October 26, 2023

The Humble Kansas City Brunch Spot Where NFL Star Travis Kelce Indulges in His Beloved French Toast Ritual!

Discover the allure of Succotash, Kansas City's renowned brunch spot where NFL star Travis Kelce savors his 'magical' French toast.

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan

Image Credit - @killatrav

We're delving deep into the heart of Kansas City's hidden brunch gem, Succotash, where the city's very own NFL sensation, Travis Kelce, swears by the 'magical' French toast! It's not just any brunch spot; it's the hallowed hall of Kelce's pregame ritual!

Picture this: glittering pop icon Taylor Swift causes a sensation, drawing glitzy, sequin-clad crowds, causing 'beautiful mayhem' at the eatery during her 'Eras Tour,' turning Succotash into THE place to be seen! However, the plot thickens as the 'Shake It Off' singer is rumored to be romantically linked to none other than our French toast aficionado, Kelce! Talk about a power duo!

But it's Kelce, with his down-to-earth charm and his 'magical' endorsement, who steals the show. Beth Barden, owner of Succotash, reminisces about Kelce's unassuming presence, emphasizing, "He just comes in and if the line is back there, he is in line with people." Imagine standing shoulder to shoulder with the sporting giant, all waiting for a taste of brunch heaven!

Succotash, though a star in its own right - having graced TV screens on shows like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - prides itself on being a 'community-based neighborhood staple.' From its modest beginnings, with Barden using a $25 stove and serving just 21 customers on day one, to its current local fanbase (including Kelce himself), it's the Cinderella story of the culinary world.

And let's not forget the food! The French toast, part of Kelce's pregame superstition, isn't your average fare. No, this is the stuff of legend, making grown men wait in line and declare it 'magical' with the utmost sincerity. It's no five-star fussy plate; this is heartwarming, soul-satisfying food that has won over the toughest critics - the fans.

While Swift's own visit to the brunch haven remains on the wish list, the buzz surrounding her and Kelce's rumored relationship adds just another layer of star-studded mystery to this unassuming Kansas City hotspot. As Barden warmly suggests, "He's a good egg and she seems lovely," we're all left wondering if we might soon see America's sweetheart sharing a slice of 'magical' toast with her rumored beau.

From its artsy walls to the owner's heartfelt journey, Succotash is more than a brunch spot; it's where stars are just like us, queuing up for a plate of that irresistible, Kelce-approved French toast. So, if you're in Kansas City wondering where the magic happens, follow the trail of NFL stars and pop icons to Succotash - and who knows, you might just bump elbows with greatness!

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