January 19, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Brunching in Worcester, MA

Feast like a Worcester warrior! We've got the real deal on pancakes, eggs, and mimosas.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan
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The Ultimate Guide to Brunching in Worcester, MA
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In Worcester, the art of weekend brunch has become as iconic as the pronounced "woos-ter" itself. So, button up your brunch coat and let's dive fork-first into the heartiest, toastiest, and most egg-straordinary spots Worcester proudly serves up.

Life Garden Cafe

1048 Main St, Worcester

Reviewed by:

Francisco Goldberg

Having discovered Life Garden Cafe for brunch in Worcester, it has quickly become a frequent stop of mine. Each visit is consistently wonderful, with food that tantalizes the taste buds and pleases the eye. It's evident that each dish is crafted with passion and a flair for presentation, making every meal feel special. The attention to detail is apparent, especially in their coffee offerings. My daughter was delighted by her peppermint mocha complete with a chocolate spoon, and the candy cane dust was a delightful touch. It's these little things, coupled with the genuinely warm and attentive staff, that elevate the dining experience. On my second visit, the warmth of the welcome matched the golden hues of the Gold Room where we sat—a perfect setting for the Christmas music that softly played in the background. Again, the food did not disappoint; the flavors and presentation were spot-on. It's a joy to find a place where repeat visits can actually surpass the initial impression. The cafe's ambiance is immediately inviting, with an abundance of natural light and a vibe that's both cozy and uplifting. Not to mention, the soundtrack of Christmas tunes adds an extra layer of comfort. The food is always fresh and flavorsome, and the thoughtful presentation of both the drinks and dishes is Instagram-worthy. This establishment truly provides a delightful dining experience. They pay attention to customer preferences, even checking to ensure the coffee meets personal taste standards. The atmosphere is congenial, the food is distinctive and beautifully presented, and the flavors are spot on. The Life Garden Cafe is absolutely worth repeated visits, and I'm already looking forward to my next brunch here.

Annie's Clark Brunch

934 Main St # B, Worcester

Reviewed by:

Carmen Janai

My visit to Annie's Clark Brunch/Cash Only for brunch was an experience I'm eager to share. The friendly staff welcomed me with open arms and the atmosphere was inviting from the moment I stepped in. Their pancakes captured my attention with their impressive size and the prices were more than reasonable. This place quickly became my go-to spot after my first meal here a few months back. The food tastes like it's straight out of my grandmother's kitchen, full of familiar, comforting flavors that you don't get from just any meal out. They use quality ingredients, and trust me, you can taste the difference. If you're looking for value, you can't beat their prices for the portions you receive. The service deserves a shout-out as well. From the clean table to the offered water that arrived without prompt, the staff consistently went the extra mile. Their smiles were as warm as the food. Even when I craved something not on the menu, like Eggs Irish, they were happy to accommodate, crafting a dish that was nothing short of mouthwatering. Plus, the coffee hit the spot - a must for brunch! Their efficiency is noteworthy too; I received my change before handing over the cash, all because the attentive staff noticed it on the table. If I'm ever back in Worcester looking for breakfast, this will be my first stop. The diner offers a unique experience with its friendly service, affordability, and hearty portions that are clearly prepared with care. Standout dishes? The veggie egg and cheese, and the vegan chili should not be missed. This is more than just a meal, it's a chance to make friends with some of the kindest people by the end of your visit.

Miss Worcester Diner

300 Southbridge St, Worcester

(508) 753-5600

Reviewed by:

Cassandra Budhiraja

Yesterday, I discovered a true dining treasure right here in Worcester at the Miss Worcester Diner. Tucked just beneath the train tracks, this modest diner impresses with a cool vibe and fantastic food. The portions are more than generous - my pancake was enormous, rivaling the size of Rhode Island itself! My friend opted for the pig sandwich and is now hooked, insisting we make it a regular spot. The authenticity of this old-fashioned diner, set in a former kitchen railcar, adds to its charm. The atmosphere is welcoming, buoyed by the cheerful staff of wonderful ladies who really make the experience memorable. My dining companions and I left satisfied, already discussing what we'd try on our next visit. The French toast caught my eye, and thinking about it now, a sampler platter would be a brilliant addition with all the tempting options on the menu! Daring to step outside my comfort zone, I ordered the peanut butter, fluff and banana stuffed French toast. It was a delightful surprise, perfectly balanced without any single ingredient overpowering the others. It's a dish I'm still thinking about, and I'm eager to return to try more from their menu. As someone who appreciates the character of gritty diners in unexpected locations, Miss Worcester Diner earns an A+ in my book. The setting, dominated by a massive, rusting railroad trestle, calls back to the origins of diner culture with its intimate layout featuring a handful of stools and cozy booths by the windows. And for those, like me, who appreciate a nod to heritage, the "Polish Breakfast" with its savory fried kielbasa in place of the traditional bacon is a hearty nod to the past and a delicious way to start the day. Miss Worcester Diner is a spot not to be missed, offering a memorable brunch experience that's absolutely worth trying.

Cafe Reyes

421 Shrewsbury St, Worcester

(508) 762-9900

Reviewed by:

Yaza Miller

I had an absolutely delightful brunch experience at Cafe Reyes in Worcester. From the moment we placed our pick-up order, my husband and I were swept up by the authentic Cuban flavors that reminded my Cuban friend of home. It's heartwarming to know that dining here also supports their inspiring mission, adding a caring touch to every bite. We tried the coffee and while it was enjoyable, it was served a bit cold. The empanadas had a nice texture but could have benefited from a bit more seasoning and perhaps some dipping sauces to elevate the taste. I had high hopes for the ropa vieja, and while the meat itself was flavorful, the accompanying beans and rice were unfortunately a tad underwhelming. We had a small hiccup with the mustard dispensers at the table, which were frustratingly crusted and wouldn't release any mustard. It's a minor detail, but it stuck out in an otherwise pleasurable meal. Overall, the experience was okay. Despite the few issues, what stands out to me is the charm of the place. The relaxed and cozy ambiance coupled with the unparalleled service really makes it a unique spot. The staff was clearly dedicated to creating a pleasant experience, greeting us with genuine smiles and attentive service. Cafe Reyes has carved out a special place in my heart, so much so that despite living two hours away, it's become my top choice for dining out. I make it a point to visit as often as possible because it's more than just food; it's an experience. The restaurant, with its delightful food and mission-driven service, truly is a gem worth frequenting.

City Line Diner

1420 Main St, Worcester

(774) 420-2992

Reviewed by:

La Clarkston

First time visiting City Line Diner for brunch and it surely won't be my last. The place truly impressed me with the quality of the food and the generous portion sizes. The Heart Attack Burger I ordered was out of this world with its 8oz patty, BBQ pulled pork, and bacon, all neatly stacked on a toasted brioche bun. The sweet potato fries that accompanied it were just as good. Despite it being a busy Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised that the wait was a mere 15 minutes. The cleanliness and decor of the diner caught my eye as well—it's clear they take pride in their establishment, striking the right balance between new and nostalgic. The crowd was diverse and family-oriented, which added a nice vibe to the morning atmosphere. While I've heard mixed reviews about the place, my personal experience was top-notch. The staff was professional and patient, especially considering the diner's bustling nature. Moreover, the breakfast I had was spot-on delicious. The poached eggs and home fries were cooked to perfection, and the grilled English muffins with egg whites were just as delightful. The coffee was fresh and complemented the meal perfectly. Having had such a positive experience, I've already recommended City Line Diner to a handful of friends and am looking forward to my next visit. Great job to everyone at City Line Diner for delivering a truly enjoyable dining experience. Keep it up!

Family Table

545 SW Cutoff suite A, Worcester

(508) 459-9335

Reviewed by:

Dynail Montana

Today was a truly special occasion as it marked my daughter's first birthday, and to celebrate, we decided on brunch at Family Table. My request for a special touch on her pancake was met with a warm and immediate "yes" by the waitress. To our surprise and joy, they went the extra mile by adding a candle and a round of 'Happy Birthday' which was incredibly touching and for which I am deeply grateful. It was a gesture that elevated the experience and made the moment unforgettable. The food, as always, was scrumptious. We're no strangers to brunch, as it's something we indulge in a few times a week, and Family Table has quickly become our go-to spot. It's not just the cleanliness and reasonable prices that draw us in, but also the reliable quality of the meals and the welcoming atmosphere. What stands out most, however, is the exceptional staff. They are all fantastic, but Megan deserves a special shout-out. She manages to make each customer feel like they are the center of the world, balancing a bustling restaurant with grace and a beaming smile. Her presence certainly contributes to the 'family' in Family Table. While my overall experiences here have been consistently positive, I do have a note for potential diners regarding the menu. The Guacamole toast, albeit tasty, seems overpriced for what it is. At $15 for a single slice adorned with a few pickled onions and a side of fruit, it's hard to justify when compared to a full breakfast that costs less. It's something to be aware of when visiting. Nonetheless, Family Table remains our favorite brunch spot in Worcester, and we'll certainly be returning for many more family outings.

Lou Roc's Diner

1074 W Boylston St, Worcester

(508) 852-6888

Reviewed by:

Alicia Iheoma

I had a fantastic brunch experience at Lou Roc's Diner in Worcester. The line to get seated moved swiftly, which was a pleasant surprise given the crowd. The service was both quick and friendly, perfectly complementing the huge, yet affordable meals. They served up amazing pancakes and I've got my eye on many other interesting specials for future visits. On a bustling Friday morning, the pace was surprisingly fast and I was seated at the bar without much wait. The food, especially the biscuits and gravy and the special Benedict with its incredible bacon, was scrumptious. It really is a stellar spot for breakfast, complete with that classic diner vibe. When I returned on a Sunday, despite the business of the morning, the staff remained wonderfully kind. The biscuits and gravy didn't disappoint, and they certainly didn't skimp on the gravy! They also make their own cinnamon raisin bread, which alone is worth a trip back. This diner feels like a local institution where the staff knows exactly what they're doing. The seasoned home fries were a standout, breaking the monotony of the usual unseasoned options I've encountered elsewhere. The pancakes had a unique and delightful crusty exterior while keeping a fluffy inside, a texture that tickled my taste buds. My partner's sausage gravy and biscuits were spot on, and we ended up taking leftovers for later, a testament to the generous portion sizes. It's an excellent choice for a meal stop and, if I have my way, I'll definitely be coming back.

Route 12 Cafe

580 W Boylston St, Worcester

(774) 823-3823

Reviewed by:

Natasha Bauer

My weekend brunch at Route 12 Cafe in Worcester was a delightful experience. Arriving around 11:00am, my wife and I were pleased to be seated immediately without any wait. We decided to order the #2 Big Appetite and it was a fantastic choice. The scrambled eggs were perfectly fluffy with a hint of butter, and the bacon and sausage added a delicious savoriness to the meal. The home fries had just the right amount of crisp, and the pancakes were delightful. The cafe itself struck a comfortable balance in size, with around 6-8 tables and additional seating at the bar top. It's definitely a place I would revisit due to its convenient location and standout meals. Parking was ample, and on another occasion, I opted for the blueberry pancakes minus the powdered sugar, while my friend enjoyed a Belgian waffle topped with strawberries and a generous side of bacon. Everything was big enough to share in a clean and welcoming environment. The service truly makes this place shine. The staff were terrific—especially the server who attended to us with politeness and calm efficiency, though I didn't catch her name. This cafe is not just your standard breakfast spot; it offers a twist with a variety of pancake options, organic tea, and excellent coffee. It's clear they prioritize generous portions, from the well-buttered toast to the well-cooked home fries. The warm greeting upon entry made us feel immediately welcome. The cafe also features a touch of culture with paintings from local artists adorning the walls and available for purchase. The ambiance is fresh, modern, and cozy all at once. I'm definitely planning a return visit. If I had one suggestion, it might be to turn the music up a bit to enhance the already pleasant atmosphere. But all in all, Route 12 Cafe is a gem worth revisiting for anyone looking for a great brunch experience.

Livia's Dish

1394 Main St, Worcester

(508) 926-8861

Reviewed by:

Yanny Ramirez Reyes

On my very first visit to Livia's Dish for brunch in Worcester, I was greeted by an atmosphere that was both cozy and cheerful. The decor was warm, and it immediately felt inviting, making it clear why this place is a local favorite. Although the syrup and hot sauce bottles were left wide open, which I found a bit unsanitary, the rest of the experience more than made up for it. The coffee, served in adorable mugs, was your typical diner brew, which added to the homely charm of the place. The pancake, while quite flat, was surprisingly tasty, and the home fries were a standout – cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. But the real highlight of my meal was the Mediterranean eggs Benedict. Served on panini bread instead of the traditional English muffin, it was simply delicious and a testament to the kitchen's creativity. The portions were generous, and it's no wonder why this spot has become my ultimate go-to for brunch in Worcester. Their homemade fries are something I've always raved about, and it has become a tradition to have my birthday breakfast here. One cannot ignore the level of service here; the staff was incredibly friendly and efficient, making sure our experience was pleasant through and through. This brunch spot has earned a solid place in my heart for those relaxed weekend meals where quality food and ambiance matter. While I did not try the sweet brunch options this time, they looked mouthwatering, and I certainly intend to give them a go on my next visit. The bloody marys were excellent, and the brunch choices were varied and enticing. Despite the spacious interior, the place does get bustling, a testament to its popularity. Also noteworthy was the buffalo chicken salad – very good, with generous portions that satisfy. My friends were pleased with their choices too; a Cuban sandwich full of flavor and a Caesar salad paired with delicious fries made for happy dining companions. This first visit was a wonderful introduction, and anticipation for the next visit is already building. Livia's Dish, with its cute, charming appeal and excellent food, is a gem in Worcester for brunch enthusiasts.

NU Kitchen Worcester

335 Chandler St, Worcester

(508) 926-8800

Reviewed by:

Kristina Dixon

Every time I visit the Boston area, I'm drawn back to NU Kitchen for a meal. The food here is always top-notch, offering up clean, flavorful dishes that really hit the spot. The staff has never been anything less than incredibly warm and welcoming, eager to make my dining experience a memorable one. The vibe of the place is just right – it's got that cozy, earthy feeling that makes you feel right at home as soon as you step inside. Choosing where to eat can be a challenge, but at NU Kitchen, the decision is a no-brainer. Despite one minor mishap with a soup order where the container wasn't filled to the top, the quality of the food has never failed to impress. They've got this way of preparing your meal with care that you can't help but appreciate. And if you're ever thinking the portion could be more generous, that's a rare exception to the norm here. NU Kitchen shines when it comes to the variety of their menu. It's easy to find something that speaks to your dietary needs, and the ability to customize your meal is a huge plus. Feeling like adding some avocado or protein to your dish? No problem. Want to swap out an ingredient? They've got you covered. It's this kind of flexibility that transforms a good meal into a great one. Let's not forget about their juices – fresh, clean, and the perfect sidekick to any of their meals. They're not just an afterthought; these juices are an integral part of the NU Kitchen experience, offering a refreshing way to hydrate and boost your day. If you're after a spot in Worcester where the food will nourish your body and delight your taste buds, NU Kitchen should be on your radar. Their offerings are diverse, accommodating, and everything has that fresh, home-cooked quality to it. Whether it's a quick bite or a full-on meal you're after, they deliver. And the lattes – particularly the Milky Way – are out of this world. Hands down, this is a 10 out of 10 spot that I'll keep coming back to.

Parkway Diner

148 Shrewsbury St, Worcester

(508) 753-9968

Reviewed by:

Pat Dummer

As a frequent visitor to Parkway Diner on Shrewsbury Street, I have to say it's a gem for brunch in Worcester. They offer a delightful array of options, from the classic diner breakfasts to innovative takes. On this visit, the veggie frittata caught my eye, and with an extra egg, it hit the spot for my vegetable fix. The drip coffee is another highlight, consistently great, complementing any meal I choose. And while enjoying their comfortable outdoor seating, the tantalizing smell of BBQ from nearby adds to the experience. This place isn't just about food; it's a slice of local history, imbuing every meal with a sense of Worcester's past. The heritage as a landmark in the heart of what was once a vibrant Italian neighborhood still lingers, adding character to the atmosphere. Although the times have changed, and the area is now more Brazilian, the diner retains its nostalgic charm. It's fascinating to think of the days when John, the original owner, would cook on Sundays, though now his grandson carries on the legacy. Their menu shines with stars like the Eggs cooked to perfection, the excellent home fries, and the unique Italian toast. Those blueberry pancakes are a must-try, and for the famished, the Italian breakfast or the hearty patriot will not disappoint. Despite the occasional service hiccup, which seems less than stellar at times, the quality of the food and the essence of the diner experience make Parkway Diner a place well worth frequenting. The hangover plate, in particular, has been a personal favorite. Moreover, I was impressed by how they managed a large party of 14 with outstanding service. The efficiency and friendliness of the staff, along with the skill of the cooks, truly made it a meal to remember. This diner is definitely on my list for a return visit, hopefully soon. The experience overall is 10/10 – a must-go spot in Worcester for an authentic, satisfying brunch.

Altea's Eatery

259 Park Ave, Worcester

(508) 767-1639

Reviewed by:

Michael nan

After visiting Altea's Eatery for brunch in Worcester, I'm absolutely impressed with this unique and swanky spot. The idea of a test kitchen menu is really fresh and exciting. I had the chance to try the Tater Tot Benny with salad, which offered a delightful contrast of flavors and felt more like an indulgent lunch item. The Gingerbread French Toast, with its hint of a Bananas Foster vibe, was charming and satisfying. This place is definitely a must-try. Everything is fresh, and the flavors are well-balanced. The food is never overly sweet, just right. Their specials are always something to look forward to – the popcorn chicken Benny is out of this world. For those planning a weekend brunch, arriving by 8:30 am is a smart move to avoid a long wait. On my visit, we savored the braised short rib served both as a Benedict and a sandwich, and both were superb. The fries were simply seasoned with salt, but dipping them in the sandwich drippings was a game-changer. Plus, the extra spicy Bloody Mary I ordered, with its salt and red pepper flake rim, was phenomenal. The service was top-notch, incredibly kind, and attentive. There's no doubt that this will become a regular spot for brunch. It's clear why people rave about Altea's Eatery. The food exceeded expectations, especially the chicken and waffles. While I'd love to see more hot beverage choices, the food alone was fantastic. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Salt & Pepper

268 Lincoln St, Worcester

(508) 755-1113

Reviewed by:

Karina Mcgowan-Stinski

I've found a delightful low key breakfast spot in Worcester that really hits the spot for brunch. It's a cozy little diner that serves up breakfast all day, including a limited but tasty lunch menu. The friendly and fast service here makes you feel right at home. What really stands out to me are their omelets. They're perfectly cooked with a nice flavor, and they don't skimp on the fresh fillings. The breakfast potatoes are another standout – they're cooked just right and well-seasoned. The coffee is great, too, and the prices are excellent. While there can be a bit of a rush for breakfast and lunch, it's worth the wait, or even just grabbing a spot at the counter or taking your meal to go. The staff here is amazing and always makes sure you're taken care of. The food portions are just the right size to start the day on a good note. I decided to come back for another visit and, although I didn't get around to trying the omelets again, the food was still top-notch. The pancakes did fall a bit short this time – they tasted as if they had too much flour and it kind of overpowered the syrup. Despite that minor hiccup, it didn't dampen the good time. This diner is a great place to drop by when in Worcester. One small wish is that they'd serve more home fries, but even so, it's a spot I'd definitely recommend for a satisfying breakfast or brunch.

Jean's Place

136 Cambridge St, Worcester

(508) 753-9466

Reviewed by:

David Lehmejian

Jean's Place is the perfect brunch spot in Worcester where you can enjoy a hearty meal without breaking the bank. The ambiance takes you back in time with its simplicity and charm, and the service, although a bit slow due to Jean single-handedly running the show, is always warm and courteous. The breakfast deal is unbeatable – for just $4.95, you get a generous serving of three eggs, two strips of bacon, home fries, and toast. It's a fantastic offer that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Plus, Jean's willingness to cater to special requests makes the dining experience even more personal and satisfying. What's really the cherry on top are Jean's homemade cookies. Priced at only $1 per bag, with four cookies each, they're an absolute steal. It's impossible to leave without grabbing a few bags of those chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin delights for the road. The juices come bottled, ensuring a quick and convenient refreshment, and if you get a chance to try the French toast, you'll be in for a treat – it's delicious. The overall cost-effectiveness is incredible, with two people able to enjoy a full meal including drinks for just $13.58. Jean's Place stands out as a gem in Worcester's brunch scene, offering delightful food at prices from another era. It easily earns a glowing five-star rating.

Sisters Breakfast & Lunch

171 Stafford St, Worcester

(508) 755-2604

Reviewed by:

Tammy Gonzales

I had an amazing time at Sisters Breakfast & Lunch for brunch in Worcester. The breakfast selection blew me away, especially the eggs Benedict which I must say is the best I've had in decades. The coffee was excellent, and the service was fast, making the experience even more enjoyable. Not to mention, the prices were very reasonable. On my birthday, I decided to give this place a try after driving past it so many times, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The atmosphere was super clean, quiet, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. My friend and I were both first-timers and we're already planning our next visit. I savored the Cape Cod pancakes filled with blueberries and cranberries, while my friend indulged in the crab cake Benedict, which she claimed was a cut above the rest. Even the homemade hash we shared was one of the best we've tried. We had a group of five during our first visit and everyone enjoyed their meal. The waitstaff was friendly and efficient, adding to the positive experience. The menu was diverse and interesting, and I only wish I'd come sooner to try the spinach pie. Despite the place being busy, the service was quick and we didn't feel rushed. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back to this gem of a place for more delicious meals and warm hospitality.

Garden Fresh Courthouse Cafe

204 Main St, Worcester

(508) 753-8500

Reviewed by:

Kalashia Davis

Walking into Garden Fresh Courthouse Cafe for brunch was a delightful experience. The setup was inviting and made for a cozy spot to enjoy a meal. The menu had plenty of options, and I decided to go with the corned beef, house fries, and eggs. The corned beef was decent, though a touch more seasoning would have made it perfect. However, the house fries and eggs did not disappoint—they were prepared just right, and I'd happily order them again. As someone who values prompt service and a welcoming atmosphere, this place ticked all the boxes. The staff were incredibly friendly, ensuring that the dining experience was not just about the food but also the hospitality. On top of that, the quick service was a pleasant surprise, especially considering how busy they can get. The food, overall, hit the spot for a casual dining spot. The avocado breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito I saw on the menu were tempting, and they turned out to be quite tasty. There were a couple of hiccups with the side potatoes, which could have been warmer and less oily, but that didn't overshadow the overall satisfaction with the meal. This cafe seems perfect for anyone looking for a quick bite, especially if you're nearby for a court date and need something satisfying without a long wait. With its great atmosphere, it's also a fantastic choice for family meals. There's even the option to sit outside at the small tables, which is a nice touch. The breakfast sandwiches are worth noting for their quality and value. Coupled with the kindness and attentiveness of the staff, both dine-in and take-out experiences come highly recommended. Without a doubt, it's a place I'd return to and suggest that others visit to try out their offerings.

The Broadway

100 Water St, Worcester

(508) 753-3233

Reviewed by:

Cassandra Berta

Walking into The Broadway for brunch in Worcester feels like coming home. They swing open their doors at the bright hour of 7 a.m., and you're always greeted with a smile from their friendly waitresses. The atmosphere is buzzing with nostalgia, especially since my dad used to be the cook here in the 60s and 70s, known affectionately as Cisco. It's a joy to see Billy and his wife at the helm now, still keeping the tradition of amazing breakfasts alive. They've truly kept the heart of the place beating—the same heart that resonated when Billy, then just the dishwasher, worked alongside my dad. The food here is something else. I adore their bacon, eggs, and cheddar croissant—it's a dish that truly deserves a perfect score. Every breakfast combo I've tried has been nothing short of outstanding. The homefries are seasoned to perfection, the pancakes come with a dusting of sugary sweetness, the bacon is crisped just right, and the scrambled eggs always arrive hot and inviting. And all this comes with service that's affable and prices that feel just right. Sometimes, a place like this is exactly what you need. Not somewhere where everyone knows your name, but rather a spot where the recognition is just enough to make you feel welcome without overwhelming you. Plus, the staff here have a wealth of knowledge about bread varieties—they're always up for sharing fun facts, like how hollandaise sauce gets that zing from lemon. It's the kind of detail you tuck away with a smile. Definitely, make time to visit during their open hours. This place is a must for anyone who enjoys a heaping plate of delicious memories served alongside their breakfast.

Marvin's Corner Lunch Diner

131 Lamartine St, Worcester

(508) 762-9574

Reviewed by:

Ismael Blank

I stumbled upon Marvin's Corner Lunch Diner for brunch one sunny morning in Worcester, and it was a delightful experience! Everyone was exceptionally welcoming, making me feel right at home from the moment I stepped in. The brunch menu was mouthwatering, and I couldn't resist trying the spicy hashbrowns – they were absolutely fantastic with just the right kick. The dedication to homemade culinary delights did not go unnoticed. The bread selection was a hit for me, especially the sourdough and the unique pickle bread, which were scrumptious beyond words. For the main course, the eggs were cooked perfectly alongside those spicy hashbrowns, hitting all the right notes on my palate. Our server was the epitome of thoughtfulness, personally preparing a custom spice mix on the spot to ensure the heat level was just right for my taste – talk about going the extra mile! The English muffin and corned beef hash, both made in-house, were comforting and hearty, a true representation of classic diner fare done right. Returning for a late breakfast, I opted for the eastern omelette with added mushrooms and sausage. It was again paired with those incredible spicy hashbrowns. Every bite was a reminder of why I'll be coming back to Marvin's for sure. Marvin's Corner Lunch Diner is a gem of a spot for anyone seeking a standout brunch experience. The cozy atmosphere complemented by the food quality and the genuine kindness of the staff ensures that this will be my go-to place for many mornings to come. Can't wait for my next visit to indulge in the warmth and flavors of this awesome little diner!

Flying Rhino Cafe

278 Shrewsbury St, Worcester

(508) 757-1450

Reviewed by:

Alondra Badger

Walking into Flying Rhino Cafe for brunch in Worcester, the place was buzzing with energy. Despite the initial hiccup of our waitress forgetting to put in our food, she quickly corrected the mistake and had us munching on deliciously hot buffalo chicken wontons in no time – they were so good we ordered a second round! The cornbread served before the meal was a delectable treat as well. My husband and I enjoyed our drinks; mine was a fabulous cranberry concoction, while his was a potent mystery mix that didn't disappoint. The portions for our main meals were generous – a savory chicken sandwich and fries for him, and perfectly cooked waffles with ham for me. The restaurant vibe was welcoming, managing to maintain a friendly buzz despite getting loud later on. Our waitress was super attentive, checking on us frequently which was much appreciated. This cafe is quickly becoming a top favorite for eating out in Worcester, with standout dishes like those buffalo chicken wontons and the fantastic ivory tusk sandwich. Plus, their red sangria is a personal favorite. The complimentary cornbread offered during brunch hours was a nice touch, and I was impressed by the thoughtful presentation of the ivory tusk sandwich, served split on two plates without having to ask. While the calamari didn't make a big impression, it didn't detract from the overall enjoyable dining experience. Service was on point throughout our visit. Enjoying the quieter atmosphere upon arrival, the noise level did spike, which took away from the ambiance a bit, but it wouldn't deter a future visit. Having been recommended to try Flying Rhino, the anticipation built up from reviewing the menu online was met with the reality of tasty food. The quiet atmosphere made for a more intimate dining experience and the food was remarkable, from the poutine appetizer to the flavorsome, sauce-balanced chicken wrap and the well-seasoned steak entree. It's a place worth returning to whenever in the area.

Lock 50

50 Water St, Worcester

(508) 379-3400

Reviewed by:

Pody Narvaiz Brown

I visited Lock 50 for brunch in Worcester and was thoroughly impressed with the experience. The atmosphere of Lock 50 is just perfect for a nice brunch date. It hits that sweet spot between being upscale enough for a special occasion but still casual, so you don't have to go all out if you're not in the mood. The bartender was fantastic, making our time at the bar truly enjoyable. I tried a few espresso martinis, and each one was expertly crafted. Although I only had an appetizer on this visit, it was enough to make me excited to return and dive deeper into their menu, which seemed full of interesting and unique options. Everything about the brunch was great - from the service to the food. Even though I've been a longtime fan of Lock 50 and have noticed some changes over time, the place still manages to uphold its high standards. The cocktails, as always, were amazing and the servers were incredibly friendly. Despite this visit being just for drinks and a small bite, I can't wait to come back and try more from their wonderful menu. It's clear that Lock 50 continues to maintain its well-deserved reputation for quality.

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