November 28, 2023

Brunch Club Transforms Weekend Gatherings into a Trendsetting Celebration of Black Culture and Community

Sunday gatherings are redefining weekend vibes and celebrating Black culture like never before. Read more to uncover the secret behind their success!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan

In the vibrant city of Austin, a new brunch phenomenon is taking the culinary world by storm, and it's not just about the food. Spearheaded by Marcus McNeil, a former Texas State University student, The Brunch Club & Co. is redefining the brunch experience, infusing it with a celebration of Black culture and community spirit.

McNeil's journey began modestly in 2018, transforming his Sunday gatherings with friends into a full-fledged brunch movement. Starting in his apartment and eventually partnering with Industry, a popular restaurant in San Marcos and Austin, McNeil's events quickly gained momentum. What started with less than ten attendees has now become a landmark event, characterized by its Black-centric focus and the involvement of Black students.

The Brunch Club & Co. stands out for its off-campus, fashionable events where the Black community can genuinely revel in their culture. The club's creativity shines through in their event titles like The Blueprint, Brunch on Bourbon, and Brunch Nation. They even play a significant role during Texas State University's Black Homecoming, with this year's theme being the Black Rodeo.

As the founder and CEO, McNeil is committed to pushing the boundaries of what brunch can be. His vision is to consistently outdo previous events in themes, marketing, and creation. But McNeil isn't working alone; he has a dynamic team of over 15 members, including Asanti Wiley, the creative director. Wiley, a long-time friend of McNeil, is the mastermind behind the club's captivating photos, videos, and more.

The core of The Brunch Club & Co. is friendship and community. McNeil's friends, who were regulars at his house, have now developed skills contributing to the brunch's success. McNeil's dream is to establish a permanent space for The Brunch Club & Co. in Austin – be it a lounge, restaurant, or community space – to foster long-lasting community partnerships and provide a platform for Black people to be seen and heard.

In McNeil's words, "We are infinite beings with infinite possibilities." His aim is to break barriers and leave a legacy that underscores the limitless potential of the Black community. The Brunch Club & Co. is not just a brunch event; it's a movement, celebrating Black culture and creating a space where their voices can resonate for years to come.

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