October 27, 2023

Sickening Surcharge! California Brunch Hotspots Slap 'Drunk Diners' with Hefty $50 'Vomit Fee'

Discover why popular eateries are enforcing a $50 'vomit fee' for overindulgent patrons. Get the inside scoop on this controversial policy!

Richard Gargan
Richard Gargan

Image credit - @gustorestaurants

In a controversial move that's quickly stirring up the brunch scene, California eateries are introducing a stomach-turning 'vomit fee' for boozy patrons who bite off more than they can chew - or in this case, drink!

Iconic brunch destinations, renowned for their delectable dishes and 'bottomless' booze binges, are cracking down on overindulgent guests. Kitchen Story in Oakland, a paradise for brunch lovers with its sinfully sweet 'millionaire’s bacon,' now serves a side of strict warnings with its mimosas, cautioning customers to "drink responsibly or pay the price" - a whopping $50 if they disgrace themselves by turning the dining area into a no-go zone!

The 'sickening surcharge' doesn't stop there. San Francisco's beloved Home Plate isn't playing games either, enforcing a similar penalty for any 'tipsy mishaps.' Pairing their $22 endless mimosas with a strict timer, they're showing the door to endless enjoyment - and to any unruly patrons who dare cross the line!

The reason behind this drastic measure? Owner Teerut Boon spills the beans, revealing a history of brunch-goers turning merry mornings into cleaning nightmares. "It’s not just the mess, it's every other week with someone turning the sidewalk outside into their personal relief area," Boon lamented.

But the Golden State isn't alone in its battle against boozy brunch abuses. A shocking 24 states across the nation have outright BANNED unlimited drink deals, showing zero tolerance for the chaos unleashed by tipsy patrons.

Waitstaff, the unsung heroes of the hospitality scene, have taken to online forums, airing their grievances about the havoc wreaked by 'mimosa maniacs.' From 'squatters' hogging seats for hours to deceptive diluting of drinks, it's clear that servers are at their wits' end!

Despite efforts to keep an eye on inebriated individuals, the brunch rush often means these 'victims of vomit' go unnoticed until it's too late. And while taxis and rideshares like Uber and Lyft regularly impose 'puke penalties,' these policies are rife with their own controversies, sparking outrage among innocent passengers slapped with unfair fines.

As California leads the charge in this queasy crackdown, only time will tell if other states will follow suit, adopting the 'pay-to-puke' policy. In the meantime, perhaps it's high time restaurants reconsider the wisdom of 'bottomless' offers. After all, when morning merriment turns into midday mayhem, is anyone really winning?

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