areas that could use improvement. The latte size seemed disproportionately small for its price point, resembling more of an espresso shot than a latte, especially when compared to competitors like Starbucks. It's an aspect that might deter me from ordering it again unless adjustments are made. The price for a side of eggs also felt steep at $11, suggesting a need for reassessment to align more closely with customer expectations. Additionally, I was quite disappointed to find that the berry granola parfait was no longer available, having been removed from the menu two months prior. It was something I specifically looked forward to, and its absence was a letdown. Despite a generally positive dining experience, the service could benefit from further improvement. The staff, while generally great, showed inconsistency in their friendliness and communication, which at times impacted the overall enjoyment of the meal. Concluding my experience, despite some areas needing attention, Famous Toastery in Winston-Salem offers a welcoming atmosphere with foods that are sure to please. The shrimp and grits with a macchiato coffee come highly recommended, and I plan to return. Adjustments in pricing and service could enhance the experience further, making it an even more attractive brunch destination.


1295 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem

(336) 930-0182

Reviewed by:

Criserio Jaskowial

Me and my boys had a great brunch at IHOP in Winston-Salem. The waitress was incredibly kind, patient, and made our experience so pleasant. My kids absolutely enjoyed the food and the service. Even though the steak was a bit chewy, it was still delicious. We're definitely planning to go back soon. The highlight for us? The Oreo waffles! Imagine Oreo Dirt Cake but on a waffle - it was heavenly. We paired it with sausage links, eggs, and hash browns, and I can't recommend it enough. Everything was cooked to perfection. The coffee was great too, adding to an overall fantastic meal. The service really stood out. Despite what I've seen in some reviews, our experience was top-notch. We were there on two consecutive days while a family member was in the hospital nearby, and despite the place being short-staffed, every single waiter and waitress we encountered was outstanding. They were polite, engaging, and genuinely interested in how we were doing. One of them even mentioned our family member was in their prayers, which touched us deeply. Their kindness made us feel like part of their little work family, if only for a short while, and it really helped us relax and enjoy our time there. The only downside was the wait time. We were informed upon arrival that it might take a while to order because delivery orders were being prioritized, leading to a longer than expected wait time. It took about 45 minutes to place our orders and nearly an hour to receive our food. Our waitress was sweet about it and did give us a heads-up, but the total wait time of nearly two hours was a lot longer than we anticipated. It felt a bit odd to see takeout orders prioritized over dine-in customers. Despite the wait, the food and most of the service were remarkable. Due to the fantastic meals and most of the staff's efforts to make us feel welcome, we'll definitely return when we're in the area again. I believe the staff here is truly what makes this place welcoming and awesome. They're definitely working hard and doing a great job under the circumstances.

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