December 14, 2023

Wirral Wonders: Best Brunch Spots on the Peninsula!

Dig into Wirral's ultimate brunch spots! From fluffy pancakes to the perfect fry-up, we've got the inside scoop on where to find that mid-morning feast.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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Wirral Wonders: Best Brunch Spots on the Peninsula!
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Whether you're in the mood for a classic full English breakfast or craving a modern twist on your avocado toast, these havens of brunch brilliance on the Wirral have got you covered.

Grand Ave Bar and Restaurant

1 Grange Rd, West Kirby, Wirral

0151 625 0788

Reviewed by:

Mary Bannen

Had an absolutely brilliant brunch experience at Grand Ave Bar and Restaurant. The food was outstanding, with fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. Opted for the Katsu chicken burger, while my partner enjoyed the succulent striplion roast. And the desserts, particularly the sticky toffee pudding, were heavenly – so good that they disappeared before a photo opportunity could even arise! Not only was the food delightful, but the value for money was spot on with very reasonable prices. The staff members were the cherry on top, adding to the experience with their friendliness and efficiency. There's no question about it, Grand Ave has earned my wholehearted recommendation and I'm already planning a return visit. The vibe was so welcoming that upon discovering the nearby West Kirby Tap's pizza kitchen was closed, the staff there directed us to Grand Ave. And what a fantastic suggestion it was! We got to sample an array of dishes – three bao buns, cauliflower wings, salt and pepper chicken, and wontons – all of which were fresh, flavorful, and perfectly priced at £30, including a takeaway discount. Plus, the convenience of having our order brought over to us at the Tap was unbeatable. Every visit here seems to impress me even more. On another occasion, I had the best lamb burger ever, and a shoutout to Daniel for such great service! This place even accommodates your furry friends, which is a huge plus in my book. Phoning in to book a table was a breeze with a friendly and helpful staff member on the line. Hands down, this dog-friendly establishment offers a top-tier dining experience – fantastic drinks, scrumptious food, and a welcoming atmosphere, all at prices that don't break the bank. Grand Ave Bar and Restaurant is an absolute must-visit, and I'm definitely looking forward to my next meal here.

The TeeRoom

172 Banks Rd, West Kirby, Wirral

0151 625 1887

Reviewed by:

nan Lastrapes

As someone who appreciates a hearty, well-prepared breakfast, The TeeRoom in Wirral has impressed me deeply with its exceptional offerings. The breakfast here is by far the nicest I've experienced on the Wirral, and it starts with the best butchers sausages that are cooked to absolute perfection. It’s not just the sausages, though; every item on the plate complements the next, making every bite a delightful experience. The leaf tea served here deserves a special mention. Served in a pot, it enhances the whole brunch experience, offering a comforting and refreshing touch to the meal. It’s amazing how such a simple element can elevate the entire dining experience. The environment at The TeeRoom is incredibly welcoming with really friendly staff who go out of their way to make sure you feel at home. Their service is something I cannot recommend highly enough. The whole feeling of the cafe is one of warmth and hospitality, making it a great spot to enjoy a meal alone or with company. What adds to the appeal is the value you get for your money. You're treated to delicious home-cooked food that doesn't break the bank. It’s a genuine gem in West Kirby that I'm always eager to return to. Plus, for anyone who's a fan of black pudding, this place is a must-visit. It is, without a doubt, a perfect start to your day. Booking ahead is a good idea, especially when I'm planning to bring family or friends along. The TeeRoom has become a spot we look forward to stopping in at, for its wonderful food, great service, and truly cozy atmosphere. If you're looking for the best breakfast on the Wirral, look no further than The TeeRoom.

Green Onions Cafe

106 Banks Rd, West Kirby, Wirral

0151 625 9792

Reviewed by:

Arunkumar Leblanc-Bercegeay

I visited Green Onions Cafe for brunch while in West Kirkby and was thoroughly impressed with their vegan breakfast. The scrambled tofu was especially delightful, though a touch of black salt could make it even better. The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating – they seamlessly handled our group of four and our three dogs, which I greatly appreciated. When they ran out of one menu option, they kindly offered a free coffee as compensation, a gesture that didn't go unnoticed. Even their vegan hot chocolate caught my eye; a rare treat I don't often see on menus. The cafe's atmosphere was welcoming, with an inviting vibe and attentive service. They had a tempting selection of cakes for takeout, which I didn't pass up. During my visit, we had to order drinks before food, which was a minor hiccup. And although the wait for the breakfast was a bit longer than expected, the quality and quantity of the food made up for it. Next time, I'd just prefer if the tea came with hot water, as that's standard in most cafes. Overall, my experience was positive, and I'm looking forward to returning to Green Onions Cafe.


57 Mill Ln, Wallasey

0151 378 1295

Reviewed by:

Cameron Banks

I've become quite the fan of RISE & GRIND for a brunch outing here in Wirral. It's a lovely spot with amazing food and generous portions. The staff are incredibly accommodating, always looking out to ensure you have the best experience. One thing to note is the lack of direct parking. However, finding a spot isn't too difficult with side streets and main road parking available. Plus, they often have live music which adds to the vibrant atmosphere, complete with talented singers and piano players. While both food and service are important, it's rare to find a place that excels at both, and RISE & GRIND does just that. The service is top-notch, and the food is equally impressive. It's easily one of the top places I've dined at this year. I could go on, but household chores are calling! But before I dash, just a quick shoutout to their exceptional offerings, especially their roast dinners. Big portions, a variety of sides, great value, and even delivery on their roasts! Every bite is delicious, never leaving me disappointed. My dad and I go quite often, and even after trying other spots, we always return here. Their croque madame with mushrooms, egg, and halloumi topped with a cheesy sauce is incredible and very generously sized. The interior is just as pleasing, featuring great decor, a bar, and outdoor seating. Friendly, polite staff alongside excellently presented and tasty food make it a go-to destination. It's a place not to be missed – so much so that even living 30 miles away doesn't keep me from coming back. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a solid brunch experience.

Daisy's Diner Wirral

121 Royden Rd, Upton, Birkenhead, Wirral

0151 352 7592

Reviewed by:

Mary Jane Smith

If you're on the hunt for a cozy spot with incredible food, Daisy's Diner in Wirral should definitely be on your radar. They've recently shifted to no longer offering eat-in services due to some issues, which is a shame because the atmosphere was always so welcoming. It's still a fantastic option for locals, as they're open for other services. The evening offerings at Daisy's are fantastic - think delicious burger and kebab-style meals that hit the spot without trying to be overly fancy. The new burgers in particular are beyond tasty, and I've become a regular just to get my fix! The service matches the quality of the food - fast delivery and your meal arrives hot every single time. A thoughtful touch that I appreciate is the loyalty points system which just adds to the whole experience. This place comes highly recommended; they really know how to feed you well and leave you satisfied. Talking about the food, it's top-notch with a capital T. The breakfasts and roast dinners are unbeatable, and it's a wonderful place to bring kids too. My little one can't get enough of their fried eggs and milkshakes. The staff? They couldn't be more friendly and helpful if they tried. And to top it off, you get brilliant value for your money with portions that are sure to fill you up. So, if you're around Wirral and looking for a tasty meal with a side of friendliness, Daisy's Diner has got you covered.

107 Dining Room

107 Telegraph Rd, Heswall, Wirral

0151 342 3420

Reviewed by:

Lisa Bacon

I've always been fond of 107 Dining Room for brunch here in Wirral, especially because of how well they accommodate small groups and family gatherings. The meals are freshly prepared, and I just can't get enough of their very tasty mixed bean chilli 🌶️. The mid-week 2/3 course deals offer great value, which makes this place a little gem in Heswall. Each visit to this restaurant leaves me impressed with the exceptional service, food, and attention to detail. They really know how to keep a loyal customer happy with their hard work. Returning to 107 Dining Room is always a treat, and their "Cut of the day" never disappoints. Just thinking of the venison in a red wine jus accompanied by those incredible dauphinoise potatoes and perfectly cooked asparagus makes my mouth water. It's a dish I'd highly recommend. Being a long-standing customer, it was delightful to dine there again and see that the great service hasn't changed a bit. It was also a pleasure to try new items on the menu. My friend was very pleased with the veg Thai curry, while my choice was the sweet and sour king prawns, which were equally scrumptious. They certainly don't skimp on the portion sizes, which is another plus. Overall, I highly recommend 107 Dining Room. Whether it's your first visit or one of many, I'm confident you'll be as pleased with the experience as I am.

The Sweet Pea Cafe

2A Acacia Grove, West Kirby, Wirral

0151 625 8926

Reviewed by:

Sandra Hammoud

Oh, what a gem The Sweet Pea Cafe has turned out to be for brunch around the Wirral area! Honestly, the full English breakfast here is top-notch – imagine each element cooked just right, every forkful a delightful mix of flavors. The staff adds to the experience too; they’re amiable and keen to make your visit enjoyable. The consistent quality of the food is impressive – it's clear they don’t compromise when it comes to their ingredients. It’s not just about the food, though. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the service attentive. It’s the sort of place that’s worth popping into whether you’re after a hearty meal or simply in the mood for a hot cuppa. The menu caters to a wide range of tastes, which is great when you’re with friends or family who might have different preferences. And the location in West Kirby is ideal – it’s a really nice spot. The pricing is fair, you get good value for what you pay, and the staff are always on point. One small thing – it can get a bit chilly inside sometimes, but a hot tea is the perfect fix for that. They’ve got a couple of outdoor tables, too, if you prefer alfresco dining. It’s become one of those places that's on my favorites list in West Kirby. Consistently good food, whether it’s a sunny day and you grab an outdoor seat, or you’re cozying up indoors.

Brunch Eastham

1149 New Chester Rd, Eastham, Birkenhead, Wirral

0151 345 9660

Reviewed by:

Joleen Epps

Brunch at Brunch Eastham has become my absolute favorite destination for a weekend treat. The staff here are simply amazing, with a special shoutout to Claire who has never failed to make us feel welcomed and taken care of. We often find ourselves heading here before a shopping trip, and it’s the perfect start to our day. The quality of the breakfast served at Brunch Eastham is out of this world. We're talking butcher-quality sausages, perfectly cooked bacon, and every component of the full English breakfast expertly prepared. Even with a large group of 10, the kitchen delivers without a hitch, which is truly impressive. Parking is always convenient, so there's never a fuss about where to leave the car. Once inside, the cleanliness and friendly vibe make the whole experience even more enjoyable. The staff, as mentioned, are top-notch and Claire always goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is having a great time. Not to mention, even the coffee is top quality, and that's coming from a serious coffee lover! It's difficult to find a spot that does every single thing right, but Brunch Eastham nails it every time. For anyone looking for a brilliant brunch spot on the Wirral, this place is highly recommended. The combination of superb food, excellent service, and a warm atmosphere makes Brunch Eastham a must-visit. Thank you to the whole team for consistently making our brunch outings so special!

M&M's Clovers

235A Greasby Rd, Greasby, Wirral

07546 106727

Reviewed by:

Juanma Sowden

As someone who always looks forward to a good English breakfast, M&M's Clovers has been my go-to spot in Wirral. The food here never disappoints, both in taste and in how it's easy on the wallet. It's quite a unique place; surprisingly, it's the only cafe I've come across that doesn't serve mushrooms with their full English, which is a bit of a letdown for mushroom lovers. However, my recent experiences have been mixed. The cafe seems to have a habit of closing on a whim, citing "staff holidays," which has been inconvenient. Since the new owners took over, there's been a noticeable shift. The menu has remained the same, but the service has faltered. Meals arriving haphazardly and missing items have been frustrating, not to mention the meals served on cold plates and the food itself barely warm. Returning home from my last visit, I felt unwell, a definite sign of being glutened, which is particularly distressing as someone with coeliac disease. It's clear that there's a need for a better understanding of cross-contamination risks at M&M's Clovers. It's disheartening to see a place that used to be reliable for coeliacs now becoming a risk. I find myself missing the previous owners and the assurance of a safe, enjoyable meal.


172 Telegraph Rd, Heswall, Wirral

0151 203 3888

Reviewed by:

Courtney Neal

Had the most delicious Festive Afternoon Tea for 3 at Voisin this afternoon. The experience was top-notch, with great food, super value, and exceptional service, all set against the backdrop of a pianist playing festive tunes—highly recommended. The food is fantastic, and they have a fabulous 2-course deal that runs daily. The staff at Voisin are simply outstanding. They truly went above and beyond for my hen party, held in the private room upstairs. Fern is incredible; her service is unmatched. Kasia made coordinating food and drinks for my 30 guests a breeze. Anna and Holly were wonderful as well; their attentive service made the night unforgettable. The whole experience was complemented by rave reviews from everyone about the service and the food. Our work Christmas night out at Voisin was also a delight. The staff were friendly and efficient, serving our pre-ordered food quickly. The quality of the food was impressive—the bruschetta, the turkey dinner, and the lemon meringue pie were all exceptional. The team's commitment to excellence shone when they hosted our large party. Ferne, Tom, Ryan, and the rest of the crew showed incredible dedication and delivered service with a personal touch. They turned our private event into something special, ensuring our drinks were never empty and that we enjoyed every bit of the delicious food with continuous smiles, even past midnight. The evening rounded off with live music, which is a staple for the venue. Despite an unforeseen issue with the scheduled band, the quick-thinking staff secured an alternative, ensuring the entertainment went on without a hitch. It's a pleasure to extend well-deserved praise to Voisin, especially when it's common for the hospitality industry to face criticism. With a team like this, Voisin truly shines as a gem in Heswall, and I am keen to return again and again. Here's to hoping it remains a staple for years to come, and I'll certainly be recommending it to everyone. Bravo to the team at Voisin for consistently delivering fantastic experiences!


4 Acacia Grove, West Kirby, Wirral

0151 625 3613

Reviewed by:

Milson Floyd

Hannah's for brunch in Wirral is my new go-to spot for a fantastic meal and a great atmosphere. This place really stands out with its friendly and clean environment, perfect for enjoying a delicious meal or just sipping on a coffee. The staff here are so welcoming and accommodating, making you feel right at home the minute you walk through the door. The menu is reasonably priced and doesn’t skimp on quality. The coffee is top-notch and a must-try for any caffeine lover. As for the food, it's simply gorgeous. On my visit, the breakfast was exceptional - the latte was the best my husband has ever had, and my hot chocolate was a dream, made with real milk instead of water. I also couldn't resist taking some cakes home for later, and they were just as fresh and delightful as the rest of the meal. The little touch of fresh flowers on each table adds to the lovely ambiance, making the dining experience even more special. Visiting on a busy Wednesday afternoon, I was pressed for time, but the staff made sure I could enjoy my meal without feeling rushed. They were incredibly efficient, serving up my Jacket Potato with Tuna & Cheese quickly, along with a beautifully made Cappuccino. I was done in less than half an hour, full and satisfied with time to spare. Hannah's has definitely become a favorite of mine. It's a very popular spot and for good reason. With such attentive staff and a lovely setup, I'm already planning my next visit for an evening tea. Hannah's is a gem in Wirral, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone looking for a superb brunch experience.

The Jug & Bottle

15 Mount Ave, Heswall, Wirral

0151 342 5535

Reviewed by:

Bryan Fer

What a gem The Jug & Bottle is for brunch right here in Wirral! This lovely little pub has oodles of charm. It's true, the rooms do have a vintage feel and the corridor carpets could use a refresh, but the beds offer a comfy night's sleep, even if the pillows were on the unusual side. The real highlight is the restaurant. It's the kind of place that would turn me into a regular if I lived in the area. The service is simply excellent – they really make you feel at home. When it comes to breakfast or dinner, it's a no-brainer – a resounding five stars from me. Every department in this cozy hotel/pub deserves applause. Whether it's the bar service, kitchen, housekeeping, cleaning services, reception, restaurant staff, or management, they're all spot on. Even with the Christmas decorations up, the decor was understated and elegant. My only regret is that the visit was so short, just one night. Heswall is perfectly situated for exploring the Wirral, and this spot comes highly recommended. From a culinary perspective, the haddock and chips I had were top-notch – definitely the best I've had. The fish was cooked flawlessly, the batter was just the right kind of crispy, and the chips were impeccable to the last one. They even managed to elevate the garden peas with a hint of mint, and the tartare sauce complemented the dish beautifully. On a weekend outing, The Jug & Bottle continues to impress, tucked away in a rather upmarket area of Wirral. The Sunday lunch was both generous and delicious with an array of options and incredibly attentive staff. Plus, it offers good value for money. We opted not to stay overnight, so I can't comment on the accommodations. However, the bar and restaurant were clearly well cared for and very comfortable. If you're ever here, do yourself a favor and try the roast beef – it comes with my highest recommendation!

Brunch Cafe

184 Pensby Rd, Pensby, Heswall, Birkenhead, Wirral

0151 342 1260

Reviewed by:

Chaterica Walden-Williams

Heading into Brunch Cafe for brunch in Wirral right around the bustling hour of half-past noon proved to be as delightful an experience as always. It's heartening to see the place thriving, a testament to the importance of supporting our local gems. The moment I settled in, a menu was promptly handed to me. Without much ado, I opted for a small latte and the classic mince beef and onion pie with peas, chips, and gravy – a favorite that has thankfully made a comeback on the menu. The latte, a genuine brew and not the instant variety, arrived quickly, setting the tone for the attentive service. Barely 10 minutes passed before my meal was served, arriving piping hot and perfectly delicious. There wasn't a single aspect of the food, drink, or service that wasn't up to par – it's consistently a joy. The breakfast options here are just right, flexible for those of us with particular tastes, allowing for swaps without any fuss. It’s the small details that make the difference – the coffee is always spot on and the staff exude friendliness. Everything is spotlessly clean, the quality of service is excellent, and one can't help but note the high standard of the food that's served. Having been a patron of Brunch Cafe for years, it's surprising it's taken this long to put into words just how fantastic this spot is. They've never failed to accommodate special requests, which is crucial for someone with picky eating habits. Even my German Shepherd looks forward to brunch days, thanks to the treats and the extra attention she gets from the team, especially on her birthday. In sum, the lengths the staff go to in order to provide an outstanding experience make Brunch Cafe a place worth recommending time and time again. They excel at making every visit memorable, and I am grateful for all the superb breakfasts over the years. A return visit is, without a doubt, on the horizon. Thank you to the entire team for continually raising the bar!

Otto Lounge

140 Telegraph Rd, Heswall, Wirral

0151 348 4817

Reviewed by:

Gissel Ledesma

I must say, Otto Lounge has really stepped up its game since my last visit a few years back. The brunch here has left me thoroughly impressed with how delicious and spot-on the meals are, catering perfectly to special requests. The service is absolutely charming – the staff are so sweet and attentive, making you feel genuinely cared for. One highlight was the extensive range of syrups available for coffee. I opted for a salted caramel cappuccino, and it was divine. Despite the presence of a few loud babies, the food arrived quickly, which I appreciated. The casual dining experience is enhanced by being dog-friendly, which is a big plus in my book. The selection of drinks is commendable too, with great cocktails and a solid choice of draught beers. Whether you're in the mood for a classic brunch or something more unique, the food is consistently fresh and flavorsome. The atmosphere strikes the right balance, being both friendly and efficient, and the staff are always willing to help. Another perk is the convenience of a large pay & display car park just around the corner on Mount Avenue, making it easy for anyone driving to visit. Spending time here is always a treat due to the open layout and the relaxed Bohemian touch they've incorporated into the space. It's never too loud, so you can chat or work without interruption, and there's enough room to find your own comfortable spot. It's a place that suits various needs, whether you're hanging out with friends, bringing your dog along, or needing a cozy corner to work in. Plus, they really make an effort to make everyone feel welcome, greeting you warmly upon entry and departure. And, as a fun aside, occasionally seeing football legend John Barnes around is a nice little surprise.

Leaf Tea Shop and Bar

19 Black Horse Hill, Newton, West Kirby, Wirral

0151 558 0521

Reviewed by:

Eric Perez

Had the pleasure of enjoying a late lunch at the Leaf Tea Shop and Bar with my family, and it did not disappoint. The menu offered a wonderful variety of meals to choose from. We opted for delectable dishes like the steak pie, beef, a salt and pepper chicken burger, and even a perfect portion of sausage and chips for the little one. It's worth noting how the beef was superbly tender, practically melting at the touch of the fork. We indulged in puddings for dessert, each one as scrumptious as the last. It's not just the food that makes this place stand out; the staff were incredibly welcoming and attentive. There's a fantastic area dedicated to children's play, complete with a small cinema that completely captivated my granddaughter. This gem of a spot also boasts a brilliant atmosphere. On a whim, I tried the Mixed Tapas from the Specials menu, and it was a culinary delight – it's a hearty portion that's ideally shared. My visits here are always a delight, with the consistently excellent food and the extensive range of gluten-free options is a thoughtful touch. For those with a passion for beverages, the array of drinks and teas seems almost limitless. Enjoying brunch here was even more pleasant due to the ambiance, a notch more relaxed compared to the bustling vibe of its Liverpool counterpart, which made for a more intimate dining experience. The staff excelled at setting the right expectations for service times, ensuring no surprises and a smooth experience. The food – oh, the food – was delicious through and through. My choice of eggs Benedict was spot on, while my partner's smaller full English was cooked to perfection. A clear tipping policy is also in place, ensuring all gratuities go directly to the staff, whether given by card or cash. In short, my time at the Leaf Tea Shop and Bar was a gratifying one. Would I come back? Without a doubt. It's a place I'd readily recommend to anyone looking to enjoy a quality meal in a friendly and accommodating environment.

The Manor

91 Greasby Rd, Greasby, Wirral

0151 677 7034

Reviewed by:

Kuldip Davis

We had a fantastic Sunday brunch at The Manor in Wirral, which despite being packed, served us well, even with a bit of a wait due to our reservation coinciding with the peak time. The service was commendable with plenty of attentive staff ensuring a smooth dining experience. The quality of the meal was impressive, satisfying the diverse tastes of our group. My roast belly pork with roasted potatoes and vegetables was delicious, and the rich gravy really brought the dish together. We're already planning our next visit because the menu offered such a variety of well-prepared options. Among them, the Miso Lemon chicken with mixed greens in a sesame sauce truly stood out for me. To top off our meal, indulging in the local ice cream was a delightful treat. The venue itself boasts a beautiful design, enhancing the dining experience with its comfortable and inviting ambience—a perfect match for the winter season. Our experience at The Manor was so pleasant that we didn't hesitate to book our next visit while still enjoying our meal. It's a place I'd wholeheartedly recommend. Despite a small hiccup in not being prompted for our drinks order right away, the politeness and attentiveness of the staff made up for it. The food was consistently excellent across the board, though I must note that while the atmosphere was well-appointed and the staff well-trained, it was missing a bit of the lively energy found at their sister locations like the Fishpool or the Pheasant. Nonetheless, The Manor still stands out as a must-visit for its stellar customer service and delectable cuisine.

Oak Bar & Bistro

126 Greasby Rd, Greasby, Wirral

0151 678 0104

Reviewed by:

Marcus Patel

When stumbling upon Oak Bar & Bistro for a Sunday morning breakfast with friends, I was immediately taken by the clean, well-laid-out space. Despite being busy, the atmosphere was comfortable, and we didn't feel crowded or overwhelmed by noise. The waitresses were polite, and while service could have been a bit more attentive, the relaxed pace suited our catch-up session just fine. Although we experienced some delays in ordering and clearing up, the friendly chatter among us meant that these were minor inconveniences. The variety on the menu caught our attention, presenting a tough choice, but ultimately the large breakfast won us over. It was a hearty portion, tasty, well-cooked, and definitely seemed worth the cost. The whole experience was quite positive, with staff allowing us the pick of our table upon entry. Drinks arrived swiftly, and our order was taken with care, ensuring they got our preferences right. Though our group of seven found the table a touch cramped and service a bit slow – especially considering our sizable party – the quality of the food made up for it. The avocado toast, pancakes, waffles, and the rest of the ordered items were satisfactory, though the mention of sourdough that turned out to be regular bread was a bit misleading. The side additions like the bacon and hash browns were top-notch. Hosting our daughter's christening reception here turned out to be a wonderful decision. The staff were incredibly hospitable and accommodating, addressing every dietary need with finesse. We were delighted with the delicious food and the level of service that made the event memorable. In conclusion, Oak Bar & Bistro offers a great brunch experience worth recommending, and a revisit is definitely on the cards. They provided us with a day to remember during our special family event, and for that, a heartfelt thanks goes to the team.

Harvester Croft Park Bromborough

1 Welton Rd, Bromborough, Birkenhead, Wirral

0151 334 9689

Reviewed by:

Lolis Simcox

Having the opportunity to enjoy a brunch at Harvester Croft Park in Bromborough was truly delightful. The food was definitely a hit – the three-course Christmas menu didn't disappoint. The chicken goujons were flavorsome, and while the cranberry ribs threw me a bit of a curveball not being the meaty single rib type I expected, they were still enjoyable. The profiterole sundae wrapped up the meal nicely, even if there was a little wait. But even that was handled proficiently when the server proactively ensured our desserts were up to par without us needing to say a word. The visit was made even more special by the thoughtful approach to accessibility. The warm welcome at the entrance carried on throughout our stay. It was heartwarming to see how the staff moved furniture and paid attention to ensure that the ladies in wheelchairs could comfortably enjoy their meal. The fact that they were addressed directly and with respect left a lasting impression. Every course was served with perfect timing and the presentation of the meals was on point. The attentive and friendly service just added to the overall fantastic experience. The comfortable atmosphere, excellent food, and the way we were treated sparked a mutual feeling of wanting to return for more delightful moments. It's clear that the staff's dedication and service are reasons enough to recommend this dining spot wholeheartedly. My gratitude goes out to the team for such outstanding care and quality.

Toby Carvery Arrowe

Arrowe Park Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral

0151 604 1241

Reviewed by:

Chrisner Vertsehovski

Sure thing! Here's a positive review of Toby Carvery Arrowe for brunch Wirral without mentioning the reviewer's name or using flowery language: Heading over to Toby Carvery Arrowe for brunch was a fantastic decision. The portions were just right, especially when it came to the meat, and the extra roast potato thrown in at no cost was a delightful touch, even if they were on the smaller side. Every dish tasted fresh and satisfying, which is always a win in my book. Taking advantage of a £10 off on a £25 spend voucher made the experience even sweeter. The beer garden caught my eye with its extensive space, perfect for soaking up the sun or chilling under an umbrella. Our group of five was a walk-in, and although the restaurant was full, we got seated in the bar area pretty quickly. To my pleasure, the staff were nothing short of efficient, friendly, and extremely accommodating, nailing the customer service aspect. The food was definitely up to par, though I would have liked it a tad hotter, but that's just being nitpicky. The Yorkshire puddings gave off a microwave vibe, but that was a minor blip in an otherwise tasty meal. The service was speedy, and the staff were excellent, making sure we were well taken care of. I was also impressed with their ability to find us seating without a reservation. The options catered to everyone in our party, including the vegetarian dish which was quite enjoyable. Another plus was the ample parking, which made the whole experience hassle-free. In terms of atmosphere, it was super welcoming, adding to the overall charm. Definitely planning on a return visit. Everything from the supportive service to the pleasant dining space made for a great outing. Thumbs up to Toby Carvery Arrowe for a lovely brunch experience!

Glegg Arms Beefeater

Chester Rd, Wirral

0151 342 1982

Reviewed by:

Emma Gianella Hilltun

I must say, my experience at the Glegg Arms Beefeater in Wirral was absolutely delightful. Despite the short notice, I was able to secure a booking for Mother's Day brunch, and the outing turned out to be a huge hit. From the moment we arrived, the atmosphere was welcoming, and it set the tone for a perfect family gathering. The staff at the Glegg Arms were friendly and attentive, always on hand to ensure our brunch was enjoyable. Even though the restaurant was bustling with activity, they still managed to provide efficient service, which is commendable. The brunch menu was varied and catered to different tastes, offering classic dishes with a nice twist. I found myself particularly impressed by the presentation of the food; it was clear that attention to detail was a priority for the chefs. The flavors were spot on, and everyone in our party commented on how delicious their meals were. I chose a steak for my main course, and it was cooked precisely to my liking. The sides that accompanied it were fresh and complemented the meat beautifully. It's worth mentioning that the portions were generous, ensuring that we were all satisfied without feeling overly stuffed. The connected Premier Inn allowed for convenient accommodations, which was a bonus for those of us who traveled far. Its proximity to local attractions and easy access to Liverpool through the tunnels made it an ideal spot for our family gathering. For those looking for a warm and inviting place to enjoy a meal, I would definitely recommend the Glegg Arms Beefeater. They provided us with a memorable dining experience, and it's a spot I'll surely return to in the future.

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